Clockify Time Tracker

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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clockify Time Tracker

4.61 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
1 year ago, lulu008
Awesome, free App for tracking time for different tasks
I needed an app to log my internship hours and this app is exactly what I was looking for. I was even able to access my logs online and make/edit entries the same way. It has a little bit of a learning curve but there is a lot of helpful documentation. My only suggestion would be adding the “Live Activities” timer feature for locked screens that shows ongoing timers. I find it SO useful for remembering and keeping track of any type of timer I have going when I get busy. It would make this app top tier for its created purpose. Thank you to the company and everyone who worked on the app for providing a useful product and giving users ability to use it well.
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9 months ago, Alyssabeth9
Does not track earnings accurately
I switched over to CLOCKIFY and I had great hopes. I’m an interior designer and I need to be able to track the total cost in labor for the project and to monitor when I’m close to or at the budget. I also need to send weekly reports and reports that reflect the total hours spent on a project. Reasons why I do not recommend CLOCKIFY at all… (1) The earnings/ hours worked from the reports and the earnings/hours worked tracked under the project tab do not match so I don’t even know how much I’ve worked. (2) The reports do not offer customizable dates so I cannot send the total time spent on a project if the project overlaps two different years. (3) This software is not intuitive or easy to use. (4) The CLOCKIFY app lags and glitches sometimes depending on how strong your wifi is. I lost tracking data one time because of this glitch and had to guess how much time I had worked on a project. (5) The app for tracking your time doesn’t let you easily pause a project if you happen to have two different billing rates for the same client. These are 5 huge flaws with Clockify. I went through customer service to try and determine why the hours on the project are not matching the hours on the reports and they had no answer or solution. How can I run a business and not even know what my earnings are? I will continue to search for a better software. I’m glad I only paid for two months and not the discounted 12 month option. What a waste.
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11 months ago, tgi420
What I need but could be better
5 stars because this is what I needed to plot out the time I spend through my day to day life activities to see how I need to balance better. Perfect for anyone looking to track their time through work or various admin tasks as well. Love the fact it’s both iPhone and iPad compatible. The extension for google chrome on desktop is amazing. Love that I can also integrate it with Notion. For a free app, this does way too much. If you guys could integrate a way to use iOS shortcuts to start/stop or create entries that would be *chefs kiss* Also if there could be a way for this app to play well with Zapier or a way to automatically export to a Notion/google sheets/excel spreadsheet that would be amazing.
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3 months ago, GratefulMomFromTX
Why, oh why did you have to mess with the interface?
Until yesterday, this was an awesome app. Then unexpectedly a new interface turned up. This one looks a lot like the browser interface, so it is miniature on a phone. And impossible to use. Starting a new entry used to take maybe 3-5 seconds. Now it can take a minute by the time you manage to scroll down through a miniature list and hit just the right miniature spot to select a project. And then a submenu may or may not open depending on whether you manage to hit a miniature arrow and if you do manage to get past this obstacle yet another miniature list to scroll through the task list. If the list is long and hangs off the bottom of the screen, you are out of luck. No way to hit the 1 mm wide slider. Please people, bring back the old interface! Or at least make it an option! (Also bring back the HP Laserjet II and update the printer drivers for it while you are at it… best printer ever…)
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5 years ago, Virgil Brigman
Great Product - Even the free “basic” version
I use this app to track time for work-related efforts as a consultant. For the longest time I used a different product, but the vendor made a very dramatic change to the subscription structure, which drove me to look for other options. After evaluating a dozen or so other options, I landed on Clockify and I am quite pleased with the features and functionality - even in the “basic” version. It does what I need it to do and then some, and I’ve come to really enjoy how easy it is to use. There are more advanced features to be had for a subscription price, but right now I’m satisfied with the basic stuff. Overall, great job with this product.
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6 years ago, natural_shorty
Good concept but the times are off
I really enjoyed this app for the first few days. The ability to select manual or timer mode to record how much time your spending is great and I like how you can separate the times by projects, sub sections of projects and tags. But then when it came to the end of the week I noticed that there were some serious flaws in the times per day on the reports part of the app. I recorded times every day of the week, which showed up on the time tracker part of the app, but the reports section completed omitted all of my work on Thursday and also did not record hours of time spent on some of the other days. This part of the app was important to me because I need to see and overview of time spent and now I cannot get an accurate representation. I got this app because it was free but I think in this case you might get what you pay for.
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3 years ago, PowpowLily90
Great for basic time recording, can be improved though
I love the ease of manual and automatic time entries, starting and stopping. Creating tags versus tasks can be a little confusing and hard to maneuver initially however, they are helpful once created and established. I would love to see more options for report generating as well as the ability to make notes on entire weekly blocks, such as payroll weeks instead of having to add notes to individual days. Additionally, I think it would be phenomenal and very advantageous if users had the ability to add photos and/or videos to each daily entry. This would make using other apps obsolete when tracking time and showing proof of work output (I.e. tasks completed).
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4 years ago, The 649
More than a time clock
When needing to keep track of your hourly check and time, this is the perfect app to get you all the details you need. You are in control with this app. The flexibility it gives you in managing your time is definitely a plus. Oh did I mentioned reporting features, well there are so many options when it comes to reporting. If you don’t have time to check your reporting in the app, not to worry. The app provides you with a weekly report via email, with a detailed breakdown. This app is more than a time clock.
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2 years ago, Vhoudini
Sole Proprietor Loves This App
I am a sole financial planner who charges clients either hourly or at a fixed price per project. This app is a life saver for keeping track of time I spend working on my client’s plans. My only suggestion would be better integration with Wave, my bookkeeping software, or better invoicing options within Clockify. Currently, I download my monthly data from Clockify into Excel and then manually create invoices in Wave with that Excel data. I tried a couple of more automated options but found this manual process to work best for me right now. If this can be more efficient, I would give this app 5 stars, hands down. But still a really great app that has nicely replaced my handwritten time tracking sheets. 😮
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2 years ago, lkajspiqejrgneqgrqerfgliehrpqo
Not suitable for worldwide use
Clockify has a nice ui but it is not suitable for teams spread across time zones. For instance you can only lock at a particular time and if someone has the timer running it will not allow them to stop the timer. I tried to work with them to use their api to develop our own scheme but it seems their api is too weak and they refuse to meet to discuss. [edit] their “solution” was to have everyone use the same time zone and then remember to stop their timer just before midnight and the restart the timer after midnight. I offered to use their api to create work arounds but they still refuse to schedule a meeting with their api experts to brain storm on solutions. I would rather not air my dirty laundry in a review but they just keep repeating useless suggestions and others should be aware of the limitations.
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6 years ago, Bedeveel
Great free time tracker
Beautiful and easy to use. I was on the edge between 4 or 5 stars and went with 5 b/c you can’t beat free and the interface is really lovely. A few things that would make it the best time tracker app: 1. Ability to pause!!! I miss this so much coming from HoursTracker (which is ugly and has obnoxious, distracting ads). 2. Default to last company used. Since I can pause I have a bunch of little records I have to go in a manually set the same company on. 3. Ability to set more than one project. I manage a team so I have to switch between projects. Typically at least two per session.
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1 year ago, YKantBobReed
Used to love Clockify! Now I love it again!
Edit: the update that broke Clockify was immediately followed by an update that fixed it. Sadly, the one that broke it auto updated on my phone and the one that fixed it I had to go hunting for, but all’s well that ends well, so this is a five star review now. I think there was a stability fix that now prevents Clockify from even opening on my phone. I love the app when it will boot, but right now it won’t, and it’s hard to love an app that you’ve relied on and now is completely broken.
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3 years ago, TheITGirl882
Great app!
I really like this app and love the flexibility of using either a timer or manually entering a time sheet. We have implemented this as our primary time tracking system at our company and all the employees like it. The only downside is that there isn’t a way to submit your timesheet from this app. We have approvals turned on and sometimes employees forget to submit their time sheet before they leave work and it would be really helpful if they could just click submit from their phone instead of waiting until they got back in front of their computer.
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3 years ago, Levina_
Very user friendly and helpful (cross-device!)
I feel back in control of my work hours after finding this tool. WFH and juggling child care makes the lines between professional and personal very blurred, it was hard to keep track how many hours I’m actually working. But with the mobile app and Chrome widget, it is so easy to turn the timer on and off, it syncs perfectly between different devices. I love the report and calendar view too. All in all a great product!
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2 years ago, Jekguvhrnakdktjfjjeskd
Handy, but some annoyances
Super helpful to track my time by project, task and include notes. It also provides moderately flexible, but kit fully customizable, reports by time frame. So from that perspective it meets all my needs. One frustrating annoyance, though, how it tries to “guess” (?) what hours you intend to input. When I adjust the start time the end time changes. When I adjust the end time the start time changes. So either pay attention & fiddle with it for 3 minutes until it stops wrongly auto-adjusting, or overlook it and have inaccurate time. If not for that, I would be a pretty big fan of the app.
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1 year ago, .Boss.Lady
This app is simply, perfect for me and my business. The only 2 things are: 1. I wish I could break down/filter the reports on my phone just like I can on my desktop. If I’m out and need to export a report based on a more specific filter, I can’t. I have to wait until I can use my desktop. 2. I need an Apple Watch version! I manufacture my products and I’m also a stay at home mom to 2 very young children. I want to be able to quickly start or stop my time from my watch rather than going in my phone to do it. My kids might need me for something and instead of me being like *oh wait let me grab my phone and stop my time first*, I’d rather run to their aid and do a quick *boop* on my watch. It’s not the end of the world but it would be sooooo convenient on both ends! Just a thought. Anyway, other than that, PERFECT
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2 years ago, TheCharlesCain
Latest update on iPhone 7 Plus issues
UPDATE: after posting my initial review, I was contacted by Clockify Support. The person I worked with this issue was very responsive, and let me know that the team was working on an update that included fixing the bug I was experiencing. And today, I was informed that the update was available for download. I updated the app on my device, and everything was working well. Huge shoutout to the COING team of developers, testers, and customer support! Changing my rating to a 5, but it should be a 10! Have been using Clockify for some time now. However, since the last update, it has an issue on my iPhone 7 Plus. The splash screen covers up the active task so I have to use the app on my MacBook Pro or my iPad if I want to make any changes.
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1 year ago, typicalkawehi
Love It But…
I love the app! It works very well for what is needed. But, I wish during the “timer” entry mode, that I could pause my time when I have to get up and do something. Instead of just “stopping” and having to restart. That would be really helpful. Thank you! Update: PLEASE add this feature. It’s so incredibly frustrating keeping track of my hours on this app when I can’t pause to make coffee, then resume. I literally just have to remove that time at the end or stop and completely restart. SO annoying.
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4 years ago, xaivy
Great app but could have a bug
This app is good! It makes it quick and easy for our team to clock in and keep track of what we are doing for the day. This makes it easier for the people who work in the offices keep track of everyone and their times. However, the app hasn’t been sending the times over to them when they are looking at a weekly report. I don’t know if this could be a possible issue on our side or if there is an error between the app and the sight. Get back to me as soon as possible, thank you!
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3 years ago, wedgekase
Literally life-changing!
I keep waiting for the downside of this app. I’m just using the free version and I’m using it for an unconventional thing (to reschedule my days and life, set goals, manage my adhd, etc.). And this app is just perfect for me. It was soooo easy to jump in and make this app part of my daily life. THANK YOU to the designers. You’ve made a significant positive change in my life through your talents and effort.
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2 years ago, Minhcalla
Creates erroneous duplicate entries
The app worked PERFECTLY when I first downloaded it (I don’t remember when. It’s been a long time. A year or two maybe?) but last year it started creating erroneous duplicate entries every time I enter a new timesheet. For instance, on Monday I’ll enter 9-5 and it should be 8 hours but instead, it’ll create two or three entries for Monday with bizarre hours and end up with 74 hours in one day 🤨🤔 The app is BROKEN and I have finally replaced it with “HoursTracker”. I look for apps with very specific entry creation tools and these two apps have what I need. The difference is that HoursTracker doesn’t waste my time with deleting duplicate entries.
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2 years ago, umutisik
Great support
I had given a 4-star review because of a bug. They responded to my review with a request to email support. I did, they solved the issue and sent me an email to let me know. This app has been a life-changer for me as it helps me better manage my work areas and my energy.
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5 years ago, Y2kdre
Need more functionality on the weekly reports
I liked using the app to track my hours to help me fill my timesheet each week at work. The only issue I have is I have to not only track the project time but time spent on each task. Sadly I cannot get a weekly report that will show me time spent on each task of each project. I either have to go through the detailed view and add up each time on each session of each task or go day by day through the report. If it would just have a weekly view that totaled time spent on each task each day I’d be happy
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3 months ago, DDGCPA
Great App… needs better iPad support
Love the app… many cool features. Only complaints are: 1) needs landscape mode to make iPad version usable. Supporting only portrait mode means us keyboard users effectively can’t use it unless we disconnect the keyboard and 2) entering could be a little easier if there was a filter where one could enter only time related to a single project (would save a click - minor, I know).
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2 years ago, Oliverr~
Good Desktop App but Glitchy on Phone
I use this on my desktop just fine to keep track of time in task and it’s been helping me a lot. However on my phone it’s glitchy for some reason when selecting the time. When turning the time it gets stuck sometimes. Please change the option to manually enter the time.
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4 years ago, Telfire
Good tool bad app
Pretty sad in 2020 to have a app that is so thoroughly crippled. Can’t manage your clients, projects, tasks, or tags. So basically all you can do is start and stop timers. This is silliness because it’s a barebones interface anyway. The desktop version would work just fine here, there was no reason to cripple the functionality, it didn’t gain you any usability. The widget always just says “unable to load” so that aspect is just completely broken
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8 months ago, Joey Pontarelli
Free version is amazing!
So impressed with this app. The developers really built it well. It’s built for users, not for developers. Love how valuable the free version is! It seriously meets my needs and has made me want to pay them back. Well done! 100% recommend this app.
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11 months ago, CrksnKnight
I would rate this app higher but it can be pretty frustrating. It saves everything to the cloud, but they process is slow and causes issues. I often have to hit the stop/start button multiple times, and it sometimes doesn’t register so my timer will run for hours when I had hit stop or vice versa.
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4 years ago, SJtheLight
Apple Watch App hopefully
Love the web and iOS offerings for this product. Seamless and relatively intuitive. Wish there were more flexibility around projects and clients instead of having to repeat the same project for multiple clients. Looking forward to a Apple Watch compatible app!!
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5 months ago, YttriumS17
Worked great for a while
I really enjoyed using the app but recently it’s been having issues communicating events back to the server, such when I go to stop a task. I haven’t had any problems with the web version - that just works. So until I find a service with a great app I guess I’ll be stuck using the website for now.
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3 years ago, bethvdb
No longer works
This Ap was working well for me until 2 days ago. Now it will not open on my phone. I went to reinstall but if I uninstall it I will loose my data and I need that information as I don’t remember what I tracked for the month of August. Is there a solution for this problem?
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4 years ago, The Wilde Disciple
Nice UI. Poor Apple ID Implementation.
Clockify looks great. Has a dark mode available on their website interface. Just an incomplete Apple ID experience at the time of this writing. You can sign up using Apple ID, but you can’t log into the website using Apple ID. And you need the website as that is where the bulk of the software runs from. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to what innovations come next.
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5 months ago, PhelineCat
Too bad
Yup. It says iPhone and iPad, so why isn’t it optimized for iPad? I opened Clockify, it turned on its side, and I closed Clockify. It would have to be a phenomenol app to get me to turn my iPad on its side in order to use it. I don’t know why any developer insists on this limitation. It can’t be that hard to make it work- really work- for iPad users. So, I’m off to delete it without ever finding out if it’s something useful for me. Pity, isn’t it?
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3 years ago, b.herenow
Still so buggy
Very frustrating bugs that make the iOS app useless including server side errors preventing login and timezone mismatch that prevents time tracking. I want my money back. The desktop app for Mac is much better, but only if you download it from their website. The desktop and iOS versions from the Apple store are buggy and don’t always have the same features as the version from the developer’s website.
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4 years ago, Talan Knox
Couldn’t recommend more highly
This has been absolutely great for our company. Easy for our employees to use, has been great for job tracking. Is totally free, you can upgrade but the base features are plenty robust for us. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, iesha nicole
Missing kiosk
I wish you could use the kiosk feature on the iPad, I manage volunteers across 5 different locations hoping to just have a iPad running at each location for the volunteers to use to clock in and out of their shift Rather then just use the website it would be nice to just use the app.
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1 year ago, entreprenurialhomie
Great app, but please add a lock screen widget!
Great app; it’s simple and makes tracking in multiple categories easy. If it had a lock screen widget to start and stop the timer, it would be perfect. My compliments to the devs
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11 months ago, BStager
Great free options
The options available with the free version are phenomenal compared to other apps. Extremely user friendly and easy to use.
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8 months ago, Light pooper
Not transparent.
When will apps say what the cost is for full feature use upfront in the app description? This one says, “totally free.” Hardly any are up front and this one is no different. FYI, it’s a little on the pricey side comparatively. Looks ok but it pisses me off that I have to download it and look all over the place just to figure out what the GD thing costs. Will look elsewhere.
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3 months ago, Snappyypah
Want to know how much time you spend on xyz? Want to not have to write on your time card every time you clock in cause you forget? This app is simple and great.
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6 years ago, CyberMew
Logs me out every time. Now crashes.
28 Feb 2018: I wish instead of changing app name they could've fix their authentication issues instead. Every time I log into my gmail account I have to re-login every single time. Annoying. 15 Mar 2018: it now crashes after logging in. Nice. Stick to the web browser. 20 Mar 2018: update fixed the crashing issue. Despite the fix it still logs me out from my gmail every time I close the app. 22 Mar 2018: another swift update that fixes the gmail login issue. Finally!
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6 months ago, TitanicRecall
Hard to believe it’s free
I have been using this app for about a year now and it really is just a streamlined, accessible way of managing and documenting hours for my business
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2 years ago, Aepting
Fast Customer Response Time
I submitted a question to Clockify via email and got a response within a few hours. The response was complete and thorough.
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3 years ago, cailleep
Great on desktop, good on mobile
I am a student and I really enjoy using Clockify to meet my goals on class/study time. The desktop/browser version is great, but I wish the mobile version had the dashboard and calendar function like the browser does.
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4 years ago, gulurs
Personal productivity tracking
I use Clockify to track different personal projects (health, volunteering). Tracking is very easy and the reports give you the visual cue on where you are spending your time.
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4 years ago, honoringod
Needs improvement
Trying to use the app with poor service is a pain! Tried to get them to fix it but they couldn’t comprehend the problem. Otherwise, the system is a great idea. If they would make offline mode work, I would consider the paid version.
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8 months ago, A5542hhh
Worthless app
The website version of Clockify is great, if you’re at a computer. It is NOT a mobile-friendly site. The app is a waste with almost no useful features. I need to manage my own time sheets as an employee. The app was the appeal of this before I actually tried to use it. What a disappointment.
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2 years ago, MiataZoom
Doesn’t work for me / many.
Frustrating. Working for 5 companies w/ multiple positions in each and one company I fill in for 7 jobs. I wanted this to have multiple work sites, positions and categories. As an app developer this is easily created w/ drop-down and pick list. Off to find a different app. I guess if I can’t find will develop which I have no TIME for.
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2 years ago, maddiecookie216
Convenient for tracking freelance hours
I like that I can use it between desktop and phone!
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2 years ago, aalmondmilk
very buggy on iphones
I use this app for work. Many times I put a job I did and it will duplicate the entry when you type your start time it changes the end time and visa versa so you’re stuck in a loop of changing the start and end times—especially when you work from an AM time to a PM
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