Clicker Heroes - Idle Slayer

4.8 (12.7K)
256.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playsaurus, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clicker Heroes - Idle Slayer

4.79 out of 5
12.7K Ratings
7 years ago, The Reds Ghost
Best time passer
This is one of my favorite games to play when i’m on a field trip with school or those long drives to family or friends and i was looking at the reviews and i seen someone say something about no rest button but technically there is its transcending to a new world as long as you get to world 300 you can transcend at any time but yea a rest button would be nice if your one of those try hards that transcend every time you get over a million hero souls and for me one million is nothing, the two problems i have is its so hard to get enough gold for the next hero's I've been trying to get e99 gold but it takes so long to get the gold i need i even have 6 auto clickers just from a 2 day ruby thing with my mercs at very high levels and the mercs die to quickly i’ve used at least 100 candy canes to keep them alive but with all that this is one of my favorite games no other games i’ve been so addicted to in a long while
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4 years ago, HanaRevv
This Game Is AWESOME!
I love this game! I used to play it all the time on a site called Kongragate and loved it even then! When I heard there was a mobile app I HAD to download it. I think that clicker heroes is an amazing game already, but there are things that I would like to see in future updates. I would like a MAX button for all upgrades. I think that would be good so then your players don’t have to keep pressing the upgrade button to where you don’t have money to get more upgrades if it’s above x100. As well as if you’re waiting to upgrade one character and you want to get it to its highest level that you can at that moment, it will be very helpful! I think this will be a great addition and will make things simpler in the game. But all-in-all, this game is great! It is a very addictive clicker game that has great potential! Please keep doing what you guys do and always work to make it as good as it can get!
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5 years ago, le Nibbles
One of my favorite games
I love this game, it’s really cool, there is always a fair way to progress, whether it’s giving treebeast 1000 levels (that’s how you get dread Knight early on, upgrade old heroes) or just ascending/transcending. The hero descriptions and/or names are funny (Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana, whoever thought of that is a genius) The mercenaries are fair, but still very useful for getting things like gold on your first time around. There’s only one thing in the game that stops being useful after awhile, tapping. I think this because when you unlock siyalatas and libertas, idling becomes much better than using juggernaut. This removes purpose for a lot of the games special abilities, including tap storm, lucky strikes, golden clicks, metal detector, and super clicks. Other than that though, the game is incredible!
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3 years ago, Adamtiburon
Really Fun But has a Small Flaw
The game is really fun and pretty well balanced, however transcending is way too generous for players early game now. I played this game a year ago and decided to restart and they made some changes to transcending. I do like how Solomon was removed because it was annoying to have to buy him after transcending every time to get the primal hero soul bonus. And I do like how there is no longer a maximum transcending power. However, I went from zone 300 to zone 1200 ascending once after one transcension. I’m about to go much higher. I guess the grind doesn’t really feel as satisfying. Once you get to the higher zones the game loses some of its satisfaction too, simply because of how long it takes to get back to where you were (once you reach zones in the tens of thousands even at 2 monsters per zone it takes a while). Over all a really great game tho!
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6 years ago, NiGHT81WiND
Need Global chat!
The game is really fun and I play it all the time, but there is one thing missing that will make it not so lonely, because I can’t seem to find a clan that will let me in or is active or is full by like 8 players and I think that it is not fair for me having to spend 500 rubles on creating a clan and no one will join, and that is because I can’t chat with anyone outside of my clan and tell them my clan is available for anyone who wants to join. Anyways, thanks for making an awesome games and hope to look for new updates to the game. And a quick notice, if you were to add a global chat, please don’t make the game an online game, put the global chat right next to the creat a clan button, just please don’t make it an online game, I really do enjoy playing offline.
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7 years ago, Shockboys
I'm only giving five stars because it used to be my favorite app. After the warning update, the game takes 30-60 seconds to load, it is super laggy, when I move on to a new stage it still says I'm on the stage I was on except the health changes. I can't open any of my tabs (to buy heroes, to transcend, to check on my mercenaries, etc.) I really want to ply it. It has consumed several hours a week of my life. And it is totally worth it. I'm not a pay-to-play player, so I don't pay. And yet, the gameplay is incredibly fun! I don't miss out because I don't spend 20 bucks on this game. This app deserves five stars. But still, PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM! I can't even play it now! But, I am keeping the app because I have faith in you devs.
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7 years ago, Adamtiburon2
Played this game for months. Finally worked my way up to nearly zone 5k. Felt a sense of accomplishment while doing so. Update heavily nerfed outsiders and ancients, AND making outsider costs go up exponentially now?? Idle gameplay is now pointless. I have half of what had previously in Xyliqil because of exponential increase and had to invest the rest into the nerfs of Dora, Bubos, Chronos, AND Kumawakamaru. As annoying as the maximum primal reward cap was, I'd rather deal with that than knowing I'll LOSE progress progressively. Active gameplay appears to be the only way to get to top. Ancient souls will be saved instead of investing Xyliqil, who again, is basically worthless now. Basically it comes down to whoever has the most auto clickers, a brilliant move by PlaySaurus as they increase in cost in the shop. Solomon was a great incentive to keep ascending, as he could be upgraded to get more hero souls at lower zones. Now he's been taken out for whatever reason. Anyway, this game is trash now. I hate everything about it.
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5 years ago, Kawaii_Playz
Great app!
You might be wondering how I found this app well one day at school my friends and me were on cool math...and we found this game and we started playing it and one of us got to level 15! and it was awesome!!!we kept playing it ever since we got free time on computers and all of us would challenge each other and I would always be the best I found the app in the App Store and I started playing it! right now I’m probably pass level 100in only less than a week!!!!! This app is awesome I hope you can make more apps like this! And for anybody that’s just now finding this app it is a great app but you might break your finger! Other than breaking your finger..Good job! It’s a great app!
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3 years ago, Reaereaerea1234567890101010
5-5 only one thing..
So the only issue I have is that when you get anywhere over 1.5k it literally takes hours and hours to reach your old zones.. like I was at around 6k and now I have to wait a few days of logging on constantly to reach the same level.. I just wish there was a way to advance when you’re offline even if it was super slow but just some way to advance would be so nice.. i know that won’t happen because it’s been years since this game has been released but man the hours and hours of playing just to get back to the 10k range.. it’s just tough.
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1 year ago, fjdjdhchnfjd
Fun while it lasted
I got this game and all was well… for a while. I didn’t have any weird issues, like ads not working, or something like that. But then, all of the sudden, it just crashes when I tap on the app to open it. At first I just had to open it a few times to play, but as of now, I cannot open it no matter what I do. The reason I’m giving it five stars is because it was really fun while I could play it. I stopped being able to play about two weeks after getting the app. Is there any way to fix it?
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6 years ago, Spencer J'aQuarriuss
$2.6 billion reviving mercenary....HELP DEVELOPERS PLEASEEEEE
I've dropped countless hours. Up to around zone 20k. My level 60 mercenary just died. 60. Trust me I would love to drop some money in this game to have a chance at keeping that mercenary(he might die on the next quest but that's the risk you take) but unfortunately using rubies to revive mercenaries is exponential. Because of that my mercenary costs about 2.6 billion dollars to revive and I would have to do 26 million "$100 micro transactions" if I were to ever drop that money on this game.....let's be real you shouldn't include that in the game if it's not attainable. Please try and fix the ruby cost for dead mercenaries....or just bring mine back to life and I'll love you forever!
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4 years ago, dinomelon11
Upgrades = Too Costly
Like most other people, I started off playing this as an online game. I've been playing for a little while now— not too long— but heroes and ancients are something I've noticed going up considerably in price. For example, I keep getting to zone 200 and ascending out of boredom because from that point it's near impossible to unlock the next hero (Dread Knight). Also, every time you upgrade an ancient, the price goes WAY up. So, in conclusion, maybe you could lower hero prices and ancient upgrade prices? Also, I love the game other than the problems I touched on! This version has great additions without ruining the allure of the online and Steam versions!
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7 years ago, B7ar7Skittles
No hard reset button
I love to play this game because it’s really good for passing time. There is just one problem though, there is no hard reset button. I’m playing with a save that has really upgrades, but it’s getting boring because the monsters take 10 minutes to kill, and those aren’t even the bosses. Upgrading my heroes doesn’t do anything to help me, so I wanted to start over. I went into the settings tab only to find that there is no reset button. I was confused because the computer version has a hard reset button. What I’m trying to say is that a hard reset button would be great for the situation that I am in.
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4 years ago, Becca Bread
Good but an annoying sound
I love this game and love playing it to pass the time, but there is this annoying sound that’s similar to a click and something dying like a boss or something similar and it’s not part of the sound. I like to play with music and sound off and this still occurs. It’s extremely annoying because it happens every 5 seconds or so and is nonstop. This wasn’t happening two or three weeks ago but just started happening. It’s extremely annoying but other than that, I love this game. It’s a really downer when I have to play with my volume all the way down to avoid this sound. Please update for a fix to this! I’ve seen one other review mentioning this!
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3 years ago, e0da
Guilds are just broken on iOS?
I have loved this game and I’ve played it off and on for, wow, 7 years. Stupendous game! But it’s unreasonable that they will charge people in-game currency that can be purchased for real currency in order to start a guild when joining a guild randomly doesn’t work. Why do I want to spend 500 rubies creating a guild when people can’t join it? I know this feature still works on other platforms, so it’s weird that it doesn’t work on iOS. Seriously, no other notes. One of my all time favorite idle games. The guild mechanic should either be fixed or removed in iOS.
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2 years ago, rarher not be known
Time consuming
Super time consuming knowing the fact i first played in 5th grade and now I’m in HS. I first played on a computer on almost everyone’s childhood favorite CoolMath Games, now I’m playing on a phone. I stopped playing for around 3 years since my school account is something I don’t have access to anyone soooo yeah…smh, a very good game to play in my opinion. Top 3 favorite CoolMath Games I played in my childhood: 1. Clicker Heroes (I play loads of clicker games now) 2. Sticky Ninja (idk how I remember cuz I haven’t played it in years) 3. (I forgot since I haven’t played it in years)
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3 years ago, xXphantomfreakXx
Nice game
I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’ve really love it. At first I thought I would download it for a nice little nostalgia trip because I used to play this game all the time in cool math but now I’ve been having a lot of fun it’s really hard for me to find games that I wanna keep on my phone I usually get bored of them in a week but because of the fact that this game can reward you for not playing it I don’t feel like deleting it cause I know the game is still going so this really was a nice nostalgia trip that turned into one of my favorite mobile clicker games
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5 years ago, meme critique
Awesome for a Passtime!
This game is the most fun mobile passtime game there is. It’s full of an infinite plateau of levels and you can level up your heroes to defeat those monsters until... well, the end of time! (Or until you’re device breaks.) There is a function in-game where you can restart your game to get a sort of currency that lets you expand your heroes’ powers more, too. That being said, the game starts off slow, but once you get into it, it gets really interesting and twists and turns until you almost can’t understand it anymore. I’m rating 5/5 stars!
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3 years ago, n46zbs3ya8?e
Amazing, but tough
This game is amazing and a great time killer. My only real problem with it is that you sort of “need” to go on the discord. I saw another review saying it was hard for them to level up their outsiders but it actually isn’t that bad, the problem is that they don’t know the correct strategy because they didn’t go on the Clicker Heroes Discord. I would recommend you get advice from discord users when playing because if you do that it can be really fun. So yeah I love this game but its difficult to recruit members to your clan or know the strategies for optimal progression without going on the discord.
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4 years ago, Werner Herzog reviews games
Clicker Game reveals true monsters
At the onset we are cast into an alien universe with no purpose or explanations, except that we are to be agents of destruction, mercilessly clicking monsters who appear before our eyes into oblivion. But what justifies our unstoppable violence?There is no time for questions. Our sole motivation appears to be the pursuit of exploding coins, a hollow financial incentive to wage our cruel campaign of meaningless slaughter. Indeed the spites appear to us as monsters, but never once are asked to question our own dark morality. Is their grotesqueness only a product of the fevered projections in our own twisted minds? Are we Shiva, goddess destruction in this hollow 2 dimensional take on eastern mysticism? Or does this game force us to look inside ourselves to determine where the true monsters reside, that our imagined foes are the poor players upon the stage, and we are made to be the idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? Ultimately, the game is enjoyable and the philosophical implications inescapable. I give this game 4 out of 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Genocydal Chyld
Great time passer and very satisfying
This game is a blast to play when you have nothing to do, like sitting at a dentist office or on break at work. It's simple and the concept is easy to pick up and put down, but still addicting nonetheless. I love coming back to the game as it tells you the crazy amount of gold you've collected or zones you've beat after being gone for a while. The only downside to the game is that if you keep it open, it'll drain your battery dry, but that's not enough for me to take away 1 of the 5 stars I rate it!
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7 months ago, Youdumbhoes
I hate the new update
I hate the fact that my upgrades for each hero pop up before I even have it unlocked and it just sits there until I reach that level like why? Before it didn’t pop up until I reached that level. And it looked so much better that way. And the graphics have gone down for what? Why do the monsters look so bad compared to what they looked like before. And I used to be able to build up my coin piles now I can’t because they are automatically collected which I mean that ones not as bad but it still bugs me. Like why did you have to change it. It was so good before and now I just want to delete it. If anything just add in more monsters to kill not change the setup god.
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3 years ago, ImMondae
I will not lie. This game is amazing! I had my fair share of it when I first started playing and how fast the older bosses die as you level up is just so satisfying. But I do feel like it gets to the point where if you don't pay for stuff, you'll be sitting there for months trying to get the next hero and I just don't know about that. I played this game to pass time, come back, and get spoiled but it just feels like once you get to a certain point you have to pay or you'll sit there for so long. I deleted it.. Hopefully this doesn't change how others view the game though. It truly is amazing for passing time and if you just want some passive aggressive fun.
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4 years ago, Coolblob87
Great game, one suggestion
This is a really fun game to play to pass your time or if you just want to check in every so often. However, I was trying out the clan system and I didn’t realize that there was a limit to clan name length,And that made it so that for some reason no One can actually join my clan, or at least my friends can’t. I would like it if you had an option to rename your clan in case you make a mistake like this. Other than that, five stars.
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5 years ago, Wolfy Winter Chan
This game is the best I have ever played in my life!
I really recommend this game if your are waiting for something to pass by. I mean who doesn’t like tapping hundreds and thousands times! Plus the levels are infinite. So if you want to pass some time by waiting for a appointment or a hangout (etc..) I really thing you should get Clicker Heroes. One last thing, Can you rename it to Tapper Heroes on iOS because your not really clicking, your tapping on the screen not clicking, unless Apple wants to adds iPad mouse on their iPads,iPhones,and their Apple Watches
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6 years ago, Special K1994
Hands Down Best Idle Game
So if you like idle games, do NOT get this game unless you have a lot of time on your hands because unlike most idle games it’s more fun to spend time actually playing the game then letting it sit. I remember when this game first came out on Kongregate and it was amazing then especially now since they added new features and unlike most app games it’s truly a free game because to get that special currency you always see you can just watch ads. It’s a great time passer all around and definitely my favorite idle game.
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3 years ago, alex Alejandre
One of the best
This game used to be my favorite game before I deleted it. Whenever I had nothing to do it would always be there for me. It was one of the best games I’ve ever played in my whole life. I think I’ll still enjoy it. Thank you so much for making this awesome game. It used to frustrate me but I usually got past after a while. And that’s why I’m getting this game again. Thank you developers for making this game, I would have nothing to do without it.
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3 years ago, Bobcat538
Love it, one problem though
I have been playing this game non-stop for about 3 months now and im at level 2,300, but the problem I have with the game is that when you have one of your high-level mercenaries suddenly die, you have to pay an insane amount of rubies to revive them. For example, you would need to pay around 50,000 rubies to revive them which is about $350 in in-app purchases worth of rubies…Other than that I have no complaints.
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4 years ago, just a person that plays games
Best idle/clicker game
This is a type of game where you can sink endless hours into it. The progression in this game is extremely balanced and addicting, and it doesn’t stuff ads into your face like a lot of other mobile games. I love the description and names of the hero’s too. Also, offline progress is balanced. You can make some progress while offline but it’s not too much. I totally recommend this game if you want to waste your time and get sore fingers. No seriously though, 10/10!
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4 years ago, Idorableluver
Please update the game!
This has been one of my favorite games for years. I recently got a new phone and was heartbroken to discover that the game has yet to be updated to the new screen sizes, and that the ads no longer work for doubling dps or getting free gems. I urge the developers to please update this game. It has remained a favorite through years of gameplay for so many people. It seems a waste to abandon it when it is one of the most perfect games of its type I have ever come across.
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4 years ago, SillyOval
Long time fan
So I have been playing this game since the earlier stages like version 1.5 and I have always loved it. It is a great time passer and despite how repeating it is I always enjoyed it. Now while it is a lot of increase this number and increase this different number it has a lot of entertainment in it and it dose have some strategy. Honestly I would play it till you reach lvl 100 (not to hard give it a week) then decide for your self how much you like it. BTW it is supper cute.
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3 years ago, aiden/aleozusthedragonking
This game is super awesome I can see you worked really hard to create this it has so many animations and it has tons of different quests and heroes there is one thing though can you edit it so that a phone can join a club or create a club thank you. But all in all it a master piece that’s the only thing you need to work on. (I think you game is awesome and that is very unlikely for me to say so congratulations) and whoever said this game was awful YOU ARE SO WRONG YOU ARE GOING TO SEE ME IN YOUR NIGHTMARES and it does save idiot
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3 years ago, DragonX155566283
I love it
I liked it more than the Xbox version but thats probably because when I played Xbox I didn’t know how ancients, relics, and transcending worked. But anyway I have been playing and it’s super fun. I get most of my hero souls from the mercenaries. Not the primal bosses. I actually haven’t gotten very far, I got to level 500 and then was like, “What in the heck just happened, every thing has 1,000 times more HP” But that’s all I know. Good game I suggest.
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4 years ago, Domvm789
Lost my all my ancient souls
Hello! I used to play this game a lot when I was younger and I suddenly got the urge to play it again. So, I redownload the game excited, only to be disappointed by the sight of my non existent ancient souls. It’s awfully weird too because everything else about my save holds true to how I left it. I really wanted to get back into the game, but I don’t know if I could push myself to grind back all the ancient souls I worked so hard for. Is there anyway I can get them back? Thank you for your time and I hope you guys can help me out.
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5 years ago, anonmyous 100056
Let me first start off by saying this game is great. It’s one of my favorite apps in the entire App Store. The challenge is just perfect. But the Mercenaries are WAY too expensive to revive and they die all the time. I had a Demigod+12 die on a mission and it cost 49,980 rubies to revive him. 49,980! Please reduce the price of reviving mercenaries but still keep it challenging and not make it dirt cheap. Other than that it’s still a very fun game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Jousis
Exactly what it looks like
An endless wave game centered around financial decisions. It has a surprising amount of depth for such a simple concept. It's not fun in the same way something like Duet or more active games are fun but it's excellent for people who don't feel like they're up to much and also can't stand doing nothing. My only advice is to save up Rubies and Hero Souls before you buy anything with them. Auto Clickers (with the right relics/ancients) and the Double DPS purchase are no-brainers but the rest is surprisingly complicated.
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4 years ago, Justincarlson92
Thanks for reading
Amazing game. I love playing it. With the new update having the assertion button on screen and the modifications to the clan menu, to die for. However I’ve come across an issue with the new immortals. There’s no way to beat them without upgrades and you can’t get upgrades without beating them. I’ve also locked the fight so it won’t move on but it does anyway and also resets the immortals health. Thank you for a great game.
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3 years ago, Lopied1
Extremely fun
I started the game on cool math but moved to mobile after that laptop died, Ive been on and off the game for about a year- now reaching zone 7000. The game has a lot of depth to it when it comes to upgrades, heroes, skills, ancients, outsiders, etc. it’s mobile so you are forced to play idle until you can go hybrid with 2 auto clickers you use at the end of your run. If you want a game with a lot of depth, intrigue and never ending fun, I highly reccomend this game
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6 months ago, ______*
Addicting game
I love this game and have played it for years I don’t have any complaints other than a bug where when you beat an immortal raid it shows the option to retry fight and gives no reward while showing 0/whatever health left. It’s a shame getting no rewards for your work and having to wait 24 hours to have another chance. Once again I love this game and have spent far to many hours playing it.
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5 years ago, ElBoio72
Great Idol Game!
Not too addictive, and when you leave for about a week or so, you'll have so much money! You gain progress a lot by staying AFK from the game. Going on a vacation? If you leave your device, as a child or if you have another device with you, you'll come back with a huge amount of gold. The feature of being afk, but still making progress with the automatic level up feature is amazing. Great game in general.
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4 years ago, Delivery Pea
Most Underrated Game
This game is insane. I used to play it all the time on CoolMathGames, not giving it a thought considering my progress was reset every time I logged in from a different PC in the school labs. I saw it on mobile, so I decided to give it a go... and holy crap, it’s so good. It just gets better and better, after transcending it just gets so interesting. I’m soo glad I remembered this game from years ago, it helps me a lot in these trying times.
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4 years ago, Jimmy Deans 2
Top tier idler
Probably one of the best idlers of all time, certainly one of the best mobile idlers of all time. For those who don’t know idlers are games where you don’t really do anything, just try to be as efficient with resources and time as possible. They’re very similar to the older and more popular genre tower defense. This one is extremely well designed and fun to play. One of the major problems with f2p mobile games are frequent, obnoxious, invasive ads, but this is not a problem for this game at all. This game has ads, but implements them perfectly. So well that I don’t mind watching them. The game is all around great if you want an idler to play. So good that although it’s free to play I intend to but some in-game currency just to support them. Would highly recommend.
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5 months ago, Lord_Thern
Game is great and I love it
So I’ve played the game on my phone for over a year now and my game just froze so I closed it and when I opened it there was a new boss that was invisible it was mega something can’t remember and when I closed that my entire game reset I don’t feel like getting my progress back cuz it took literally all of my progress and I tried to restore it but it only restored things from 9 months ago so I quit I love the game but the bugs are too much it there’s a way to get my stuff back tell me until then I can’t support the game anymore.
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5 years ago, Deramoon
Great game all around
Honestly have been playing this game for many years off and on and I always come back to playing this because it is genuinely a good game with many great features. I do think that the Clan could use some more diversity when it comes to boss fights but everything else is great. The grinding Idle strategy is a great way to play but also the high damage active clicker strategy is also a fun time too.
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5 years ago, BlaxicanBby
Fun but glitchy
How can I contact the app developers? I play Clicker Heroes on my iPhone and I bought the $4.99 pack of rubies and the payment went through, but the game froze right after so I closed it and reopened it, but the rubies never showed up. I bought it again hoping it would say I had already paid and just give it to me but I just ended up paying again so I basically paid $10 for 550 rubies. Waaah!! So annoying! And there’s no button to restore purchases either!!
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7 years ago, MaxOneHundred
Fun, but it is exactly Pandora's box
It's fun, but once ye start... there's no turning back... Get it if you want, if your in to clicker games, this is as good as they come. If your not, well, then don't get it. Great clicker game, but I don't like clickers and I liked this, until I realized how much time I wasted on it. You progress on and on, and you have to RESTART, to get a bonus, to play it through agin, restart, get the bonus, and that reaped over and over again. If you like clicker games, get it. If not, don't.
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3 years ago, there isnt this nickname
Great game
This is my favorite idle game for 1 reason. The fact that you can transcend, because in most games of this style, you can restart to recieve a boost for the next time, but in this game you can restart your permanent boosts to get even better boosts. The only thing i would change is that ponyboy is a little bit overpowered, and once you get frostleaf, the heroes start getting way more expensive, but overall, great game!
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3 months ago, DizzyDoofus8
Great game, missing something though
I personally have had this game since 2020, and it’s been great for what it is, I really like it, good to just have it in the background, but something I would really like to see is which hero does how much of your total DPS. pretty sure the computer version has this, so they are not incapable of doing it, so why don’t they have it?
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2 years ago, Rhirun07
This is a good game, but the auto clicker needs to be fixed
I enjoy this game very much, and I’ve played it a lot, but I purchased a auto clicker which does not click, I spent 1,000 gems on the auto clicker and it didn’t seem to work, so I waited to ascend and upon ascending I found out that it was not clicking and I was hoping that maybe you guys could fix that.
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4 years ago, qwerty town aasd movie
Amazing game only one complaint. I’ve upgraded juggernaut ancient of momentum so that every click gives me 1 percent dps boost. I saved enough for an auto clicker so 10 clicks per second and one click ten percent means that in 1 second I Should gain 10 percent dps and in 10 seconds that would double my dps right? With plus 1 Percent a click 100 clicks is 2 times. Except that it doesn’t double my dps at all so fix that bug
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