Coastal1 Mobile Banking

4.2 (557)
38.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Coastal1 Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coastal1 Mobile Banking

4.17 out of 5
557 Ratings
4 months ago, KateD24
Good App!
I have never had an issues with this app. It has worked well and consistently. Only wish I could deposit checks through it! It says you can, but there is no option under my transactions tab and I cannot find it online.
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2 years ago, JoPNittany
Needs updating…
This App is in desperate need of an update. Half the time I just get “The Spinning Wheel of Death” on my initial try at logging on. So, I have to close out the App and try again in order to access Mobile Banking. My most recent problem is that I can’t do a Mobile Deposit of a Check. I live in the Oak Hill section of Pawtucket and don’t have a car. So, any of the nearest PCU Branches are, at least, 20 minutes to half an hour by bus. Due to that fact, and the fact that this Mobile Banking App doesn’t work well, I’m seriously considering leaving PCU, after having accounts with you for 9 years.
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3 weeks ago, Kat golfer
Nice monitoring
I am very happy with the app/website Coastal uses for online banking. It is very intuitive, thus making it easy to use. All the information that I look for on a regular basis is readily available, and when I need to dive deeper for information, there are tools to help with that process. I have uses Mobil banking with other banks in the past , and this one is far superior.
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3 weeks ago, Nick Holcomb
Baseline at best
I do like my bank but this app is pretty iffy. It’s been buggy in the past (which seems to have improved) but using the business IPay or bill pay is maddening. No confirmation messages, very little explanation of features, inconsistent functionality, and more over the basic functions of the bill pay section are so much more convoluted than personal use. When I need to pay a bill I CANT BE CONFIDENT THAT THE TRANSACTION ACTUALLY PROCESSED. Mind blowing how bad this part of it is
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1 week ago, King D'Andre
Best Mobile Banking App
Been a Pawtucket Credit Union Member for a long time now Coastal 1 Credit Union the functionality in the app is amazing and the application is easy to navigate and on top of that the customer service is phenomenal highly recommend anyone to switch banks and come over to the best bank around with many branches you can’t go wrong!
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5 months ago, bsamms910
It’s super convenient having everything available on my phone. I don’t get checks often but mobile check cashing saves a lot of time. I also love how easy it is to transfer money between accounts.
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5 years ago, PaPJC
Great Credit Union, but...IT needs a boost!
For the last month or so, getting logged on is less than a 50/50 shot! Sometimes not at all. It’s awesome (5 stars) when it’s working, but in the last month 2 stars seems generous. I’ll rate it again after they invest in their IT Dept. This paragraph is a second review. No changes have been made since I wrote the first possibly 2 months ago. The app has not improved. I simply cannot log in....makes the app worthless. Please work on an update. It really makes banking easier.
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3 weeks ago, DezzyD16
Overall good
Overall coastal one credit unions app is not that bad and neither is the bank. The app makes everything easy. The bank it’s self could use some improvements but the app is great.
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5 years ago, Trunkrattler
PLZ UPDATE!!!!!!!!
In dire need of an update. Especially for my iPhone 6 plus. I am unable to log in. As soon as I enter my credentials my screen flickers to the next screen then quickly back to log in. If I try my password again, the screen dims and the pinwheel goes on forever never to move to any other screen. Please update and I’ll change my rating. I love this bank and used to love the app. Thank you. :)
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6 days ago, sw0912
Glad they have the app but def old school and I hate I can’t freeze/cancel my cards if needed on the app. It’s a credit union I get it and it does what I need it to do but wish it had some more features. Overall love the bank and the customer service and have been banking with them since I was a child!
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7 days ago, Danad420
Coastal1 has a great app and customer service is stellar
Great app and customer service is excellent and they always help me and I never have to wait a long time , very friendly people and the app is easy to navigate
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7 months ago, M. Laflamme
Easy peasy
Since you added the edit option to the recurring transfer feature, your website could not be more perfect. Really enjoy banking with Coastal1.
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3 weeks ago, Mariam Alexanian
Best app
Coastal has a great online banking app and just when you thought it would not get better, they find a way to improve it. This is the best bank to bank with!
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7 months ago, MissGarces
Easy Peazy
Great app. It’s improved over time. The transfer option among members is great especially with my children also using the app! It’s great to have all accounts together on one platform.
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3 years ago, amyd34
So far so good!
I just downloaded this, and set up my Face ID, and everything seems to be working great. I think it’s even easier than the website. But I only gave it four stars, because I haven’t been using it that long!
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7 months ago, green circus
I have been with this organization for a very long time. Never had any problems. The web site is very easy to use.
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4 months ago, TobiasBeecher97B412
Difficult and Confusing to Use
The app is confusing to use and does not make the process easy when making loan payments. There is no “make payment” button you can only transfer funds. I think the app could be much more user friendly.
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7 months ago, Hills Parkway
Your app
The app can use a feature that when you sign out, it lets you know that you have successfully sign out. I get that feature on my Bank of America app.
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7 months ago, Valkyrie714
Please add notifications
The app is functional but please add notifications. It’s very helpful when I get a notification about deposits going into the account. I would really like that feature to become available
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5 years ago, padoki
Pay bill feature
When trying to pay bills, the calendar doesn’t come up right away. I have never had any trouble with this on my IPad until the last update. Have to use my computer to pay bills. Please fix soon...
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3 weeks ago, terelabori
Some time is very difficult to get in the app-because I forget the password
I like it a lot thank you
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5 years ago, Jenny9872
Never works
I love this bank, but they need to fix this app. I can never sign on and I’ve even called about the issue which they tried to say was a problem on my end. Reading some of these reviews it’s obviously not. I’ve been with them for over 40 years and the app was of great help to me considering I can’t get to the branch very often. If it’s not fixed soon I’ll have to switch banks
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6 years ago, Winterbabey89
Hasn’t worked in weeks
“For security reasons, access has been restricted on this device” comes up when I try to open the app. Called customer service and was told it had nothing to do with my account, it was to do with the iOS 11 update and they were working on it. Well guess what? That was weeks ago! This app hasn’t had an update since August... uhhh maybe get on that?
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6 months ago, Mrsal2u
Soooo easy to use!
Unlike other banks I do business with, I find the app and the customer service to be best in the business!
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7 months ago, Jump4570
Great App
Works great for me. I can check my accounts no problem. Transfer money from accounts easily.
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7 months ago, Samson HM
App is good but could improve
Like the app and I’d give you 5 stars if I didn’t have to keep answering the same question about allowing notifications. I don’t want them and I shouldn’t have to keep saying no. Thank you
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1 week ago, Princess Monda
Great bank
I have nothing negative to say about this bank. Been with them for 12 years and so far so great!!
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6 months ago, Capri 1971
I’m in love
I absolutely love this app. Now we have Zelle. I can make my car payments through my app as my car loan is with my bank. Wow! Thank you
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3 years ago, Dantheman580
Not working on iPhone 12
App has 2.3 rating. The app obviously has issues. It works ok on iPhone 10 and possibly with other models, but definitely not on iPhone 12. Once logged in, it logs me out immediately. Deleted and reinstalled the app and still no luck. App is completely useless and I am forced to use my pc for banking needs.
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5 years ago, Xcupxxcake
What happened to this app
What happened to this app? I cannot successfully login. After I put in my ID & password it looks like it’s going to take and then the screen flickers and brings me back to the login screen again. You try to login again and it just spins forever. This is so frustrating. Please fix it or bring back the previous version
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5 months ago, sampsf
A very efficient site. Easy to understand and very thorough. I have been on other sites and so far this one is the best.
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5 years ago, Sabertonk
It’s fine
Works exactly as I would expect it to. It isn’t super flashy and feature rich but it does the job. Don’t understand the low scores.
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6 years ago, kcon311
Seriously thinking of switching to another credit union after 15 Years. I now live in a part of the state where the closest branch is more than 30 minutes away. I drive there to use the atm and it is broken on a holiday weekend. I have called to ask when the app will be fixed and never received any follow up information.
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4 months ago, Marleezyy
Great App
This app is very user friendly, can’t handle transfers and bill pay very fast. If you bank with Coastal 1 this app is a must have!!
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7 months ago, DBradley$
Accounts are easily opened to view
Helpful manager
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6 months ago, gfrtfx
Really good app , and I’m not getting pay to say this.
I have been using this app for over a year and I love it.
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2 days ago, wizitchix
Excellent Everything !!
I wouldn’t go back to a big banking institution….ever. Wish I switched sooner. Love my Coastal Credit Union.
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5 months ago, CrownedB
Ever since Coastal has taken over PCU the quality of banking has improved significantly.
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7 months ago, ValR
Love it
Thank you so much for this awesome app. Makes dealing with my accounts from afar much easier ! Thank you
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2 years ago, Staceyhsmom1
Please update!
It’s hit or miss if I can open my account. I can sign in and see my balances but cannot open up each account to see each transaction or do any other banking. This has been going on for months. Yes I have shut off and restarted my phone, I’m all updated. It’s not the user.
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6 months ago, Lycanman
Works way better then before!
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5 years ago, ACDavey
Logging In
I am having the same annoying problem. I log in and it glitches and goes back to log in and then when I try it again it’s just loading forever. I have to constantly close and open the app to check my balance and sometimes I just give up bc it’s so bad. Please fix this
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1 week ago, lizzy112466
Love the app - very easy to use
IT person love the app - find it very easy to use and intuitive
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3 weeks ago, bbro55
Very easy to access your account and I do believe it is also secure
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5 months ago, Na1129
Great bank never ever have an issue!! They are the best and I am a customer that lives in Mass !!
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6 months ago, Tiffani Dre
Coastal 1 App
I love the App. I use it to keep track of all my expenses and to pay some bills online.
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7 months ago, Sir Vinny
Love my credit union
So glad that I change my bank from citizens bank to P C U, and now coastal
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7 days ago, boatdrinks7nout
Better updates during the weekend. Real time updates during the weekend would be great. Sometimes I pay a bill on Friday and it won’t post till Monday am after 8am
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7 months ago, BobbyD371
Smooth App
I really like the Coastal1 app. I haven’t experienced any issues and I like the new update to include Zele.
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6 months ago, Pfanstiehl
Love this app
Thanks for updating it I love banking with you guys and it would have sucked if you app sucked.
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