Clumsy Ninja

4.8 (349.1K)
209.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clumsy Ninja

4.76 out of 5
349.1K Ratings
5 years ago, SisterZaiaah
Best Game! Some Advice Too!
Hey developers and people who have or are thinking to download this game! I have been playing Clumsy Ninja a lot. I used to play it on my iPad but now I have it on my iPhone 7 Plus. This game is amazing! The graphics and animations are beautiful. The chicken and squirrel are so cute! Not only can you get animals that roam around, you can get different toys and training items! You can dress your ninja to give him style and even go to different places. This game is overall brilliant! I have only a few small suggestions. The first one is there is a small bug where the ninja will jump onto the bamboo trampoline and get glitched inside. Shortly after this happens, the ninja and trampoline fly into the air. This is only a minor bug and doesn’t interfere with the game much but just letting you know. The next thing is the XP gain. The XP gain is little too slow. Keep in mind I said a little. I don’t want you to change it to where I do one thing and level up. I’m only asking to increase it a little bit to where you still have to train with your ninja but you don’t have to constantly train over and over to get to the next level to finish a mission. This game is remarkable and amazing! I hope you read this and thank you!
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11 months ago, KittyTheVertigo
Best child game ever
I’ve played clumsy ninja when was I was 6. So a few weeks ago I decided to revisit this game, and it’s still fun for me. The training, the potions and the customization of the characters are amazing! I also really like the character designs and the story. Now there are 2 reason why I downloaded this again, 1, I wanted to see if it was still great. 2, I never finished the game so I want to finish it to see what happens. I have not experienced bugs yet so that’s why I give it five stars. Another thing that I would like to add is the training, Yes, the XP points are very hard to gain but I still like it that way because then the player would have to play more just to gain XP but I would like it to be increased a little so it is a little easier. Overall, I would recommend this game to everyone, especially the depressed people, the people that have nothing to do, the people who want to relive their childhood, and everyone else who is not sated. Thank you for reading the review! 🤍🤍
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3 years ago, xhxjxhdndhdhdndnnddn
Good game, but a few features are not so good.
I just want to start this off by saying, this is a very good game, and if it costs money (I can’t remember I’ve had it so long) then it’s definitely worth it! The graphics are beautiful, good quality, fun for large amounts of time, and the animation on it is great! There’s always a new thing too do, or earn, or even buy! Though I do have a couple complaints. Whenever I’m doing the little quests, I always seem to be a level too low to purchase something? This is usually pretty annoying as I don’t have very many gems and the only way I’ve found so far too earn them is by leveling up, so then what would the point of spending them be? I just think this may have been the apps way of earning more money by forcing you too buy gems if you want too progress quicker? Leading on the gems, it is really hard to get large amounts of gems without buying them, because for about 6 or 7 levels I got no gems. And it may seem like there’s a large amount of starting gems, but they run out quickly when you are required to buy things to progress and not spend 30 minutes waiting on something too be fixed. I know this is an old game, but please take into consideration fixing these problems. Thank you for your time.
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1 year ago, Veggie404
Purchase and Leveling Difficulty
I have always loved this game and recently stumbled upon it again for the first time in many years. It’s a charming and enjoyable way to pass the time and I enjoy many aspects from the usual leveling to the extra content you can purchase. However I’ve recently run into some difficult that caused me to lose my progress. After I hit level 20, I was making an attempt at buying some gems so I would be able to repair items needed to train and progress further in the game. However, whenever I would reopen the app it would make another purchase and could not get it to stop even after cancelling, as it would boot me from the app altogether. In order to remedy this problem, I uninstalled, thinking it would save my progress while connected to my apple account. It was to my dismay that I found it lost all of my levels, and it doesn’t seem I will be refunded the money I ended up losing from the bug. I’m very disappointed, as aside from this poor experience, I have always had a good time and no complaints when it came to the Clumsy Ninja game. I must admit I am hesitant to play anymore in the event more of my funds go down the drain without me being able to do anything about it.
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9 months ago, Good but not perfection
Is great but something’s i don’t like
The game is great the graphics are great and the physics are amazing but I have one or two things about it one whenever you do a quest that you suggest and when I go the thing I have to complete and let’s say I’m lv 30 and the thing I try to complete is like lv 31 and once I’m done with the level I have to get a belt which is one level two whenever I get a power outage or when is gone most mobile apps don’t have and issue the issue is that every single time when I have power outage or when is over it kicks me out which makes me have to uninstall it which makes me have to go back to the beginning People say that they lose their gems when there about lv 7 or 8 but how would you lose all gems did the quest you got had an object higher than you or just skip the level you skip one quest that has a higher level well guess what your gonna have do/finish two levels anyway if I have to rate this I would say 8.5 if you want physics game and others then is recommended but if you don’t want the same thing as me than is not recommended
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7 months ago, hrgdhrhfhdjrrh
Great game! One thing
Well, it’s a really cool 😎 game and I love how they added suspense with Kira, and there are soooo many items. It’s almost exactly like the ads! One thing though is that how you level up is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow!!!!!!! 😭I mean, you need over 12,800 xp to level up!! I’m not saying that the developers should make it like one item and you’re the next level but the slow level upping is making me have to do so much training before I can do the next task!!!😩😩😩😩 I think they should make it like 4,500 xp . That way you can level up and also be able to do the tasks. Ok but other than that I think this is an amazing 🤩 game and good to pass time. It is very entertaining and I absolutely love how you can do anything with the ninja 🥷 and he,(or she in Lily’s case,) and they never ever ever get mad at you. So I think you should download this but if you hate waiting than don’t. Just don’t. Ok I hope I helped!!! <3
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6 months ago, jaydie1015
It’s really good, and hilarious! But maybe more feelings?
I love the game, it’s fun to mess around with and be wholesome with him or Lily. But maybe we can trigger him somehow, like maybe adding more feelings to him or the others, like for example, if we poke him and he falls he gets sad or when he fails to hit the punching bag he gets mad? And some more, if we lift him up by any part he gets scared but if we give him head rubs he hugs the screen or something? And if we wake him up from his sleep he gets mad and crosses his arms or turns away every time we try to give him head pats or tickle him. And maybe to surprise us he could just not show up when we look around the map and he just jumps out to scare us, and if he falls he cries or something like that. But otherwise it’s really good to fidget with, but that’s my recommendation! Hope you see this and have a good day/night/afternoon. Sent with love ❤️- a big fan
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7 months ago, BattyAddy12
This was my favorite game. I played it almost every day and now this morning I wake up and turn on my phone and boom! Everything gone. I REALLY WANT MY PROGRESS BACK. I worked so hard to get to the level I was at. Like I said, PLEASE RESPOND! HELP MEEEEE! I love this game and I will love it even more if I get my progress back, Please help - ClumsyNinjaPlayer Edit: Still haven’t gotten a response. I’VE WAITED MONTHS! I have just given up on this game. It’s so dumb how ABSOLUTELY nobody has gotten a response. I’m really disappointed. I had this when I was little, and the whole “resetting your progress” hadn’t happened. I am truly dissatisfied with the developers. If you respond to your reviewers then that would give you developers more good reviews. Please respond! It has been almost a year since I have posted this review. By now I think Apple should take this app down! ITS SO AGGRAVATING TO LOSE EVERYTHING THAT YOU PUT EFFORT INTO!!!!!! I’m so disappointed in you “developers.” Nobody, not one person has ever been responded to because you guys just REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT US. Do not download this app if you don’t want to lose your progress. Still waiting, -ClumsyNinjaPlayer
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5 years ago, Kitty Kat 🐱🐈🐈🐱
Awesome! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
This is an awesome game! My only suggestions? First of all, it takes way too long to level up. Please make this take less time and XP. Also, some missions require you to level up before you can get the item(s) required for them, and this happens very often. I’d like to see missions that require items that can actually be purchased without needing to level up first. For instance, (true story) I just got to level 13 so I could buy the Red Star Ball for a mission. Immediately after, I get a mission saying to buy items for which level 14 is required! WHY⁉️ Please fix this! Other than that, it’s an amazing game! When I’m stressed, instead of punching a wall (or even worse, the person next to me), I can just go into the app and kick my ninja around! Thanks for all your hard work, and please take my ideas for updates into consideration! Thanks! -Kat 🐱
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1 year ago, Koral1239
I love this game so much! The characters are so cute!! It's free to play, you don't nees wifi for it, and its calming! I have "had" this game for so long! My sister used to play it ALL THE TIME! I had to redownload it because I got a new phone, and all my progress was lost, but yet again, before I got a new phone, I HARDLY EVER played it! So now I get to have a fresh start 💙 Some people might not like this game for some reasons, but MANY more probably do! And I love the fact that its all Japan/Asian based in English (and I think in other languages)! I love the way Japan can look! Just not the bad part of it..AND I LOVE that there are shadows of the characters and other things when you didn't even have to add them!! I also LOVE the fact that no A.I was added to the game, unlike MANY OTHER GAMES! And the way that you can play with the characters to get EXP is so cute!
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4 years ago, critisizer and complementer
Best app ever 😁
When I was younger I used to have this game on my iPod. But then my parents got me and iPad mini and I sadly forgot all about the game. So it took me a while (a couple more f years to be exact) but I finally remembered the game so I downloaded it (it was this year like a couple of weeks ago) I have noticed a lot of changes (in a good way) like no more adds! I used to hate the fact that I had to sit through adds when I was little. Also when I was younger there were bugs and no I see them all fixed. This app has brought back so many memories. I am happy I downloaded it again. I m an I did have to start all over (currently level 13, used to. Used to be level 56) but I want to say thank you for making my childhood great (just turned teen) and thank you for making an amazing app -justme
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3 years ago, Saving Sobiz
You will not be able to restore any of your purchases if you change device due to any reason including: lost, broken, damaged, stolen etc. It seems the developers care more about your money YOU. Its a cool way to waste your time, fluid game play with great animation. You will NEVER reach your goal at the end bc i guarantee you will need a new device before u gain enough xp to reach it even half way there. i was at level 57 playing on an old device after a year and a half bc i couldnt restore the progress i made to new one. You will have to buy everything all over again. and a year and a half to make it to lev57 playing constantly. LAF - should be a law against these greedy app developers. Shame on them and apple for not enforcing apps to restore consumer purchases. i bought everything for that game. its bad enough u have to start over at lev 1 on new device but then to pay twice? Thats robbery. Especially if u just had to buy a new device. Go broke while they get rich off u. SMH.
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1 year ago, ananymous;)
Clumsy Ninja is such a fun and silly game! I love playing with it whenever I get bored. My favorite thing about this game is probably that the ninja gives you a high-five after you complete a task or open a box. A tip for new players; listen to sensei. It doesn’t sound fun, but it’s really not that bad! In fact, he can introduce you to new ways to have fun with the ninja! Besides, if you spend all your money on things you don’t need, you’ll get stuck, and you’ll get bored. I speak from experience. However, it doesn’t cost anything to tickle him and toss him around. Don’t worry, he doesn’t mind! I totally recommend Clumsy Ninja for those of you who, like me, need something different every now and then. I love this game and believe you will too! Have fun!!! ImJustCoolLikeThat_9709
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12 months ago, This game is boring.
Long waiting time for repairs & glitch
I’ve recently been really into this game again and I’ve loved playing. All the small details and quests are fun to complete. Although I do have a few complaints. The waiting time for repairs is long. It doesn’t bother me most of the time, but it’s because the quests want you to use different objects, it comes to bug me. Some of them you will need to unlock them and i’ll find myself spending most the time trying to level up in order to complete one task and then be asked again to use an object with the requirement to level up again. It’s a bit repetitive so it makes it kind of annoying. Not only this but when i try to buy an object it immediately closes an app. It’s been doing this multiple times and after waiting a whole day to try again, no luck. I hope you guys can fix this as I would really like to keep playing.
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5 years ago, Werido2525
This game is perfect no huge issues
This game is great I don’t think I’ve seen a single ad! this game is great with the story and the clumsy ninja you train I’ve never made it to level 100 or got to 30 or up this game takes time and patience to play it’s fun one small issue is when I made level 10 it gives me a 2 challenge until I get the challenge to get the chicken I don’t have enough coins so I train and I didn’t realize how long it would take me to get 900 coins so I think they should update and u should get a tad more coins when you finish a trampoline training and punching bag training and the prices to get more coins and gems are amazing u get a fair amount any time u buy some coins or gems. Also I don’t have any lag or freezing in my game some reviews have said that they have that problem it’s not the games fault. Anyway You should DOWNLOAD THIS GAME I recommend it
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11 months ago, Chessszz
Overall fun game
This game is okay overall but you can fix a lot of things. Number 1 it's literally IMPOSSIBLE and when I say impossible I mean IMPOSSIBLE to get gems. The only way you can is to level up and get only 1 FREAKING GEM. Number 2 it takes one MILLION YEARS JUST TO LEVEL UP. AND the rewards aren't even good no hate during any of these comments. Number 3 There are WAYYY TOO MANY IN APP PURCHASES. A lot of the game fun is locked. Number 4 PLS MAKE THE PETS BETTER. Both the squirrel and the chicken are nearly worthless. The only thing they can go Id give you eggs and nuts which give you coins. But as soon as you touch them they get TERRIFIED. When I was about to get the chicken I was so excited thinking I could let it and then it turns out I CANT CAUSE IT GETS SCARED TOO EASILY WHATS THE POINT OF HAVING A PET THEN? THEY ARENT TAME ABLE! No hate once again this game needs a lot of improvements
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5 years ago, 7mojo7%
LOVE IT, but wish I could restore old game
Love this game, and have played it on and off for years!!! However, since I have deleted and redownloaded the app before, I have to start all over. It use to not be a problem, because when you could like the Clumsy Ninja Facebook page for coins, you’d have to sign in to your Facebook and it would recognize that you had played before and would restore where you were before. But because everything is offline now, and I have no Game Center app, I can’t restore the game, so I have to try to get back to level 77 from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE this game and won’t mind playing it again, just frustrating it no longer cam connect to Facebook. Pros and cons to offline playing I guess. Still, 5 stars all the way!!!!
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5 years ago, bigbro998
This game rocks
This is the one. This is my favorite iPhone app. Do I even need to mention how funny this game is? You don’t have to like ninjas to enjoy this game. You just train your clumsy ninja to make him the best ninja in all of the land. You train him with punching bags, trampolines, dummies, and so much more. I mean, you throw watermelons at him to train him. Could this game be any more creative? You can level up to get belts. There are so many different belts. He tries to find his friend who was kidnapped so you go on a hilarious adventure to get her back. If you like comedy and are looking for a fun adventure, then I couldn’t recommend this game enough. The amount of content there is in Clumsy Ninja is insane. And I haven’t even mentioned all the quests and other features! Play this game right now. That’s all I’m saying. Peace.
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3 years ago, Lizard😂
Lots of fun but...
I had the game when I was a kid but my iPad got lost so I didn’t get to finish the game. I got it again less than 24 hours ago and I’m already on level 12, over a quarter way through to finding Kira, which has been my goal for 5 years. I’m losing my iPad again in three weeks and I want to see if I can beat the game and the screwed up leveling system. The graphics are amazing and the story line is intriguing but it doesn’t save between devices if it gets lost or stolen so all your progress is gone. Not to mention leveling up takes forever so by the time you get close you have to get a new device. I’m hoping to beat it in three weeks but I’m probably not and I’m just going to end up disappointed again but I know I’ll have lots of fun while playing and that’s what matters.
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3 years ago, artist that loves art
This is one of the best games I have ever played!
Clumsy ninja is a game where you can train your ninja. You can let him/her punch punching bags, jump on the trampoline and hot balls away if you throw them at him/her. It scares me every single time the chicken randomly pops into the screen😂. You can buy over 100 things! You have to train your ninja to find this other ninja named Kira that went off and left with a ninja from the mountains. You have to find her but first you have to train your ninja no matter if it is the ninja or Lilly, Kira’s sister. It’s a really really really good game. I totally recommend downloading this game if you are looking for a game where you level up and it’s not a very short game. It takes effort to level up and do all of your tasks.
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5 years ago, Whatthehec272716
I’m giving you guys one star not because I DONT absolutely love this game but to give you guys motivation to really improve ! Your last update made it seem like you guys have given up, but as a game that requires real money to truly play it doesn’t make sense to have offline plays only. That means that when I delete the game, all my money included?! Not fair at all. Especially if I want to upgrade my phone, I can’t keep this phone forever ! I just feel like you guys have given up and I understand, this app is very old but it only appears that way because you guys haven’t done much in terms of updating the gameplay. You’ve just been adding more expansions. I think if you guys really just updated the storyline and such ( but also beware because last time you updated the storyline my account got deleted and I had to start all over :-/ and I didn’t. Until 4 years later ! Now I’m here and I’m saying it’s even worse than before... come on guys. Clumsy Ninja needs to make a comeback !
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4 years ago, shadowstalker12345678901
Best game
I love this game I forgot about it for awhile because of school playing with friends then changing phones but then I remembered it, it is sad that no one else plays it anymore but I will, developers please if your still there try to get more people into this game again, and get more updates please everyone loved this game, I still do and I just turned 14, what sad is when I beat the game u should have a story line to become the best have like a leaderboards that challenge people to play and become the best, and for the story line u should make it every certain level u fight a boss and if u lose u have to train and if u are ready to fight him again u can press a sign in the background to fight him. Please read this
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3 years ago, ✨Mah Opinion✨
So let me explain. When I was younger about 5-8 I had this game and played for SUCH a long time. Then I got a phone, got older, and I COMPLETELY forgot about this game until now!! I love this game, it will forever be in my heart. It has a sense of humor, it’s challenging but not too hard, and in my personal opinion as a drawer I love drawing him if he was older… There is so much creativity put into this… But I can’t credit it for everything. Level ups now that I’m older I realize are so long…you have to buy a lot of costumes…however I truly truly think that this is an amazing game and that a lot of people that are younger or even older should try this out. Of course that’s just my opinion!☺️
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6 years ago, Rainbowpup🌈🐶
CLUMSY KAROTY😋😻😻🤑🤑😎👏🏻🎼🚀🎈🎉🎊💌💞
This game is hilarious! It's easy and fun! The graphics are astounding and there and no watch so and so adds to get this item requirements. And the ninja is so silly! He sometimes falls off the trampoline. And you can tickle him. He puts on a silly queezy face. Tons of belts and colors for suit and headbands too! The ninga's gole is to save Kira. His friend who disappeared in a battle between what looked like a Viking or a monster. Could have been a rival ninga too. You're ninga has to train so he can be ready to fight the beast that may have destroyed Kira. Even though Kira was a better ninga at first, Let's see if our ninga can change that and save their friend! We'll be legends! Play to find out what happened to the long lost ninga...Kira depends on it...
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3 years ago, the first review writer
Amazing game but one thing that’s sad
I deleted the game before so I wanted to download it again when I did I restarted to level 1 even though I don’t have a problem with that other people don’t like it. If you let the progress save there will be less bad reviews someone of them hate this game just because of that. Now I have some suggestions too! First, you should add more things people on a very high level would like more items and levels. Next, Exp is slow please speed it up. Then, You should add more belts too more characters more stories and stuff. Although it has a lot of things it needs to fix it’s a great game! You can interact with the ninja unlike other games! This is a good game but please fix things. -Eri
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4 years ago, Evvazz
Best game EVER!!!
I love this game so much!! Developer please read. (there is just one little problem that bugs me. Whenever I accidentally delete this app I decide to get the app again. When I get it again I hope that I have all my progress but I have to restart the entire game! So I hope that you can fix it. If you don’t like it I’m alright with it it’s just another idea that would make more people play it. I was also thinking of another idea that you should add, it should be were you can restart a little button in the corner or something.) Otherwise this game is soooo much fun! I totally recommend this game I give it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ because it’s so much fun. There are like no bugs or no glitches it’s wonderful!
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3 years ago, SmartGirl182
Amazing! Five stars to you!
This game is the best! You can dress up your ninja, play with him, watch him be clumsy 😂🤪, and train him. That’s about all that you can do.. It’s quite a good game, But lacking. In Clumsy Ninja 2, I would like you to make it to were we can feed our ninja, and also to where we can make our own food, and of course with a garden 🪴, so we can get are own vegetables. Another thing you could do is make it to were we can compete against other players, like in battles! Make a storyline too! Now that would make it even better. I’m all out of ideas 😆😌, so byeeee 👋 P.s. remember to listen to everyone’s ideas, please! Everyone’s opinion counts!
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5 years ago, Nik3762
Room for improvement
I like the game and it’s VERY cute BUT, The “shop” menu needs to be better organized. Things that cost money are slap in the middle of the training tools and the fact that is a scrolling ribbon makes it a mess. The chicken and the squirrel take a LOT to get for what they do. The “shop” menu arrow keeps bouncing even when u don’t have the level or the money to complete a purchase task and it’s annoying. Overall the ninja gets “trained” by doing the same 4 or 5 things over and over again to help gain XP which is gained painfully slow so the game is SLOW af! I don’t see when the missions are gonna become more exciting or being able to rescue Kira since I’m already bored with it. The only reason I haven’t deleted it is because it’s cute and I’m giving the developers time to DEVELOP it further.
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5 years ago, Tyron25569
Very calming and fun, but few bugs
This game is so amazing, and it puts a calming atmosphere to my day, and I really like all the things you can do in this game. But there are some bugs, like some of the items are invisible on my screen, and only a particle effect, or a part of it shows. Also sometimes the ninja might get stuck on an item and he/she won’t move until the player interacts with the ninja. Lastly, on the special trampolines (the ice and leaf one) sometimes the ninja does a special move, and then he/she would then fall even if he/she would fall in the middle of the trampoline, which is weird. But still I would recommend this app if you are having tough times
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12 months ago, run ballAna
Put it back to how it was!!!
I grew up playing this game and it is literally 3 AM right now and I just remembered that this game existed and I downloaded it smiling thinking back to the amazing memories I made as a kid laughing and playing his game. Then, I downloaded it and I see that everything is different. I NEVER leave reviews on games but this one hits really close to home so I’m going to leave one now. I am here genuinely asking you to put the game back to how it was. I downloaded it expecting to be hit with a wave of happy nostalgia and it was disappointing. It was way better how it was before and the reviews from 4 years ago can vouch for that. I don’t know if you game developers will even see this but it breaks my heart seeing my favorite childhood game changed like this. So please, do your girl a favor and give me back my childhood. From, - a 14 year old just wanting her childhood back
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5 years ago, watchman417
Clumsy Ninja TWO Maybe?
PLS PLS PLS READ! I LOVE this game! I had it on my IPad, but it’s really old so I had to start over on my phone. Upgrade One: Download data on other devices! I was REALLY close to getting on to level 52, but I had to start all over again when I was so close! I had to work for 3 MONTHS to get to 52. Upgrade Two: Small Xp up gain! Hundreds of people are complaining that the xp gain is a little too slow. Keep in mind, a LITTLE. Upgrade 3: More options! I’m afraid that I’ll get bored after level 55, so why not add more training items? Most complaints in this review are based on others: There are TONS of things that need to be upgraded! Upgrade Four: Motivation! This isn’t really a upgrade, But I and hundreds of others think Clumsy Ninja NEEDS to make a comeback! It made 10 MILLION downloads on the first week released, are you guys at NaturalMotion REALLY giving up? I bet with enough reviews and ideas, Clumsy Ninja 2 and beyond can go OVER 100 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! So come on! What are you waiting for? Time to put Clumsy and his friends in the limelight!
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4 years ago, Cassie ;D
Great Game....Until You Get to This Objective
This game is really good! I had a lot of fun playing it. In the beginning there were a lot of fun challenges to do. However after you complete the objective to master all the training items, that give you coins, there's no other clear objective afterwards. If you go to the objectives it just takes you photo album. When you get to the fourth book you will quickly realize that there are photos that are unlocked differently than the other photos (the other photos unlock when you reach a certain level). These "special unlock" photos have seemly no way to actually unlock even after earning the master suit and mastering all the training items.
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4 years ago, FrazierNoelZoey
Recovering game progress among other devices
Hello, I’ve had this game for what seems like forever. I love it! The graphics are good. The overall mission is great! But about a year ago I had this game on an iPhone of mine and the battery got too hot causing it to blow up. I thought to myself that it’ll be fine I’ll get all my game progress back and won’t have to start all over again. When I download the game again, I find out that you can’t get progress back on this game if on a new device and/or account. You should make a Facebook login or something like that to ensure progress recovery if something happens. Thank you for reading this! I hope you’ll take it into consideration!
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6 years ago, tsunamiThedragonet🙂
I love this game, just a few suggestions 🧐
I like it a lot! It’s super fun to play and it’s weird but I like running the ninja over with a trampoline 😏! Lol 😂 but it would be suuuupernice if you could like, make the ninja comically faint or something like that. Great game love it, also I feel like it kinda gets boring sometimes. When you are waiting for your ninja to level up, and the only way to complete a task is that way, like I’m stuck on “buy the red star ball” and I don’t have any 💎 so I cant skip the task so I have to level up,,,,,.... and waaaaaaait. Maybe a mini game or something would be kewl. Great game, rlly like it, but there could be improvements. Thanks, A girl on summer break. 🤩
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4 years ago, Panda_Oofees
I like this game I play it very often but... I was putting my Ninja(lily) to bed and I touched the lucky box thing which you get after each hour. I cleared my tabs because I thought I would get the daily reward for putting your ninja to bed (A Dream A Day) after opening the app again, but sadly it did NOT happen and my lucky box was gone, no prize, no anything. :( 4 stars ( Edit: I could not open the app and I was on LEVEL 20. EXTREMELY disappointing 2 stars 1 day after last edit... still not opening 😭 I was on level 20 something but now I can barely open the app 1 star Few days later... The app opened! 😃 All is good 5 stars
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6 years ago, 11sammy
I LOVE this game because I have wanted this game since I was in second grade and I am about to hit 6th grade and I finally got it and I 💝this game more than Minecraft and that is saying a lot! I think that you would like this game if y’all LOVE like throwing “people” around and leveling up. One problem is that they give you a mission like to use a tower and u just hit level 9 and u need to bee a level 10 to use a tower and u can skip that mission but... u have to use diamonds or money and that annoys me and I think u can fix that and make it easier to get diamonds! But I still LOVE this game more than any other game I have wich is 10 games not counting clumsy ninja! Have a good day
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3 years ago, all of the names our taken
I follow you guys on tik tok but I’ve been play this game a lot but as you currently post clumsy ninja at this time I would think you should make more things or maybe a number to this game came out 3 years ago and I think y’all can make a number 2 it would be so fun and if you actually read this it would really make my day I’ve admired your work such as clumsy ninja I played this a long time ago and still play it thsi game has loads of things and even has Chickens!? Amazing I love how you can change the avatar and stuff but I think a number 2 would be amazing and wonderful for clumsy ninja fans
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3 years ago, $$curry$$🏀🏈⚾️🥎⚽️🎾🏐🏉🥏🎱
I love it
I have been playing this game for a long time I play off and on ever since it came out I have always been looking forward to finding out everything but I would like there to be more updates since the last one was 2 years ago a nice fresh update bug fixes and maybe add some new stuff like where you can customize your ninja the ninja option is a color that not everyone is and I believe it will help younger audiences to see more options and to see anyone tall or small with many races and with all the new tech I think you could do it I believe in you guys and gals and your game I look forward to possibly seeing more of your game and hopefully updates. 👍🏽
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1 year ago, 💫 Zumi 💫
Recommended? Yes.
As I have read other reviews, I have figured out that this is a funny and nostalgic game. The training items that appear as you level up are great XP boosters, including items from past events. Also, I like the wide array of colors it offers for customizing your ninja, like a huge rainbow. My favorite part of playing this game is messing around with him, like throwing him around or tickling him. I have had this game on an old iPad, only for it to be deleted later (the iPad was shared). Now that I have my own iPad, I can play this game anytime, anywhere. Thank for making this game. ❤️
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3 years ago, Y A K W T F G O
Nice game but
Other than the bugs and stuff you see this game is great. My problem so far is just the missions. Example: I jus reached to level 13 to get the red ball for a mission. And then did all the following tasks after that. But then the mission right after required me to be level 14 for the pea shooter or I would have to spend money. I just reached level 13 and they already expect me to be level 14 for the next task. This has happened multiple times with missions. Another thing that gets on my nerves is training items don’t give you the gold after you master them. But still say they give you gold. In all I think that you should get gold no matter what task just because of the really expensive items in the game.
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5 months ago, squtrol
Amazing game (must play)
Amazing game no add I love this game. I’ve played it for like a year or so I just played every single day after school. It’s amazing every single time it reminds me of my friends so I think it’s a really good idea to download it. It’s really fun you should definitely buy it because as I said, it’s an amazing game especially for nine and up. It’s a little old for three but from four up it’s fine but other than that it’s great must play but there’s one problem you have to wait such a long time for the things that you use and I think they need to just change that. So if you could, then that would be amazing. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Gggfdjhh
I like the game but........
They want me to get the figure eight hoop and the flame hoop and make the ninja go through both at the same time with anti gravity potion on the ninja it’s impossible for ME to do it keep I trying but it does nothing. You can skip it for 2 diamonds but it’s not worth it! C’mon make missions easier this is a little kid game I’m 13 and I can’t pass some missions. Developers and please respond to this. Don’t get me wrong I like the game I just don’t like the hard missions. The developers even lied that this was a easy game for beginner gamers. I’m an experienced gamer and it’s hard for me to pass some of the missions. Once you make the missions easier I will update the review and give the one star ⭐️ back.
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2 years ago, Joe Joe Balony
Dear Clumsy Ninja
Ever since my life started, This game has been in my head and fulfilled my hearts desires. This has changed my life fully and could never destroy my sanity and will of change. As Steven Universe said “I can make a stand.” I can make a stand being and reviving this game from the stuck in generation 2010 Shackles, Will you be willing to help! Will you let it in? The pride the strength the feeling for Clumsy Ninja he feels so lonely and depressed. Fix that and download the ninja who changed our future, life, career. He brought us here today and will never destroy my Time and Dedication for him. I love him so much, Love Joe-Wills Monari
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4 years ago, Misty😸
Fun and satisfying! এএ
This game is really fun and is great to play on one of those really boring days. Some people complain and say you have to spend all your money if you want to play. NOT AT ALL! You can play this game and enjoy throwing the ninja across the screen for FREE! I have had this game for such a long time and it is one of those really addictive games that is just so much fun. Some people are complaining saying that the makers of the game update and then people lose their data. Not true! I have gone through all the updates and I still have my gems and coins still saved! No issues at all! So much fun I suggest you get! এএ
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6 years ago, gimme_a_martini
Has me cracking up!
Downloaded this game for something different. It was fun and cute in the beginning. That is until the purchase of the chicken. All of a sudden the chicken’s head pops into the screen close up on the side. Then I got the squirrel. OMG the squirrel has me in stiches! I am training my ninja and over comes the squirrel watching my ninja and emulating his moves. As if that wasn’t enough, he comes out of nowhere riding the chicken like a horse. My poor ninja fell off of the trampoline because I couldn’t stop watching the squirrel! They definitely need to add that screen shot to their pics. Wish I could attach a screen....truly hilarious.
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10 months ago, ✨yammy🍥
Ok so when I got my first iPad at the age of 5 my mom got me this game and omg I was in love with it according to my mother and my sister also had that game on her iPad when we were kids I realized “wait I am old I can get the games that I want” so I ended up remembering this game out of all games I had and omg no wonder I was so obsessed with this game ITS AMAZING! There is so much you can do there was no way I got bored of it but I had to delete it a few days after downloading it due to low storage but later today I picked to revisit it...did not regret, I don’t know what else to say except THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME!
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6 months ago, monky D Aiden
I 😍😍🥰 clumsy ninja it’s awesome
I think clumsy ninja is the best iPhone game ever I play it each day and it’s very hard to stop playing it there is a little bug that happens time to time I take a trampoline the ninja goes on the trampoline and his feet sink into the trampoline and when I move the trampoline the trampoline fly’s into the air and the clumsy ninja tumbles out of the air and falls on the ground rather than that the game is really cool and I love it that’s just a bug that happens time to time. I think you should buy the game, if you are buying the game all I’ll say is good luck 🍀 with your funny and hilarious great quest🥷🏻.
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2 years ago, jaybone malone
I ❤️ this game!
Heyo people! First of all, you should get this game! It has many possible things you could do from potions that do many things ( Ex: make your ninja float ) to chickens riding squirrels! There is beautiful music especially at the temple, sometimes while you are away, your ninja might get into some potions or balloons somehow! If you saw those comments saying how there game starts over, it hasn’t happened to me and I am at lvl 51 so I almost guarantee that it wouldn’t happen. This is my favorite game so please get it and share the fun with others! Thank you for reading this!
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3 years ago, cookie are yummy :3
Hello! I love this game so much and here is what I love most is when there are like no adds and of course the whole game but there is one small problem I was playing and all of a sudden the time for the second trampoline or punching bags made you wait for a very long time. I suggest for the second punching bag and trampoline to 5 mins. I’m only nine years old and I still love this game it’s like so addicting whenever I’m done with school I go straight to my iPad and play clumsy ninja I’m so happy you made this game! It’s perfect in my opinion and it’s like the best it’s my number one game! Thank you for making this game and have a nice day!
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2 years ago, HQS MARIE
Clumsy Ninja, an easy game especially during plane ride
Clumsy Ninja was one of my child hood games and I loved to play it on the plane when we visit NJ family a long time ago. It’s fun and easy. The hardest levels take skill. You keep practicing to be better. “Practice makes perfect.“ My mom says, everybody says (mostly). You can put your kid Clumsy to sleep, play with him and unlock 2 new characters! Lilly, Kira’s sister is between level 3 to level 5. Kira, Lilly’s sisters is level 50 but now over level 50. Belts are earned every 5 levels. You start with red and your next belt is blue.
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