Cleanfox - Mail & Spam Cleaner

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2 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cleanfox - Mail & Spam Cleaner

4.83 out of 5
20.5K Ratings
2 years ago, gaiamama
Great - two UX things…
Works well (thus, the 5 stars). I do have two issues to mention on the UX side. (1) on the “reverse action” screen, there is not an ability to sort. This makes finding the mistake you made impossible. Items have no logic to how they are ordered - it’s not by alpha, it’s not by date and mailboxes are mixed. This should be an easy feature that would make this experience significantly better. As a result of this issue, I will either need to spend a lot of time finding my mistake, or we’ll now miss important messages from my kids’ school. (2) the contact us button required the mail app. Ideally, the user should be able to just copy the email and then go to whatever mail application they use. I would normally write support about the first issue. But, I don’t want to reinstall mail (I use the gmail app).
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5 months ago, Slamber2024
Waste of time
I have no idea how this app has so many “5 star” reviews. I spent a few hours filtering through all the newsletters and at the end my stats said it would delete 35k emails and get rid of over 1k newsletters. After 4-5 days nothing seemed to change in my inbox so I reached out to support to ask if I needed to do anything else with my gmail account to give the app access so it could clean my inbox, and I got a canned response from the FAQ that it may take several days…yes I read the FAQ before reaching out that’s why I waited to ask for help! So I followed up again asking if 5+ days is normal, and how can I tell that it’s working? Will there by filters in my gmail account? Again I got a canned response from the FAQ that said they can only clean newsletters…cool that wasn’t my question. I turned off the foxintelligence settings but I still feel dumb for sharing so much info with this company. Also considering they can’t unsubscribe you, only send the emails to trash (I guess for people it actually worked for) it would be nice if you could download the list of companies that send you newsletters so you can go actually unsubscribe to them, otherwise they’ll just add you to new newsletters as they create new campaigns. Great idea, really awful execution and even worse support. Don’t waste your time, don’t believe the 5 star reviews.
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6 months ago, 0verwatch36O
Missing one key element
Works great overall but it’s missing an option to keep current emails but unsubscribe to the newsletter. The only options that I can see are: (1) delete all emails from a newsletter unsubscribe, (2) delete all emails from a newsletter and stay subscribed or (3) keep everything and stay subscribed. If you choose a delete option, the app will delete EVERY email from that sender, even if you have some important ones in a folder that you want to save. For example, I’ve made purchases from a company and have receipts saved in a folder but if I no longer want to receive the emails from that company and if I use CleanFox to unsubscribe, it’ll delete the important receipts that I have saved. Why not have an option to keep the saved emails you want to keep but unsubscribe from future emails? Missing this feature renders the app pretty much useless to me since I still have to go in and manually unsubscribe from newsletters that I want to keep past emails from but don’t want anymore future emails. I hope that makes sense. Looking forward to hopefully seeing that feature in the future.
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5 years ago, Vampaliciousss
Works great one time
Deceiving you makes you believe that it will continue to monitor your mailbox diligently and, like unroll me used to do and has also lately completely been a fail, makes you believe that on a daily basis you will open this app and continue to sort through all this junk mail until eventually you will have a clean and sleek mail experience. Epic fail. It’s a one hit wonder. Works, sort of, one time and then asks for a quick 5 star rating. You’ve been suckered. Those emails aren’t even actually removed from your mailbox. The promise of unsubscribing you? A total joke. It literally made absolutely no difference in my mailbox other than, having started with yahoo, it moved legit emails that I swiped to keep- it moved everything to junk and deleted my entire mailbox. Because my gmail, frustrating as it is, does not have a delete all oprion when you select all, was spared. But literally nothing was done. Other that some mail I wanted moved to junk, very luckily not deleted. Do not use this app. False promises and I’ve lost emails probably of great importance. Shame on these developers. Epic fail.
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4 weeks ago, moodypisces
BEST app for Email Cleanup & Unsubscribing!
I just tried this app for the first time recently and it is by far the easiest, fastest way or app to delete & unsubscribe from emails that you do not want or spam emails that you would like to get rid of!!!! All you have to do is either swipe right or left or up and boom the emails are gone and unsubscribed from! There is also an option to tap buttons instead of swiping. I have tried many or almost all other apps like this type of app for cleaning up email and again this is by far the quickest best one yet!!! Thank you Cleanfox for making it so easy and fast to get rid of the spam emails that feel like they never end sometimes! I highly recommend this app for all your email clean up needs. Great app.
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2 years ago, Dyld0
This app is the best!
I’ve never been one to write reviews, but I will for this Cleanfox app. I was looking for an app to help clean up my phone and I came across Cleanfox. My email has gotten a bit out of hand with the amount of spam emails over the years, so I downloaded Cleanfox and it is the greatest thing ever. It has scanned all of my emails and let me go through which ones I want to keep and which ones I want to get rid of and not receive any more emails from. My email is finally much more manageable and not a pain in the you know what to go find through anymore. The best is, it’s free. I highly, highly recommend this app.
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1 month ago, SORRY-APP
I got this App after reading several reviews stating how good it was at “cleaning” designated junk mail. I fed it one Yahoo Mail account initially and then about 3 weeks later a second email. Seemed to work OK although it was hard to tell what it was actually doing and I think it only runs intermittently or on some “every 5-10 day” frequency. Which is OK. Fast forward about 8 weeks and I went into my first email account and Emails I had just into new folders just a week prior were GONE! They were important travel confirmations. I panicked. Looking around, I found some 1000 emails in my TRASH folder. I’ve had this Yahoo account for some 30 years and never had an issue. Until I installed Cleanfox. First time, and not knowing what happened and not sure if it was a Yahoo glitch, I salvaged those 1000 emails out of TRASH - some I put back into their original folders, others I moved to Archive. 5 days or so later, THEY WERE ALL BACK IN TRASH!!! I’ve since removed Cleanfox from all my devices and the “auto deletion” (rather random I might add and can say for sure that these latest travel emails were not ones I had flagged with Cleanfox) seems to have stopped. In fairness, I will know better in another month if Cleanfox was the culprit. But any new users - suggest trying this in some account first. Not a pleasant situation!
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3 months ago, jaz2x
Simple but Superb!
super easy and helpful and actually really motivating to share and continue using because the “message” to Share to Friends is: “invite others to help save the planet by deleting emails” or something like that and I really love it. And Overall, I love this app’s setup/layout and structure or whatever, and it’s super easy to use. I’ve trued other “email cleaning” apps/services and so far, I think this one is better than the rest. i will say, however, that for me it does take some strength/effort to swipe sometimes, but that might just be me.
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2 years ago, lesliemac320
It’s like tinder for emails
You’re inbox is full, I know it is. Because who checks all those promo emails we get after signing up for a rewards card to get 10% off of the giant, impromptu shopping haul that was supposed to be a couple necessities? You also don’t have to pay for anything on this app and don’t have to look at awful ads. So what I’m saying is you’re really doing yourself a disservice by reading this 5 star review and not downloading this app on your phone right now.
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4 months ago, L&A Christians
Just What I Needed
This app is great! It organizes my email making it easy to store, delete but still accept new ones, or delete an entire set of emails and not have them continue to email me. I don’t have many photos on my phone. I can easily delete the duplicates myself. I can clean up my own contacts too. This app may do more than deal with emails, but I have only been using it for a couple hours. I will update this review when I’ve learned more.
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1 year ago, McKay Kimball
Cleans your mailbox sooooo good
I’ve never reviewed any app in my life but had to leave a 5 star for this cuz it’s that good. I couldn’t send or receive any emails for days because my mailbox was so full of old unopened junk. This cleaned up thousands and thousands of emails so quickly from tons of brands and businesses that I don’t care to see. Killer idea for an app. I’d easily pay for the app if I had to!
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9 months ago, Twight145
Poor configuration
This app only want too work with the email use to download with and will not allow it to change . I have several emails and my gmail account are the issue my other accounts do not allow spam but gmail is the SPAM KING . Gmail purposely creates spam to distract you while they steal your info , Google products have become so unsafe it’s comical! How does a company as big a Google not have a customer service except for the untrustworthy goons on their fake community . I have tried getting help from Clean Fox but they do not respond and I am tired of wrestling with their product , what a shame . It works great of a desktop PC but dead as a doorknob within the app !
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2 years ago, cgjbcij
I downloaded this app about two days ago. I set it up perfectly fine. It then tells me that it’s in the scanning process and would take several hours to complete. I was surprised by it needing several hours simply to scan my email. But I looked passed it and decided to let it run in the background. Now for the past two days I’ve been reopening it so that it can scan in the background. Two days worth of scanning and yet nothing. It’s a waste of time. A few hours and two whole days are a completely different story. I’ve officially gave up on the app and deleted it. Two days of work for nothing, so disappointed.
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1 year ago, NewCedarCreekTx
My iPhone froze and I can’t do anything now
I downloaded this app. To register you are required to enable their privacy restrictions. I tried to get around them but you can’t use their app without conforming. I went to my email and started using the app to delete and unsubscribe. After 10 minutes my phone froze. I turned off my phone and tried again, same thing. Then my phone was running very slow. I deleted the app. Then I wasn’t able to send any emails with attachments. Then I couldn’t print from my phone. I have a very important phone meeting tomorrow and I will look like an idiot who can’t even send a picture or document.
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5 years ago, LandonBall3
Wasted 20 minutes of my life I can’t get back
It’s truly ridiculous. I downloaded this app cause I love the concept of how they plant trees, but I had to keep closing it down just to get it to continue with the set up process. It wouldn’t freeze, but it just would take forever. I have a total of 3 email accounts I’d like to have looked into, and it took me 20 minutes for it to get 1 basic gmail account set up, and it didn’t even have a huge number of emails. It only found 52 newsletters; I do my best to keep my actual inbox clean on my own. I just thought by how many times I had to restart the app There would be over 1000 junk emails there. Completely NOT worth your time or effort.
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5 months ago, Ze_Doc
Crashes Frequently
The app is great it does what it sets out to do and for free, the only issue is it pretty frequently crashes. Because of that it loses my information and statistics. So I tried setting it all up again only for it to do the same thing, twice now. Basically I think it’s perfect for that initial purge but once you use it there’s no point in keeping it around. I can manually get rid of any new spam that comes in due to a lower frequency.
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5 years ago, Steveo11284
Didn't work and had an odd sign in process....
It didn't do anything. It was scanning for over 24 hours (still was before I uninstalled it). I deleted tons of emails via the app but they were actually never deleted. Also the way that they handle signing into the app and getting control of your email is VERY suspicious.... They force you to turn on 2 factor authentication (which is good to have on, but you shouldn't force people to do it). They also don't authenticate the right way. They do it through app passwords which I haven't seen done in years and isn't as secure and a super old way of doing things. Just be careful who you give your Google account access to!
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8 months ago, Reader1718
2-factor authentication is annoying
Please don’t make 2-factor sign in a necessity for Gmail accounts. I can’t sign in on Kindle without my iPhone on to receive the authentication message and that’s annoying, not to mention that having to verify every time is annoying, period, even on iPhone or iPad. Please take this out. I want to use this app with Gmail, but that authentication thing is making it so I don’t want to bother. Also, Yandex app passwords don’t work on Cleanfox. Please fix that!! Also have had errors and sign-in trouble occasionally too.
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2 months ago, Fish2065
Does what it says
I have tried quite a few apps that claim they clean up your email when in reality they don’t do a thing. I gotta tell you this app does what it says now I had over 50,000 emails and it’s taking a little bit of time to do it but it is doing it. Thank you so much for providing a free and let me say again free email cleaner.
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1 year ago, Donuty6
Almost perfect
It’s honestly great. I literally had over 10,000 emails ( most were spam) and within probably 5 minutes or so it deleted over 4,300 emails that I swiped left on. I still had to go through my actual inbox and block some spam accounts, but it drastically improved the state of my inbox. Could use a little improvement so it removes more of the spam emails, but it is definitely worth it.
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2 years ago, Roxie Ravenclaw
This is good, but…
I’d like to see a list of what’s been deleted (but not permanently). I’d also like to see the ability to scan on demand—but have Cleanfox only give me a set number of results back. Like, do I want Cleanfox to only show me 10 results back that I haven’t worked with yet? How about 50? How about 100? In fact, it would be nice if Cleanfox started everyone off that way: give users a choice of how much they want to work with.
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2 years ago, jlparadowski
Wish it had one more feature
Really like the layout and ease of use with this app. Just wish it had an ability to refresh and search for new spam. Having email get sold and then flooded with spam is no fun and this app helps a ton, but after you do your initial clean you can’t refresh to catch new email spam coming in have to wait for it to auto do that for you.
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1 year ago, cryslove9
I love how easily I can go thru the emails!!
The easiest part is just swiping left right or up, but I wish u could check an email or two out from a Stacy to see what was said because on some of these I have no idea what it was it was about… I guess that probably means it wasn’t that important tho huh?? Lol
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5 years ago, DeeNYC2018
Something’s Up
Downloaded this app despite the prior reviewer’s review, which advised that the App kept crashing. Anyway, after I gave them permission to get all of my data, and I saw that over 3,000 “articles” were scanned, when I was time to “clean up,” it never got past 101 “articles” and just kept coming up with error messages. I quickly deleted, but thought it strange that the next day I started getting excessive spam calls and one person ever called, said my first name, and when I answered “yes,” immediately hung up. I’ve watch g my account like crazy now...again, NOT saying this is all true, but these are my concerns.
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3 years ago, arlastuart
Doesn’t Work Honest Review!
I normally don’t write reviews, but I don’t want someone to have to go through the same issue I did. I downloaded cleanfox, & it took several hours to scan my inbox.I was so excited thinking I had found an app that would delete clumps of my unopened or spam emails at once. Nope! I can’t tell you how much time I spent selecting the things I wanted to unsubscribe to or the emails I deleted, only to find when I went to my regular email client, there was not one single thing deleted. Everything I unsubscribed to, still there. Please don’t waste your time...
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5 years ago, Fafnir812
What’s screwed up with install process?
I just downloaded this app to give it a try. They get to a screen asking for my first and last name and birth year. But it says it can’t read the data ... why do so many boneheaded SW developers think little or no testing is ok yet they foist their bad programming on customers to beta test and then apologize for their screw ups. I can’t get thru the install process far enough to get to a customer support email or toll free number to call and ask for help or to report the problem. Having to give a one star rating to submit this comment is over rating this experience
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5 months ago, Disappointed 6757
Does the job
I would recommend adding a visual preview of the emails on the swipe screen to jog the user’s memory. I might not recognize the name of the subscription, but it’s easier to determine if you need something by looking at it. Also, an Undo button should be added. Swiping is repetitive, and users may accidentally swipe the wrong direction. Having an undo button for up and right swipes would be useful.
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6 months ago, ManipulatedTrader
Just Doesn’t Work
Downloaded the app with hopes of clearing and cleaning my email box. Took hours to go through deleting and keeping what I did and didn’t want. Finally finished and went to check my inbox to find that I still had the exact same amount of emails I had before. Spam comes pouring in at a constant rate. Gave it about a week to do its thing before leaving a review, and still no emails deleted and spam still pouring in. Seems like I just gave yet another app permission to look through my emails. It’s a shame.
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3 years ago, Veestah
Can’t delete most email, can’t email devs
For whatever reason, a .io extension email address isn’t seen as valid, so I can’t get an email out? And Google says NOTHING about how to contact such an email. Anyway. I was under the impression cleanfox would let me search for emails i want to delete en masse, and get rid of them. I was apparently only able to get rid of NEWSLETTERS. I still have thousands of emails left. They could simply install a search box, you enter the name of a frequent sender, and use the same method of batch deletion as before.
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4 months ago, csp512
Not impressed.
Read a review which I could have copied and paste. I too spent two days on it, it said it deleted all but 500 some emails. So I checked my mail…wrong! I deleted around a 1000 more by hand individually and there were still tons left. Soo they were wrong about the 500 left. I thought this was the answer to my email problem, but wonder if I just opened a can of worms and made my problem worse. So mad I shared all my info now with them. Will delete. Please don’t get this unless you research the company.
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3 years ago, joashRN
Where has this been all my life?
What a great tool to clear the clutter!! I wish I had known about this sooner. I love how it categorizes everything for you and you just swipe to delete or keep…or remain in your subscription but delete the previous emails. Thanks Cleanfox!
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1 year ago, Jammersz
The app is great and does what it sets out to do, but with incredibly broad strokes. It aggregates by sender and offers option to bulk delete, but doesn’t allow for filtering within that group. For example, if you like to hold on order confirmations for future reference, there’s no way to delineate the marketing mailers so when doing a bull deletion, all marketing mailers and order confirmations would be deleted. Was hoping for a way to aggregate on reply-to address or filter out things with a label/folder.
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1 year ago, SeriousWriter
Good but confusing
The concept is great, there’s a yellow, red, and green button to choose what you want to do with the mail. Only issue is it doesn’t sort all folders. For example, it cleared my mail in only the “social” section on gmail. I tried to move the bulk of my mail in that section, yet it showed there was nothing left to clean. I’m not sure if how to work this. Please fix this. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, jeff gazetti
Can’t even get started
Hangs forever trying to log in. Didn’t specify wether a unique password for cleanfox was needed or the password for the email server was needed at the log in screen. Would have been nice of that were specified. After about 2 min of waiting, it says to generate an application password but it just gives me a mostly blank screen with the stupid little fox logo at the bottom and just sits in limbo. “Show info” (which does nothing) or “go back to cleanfox” is all that I get. What an absolute garbage app.
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4 years ago, ZheAwesomePenguin
Deceiving waste of time
It says that it “works” but not only does it only take you into your subscriptions once, but doesn’t do ANYTHING once it’s there. I still am subscribed to the same emails that Cleanfox supposedly unsubscribed me from. It didn’t even clear my messages. I had to do it manually. And after three attempts it’s become clear that it will never work for my email again. Save yourself some time and just go through your emails and unsubscribe manually. It’ll be faster than trying to sync this waste of an app to your email anyway.
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4 years ago, Logan c:
Easy to use and so helpful
I haven’t gone through my inbox and all my subscriptions in a couple years. It is so nice clean all the spam out. It takes a while to scan your emails, but it gives you multiple ways to view them and get rid of unwanted subscriptions.
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5 years ago, JenniTirado
I’ve been waiting for an app like this!
I’m notorious for having a million unopened unread emails in my personal email. No lie, I’m at 25,000 emails across three mailboxes. This app changed my life, as I was spending hours unsubscribing from newsletters only to find it didn’t work or I got 15 more before it canceled. This app is a one stop shop.
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3 years ago, Bharp100
My Box is Flooded Glad For This
Cannot recommend them enough. I was literally about to go through by hand and do this. They delete and unsubscribe for you I can finially have my inbox back no need to make another email. Had 12k emails but they make it fun with a swipe.!
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5 months ago, Cloud Kenway
Does exactly what it advertises
Free, does exactly as advertised, got rid of 7000 emails while on my break. Scans your email for about 5 minutes then took me about 1 minute to swipe left (delete and stop receiving emails) on all the senders I wanted to stop receiving emails from
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1 month ago, Noseucu
This app is better than the other free one
But I still can’t figure out how to go back and delete some more spam that still keeps showing up. Interface is not easy to deal with.
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5 years ago, Reuters 5 Stars
Didn’t work. Need an app like this but this isn’t it. Scanned my email alright. It wanted to unsubscribe and delete email but wouldn’t let me keep it. It just didn’t give me an option to do so. Also, instructions and options are skimpy at best. Poorly written, poor documentation. This app doesn’t seem to have been tested very well. Should be extensively tested with average people, not just using it a few times by the developer before releasing it. As my wife says, “people should look at their stuff (websites and apps) at least once a week.”
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3 months ago, Zack1740
It pretends to work, but doesn’t. Just harvests your email data
I e had this for about a week and I’ve “deleted” over 5,000 emails. However, those emails are still in my email inbox. This app pretends to delete and unsubscribe you, but it doesn’t work. Furthermore, if you read the fine print, the app collects data on you and your emails, and sells that data to marketers. The app is a fake, and basically just malware. Don’t be fooled by the suspicious 5 star reviews. Avoid this app!
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10 months ago, kaye337
Finally An End to Spam/Junk Mail
When I have signed up for things online. The next thing I know, I'm bombarded with junk. This is the first time I woke up to only 2 new emails, with both being from my contact list. Love this app
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5 months ago, Shawnie20
So far so good
I can only speak on two days of use but so far it’s working well… I did start with over 40,000 emails though so I’ve got a bit to go before I’m convinced this is useful. But happy so far… 🙏this continues.
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4 years ago, ifreedom839
Absolutely does not work. I should've read reviews.
I feel like my information has been stolen and they just put on a front that they clean emails. This did not work. It got access to my email and showed that I was unsubscribing from my newsletters and deleting emails but when I got back into my email everything was still there. I even waited for a week like they told me to and it still did nothing! Don't waste your time with this app. I don't know which app you can use but don't use this one.
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1 year ago, sblueford
Doesn’t work
I downloaded this app Dec. 9 and allowed them to access all my personal information/emails only for no results. It scanned for about 20 and then told me the results…but no emails were actually deleted. I reached out regarding this and was told it may take a few days and to reach back out if no change. I reached back out and am Still awaiting a response as of 12-18. Now I feel my account has been compromised. This is ridiculous.
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6 months ago, Badjetta
Love it
I love it very handy and so easy to use it was so easy to delete emails ov spams I didn’t have to go one by one and the good thing is they give u a option where you don’t receive emails from the spam email again I love it
Show more
4 months ago, Drex5triple0
Works great
It takes sometime for the app to sorry through the email box but it found 50k plus messages to delete. Still finding more to delete and unsubscribe from. Cool app.
Show more
3 years ago, didymops
3 days later… still “scanning”
So much for up to a “few hours” working in the background. I haven’t even gotten to the disappointing part where it deletes all my email except the junk. Only moved to this app because Unroll Me ‘upgraded’ and stopped working, leaving me with several hundred daily incoming messages from spammers, solicitors, and every politician in the country with their hands out. Buh bye. Received an email that 32 new subscriptions detected. Told I needed to reconnect. DELETED!!
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5 years ago, Bradon Schwarz
Doesn’t Work
Don’t waste your time. I spent over 3 hours deleting and unsubscribing from over 8,000 emails. Afterwards, I checked my inbox and not a single email was deleted. I emailed my issue to support and they emailed me back the next day saying the emails would be deleted within 10 days. As you probably have put together by now, not a single email has been deleted almost 20 days after the fact. Thanks for wasting my time and for hijacking my personal information.
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