Cloud Softphone

3.3 (40)
145.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alien Licensing GmbH
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cloud Softphone

3.33 out of 5
40 Ratings
7 years ago, onlybrybry
Please change font color
Why did you change the font color to black? Can't see the number now when using keypad. Please change it back to white.
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8 months ago, Kofi Nti Ofori
Delayed hearing
I subscribe to Softphone in Ghana being operated by MTN. When I call and the recipient answers there is a time lag or delay for the recipient to hear. However when the recipient speaks I hear it instantly. This delay issue does not make conversations flow at all. I’ve reported this to MTN but they say there is nothing wrong. Any solution pls? Otherwise it’s a wonder app
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2 years ago, (: Christa (:
Dropping Calls Like No Other
I’m not sure what it is, but now every time I am on a call, it gets dropped. It doesn’t matter if I have great phone signal or am on WiFi, calls will be dropped. It is a bit frustrating when trying to hold a business call and it drops the call 3 times in a row to where I have to use my actual cell number to call out instead of the app.
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4 years ago, Super Choop
If you have any apps running in the background when this app causes your phone to ring, they will likely crash. Setting “Do Not Disturb” apparently does not mean “Do Not Ring”. The app will still ring at least twice for every call, sometimes continuing to ring as if you never activated DND in the first place.
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7 years ago, Pianoman2ga
It’s a great app!! I use it for my business and I can’t make and receive calls even when I am not in the office!
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6 years ago, Don Fulano
Works great! It’s nice being able to receive calls on your iPad :-)
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7 years ago, Mystryda
Easy VOIP on the go
We use this with Voipo and really like it. It's a phone away from home.
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4 years ago, newbe20
LOVED this app for the 10 days I used it but it just stopped working (it closes immediately upon opening) and it is unclear how to get support from developer! Would love to have this working again!
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2 years ago, VariantFBC
No sms
Calls never comes in and phone can’t Integrate with any other software. Ugly interface and rarely works
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4 years ago, sonnymtg
Sound quality
Sound quality is not great, most of the time it echos
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4 years ago, Mansour_Saudi
Very bad app
Very slow app...also they over charged me. It is not worth a dollar.
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2 months ago, გიგო
გამართულად მუშაობს 9/10
ზოგადად გამართულად მუშაობს აპლიკაცია მაგრამ ცოტა გასაუმჯობესებელია UI და რამდენად კონფიდენციალურია არვიცით იმიტომ რომ დახურულუ კოდია. ზოგადად კარგია რომ ესეთი რამე არსებობს ქართულ ბაზარზე +
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10 years ago, Halfmoonh4
Works on Vestalink
I loaded this on my ipad, seems to work fine.... Talked to my buddy for about 10 min , good quality, no issues. Then the call dropped twice, I could not pinpoint it to the service, it could've been his cellphone The app works! The VoIP service provider and your own wifi, internet connection are the biggest variables. Check that first before blaming the app. I like how it integrates with the contact list, and you can program favorites. This is going to be great while traveling internationally. The UI could be improved, and they need an ipad version... The iPhone version works, but only in portrait mode.
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10 years ago, Johnnnnyj
Very Buggy..
This app is full of issues. Current problems I am experiencing after one day of use: 1. When a call shows up on the lock screen and you swipe to answer, the app slowly opens and you must press answer again to initiate the call. Typically the call has already gone to voicemail by the time you are finally able to press “Answer”, the call has already been dumped to voicemail. 2. Often when I am actually able to connect to an incoming caller, the app keeps ringing in my ear even after I have answered the phone. 3. Sometimes the incoming calls don’t ring at all despite the ringer being on and all notifications correctly set. 4. When I try to reconnect to a caller that got dumped to voicemail the app often hangs and eventually errors out. If I wasn’t forced by my VOIP provider into using this app I would look elsewhere. If it doesn’t get fixed soon I’ll be looking for another provider.
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8 years ago, Cooper8747
Current version useless for incoming calls
I can hear the phone ringing but there are no visual notifications, which means you have to unlock your phone, search for the app and open it up in time in order to answer the phone. I think I've successfully answer the phone in time once. Very frustrating.
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7 years ago, Riouk77
Doesn't work with T-Mobile data
Double checked with T-Mobile, no reason why it shouldn't work but it doesn't. Works fine on wifi and on colleagues phones that don't have T-Mobile. All T-Mobile users at work have the same problem. T-Mobile said app hasn't been developed to work with their network correctly.
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10 years ago, Miko Patti Anne
For the most part, the app works well. However, I would like to see an iPad optimized version, since this is the primary device I use the app on.
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11 years ago, Mani Khan
App lags a lot need to fix issues on dialing else it works great
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9 years ago, C4RLOCO
Calls cannot be answered
After the recent upgrade. Calls cannot be answered from the iOS notifications. The app opens but does not prompts to answer them
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5 years ago, disgruntled #347
The sound quality is often poor on both ends. Calls get dropped with distressing frequency. They especially get dropped when calls are coming in and I try to answer and the app says that I have answered but I am not connected to the other party.Similarly, when I dial out from the app it will keep me waiting for a minute and then fail to ring the other line.
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11 years ago, yanoper2012
Voip Máximo
Perfeito em testes realizados com 3G usando Brastel, e com LTE faço ligações nitidas para o Brasil com tarifas muito baixas. Under Cloud ID enter "brastel" and tap the sign in button.
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11 years ago, WIFI SHARE
What a joke
The app doesn't even open
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10 years ago, ikpo71
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1 year ago, ssd300
პაროლი როგორ აღვადგინო
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4 years ago, Try this after you install
New iOS update, App doesn’t work the same
After the recent iOS update (approximately on 5/14/20) by Apple the Softphone app no longer communicates with my iPhone correctly. I had this Softphone app setup with my iPhone so that when a call came through my iPhone would announce the caller’s State. For example, the Softphone would ring and my iPhone would say, “Denver, Colorado.” It did that Because I had my iPhone setup to announce calls so I know where they are coming from before I answered them. Now with the update, Apple changed the way it’s announce feature works with the Softphone app. So now when the iPhone announces the call it only says, “cloud Softphone audio.” This change by Apple really put a damper on this app. I’m really hoping the developers see this review so they can add a patch to the new iOS update so it can communicate better. If they do I will gladly change my 1 start review into a 5 start. Thank you
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6 years ago, More than bad
What’s wrong with Softphone recently?
<1/13/2019> I pre-paid for my account and then I can’t use it as it used to be. Please fix the bugs.
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