Cloud Music Offline Downloader

4.3 (36.1K)
79.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Loi Nguyen Van
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cloud Music Offline Downloader

4.29 out of 5
36.1K Ratings
2 years ago, StarlightWithers
Really good but….
I love this app, it’s really handy when I wanna listen to music but don’t have internet. I’m not that bothered by the ads and everything usually runs smoothly. I say usually because I’ve been having a problem that I haven’t seen anyone else having, some songs just won’t download, there won’t even be a notification on the library tab it just won’t download. For some reason it’s only a certain song and a certain music creator, but other than that every other song downloads fine. The song that I have the most trouble downloading is a song called “Reincarnation apple” by Pinocchiop, no matter what version or cover of the song I try to download nothing works. And the creator who doesn’t work is a cover artist/YouTuber named “Trickle” a lot of his covers won’t download but it’s not as bad as “Reincarnation apple”.
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1 year ago, Matthew Sploded
Used to be better
I’ve used this app for some time now, and I’m glad to have it as other music apps don’t seem to offer the same offline music service. However despite its useful service the developers have been surely ignoring a ridiculous amount of blatant issues (such as some song titles crashing the app when searching for them, tracks occasionally not playing automatically, stuttering audio, undownloadable songs) while still managing to increase the rate at which ads appear as well as the different ways ads appear. I understand that it’s a free service but when I want to go back a few songs it will sometimes play an ad after skipping two songs, but it will do this endlessly. There is no apparent limit to the number of ads it will play in a short time. While the ads aren’t egregiously long and music will still play (even if you turn the screen off while one is playing), you lose the functionality of the Lock Screen player where you can scrub through the song or skip/pause until you re-open the app and close the ad. Despite these problems the app is not horrible and definitely usable but it can be frustrating and is absolutely disappointing at times. TL;DR: Lots of bugs, ads are annoying. Worth it but not by very much.
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2 years ago, Prettygoodeh??
this app rocks
I’m not really one to make reviews but I’m actually really happy with this app. One of my favorite artists completely went off the grid and took her music off of like every streaming platform. Being my favorite artist, I downloaded some of her music, but couldn’t happily play it on anything. I found this on the App Store and downloaded. I’m really happy with this app because it has an EQUALIZER built INNN. How zombies is THAT? I can turn the bass up as high as it can go! You can shuffle your silly songs, even adjust the playback on them, set a timer (i dont know what for but that’s a feature 😭😭) It may just be that I’m new to this app, but the only downside is the user interface. It’s a little confusing. I wish there was a tab for just all the songs, not all the recently added and stuff. I got the premium, which is pretty cheap for what this is. Works really well and I don’t have to worry about almost crashing the car to close out of ads 😭😭 So ya I’m just really happy that I get to listen to my fav artists music and bass boost it 😎😎 app rocks
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6 years ago, AllNamesTaken123456789876
My only gripe is that the full-screen ads that you have to close out of periodically will keep you from being able to use headphone or lock screen audio controls (play/pause/next song etc) until you open the app up again and close the ad. I don’t understand why there isn’t a paid version that’s ad free. I would pay good money for a functional ad free music player app. FYI: For anyone looking to play mp3s stored in your phone or iCloud files, there is a way though it’s hard to figure out on your own. Open your file manager app, go to the song you want to put in this app, click the share button, and find this app’s icon in the share menu. This will import the MP3 file to this app, where they can auto play or be added to playlists.
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2 years ago, vampirekittay
I love this app but have an issue, please help.
I have had some searches go back andforth on whether or not the same search yields resultsin the past. I uninstalled and re downloaded the app cause I had needed the space in my phone and cleared it back up because I like this app. But this time no searches have results. It says the same thing every time: ret something else or log in for more results. I don’t have an account and never have so I’m not sure how to log into my icloud storage like it’s saying to do because I have never needed to do so and don’t know where it’s located.. is that a phone thing I’m needing to log into or specifically linked to the app? I know what iCloud is but I’m already logged into my iCloud account.
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4 years ago, noteworthy_effort
No songs available..?
Hi! I have a problem with this app, which I wish I could resolve seeing as it’s my go to offline player. I’ve looked in the App Store reviews, online and in the tips section to see if I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t find anything. Essentially, sometimes I’ll try and download a song from search. My WiFi will be secure, and the auto fill works. But when I hit enter, it says there’s no result for the song, even on songs that I’ve already downloaded on this app. It happens every so often and then it’s back to normal, but it is very inconvenient seeing as the URL search doesn’t work for me either. I just thought you might want to look into it. Thank you!
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3 years ago, hfjdjkdbdjdbd
This app is my favorite
I can’t afford to buy apps that play music offline and also let me leave the app and go on insta gram while still listening for free.. although it takes a lot of steps to get my music after a while it becomes habit... and I’m able to get my music faster I absolutely love this app and I really recommend if you also can’t afford or just don’t want to pay for a service you could get for free with just a little detour... I love this app. I accidentally deleted it and then I couldn’t find it but o found it again today and I love that I no longer have to continue a long search i worthless useless apps :) thanks to whoever made this app
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6 years ago, dagiffy629
Good player
All in all it’s excellent. Sometimes you have to tell it to download a song more than once, because it will tell you it has downloaded everything you asked but some songs won’t show up. But for the most part it does everything well. You can upload songs to the phone using the app from a variety of places including Google Drive and Dropbox or even from your own desktop. As far as playback goes it’s excellent and flawless so far. I just wish there was a way to buy the app so that the commercials would stop when I’m trying to upload the songs. They do not seem to show up during playback, though!
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3 years ago, Frasergirl 69
The Best Free Cloud Music App, fr, fr!!!
I love this app! I can download any song I want, at anytime, and have the bombass playlist ever!!! There are some ads after every other song but, you can exit all ads after only 5 seconds!!!! I use this app over all the big name brands that charge for everything you do, especially like downloading music!!! ANYWAYS, GREAT, DEPENDABLE, FUN, FREE APP! There’s really nothing the Premium does that I can’t live without!!! L o l One thing I just noticed the app not letting you use on the FREE VERSION is the EQUALIZER?! I’ve always been able to adjust the preset equalizer settings, but now you push the equalizer sign below the name of song, and it immediately kicks me off the app totally!?!?! Is that something you guys have changed or is there maybe a glitch in my app? Please reply back about the equalizer problem! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!!!
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1 year ago, shannontheQueenB
At first when I came across this music app, I was very skeptical in regards to it holding up to what the description on its performance as a music app that is FREE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR PREFERENCE OF WHATEVER MUSIC SUITS YOUR MOOD OR YOUR SOUL! This app is easy to navigate and is even easier to understand! When it comes to anything electronic I’m not TECH SAVVY. The thing about this music app is you don’t need to be bill gates to use this AWESOME MUSIC APP FREE OF CHARGE! This is my GO TO MUSIC APP FROM HERE ON OUT! Thank u to the developers for giving us the stress free music app. #thismusicappisthemusicappthatfitsm #hasslefreeeasytousethisappusmygoto. #thisismygotoITSANOBRAINER. #youjustgottotrythisappforyourselfdownloadnow
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2 years ago, katies-reborn-nursery
Love it but those ads
I wish this app didn’t have those ads that play while music is being played But other than that I love this app for my iPhone cause it’s free and I don’t have to pay for music just so I can Listen to it. All I have to do is download through Dropbox. But yeah I don’t like those video ads that pop up while I’m trying to listen to music. Edit: I’m disappointed that I can’t seem to download any songs through the app anymore it says they aren’t found but I downloaded them before but it won’t let me anymore I tried reinstalling the app yet no fix so can you guys fix this problem please!!!
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2 years ago, Bdjsioqopw
Weird sorting
I like this app. And if you want add free it’s literally super cheap for a yearly subscription. So the ppl complaining about the ads should honestly just pay the yearly $5.99. It’s really not expensive. The one issue I have is the way it sorts my music. I put it to sort by title and the way it sorts numbers makes no sense. It’ll have any number with 1 in front first. That just disorganizes my music. Why would the ascending numbers be 1,10,100,101 etc. that makes no sense. It should be 1,2,3,4 etc. If they fix this I will change my review to 5 stars. I hope they fix it
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2 years ago, unicornloverfart
Best app ever,it’s way to underrated
This is the best app ever🤩I love it a lot and I tell my friends about it all the time, kind of a suggestion,when you make playlists like let’s say you make one for when your sad,there should be a option so that you can remove that song from all your songs and move it to that one playlist and if you wanna add it back Make a option for that,other than that it’s a amazing app,I wish we could connect it to like Alexa or something cause that would be nice
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2 years ago, AudraBlair84
One problem
I love this app. It’s an easy way to download music for later offline listening, and I use it frequently. More recently, however, I’ve noticed that downloads won’t go through, or the app completely crashes just as a download is completing, and hence doesn’t finalize. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that would help, but with no such luck. If you could fix this one issue, it would better my personal experience with the app, and the experience of others who may be experiencing this issue.
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1 month ago, yourlifeisending
A few problems but otherwise a good app.
The App it’s self if pretty good but there is a few things that need to be done. First thing is when you download music sometimes it doesn’t download, also i think you should make it where we can test the music out before we download it so to make sure it’s the best sounding one, also when you search up one of your own songs in your playlist and play that song you should be able to put it back on randomly instead of repeating the same song.
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6 months ago, meh153935936393639
Awesome app :0
I don’t really write reviews due to it being a waste of time but I figured hey why not write a review about it? I love the new features they added where you can change the artwork and the playlist cover. Also I love how I can listen to it offline and I can download music to listen offline without having to hassle about my storage. Anyways I just wanted to write this so because this app is good to use I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t have Wi-Fi to listen to music.
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1 year ago, Killer5467
I think the app is good, but the only problem is sometimes when you try to download more songs it automatically leaves the app completely. And you aren’t able to download that song. I’ve tried with many many different songs to see if it was one song but it was with everything. Not sure how to fix it but hopefully I can get feedback about it. I really like this app because I can listen to my music offline without any sort of internet or wifi. So I do recommend this app.
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1 year ago, zxv572
Ive seen that all the other apps make you pay or have a subscription to be able to download songs but this one doesn’t!!! Not only does it let you download music, but videos too! Unfortunately you cant see the video playing but you can here it nice and clear! Its an amazing app besides that there is a few adds that pop up every little while its a incredible app and i am very happy that i found this( especially for the plane)!!! Thank you guyss! 😊😄😀
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1 year ago, Someone.Hi
This app is great so fix it
I’ve been using this app for more than a year with no issue but today I tried downloading a song to add to my playlist but it would not come up and then I tested this out with other songs I had already downloaded and nothing would pop up or kept loading or it would kick me out and if something did show up it would show like 10 songs with the same one word. I really hope y’all fix this because I actually really like this app.
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6 years ago, Need Answers Please
Say music is downloaded, but not!
I downloaded the app, even tho I was hesitant. I do not trust certain apps because they explore all through your phone. Any who, I downloaded the app, hooked it up to my Account and was happy because all my music popped up. So I chose each song I wanted to be downloaded. So It was a total of 7 songs, the downloaded said all 7 songs was downloaded. I went over to my Library and there was nothing there. I did it 3x each time I did it the number 7 would pop as a notification on my playlist tab. So every time I clicked on it the songs was just a not there. So I am deleting, idk if you are stealing people’s information or what but from the reviews, a lot of people had this issue or having this issue.
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2 years ago, jodie and rocko
Needs an update
I’ve had this app for about a year and didn’t have problems until the recent IOS update. The player doesn’t want to show up on my homepage anymore and it won’t play if I turn my phone off or go into another app. It would let me before the update though. Also, some song just won’t download. One of the songs I have trouble with is Blood//Water by Grandson. None of the versions will download. But overall a 4 out of 5. If a future update fixes these then it’s a 5 out of 5!
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4 months ago, nxtxl1x
pls fix this 😢
everything is good with this app but now recently everytime i download a song, it downloads fine and everything but once its downloaded the music doesnt even play? theres no sound 😭 i dont want to delete this app i already have downloaded so many songs and made my playlists, I probably have more than 200 songs so please help fix this 🙏 its not just one song that doesnt have sound every song ive downloaded recently doesnt have any sound
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3 years ago, D2B_Err0r
The Best Music App
I have a list of reasons why I really love this app. 1. It’s free, and you don’t have to pay some stupid Spotify-like subscription just to listen to songs. 2. It’s an offline music player, which means even my cousins iPad can play music in the middle of nowhere, even without signal or wifi! 3. There is also an equalizer, so that any bad quality song can be adjusted to have better audio quality. Nice job on that one creators! Although there is one downside though. Sometimes, I go to download a song, but it refuses to download, and I have to download a different video. (this is me speaking before an update, so hopefully the creators must’ve patched that little glitch) I really don’t care about the ads, but otherwise, this is by far my most favorite music app. Thank you guys so much!
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1 year ago, graffking101
Won’t download
I love this app been using for almost two years now and never had any problems but now it won’t let me download or even when I look up songs it just automatically exits out of the app and when I keep trying it keeps exiting out on me so is there anyway I can fix this I tried shutting my phone down but nothing happens and I downloaded at least 600 songs so i don’t know what’s going on please help me
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4 years ago, -//bhr*~*
Two issues?
Thanks for such a nice app. There are two things to mention though. First of all you know that many fullscreen ads can be so annoying. I wish you could just decrease the number of ads. Secondly, copying files from everywhere is a really good point which has been considered. As a personal idea, I would like to share or extract files from this app to another device or other spaces by different ways such as iTunes. It would be so nice if you could add this capability.
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4 years ago, abby_young/
Shuffle + Playing Songs
I loved this app until the most recent update. When you click on a song you want to hear, the Up Next section only shows songs that are by artists that start with the same letter as the song you clicked on. When you hit shuffle, it only shuffles songs that are by artists starting with the same letter too. It's super annoying and has ruined my music experience. Please fix this!!!!! When I shuffle, I want ALL my songs to be included, not just a weird select few whose artists both happen to start with the same letter!!!!!!!
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1 month ago, T4447
pretty good app
I’ve been using this app for two years and a half,you only need internet to download the songs you want and that’s about it,it’s a good app and I’ve had no problems with it except downloading some songs i had a bit of a problem to download,just simply download another version because sometimes it doesn’t load But it’s a pretty good app overall!!
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9 months ago, MsFrizzle7
Perfect solution
I couldn’t find anything to play my files (sermons) that I download. This app solved that problem and I’m so thankful. It is a great music player; you can import files from OneDrive, Dropbox, your phone files, computer… Also, you can use the search feature to find and download songs for free. You can’t find everything but you can find some good songs. Love this app!!!
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4 years ago, SammyTheSecret🌄🌃🌄
Hi! I use this app to listen to music a lot and I love it! I have some suggestions if you don’t mind listening to. One, I think that you should be able to add pictures to songs and playlists. This would be a cool and great feature! Two, when I click on an add saying it’ll remove adds it doesn’t work. It keeps the adds on so please fix this! Lastly, I think there should be a artists section where it has all the songs in a list with the artist. Thank you :)
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4 years ago, DontCare50324
So I generally like this app, I import music from my files and add it to playlists on here . It’s great to use offline, but online, there is too many ads. Like not the usual pop up at the bottom of your screen or on the side. Like actually ads you have to watch for a couple seconds. And it happens about every 30 seconds. And it overrides your music, no one wants that, please just stick to click-on adds. Other than that good app!
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2 years ago, rajkan123
Need fixing those bugs ⤵️
* Playing song (I need to press 2 times “Play” button to play song. * When song ends another one won’t start automatically, there are few outcomes, one will wait for cca 10 seconds to switch to another song because of “Fail to play song” and it’s all okay, if I want to play that song I need to click “previous song” button. Another one is when song ends it just won’t play next song (and it’s most common). Then also I need to click 2 times to play next song. * When offline, most of the times it shows me subscribe options, but I’m ALLREADY PAYING YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION. * And I would love if entering app shows you all songs that you added in library, (sorted by date of adding (or option to make it like that) ) Not showing you other options and stuff, it’s annoying. Please fix those bugs it’s annoying really really..
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5 years ago, ChloKitten😘🙂
Kind of Upset😠
Well I read some reviews and expected this to be a really great app and I was exited to use it. However, when I downloaded my first song “shadow hunters- play with fire” there was an add which I was ok with, but then there was tons of backround noises. I barley heard the song! So I thought it might have been nothing at I went to download “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” and at first there was a little backround noise, but then it stopped so I figured that “play with fire” just had an issue or something. But throughout the song there’s still backround noises that don’t connect to the song what so ever. So I’m a little upset becuase I got so exited for this, just to find out it kind of sucked☹️.
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5 years ago, wavyshun
At first it was alright but the ads were ANNOYING, and then when I go to a different app and swipe up to pause when I try to un pause it won’t play I have to go to the app again and that’s ANNOYING, and when you updated the app a few days ago now it won’t let me download a song telling me “NO RESULTS” and that was ANNOYING, so I tried to use the link thing and it won’t download the songs from the links. I would delete this app but I’ve downloaded over 900 songs so hurry up and FIXED this!!!
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5 years ago, LexLuther108
Only one problem so far.
I would give it five, if not for one thing. When I’m adding multiple songs into a playlist, my finger will slide a bit, making the page go to the side, therefore making it to where I have to start all over again. Can u at least make it to where it doesn’t go off until u hit the back button? I’ve seriously almost thrown my phone because I got about 50 in before that hapened.
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2 years ago, InvertedWeewee
Great app! However..
I love this app and it helps me get through Mt day when I wanna listen to music. However, a minor bug I've found is that I can't look up songs anymore. Whenever I try to now, it says it could not be found on clouds, when when I know it can be found. I've tried to even look up songs I already have, and it says the same thing. I'd love it if this was fixed.
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3 years ago, qertgddh HSJS overbooked
really great app! just one thing
i love this app been using it for over a year, just there is a lot ads and i love that there is a option to pay for no ads. just please chill with the adds you can only do about 2 things before an ad, also the ads with audio play over the music and it can be quite annoying. but overall really great app you can download what ever you want, and listen to it when you don’t have wifi. anyone reading this thinking about downloading, please do i have looked at other music apps and they either need wifi or money so if your looking for a app that works with no wifi you don’t need to pay for and plays in the background this one will be the best!
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5 years ago, ihavenomeaning
This app is very useful. You can listen to your music offline, and it’s for free! All you have to do is download the music, which only takes 3 minutes. The only thing that I recommend for the app developers to add is the implementation of lyrics. It doesn’t have to be synced to the song, but having the lyrics showing on the screen would be nice. Edit: For some reason, when I close my phone or exit the app, the music stops.
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3 years ago, (NATALIE<33)
I love this app so much
I don’t want to pay for Apple Music so I downloaded this. At first it was hard to figure out but then once I got used to it, it was amazing! A plus side of it is that you don’t have to pay for premium to make it work and you never tun out of space. I have 200+ songs. Also the fact that it works offline is amazing. Lovey XOXO💋
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6 years ago, Savannah Arms
Okay, so..
Before the major update, the app worked perfectly for me. I could download all the music from my drive that I want, listen to it whenever, and change the shuffle, next song, etc. Currently, I can’t download any new music, because it doesn’t even show up in my drive connected to the app. Not only that, but I can’t press any of the shuffle/prev. song/next song/etc. buttons. I really love this app, it’s the best of its kind I’ve seen, but these issues really need to be fixed.
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1 year ago, Lamma2005
So Good
I have been searching for an amazing offline music app, and i was getting really discouraged. So, when I found this app I was really exited! It works so amazingly without wifi! Thats the most amazing thing. You do have to have internet (im pretty sure) to download them, but then you can have no iternet and listen for the rest of your life.
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1 year ago, bruhhhhsjekndjeownd
So it is actually good
Ok so i use this app when im in school and it’s actually really great 💪💪 i use this when in the car or in a plane and it works for me but idk if it works for other people.. but something i do complain is that sometimes the search bar glitches out for a month or a couple and i wanna download songs rn but i cant so yeah 🤷
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1 year ago, um negative
Absolutely love this app, i even purchased the premium. But now i Currently can not download anymore music. Its telling me to try again later or login to my cloud storage account but i dont have that. Just started doing this today. Hopefully theres a way to fix it because i use it daily. Can there be something done?
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3 years ago, I like what I likes
App needs improvement
The app needs some improvement. I give it 1 star because of these 4 experiences I’ve had so far. 1) When uploading files from Dropbox the app doesn’t keep the name of the file. Because of this it’s causing files to upload into the app in the wrong order intended. 2) The app needs to have a link to instructions. It took awhile for me to figure out that the only way way to add multiple files to a playlist is when you click the “All Songs” edit button. 3) Although the playlists have an edit button it’d be a great feature to have a sort button as an option; e.g. alphabetical, newest to oldest, oldest to newest etc… 4) When I wrote to the app developer via the feedback link within the app I received a could not deliver message because their inbox was too full. Then I wrote to them via my FB messenger. Haven’t received a response yet.
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5 years ago, SlimeSt3ak
Good app but has some flaws that should be fixed
This app is really useful for listening to music in airplane mode, but there are some faults that if fixed would make this music app perfect. 1) When scrolling up or down a playlist, slightly sliding to the left or right will reset the page. This is very annoying when trying to look through a playlist. 2) This problem has only been affecting the app recently and has been awful, but whenever I try to add a song, the song is slightly sped up until you manually reverse the song. This is very annoying and I wish it could be fixed quickly. 3) minor gripe, but whenever you shuffle a playlist, you have to unshuffle and reshuffle for it to work. If these problems can be fixed, the app would be even better. Thanks
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1 year ago, um1046
Little issue I’ve noticed
So I have had great experience with this app, plays music offline and is easy to use. But here recently I’ll type in a song I’ll use poker face by lady Gaga. Well I type it in the results just say “poker” doesn’t say who it’s by at all. Well I try to download it and it instantly says this content is not supported. No matter what song I type in, it does that. Idk what to do
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2 years ago, Zach Dycus
My Review
I love this app so much because it is offline, you can create different albums for your music playlist and it’s very easy to download any songs that you like to listen to on this app. When I was trying to download other music apps some of them were kinda difficult to download songs but this one is really good I 100% recommended this app so much! Thank you.
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1 year ago, Iceblue39@
Looks good
I have search the new songs from Spanish to country songs and I absolutely loved it .. TO THE NEW SONGS TO OLD SONGS .. I don’t have any issues yet and what I like the most it has bass controls .. it does has add but not to the point that you have to wait and look for a song and wait again until the ad is over NO IT DOES NOT DO THIS … great app for FREE MUSIC
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2 years ago, jeon_eusha
App prblm
I love this app and i am using it almost a year but recently i am disappointed with this app. I can’t download any recent music in this app i also tried to redownload this app but nothing is working this app is awesome but the recent prblm which i am having in this app is making me frustrated this app is amazing but plss try to take care of this prblm
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3 years ago, Sizzle_C
This is a good app but…
For some reason the equalizer doesn’t work and it kicks me out of the app. Whenever I try to download some songs it’ll show me that it’s downloading for a few seconds but then it just stops. I don’t know if it’s just me that’s having these issues but please fix it. That’s it for the problems I have but I do have a suggestion, can you guys add a feature to add our own pictures for album covers and stuff?
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1 year ago, hejeheoskwndncjcndbsjd
Still giving some ads with premium
Come on, if I’m going to pay for premium I shouldn’t get ads. I got one of the dumb ones too where you have to press on it and go to the app store for it to go away. The premium says it removes ads. I’m paying premium right now and still getting a couple ads. Make premium remove ALL ads, not just the ones played during music playback and when you download a song
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