Clover Go - Dashboard & POS

4.8 (41.6K)
168 MB
Age rating
Current version
Clover Network, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clover Go - Dashboard & POS

4.81 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
1 year ago, sammac123321
Horrible customer service
In order to do an exchange, I have to scroll through thousands of products to find what I want to exchange rather than type in the new item and on top of that, it will only allow the exchange if they are both in the same catagory. That is insane. It would take me hours to find the new item to exchange with. Also, customer service is garbage, I’d rather talk to a rock that knows what it’s doing. Train your employees, they only know how to read a script and give false information. Gave it two stars because the hardware and software is amazing for most part.
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4 years ago, Kristian50
Looking for a new system
I’ve had it with this system. And now you updated an app to have no function?! Everyone complains and you say there is another update coming soon? Who would ever updated an app to have no functionality? Why wouldn’t you wait until it was complete if that was ever your plan. I’m sure you guys realize everyone hates it and now you are scrambling around to fix it. You guys have no idea how stores work. This is system is horrible. If you own a convenient store with more than 1 employees then this system isn’t for you unless you want a lot of work. You have to download another app to separate sales for each employee. If you do a return, the system doesn’t put it back into your inventory. OH and if you don’t hit done within 30 seconds to 5 minutes your card transaction will become VOID! Please check your sales because once they told me this I went back and found voided sales because of this. Customer support is horrible. It consistently goes offline. You can’t see what it out of stock, you have to downloaded your inventory to the computer and good luck getting it organized because if you have it in a category you still have to put labels on it to see it on excel in its category. Save your money and time.
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1 year ago, jjoo800
Sales rep Diane Lack of honesty
I recently purchased two Clover devices from Diane, a sales representative from Clover. I was extremely disappointed with my purchasing experience. Diane lied to me about several important aspects of the purchase, including the refund and credit policies for the devices. She promised me things that Clover does not actually offer, which was a major issue for me. After I signed the purchase contract, Diane became completely unreachable. I tried calling and texting her several times but received no response. When I called the Clover customer service team to inquire about my delayed devices, I was only given contact information for Diane and her manager, but neither of them responded to my calls or texts. Overall, I would not recommend this sales representative or Clover to anyone. The lack of communication and honesty during the purchasing process was unacceptable, and the delay in receiving my devices was extremely frustrating. I hope that others can avoid having a similar experience."
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4 years ago, DillonHurler
Have you ever heard of quality of life?
Let’s start with the inventory management. The categories have to be alphabetized by drag and drop. There are no options to automatically alphabetize by categories. When adding inventory to categories. You offer zero options to narrow down the list of items I’d like to add. I can either go through line by line or add literally every item in my inventory to the category. Try letting us itemize the category editing list by label? Actually. Try adding that to every list. I want to be able to itemize the lists when I’m string items to categories labels or modifiers. It is seriously an hour job to rework my inventory should I need to and with these features it could be a 5 minute job. Literally, and to be clear. I mean literally in its full meaning. It could literally be reduced by 55 minutes. Also. Sub categories in the categories section? So I can further itemize similar items by brand or type or nicotine strength? This is actually basic quality of life stuff. I have so many more complaints. I’m so irritated by the horrible and lazy design. I know it might seem like minor inconveniences but those add up. Also. Add a feature to search old receipts by card number. Why can’t I stick a chip in and have the transactions page pull up all receipts for that card? Square offers that. It’s a simple but life saving feature. For real. Make some changes to your programming or we’ll be pulling out of clover within 6 months.
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4 years ago, Store Owner 270
Store Owner
Please do not install New App! The latest version of the app is worthless and terrible. I wish I can give it zero stars. They removed almost 90% of the features and replaced it with a pretty graph that is not even more functional? No more details of the transaction or sales? There is no value with the latest up date. I can’t believe it was approved by clover for release. Did they even review it? Hey let’s remove all the useful things the users care about. Who ever approved or designed the latest app version never owned a business or understands what information is important. Did they not understand that most businesses that sue their system are mobile now? Who wants to log on their computer just to check sales transactions details? Really? Give users the option to revert back to the old version. I am not against change or app updates because they generally expand or improve on the previous version. However, this latest clover app update takes it several steps back.
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5 years ago, jbroox62
I Love/Hate This App!
There is a lot to like about this app — being able to view sales in real time, and ability to review transactions, etc. — but it’s very quirky and not always reliable. That can be frustrating. My favorite feature of this app when it first came out was the app for my Apple Watch. I loved being able to view sales from my watch quickly without having to take my phone. I had intermittent issues with it from time to time. Several months ago the watch app just quit working altogether. I’ve sent messages to support and never received one response. Very frustrating. Why is it even available if it’s not going to work?! I agree with other reviews. This app seems to be going downhill, and no one seems to be responsible to make sure it continues to function properly.
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4 years ago, luvneet
Removing 90% of the features is a stupid idea!
Honestly, who in their right mind though it was a good idea to remove over 90% of the features in this update. I am unable to view any open orders, can’t manage my inventory (change prices, increase or decrease inventory, add or remove an item) , can’t view individual day sales for specific hours or specific time periods or specific days, i can’t View my employees tab, I can’t do anything on this new update. There should be an option to go back to previous versions. I only moved to clover to be able to manage everything from my phone, and now I’m being told I have to do everything from my laptop, who carries their laptop around all day! Seriously fix this ASAP, or give me the option to go back to the previous version. As you can also see I can’t be the only person who feels this way, there are over 30+ one star review in the past day outlining this exact problem.
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4 years ago, reelcromulent
Current version - yuck
Hello! I know you just updated again, as of 5/7, better than what was there... but... PLEASE BRING BACK THE DAILY SALES... where we could look at the previous days/weeks over a 6-7 week period. That was essential to comparing The current day, with the previous week and going back for many weeks... or, seeing how the week is building vs the previous week. I feel lost when wanting a basic overview of how we’re trending each week. Visually better, but the previous version that was around for well over a year was essentially and functionally better.
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4 years ago, danny tush
Stupid&wrong move for update
I’m really missing old version. They should bring old one back asps. I used to check all my days total on one screen. Had a lot of extra other features. Like I used to do transaction for my customer on virtual screen etc etc. had a Lotta really nice feature on the old apps I don’t even see not even 5% on the new apps they should bring door all working back as soon as possible before all of the customers leaving this merchant company. Bring old version back please....
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1 year ago, 1/14/2023
Lost ability to see open orders.
I love the app but the newest update wiped out our ability to see all open orders from any way you get to the open category. We can now only see open orders that are manually typed in. All other open orders that have a pre-auth we cannot see. Why? Also now all of the closed orders we can’t see the names on the main screen. You have to open every single order to see whose it was. Why? We need some fixes. I was on the phone with a rep and she sounded asleep and wanted me to do things that I had already told her we did. Like uninstall the app and install it again. I gave it a try to humor her. Still the same outcome. I only write this and give a one star to get someone’s attention to fix this for us. Or help us. Because she was no help. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Flash CG LLC
Clover works great!
I love my new Clover mobile payment device! My bank helped me get started & the Clover people helped make sure it was up & running. It works for chip cards & cards with tap. The tap feature is nice for no contact payments in person. I also often accept over the phone payments. The manual entry feature on the app works well too. My customers are happy to get instant payment confirmation sent by text or email. Overall I am very happy with this Clover service so far.
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2 years ago, Bobs Hummer
I love this app
I was wondering if it would be comparable to Square, and its not, its way better, very easy to use and easy to see the past transactions. I love it. I have nothing to gain by writing a good review, im just a business man that found something that works easy and great and i love it and would like to tell you rating of it. Have an Awesome day today, and encourage those around you. Everybody is going through something and your word of encouragement or hug, might be exactly what they need.
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10 months ago, Tee Bott
Works well
I am a one man business and rely solely on clover for credit cards and debit cards. The app connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth very well and after about four or five months with the app things are going really well. My only complaint would be a $150 charge. I was hit with that I had to dispute. This was due to some technicalities with my bank account linking to Clover. After fixing the problem I was hit with another $150 fee because I didn’t take the next step within 24 hours. I will never understand why companies punish people who are making them money.
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6 years ago, Beezerplace Bob
Great Overall System
So far, we've mostly used the sales app to process card transactions. We just started using the register app and couldn't be happier - except for maybe allowing one subcategory for items (inside the primary cat). We will know in about a month if our bookkeeper is happy with it, too! We’ve been using this system for almost a year now. It’s fantastic. I have an iphone, and I can do just about everything on my phone as I can on the desktop.
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4 years ago, christaor
New update is worthless
Previous version of the app enabled me to see today’s numbers with a running history of up to 30 days all on the same screen, with a little scroll up or down. I could see what I did on a Monday, previous 3 Monday’s at a glance for example. Now all I can see is current sales for today with a % (+/-) compared to yesterday. Can’t see what I did the same day a week ago or a month ago. Same for the weekly view and monthly views, just a running total for current and % compared to last week/month. Example, today is the 4th of month. I can’t view past the last 4 days since it’s a new month. Can’t see what my sales were for the first Monday of month last month. Totally useless as a tool now
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5 years ago, diaybbi
Can’t login since last update
I have no idea how this app gets so many positive reviews. It has always been slow and full of bugs but I could at least login when I’m away from our business. Since the last update I get an “unknown error” when I attempted to login on my iPhone 6 Plus. I recently upgraded to the iPhone XS Max and thought it might work now. I still get the unknown error. Please fix this. In closing, seriously how can Clover get so many high rated reviews? I’m serious. Their terminals and this app are full of bugs and there support is the worst ever. I even made screenshots and sent them to Clover support probably two months ago. Someone called me and I explained to him what it was doing and sent a screenshot again. Still nothing. Confused!?!
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4 years ago, hddrfvv
Why take away...
What’s good about adding things when other things are removed. All they did was rob Peter and give to Paul. They gave us some cool features and removed others. That’s not progress. I viewed how my staff did with customer service by seeing tip percentage. Gone, I can’t see custom dates like “yesterday’s” sales.... what the hell is up with that. It’s hard to toggle between my store location. Someone call me so I can tell you want customers really “need” not want. Take away the flash and give practical functionality.
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1 year ago, dolma88
Tap to pay on Clove Go app
For weeks and months I’ve heard that clover will do tap to pay on iPhones through the app. Up until the new update was released, I followed the instructions on how to activate tap to pay. It states turn on tap to pay but I never saw that option. Followed many instructions on their site kn how to activate it and gave up to finally call support to speak to someone. Places me on hold several times then stated it’ll be expedited and I’ll get a call back. Several business days later, I was informed that my bank (Bank of America), is not compatible with Clover tap to pay. Why not state that at the beginning or some disclaimer so I didn’t have to waste all my time.
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3 years ago, awesomerrificus
Good, but some minor annoyances
All in all a decent mobile experience. I don’t use the payment system at all so no comment there. App is still buggy at times and needs to be closed and reopened a little too frequently for comfort as it gets in weird loops and becomes unusable. Also annoying that it takes over Bluetooth upon start up so it stops music playback, etc. That said, the reporting is robust and ability to edit inventory is extremely useful. I appreciate the app greatly!
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4 years ago, wbritty
Updated app is Terrible!
This app gave you a decent overview of sales before, then the upgrade happened this month and it gives you almost NO helpful information. I don’t think anyone would see the updated app as better or even helpful. If it doesn’t change back or get better I’m switching from clover. I would like to see not only my current day sales, but also be able to compare to other days individually. Right now the only options are to look at sales for today, this week, or this month. You can’t even look at your sales from yesterday on there own. Don’t know what you yahoos were thinking. You need to change it back. Right now its a useless app.
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4 years ago, stop n shop 9610
The worst update they could make
It seems that everyday it get worst. Until yesterday to see my net sales I had to click in go to the web portal, then click and click and then more click. Almost five minutes to see something I could see immediately. But today is even worst. There’s no way I can see what I am selling. Is there a way I can go back to the previous version?
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4 years ago, Rose Rod.
Horrible Update
DONT UPDATE, DONT UPDATE, DONT UPDATE THIS IS HORRIBL!! What in the world!!!!!!! How can they remove the best things that were useful...The only thing I care about was the week comparison, now we cannot even see last week vs this week and cannot go to the main menu and look into report or details or inventory or ANYTHING!!!! How can I get the previous version back!! Please I beg you!!! Can someone send me a link to uninstall the this new version... where is the Dashboard, where is report with different options??? This is only 10% of functionalities we used to have as user. Why would you do this?? Previous version was perfect! There was nothing to improve!! I am about to leave Clover just because for this!
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4 years ago, Snow cone vendor
Don’t load new version
The new version has no ability to see your daily sales totals on a day to day basis over the last 90 days like the old app version did. I wish I had not loaded the new app version. I need to be able to see my daily sales for each day over the last 90 days as I use it to reconcile bank deposits each day and make sure employees aren’t stealing from me. Please restore this feature!
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2 months ago, XxGucciCatxX
Lost pay to tap ability on my iPhone
I use to be able to take payments using tap to pay with my iPhone. However after the last update I was no longer able to take payments in that fashion. I now have to either enter the information in or use the ocr . I would lovw for you guys to turn the tap to pay back on. Or teach me how to turn it back on.
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4 years ago, bnijnntkrnf rnd
New update.
I can’t see most of the things I need to see when it comes to my business. The old version gave me a lot more information in a simple way that was super effective. Yes this version visually looks better but doesn’t tell me things I need to see. Bring the old version back but with the pretty new colors. Terrible update I hate it.
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1 year ago, Fräulein Patricia
Terrible refund option
We switched from Square to Clover Go for tradeshows which worked great. However, if you don’t notice an accidental overchange right away while your customer is still there with the credit card - good luck! You cannot refund a custom amount. There’s a refund app you can connect which only refunds a full item amount - also no custom amount. And you cannot add customer contact information easily. You have to do it afterwards in the dashboard login. We work around it now but I can’t 100% recommend using Clover Go because of that unfortunately
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4 years ago, Heather Gern
Liked features of the old app
Please bring back the feature on the old app that listed your daily sales for each day in one screen. Now when I want to see the sales from yesterday it’s 3 steps. I have to go to reporting, sales overview, yesterday. Just to see the sales from the day before. And if I want to see previous days it’s even more steps.... go to custom date range, enter the dates, etc. Before I could just scroll up and down and see how my sales changes from week to week. It showed 30 days of sales in the main screen listed by day and I could simply click on a specific day for more details. Please bring it back!!!
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3 years ago, marybrady899
Too many glitches all the time!
Ever since you all upgraded the Virtual Terminal feature (which I have no intent to use and it’s constantly annoying me to connect my card reader) almost every time I open the app I’m greeted with a “down for maintenance” notice and all the features are unavailable! I’m cool with this happening every once in a while during operating hours (I understand emergency maintenance is important) but this is constantly a problem for me. I’m guessing it’s because of the fancy Virtual Terminal app that I wish I could turn off. Please make sure the fancy bells and whistles work before adding them!
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4 years ago, dontlikeit!
Bad update!!
Honestly I thought it was a good idea to have the update but it’s not!! If I could undue it I would. It lost the feature I mainly use like knowing the past sales and the details of each day. I liked the graph that showed the sales. If they can bring it back that would be great. It’s inconvenient the way they made this update. Don’t get it!! I also forgot to mention that I used to be able to access Homebase through this app to do payroll from my phone and I can’t now... soo I’m very unsatisfied! Can you link Homebase to this app like it was before? I was able to do payroll from my phone and now I have to login to my computer. Very inconvenient
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3 years ago, Anjcoolguy
Modifiers Issue
I love clover and also love that I can take orders using this app. The major issue we have with the app is it doesn’t allow upcharges for modifiers and also doesn’t have ability to add modifiers to the order. This is a huge drawback. Without modifiers I can’t use this app for orders and using square instead. Maintaining 2 systems for same purpose is very inconvenience but Untill you guys add full features to this app we can’t use it. That’s why I gave 3 star. Hope clover will update this app with all the features.
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4 years ago, Sum udder guy
Can’t stand the new version
I’m so mad I accidentally updated the app today. The new app is so bad. Everytime I go back into it and then try to change to another location it completely boots me out and makes me login with my email and password. This is so annoying to have to do this everytime! I never had to login again with the old version once I logged in once. Please fix this! Also, not being able to quickly and easily view all transactions is a huge pain. The old version was so nice where it had the cc logo or cash logo next to the transaction. Honestly, just bring back the old app like so many others have said. It was great.
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6 years ago, weekend builder
Clover in general should be improved by a lot
The app in general is OK the system needs a lot of help and needs to be expanded to meet the needs of retailers and not just restaurants. Seems like the developers are more concerned about the restaurants and not about General retail which is a shame we use it for a retail store and wish it would be a little more comprehensive to my needs! With minimal to no programming experience I built a better program before I found clover regret ever leaving the platform I was using.
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4 years ago, avenue Cafe del ray
Do not Update!
The new version is complete garbage. I don’t know if they let a team of interns design it or what but the app’s functionality is far from what it was in the last version and there are many many missing features. Now you can’t view a list of transactions in real time, and you can’t even view your whole weeks sales. Developers, please PLEASE allow us to download the older version because this latest update makes my life so difficult! I don’t want those useless graphs and % daily changes, I just want the dashboard to be back to how it was for the past 4 years!
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4 years ago, Road-Dawg
Up from 1 to 3 stars
I gave this app a 1 star review right after they took away all the useful features. Luckily they listened to many complaints and added a few of those features back. So I give it two more starts. However, there are still some improvements that could be made. One thing I’d like to see is a subtotal in the sales overview report after taxes and fees and before tips. This will give the operator a true sense of the days business including taxes. You can leave the “amount collected” at the bottom of you'd like, personally I have no use for it. Currently I have to take the “amount collected” and subtract tips to get the amount needed to compete against the register count. Before you made the changes, I didn’t have to do any subtracting. Please consider adding that feature back and I’d be willing to increase another star. AR
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4 years ago, Theclemsonkid
April 2020 Update
The latest update takes an already mediocre user experience, and by comparison, makes that old version, look like the best dashboard ever. Like a lot of tech companies, Clover has tried to get too cute and give you way more than you’d ever need in an app. Like I’m guessing the majority of Clover users, I’m a locally owned restaurant with a couple locations. I just want a simple dashboard. With simple, easy to navigate numbers, and easy comparisons to previous sales. That’s it. All this other garbage is so useless for the majority of Clover’s user base. Clover is extremely lucky my CC rates are a half percent lower with them, or id go back to Square in half a second.
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4 years ago, KittyPaulJones
Removed all necessary features
Absolutely garbage app since the update. I cannot check sales for yesterday or a custom time frame. I can’t check when sales throughout the day are happening to see if my employees are getting slammed and need backup. The line graph doesnt even have a y axis value so it’s utterly useless. There’s no way for me to look at individual orders. I cannot access any of the online apps like I used to so if I need to change something remotely I now either have to struggle to log into the site on safari on my phone or find a desktop. Literally everything useful about this app has been removed to look sleek.
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4 years ago, nightking11
New update April 2020
This review is based on the latest update that has completely removed all the benefits of tracking weekly sales etc at your finger tips. Skipping through multiple locations takes long and looking up a specific check can’t be done anymore. Highly recommend not to install!!
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4 years ago, Echo3golf
Update is lacking
The app has completely changed and most of the information I used it for before is no longer here. It’s no longer helpful at all. I used to open it and could see right away sales for each day of the last seven days, click on a day and see each employee’s sales. Then be able to further explore payments etc. Now there’s no dates and totals lumped by week. I can’t find the Removed Items in Orders. Something I need to keep an eye on so my inventory isn’t slipping out the door. I know, people don’t like change and you can’t please everyone, but whadya say y’all change it back?
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4 years ago, jbud 22
New app gets rid of 90% of what I used to use
Latest changes to clover dashboard have been very detrimental to my usage of clover app. I am now unable to do almost all functionality of what I used in the previous versions. I do like the sales and inventory reports, but only options are today, this week so far and this month so far. I can’t see anything for yesterday. Am unable to use “this month to date” as it times out on any report almost every time. Please bring back the daily view and access to the clover applications.
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6 years ago, Unfeigned
Great App
I find this app quite handy. Using my iPhone or Apple Watch, I can make a quick check on how things are going at the deli regardless of where I am. Also, it allows me to make quick updates, which is convenient since we’re pretty new to this and we’re still ironing out the best way to take advantage of the Clover technology. This has quickly become one of my go to apps.
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4 years ago, kb8haoyu
Less functions
Give two stars because of the interface looks cleaner. However, I can’t see the sales on specific date. I can’t see the transactions list as well. No where can I find the specific order information. Please bring all the functions back to us with the beautiful app interface ASAP. Thanks
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11 months ago, Skokie IL
Significant upgrade
This upgrade was very significant for many reasons. Foremost is the addition of tap to pay, which means that you do not need to attach a device to the phone to allow payment with credit cards. Also, can have receipts sent to email automatically to keep record of sales.
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2 years ago, Nutrishop Downtown Sac
Business Gem
This has been a savior for my “Away from office” benefit. When I’m away from my business, I can easily track my business progress from my employees and also see all stats. Also, I can issue refunds to customers on my phone app if something happens while I’m away. Love everything else as well.
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4 years ago, 1King1sword
🤦‍♂️Fustrated Business owner
Please remove this update it is the worst update to what was originally a decent functioning app. It clears out your history of weekly sales. The deposit graph doesn’t show accumulate totals or allow date change to search over a period deposit made and sales for the day. I’m asking as a business owner I require less frustration and this has added to my frustration, fix it now. I would even prefer the old version at this point. This new version service not even one of what we need to evaluate gross change over time. Fix it now. Other business do not download this.
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4 years ago, arsalsh
Restaurant Owner
I agree with the person below. I updated the app and it was the worst decision. The previous version was very user friendly and had every info you needed. Now they say to log into the website to get to the dashboard? Then what’s the point of this app? Please bring back the old version or add it to this update’ IN THE MEANTIME DO NOT UPDATE!
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4 years ago, Store Owner-1002
Need Daily Sales Breakdown
Definite improvement in this version by including the daily bar graph that was missing from the old version. However, the Daily sales Details when you click on the that Day’s graph is still missing. It takes you to a web based page that shows daily transactions. It should display all individual transactions for that day in the actual app instead of the webpage. This is an app and not a web portal. Please fix.
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4 years ago, edittek
Need comparisons
The update is cleaner and more user friendly but why do I only see top items? I also want to see comparisons to yesterday, last week, last month and last year and even each year before that. This new version is leaving out a lot of information the older one had although the older one didn’t have comparisons and had too many steps to get to each report. I used to have square and their reports are a lot more useful.
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2 years ago, gahllasingh
Mix and match
I am a convenience store owner. I got clover promoted to me through my partnering cigarette company. Clover is great I don’t have too many issues besides one big thing that’s making me want to rip it out of all of my stores. MIX AND MATCH DEALS I don’t understand why it’s so hard for clover to add a category where you can drop in items that you want to sell on discount. This is a very common feature, but yet it’s taking clover over years to integrate. along with not being able to type in a negative tender item, such as lottery tickets when somebody wins it
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4 years ago, vsark
I do not like this new version at all. The old version was more useful for my business. This is practically useless and takes away a lot of the functions of the old version. It use to provide me with much more detailed info and gave more options like checking on inventory, checking on orders, etc...
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4 years ago, ladyfruitfarmer
Great concept, app needs updating
I like being able to view my business’ daily sales, but there’s an issue: if I check the app mid-day, and don’t check it again at end of day, it stays frozen on the sales number from the midday check-in. If I check it the following day, the previous day won’t update and I need to delete the app and reinstall it every time. I find myself having to reinstall the app multiple times weekly. Please fix this issue!
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