Coastal Credit Union

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Coastal Federal Credit Union
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Coastal Credit Union

4.8 out of 5
18.4K Ratings
2 years ago, GDoug927
Won’t Work [EDIT: fixed]
Have tried uninstalling and redownloading several times but I can’t get past the login screen. Sits on a spinning wheel for a minute or so then gives a connection error pop up. EDIT Was able to get the issue resolved thanks to a support agent. For anyone else having the issue I had, here’s what they had me do and it worked: Uninstall the app. Go to settings and delete any extra keyboards that aren’t English US and Emoji. Restart phone. Go back to settings, set language to UK English and add that keyboard to phone. Reinstall app and attempt to login.
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1 year ago, Yeahitwasme
One of the worst apps on the planet
I saw another review before posting this one where tech support had the most convoluted workaround, deleting the app, deleting extra keyboard languages, changing the phones system language. That just feels like a few steps short of spinning around 3 times then chanting “make a payment” into a mirror with the lights off. Saving your log in to use FaceID takes a some extra steps but that’s not an issue, trouble is it doesn’t work right. It will launch faceid multiple times while it’s logging in, “we’re sorry we were unable to validate your information” pops up after you’re logged in, kicks you back to the log in screen and when you try to log in again “if you switch usernames it’ll delete the old profile from this device blah blah blah”. If you manage to get far enough to make a payment on a loan, clicking submit payment just glitches out the screen, clears everything you’ve entered and doesn’t give any kind of indication a payment was submitted. You have to log in on another device to check payment history.
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8 months ago, ChloeSophiaBrazos
Improved but still needs work
I like the new version of the Coastal app with a couple of exceptions. For reference, this has been my experience on an iPhone 11 & iPhone ProMax. Things I like: 1. Users now have the ability to stop a *single* reoccurring payment in Bill Pay. 2. I also really appreciate how very easy it is to deposit a check! Things that need work: 1. it is very slow to load (regardless of how much signal I have) 2. The facial rec feature often makes me log in twice and gives me an error message. (?) 3. The “Accounts” button on the drop down menu doesn’t take you to a list of accounts as I would have expected. Or to be precise, it takes you to two accounts. - To get where you can see a list of accounts, you have to choose the Home button on the drop down menu. Perhaps the current drop down Accounts button should be renamed?
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3 years ago, Elijah Nacita
It’s 2020 people!
Whoever Coastal hired to make this app needs to be fired. That or the person making the decisions on how the app should run is stuck in the dark ages. This app is absolutely horrendous. The graphics and functionality is 10 years old and it still doesn’t have the update for FaceID. It’s mind blowing that a bank of this size can’t get it together. I legit have wanted to leave Coastal simply because of this app. My personal bank account will not be moving due to this app. Currently looking for a new bank for business account. Edit. The update is still unbelievably slow and light years behind everyone else. The check deposit works 1 out of every 3 times. I have to close the app at least twice for it to work and the stupid recaptcha is one of those that you get wrong one time and locks you out. I waited this long and it didn’t deliver. Time to move to a new bank. ALSO. Be careful of these reviews. Some came out of nowhere and I’m not so sure they are real. Look how many 1-3 star reviews there are. How can this have 5 stars??
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1 year ago, Ptick16
Not every customer lives in the US.
I've been asking my bank for years, if I can attach my phone number from Germany to my account. So I can receive messages, and for account verification. Each time, I'm told no. This forces me to use a family members number, because I do not have a U.S. telephone number. So, whenever I wish to do any banking online, my verification codes are sent to a number I do not have access to, and I am forced to call to get it. This is EXTREMELY inconvenient. I can also skip that part, and answer a slew of additional security questions. But, even with the security questions answered, I am sometimes denied access to my account. Today, people live all over the world, and I find Coastal to be lacking in terms of customer service by not letting customers associate their accounts to phone numbers of the country that they live in, outside the US.
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2 years ago, Christymro
Lots of great features, but…
The only reason I give it four stars is because I’d love for the bill pay function to be more robust on the mobile app. Also, the functionality of that system was actually made worse with the new system rollout. Users used to be able to set a particular account (joint checking, maybe your kid’s checking account, or another account set up for someone’s business) from which the money is withdrawn for EACH payee. Now, that functionality has been removed so each time you go to pay bill, you have to be careful and make sure you’re withdrawing the money from the correct account. This has burned us several times.
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5 months ago, msharp
The new update: still Slow, badly organized, hard to use
This app is incredibly slow. It takes over a quarter of a minute to launch and be ready on my iPhone 12 Pro Max with a WiFi 6 connection. Any other baking all I’ve used is ready in mere seconds. The Home Screen is basically useless, it’s marketing content instead of account information. When you finally get to data it looks like a web page. The mobile check deposit is missing the key feature of detecting the shape of the check and automatically taking a picture, something in all the other banking apps I’ve used. I suggest the authors take a good look at the very helpful Apple User Interface Guidelines for the next version. Also read up on Lazy Initialization to speed up launch.
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3 years ago, Teddycatnc
Not Perfect, but MUCH better
I’ve been with Coastal for 20 years, and I was just about ready to move on because their app was just horrible. This update is a definite, huge step forward. It used to take forever to login, but with this new app, FaceID is finally here. It takes moments to login now. Unfortunately the inside still looks the same, but finally implementing FaceID is a big improvement. Looking forward to the next update.
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11 months ago, Yolandanichole
Used to like the app
I’m only here because I decided to delete then redownload the app so no it would hopefully work again. This app used to be great but now it’s buggy and frustrating to use. With all the updates in the operating system, you certainly need to update this app, more than once a year. Also, the UX of the app isn’t the greatest - for instance, too many cards on the home page… I don’t need both the menu and a card to direct me to my accounts. Allow me to eliminate one of those, especially if it allows the app to load faster. I too continue to get the double faceid and error saying I’m not validated or something, which is why I’m here today. I’m ready to diversify my banking solutions again.
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3 years ago, DoublePat
Not good banking
The app and the website both are terrible. First, you are very limited in what you can do, and everything looks like it has organized by an interior designer and not anyone associated with finance. There are some technical features that seem nice for organization, but that’s the last thing I need as someone doing banking. The security is ridiculously good, which just gets in the way of doing what needs to get done. The history of transactions are limited and only show about 5 items at a time, and no way to scroll through more. I have used many banking and financial sites, and this has got to be the worst.
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2 months ago, SRDRIG
Face Recognition not working
One of the updates causes my facial recognition to give an error msg. I can successfully set it up but as soon as it invokes, I get an error msg. This does not happen with my other apps any I have the settings turned on within the app and in my iPhone settings. I called the 800 number that is listed in the error msg and they could not figure it out either. They said they had to create a ticket to IT because IT doesn’t speak directly to members. I hope I am contacted by IT because I have been working in an IT role for 25+ years and I currently lead an Application Production Support team at my own job so I have expectations of someone finding the defect that’s causing this because it’s not in my phone setup.
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10 months ago, JSR555555
Still a few issues
Coastal made some improvements months ago but there are still a few items that need to be addressed. Once the app is loaded on either my iPhone or iPad, if you hit Bill Pay, it takes a full 8 seconds for anything to happen. We’re left wondering if it’s going to work. We have 2 accounts and when we pay a bill it asks if we want to have all bills paid from that account. The answer is no. What it should ask is if we want payments from this particular payee to be paid from a specific account each time. Currently it’s just an added 2 keystrokes that are pointless. A small but aggravating item is it defaults each time in Bill Pay to All Accounts instead of remembering my last setting which would have been Current Accounts. What’s the point of having a more useful choice if you always have to reset it? Lastly I gave up completely on using ebills. Way too many bugs. It’s was useless.
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3 years ago, CoastalAppSux
This app does the most basic of things. If you plan on checking your past transactions your out of luck. It will not show them. All you can do in each account is check the balance and last 10 transactions. However if I log in from the same iPhone through google I can see every transaction for at least the last year. This is a terrible banking app. Checking past transactions is a very basic function all banking apps should be able to accommodate. Coastals inability to provide this basic function leads me to have serious doubts about their ability to secure the app from bad actors. I have called about this issue and nothing no one has a remedy or answer. 2 year old iPhone
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8 months ago, OverlyComplicated
Does what I need it to
While the app is very slow to load, it allows me to check my balances and deposit checks. It's what I expect from a banking app. One caveat - if you use a VPN on your phone or your wifi, turn it OFF when you use this app or connect through your cell carrier. Coastal uses IP geoblocking, and if your IP address is outside the Triangle area the app *will not* load.
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1 year ago, dhoonib
Very buggy
At the time of writing this review the app has not been updated in 10 months. This app is very buggy, logging on takes at least twice. Usually getting an error message that my identity can not be verified and then it logs in the second time. Also it will sometimes stop working while moving between menus. It’s extremely slow while basic functions work it takes way longer than it should and will sometimes require closing the app completely and reopening. Coastal needs to update this now.
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11 months ago, EdoKamiisama
Definitely needs Improvement
Ive been using this app for sometime now… and I have to that it’s always slow when login on, it doesn’t show all of my transactions, even at times when its been a day or so after the transaction and last but not least it say that there is some kind of error on their at times when I log in using face recognition option. The glitches need to be improved and or Investigated. Other then that its an okay app to have.
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3 years ago, tiger1lam
Deposit check
The deposit check is very convenience, but new bill pay systems are not very friendly, special the lead time to pay , don’t know why some pill need a lead time with more than 1 week? And previous bill system let you input the last bill amount , the new bill don’t have this option ?
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2 years ago, Maw-Maw to 8
Your employees in North Carolina
Your credit Union located in Holly Springs, North Carolina have the greatest employees! I’m a new member but my daughter is a member at your Garner, North Carolina location! And she has nothing but praises for your Credit Union! So decided to join once I moved to North Carolina! I’m a retired police officer from Norfolk, Virginia. So I’m very picking where I put my money. Now all I have to do is change my direct deposits today! Robin L OConnor
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10 months ago, Design soul
Coastal need to be in Zelle network
I have requested Coastal to be in Zelle network 3 years ago but I see no progress . Most transactions request Zelle now and all big Banks has Zelle to transfer money quickly, securely . I am thinking to open another bank account with the banks who has Zelle program for easy transfer the money to friends, vendors, etc. So, please join the Zelle’s network so I Don’t have to switch the bank although I really like Coastal and be loyalty for more than 20 years. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Shellz&Jim
The worst credit union I’ve ever dealt with. Not accessible
Unable to access my account they refuse to give me access. I can log in & then I get blocked. I’ve been trying to get this worked out for a week. They don’t care. They are horrible to work with. I have been a member for nearly 20 years & im leaving as they are no longer what they were before. There app is not working. They refuse to fix it. It will block as soon as I log in. I can’t go any further.?I am unable to pay my bills. Utilize the app. They are leaving me no choice but to report this. Putting barriers up & not allowing access.
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3 years ago, Luvmypups67
Trouble transferring to another members acct
This process needs to be better. It’s a lot of steps and the accounts are not clear(nicknames need to be allowed) that you are trying to transfer to. Sometimes it just says error and I have to call customer service. My brother-in-law has had nothing but trouble with this. He is so frustrated
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6 months ago, app_state_student
New app is terrible
The recent change that totally redid the coastal app is terrible. It takes forever to load things and the simplistic actions are now convoluted and difficult to find. I wish they kept the old style because it was straight forward and worked. The new version outsources credit card payments to an internet site that takes forever to load and wants you to give your info to some third party in order to access information that used to be directly under your credit card account in the app.
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3 years ago, TonyReznov
Today marks two months that the app has not worked for me at all. Multiple attempts to get help from help desk usually end with “oh they’re on it and it should be resolved in 48 hours.” Yet here we are with a broken app that simply does not work. Unable to login which means unable to use mobile check deposit. I see a lot of other people are having the same issue as well. App wasn’t even that great when it did work tbh. Edit: issue is still present, the app does not work still even after well over three months
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2 years ago, curb appeal Wake Forest
Oxymoronic title
Go Green means electronic and sophisticated (up-to-date) money movement(s). Agent Garris informed me y’all send checks to my creditors?!!! Several bills incurred late fees. How can an institution with a “Go Green” moniker send envelopes and checks?🤣 and, rely upon our USPS during omicron, delta and a postal delivery service crippled by the previous administration?!! This is so jejune it’s “ nearly” laughable… But it ain’t.
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1 month ago, Mr Postman 3000
CFCU’s third party payer need to get up to speed
I have had my credit affected because CFCU third party payer does not e-pay Wells Fargo and had to send paper checks. After 5 years of no issues, payment was not delivered because the payment address changed. I tried to setup new epay to Wells Fargo and got error messages from many of the list of (14) different options of Wells Fargo, while I had Susan on the phone from web services. Now I am spending countless hours trying to unscramble this omelet of a missed payment on my credit report because of this. I am NOT happy!!!
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2 years ago, akzorson
App seems broken lately
It worked fine for years then 2 years ago it kept giving me 3 captcha’s to fill out every time i logged in for a year. Now the past few months face ID doesn’t work right. I have to use it twice before it gives me an error message, then the third time it works. Now, most days I just get an error message and can’t log in at all. I don’t know what changed but its been a very prolonged problem, even on my my new phone. I even tried uninstalling and installing it again and still doesnt work right!
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3 months ago, DKWillis
Been with them since college…the best
Started using them when I co-op’s at IBM in college. Always responsive with far business practices looking out for the customer (even in home loan credit check calls). The lastest app is even easier to use. Highly recommend.
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5 months ago, Eliza72
iPad app less functional in latest version
The app used to work well enough, especially on the iPad, but the latest update only works in portrait mode, which is an awkward way to use an iPad if you have to enter information with the screen keyboard. The iPad is not a gigantic iPhone, and almost nobody uses it that way. Please bring back landscape mode. Otherwise, Coastal is a fine institution.
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3 years ago, Steven F. Cary
Better, still room for improvement
Some issues I’ve found with the most recent update, all related to authentication: The credential saving feature doesn’t work, and neither does Touch ID. The app does not integrate with other password managers, including iOS and BitWarden.
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1 year ago, AnoyedWithNicknames
Former IT Employee
I worked for CFCU under Larry Wilson for 12 of the best years of my life. Chuck Purvis may also remember me along with many more. Glad to still be with you as I’m also a legacy… my account number is my father’s IBM badge number. Many happy memories and many yet to come. My son will need an account someday.
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10 months ago, Claydo56
Keeps double authenticating
Edit: this has been fixed! Keeps using Face ID to double authenticate at which point it errors and I have to exit the app and relaunch hoping to view my balances that time. Please address this as otherwise the app works great.
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3 years ago, Blarne
Better now lagging vs lacking
While there have been some improvements, -logging in was not so much a problem (no more than the frequent consistently annoying second steps) -The App has improved, but in many ways at a loss because now the entire GUI has to download n puzzle itself together beyond the spinning gear to do anything or fully access the simplest of stuff! Bamn went quick at around a minute to load n really startup! It’s terrible at time’s even with good data speeds. I love COASTAL24 so please improve upon the startup, the app should have enough guts to not just feel like a web portal that loads in a set space bc that’s often how it feels to use... It needs some finesse
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3 years ago, Calfly
Most frustrating banking app, ever
Have been unable to log in for a week now. Have deleted app, reinstalled and continue to have no luck logging in. App immediately jumps to Face ID rather than giving me option to type in userid/pw. Before this issue I found the UI for this app to be antiquated but I could work with it. Now I can’t access it. If there is an App issue that CFCU is working on, they should proactively notify their customers.
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6 months ago, Jwal5350
Ugh. Why move the scheduled activity?
Scheduled activity being on the main screen after log in was one of the most useful features of the previous version. So why move it and bury it in the menu???? Who is making these ridiculous decisions? Do the product managers actually use this app? Doesn’t appear so. Please move it back. Update. At least they moved the annoying chat button. So that’s a plus.
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2 years ago, 6 out of 5 stars!
Frustrating banner load time
I am a long-time, loyal CFCU member and Coastal24 user. In particular I appreciate Andreea Safta in mobile loan processing. Her customer service excellence is bar none! I am displeased and very UNhappy with the app load-time delays related to advertising/linking banners. It’s frustrating especially when you need to access anything quickly.
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1 year ago, Exceptional Support
Coastal Service
Being a Virginia resident, I luv that Coastal takes every effort to help me use their stellar banking system. My hats off to Ms. Wanda Martin for her exceptional help and to Mr. Jonah Kaufman for his expertise in my financials. Both are prime examples of the customer support we have grown to appreciate from Coastal Credit Union. Outstanding representatives of this banking institution.
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2 years ago, Soccer Coach NC
Not great
Trying to deposit several checks and it doesn’t keep the first acct I picked ready to go for the next check. It basically locks up and I had to shut it down every time I didn’t select an acct each and every time. Seems very remedial.
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5 months ago, MMarz22
New App has room to improve
The new Coastal app has room for improvement. The quick links often throw errors and the app is not sensitive to screen orientation. Although he app has opportunities to improve Coastal is still a great banking solution.
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3 years ago, heheeowspaiehehsjsA
Doesn’t work after update :(
The coastal app has completely stopped working out of the blue, is anyone else having this problem? It’s been weeks and I get an infinite loading screen or a message that says “intermittent connection issues” every time I try to log in. The website doesn’t have a mobile check deposit feature, so I now have to go in person. I love banking with coastal, but I’ve heard the app is crashing for many people with iphones 7 and 11.
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3 years ago, Zerosktr1314
Complete garbage lately
I don’t know what happened a couple weeks ago but this crappy app has had connection issues for weeks. It is no longer useable as it will try to log in and just spin and spin. Coastal is clearly aware of this, as also for the past two-three weeks a message has been displayed about “intermittent connection issues”. This is a disgrace, if one of the applications I support at my job were broken this long people would be losing jobs.
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2 years ago, willagher
Works properly 50% of the time
I use the app often and every single time I try to log in, it doesn’t happen unless I tap the Face ID icon. It will automatically scan my face but nothing happens. So I tap the icon. Often it errors out before I can even get to my accounts. It takes forever for the page to load fully and I can’t dismiss all the tiles on the main page that I don’t want to use/see.
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3 years ago, HyPe Twistt
What is even happening.
I’ve been using the app for years and it has been fantastic and convenient for quick transfers and scanning in check deposits, however, recently it has been acting very weird! Logging into the app proceeds in a long buffering process that eventually just gives me error codes. This has been happening for 2-3 weeks now, and it’s very upsetting. It’s primarily an app issue, as logging in via web is functional. Y’all need to fix this soon.
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2 years ago, Jenbug9
So far, so good
I am just transferring from another bank, so I don’t have enough experience yet to know if we are a good fit. The ID and logging in has been problematic, but understandable as I’m new and the system will eventually recognize me on all devices.
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10 months ago, lordarcy
Fine but slow
This is basically an app wrapping the Coastal web site and is pretty slow to load or move between screens. However it does let me authenticate with Face ID and deposit checks with the camera, so I prefer it over the mobile web site.
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1 year ago, seminaryteacher1026
Slow Loading
Generally I think the app is great. Two comments: Most of the time when I log in, I am looking for account balance and activity. Would be nice to re-arrange Home Screen to have account summary as default with other icons below it. On a negative note it is, by far, the slowest loading app of all my banking/financial apps. It’s take 5-10 seconds for the app to load enough that I can begin clicking around. I’m not sure if it’s the adds that make it slow or the programming. I’ve had the apps for years and it’s always the same, on my iPad and iPhone. I’m now on the 14Pro.
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11 months ago, dfoysp
Appreciate you
Your professionalism and help has always been there. I was concerned. I have overdrafted my account only to find that I had my over flow covered by my savings. Your rates are always the best. Thank you for keeping my money safe.
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2 years ago, Schitznschatzn
Won’t connect anymore for several months now.
The app stopped completely working back in April or so. Removed and reinstalled several times - no luck. Works fine on my wife’s iPhone, though.
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3 years ago, AnnaBeth7777777
Bill pay not great
The new bill pay system is a step backward from what we had before. Can’t pick default account, takes longer to send checks, can’t tell if a check has been cashed, money isn’t earmarked from account until cashed.
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2 years ago, johnnyp423
A bit watered down
Compared to the website this app is acceptable, but missing some of the miscellaneous options. Wish there was a way to pause cards like every other bank has. Having peace of mind while your wallet is temporary missing is invaluable.
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5 months ago, Mtorc47
I continue to be unable to login due to error messages stating that my device is rooted or jailbroken. I wasted several hours confirming that my device is not compromised, and was later told by support that they are aware of the issue but do not have a timeline to fix it. Mobile deposit is the only thing I cannot do from my online account, so for now I’m stuck going to the branch to deposit my checks. Please fix this!
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