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User Reviews for CloudEdge

4.27 out of 5
17.6K Ratings
2 weeks ago, JalishaJoe
Very pleased
My doorbell camera was a gift from a previous employer(Amazon) a few years back. I tried hooking it up, when I first got it, had a little trouble and gave up. It was tossed in a storage bend and forgotten about. My kids and I moved to a new neighborhood and I needed some type of security camera to watch my kids from work, so after getting moved into our new home, I decided to break it back out and try again. As a single mother, that works night shift, I really needed that pice of mind. So I figured I should try it again before I spent money I don’t really have. I was able to get it set up without any problems. It’s our 1st day using the camera. So far, everything has been working really well. The resolution is very good, the live feed as well. The quality of the recordings are great. My kids and I tested out the volume and the doorbell…I have to say there’s not one complaint what so ever. It’s supposed to stand the rainy weather as well, so with summer showers in the forecast for tomorrow, we will get a chance to see if it actually holds up. As long as it fulfills it’s job during and after the rain, it definitely gets an A+ approval from my family! We will definitely invest in more from this particular company. Very satisfied. And I decided to do 4 stars, simply because we haven’t had a chance, just yet, to test it in wet weather, however I’m very satisfied thus far.
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4 years ago, dutch manchego
Solid Introduction Point...
I bought the associated outdoor battery camera around a year ago. Overall the main draws were it’s ability to operate sans power cord, night vision, motion alerts direct to iPhone, WiFi video transmission, ability to customize and upgrade as needed in the future, ease of moving the cameras location and mounting,How common the charging accessories are, price point, two way speaker, feature letting user watch live video through iPhone as long as desired ability to have on site storage (making cloud service options and allowing me to protect my systems privacy a small degree in that regard), battery life, etc... Concerning the app; It is functional and simple enough although clunky and occasionally prone to small bug/glitches. Overall I’ve been more satisfied than most first time buyers from what I’ve seen and this camera/app combination have allowed me a more than adequate system for around 14 months so far. All the while providing constant live camera access and way more storage than necessary. The best and most surprising aspect, at this point, is that I’ve yet to come close to $100 invested in this system after a year of use which is shocking to say the least.
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1 year ago, MBrat19
I have three cameras… all three hook up to this AP .. two are the exact same ones.. only one different.. that one of the twins works perfectly.. added the 3rd one and wow what a mess. It won’t let you watch any video from any other time of day.. always revert back to the very 1st one of the day at midnight.. try to click on one that’s like 7 hours later? Well forget that always gives the one at midnight try at 12 hours later? Nope always goes to the 1st one of the day.. now they keep telling me it’s the camera not all are compatible with the AP. Well one is different but works perfectly always had.. have it now going on 3 years.. other 2 which are the exact same camera one works perfect other let me tell you it’s been down right awful.. so I switched camera as in actually switch but not on the AP as the location… guess what.. same issue same problem. But they insist it’s the camera and can’t possibly be the AP that can’t HANDLE 3 Cameras! Other than that.. works good.. except you gotta pay.. it’s not a free AP .. also I might point out.. this AP is sent with the cameras .. instructions send you to this AP on all 3 cameras. I have deleted reinstalled you name it.. same issue with the 3rd camera. I have no idea what’s the next step, except to which apps.. would think that this AP would work with all the cameras as per the instructions in the box with the dang camera!
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3 years ago, Gidgetmu
Great peace of mind
The camera is well built, comes with everything necessary.. especially the two options of using double sided stick pad so you dont have to make holes in anything and the mounted-screw in option. I like having the choice to try out different areas of my home/property without making all the holes. Camera holds a charge great. The picture is fabulous. The features of video or still, two way talking are a huge plus. You have the option to purchase cloud storage, which I am going to. It paid for itself in one day when i had a man come to my door to which I wasn’t expecting anyone to come, came and i didnt want to answer being the only adult home with my child and the side door wasnt closed, just the screen door was and I could see him clearly and i felt uneasy to see him because I could see from the camera his stance and how he kept peering into my home thru the screen. Doesnt sound like much but it is in the moment. I am able to capture him and hold onto it in case I may need in the future. I bought two, one for the side entrance and one for the front but I am going to purchase more soon. I totally recommend this product!
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3 years ago, unbroken atom
Getting better
So I set my wife up as the primary and then had to share the app from her to me. My abilities used to be limited however and I thought well that's a bunch of crap, but then I stopped getting notifications. I updated the app and checked my phone settings before finally deleting the app and reinstalling and re-sharing which I then realized they updated the permissions. Still kinda strange because it's not like administrator and administrator but she can share and give me full permissions which helps because I'm my wife's IT guy and when we go on vacation and I need to change the settings I had to use her phone, but now it's fixed and I can use my phone. Keep up the good work. Only thing that is hard to figure out is where the field of movement is. Our special needs son will wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes it won't seem to pick up his movement other times it will after I adjust the Camara. Also I can get people walking out of my door but not coming up to my door which is strange but Im not sure if that's a hardware related or software. Overall it's way better than paying a monthly subscription.
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2 years ago, xAluhnx
CloudEdge App.
I never write reviews but decided I give it a shot when it comes to mine and others home security. - First off the CloudEdge App is simple and easy to use, it is only limited by the limitations of the security camera you purchase. It’s user friendly and would be easy for anyone that isn’t tech savvy to setup. The single MAJOR issue I have found is with the cloud based service. You have to pay for each individual camera. If you choose the monthly service and have 4 cameras it will cost you $12 total a month. $3.00x 4= $12. Cloud playback is also choppy and a tad bit laggy at times which is not the much of a hinderance but could become a issue if you needed playback for the authority’s. - TL:DR the App is simple and easy to use, make sure to pair it with a nice security camera that supports the app. Downside is the cloud service requires you to pay for each individual camera that you have installed. Based on this I give CloudEdge 4 stars.
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4 years ago, Starry Night C
The Force is Strong
CONICO’s battery powered security camera has been a relatively easy set up, high quality visual & audio input and output, highly sensitive motion detector with other levels of range solid device. We’ve only had it a half day. Not sure what nigHt range, rainy or windy days are like. But we’re impressed with the quality of imagery, sound and speed of motion detector WiFi alert. There’s 3 motion ranges. The solar panel was easy to attach and set up too. Maybe get use to fitting together before mounting. As if any challenging ladder moments happen while mounting you don’t tear off the protective rubber flap. The CloudEdge app is pretty intuitive. And wasn’t hard to set up or set up to share with another computer/iPhone device beside the main “administrator” computer/cell phone. Though We only can cmt on iPhones usage. Great to have the compact memory card option for privacy & freedom for “cloud rental”. Cloud storage is an option for those who want it. Only issue so far, is we are having a little trouble wiping out all the history in both the shared account and the main account. Might be a simple fix once we research more.
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3 years ago, GaDuffer
Fair App, but...
Ever since updating to version 3.1.0 have not received any alert notifications. And no alarm messages with related recording. The only way I can see if there has been motion recorded, is by looking in History. This needs to be fixed SOON! Not getting alert notifications makes the system virtually useless. Happy with camera performance, so far. However, there are some basic functions missing on the app: 1. Apparently they have never heard of Touch ID. So, have to manually login each time. 2. No way to turn the camera on or off from the app. Have to use the physical switch on the camera. 3. No capability to adjust display brightness for the camera. 4. In order to replay a video, you have to go back to the alert page and select the video again. 5. Have been using it for a little over a week and it keeps telling me the camera battery is still at 100%, even though it keeps giving alert warnings that the battery is being used up faster than normal. The app has a lot of potential, but has a ways to go before it becomes a truly beneficial user friendly product.
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2 years ago, KyleCowBoy
Great cameras! Own 2 different models!
I’ve had two of the wireless cameras that I have mounted on the front of my home, and I honestly one have maybe two to three complaints. One would be battery life isn’t the greatest (granted I do monitor then often) the second small complaint is the mounting brackets/hard ware isn’t for all mounting surfaces but can be fixed with a few cheap concrete bolts/anchors and finally the last small complaint is software is kinda picky, I’ve had mornings where I’d wake up and have notifications of the motion dections picking up what ever it maybe. Only to go and look at the alerts and there be nothing there, and a few times it has actually full removed both cameras from my account and I’ve had to reinstall them/reconnect them to my account. Over thanksgiving those minor small complaint… I’ve had nothing but good luck with both cameras and I’m gunna be grabbing one to two more for my garage and back yard! Thanks again for a great program and cameras along with the solar charger!!!
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5 years ago, Kkb17
Glitch city!
This used to be the best app I had for my security cameras. It worked great and had very few issues. Now it’s become he worst. For days my app told me my camera was at 100% battery life and since supposedly it’s supposed to last 120 days (which is a total joke but I can usually get a few weeks off one charge). Well this morning I went to check my camera and it was dead. The app never said it was low on battery or anything and hadn’t been recording stuff so I didn’t expect it to die so soon. As a result I missed out on an important visitor. I don’t have a doorbell so the app going off and notifying me that someone is at my door is how I can tell I have company. I can’t hear knocking as well due to some hearing issues. So I’m disappointed and annoyed. When it does manage to record anything it’s so glitchy you can’t make out who you’re seeing sometimes even on HD setting. And forget about hearing what is being said. The app also somehow turned the intercom setting off on its own. Just weird and inconvenient stuff going on. I’m switching over to Wyze 100% now. They at least can understand what the problem is and fix it. It’s hard to follow what the developers of CloudEdge are trying to get across at times probably since English isn’t their native language.
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4 months ago, Jasibe Israel
It needs improvement
The one I have outdoors got damaged with rain and it won’t go up at all, i have all my cameras to detect movement but they lack focus I leave them in a place where I would like for them to stay and remember unless they see human detection and record but it’s not the case they move to the most unexpected locations leaving unattended the areas I would like to track but if I leave them fixed then I won’t be able to see human motion anywhere around because they are fixed to one location only… Now you asked for this!!! I would love to see a zoom in feature in your next products, more stability even in movement so it doesn’t feel your watching a chicken without head tracking device, I would love to see face recognition so I can name my family members so it doesn’t notify me every second my mom is watering the plants or walking around the house, but only when strangers are around and then it won’t consume my time looking every time the camera is recording a family member… other then that it’s a great little project, thank you and I am enjoying its simplicity.
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1 year ago, SlamDancendive
Not sure about the new doorbells
So the other doorbells had the option to have them wired directly to the base. So you’re just hooked up to your original doorbell wires from the house which kept the cameras charged. I don’t understand taking that option away on these new doorbells because now I have to bring them in side and charge them. in addition, when my doorbell captures someone walking by in my yard, if I click the video playback part over to the left it just does this slow loading immediately process encrypting or whatever but it doesn’t load the short video like it used to. I never had to do any particular setting to have this option. So another words if I click on my messages and I look at all the pictures where I picked up motion., If I click on the arrow to the left, it used to play the video of that motion on my older doorbells that I had to replace! I’m going to look around in settings a little bit and see if I can adjust this stuff, and also there should be an option to keep our privacy without our stuff being or sent to anyone else.
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4 years ago, asiaizme
Stopped Working!! Please Fix Crashing.
I recently bought this camera and used the app. I have only had it for about two weeks. Initially it did everything it said it would do, but then it started glitching. Alerting the phone and saying we had visitors when nobody was there, and giving motion detection alerts hours after they occurred. Then it just completely crashed on us. Started saying poor network and could not connect. We even had our Internet provider send a technician on site to verify it wasn’t our internet service, which all the tests that were ran verified our service had no issues. My husband and I tried troubleshooting the camera, changing the batteries, reconnecting to wifi, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app, all to no avail. Nothing worked!! We also saw that two weeks prior the developers said they fixed a crash issue for IPhone 11’s, so we figured maybe it wasn’t completely fixed. I have the iPhone 11 Pro & my husband has the IPhone 11 Pro Max. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. If they do, I will change my rating back to 5 stars ⭐️. Just frustrated with all the glitches.
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3 years ago, Dr. Lyn
Easy Installation
I bought another brand video doorbell and after one week of trying with emails back and forth, I returned it. I broke my foot and really need a way to communicate to visitors and delivery people. Had I not absolutely needed this, I would have given up on the entire idea. However, I took my chances and tried again. I cannot begin to describe the difference—no missing parts, clear instructions, app easy to download, no issues with WiFi, and quality product. I am in my 70s and horrible with technology, but I dutifully charged it 8 hours as instructed. After that and to my delight, I had this installed and functional within 30 minutes. I am thrilled. The only difficulty I encountered was the tiny security screw on the bottom. My old fingers just could not manage that delicate work, so my kind neighbor did this for me. I suggest magnetizing the screw. This should help. On a rating of 1 to 10, I give this video doorbell 10s across the board.
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2 years ago, michael.clark1
The cameras work great and have a great picture. There are a lot of great features on the. One thing I would like to have is when it senses motion it fallows the motion and it goes by. Like when some one walks to my door it take a a pic and video but if it fallowed the person back to the car or where ever they were going I can do that manually but if it not home and get the notification then log in a move the camera all I get is the view of where the camera is pointed. It’s great however if it had that feature it would make it that much better. Over all a great camera system I have 3 cameras and can cover my whole house. Make sure when you put the split panels up you put them where the sun is on them most of the day as they will loose battery but the battery does last for a few days or plug them in to the wall and they will stay charged.
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1 year ago, Gizzymoo609
Was great until a few weeks ago. Customer support non-existent
I’ve been using this camera/app for a few years now. It was fairly decent, no major complaints, until recently. The camera is used in a storefront where we also have a Bluetooth speaker playing music. We USED to be able to watch the live & recorded camera footage through the Cloudedge app, while the music played on the bluetooth speaker via the music app. Both important functions to a retail business. Now, if we try to watch any video footage through the app while the music is playing on the speaker, the camera audio overrides the music app and starts playing out of the Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been all over the app and in the apple settings, trying to find a way to disconnect the Cloudedge app from Bluetooth. There’s nothing. No options anywhere to control bluetooth access. I’ve reached out three times to customer support over the last month and have not received one response or acknowledgement. Going to give it another week before I scrap the camera/app and go with another company if this isn’t resolved/figured out.
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4 years ago, The real SheRa
Not for older houses
I was impressed when first buying these cameras and getting this app. I didn’t have to pay a service to monitor my house and the cameras are good quality for a good price. After using the cameras and app for a few months I’ve found that it is not a good system for my 50s era house. Despite paying for high-speed internet, the materials my house is made of interferes with the WiFi signal to the cameras. More often than not the app “times out” and thus will not let me see what’s going on at my house. The cameras often miss motion triggers (I had money stolen out of my vehicle right next to one of these cameras), often have to refresh due to “poor internet connection,” and similar problems that are due to WiFi interference from the building materials of my house. Also, if the power goes out, your WiFi is gone which makes these cameras useless. The cameras and this app would probably be good for newer houses, but not for an older house. You’d want a wired system if you have any kind of WiFi problems at your house.
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5 years ago, OCNJGirl
Repeated log in defeats purpose
We needed this app for two motion video cameras we put outside. We had several that work on the Kuna app which we are very happy with. The problem with this app is that it requires you to login constantly. You get an alert that it detects a person outside the front of your house at 3 AM and you try to look at the camera to see who it is, and you have to login before you can see it. The whole point of a security camera is to give you as much notice as possible if someone is trying to get into your house. Taking the time to login, when you’re half asleep, to see if you’re in danger makes no sense. I don’t always remember the password if it’s been awhile since I got an alert. It took me three tries to log in today. If it’s really a dangerous situation, or someone who means ill intent, it would be too late do you even called the police by the time you get to see the video because of the stupid login. Doesn’t make any sense to me there’s no security information on there why can’t they just keep you logged in? Most apps have a box you could check to keep you logged in but this one does not.
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2 years ago, Darez619
Camera works however theres one annoying bug
I’ve been using the app for a little over a year and it works great. You can open the app and see motion sensor alerts, you can even see all of your alarms in a grid mode and switch between them which is useful. However about four weeks ago there has been an annoying bug where I am signed out randomly from the app. The strange part is that even if I’m signed out I can still receive notifications from the app. Once I open the app after receiving the notifications, I am greeting with a “you’ve been signed out “ message. I’ve tried to contact the developers trough the app but have not received any help for almost two weeks. All I see is that my ticket is still processing however the app states that it usually takes 1-2 days to hear back with a reply. What makes this annoying is that I need to constantly be signing in when before the app would just work fine
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3 years ago, Maurice Ford
Transfer Could Storage ?
There does not appear to be a way to transfer your cloud storage subscription to another camera. I purchased two cameras, and paid for cloud storage for both for one year. The cameras turned out to be defective and I had to replace both of them within days of the purchase. After setting up the new cameras, I discovered that there is no way to move my cloud storage subscriptions to the new cameras. This was especially bad because the cloud storage subscriptions cost almost as much as the cameras themselves. And over the course of just two years, the cost of cloud storage on this app actually far exceeds the cost of the cameras. This app needs settings and options that allow customers to manage not just the cameras, but their cloud storage subscriptions too. Potential buyers must seriously consider this before buying these cameras and/or a cloud storage subscriptions. It would have also been nice if there were some easy way to reach the developer to express my concerns and experience.
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3 years ago, Stcebox
Very happy with my purchase!
I downloaded this app after the purchase of four Zumimall cameras. So far the combo has worked very well. I have 3 cameras set up inside at the office and 1 at home, all manageable in this one app. It would be nice to have access through a PC as well for downloading and sharing files with law enforcement if need be. I haven’t tried the cloud service yet. The 128GB card does well enough for now. I would recommend this as an affordable way to keep an eye on things. I installed a 4 Lorex cameras system around the exterior of our office and the difference in set up is huge. Running POE cable everywhere was a ton of work. I recharge the Zumimall cameras about once a week and it is not that much work at all. I’m guessing CloudEdge works with other branded cameras as well. Thanks for making surveillance that much easier guys!👍🏽
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2 years ago, Schedule misery
Mostly great but frustrating hour skip
The only issue I have with this app is on one of my two cameras the history playback skips back exactly one hour on my iPhone. For example I set the scroll bar to 7:35 and it jumps back to 6:35 and starts playing. Annoying to have to set ahead an hour to view something but impossible to view something within the last hour. Not sure if daylight savings change had anything to do with it but my other camera is fine. Router time is set properly. Love the notifications and ease of setup and the ability to hardwire the power from doorbell transformer. Update… November 2022 …. Playback returned to normal over the Spring and summer during daylight saving time but now that the time changed back to standard playback is now an hour off again. NO WAY TO CHANGE TIME SETTING MANUALLY IN APP — PLEASE FIX!!!
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3 years ago, Mom Ibarra
Adjusting PIR Detection
So cameras are perfect for wire free WiFi cameras. They function very well when placed in minim or no traffic areas but when placed in high busy traffic areas battery will last a few hours but in areas were not much happens last as advertised. The installation was super easy and adding additional (same brand)cameras was easy as well. Also unlimited sharing with family. It picks up conversations from over 10 feet away and it’s clear. The night vision is also really good. I have 3 issues. (1) When speaking into the mic it’s not so clear on the other end, I can barely be heard. The outsider has a problem understanding what your saying. (2)No option to watch all cameras simultaneously live on a monitor or on your phone. (3) My cameras constantly alarming on windy days, birds flying by, neighbors flags are flapping, a bunny happens to hop across it, curious spider hops on it and it drains the battery within an hour or so; It detects motion period.
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4 years ago, tapstng
This system is by far the best security camera I have ever owned. The ease of setting it up can be compared to simply turning on or off a device. Once you’ve set up one camera owning additional ones becomes so easy and such a pleasure to depend on I am just utterly grateful to have found them. If you want simplicity in setup and use this camera is the one for you: while the sophisticated performance is amazing the ability to economically store the recording in the cloud is also available. I highly recommend securing all of your property with these cameras. I’ll never own another brand after owning these. I have 5 of them at every rental property I own and use them at my parents property as well. The 2 way audio is superb. Do yourself a favor and purchase one of these cameras you won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, H**JChico
Playback ability
I would definitely recommend this product and app! I have been very happy with the cameras I purchased and the app as well! Just one suggestion and one question both having to do with playback. It would be nice when reviewing recorded footage on the full screen view to have the ability to see the timeline and be able to fast forward and reverse by sliding the curser on the same screen instead of having to back out and do it from the smaller screen and then having to go back to the full screen to watch. Also there are times where the video seems to be buffering and freezes which is annoying but understandable depending on the Wi-Fi, but then there are times where the video seems to speed up and the sound is lost as well and I have no idea how or why that would happen?
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2 years ago, rcost04
Was great….until this update
I loved my camera and hadn’t experienced any issues with the app until now. My phone recently did an update and the app also updated. My cameras went offline and I have yet to get them to get back online. I’m certain it is an app issue as I had one camera of one brand ( the one that worked flawlessly until now) and I purchased a different unit for inside my house. The new unit wouldn’t connect to live feed, it’s connected to internet and the app, but cannot access live feed. Says poor connection when it’s touching the router and the router says it has excellent connection to that device. The original company sent me a whole new unit to see if it was a device thing and it connected and worked for about 5 minutes and then went offline as well. I am about to pull my hair out with this issue. I just want my cameras back online! Please fix this issue!
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3 years ago, DancingPastor
Excellent Camera!
I’m just setting this camera up for the first time and so far, I love it! It was easy to connect to the WiFi and app and the video quality is awesome, but I have not been able to locate any of the settings options on the app. Where are they??? I am not able to change or set up any personalized settings. I also am disappointed that you do not have the option to stay logged in or be logged in on multiple devices at the same time. It is inconvenient that two people cannot view at the same time as well. I will update my review when I am able to use more of the cameras features and some of these issues are resolved. It’s a 5 start camera with much potential, but developers, please make this system more user friendly and give the owner more control to use the app as they wish!
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2 years ago, Killer iTouch
Has a lot of potential
This app has a lot of potential with proper coding. The amount of false alerts is incredible. There are not instructions on how to properly setup the alarm zones, you have a paint brush (I think that's what it is), an eraser and the word PTZ. This isnt user friendly since I don't know what is good and bad, should you paint where you want it to alert or not? Initially nothing was painted. Through trial and error I just continiousoy get false alarms no matter what which makes me want to silence the app because it just goes off all day and makes it pointless. Additionally the app has motion track which is an amazing idea if able to execute properly. There is much work that is needed to make this good but I think if the developers could make the false alerts non existent, the motion tracking to not turn the camera all the way around to film a wall and more instructions on the motion zones would be outstanding. If these are improved I will be back to change my rating. Until then, be aware of all of these issues
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10 months ago, Chickaboo62
Almost great
August is today 13,2023. I really like the idea of the camera light bulb. I have placed one at my back door and one by my front door. The Wi-Fi connection can be spotty. I have an excellent signal from fiber optics at my location. When I placed my camera at the front location, it said the signal is weak but I have a great signal on my phone. Because he’s relabeled for outdoor use. I thought they were waterproof. They are not waterproof, so care must be taken where you place them outside. The motion detection works sometimes. I used one indoors. While waiting for my lightbulb extensions to arrive.. It works great inside. I just wished it works better outside. These have a good warranty keep using them in hopes that things improve. If not, I will be returning them. I will update this review in a week or two.
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4 years ago, truthitis
2 ppl can’t view at same time
I just used this app to set up my two new outside cams. Super easy to set up and took less than 5 minutes to set up two cams to the app. I will come back to review once it’s in use for a month. The app alerts you immediately upon cameras noticing motion. The only thing I will complain about (which others are in the app is well) is that 2 people can’t access the app and view the cameras at the same time for “security reasons” which is ridiculous. I think that should be an option for the user not the creator of the app, who are you the government? Lol sheesh. So if me and my fiancé both get a notification of someone at our house and we both click to view it I’m guessing one of us will be booted off, that’s dumb. If someone is going to hack my app to view my camera how about instead you show when someone logged on to view, use common sense app creators. I’ll change my star rating when this is fixed.
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1 year ago, jlaudioo
So far so great!
We’ve had this up a few weeks now (floodlight/camera/motion sensor/2 way speaker) and we love it! There are so many settings I can see the whole yard and so much further where it’s positioned and yet I can set it to only alert me for the area I choose. The level of motion detection is awesome too! I finally have it tweaked to it doesn’t pick up the stray cats around here but does for people/deliveries. Can’t fathom spending what my sister did on her more know product brand. Mine is so much better and I’m getting a wireless solar one for the other side of the house. Order your micro SD card when you get it so you can review more than screenshots of activity. Easy install if your confident to follow wiring instructions, if not opt for wireless, battery/solar. Would recommend!
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3 years ago, zsa zsa 777
Mostly Effective
I am impressed with this door bell cam !! But …. There are a couple things I have noticed in the last 3 months… there are blind spots (when people just disappear off the video for example sometimes video will record person leaving but not arriving or vice versa… ) this is a real issue!!! also happens randomly I’ve tried to pinpoint when this “glitch “ happens but, it’s just so random!!! I believe it has something to do with recording time …. I want to be able to see what said person is doing at all times while in motion on my property!!! Other than that … the mic works well ,video quality is great for both Day and night vision , speaker quality is great , alert option is nice ,zoom is good and set up was fairly easy . All in all I’d give it a 3.5 If that glitch can be fixed it would definitely be 5 stars ( I’ll re-review in 3 more months !!! )
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3 years ago, SiSoft Comm. Inc. NY
“Best Doorbell on the market!”
I am a professional security installer since 1988. I have seen companies come and go. Experienced first hand technical garbage equipment. Let me tell you, this product is without any doubt the “Best Video Doorbell on market!” Do not waste your money on garbage such as the Ring, Nest, Arlo. They are all Junk with a capital J. Setup is a breeze, even DIY’s will have no trouble at all. This product will stream to just about any ONVIF NVR. You can choose a high-encryption password with as many characters including symbols as you want. It has a fast OS that does not keep you waiting for images. Boots right up in seconds and is a beautifully made product. I will now use this product as a staple in my book of business. It is an honor and a pleasure to know XTU! Great engineers, and design team! SCi NY
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1 year ago, teddyb1967
Session Expired
I have had this app for over a year and a half on my phone and on my computer. I had no trouble with it until this past week. I had to uninstall the Nox player and reinstall everything. Doing this has caused this “Session Expired” and logs me out. I used to be able to have the app opened on both my phone and computer at the same time, but now I get this session expired and it logs me out. If I log in on my computer, it logs me out on my phone and vice versa. I had never been logged out of either before but now it’s impossible to stay logged in on both at the same time. I have even uninstalled the Nox Player and installed BlueStacks and it does the same thing. I would like to know how I can fix this to stay logged in on both my computer and phone without having to choose one or the other. There are no settings that I can find to do this. If this can be fixed, I’ll update my review stars.
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3 years ago, jules7549
Excellent camera and software
I feel so secure. I like the fact that I can screw this very high into our wooden door frame. It is difficult to reach. I share it with my neighbors. We protect each other. It has created a community in our historical quadplex. We have our own personal “neighbor watch”. We are also armed. This gives us time to call the police and grab any necessary weapons if someone is so bold as to try and break in.; or just call the police if we see something suspicious if we are not home. We can talk with the criminal and hopefully deter them. We receive alerts regardless as to our location. Also, a criminal can’t just rip off the doorbell. We can capture video onto an SD card! The charge lasts over a month - maybe 2. PS. Great quality images.
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4 years ago, Saboracle
Good app can use improvements like any other.
The app has been very quick to respond and does not time out at all. It works great for the functions that are available. There is room for more features like dead zones and selecting areas to watch for motion detection. At the main view it would also be nice to see the battery level and brief information on the camera status. Also at the home screen the top left menu looking icon should be a menu for features and options. Maybe a suggestion link to send in ideas for improvements. It would be nice if you could create a camera group and change all the settings to that group to apply to the cameras or devices you have added to that group as well. Overall it’s working great so far and it continues to get better. I am pretty happy with this purchase.
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2 years ago, CGCU
Camera functionality is so so.
We bought this camera like 5 months ago. It was working well with some glitches and now, suddenly stop working and is giving me a poor network connection message which is not true. I have another camera from another brand working correctly. I checked with the Internet company just to make sure and everything is working fine. The app doesn’t allow me to connect to my account and the camera is literally away from me, I need to take a 4hr flight from here in order for me to check the connection. There’s no way for me to check on the connection. This is not a good option if you need to reset remotely or check on the network remotely. Suddenly, after writing this review the camera started working 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Desorae
This product is a wonderful addition to our home! It’s so nice for us to know who’s at the door or that we can keep an eye on our packages and mail and we can also speak through the intercom and with the combination of our cloud purchase we can save the history as well! It surprisingly works well in single digit and even negative degree weather… although I believe the battery does take a bit of a beating but keeps on ticking! The only thing I would ask for are more options as far as payment goes towards the cloud purchases. Not everyone uses or wants to use PayPal! If that was different I could honestly say this product is perfect and was exactly what we were looking for a a great price!
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3 years ago, ingebear
Long lasting great camera!
Love this camera. I believe we have both of the cameras one for front and one for back now for about three years and I could not be more happier. Love their ability to speak with the person on the other side of the door and get a clear image of the person who is out there. The camera on the back door is exposed to strong rain and wind, especially during the hurricane season and it is still performing great. If you have a pretty strong WIFI signal through the house then the CloudEdge app will work great. All in all this is a fantastic camera with no power cord needed, two way speaker and an excellent clear video. I can only highly recommend this camera.
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1 year ago, NCTim
Needs Important Features
This is app is OK for monitoring your cameras, although slow at times probably because of the network. But there are two features that it needs to make it fully functional. One is the ability to snooze notices from my cameras. Quite often I’m watering plants on the side deck and it continuously gives me alarm notices. I should be able to hit snooze on my phone or watch for a 30 minute or hour snooze while I am the one that’s causing the notifications. Additionally, in multi camera mode in the app, the user needs to be able to sort the screens in the order of preference. Right now they seem to only be in the order of when the cameras were installed. Preference would be to be able to pick which screens are on the first page and which ones are on the second page.
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2 years ago, Drl621
Issues with options
I recently bought security cameras which this app is used for. Overall, I think there are a lot of good options in the app, however, it’s not a well organized app. Also, when I first looked through many of the options, one of them was to opt for motion detection to only apply to a person. My alarm goes off constantly, and I have no idea what setting it off. I think even trees in the distance, moving in the wind or setting it off, or if a bird flies anywhere near my place it sets it off. Apparently, in the last update, they removed the option to say only detect a person. I could easily have 100 notifications in a day and they are all for nothing. This aspect is making me nuts. I’ve also reached out through the app for help, but there is no help. Those messages just go ignored.
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3 years ago, WHITNEY32.
Waste of money
We recently had someone try to break into our house while out of town as well as had items messed with on our porch before that and had someone outside watching us through our front window so we excited we needed a camera. Bought this about a week ago had it for 2 days maybe 2 in a half when all notifications stopped. It no longer alerted us to any motion where it was faced. We checked battery, deleted and then re added the app, re-started phone (multiple times) checked for updates and notification settings, turned sensitivity all the way up, and even went and deleted the device off to re-add only to get 3 notifications enough for me to get down from the camera and then nothing from that time on. We have tried everything to no avail. It’s worthless if I cant get notified to ppl around my house. I paid about $100 for this with taxes to have a 2 day working device.
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3 years ago, DesGracieBray
When I bought this I really wasn’t expecting much I was going out of town leaving my teen kids Hm. Plus I wanted to make sure everything was going ok at home nah truth yes I was spying on my kids no parties home at curfew WOW I have some great kids but why don’t they do this when I’m home? Plus we have some rude hateful neighbors that has been throwing there dead limbs pieces of fencing on r property an I had no proof of this oh but I do now! My parents came over an started trimming my shrubs I called my mom asked why she was doing this an she starts looking around for me haha I still have the cameras up an now spying on my dog he has figured out how to open his doggie pen an thank goodness I saw it had my kids help me an he isn’t getting out anymore. For nothing else but just having that security 24/7 is enough for me an with my kids going and staying the night an me being home by myself sometimes I do feel a lot better that security of knowing if something or someone drives up or walks up I will be alerted! Thank you to the developers an the ones that made this amazing lil camera I really do appreciate it!
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3 years ago, Nialive
Is there a customer service anywhere?
This app is incredibly touchy. If I had to do it all over again I probably would not have decided to go with this one. I wouldn’t say it’s the most user-friendly. Cameras are “OK“ but the reaction time is so slow you miss several seconds in reaction time. Those few seconds can be very critical as I have experienced. On top of all that, within the last week the app has just decided to stop sending push notifications to my phone. I have turned on every push notification within the app and on my phone specifically and still nothing. I have deleted both of the cameras and re-added them, didn’t help. I deleted the entire application, re-download it and re-added the cameras still no luck. Sent a message to customer service, no response so I guess I just have to go buy something different now. 😡
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4 years ago, schomewerk
Peace of mind!
After an incident I had this camera takes away a good bit of my anxiety and gives me peace of mind and a feeling of safety. One night while I was working on refinishing a piece of furniture in my garage late at night. There was someone standing outside of my garage door and (had the door open about a foot) peeking through the garage door window. I was too afraid to open the door after calling out to them and they didn’t respond. Super creepy!! Mind you, I live in a very nice neighborhood. Now I can work in my garage with the peace of mind knowing that I will get an alert if there is any motion whatsoever. I also have piece of mind knowing if and when they come back I’ll have a clear image of this person and be able to report it to the police.
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10 months ago, Pdsqueen
UPDATE to the Worst update ever can’t view live history
Update: They finally fixed this after a week and a half of going back and forth with the customer service Dept. My suggestion going forward is to NOT PUT THE BLAME ON THE CUSTOMER when YOU do the update ! I keep my phone and all my apps up to date daily. It’s frustrating for them to say it’s my internet connection or that I am doing something wrong. This is finally fixed because THEY fixed their update and hopefully they can use this as a teaching experience going forward with future updates. I have deleted the app 3 times, and all my updates are up to date. You can not watch a live history feed.
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3 years ago, strivin'
works great
Does just what it says it does! Hint: if your neighbor has one, don’t talk about things you don’t want ppl to know, on your porch/stairs, if you live in an apt!! I heard ppl talking in my bedroom! I freaked out! It was my neighbors talking outside, upstairs, on their porch!! I turned it off, but still… I could have heard everything they were saying! lol It works! Also, if you live in apt, you may want to silence your motion detector! Mine was driving me crazy when ppl went to visit neighbors! I have mine on vibrate and my bell on. It is very sensitive! Too bad I don’t care what my neighbors are doing… I’d be having a ball if I was nosey!! I love mine just for the purpose I bought it to serve though. lol
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3 years ago, Loves lists & organizing stuff
Slow and grainy, but okay app for free!
I wanted to like this and it is better than nothing. Also, considering it is a free app it is okay. But if you cannot rely on it for facial recognition unless you already know who the person is. Also, if a person runs by or goes by on a bicycle the camera will NOT even pick up the movement, or if it does it will take the picture and video AFTER the person has gone by. The night vision on ours went out within two weeks, so… So it’s nice when someone rings the doorbell, you can talk to them (but I can’t hear what they say), but at least you know when you receive a package. You can have multiple devices using the same app, which is nice. The app is easy to use. I delete the images and videos daily so extra data storage is not needed.
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3 years ago, famousdavis
Prompts for firmware update, but won’t actually update
I have used this app for a few years. It has never updated the camera’s firmware correctly, and this latest 3.10 release is no different. It says my cameras need firmware updates (that’s new), then it says it’s downloading the latest firmware, then it reports that the update is complete, but later—the app will prompt me again to do firmware updates because the updates never actually happened earlier. Grrr!! Worse, I had to re-authenticate after the app updated, but it won’t paste the password correctly from my password manager. It’s not fun typing in a very strong password manually. GRRR!! The app is functional but is among the worst user experiences of any app on my phone. Please, get a good UX designer and fix this crappy app! And try testing before you release software to the general public!
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3 years ago, Jess-A-Jax
Not to happy
I feel like the description of this camera was misleading and not too honest. I thought it was motion detection meaning the camera moves on its own to follow movement as it tracks it. The pan tilt zoom is only used through the app. I feel like that is very pointless. The night vision is not great and I was a bit upset. The motion sensor is late starting the video and I only catch the end result usually the back of a head or the tail lights of a car. I also feel like you can’t hear much when listening to sound. So what is the point of having the two way talk? Also it does not record full time!! Only clips if it catches the motion!! Why the heck did I buy a solar panel battery camera?! Now I am disappointed 🤦🏽‍♀️ I usually do not write bad reviews but I do not want to keep this camera for that price without many options for the camera!!! I will be asking for a refund
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