CNB Mobile Online Banking

4.4 (2.1K)
28.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Canandaigua National Bank and Trust
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CNB Mobile Online Banking

4.45 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, lawless88
Update please
My bank account balance is never up to current date. Sometimes it takes day for my balance to be correct. I’ve had this app now for over a year and nothing has changed. It’s out of date and Is in efficient. I wish they would just update it in any way! Updates have been made. I’m no longer having the problems I had before but I definitely think they could up date this app to be more user friendly
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5 years ago, Ru4grACE
Easy & Secure
What I like about this App is the intuitive design. Menu options are comprehensive and replete with instructions, such as mobile deposit requirements. Registry entries are handled in such a way that you know exactly what is going on with your accounts. Customer service is just a touch away and emails are answered in a timely fashion. Load time is fast when in WIFI but if you have used up your high speed data, like I often do, load time is slow and sometimes unresponsive, but that could be my device, iPhone 7. Easy cross account activity is a great option when you need to Bank on the run or need to cover other accounts for pending debits. Nicely done. Thank you for giving me the option to access my finances from anywhere in the World.
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1 year ago, TheMomx3
Love CNB online
Great APP that allows you to do the basics w ease; budgeting tools w reminders, reports on spending that can be saved and printed, downloadable files to Excel. They are rarely down for updates but when they are it’s at a decent time, and the site always runs like a dream, no hiccups. I love keeping my money local, and the people that work there are always kind, helpful, and from the small community where they are located. If I’ve ever gotten stuck w an error I’ve made, they’ve always been great helping me help myself. Customer service at the 800# is top notch. No matter how many times I’ve had to call, I can count on the same few people to be there for me, and they’re there for years! So refreshing.
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4 years ago, K.a.t.8888
Excellent app!
Love the ease of use! CNB is the best in locally-based banking. The branch staff people are extremely customer oriented and knowledgeable. The people in the call center are equally helpful and are great with follow through. They helped me as I learned the intricacies of the app. I only regret that I discovered the benefits of banking with CNB only within the past few years. This after Marine Midland was taken over by HSBC, which then sold off the local branches to First Niagara, which then turned into 5 Star (I think), selling our mortgage several times along the way. CNB will never sell our mortgage, which gives me a sense of security knowing that local people are responsive and caring about their customers. By the way, the app is great!
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4 years ago, dml2016
Excellent bank
Since the 70’s I was only with one local Rochester bank. Never any issues, good service. Back about 5-6 years ago I received advertising in the mail for CNB and I decided to open a direct deposit account, actually I have 2 checking accounts with the bank and I also had an auto loan at one point. Needless to say it’s 2020 and I’m still a loyal customer! (I closed out my other bank) the CNB customer service people are sooo nice and accommodating regardless of the location I stop at! I always recommend CNB to family and friends. They have longer hours than most local banks which is very important to me. Thanks CNB- keep up the great job!!
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4 years ago, rvollmar
Never up to current date which is frusturating
It takes at least two days and at most 4 days for deposits and withdrawals to appear in the app. This is very irritating when trying to confirm my bank account and I have to answer how much money was deposited in my account. Almost all banks have apps with fast processing and I don’t understand why Canandaigua Bank won’t update to fix this. I should be able to know how much money is in my bank account at all times. This problem right here ruins the app for me since there isn’t much I look for in a banking app except being able to see my balance and where money was withdrawal and deposited. If this information is delayed, then this obviously plays a big factor in my reasoning for whether or not I’m satisfied with a banking app.
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2 months ago, TammytammyBoBammy
No access to Mobile Deposits
I have been frustrated for years with not being able to see the mobile deposits I’ve created. It was only today, speaking to a customer service representative, that I was made aware these were not located within the account, but in a separate online activity tab, accessed through the main menu. However, they only have the transactions from the current year. I’m taking an actual picture of the check(s) being deposited into my account, yet I can’t access the previous year? The Two-Month-Ago-Last-Year? I would love to see this updated to be a truly useful tool.
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3 years ago, SupermanHasFallen
Not Like The Rest
I’ve worked with multiple credit unions they’ve all had the same white label app. CNBs is much better. On the other bank apps I’d have to log out and log back in to view my personal and business accounts. With theirs I can see everything all at once, including balances. Their mobile app functions much like their browser app, making it more powerful and more consistent than the others as well. Unrelated to the app, CNBs staff has also proven to be better trained and quicker to respond than any other bank I’ve used in the past, small or large.
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5 years ago, vjt113
It’s ok, with basic functionality. Getting set up on it is truly a pain - you basically have to give the blood of your first born in order to get access to your account. I can appreciate the layers of authentication, but it’s also a bit antiquated. I dislike the fact that you can’t get your full account number anywhere on the app, and you can’t get a direct deposit form anywhere. We had to go into a branch and have temporary checks printed in order to get direct deposit set up. Both ESL and Chase have this functionality right in their apps, along with on their online banking sites. Overall, the app functions well, but it’s time for CNB to get into the 21st century.
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2 years ago, Sunshine 449
CNB app
I must admit I have had many issues with the CNB app on my IPad. It freezes frequently and many times when I sign on and the status bar goes across the screen, the app disappears making it necessary to sign in again and again. I love CNB but wish the app was more reliable. I almost always use the app on my iPad and not my phone so I’m not sure if these problems exist on the phone also. This is the umteenth you have asked me to rate and the comments listed above keep showing up. But, nothing has changed (including the comments I made above months ago) "??????????????
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4 years ago, jberke91
Not that user friendly. My checking went negative and the way it was written made it hard to tell. Also was trying to find my routing and account number and couldn’t find it on the app so I had to go home and get my records. Otherwise it’s okay. Also doesn’t show pending charges and for someone like myself and millions of other Americans; I work paycheck to pay check and not showing the PENDING transactions and subtracting them right away instead of when it goes through makes it super easy to overdraft. Somehow I over drafted even though my available and current balance was $75. Please update and fix app, definitely a deal breaker on the account.
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2 years ago, Mama stephany
I got my truck payment through CNB and they make it easy for me to pay it - my paycheck goes in easy for direct deposit and then I can see my truck payment and activity through that through the app. Which lets me know where I am at and how much I still owe and lets me do things through the app that I would usually have to go in for. Love the bank, love the app, all around good place to go!
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11 months ago, PhotoguyD38
Dependable app
I have been using the app from version 1 and it has steadily improved and is now very reliable. The primary feature I use the most is mobile deposits. It would be a time saver to move that function to a primary screen and off of the transactions menu. Consider that a feature request. And while you are at it add automatic camera grab, like how M&T does it in their app.
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1 year ago, FuzzyWhipple
Great app to access my accounts!
As customer and employee, this is our best app yet! The app allows me quick access to my accounts, transfer, bill payments, check deposit and more. This app is much easier to use than previous versions and provides new functionality and ease of use. I recommend this app to anyone who has accounts at CNB!
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5 years ago, Dochooley
Very useful
In my 50’s now and I can have some struggles with tech changes. So I held off on banking apps given it is your personal assets/ fear of safety etc. But it has been as safe as carrying credit cards that can be lost etc. Functionally the app is pretty well functioning. Keeps me up to speed as to the most accurate balances and so much easier than once monthly paper statements. Easy for us old people to intuitively use.
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5 years ago, Katily =^•^=
“Network connectivity issues”
Wow, I have never had the troubles that other reviewers have had until now. Have used CNB and this app and been very pleased for years! Now suddenly for the past week I cannot log in to the app at all. Not once. Touch ID or typing password makes no difference, it runs a loading dial and finally ends with a notice saying “the network connection was lost”. Right now it is incredibly frustrating and entirely useless. Hope they repair whatever is the issue quickly.
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3 months ago, Souixb
Mixed bag
The app is easy to use and very convenient. The website not so much. It’s very hard to reconcile the checking account as there’s no way to check off the transactions that have cleared. It’s very confusing. I know there are much easier ways to do it fortunately, your people are great. With some minor changes to the website, I would be happy to give a five star review.
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12 months ago, hfjrirhg
As the title suggests, the application is clunky and not in step with modern web applications. Opening additional windows, really? Difficult to find features. And, I usually use Chrome and this application doesn’t even run on Chrome. I spent many years in software development; if a web application couldn’t run on Explorer or Chrome, we had a few hours to fix it. It’s been months and it still isn’t fixed. That speaks volumes.
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4 years ago, rytsa
My CNB App is my lifeline in a sense. I’m a single mother to two kids. My daughter is a senior in college and my son is a senior in High School. I’m able to easily track all my bills and spending. That is a huge time saver but my favorite feature is Transfer Funds. With my daughter being at college six hours away, I’ve always had peace of mind that I can get her money immediately if she needs it. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Kris M S W
Canandaigua National Bank
We’ve been with this bank over 20 years. We receive prompt notifications of potential fraud. Their transactions are easy to set up. The only thing I don’t like is when you set up a recurring transfer and later cancel it. All the cancelled ones show up which is confusing. Their customer is always helpful.
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6 months ago, Unseasoned traveler
User friendly
Very easy to Navigate. Use it daily to check balance, pay bills, transfer money between accounts. Don’t usually experience any problems but when I have customer service has been friendly and prompt. Use app on multiple devices
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4 years ago, Humble Noodle
Great app :)
This app is super easy to use and makes keeping track of my account a lot easier. I’ve never had a problem and love that everything is organized in a way that makes sense and is accessible. If I were to suggest any changes, which I don’t think are super necessary, maybe just a smoother/updated user interface, but it’s great how it is :)
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5 years ago, Crushmycandy
Overall the app works well, I don’t have too many complaints except one that stands out but not for just this bank but all banking apps, lets find a way to show what you actually have, instead of guessing till the app catches up and gives you a correct reading. For example if I pay a bill but it doesn’t come out for two days show me what my available balance, because sometimes human error happens and you don’t know and now you overdrafted
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1 year ago, Anarcho-Engineer
Menu system could use some work
Mostly a great app. I like being able to reach customer service quickly. The only snag for me is the menu system. Sometimes finding a setting is difficult, or changing something on my profile is blocked out and need to reach customer service.
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8 months ago, Jamescpa
CNB Mobil deposit
The app is one of the best ever. I work from a home office as a CPA and during COVID time, my face to face contact is very limited thanks to electronic options for girl transfer and signatures. This is just one more option for safety as I can deposit my receipts from my home office, easy peezy. Once again I rely on the app for easy transaction entry. Good to go.
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3 years ago, Milt2
Can mobile deposit large checks
Recently I had to deposit a void check from my IRA into my checking account. I tried to deposit in another bank first but was limited to only $10,000 per day. CNB allowed me to mobile deposit the entire check which took a lot of stress off. It took only a couple of days to clear.
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4 years ago, zydwgcd
It’s just a banking app...
As far as banking apps go, if all you want to do is keep track of deposits, then this app will work. If you want to do some of the other transactions like manipulating your bill pay, then you will have to wait. I have been doing that with other banks for YEARS. This app falls short of being one that I’d recommend. In a day and age where online banking is promoted as a requirement for its convenience to its customers, I would expect that they would put a considerable greater effort in ensuring this app can do it.
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1 year ago, inlet 2007
This app is very helpful especially since my wife and I have access to each other’s accounts and can swap money online rather than going in person to the bank. Oh and by the way we moved away from the area but left our money with them because we trust them!
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2 years ago, Gonzalez Oquendo
Finally found the Bank of my Dreams.
Staff is the best!! Sylvia, bank manager, Kelsey and Therushan, customer service, have always been supportive and most helpful. Matt Melia, financial advisor, has created a plan that included my needs and goals in a clear and supportive manner. The teller staff are engaged and professional; and always supportive. And the coffee is great! I’m glad I’m with CNB.
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3 months ago, tinalombardilmhc
Easy to use
CN Bank has a great website and great app that are easy for customers to use. I can easily find transactions, make transfers, and deposit checks. They also get back to you quickly if you submit a question through their messaging system.
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4 years ago, Miley Seiler
Needs an upgrade
The CNB mobile app could use an upgrade for its users. I don’t like the fact my transactions are not instantly available to view including pending purchases. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app, however, or with the bank. I also wish it allowed for mobile deposits and easier access to transfer money between a CNB account and a non-CNB account. So my overall rating of this app’s alright.
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12 months ago, bil55555
One, make that 2 complaints
My only complaint is that sometimes it takes a long time to load. The time out should probably be shorter. I usually shut app off and start over. 2. Every nick name was taken. Let us enter without or make a random number. I entered 5 so far.
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6 days ago, Just Russ Springwatet
Very nice and EZ
This is a very good app. It’s easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I enjoy following my checking account balance and knowing exactly when a check has been cashed. Transferring funds from one account to another is easy and fast. Nothing bad to say... all good😀
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4 years ago, Dcnewcomb
Great app
Intuitive, easy to navigate. Well done. I like this app. My only issue is the check deposit function is very temperamental. Difficult to get the photos. Always end up taking manually. My other check deposit seems to accomplish this with ease
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6 years ago, Canandaiguaj
Worst Banking App Ever
I have other banking apps that work perfectly but this one is horrible. I use Apple products and am now getting network connectivity messages: server cannot be reached at this time when I attempt to log in. I can log in via the CNB web site but not using the app. A month ago, I could log in but it took 5 minutes or longer for the site to pop up and then another 5 minutes for bill pay to pop up. Just horrible for this Community Bank.
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1 year ago, KLP110966
Love the CNB App!
We have been CNB customers for over 15 yrs. We have been living in SC for the past 9 yrs and still do not have a local bank. There is no need when the CNB App allows you to bank remotely. They have everything and more than any of the national banks. I will be a customer forever!
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5 years ago, missybatabas
App review
The app is not up to date for real time. Yesterday I had $1500 worth of bills come out, and here we are the next day more than 24 hours later and it still not showing. It makes it confusing, when you check your bank account all the time and then you check your cards, and they have been paid but it’s not showing in the bank account on this app
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3 months ago, Tim 8484
CNB Mobile App Review
I love the CNB Mobile App. It is extremely intuitive, and very easy to use. I am able to find the information I need and execute the online banking I want with ease, and without being confused. The menus are basic and logical. I wouldn’t change a thing !! 👍🏼.
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4 years ago, JSO6P
Mobile deposit is quirky.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I keep my apps up to date, and it freezes all the time while depositing via my (not out of date) mobile device. Sometimes it goes through while frozen, and sometimes it doesn’’s really irritating because it’s another thing to keep track of and check up on. It’s much easier for me to save my checks and go in to the brick and mortar buildings to make deposits.
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2 years ago, petermmcc
Functional App
This app has basic functionality. I use it mainly to do mobile deposit of checks. There was a period recently when mobile deposit wasn’t available in the app, but that was probably more of an issue with the above app systems than the app itself.
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4 years ago, Sue FG
Using for a year
This app has been very reliable for over a year. No issues with inability to access balances. All my accounts are present. I like the ability to see a scan of the actual check when I forget who I paid a certain amount to. Great app.
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5 years ago, gobills1991
This would be cutting edge if it were 1996
This would be cutting edge if it were 1996. Your loans are set up as accounts and rather than select “pay bill” it asks if you want to transfer money to that account. No confirmation that the bill was paid, nothing that you’d see from any finance app from this decade. We did our banking here for one month only because we had to wait for HR to switch out direct deposit back to our previous institution.
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4 years ago, cradlecats
Easy to use, streamlined and a great way to manage my accounts. I’ve never had an issue with connectivity and transfers happen instantly between my CNB accounts. Very pleased with Bill Pay, and happy that their new update allows virtual check deposit. Love my bank!
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4 years ago, rjs14610
I like the app fine. My only complaint is I very strongly dislike that you roll in the LOC funds into total funds available, etc. You do it differently on the ATM receipts now. I think it’s deceiving. I want to know my balance prior to the deposit and my balance after the recent deposit clears. Period
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4 years ago, jammjm
Need to have a log-off or shut-down be AUTOMATIC so that, if one leaves the app by hitting the “home” button on an iPhone, whomever picks up my iPhone MUST enter UN, but at least password for entry into bank account(s) data. Right now, after leaving the app with, let’s say, accounts with dollar totals visible, anyone going back to the app would have full access to account(s) and transaction options = NOT good.
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1 year ago, Bob3564
Great Bank App
Love the touch to authorize feature. Love setting up transactions from phone. Love seeing transactions immediately. Love facial recognition feature Wish I could see photo of checks that were deposited to my account Bob Taylor
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6 months ago, Brianka_1961
Banking made easy
I can do most of my banking online and so easily with this app, from transfers to check deposits. I haven’t encountered a single hiccup or problem in all the years that I’ve been using it.
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8 months ago, cwawr
Excellent app
I like how easy this app is to move around and find things quickly. I can always find what I am looking for: see specific checks, get my statements, see the past week’s charges, etc.
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1 year ago, Juleshearts
Easy to use.
The CNB app is easy to use. It have ample menu options. The only draw back is that there is one access to a very limited amount of e statements. And it is difficult to search for things.
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3 years ago, DougG17
I would be absolutely lost without this app I use this app every day. It is fast, and always correct. Everything that can be done at the bank can be done with this app at any time day or night seven days a week, twenty four hours a day My thanks to Canandaigua National Bank.
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