Cloud Baby Monitor

4.8 (17K)
54.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
VIGI Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cloud Baby Monitor

4.78 out of 5
17K Ratings
2 years ago, replican't
It Worked!
It worked. I was extremely skeptical, and I really hesitated to trust it. There was a bit of an install hiccup that could actually be a show stopper for some, so I would have to give it a 4.76 if I could. However, once installed on both devices, I can say it woke me up when our grandson stated waking up and left me with no doubt he was ready to get out of bed— even if I wasn’t. The app blocks out it’s white noise, but baby sounds came through clearly. Prior to an out of state trip, my daughter left us with a baby and without his high-priced baby monitor. The guest room is on the other side of the house. The previous night one of us had to sleep on the couch, so we were sure to hear him when he woke up. So I did some research and took a chance with my $6.00. It was only one night, but it worked as advertised. If something changes, I’ll update my review. For now, though, I am happy with my purchase. Having said that, I think a dedicated hardware monitor is preferred. However, if you don’t want to invest in an expensive piece of hardware you will use infrequently and probably not long, I can recommend this app. Make sure you install it well ahead of bed time and test it before relying on it. The instructions are lacking, IMHO, but it was easy enough to figure out reading on the App Store, their website, and from within the app. The app itself is fairly intuitive. Again, I’m somewhat shocked it worked…
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6 years ago, iveyscott1
After 4 years with this app, it works perfectly every time.
We have used this since our daughter was a baby. It has worked better than any baby monitor out there. With the ability to connect WiFi, cell, or Bluetooth, it worked no matter where we were. When one connection fails it automatically finds the next possible connection. My daughter is four now, and we still still use it to monitor her when she is playing upstairs in her room and we are downstairs cooking. The fact that it has an Apple TV app comes in handy when we have company and the kids are upstairs playing and the are downstairs. We can see all of the shenanigans going on. The battery drain is great if you have it on just audio and even better if you are viewing it on an Apple Watch. Yes! You can do that. We have have even used it on a cruise ship where the Kidd have their own room and we are next door. The Bluetooth connection doesn’t skip a beat as long as it is in range. In my opinion, this by far the best app ever made. It does what it suppose to do every time and works anywhere with internet or without. This app keeps impressing me every time we find a new purpose for it, it comes through every time.
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5 years ago, Ron Sauve
It’s also good as a Senior monitor, not just for babies
With his permission, and without the video, just using the audio, we are using this to keep tabs on my 91 year old dad, who lives with us, but in his own separate space. We were actively connecting regularly, off and on throughout the day, until the last couple of weeks. He’s taken a bit of a turn for the worse, so we’ve had it connected with at least one of our devices 24/7 since that time. In the past couple of weeks, he’s fallen several times, and this app been extremely good to have, because all he has had to do was call out, and we could run to help him up. It’s such a nice app to have, far better than the call for help button on his cell phone with which he would have to get the phone out of his pocket, open it, and press that call for help button. With this app, all he has to do is call out, and we’re there lickety split. So good for our peace of mind, and for his as well. From time to time, there might be a glitch, thus the 4 stars. Nothing too serious, and in one case, the resolution for it was just the latest update, which came at the same time the glitch happened. If I could do 4 1/2 or 4 3/4 stars I would, as 4 stars seems too little, but overall, it’s been a lifesaver, perhaps even literally.
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4 years ago, Mathtard
Incredible! Better than Miku+Nanit+everything else
Pair this with a Mac+wired USB IR camera + wired USB Mic and you have a (minus the cost of the Mac and iPhones) less than $100 dollar state of the art baby monitor (that has NO RF radiation near baby, since everything is wired). Not only is this an amazing deal, it is currently the ONLY way you can make a fully wired solution for monitoring a baby. I’ve tried Miku and Nanit and a number of other baby monitors (all of which emit microwaves near baby), and they don’t even come close to the stability, customizability, and convenience of this App. Stability: it reconnects itself and never closes when running in the background (every other WiFi baby monitor I tried disconnects and doesn’t notify you). Customizability: it’s up to YOU how you want to monitor baby. For instance, can purchase your own steel arms to suspend a wired or (if you choose) a wireless camera. Convenience: everything just works. I only contacted the developer to add some suggestions for new features. Everything I wanted (noise notification, clear view, streaming remotely) works perfectly. Oh yeah and this app on iPhone and Mac is less than $20 altogether ... I would’ve paid $50 for it.
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6 years ago, Emsillyo
Fantastic App
My husband and I bought this app after a failed attempt to use the traditional walkie-talkie style baby monitors. We have used it from the moment we brought our daughter home. It allows you to see your child like using Facetime or Skype and you can speak to them. We love the sounds and lullaby’s on it as well. It’s especially useful that you can change the volume and turn the sound on or off from your end of the monitor. It had been user friendly even for someone who lacks technology know-how, like myself. Now that our little one has learned how to crawl out of her crib, we are using this app to catch her before she can crawl out. We can calmly discipline her through the monitor. Our only problem with the app is that once you turn on the music or adjust the light on the receiving end of the monitor, the adjuster graphic stays up so that some of the video is blocked. It would be nice if it went away or you could click it away or something. But it’s not that big of a deal. If you have a couple of Apple devices and a baby, then I highly recommend this app.
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8 years ago, berniedmj
Money well spent
Reading the other reviews, I don't hear any white noise after updating to iOS 10. Perhaps it's the old device you're using. We're using a somewhat broken iPhone 5 to monitor our son & sometimes using one or the other (iPad 2 [can't update to iOS 10]/iPad 2 air/iPhone 6 plus/iPhone 6S) to watch & listen. However, before the updates (2nd to last update via app) I was getting some white noises. On the scary side, my wife said she heard someone breathing on our devices when our son is asleep in his room during those white noises?!? True story! That only happened one time. Now the white noises are gone. Other than the white noise, sometimes now & then I get a red screen with a beeping saying, "lost connection" to my iPhone 5. It used to do that A LOT before the iOS 10 update & before the last app update. All app is never 100% perfect & we all know that. But this app is way better than paying over/around $200 for those other baby monitors. And you can also use it as a security cam within your home & turn on the noise & motion alert to get the notifications!!
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4 years ago, heathercathleen
Amazing app & can be used multiple ways !
Forgot your baby monitor or don’t want to lug yours around when you are staying away from home ? This app is the perfect solution ! I have been using this app for over 4 years and though I always liked it , at first ,it was a little bit buggy. The developers have worked out the kinks and it works perfectly now . It’s easy to use and you can look in on your baby from anywhere. You can even leave the baby unit ( phone/tablet ) running at home while you are trying out a new baby sitter so you can check in using the parent unit ( your mobile phone ) from wherever you are . There are lots of features such as music , intercom and mobile monitoring that come with the app. These are things that are only included in some of the more fancy , expensive baby monitors; thus, making this app an incredible value . As long as you have a spare device ( old tablet/phone ) laying around you can use it as your main and only baby monitor ! I don’t usually write reviews , but I absolutely love this app!
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7 years ago, helioyanagita
Extremely Satisfied! Best baby monitor!
We had our first baby few months back and, as new parents, we were looking at how to properly monitor our baby during sleeps/naps. With a good dozen of apps available, we were lucky enough to come across this app. It is reliable, fast and packed with features at just a few bucks. We love the motion and audio alerts, it is super sensitive (it is actually configurable)! The find the two way audio and the ability to change lighting or play songs remotely particularly useful! The ability to link it up with iCloud and watch remotely is amazingly well built for a seamlessly experience. All in all, we highly recommend it. If we could suggest anything, we would ask for 2 enhancements, but they would be great add-one but does not knock off any stars from this review whatsoever! - ability to setup the baby unit to record a video clip of the event that trigger the alert, with either a pre-determined length or for the duration of the event - ability to switch the camera (front and back) remotely.
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4 years ago, Bligow
Spare iOS device? Perfect alternative.
Before having our second child I was researching baby monitors. The ones that did everything we wanted were so expensive so I decided to search the App Store. I discovered this app, and having an old iPhone 5c sitting around the house this was the perfect alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a stand alone baby monitor. Being able to load the “baby unit” with the songs my wife played while our son was in the womb is a definite plus. I didn’t believe it at first but with our first son she played a particular song almost constantly, and five years later we play it and he still falls asleep. Pinch and zoom on the “parent unit” is great for when you can’t exactly tell if baby’s eyes are open or not. The ability to get notifications on your Apple Watch and to see the video feed, while it’s small and not ideal, it’s still a cool feature. Extremely satisfied, and highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative to a stand alone baby monitor.
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7 years ago, Kendro1234
Great monitor for all times of the day and night
My wife and I purchased this app since I hear nothing but bad reviews about regular hand held video monitors and their apps. Since I work at night from time to time and sometimes my wife can be in a deep sleep I wanted an option so I can see the baby while I'm at work and be notified if he's awake. This app does all of that and lets me have peace of mind in case I need to call and wake her up. I love that I can upload any music I want to play for him, control volume and control light when looking at him at night. Obviously phones don't have night vision but using the front facing camera lets you use the brightness of the screen as the light during the evening hours and it allows for a very very dim or bright light that doesn't wake the baby. A++++ app I definitely recommend to you and to several of my family members with kids. I look forward to future updates to this app. I've also heard great things about their pet monitor as well.
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5 years ago, tinyyy111
Happy mom
One thing I didn’t add to my baby registry was a baby monitor. I thought about it and even looked at a few, but since I would be a stay-at-home mom I started to think I could do away without getting one at all. I was so wrong! As my baby got older and more active having a monitor was definitely a plus! I checked the App Store to see if there were any monitors I could use without going out and buy a camera and ran across this one. Let me tell you it’s been a life saver!! My husband and I both have it on our phones and also my Mac book and iPad. I would definitely recommend this app to any new parent. Very convenient, affordable, and gives you a peace of mind. It also lets you adjust the lighting (if it’s too dark to see in the room), play lullaby’s, use more than one camera (my phone and laptop or iPad) at a time, and sets a background on baby’s monitor. You can even talk to your baby and their able to see you (looks something like FaceTime).
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5 years ago, dionnevanessa
The only baby monitor you ever need!
We have been using this for months to monitor our toddler once he’s gone to bed. We feel safe knowing we can see and hear him (and even talk to him if needed, though once he’s out he’s usually out for 11-12 hours no problem). LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth... the connection is never a problem. We occasionally use it when we are at our friends’ house two doors down after he’s gone to bed. The icing on the cake was being able to actually use it on a cruise ship (we purchased two separate WiFi plans and it worked amazingly the whole time... mind you, we made sure the stateroom was locked, knew our steward by name, and knew baby wouldn’t be disturbed... but it allowed us maybe 60 minutes of nighttime fun (which is what we were comfortable with) being able to see and hear him the whole time). Absolutely incredible app, very reliable, would recommend over and over again!
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3 years ago, Leesalew22
Super easy, works great, intuitive. I’ve used when caring for my mother-in-law to wake me when she started to try to get up to use the bathroom—I could see her even in the dark, hear her, and even talk to her to say “I’m coming—please wait for me!” On the “baby” end, you can leave the screen of the iPad or phone dark or have it with a nightlight screen, even lullaby music (haven’t tried that). Now I am using to keep an eye on young chickens down in the barn, and discovered I can look in on them even when I’m away from home! I can keep my “chicken cam” on all day and listen to their quiet little peeps and watch their antics, and know if I need to go down there (iPad in the barn, or could have used my old iPhone). This app is just what we needed and no advertising. Simple and perfect. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, AreneeS22
Was great before the last couple updates
I used to absolutely love this app, it really came in handy and at night when my daughters room was dark all I had to do was turn the brightness up on MY phone (not in the app) and I could see in her room very well without having to use the nightlight feature and risk waking her up. Ever since a couple updates ago, everything is always dark. Even when I use the nightlight feature I can barely see anything. I’d have to have her window open and the sun beaming in or the light on to be able to see which obviously would prevent her from sleeping so that’s a no go. These last 2 updates claim it ‘improves for better lighting’ but yet nothing changes, I still can hardly see in my daughters room. It needs to be fixed the way it was a year ago before these stupid updates that just made the app worse. Might just have to go find another monitor app to use since this one is practically unusable.
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1 week ago, 1947
Works Well
We’ve been using this for over a year and it does the job most of the time. The sound quality and noise reduction are decent. I don’t see the point in spending $100 for a good dedicated monitor when our phones and spare iPad will do the job just as well, so I appreciate that someone has put the hard work in to create a well-designed, well-executed app for this purpose. It has some quirks, like if my wife and I have our notification settings exactly the same, I get notified much more frequently than she does. Quiet, short sounds will notify me, while it takes much louder, longer sounds to notify her. Sometimes notifications just don’t come through at all for a while. That’s a bit annoying, but nothing that can’t be managed by just leaving the app open and streaming. One star removed for unreliable notifications.
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2 years ago, Confused about Podcasts
Amazing Baby Monitor for a fraction of the cost!!!!!
I needed a baby monitor to watch my dog while out of the room as part of her training. I purchased a standalone unit but found the quality was poor and the connection glitchy. I then saw a review online for this product and realized it was worth a try given the small price. The App is easy to use, connects easily, has good resolution, in general is just a great product! The only challenge is that it does require two iPhone products, one as the camera and the other as the receiver. I could not figure out if I could download the app to my Apple computer, but given that we had an old iPad to use as the camera it was a cheap easy solution! I can’t imagine ever wanting to buy a standalone unit again! Totally worth the price!
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5 years ago, konjur
Probably the best app purchase I’ve ever made.
I haven’t had the need for to use it for awhile but I happily bought the Pro version several years ago for my new puppy and to watch her when I would step away briefly when she was sleeping with me. I love the audio talkback features and since she grew up I’ve even used it when we leave them at home alone....which doesn’t happen often so they do get nervous. It is wonderful to be able to comfort them and to know how well they are doing at any given time. The beauty of it being an app is that I can use any of the many iOS devices that I have whether it be an old or new one, hand-me downs, or the latest and greatest. I’m even more satisfied to see that it is still kicking and getting updates after 3-4 years! Thank you for the great app!
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8 years ago, Amandajayne11
Way Worth It
I had a $100 gifted baby monitor that was supposed to hook up to an iPhone which never worked. Didn't even think to use my iPad and iPhone as the monitor instead. I tried a free app which was just covered in adds 😑 so decided the $3.99 for this seemed fair. App works great, I keep both my devices plugged in so haven't tested battery drainage but the video hasn't dropped, notifications are useful and the sounds loud enough to hear. My ipads mounted on the wall across the room of where my baby sleeps so I can hear and see him great (no need to have it in their face like the pics). Well worth $3.99 if you already have the devices! Only thing, don't turn the apps on the devices on right next to each other, wicked feedback but the same thing happens face timing so it not the apps fault.
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7 years ago, Mrsjessiepeppers
Would buy again if I had too!!!
This app is definitely worth it if you don't have the money right away to buy a monitor. As long as you have two, either phones or tablets, or one of each. This works great. I can even receive text messages while it's in use. If I receive a call it goes off of course but it comes back on, once the call has ended. I have only used this over wifi, while staying at my house and it works great. I love being able to control the music from my phone, and being able to talk to her while I'm in the other room. You can even make the camera that is watching the baby brighter so if you have her in the dark and need to see better you just hold the button and it makes the screen brighter. Worth every penny!!!!
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7 years ago, MiloWlkr
Can't thank you enough for making this!!
Over all this app is a great! Thanks to this app I'm writing this as I'm watching our baby from our laptop in the living room while my wife gets some sleep. I had gotten an 50$ IP camera idea from a DIY article online and it seemed promising. After getting it all hooked up the lag due to our wifi was so bad that we could not trust our images on our phones. It even froze up a couple times. My wife and I were so disappointed and we couldn't really spend a lot on something from the store- baby monitors are so pricey! A brother in law told me about Baby Monitor and we couldn't be happier! I bought the app on an old IPhone 4s and ran to the store and bought Velcro. I took the Velcro and did one strip around the outside of crib and now I'm able to position the iPhone anywhere around the crib. The picture is great! And the lag is maybe .5 secs. I went ahead and bought it for my laptop too. I think total this set up came out to ~$10? (1 $3.99 purchase for our phones and 1 purchase for my MacBook $5.99?) One thing to note... there's no night vision, but that can be fixed by light adjustment in your room or a little night light.
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4 years ago, pcha_apple
Critical Feedback Issue
I am using two iPhones: one as the baby unit and one as the parent unit. One would think that it would only use the microphone from the baby unit to send to the speaker of the parent unit. However it uses the microphone to pick up sounds from the parent unit and loops it back to the speaker which causes terrible feedback issue. I have my phones separated very far so it’s not an issue of feedback by having the two units too close to each other. I am not using the talk back feature. Simply when I connect to the baby unit, I can hear myself in the parent unit and have to turn the volume all the way down to avoid hearing any feedback... what’s the point then if I cannot hear my child? This seems to be a simple programming problem yet a critical issue. I am using iPhone 7 as the parent unit and an older iPhone 5s as my baby unit. Mind you this issue is also intermittent. On some days, it works perfectly. On other days it causes this feedback issue which renders it useless.
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1 year ago, Aukaiz_Candy
Had this app for 7 years now!
I almost never write reviews, but i had to write one for this app. It has NEVER disappointed me. I live in a 2 story home and never felt good about leaving my then baby and being able to see her & check in on her while she’s asleep while I’m doing mommy duties around my home and yard. All i had to do was look at my phone & there she was! U don’t NEED to be connected to the same WiFi or just WiFi either! I was able to connect to the “baby monitor” from ANYWHERE! Now i use it for my new litter of pups🐶😍. Thank you so much for a wonderful flawless app! It’s much cheaper then having to buy a whole new baby cam when almost every person owns tablets/phones. Use what u already have!
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7 years ago, Daemonsy
Cheaper than a Starbucks coffee, performs better than $200 crap
I was on the hunt for a baby monitor found two main categories. On one end, the classic type comes with a monitor unit and a camera, or you can get repurpose a modern security camera like nest cam. In my own experience, they are all crappy due to bad software. This app is perfect, where it's a simple app that allows one iOS app to serve as a child unit and others as parent units. All the features work as advertised and video connection always worked for me. Leaving the Recommend leaving a device as the child unit all the time to really enjoy the benefits. I repurposed an old iPhone 4S mounted on the top of the crib, everytime anyone wants to watch, just fire up the app as the parent unit.
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7 years ago, stihlrunning
The only baby monitor you will need!
I've been using this app as our only baby monitor for the past three years. I originally got the app to use while I decided on what traditional monitor I wanted. I never bought a traditional monitor. This app does it all. I have used it during the day and at night. It's always worked perfectly! My twins are now three so I don't need it nightly, but I still use it when I'm running on the treadmill. Love it! So quick and convenient. I can see and hear everything that's going on. If someone even tries to do something "no-no" I can talk to them without even having to stop running. Don't waste your money on super expensive monitors or any other app, this one is the hands down, absolute BEST app/monitor you can get!
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8 years ago, Purplegrass
Great Way to Recycle Old iPhones
I love this app! It gave me a great way to recycle my old iPhones. We use them as baby units, parent unit is my iPhone or my wife's. They work much better than the baby monitors we purchased for $200. We've also used them when we all travel, which I love. It is much easier to pack my 2 old iPhones that it is the clunky baby monitors (we've done it both ways). Since the update to iOS 10, we've had less static type noise (e.g. cars going by outside our kids bedroom) and more clarity. Sometimes I have to turn the volume down a little because it does pick up every little noise. Overall though I love it. Great app. Been using for the past 1 1/2 yrs.
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7 years ago, plumjm
Highly Recommend!!!
I tried multiple other free video monitors and even considered purchasing home security hardware before I found this application. I have twins and needed something reliable, something that supported multiple inputs (child units), and something I could check while I'm at work (I miss them during the day :) ). This has it all, I've had zero issues with this product and the twins are already a year old! I am extremely satisfied and strongly urge everyone looking for remote video applications to forget everything else except this one. Works flawlessly with my iOS, Apple watchOS, Apple TVOS. All integrated and perfect. My wife has the application and loves it too!
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4 years ago, Anitandian
The best there is
I don’t know why anyone would waste hundreds of dollars on fancy baby monitors when there’s this option. First, it’s on my phones. Which already go everywhere with us. When we travel it’s simple to remember to pack this monitor. Second, I turn it on when I go out with the hubs to even keep an eye on the baby and babysitter. Third, it works from virtually anywhere as long as I am connected to WiFi And now they’re offering new options like logging certain moments. I haven’t looked into that so much, but I have to assume it would be a great tool to log sleep/waking periods for a small baby. Or feeding times etc. I have been using this app for a little over 5 years now and I have never had any major issues (a few hiccups when one device disconnects from WiFi, but that isn’t the app, it was my device) and it’s always worked beautifully. I first came about as a beta tester and I don’t remember how much I paid for the app (less than $5 for sure!) but it’s worth far more!! I can’t say enough good about it.
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5 years ago, carnes99
Best money spent!
We love this app! I didn’t want to spend $200+ for the baby monitor that I thought would work for us. Thought I’d give this app a try and couldn’t be happier! I tell every parent that is interested in a monitor about this app. We have old iPhone around the house that we use as the child unit connected to our WiFi. You can also use a tablet. The only thing you have to do is prop up the phone or tablet to face the baby. The new update is great! I wish some of these features had been added sooner, but better late than ever! I even use this app to monitor our house while we’re away. You’ll find many uses for this app. 👍🏻
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5 years ago, Kdubbbbzzzz
Better than my Owlet Cam
Seriously using this app has been a far better experience and has more seamless functionality than my $150 Owlet cam. I’ve never had issues with this app on WiFi connection through my 2000ft 2-story home. I use the 2-way monitor with an older model iPad and my iPhone XS. Audio and video feed is clear and real time; owlet feeds lag horribly and it cuts out. Also, if you have an old iPhone you can but a swivel hold and place the baby unit anywhere baby decides to get comfy, other monitors tend to be in a fixed location. TL;DR Just spend the 2.99 and try it out. Might be better than an expensive option.
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7 years ago, Joanna9101
What a great app!
Now this is my very first app after using a iPhone for 7 years.. it should tell you just how much I appreciate this app. This app has all the functions you want out of a baby monitor and more. You can use multiple devices to monitor your baby, anywhere you want. Works great for a nanny cam too. This app is easy to use, way better than all the other tools out there. I have a foscam IP camera and was so frustrated that it wouldn't work on my os device. Luckily I decided to look on App Store to see if there are alternatives out there and I found this one! Man what a great app! Please keep up with the good work!
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6 years ago, trippnwo
Excellent app! Must own
We had an expensive VTech monitor that stopped charging one night so in a panic I googled baby monitor apps and came across this. I had a couple old iPhones laying around so I said this sounds perfect. Installed it and had a two way baby monitor up and running in less than 5 minutes. Great picture. Very sensitive motion / sound sensors depending on the settings you use. Easy to travel with and I love the fact that I can check the monitor from anywhere in the world. I highly recommend this app. It’s been a life saver. Wish I knew about it before registering for the expensive VTech unit.
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5 years ago, Bbopplayer
Great, a few bugs
This baby monitor app is comparable to a lot of other monitors that cost much, much more. That in itself makes it pretty awesome. It’s ability to alert you wherever makes it incredibly useful when traveling. However, with the most recent update, my spouse and I have noticed that if you are using the app to make white noise, the alerts do not work unless your kid is absolutely screaming over the noise. I’d guess that the phone is compensating for the noise it’s producing by ignoring certain sound levels. We didn’t have an issue with this before, but rather it’s something new we recently noticed. Hope they’re able to fix!
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4 years ago, ThisOneNotYetTaken
Latest update is awful!
We were super happy with this app until the last update. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have the baby device brighten the screen when the parent pushes the mic and speaks on theirs? The kid is trying to fall asleep, asks a parent a question and when the latter speaks the entire room lights up waking up the kid even more. Yes I know we can completely turn off the child’s device screen but then we use the brightness of that device’s screen to keep a dim light on and can turn it up remotely if the kid needs to use the bathroom. Remove or let people disable that dumb feature please!
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6 years ago, Tmanna
Best app on my phone!
As a Grandmother who watches a 3 year old and 10 month old full time, I don’t know how I would manage without this! I use it to watch my grandson nap, but I also use it to watch my granddaughter while I put him down for his nap! I usually let her watch some tv while I take him upstairs, and it gives me peace of mind to be able to see what she’s doing while I’m feeding the baby and getting him to fall asleep. I’ve never had an issue with it, and love that I can use it on any device! I switch between my MacBook, iPhone, iPad and an old iPhone, and the picture is always great! Love love love this!!!
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5 years ago, Huntsville Teacher
Great app, multiple uses!
We downloaded this app four years ago when we were at a hotel and I wanted to keep an eye on the sleeping baby. It was fantastic then, and now with all the updates and new features it’s nothing short of amazing and useful. Use it as a baby monitor, pet monitor, walkie talkie, really anything you need. I love that it works through a multitude of settings. I love that it has a nightlight. I love that I can turn video on and off. It’s really great. You don’t need to waste your money on the store bought monitors. Most people have an old phone or iPad sitting around. Put it to use!
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12 months ago, Flower Lady 55
The best baby monitor out there. I've had mine for almost 8 years now. Using it on my second grandchild. Works great with IPad as the baby monitor and my iPhone as the receiver. Even works in my backyard! Great for us baby boomers who have trouble with technologies. No trouble setting this one up. They walk you through all the quick steps, and your ready to go. You can listen in on your baby AND even talk back to them. This app is GREAT! And you can't go's FREE!! You will not be disappointed. Absolutely no issues what so ever! You will 💗Love it!!
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7 years ago, BT ya iPhone kid
Best baby monitoring system if you have multiple Apple devices
Had this app for a while and has never let me down using my wifi. Worked perfect when my daughter was an infant, perfect audio/video capabilities. You can even communicate both ways!! Just awesome!! You can even use for those "other" random occasions like for me now,I'm currently in a very bad wind storm so I popped open the app so I could use my old iPhone 5 to see out the front window just to monitor things, instead having to repeatedly get out of bed to go check things out. Can't go wrong with this app!!
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3 years ago, AshAnKir
Awesome App, Awesome Support
Really wanted this for when I travel so I am not tied to a specific range and can always keep an eye on my little one. I was having a hard time getting it to work with my Apple watch as one of the devices and emailed support…within a few HOURS (Yes- hours not days, can you believe it) I received a response and was able to resolve my issue and get this app working perfectly. Do not hesitate - download this now. It is so worth it over spending hundreds on a monitor! Just use the devices you already have!
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3 years ago, BillandFamily
Fantastic App for remote monitoring of anything?B
We bought this app about six years ago for our little one, and it has been fantastic. As our child grows up, what we need to monitor continues to change. This app was simply a baby monitor app, but we have now used it a security camera too on a couple of old devices. We love the image and sound quality as well as the reliable alerts. The fact that one app - with one purchase- runs on so many devices including an Apple TV app, it’s like a Swiss Army knife for us. Martin is amazingly responsive to emails, too. Thank you Martin!
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5 years ago, AikenRay
Parent monitor
I’m the caregiver for my over 90 year old parents who can’t be left on their own. They especially need assistance getting out of their beds during the night. I installed Cloud Baby Monitor on an old iPad and old iPhone in their rooms. I use Cloud Baby Monitor on my iPhone and Apple Watch to stay aware when either of them needs to get up. I can now be in another part of the house assured I won’t miss their signal that they need assistance. Keeping up with them is like having 2 toddlers in the house times 3!
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5 years ago, SpecialKayy.7
First time mom
As a first time. Leaving my baby alone for even a second freaks me out. My daughter is 6 weeks old and super active meaning. She moves around from one side of the bed to the other. This app has helped me out so much to be able to keep my eye on her and hear her wether I’m cleaning bottles or cleaning in general. I’ve had a for about a week now. And I love it so far. And I now have a reason to use my iPad more then I have sense I got it. I hardly ever take the time to right reviews and for this i had to. Best $3.99 I’ve spent so far on a app. Hope it continues to be awesome ! Thank you !
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5 years ago, jdouylliez
We have loved this app. We happened to have an old phone, so this was an extremely affordable option for us and works just as well/better than our friends’ very expensive monitors. The only slight issue we had was that the white noise would randomly cut out, which did sometimes wake our baby (a big problem for new parents, lol!) This was an easy fix with the purchase of a separate, inexpensive white noise machine. Would definitely recommend, especially if you already have an extra device to run the app on!
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7 years ago, ThatGuy32
Best video monitor app++ out there
My wife and I have turned all our old iPhones and iPads into portable baby monitors! Video clarity is great and the app has a bunch of very functional benefits. Great thing is we can take our monitors wherever we go and view the child unit wherever we go. If you travel, this is a must have. I can also turn the child monitor into the parent and vice versa. Don't be tethered to old technology. Highly recommend over spending $100's of dollars on monitors and video equipment. Get the value out of your iPhones and iPads you have already purchased.
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3 years ago, pmarreck
Our little dude is currently 5 months old (TODAY!!) and this app has been a HUGE help the last few months (assuming you have a couple old iphones available, which we did) in alleviating anxiety around the kid’s sleep. I’m a dev and I know how hard it is to make something like this work well. All the thoughtful little features like the alarm when the signal drops, the music, noise generator, nightlight etc. are all super helpful. Have recommended it to others and will continue to do so. Any way I can tip you??
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3 years ago, metalpose...
Love the app
We purchased a used SE IPhone for $100. We didn’t want to spend too much but have a good camera. So far everything has been great for just a few times when we couldn’t log in outside our network connection but for some reason we haven’t had much or any issues since. We love the Apple TV app as well. It’s perfect for doing house chores and working while we watch our baby sleep on the big screen. The question is have is, would you be looking to add or PC and Roku support?
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4 years ago, The1TruePax
My Daughter Was Raised On This App!
Downloaded it when we came home from the hospital and now she’s about to turn five. Arguably my favorite iPad/iOS app of all time. Purchasing gave me freedom. From dedicated hardware. From proprietary chargers. From more STUFF. And connected us without friction to our little one as she’s grown. We still use it, too. The developer strikes a nice balance in supporting older devices so an old device that isn’t used for much else can still be a great monitor. Kudos. They also make compatible tvOS (Apple TV) and macOS versions of the app. We have used them all!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Rayg05
Amazing! Only one feature request! Incredible app.
This app is incredible. It's so convenient. The way it reconnects and sets the volume back to where it was after you watch a video or something else in another app is my favorite feature. It's a very polished app. Highly recommended. Only feature I request is a way to remotely turn the child unit off so that it can go ahead and stop everything and auto lock again instead of having to go directly to the child unit to stop it. I tend to forget to do that sometimes.
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2 years ago, Peanut20092013
There really is an app for everything!
We discovered this app when my youngest was 2-3 months old just over 8 years ago. I couldn’t afford a high quality video monitor with half these features, but we had an iPad and my iPhone. I never looked back! I have since used this with my youngest, my one niece and 5 nephews and even littles Ive nannied or babysat! I do recommend this to any and every person who ever asks about baby monitors and I WILL continue to recommend! Worth every single penny!
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5 years ago, Rhemerick
It was good, but suddenly no longer works!!!
We have used this baby monitor app for over 1 year, and it has had very few issues until this week. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden it is now not connecting the baby unit (iPad) & the parent unit (iPhone) together in order to monitor the babies. The baby unit still plays the music that I have chosen, but even though the parent unit is "connected" to the baby unit, there is no sound, the picture freezes, & the parent unit has to be connected again, or it just turns black so I can’t see the babies at all. I really need to see them in order to be sure that they aren’t climbing out of their cribs. This app was great, but in its current state, it’s now worthless. I will be looking for another baby monitor app.
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7 years ago, Xaviergrad
Most used app in our house
This app is so inexpensive and so easy to use to monitor a baby (we have been using it for our 2 y old for 2 years) or anything else. I love that you already have your phone on you so there isn’t another receiver to have / charge like with a separate video monitor. And then me, my husband and Nanny are all logged into the same child receiver so we can all see the baby from our own phones. I can even see him napping while I am at work! Couldn’t recommend this more. Easy to set up and use n
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