ClockPhone - big digital clock

4.7 (18.9K)
172 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClockPhone - big digital clock

4.67 out of 5
18.9K Ratings
5 days ago, Zoom2moon
Simple, configurable, powerful
I’ve found it extremely hard to find a good alarm clock app. Most don’t allow setting the display to black with red numerals (mandatory for darkroom vision), with alarms sounds outside of std iPhone alert/ringtone sounds (I wanted birdsongs), and a volume ramp up. I also think it’s insane to have monthly charges for an alarm clock and refuse to sign up. Several years ago I finally found one that mostly did the trick. When I upgraded my iPh 11 to 15, it was no longer available and I went back in the frustrating search. I was about to give up, but tried searches that were different from “Alarm clock” and found this great app (Eugene: you need to make sure ClockPhone shows up “alarm clock” searches)! Configuration of the app is very different and quirky, but simple and powerful once you figure it out. With very few config tool pages, you can change an enormous range of display options. Alarms can be set to std iPhone or some enhanced included alarms, as well as songs/audio files from Music app or even iCloud (note: make sure you download the music files locally to your phone, not just link them to a music/cloud file). One time affordable charge to allow custom configurations, and separate 1 time affordable charge for custom alarms. I had a problem with selecting the alarm song files, and submitted an email to the developer (Eugene). I received a near immediate response and we worked through the issue. Great app.
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2 months ago, Eyefly12
It’s the little things
I have had the same alarm clock app for over 12 years, but it is no longer on the App Store, and as such, Apple will not allow it to run on my phone, so I am starting over. I found this app, and it seems to do almost everything that I want it to, except shut off an alarm without deleting it. I travel for work, but when I’m home, I get up at 6:10 to get the kids ready for school. When I travel, often to different time zones, I don’t want to or need to get up at 6:10. Wish there was a way to just slide a slider and shut an alarm off or on, without having to delete it and start from scratch each time. I did pay for all of the advanced features, which are nice, but the lack of that one feature cost a star, and has me looking for something better. Edit: My search is over! After a nice email from the developer, I now see where the toggle is to shut the alarm off. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Monster maker 2345:
Everything I want it to be!
This app is great! I’ve been searching for a clock I can use at my desk and haven’t found one yet that is affordable and simple. This app is EXACTLY that! It shows the time and it can display the date + device battery level (with a toggle). It’s also super customizable, you are able to change the “thickness” of the numbers and size, brightness, multiple second hand options, ability for either a dark mode (used HDR so it’s a pure black background) or light mode, and ability to change the color of the numbers (or you can have it automatically cycle). Only complaint is that some of the settings are a little hard to understand what they do, but it’s not hard to figure out. Some better descriptions would be nice. Definitely worth shooting $2 towards the developer to say great work!
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10 months ago, TeeGeeDub
Version 1.8.5 stopped updating when charging
I use the app as my alarm clock on my night table. I created an automation to automatically start the clock when the phone is plugged in or (for the last 6 months) when I snap it to my MagSafe charger. Everything worked perfectly until version 1.8.5. For the last two days, when I snap it on the charger, the time display is either a) blank b) 00:00 or c) stuck at the time the app started. Since it stopped working at the same time 1.8.5 came out I assume it’s related. Anyway, I like the app and it was perfect for my use case…just need to figure out the new bug. UPDATE: The author quickly contacted me, acknowledged the bug, and provided a workaround until the bug is fixed. The workaround is easy: I just have to select a digit change animation in the settings. That seems to work fine, and the automation is perfectly acceptable and not overly distracting on the night table.
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3 years ago, Smelly things stink
Fantastic App, but I want to suggest an alarm feature
So, I love this thing to death. I use shortcuts to auto activate and recommend it to everybody I meet. But I use my phone as an alarm as well (as I’m sure most people with this app do as too). It can be annoying to be half asleep trying to swipe up that little notification to make it snooze or stop. So, I recommend a full alarm system. I want to be clear, not a half-baked, just one alarm and noise, but an actual, full on, Apple alarm clock replacement. And if possible the ability to select the regular Apple ringtones as well (I’ve trained myself to only wake up with the dog one, as I was 11 when I did with my dad’s old hand-me-down). I know this may be some work, but I would pay more for this feature honestly.
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2 years ago, V19Torrent
Definitely worth the $2 premium!
I have recently gotten rid of my nightstand digital alarm clock. It just seems very redundant having a dedicated clock on the nightstand when your phone is right there and can do plenty more. I was searching for an app that could display the time while I was sleeping since sometimes I wake up and quicky look at the time. Well, I can across this one and it is amazing! If you’re thinking about downloading this for a bedside clock, you will need to spend the $2 for the anti-screen burn in. That is a price I am willing to pay to save my screen from burn in. It’s definitely worth it!! Thanks for the great app. It has tons of customization options!!
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3 years ago, MacelinCane
Really sexy app with GREAT support
I’m really enjoying this app a lot. It’s simple but sophisticated. It’s really worth the $2 to buy it. And I had a small problem that turns out had nothing to do with the app, but the developer wrote me after I submitted feedback and showed me how to build an automation to do what I wanted. They sent screenshots and clear instructions. Really great!!! Also for the person who wanted to dim their screen for their nightstand? I used an apple shortcut/automation that dims my screen to 10% and shows this clock whenever on charger. I created another that when I take it off charge, it brightens to 50% and shows the weather. It’s great!
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3 years ago, blind techie
Good, but needs better Voiceover support
Overall, I truly enjoyed this widget. It’s a great option for have any large clock on your home screen. The biggest problem I have with a switch it is that it is not as voiceover friendly as it could be. Voiceover will not read any time at all. Though the date, month, and the first two letters of the day are read, it could be better. If this is the first thing on your home screen, it will just read the Number of the date aloud. I would much prefer it to say the month and date at the same time. Simply switching the month to before the date would be better. Also, it won’t read what the day is. It only says the first two letters of the day which are displayed.
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1 year ago, Ice Storm Averted
ClockPhone keeps Us on Target
Within the ZOOM world due to COVID worries often “accuracy of time” Is as critical as content of the work! ClockPhone keeps the delivery “pristine”. Detroit or Novi, MI. During an ICE STORM last week, our “in person was cancelled” so we broke into smaller 1.5 hour ZOOM sessions. Had to eliminate the “fluff” only Covering the center or “brain” of the content. Two presenters on two laptops in the same hotel living room. ClockPhone was our guide- propped against the TV we started and ended on time and during the breaks we Planned our trajectory, had time for a snack and began in - 1/2 hour! CLOCKPHONE keeps us ON POINT
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3 years ago, Terrman14509
This app stands out when compared to the other offering’s out there. With a clean, uncomplicated interface, just the options that are needed, and a reasonable price, it’s the best. Nice work! The only thing I would like to see is an option to display the current outside temperature via one of the weather services (like Open Weather). And of course, automatically running when the phone is charging, but that can’t happen with Apple’s strict system access controls (come one Apple, give us some access!).
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3 years ago, Starzenize
Simple, Elegant, Customizable
I use this app as the clock beside my bed, running on an old iPhone. The large numbers are easy to read at night, the background is very black, and I like the fact that you can adjust the brightness with your finger. The customizations are well worth the upgrade price. (One small note: The release notes for the most recent version say that when the leading digit is hidden, the remaining digit will self-center. This does not happen on my iPhone 12 or iPhone X, and in fact, hiding the first digit hides not just the 0, but the 1 as well. I hope a future update fixes this, but I still love the app!)
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7 months ago, HardcoreMHH
Perfect CLOCK for iPhone & iPad
Does exactly what I need. I can have my phone charging horizontally and see the time while sleeping or napping. Able to lower the brightness just right for when I wake up, with barely one eye open, I can comfortably see the time whatever the day or night. You can have the sound from another app on or make a video small and still see most of the time on the clock while the battery continues to charge. This is exactly what you’re probably looking for in a device’s visible clock!
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2 months ago, tdi10-4wd
Excellent App, Excellent Support
Upgraded my phone and it was time to upgrade my clock app. This does everything my old one did and more. Basically as a night clock I needed one that I could see without my glasses and showed time, date, battery and charging status. This is easily customizable to do that and more. I had one question / issue but an email to the developer and I had the answer / solution just hours later. Definitely 5 stars for both the app and the support.
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3 weeks ago, tracemeek
Great, handsome app, but…
One thing the app does not seem to do, that it would be great if it would do, is continue to display on the Lock Screen after my iPad is locked. Is this even possible in Apple’s ecosystem? Kudos for the handsome design, and for not using the cheesy “ghost in the machine” font that so many clocks use—even in cars these days! Also, nice job on allowing all the color and style customizations to the face of the clock. I bought the Premium version, but the app will only work for me if I can get it to show on the Lock Screen after the iPad is locked for security.
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3 years ago, $1.99 less in my pocket
Almost perfect for what I need
I’m using this on an old phone as a nightstand clock and I have no complaints. I do have a couple of suggestions, but those would simply make this a 6-star review. It would be great to have the option to dim the display on a timer; during the day I use full brightness but at night full dim and having that adjust automatically would be great. Also, being able to snooze and turn off the alarm directly from the clock face would be appreciated. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Brahmavid
Best that I have tried
I’ve tried quite a few iPhone clocks (really, why doesn’t everyone use an app like this when they travel?). But this is clearly the most usable. The feature I appreciate the most is the modulation of the brightness (I put it down to 5%) which I didn’t find to work so smoothly on similar apps. In fact it was incredibly frustrating to modulate them whereas this works seamlessly. The developer even promptly answered a question that I asked . This is how all apps should be.
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9 months ago, cruist22
App is good and handy.
EDIT: I’ve followed the dev’s prompt response below and uninstalled/reinstalled app to restore features. It’s better than before now. I recommend the one time purchase of $1.99 to access more options as I found them handy. “I will change my review once it gets fixed. After the most recent update the background transparency feature stopped functioning. It’s not bad otherwise but can’t use as a widget anymore.”
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3 years ago, Traderjo's
Ruined it!
How do you slick it up and make it completely unusable at the same time? It decided to go to 24 hour time on its own and I cannot make any sense of the operating instructions to change that. As you try to look at where you need to navigate to to fix this, you’ll either be closed out of that menu because it times out in a second or it’ll be making other changes like turning on a flashlight or something silly. Why was any of this necessary? I paid for the app and now have to delete it and find a new one. Stop changing things! Look at what you change from the perspective of a person who is not into anything other than basic functions. You ruined it.
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7 months ago, Oiluj22
It’s really is a simple clock widget
The app itself is pretty simple to understand and pretty nifty. It’s only 2 bucks as well which isn’t bad at all for a widget that will be on your Home Screen 24/7. I would have personally bought it too, however the clock widget itself doesn't have an interface to show you the seconds passing by in the minute. On the main app it does which is cool. A simple little dot slowly circling around the clock. But unfortunately for the Widget it doesn't have that. Definitely would buy it if it did have that option available.
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8 months ago, iOS_tester
Relatively many bugs
Unfortunately, the color change from the palette I want to choose does not work. There is no change in the background color. I would like to be able to remove shadows from date and charging widgets. Problems with centering the clock itself. The application itself is good, but solve all the bugs and find who will test the application. Also, please add more widgets, for example, the time of the next alarm clock, or the weather. As well as the ability to move them to any area of the screen. Just more customization :)
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3 years ago, sportzmom25
Updated Review
Once I got an email from support telling me they resolved the issue I updated and the app is working as it should. I like that I can change the colors and make the brightness go really dim so the light is not too bright. All others I have tried blind me. Overall it’s a great little clock. This app (I have the paid version) suddenly will not open and keeps crashing. I’ve reinstalled and reset phone and it still did not fix the problem. No longer opens for me.
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3 years ago, 1820Vision
The Best!
It’s been years since I’ve started looking for just a nice clock for my phone that I can just put up while getting ready or I can refer to in places where time isn’t readily displayed, and coming across this was just joy to for me! There have been some iterations over the years but this is by far the most elegant and most beautiful clock I’ve come across! Kudos to the devs behind this and I thank you for the great work you do! 🙏
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1 week ago, kevin ohmer
Great app minus one thing
I am a sucker one time purchases for niche apps, however…this one has at least two “one time” purchases so far. Regardless , I paid and enjoy the simplicity and style, but I truly got this app to see if I could finally play my downloaded music as a wake up song , however it is not possible . I have tried multiple songs and have open/closed app several times to retest this issue. If that issue were fixed it would be a 5/5 perfect clock app
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3 years ago, M. Lawson
Continues to be an elegant design!
I started using ClockPhone several months ago. The developer obviously took time to consider several factors to design what is a rather elegant and pleasing look and operation. This is an aesthetically beautiful product! I’m glad to have purchased the upgrade (only a $1, folks!). I enjoy experimenting with color and style changes through the seasons. I’m very pleased and will enjoy continuing to use ClockPhone on my iPad and iPhone!
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3 years ago, foxriders357
App would automatically close
Every time I open the app, it will automatically close instantly. For a split second I would see the app open and it would try to set the clock up on the screen but then the app would crash and instantly close me out of it. I thought it was my phone at first so I restarted it and I turned off my wifi just to try it and it still had this continuous problem. I used to use this app all the time but tonight when I went to set it up, it started doing this. I suppose it’s the new update on it. Or maybe it’s my phone, I have an iPhone 11, but I’m not to sure on this problem. All I know is I have to download a different app now. I hope this problem gets worked out.
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2 years ago, JTaylor21212
I absolutely must have a clock widget on every phone that I use. So, I have bought and used almost every clock/weather widget out there. All the clock widgets in the AppStore are ripoffs. . . except The ClockPhone app. The ClockPhone app is honestly the easiest to navigate, settings that I have never seen before, and for a one time payment of $1.99 you get even more. Hands down, The ClockPhone widget beats 'em all ! ! ! • If it’s not ClockPhone, it’s not worth it.
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4 years ago, elliegambia
Simple. Amazing
This is by far one of the best clock apps I’ve ever used. The first one? Too much information—more than I need. Alarms and timers? I don’t need those, I have the default clock app on my phone. But this one? No excess features. Easily customizable. No ads littering the screen. Just a simple clock app that you can use for your nightstand. There’s only one thing. The payment thing usually pops up 1-2 times, when I first open the app and when I first view the settings. If I try fine-tuning, it will also pop up. I think it should pop up only when I try to use fine-tuning. (Just an extra thing, I saw someone saying that the “no leading zero” option didn’t stay off. That’s because you need to buy the full version to have the fine-tuning settings always activated)
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12 months ago, MontanaMuse
This app is fabulous. I can't say enough good things about it. The ability to make the widget transparent masks everything about this app greater. I have at least a half dozen discarded clock apps. This one is ALWAYS on top of my widget stack. On top of all the the developer is kind and understanding. He was helpful and prompt when helping me. That's the best in any app. Transparent... I'm hoping the rest of my widgets follow suit... Soon! Thanks for such an awesome app. ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, tractorlegs
Easy 5
What a refreshing, simple Clock app! I have long searched for a simple, elegant clock for my iPhone 8 Plus and my newer iPhone 13, and this is it. No frills, no useless fluff, just a nice clock face I can use as a digital clock at night. There are just enough options to control the basics (color, brightness, size of lettering) and it’s just a one-time purchase instead of a stupid monthly fee. An easy 5!
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1 year ago, suebaby2
Almost there…
I use this on an old iPhone 6s as a bedside clock. It KINDA works. Every night I swipe it dimmer to the darkest setting (plus have purple numbers) and many times I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s blazing!!! I even have the phones’ main brightness setting all the way down, plus set to dark mode and I still have to turn the face down on the nightstand. I’d love to give this 5 stars but I wish I could make it dark enough so it doesn’t keep me awake.
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6 months ago, margotgn
Good but annoying
Annoyed that when you look this up in the App Store they don’t tell you upfront that there is a $2 charge for the app - which there is if you want to change ANY setting from what they have. You want to see the date - you need to pay, etc. And the ridiculous thing is that it’s only $2 - just tell me that at the very beginning. I probably would have bought the app anyway but now you have made me an angry customer by making me feel like you are deceiving me.
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4 years ago, HighlandBrave
Love it!
I love the free version of this clock face. I was looking for a large clock that I could read at night without my glasses, which didn’t illuminate the whole room. After downloading several other apps that were way to bright, I found this one! The white numbers on a black background is perfect especially turning down the screen. I might buy the app to check out some of the other features.
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9 months ago, Jon Rayman
Loved but transparent background no longer works
Love this clock app. Still use it over standby mode Apple just added. I am having trouble with the transparent widget however. I’ve done it before a bunch of times and followed the new steps but it still is stuck on “click to adjust transparent background” on the Home Screen. Hope there’s a fix for this.
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4 years ago, RuggDr
I never ever write reviews, but made an exception for ClockPhone! This is absolutely my favorite clock app ever!! It’s not loaded down with unnecessary bells and whistles. (your phones default clock app should have you covered on those; alarms, timers etc.) It’s simple, clear and bright.(unless of course you use the included dimmer) It has just enough customizable features to make it your own. It’s the last clock app I’ll ever need to download. I give it 5 stars!!
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2 years ago, sufferingfieldresearcher
Love this! Great on ipad too. Add a month minical?
once you get the hang of the controls, you can make this app do whatever you need to do and that is truly great. Feature request! Could you add a mini month calendar (preset, not linked to anything) for quick reference next to or below the clock. Especially good for ipad where there is plenty of screen space. Thanks! 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, 78Eggy
Font Type
This App is great. I love ease of use in customizing my clock widget. A few things I would add for a better personal experience would be more font types for the time and color options for the background of the widget, and lastly for the day, maybe expanding it to three letters instead of the current two letter. Even if a one is these happens in an update I will change my rating to 5 stars. Well worth the $2
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3 years ago, Ellis-1963
One big problem
The app looks great and for most people it probably works fine. It has one big problem though. If you travel it does not automatically change to match the phone time. Oddly when you turn it to landscape and get the big view, that time has changed. It is only the widget on the home screen that does not change in real time. Still don’t see a way to manually change it. Have to wait for it to catch up with itself. Have seen it take as much as 4 hours.
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2 years ago, stacy.stephen
This Developer is SUPER responsive!!!
After a very minor issue with this app crashing, the Developer was extremely responsive with a successful fix to my issue. This app is an amazing addition to my iPhone, as I have it set as a shortcut. When I sit my phone on a charger, the app opens providing me with access to a clock utility when I’m not holding my phone! Thanks for the integrity!
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2 months ago, RDWharley
Nice looking clock. Poor menu operation.
I can fly a jumbo jet, but I can’t use the menus to make changes to the appearance of the clock. I go in and change the color of the digits and I assume it’s going to save them. I don’t see any option to save but when I exit out and go back into the clock, nothing has changed. Very user unfriendly as far as making changes to the clock appearance. I’m going to try a different app. I can’t figure out who designs these things. They obviously don’t get focus groups to see how they operate the menus!
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3 years ago, Snowylucky
Love this app, but wish it has digital seconds readings
I love this app for my iPhone. This app helps me see the time quickly and easily. But I do wish there are seconds reading on my Home Screen widget. And also go directly to apple’s clock app and calendar app when I need to setup alarms or add events to my calendar. Great app, but always room for improvements. Thank you.
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2 months ago, AlphaAries
Almost worth it
Liked most aspects of this app but installed transparent widgets and every time I opened my phone it too way too long to refresh and instead just gave me a blurry background with a big advertisement selling (yet additional ) features of the app. The annoying part is I had indeed already paid for the app AND the additional feature. So insult to injury while the app was malfunctioning I was being reminded I paid extra.
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1 year ago, Shoobiedoo
It’s hard to overstate how much I love the design of the clock face of this app. It has just enough design elements to make it look more refined and sleek than the other minimalist clock apps. It is clean, refined, and doesn’t look gimmicky. Set on a MagSafe charging stand on a bedside table it makes a perfect place to charge your phone and see the time during the night.
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3 years ago, legendofkb
Great app! But broken now…
I use this app everyday on my office desk and it has been exactly what I wanted. However, after the last update (1.5) it crashes on launch every time and I can’t get it to work. I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling and rebooting my phone (iPhone XS), but nothing has worked. Hopefully the developer will fix this in the next update.
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2 years ago, Wierdo34
Trust security issue
I uninstalled this app because I don't trust it from a security standpoint. Installed the app and used it for about a week. It the widget worked worked as intended, no complaints there, good job. I began to notice a blurred section on top left panel on my iPhone 11 PRO max. Some program made a rectangle of blurred space to occlude the time and other notifications such as camera, location etc... I uninstalled the clock app immediately and restarted. The occluded space is gone. All my other apps are trusted apps and I do iPhone restores regularly. I am convinced that it is this app.
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4 months ago, Lucerophotos
Great app
I’ve used this app for a few years now, it’s the best one there is, especially if you want a dim click that’s not too bright and to be able to change the size. There was a glitch before thus last update, the developer fixed it quickly.
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3 years ago, CJ Sutton
Horizontal issues
Great app but unfortunately the horizontal mode toggle does nothing for me. I keep my phone portrait locked and your toggle in settings does not override that. However I'm currently able to bypass it with shortcuts automation for when I open/close this app to toggle orientation lock on/off. Would be great if your horizontal setting worked, though, so I didn't have to automate it.
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3 years ago, MorphoWings7
Restored to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Right now the app doesn't open at all on either my iPhone 12 Pro or my M1 ipad... Loved using this app but it's broken right now! Please fix! Update: A quick uninstall/reinstall and restore of purchase resolved the issues. Love both the desktop and widget functions and all of the customization.
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5 months ago, closerneil
Changed from samsung to apple phone Expected phone clock on my nightstand while charging at night To my surprise, and tech support ,apple fades clock after a period and no solution Ordered a small clock online , then i thought of checking apps Apparently i was not alone and cancelled order for clock immediately😁
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3 years ago, Bigrbetr
I love this AP!
This app is awesome. It displays real “atomic” time to the second and makes a mockery of the junk clocks that auto-makers have installed in vehicles for decades. With a phone mount you know the precise time, anytime. Plus, your phone’s battery doesn’t know it’s there! I highly recommend it for those who are as anal about time as I am!😀
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12 months ago, pookie050
Sometimes ANNOYING!!
Seems like a very well made thoughtful app but it also seems like there are some snaggs. i change the brightness and color every night and morning. This last time i wanted a darker hue for night clock, for some reason it just wouldnt change! This has happened several time. Please fix this.
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