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4.2 (18.5K)
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1 month ago
Version OS
17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clips

4.21 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
3 years ago, MisdleSchoolLife
great, but could be better
ok, so, i used to HATE using clips, because it could only do square shoots(like it would be in a square format), and they finally fixed that, i can finally shoot shoot and edit my videos in the format i love to use. one thing i wish they could fix/ add is how on the camera there’s an icon thing, like where it shows how zoomed in it is and you can just like touch and hold it to zoom in more, i would like if they could add that instead of where we have to use to fingers and spread them out. it would just be more convenient. i also wish they could add transitions for the videos, since like all the stuff is already there, and it would be hard to transfer all the videos and put different transitions in between the videos that are already together. i don’t know if anyone will see this, but if you do thanx for reading it, and i hope you can look into this. Edit: could you guys also make it where we can put in photos from other photo apps, i use google photos for my photos to clear up space on my phone, so i have to reinstate(excuse my poor wording) my photos from google photos onto my apple photos. this isn’t a big thing, but it would be great to add. Edit 2: it would also be great if you could make it where you could like make the text not go through the whole video, like where you can choose where the text starts and stops, this is also a problem on iMovie, but that’s a different review.
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11 months ago, jvhfjfjfbf
Kid friendly and super fun 🤩😍😍😍😍🤩🥳😎
I love clips because it is kid friendly and you can make videos like with your friends with your cousins anybody wanna make them with you can add cute little emojis you could put in pictures you could do so many cool things you can put on call filters, stickers and lots more. the only thing that I wish Clips would do is they made a posting app that you could post some of your videos because that would be super cool to share them with my friends and family but overall the app is super good. Sometimes there are some little bugs in there that you will be muted where there will be days where the app is down but overall it’s pretty good. Also me and my cousin we’re trying to FaceTime while we were doing clips. We both did a whole story on Clips but when we were gonna show each other, we realized that the Clips were muted, so if you’re on a call with someone if you’re watching something while you’re doing your Clips, it will mute you which I really think it’s annoying because you’ll be so much fun her to do it with your friend or your cousin. But I love this app I use it like every single day and I really think that it’s super good just like I said the only problem with it is that sometimes it has a few bugs but it’s usually really good and I wished that you could post, because that would be so cool. Thank y’all peace out! ✌️
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2 years ago, higgthjfvjhkr
Hello! So, my review for clips is that when I first got my iPad I explored the apps that I alr had downloaded. (Yk, the apps that come with your new device) and clips was one of them. I liked making clips, and over time, I had SOOOOO many good clips and took a break. And I forgot about clips. When I came back i was much older. I looked back on them and they were GREAT!!! So, I was thinking the same thing would happen. So I looked at more clips I made, and I made some new ones! And, oc I wanted to look at some, and it wouldn’t load. I understood though, bc it was a long clip. I went out of the clips menu and back and it was still loading. And then I did it again, but ALL MY CLIPS WERE DELETED!!! Well, not all, I was still left with some. And I got used to it, though. Plus I was left with a funny one. And sense I liked it so much I decided to do one that is similar to it. And when it was ready, o just had to wait, THE FUNNY ONE AND A COUPLE OTHER ONES THAT I WAS PROUD OF!!!!!!!!! and it was pretty glitchy too. I saw in the funny vid a filter that I liked and wanted to use in the new vid that was similar to it but i couldn’t find it! Although, ignoring all the bad stuff that happened it clips I like it and it’s a GRRRRREEEEAAAT APP!!! thank you for making this app apple! Thank you! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🫱🏾‍🫲🏿🫱🏾‍🫲🏿🫱🏾‍🫲🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿
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1 year ago, Eddie Munsons Fake Cousin
Could use LOTS more options.
So my CapCut glitched so I had to delete it. I downloaded clips hoping for it to be somewhat similar. I was wrong. I use clips as a short skit maker. I ONLY use it as a skit maker because it does not have many editing options. I very much suggest more editing options because it would be SO much better! One editing option I suggest is transitions. Transitions would make my skits so much better especially for scene changes. You could also add text animations which would also make my skits amazing. I love using clips but don’t get me wrong, it can be boring sometimes considering there isn’t a whole lot to work with. Another thing I recommend is voice overs. Voice overs would be amazing to have especially when making small edits or introducing something in the video. I also suggest being able to change the volume of the music. Sometimes I’ll want to add music in the background but it isn’t loud enough to hear! I would be so satisfied with clips if you could just add something like that to be able to actually be able to hear the music in the background. So as I have been saying, it could lots more then just filters. If you could add more editing options me and probably so many other people aswell would be HAPPY. But other then it not having much editing options it’s a great app. Highly recommend if you’re a skit maker and not an intense edit maker.
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3 weeks ago, MJALuna
Great app! 👍
First off, this is a great app. Don’t let the 4 stars make you lose interest, because this app can blow you mind. My clips story started when I really wanted more features for my camera. I downloaded Clips and I loved the tons of filters, posters and stickers you can apply to your pictures or vids. I then made the horrible decision to remove clips for more space. I quickly re-downloaded it. The only kinda frustrating thing about downloading the newer version requires the latest update that I don’t think is out yet, which makes you download an older version. There’s nothing wrong with the old version, I just find it a little annoying. Otherwise I love this app! Totally recommend to photographers, social media geeks and just someone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their pics or make clips to share with friends and family. Plus, you can download your clips onto Photos, which I love. Thanks for reading my review!
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2 years ago, bhghgjgjg
😖💔 Bring back Clips 1.0! I’m begging you! 😭🙏
Okay, so Clips 1.0 was my all-time favorite in 2017, and I was like: “Yay! Awesome!”🤩, and I somehow unlocked a memory inside my head, where I had Clips 1.0 at one point around 2017, and I also realized that I’d have to speak clearly, so that’s another memory I just unlocked! 😃 Also, I was so satisfied to mute and unmute the little microphone, and I guess I got a grin on my face when I did it! 😁 Also, for the Live Titles, they say, “Okay, alright”, And another thing, the recording button was different compared to the one right now, and the one I’m talking about is the red one, and it said, “Hold To Record”, and the other recording button I’m also talking about is kinda like a mixture of pink and darkish pink, so I guess I’m onto different things! 😅 And, the reason why I’m giving this app three stars is because I had a blast from the past of when Clips 1.0 was around, Apple just had to update the app for improvements, wow… 🙄 so I’d suggest you get Clips 1.0 back, and once you do, then I’ll have a laughter party all to myself! 🫠 Please Apple, I’m begging you to bring it back! 😵‍💫 Did you remember the letter I sent you that tells you about bringing Clips 1.0 back? 🤨 If you didn’t then you can still bring Clips 1.0 back to make me happy again, and to unlock a memory I just had around 2017! 😊
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2 weeks ago, 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👪👬i love you
Problems so many problems
So when I first got clips, I was so excited and it was amazing that I could do all of these cool things, but I made so many videos that I worked so hard on and then one day I went into the app because I was gonna start making a clip to finish my project everything I have saved it was gone gone gone gone all of that stuff. I worked so hard on And when I first went into the app when I was gonna start recording some clips one day it said that I should allow the camera photos and recorder in settings so I went in there and I allowed it, but it was already on plus, I looked everywhere and it did not say anything about a recorder that I should allow it on my phone and now I've been waiting it for to be fixed but for some reason every time I go in it shows the same dumb thing and I allow I try to find the recorder but for some reason, it won't let me so it just doesn't work. This is a huge disappointment because I use I've been using clips since 2021 and I loved it so much but now it doesn't work yeah thanks for disappointing me if you users think that this looks good it might look good on the inside, but on the outside it is junk and everything I worked on was destroyed it was gone, so why do I even bother? I wouldn't recommend to buy this app if I were you. 😡😡😫😖😭😢🤯🥵😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥵😠😤😫😠😭😠😡😡😡🥵😡😠😤😡😡😡😡🥵😳🤯😳😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😤😳😠😡😠😤😳😡
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4 months ago, Could do better please
Please read 😐
So when I got my phone I saw this app (clips) and I was like oh I should try this out cause it looks fun. So I make a couple videos of me and my bff 👯‍♀️ and I see that my storage is getting a little full so I was like ok let me just delete these pictures from the videos I made. And guess what- when I deleted the pictures from the videos I made when I went to play the videos again the wouldn’t play… Another reason is why I don’t like this app is when I have the song I want to put in the video - for example (yes I’m a mess) and try to put it into the video it says I have to pay 💰 and I don’t want to pay for an app that does this. But when a little time pasted I got InshOt (a better app) I got to screen record stuff and when I made a video it put it in my photos. AND AGAIN when my storage was full I deleted pics and I can still play the videos without them saying “sorry you don’t have this picture” and I bet every one reading this would say the same. I’m sorry if this sounds rude it’s just that I would prefer inshOt then this app. Another thing is I send videos to my bff ( of the videos I made ) and expect them to be in my photos- spoiler alert they don’t get saved and I have to annoy my bff and ask her to send the videos back to me all the time . The only thing I do like is there is no adds. Please fix these problems 🙏🏻
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4 years ago, sndwkjsbsksh
I Don’t Recommend
I honestly thought this app was great at first, but then when I found out there were better editing apps I downloaded like Videoshop, I realized this app was literal trash compared to other editing apps. The major problem is how we can’t resize the size of the screen. Like, I have a picture the size of my iPhone screen and when it doesn’t fit, I either have to make it zoomed in where I can’t see the whole thing or zoomed out too much where it’s atrocious. When I’m trying to move my picture, it’s like so wiggly and moves so much where when I add the next it’s not in the same spot. It’s honestly annoying. Also, the stickers were annoying because I needed them to pop up and they were fading on and fading back off. There aren’t a lot of music varieties which is irrelevant and half the music (the only good ones) are copyrighted. While trimming videos, I can’t trim the middle of the video I have to do it how long I want it and I can’t cut out parts. If I wanted to do that I would just do that in the app Photos my iPhone came with. And, the texts are super hideous! You can’t actually choose a font out of a bunch of varieties they have you pick from like 10 they have that are ugly and you can’t change the colors. Honestly, if you’re looking for editing apps, this one isn’t the one you’re gonna want. Get Videoshop or Inshot or something.
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7 months ago, Katerv
5 stars!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
If you are thinking to get clips, DO get clips! The reasons why are because you can make little videos and super long videos! No matter what type of video it is and no matter where you are it’s like a wonderland just waiting for someone to make a video and then it’s like a dream come true! You can also send videos to your friends and loved ones. And there is really no litmus of what you can do on clips! I even got my whole family into clips and we have been rocking the clips out! It’s super fun to challenge and also have fun on clips! The thing I also love about clips is that the backgrounds,pictures,words,and effects are FANTASTIC!!! It hooks you to keep on adding and adding and adding more and more clips and the more clips you would have the more fun you make! And I’m so sorry that I’m making this so long but everything I’m saying is very true so, if your thinking to download clips you will have a dream come true of happiness! Thanks for reading all of this! I hope you enjoy clips if you decide to download it! Thank you! Bye!!!
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3 years ago, AngelPhish13
No longer working well
I love this app, but it has had issues lately. I went into it to save a video I made earlier in the year. First, I had a hard time downloading the video from the cloud. I took many restarts from the app to retrieve it, load it up fully, and then to play it. When I saved it to my phone, two pictures ended up as black screens (they showed up in the app). When I went back into the app to try and save it again. The video had to be retrieved again from the cloud. After many restarts the video finally loaded from the cloud into the app but would not play. I restarted again and then it was gone. I had an error that said “iCloud is off” and indicated that I need to turn on the iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos in settings, however they are on. I tried to report this issue but that also didn’t work. I selected to “report a quality issue” and the website says:You don't have any purchases that match the option you've selected. It’s quite frustrating. I wish this app would just work. I really enjoyed it and the video I made on it. 😭
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2 years ago, dizzzthebizzz
I can’t get in
So, I can’t get into this because I haven’t gone on it in a while but now when I want to go on it it’s not even letting me get in! I have no clue why please fix this because it’s asking me for my password and my location…….I’m not gonna do that. so please please please write me a response back because it’s killing me right now! You say it’s a free app for making fun videos but right now it’s not fun! :( ☹️☹️ I have a couple more complaints. I can’t believe this is happening! I know I haven’t gotten it in a while but I still remember that you can’t even save your videos like you have to delete them to make more I’ve had to do that so many times and it sucked I like I hated it. I don’t think you any of you should get this because OK it’s fun for starters and like people who haven’t really done videos like this but I just think you can’t you shouldn’t even get it because this no it’s just you know I don’t even have any anything more to say because it’s so boring……… not trying to be rude but it’s true
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3 years ago, #KazyGamer
As a Clips user, for perhaps 2 years or so, I would know that Clips is a practical way to edit, send, and combine your videos. It has no ads and doesn’t cost a penny to use. You can take multiple videos uploaded onto your device, and put those onto Clips. Then, once you play from the start, the videos will be combined. You may also add effects and themes, for there is an extremely expanded library of things to choose from. If you do not have music to put over the sound into your new video(s), you can download soundtracks right from the app. You can also trim your clips in case you accidentally made some videos too long. Clips has helped me a lot over the years- with YT, quick “Thank you” videos, and just fun videos to send to my family. I highly recommend Clips, for there is nothing to complain about. Let’s bring their rating up to 5 stars!
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1 month ago, 🥑 lovers
Used to think bad but now…….
AWESOME!! When I was younger I thought bad but now my vids are so awesome! 🤩 get the app 🔜 and send your videos to friends and family! When you save the song it takes like no time. All of my videos are too good!!!!😊😎🥳💕❤️. Those are my reactions to this app. ⬆️ I can make funny videos and mini movies. Cute pics and even if you ever are like i see filters on social media this app makes gross 🤢 but funny 😆 stuff. The only part that is 😭😭😭 is that you can’t play any songs like Taylor swift❤️ or Melanie Martinez. You have to pay for those songs! 😡😡😡 THAT NEEDS TO 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡CHANGE!!!!!!!!! Anywho it is awesome 👏 so I recommend the one thing I hate is THE MUSIC THING!!!!!!😡😡😡. One thing is I love to make funny posters and photos 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊this app is awesome for people 4-♾️ so this app is too awesome!!
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3 months ago, Give kitties love
Good app! But one flaw...
I am writing this review to express my dissatisfaction with the recent bug in your app. So I have had this app for a while now and this problem has happened twice… and now I’ve decided to do something about it because this is the second time. I am quite disappointed as this bug has deleted all of my projects on its own. I have had a lot of important stuff on there that I wanted to remember. But now I can no longer because it’s all gone. I would like to request you to please fix this bug as soon as possible. I will be super happy if you do. If this bug wasn’t in the app, then I would’ve rated it 5 stars, but the bug is causing a lot of inconvenience to me and I'm sure to other users as well. I hope you understand the impact this bug has on your users and take immediate action to fix it. Thank you for your attention to this matter. (My thanks to facemoji for making my review better sound better and more polite)
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1 year ago, applecookiecrumble
Awesome app + Critique + Suggestion
I love this app. It’s such a fun and easy way to edit short videos to share with friends and family. However, I think the resolution of the stickers and text could be a little higher. I have noticed they are quite blurry and don’t look appealing especially when the resolution of video/picture is high. One feature I thought would be cool to add is to have a setting on filters where you can adjust it; whether it be saturation, contrast, brightness, opacity, etc. You should also have the option to erase certain parts of the filter. For example, maybe you want the filter to only be on a particular subject, but the contents in the background should remain unfiltered. I think it would be an appreciated feature for the app’s users and cool way to spice up the editing.
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2 years ago, 7biubiubiubiu
I only put five stars to notice that I am complaining i picked different types of emojis then I looked for different backgrounds and it wouldn’t allow my emoji and the other ones are still there now I tried to take them off but it wont work and I can’t see myself in the background with the emojis no matter which background I chose. The other part is I wanted to look at the age requirement then I strolled down and double tapped it said it was for 17 year olds I am very sad I am only 9 years old particularly playing an adult games and I did the same thing with other games if you things for kids MAKE KIDS game so which games are kids supposed to play this is not fair and whenever I want to take a photo it only allows square photoshot please make an update for these things thanks Love,Dinah
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8 months ago, who/nose
It’s pretty good but needs some obvious UX fixes
This is a good app for people who want to create simple videos and vlogs independently of any social media platform. Saving out a video in various aspect ratios works well. There are a few really simple things I feel like Apple should have fixed by now. Choosing effects is awful, you have to scroll through like a hundred effects using a horizontal scroll and if your go-to effect is near the end you’ll have to swipe for a long time every time. Same with subtitle styles. I wish they just saved your settings instead of making you choose the settings every single time, it’s such bad design. There’s no ability to zoom or switch lenses - why’d I buy this expensive phone with 3 cameras? I also really dislike that you can only choose music from the Apple Music app and not from Files, Dropbox, or any other place. Not up to par with Apple designed products.
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3 months ago, Just another reviewer 🫠
Idk 🤷‍♀️ needs stuff
So I got this app (it was already there when I got my phone so I didn’t really get it but never deleted it) and decided one day to try it out… and needs to be fixed a little here are my suggestions… 1. Needs better music and needs to be longer. What I would like (I don’t know if this is possible) is to get a search bar at the top of the screen and search whatever song you wanted and for it to be there. But my main problem is how short the music is whenever I make a vid of me and my friends it always ends up being to short for the vid and I have to take some pics out. 2. The app itself is just confusing. When I made my first vid I was very confused on how to do stuff and would just glitch and everything not really much more on this category 3. There is just a lot and it is late and I don’t feel like typing anymore than I have to I got the main points across and I hope to see changes soon!!!!
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3 years ago, Act3Scene24
Needs more effects options and to fit apps.
Hi! I just discovered this app yesterday and had a lot of fun and uploaded it to TikTok and Instagram. However, my portrait mode 16:9 video was cut off at the top and bottom after uploading it to those apps even though they support portrait videos! In fact, TikTok is all videos in portrait mode and it still cut my video into a square! I’m really hoping for a fix to this. Another thing is I think you need to check out TikTok and Snapchat for all the tons of effects you can use. I love that you can film a video and still add some effects afterwards but we need more options. I would also like to be able to control the volume of the music I add and be able to shorten it if I want to. If there’s an option to do that already and I missed it, please let me know how to do it! Thank you!
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2 months ago, HelloMister31
Not the best
Okay, I know that Clips can be super good for a starter at editing videos, and I used it a lot in editing, while I was still a beginner. This might have been because of the limited storage in my iPad, the device I was using that time, but Clips did not allow a single song to go through one time. Another thing is that Clips takes a MASSIVE amount of storage. When I checked my iPad storage, because I was low on space, Clips was the biggest problem. My final complaint is how clips doesn’t allow you to tweak with sounds, or other advanced stuff. This is a beginner video editor’s app, but it could at least have some transitions for the videos! It really felt like watching something, like a whole bunch of photos and videos just appearing with no warning. So anyone using this, I sincerely don’t want you to continue using this if you are fully experienced with technology and editing skills, like I am, and many other people. Please improve this, Apple.
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2 years ago, Magical mads 23
Great for making videos, but needs work
When I got this app, I was super excited about it, but then I realized it needs some updates. So first, the app never lets me type. It used too, and then one day, like I couldn’t type when I was making a video. I tried exiting out of the app, I tried getting rid of the poster I was using, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work at all. If that problem could be fixed that would be much appreciated. The second problem I have, is not being able to see all the videos I’ve made. If I made a video and I want to re watch it, sometimes I can’t see the videos at all. I would be really happy if that would please get fixed. I would love for those things to get fixed and then I think the app would be way better.
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2 years ago, tEeHeE =^•^=
I’m very upset
Ok so the app had very cool affects and it a smart app for recording and making edits but right now I’m in tears at what just happened. So my phone runs out of storage very quickly but I do the best I can to create more storage. And this evening I was working on a video for my work that I have been doing and it took me well about an hour to complete it and it had all my information that I videoed myself on and then I got a notification that my storage was full exited out of the app to make more storage, but when I came back to the app, my whole presentation had been deleted. I was frustrated, angry, and upset. Please take in consideration about fixing this. I would love to get my presentation back and I’m just glad that I didn’t need to save this for anything too important. I will no longer be using this app unless this glitch gets fixed. Please fix the problem and thank you.
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12 months ago, ElinUnicat
Read Please!
Hi! I love clips! If you came here for a small, nice little app to combine pics or videos, this is good! Anyways, It could be…better… Don’t get me wrong, I like it! Just it could be better. I am using clips for a summer 2023 video. I want to add music to it, just (I’m just ten years old i have no idea how the world works) I would like to use songs we DOWNLOADED from APPLE MUSIC. I don’t want to have to go to my mom or dad saying “hey, father! Can you give me like five dollars so I can buy music from the Itunes store? Just so I can make a fun little video about warrior cats MAPS or like a video for summer? Please?” like ya know? Maybe you could change that. I AM TEN YRS OLD I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE WORLD WORKS OR IF THAT IS LEGAL. If that isn’t legal don’t do it. If it is, please do!! Byeeeee that is my only suggestion. —Wolfie
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11 months ago, Yavi123
BEST editing app ever!
This is basically the app that I use all the time and it’s my all-time favorite. If you’ve never seen this app before, I’ll give you a description on what it’s like: You can add captions in many different styles and fonts, you can add your favorite background music, Change the video quality, trim every clip if needed, add posters with text on them (you can also type why should be written on them), create cover pages, save the clips (if you’re looking to make a full, big video - you can save the clips and then add them all together/click play and screen record it until it’s done), add big emojis on the screen, and tons more! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend you do now!
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2 years ago, Faguhvssgtdvjj
Great app….When it’s working
Was disappointed to find that I could only add one song to a project so I split up my vacation video I was making into three parts with each to fit a song. Part 1 took some time but eventually I created a great video to share my trip. Got most the way through making part 2 but now all the videos play black and I can’t finish the project. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, tried on Wifi and cellular data, rebooted the phone multiple times, walked away and waited a while, still the same debilitating problem. And there’s ZERO Apple support to be found online. Just a little guide they have for when it’s working properly but nothing to say of troubleshooting. Last update was 10 months ago so I’m not holding my breath for a bug fix. Going to start the whole thing over in iMovie I guess. Huge waste of time. Very frustrated and disappointed.
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2 years ago, parishranger
Great app- except for some problems
Over the years, I have used this app a lot to create fun movies and content to share with my family and friends. Clips has allowed me to get creative, and they have lots of cool features, but sometimes I find that some of my great masterpieces have been deleted. I used to have maybe 30 or 45 separate projects, but now I only have 15! I didn’t even delete them, they just vanish whenever they want. I don’t have a full explanation for it, not sure if it’s my issue or the apps issue. If it is the apps issue, just make sure to save your clips to your camera role or separate device, just so this doesn’t happen to you. But without any of my creations being deleted, it’s a pretty good app. And free!
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8 months ago, FierceWolf-101
Totally recommend bruh read my review I seriously love this app
This app is awesome especially for being free and all so many features filters etc and always being updated depending on the season or current event, small complaint but srsly not even that big a deal so it only allows me to put background music if it’s on my apple playlist however I don’t have an Apple Music account so maybe in the future they could some how make it possible to put music from files on to it like CapCut or iMovie does I do understand why they would want Apple Music though since it is a Apple app so it’s marketing I guess, but still a awesome app very few glitches and great in every other way
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1 year ago, Zelda_Craft
Pretty good. 🤩
This app is pretty cool. There are quite a few backgrounds and filters that you can use. But I didn’t give it five stars for a few reasons. 1) There isn’t much variety. You have the Memojis, the filters, the backgrounds, and some other stuff; but not enough for a really creative person. 2) You have to hold down on the record button to record a video. That’s ridiculous. You should make it like Camera and make it where you just have to tap. You should also add a timer feature, so we have time to step back into the shot. 3) The backgrounds make you disappear if you get too far back. Make the range for those a lot longer. If these problems are addressed, I’ll give it five stars.
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2 years ago, Gunnar70
Needs more attention please
Nice and easy way to put pictures and videos together and add a variety of animated stickers and some pretty good filters to. Where I have never had success is adding music to the clips from my Apple Music library. The options there but can only find one of my saved playlists and when I select a song it just reverts back to the previous screen, searching for a specific song or artists in my library doesn’t work, at all. Fix or remove the feature! And the common use audio tracks are atrocious they are seriously the worst but it’s all you have to choose from. Regular updates to the stickers available would be nice as well. I know this is a free app offered by Apple, it has potential to be great but just feels like an afterthought.
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2 years ago, brvhmsbrkg
If the maker sees this, please read immediately
So this app is great! But I would like an adjustment/update. So the update I would like the maker to do is the time limit, I would like the time limit to be a lot longer, well maybe 3 or 4 days. Listen, I know it’s long but I like to film at night for the WHOLE night on the weekends. So maybe you (the maker) can make the time limit at least 2 or 3 days long, please do this update. If you can do this update as soon as you read please do, then that would change my rate for this app to a 5/5. (As long as the update can do at least 24 hours if you don’t wanna do 2 or 3 days long that will be just fine, as long as I can film for the WHOLE ENTIRE night this app will be 5/5.)
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8 months ago, Truly, Edwards
Great but why?
So this is an amazing app! But it needs some work! There needs some new effects. The effects only have certain things. There needs to be like some editing effects like shaking the screen stuff like that. It is super kid friendly and fun to use! I make lots of projects and edits. There needs to be more things you can do. Like maybe sparkles and different shades of each color. Now there Is questions on your app that asks for microphone and things like that. Well since I denied some of them now I can watch my projects but when it’s over and I want to record my screen turns black and I can’t record there was no effects on it! Please tell me how to fix! Thank you for your time!:)
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3 years ago, RB123🥳
Love this App!
So I really am not that review everything type of person, but I just wanna say I love this app! It’s super fun to make all these cool “movies” and me and my friends have had a blast exploring it! It’s super easy to use (I’m not tech savvy myself so good for me!) and has great effects and choices! If I could change one thing though it would be the music. I’ve always wanted to add music in the background but it plays for the whole video and I only want it in one certain part. Other than that I think this is a great app and I use it on a daily basis so it’s just amazing! I really hope that you guys can fix the music problem but this is a great app and I encourage all people of all ages to test it out! 😉
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1 year ago, unifjf🥵
Awesome app , But this is the problem
Hi I love clips clips is amazing and I can download all of my needs and share with my friends I love how you can add emojis and posters and your videos it’s super cool I love all the effects except I want more I think you need TikTok or Snapchat or Instagram to get all of those filters like AR Spaces and stuff like that but I want more for like people who don’t have it because like we need more options I mean I love the filters I love them I love it all there’s nothing wrong with it but I just like I want more options please please try your best to fix this if you can’t that’s not a problem, but I just prefer if you did. Bye! Ps: not trying to say this app is bad but I think I could use some work!
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1 year ago, hadlecubobs
Four stars
I think you should add to go out of the app and still be able to film Look, I really like the app. I would just love to go out of it and still be able to film. And when I first got my iPad, I started looking at the apps, and then I looked at Clips, and I instantly fell in love with it . I’ve had it for about five months, and when I realized that I couldn’t go out of the app and still film . And so I just had to start using the writing tools to tell stuff I really wanted to go out of the app and still be able to film, so can you please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 make it be able to go to the app and still film. I would love that and then I will give it a five star review.
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4 months ago, ✨doggo girl✨
great app
i love this app. i love to make videos and comedies for my family and this app is great for that kind of stuff. it is very easy too use and it is great. you can take photos, videos, and lots of other stuff, and you can edit them with great effects including stickers, music, and more! my only problem with it is that sometimes it can freeze up when i’m recording, but besides that, it’s an amazing app. you should totally get it if you’re into video photography or video making. even if you’re not into that kind of stuff, you should still get it. Stay awesome! love, stephany bergerbean
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3 months ago, hxhobcishcljqdbc
Love it but no
So ever since u have gotten a new iPhone and updated it this popped up on here so I figure to try it out before deleting it. I decided to keep this app because it is wayyyyy better than IMovie. One thing that I don’t like is if you pick music for your vid you can’t hear it while it’s playing so you have to guess where you’re at in the song. Another thing is that in the App Store on where you get this platform it presents they have a prism and other things for your video but for some reason, it’s not on my platform. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or fake advertising, but please respond back to tell me how to get it.
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2 years ago, bobby o-bob
I am apauled!
First of all I still can’t stop thinking about how it literally deleted all of my childhood memories not to mention my hopes and dreams and later I tried to get past it btw this all happened today but when I was taking another video which by the way literally took half of the day and I was so happy with what is was turning out to be cause there was a lot of editing to do with it and finally when I was in the middle of putting it all together I got a text so I got off the app and when I got back on it was freaking gone!🤬😤By the way this is just an add on cause I’m still so mad about it but wrote a previous review earlier if you would like to see it my name on the review is “ Bobby o-bob and I am sure I am still going to be writing about this situation much much more so remember my name and look for my reviews 🙂
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11 months ago, #Skyj589
🫠The perfect app.🫠
This is one off apple’s apps that come with your Apple iPad. You don’t have to pay. No ads so it is good. I clips is like you can make your own reels you can edit it. You can choose filters emoji stickers and speak in to it it adds a text like in the news and more cool updates. Super nice 😊. So it if safe clean and perfect 🤩. My friends wanted to make a video and it came better than expected. I am shocked how good this is. You just have too let the app have access to u your photos. If u don’t want that then you can take videos and photos with using the app!🤗 I will update this review.
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2 years ago, Tomes JT
Decent but expect better from Apple
It is a good for a “free” app, but wish a few more updates were made to make it more useful for creating clips/skits. 1) Allow for multiple music tracks across a single project. Right now once you pick a song it has to either play or be muted for whole project 2) Maintain previous posters and stickers, I noticed some really great effects from before (Star Wars, Holidays, Disney) we’re taken out. 3) Allow more customizable and editing/formatting of Live Text, it tends to jam as much text as possible on screen. No good way to space it out even after editing 4) Allow a shared platform for approved user created posters. 5) be able to better control poster animations, sometimes it isn’t desirable when recording extended with an animated poster that it reanimated every 3-4 seconds. 6) Add more text editing (size, font, color direction etc) options 7) Be great to add additional audio layers per clip in a project Thanks this can be a truly a great app but has several of the above weaknesses to other video editing apps that could rather easily be fixed.
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4 months ago, dog town is the best game
I love this app! My preferred name is Tech 88 Pkwy if you have questions ( it’s my nickname)
I give this a 5 star rating! This is a good app if you have an imagination instead of playing without recording, this app you can play with your stuffed animals and a lot more things! This is safe for kids because you can upload pictures from your photo gallery instead of recording with no picture, Recommendations: I know you can olny do one hour at a time but can you make it where you can make it where there is no time limit, if it’s possible, Last thing that would be cool: a voice changer, like say you’re playing with your stuffed animals or paper cutouts etc, you can change your voice to make it sound like your stuffed animals and paper cutouts have a voice now that would be cool for kids, I use is a lot with my cutouts and I just play for hours but I know it takes me a couple videos to complete but it’s worth it Am sorry if this review is long
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9 months ago, dadofhkh
It’s good for the most part
I really love clips and I can make fun music videos and POV videos where there are multiple characters but they’re all me and it’s really fun... When it works. I use Clips on my iPad and when I’m in the middle of a Clip the screen sometimes either starts being glitchy and each movement you do is delayed, or the screen turns totally black and it is totally unusable. I’m not sure if this is because of my older iPad or because I don’t have much data storage left but it really drives me nuts. Anyways, when the app is behaving it’s really fun and easy to use and the effects are AMAZING. Thanks for reading. 💟
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3 years ago, fhfhydgqixgsbc
It has gotten worse
I have been using this app for years now and it had worked very well. However, with the update a few months ago, editing has become a pain and my enthusiasm to use Clips has decreased. When I try and zoom in, the app would cut half the screen off leaving the space black. It is constantly crashing/freezing when I switch from a specific clip to the camera, even when none of my other apps have the same problem and I have plenty of storage. Trimming has always been a little delicate to use but now the movements are not smooth and would often lag back. I much prefer the old version but am not if I can go back. Overall, the design and features of updated Clips are amazing, but the performance and execution is lacking.
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5 months ago, Not giving you my n@me
It needs a bit more. (I would recommend it as a beginner tool.)
Look, the app is pretty good, but it doesn’t have much to do. This app is kinda boring. I do like that you don’t have to buy any stupid subscription to get a descent/good video. It is a good app, but it needs more. It is great for kids, though. If your really trying to get a great video, you might want to consider looking into getting a different app. It does take up a lot more storage than other video editing apps, unfortunately. I’m sorry if this review is confusing in any way. This is just my review, so you might think that it’s amazing. I would recommend that you download it if you’re looking for a beginner tool for editing.
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3 years ago, N-WK
What happened?
I have always loooved this app but after the latest update it’s very glitchy. I always seem to have a hard time saving videos now. It behaves as if it is going to save and then doesn’t. Is there a new maximum length you can create before it won’t save them to your photos? They removed posters and selecting text and stickers from the iPhone is cumbersome now. Often when I add video clips and go back to review the app will have changed the zoom so my screens are cut off... I am so disappointed in the new changes. This does not seem to be near the same quality as the older version.
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9 months ago, Dev-Step
Great app but needs stabilization
I use this app nearly everyday and love it, especially now that you can change the frame size, it could really use image stabilization though like almost every other video app I have has, including the built in camera. also unfortunately the app tends to slow down at certain times, I close all apps and reopen but it still starts to lag and just looks terrible when I’m trying to capture a memory. Audio and video quality isn’t as good as regular camera either. Those are my main gripes with it though, would be awesome with stabilization, lag fix and better audio and video quality, as the normal camera app has.
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2 years ago, I😍FrenchtoastR
Me and my buddies used to make so many funny videos on clips and we all loved it! Clips in my opinion its a great app but I would love it if you editor clips owner people guys would consider adding more options in filters And maybe more stickers and stuff. I would also luv it if you guys would fix where when you add a text in it stays for the whole video. Same with the music maybe if you add a feature where you can add multiple music options so if we were making a happy and sad and maybe some sound effects in for videos it would be easier 😅😅😅 Please consider theseeee
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1 year ago, tyler dim
AMAZING but Gitch
So I using this and I thought it was great I read a review and yes I would say the same thing so I want to use the emoji in my background and I could not see the emoji I do not think it is fair to not us emoji if you could fix it that would help a lot of us and when I was editing my friends photo she sent me I wanted so bad to fix it but I was not allowed to use the background and the stickers please fix this for me she wants me to help but it is not working I do not know If it not allowed to have sent pictures or what is going on in the app just please fix
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4 years ago, Big C [also charlie doyle!]
It is great but it has a few problems. (Fixed)
I love this app and make “movies” on it a lot, but you have to let the music play for the whole video, what if hard rock is playing at a sad moment!?! Also, in the posters column you can’t edit the texts that are Star Wars related, speaking of that it also says a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. But it doesn’t have a Star Wars intro on it. Eh, if it did you still wouldn’t be able to edit it. You also can’t use slow Mo on it, which is terrible. Other than that, it is a great app. (But I hope the people who created this app look at this review and fix the app) see y’all’s later
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2 years ago, Fiona queen of Roblox
So good
OK so are you saying cuss was horrible before I found out that you couldn’t upload it and I wanted this game called well I can’t remember what it’s called but I realize that it is a reliable source so I decided to keep clips cause this app was called Zoomerang but I realize Zoomerang is better than clips because Zoomerang you don’t know how you can like not see inappropriate stuff I don’t even know if it’s made for kids. So I think clips is better because and if you like it give it a five star rating that’s what I did I give it five
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