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Coast Central Credit Union, Inc.
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User Reviews for Coast Central Mobile

4.61 out of 5
1K Ratings
12 months ago, Minecraft by 1337
Extremely helpful.
I’ve been a customer of coast central for the last 7 years and I haven’t regretted my decision with joining them. They have great customer service and the app is not too flashy. I know where my money is and how much and I can transfer and all the other metrics that are important to me. I appreciate them keeping it simple, ad free, easily accessible and give me plenty of options and the app never really bugs out. Having a credit card with them adds the account and you can always see your limit and figure out how much left you can spend and what you need to pay off. I am able to name the different accounts whatever I want which makes it more fun to save and deposit when I hear the teller say, “Would you like in the f around money account?” Brings a smile to everyone and makes it a great experience everytime.
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5 years ago, T Murphy CCCU
Works great on iPhone 8
I use this app on my iPhone without any issues. Transferring between accounts, paying bills, & viewing transactions are all easy and smooth. I like that the accounts don’t take up a lot of space; I can view my 5 accounts without needing to scroll. I’m happy that it includes fingerprint logins. I also enjoy that I can rearrange the order of the accounts, that’s a nice touch. :) Visually it could probably be ‘spruced up’ cosmetically, but that doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as functionality. I’d say the main thing I’d like to see added is a ‘view your credit score’ section.
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2 years ago, ilickwindows
Honestly, not bad.
I’ve been using the Coast Central banking app for a few months now, and it hasn’t let me down once. It does everything I need it to very easily. The layout is simple and easily navigable, and doesn’t have horrendous load times. The only issue I’m having lately is the FaceID function is only available about half the time, but that’s not something that bothers me too much, just mildly inconveniencing when I’m trying to check my accounts quickly. Other than that, I really like the app.
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2 years ago, IKJAFWON's Nana
Easy to use
The Coast Central Credit Union app is one of the easiest I have used. Moving between accounts whether just checking amounts or transferring from one account to another is extremely easy. Using the Flash Deposit has been great during this time of trying to stay safe and was very clear and straight forward on what steps to take while making the deposit.
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3 years ago, stelllabb
Simple, not complicated, bare minimum
I love how simple this app is to use. It’s user friendly but don’t expect miracles. I’m so glad that coast central finally got their app up and running efficiently. I love having access to my account at all times. They have an option to save the accounts you regularly transfer to and being able to make transfers to my partner easily(who also has a cccu account) is a breeze! It is a bit difficult to find the routing and account number though, still haven’t figured this one out.
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1 year ago, Cindybvg
CCCU Flash Deposits
Because of the long wait times and a lot of new people, it hasn’t been great going into the bank. I love this app for depositing my paycheck. I don’t even have to worry about driving by the bank to use the teller machines, which have lots of glare and are too high and far away from the car. Maybe a truck lane and a car lane??? This app has been super easy to use. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Mark8755
Have been using this app. since I have been a member in 2007. It’s easy to use, gives me real time up to date balances and expenditures, as well as automatically taking funds from one account to checking if I overspend. Customer service is fast and gracious and the bill pay function is fantastic. I now live in another state but I still do my banking here and have never had a problem. Keep up the good work
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1 year ago, SA Pedersen
Coast Central Credit Union
I like using a a small community bank or credit union. They are always very helpful when I forget things and need unlock my account. Always friendly and don’t mind talking to you even if it takes a while for me to get things done. They make you feel like they care which I am sure they do because it’s a customer own Bank.
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3 years ago, O C D Cycles
Such a time saver!
I have used the C. C. C. U. website for years, checking balances, transferring funds etc. However, when I needed to deposit a check I always drove to my local branch. When I heard about “Check Flash” I installed the mobile app and immediately saved myself the 20 mile trip to town. The only downside is that I don’t get to see the friendly staff at the branch as often.
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12 months ago, heir2glory
Where do I start? There’s so many good things to say about the app but I’ll keep it simple and short whoever created this app had a wide range of people in mind the layout on it is perfect and even a child could operate it and yet it still remains professional looking. Outstanding good job patch self on the back. Have a good day.
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1 month ago, Nickname?Lame
Can’t manage my mortgage account
I’m disappointed that I am unable to put money towards the principal on my mortgage from this app. Even by going into a branch I am unable to set up a regular payment towards my principal. Any additional payment made to my mortgage goes towards interest unless I direct it over the phone or in person. It’s as if you don’t want me to be able to easily put money towards the principal. I should be able to move my money around as I see fit.
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3 years ago, Lms107
It’s alright. Would like more colors and headings to help making areas more prevalent and easy to find. Also the app symbol on my iPhone among all my other apps isn’t very eye catching and I often have to look for it over and over again because it falls into the background. I don’t like how when I sign into one account it shows all my accounts. Would prefer different log ins or option to separate accounts into different log ins. Works pretty good as far as functionality.
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1 year ago, Stephanie Alexandre
Quick and easy deposits!!
Thanks for making it so easy to do a check deposits. Save us time running from our farm to town to make sure funds get into our account. Setting up a auto transfer was easy too as well as checking account balances. We love this app!
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1 year ago, Sherorick
Easy and safe to use
I use my app daily. I am able to check my accounts and pay bills all at the same time. I get alerts if something happens which I really like. I have been with Coast Central for over 20 years and always get personalized, friendly service. It’s just perfect.
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1 year ago, JBGeog
Makes life a little bit easier
I use the flash mobile deposit feature for income that’s not direct deposited. Saves me trips into the bank. Also, when I do have to go in to speak with a teller, they are always super friendly and helpful at every location I frequent.
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3 months ago, ephets1
So convenient!
Being away from our bank, this app is fabulous. Easy to use and so much better than “snail mail” We are happy with the app. It works for us And we have kept the account even though We moved away. Also, great service bank!
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2 years ago, Gorely1985
Works well overall
I love how easy the app is to use overall as well as the intuitive interface it has. It’s not broke, so please do not fix it. There are a very few and tiny changes it needs, and at the top of my head I can’t even remember what they are.
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2 months ago, cmc343
I love the Coast Central credit Union app. It makes it so much easier to manage my bank account. Once in a while, I have to turn off my phone and reboot it but that is because of my phone I like that I can use my Face ID so I don’t have to put in mypassword every time. Keep it up CCU merry Christmas.
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4 years ago, TMurphy_707
Works great!
I use this mobile banking app often and I’ve never had any issues with it. It’s very easy to make transfers or learn more about my accounts. I also really appreciate that I can make multiple transfers (payments) to my CCCU credit card in one day. (Another bank I use only allows one per day.)
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3 years ago, Dontblendin
Busy, distracting, ad filled
Personally, I want to spend the least amount of time on my phone especially when it comes to financial apps and moving money. The CCCU app is one promotional banner after the next. It's messy, cumbersome and I dread every time I need to use it to check a balance or move money between accounts. 3 stars for functionality, 1 star for layout and content.
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1 year ago, MissTishtheDish
Definitely #1
I dont think theres anything this app doesnt do! I mean i barely have to physically enter the bank at all. I think Ive only had to go into the bank twice in the last year. This app makes almost all bank errands disappear and i appreciate that!
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2 years ago, DCROSS707
Literally handle all of my business on this app. From paying bills to sending money to friends and family. Also, I access my credit card rewards instantly. This app allows me to wire my funds to my landlord in one click of a button. Love this app!
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1 year ago, Hupa Rose
It’s very convenient to have this app when needing to transfer between accounts or to other local members! Saves a trip to the bank or comes in handy when it’s not open business hours!
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8 months ago, No Name 675645
User Friendly
This is just the easiest app to use for viewing account balances, transferring funds, or making payments. The credit union does it again! Big banks could learn a lot from credit unions…Coast Central Credit Union in particular.
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2 years ago, Nana Lolly
I depend on my Coast Central App.
This new app enables me to do the majority of my banking in the comfort of my home, on the couch, on my phone. I can honestly say the inconvenient interruption last year during Coast Central’s upgrade was worth it. The app provides a reliable secure banking experience. Thank you.
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7 months ago, D. Whytefeather
Overall pretty good and convenient but one not to the developers is the constant problem of the accounts wanting to move and change order when you touch them. There should be a way to lock in place once order has been established.
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2 years ago, Ginger Jade
Satisfied member
This app functions really well and gives me access to my account at my fingertips. It makes it really easy to transfer funds between members and many more features that are a necessity for me. Thank you Coast Central Credit Union!
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1 year ago, Lechca
Good app!
I have had CCCU accounts for many many years. Even after I moved to Redding I kept the accounts. If I need to go in to the bank, I go to Weaverville. I have always been happy with your service, so I can’t bring myself to change😊
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3 years ago, windywave
Nice ( - now)
I finally was able to configure security out of my password manager (Lastpass). Until now, login has been less than “friction free” as I’ve had to toggle back and forth between lp and cccu. Probably just a user learning experience. But now, and for all other performance, the app is great.
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1 year ago, njoyurday
Menu needs adjustments
The menu doesn’t give real specific options. It was a bit difficult trying to figure out which heading to pick from. I didn’t know how to find out where each transaction was shown.. other than that I love it.
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3 years ago, Tronaldd Dump
Poor functionality
Check flash deposit doesn’t work. Went to the local branch and tried to resolve. The teller was very kind and wanted to help but didn’t know how. Also tried transferring funds to another members account. Couldn’t get it to work because the other persons account was a “trust”. Very frustrating to have to visit the local branch to complete deposits and transfers every time the mobile app fails to function as designed.
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3 years ago, Caralexia
Only a couple glitchy things
Great and convenient 90% of the time, but sometimes it’ll take like 10 tries to use check flash deposit. It’ll get all the way through the process and then log me out of the app instead of submitting. Mild annoyance considering I still get to deposit a check from anywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️
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1 year ago, BirdieRose1506
Checkflash deposit doesn’t work
I live in a different state and depend entirely upon the checkflash deposit for my money. For the past several checks it just doesn’t accept the photos and automatically logs me off the app. I have to sign in AGAIN. I try to upload the photos and it logs me out again! And again! And AGAIN!! I’m sure there are a lot of people who use that feature. Please for the love of god, fix it!!! I literally cannot access my money.
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2 years ago, HonestGruntReviews
The check flash deposit was a big plus since they processed stuff faster than most banks. However, the feature has been broken and will not work properly not allowing me to deposit checks to my account. It’s an easy solve but highly inconvenient. Please fix this feature.
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1 year ago, Cyndy740
A life saving app
This app allowed me to take care of all my banking details, including full account access and both automatic and new individual bill payments while traveling internationally. No glitches. Truly a life saver!
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11 months ago, Bre fre
Easy to us
CCCU app is extremely beneficial to me and easy to use which I like. There are a few things from time to time that I have to call for, but other than that nothing that would prevent me from use the app as I use it at least four times a week. Brenda F.
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1 year ago, Fully530
Great app
Serves every purpose I’ve needed it for and it’s convenient being able to transfer money to accounts on the go, sometimes an atm isn’t always available here in my town
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1 year ago, SHB1969
My favorite financial app!
I utilize a number of banking and various other financial apps and this is by far my favorite. It doors everything I want with just one or two taps. I wish all my apps were this fast and easy.
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1 year ago, RikaCM
One of the best banking apps!
Its ease of use, having account balances at your fingertips make me a fan for life. With every upgrade, the app is more secure and easier to use. Thank you tech team and developers!
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3 years ago, Ben02181979
Simply Works
This app does what it’s supposed to do and I haven’t had any errors with it yet. I don’t use the app much other than to check my balances, transfer funds, and deposit checks. The biometrics security system (thumb print or Face ID) is very convenient.
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3 years ago, good💓💓😁😁
20 years w/ bank
App is easy to use and shows my account info as well as my children’s accounts. Accounts are easy to navigate and transfer funds.
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2 years ago, 707CW
Check flash deposit is horrible
The check flash deposit is horrible. Super finicky, have to try multiple times, doesn’t like to do multiple checks. Contact CCCU multiple times and no better. Have logged out and in even reinstalled the app several times per their request… it’s a joke. About ready to take my business elsewhere.
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3 years ago, meowzerina
Easy to use
I’ve gotten familiar with this app and feel comfortable using it. Occasionally, I look for information within it and have trouble finding it, but generally it’s well-designed and easy to use. Depositing checks is easy.
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2 years ago, lyingsmile8977
Favorite bank!
I had chase bank and kept getting jerked around on why I had unauthorized transactions on my account. So I switch to CCCU and it’s my favorite bank now, haven’t had any problems.
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1 year ago, Ms Cearley
Coast Central App
I love this East to use app for my online banking ! Using this makes everything so easy for me and although I love my bank people it’s nice to be able to do mostly all of my banking online ! Thank you CCCU ❣️
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3 years ago, meximoan
Works well but wish there were more settings
Overall app works well and gets the job done. It would be nice to have a setting where I can be alerted when a deposit has been made and went specific amount of a withdrawal is taken out.
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1 year ago, ...Pensive1...
Coast Central a wonderful community credit union
The staff at many locations are generally very pleasant to work with. Personable, friendly and attentive customer service. The credit union offers good products and competitive rates.
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1 year ago, mcmare06
5 Star
Always easy to use. Transfers and deposits are so simple to do, even someone like me that is not tech savvy can do it. Employees are always friendly when I go into the cashier.
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1 year ago, Tsing'
Making Banking Easy
I appreciate how easy this app makes banking. Checking my balance, doing transfers or accessing necessary info immediately. It also seems pretty secure.
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1 year ago, Bethie8403
Online banking
Bill pay system is archaic. When transferring to another member you should have member number, sub type, if it’s a checking or savings, and then last 3 of name. It feels like your going back and forth. If we change the name of an account in OLB it should reflect the same for the MSR.
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