Cocktail Master -The Right Mix

4.5 (467)
30.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
sally wade
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cocktail Master -The Right Mix

4.46 out of 5
467 Ratings
2 years ago, myapotato
Fun but too much adds
I like this game a lot but there’s to many adds. After every time you give the bartender a drink an ad pops up and it can be kinda annoying but if you don’t mind that type of stuff then I would recommend this game, very fun.
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2 years ago, download noo don't
A good game
I love this game very much it’s so funny when you make a bad drink he’s either ending up in heaven or he’s either ending up in hallelujah it’s the best game in the whole wide world get this game and you’ll have a great time except the bad are that the ads it’s every single time after you make a drink but I still love it
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5 years ago, kjcoolguy316
Really cool but?🤔
I started playing this game and was mixing drinks he liked them a lot but sometimes when you mixed real wines he does not like them and if you don’t want any ads to pop up just turn off your WiFi
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5 years ago, Michala wright
Cool idea, but...
I always loved the right mix. I just wish they would have left it like it was with the bottles all unlocked! I was playing this game and it is so hard to make different drinks with not all the basics and you start off with not the best choices out of the FIVE bottle you get. If not unlock all at least unlock basic liquor and instead of orange juice start off with grape juice.
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1 month ago, Silversiren420
Love this game!!!
Love this game it was a childhood favorite Only downside is there are adds after every game. To many adds can really turn you off to certain apps. Very annoying.
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3 days ago, Rosy3392
Pretty good game tbh
I love this game I used to play it in like 3rd grade but you don’t get all the drinks when you first start but it’s rlly fun besides that if you want more drinks one of the cocktails I made was Ice, Tequila , and orange juice and that gave me a lot more drinks.
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7 months ago, RedfxnSkittles
This game!
Dude this game used to be on Newgrounds back when I was in middle school and I loved this! Besides all the adds, it’s such a classic and I’m just sitting here having so much fun with nostalgia.
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4 years ago, Pootskoot123
So fun!
Not as fun and detailed as the computer version, and wayyyy too many ads. But otherwise fun!
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2 years ago, xxcrus3derxxx716
great game
a fun little game to play... multiple options and the reactions on the bartender are amusing. This game is better on desktop but its bite size fun on phones
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3 years ago, The cute gamer girl
Love this game but
I love this game but I played this when I was 6 and now I remember it and I downloaded it I'm now 11 Ik it's supposed to be 17+ but idk it's like juices
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4 years ago, xxsofffxxx
very good
i like this game but i don’t give it 5 stars because there are too much ads. every time you finish a round there’s a 30 second ad that you can skip SOMETIMES. and it’s very annoying
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2 years ago, VALLEYD11
Cute game
Wonderfully drawn, charming and very entertaining. A little ad-ridden, yes, but that’s not too much of a problem for me.
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3 years ago, tuukfruit
The best game ever
I am having so much fun in this game!you have to try the game! It is free for everyone try the game!
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6 years ago, Mone1217
Should have checked the comments first
There is more ad time than game play. You barely play 30 seconds before there is an ad the same amount of time playing. sometimes 2 ads. Not even worth it. Play the game online, I don't remember so many ads.
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2 years ago, i like penis 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
This gives me something to do with no Wi-Fi and very entertaining
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2 years ago, coldabyss_77
this was my most favorite game when i aas a child when the iphone 4 was out and finally being able to have this game again brings me back so many memories i love this game it truly is amazing to me!
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5 months ago, vztekixfbsydbtwhisnxtdnxu
The game is super fun it to be creative and it’s fun when you make the bartender happy with a good drink
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2 years ago, no nick name La
Used to play this years ago!
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1 year ago, Lababychulitah27
Always been my favorite
I love this game so much 🥰
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4 years ago, Priscila ✌️😗
I couldn’t find the actual line in a long time! Thx!
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1 month ago, Ameer IPhone
He always silly.
He makes good juice but he drinks it.
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5 years ago, DACLOUD1012
Good but
If you’re dealing with ads just turn on airplane mode but I’m not even sure if it’s possible to unlock all of the drinks if it is then it is VERY hard
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2 years ago, mola tala
I love this game it use to be my child hood. Gives so much memories. :)
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5 years ago, wicndivke
There are way to many adds
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2 years ago, thunderlord22
Cocktail mixer.
It is a fun and addicting game you can play on the go.
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7 years ago, CColeman318
Too Many Ads
Wayyyyyyy too many ads and I mean too many after every made drink there’s an ad I takes the fun away from the game I can understand a few here and there but not after every drink.. simply crazy
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3 years ago, SpoiledByU
I love this game
I’ve played this game for years and I still love it
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3 years ago, WAHAAAAT
Cool game
I used to play this game on my pc but I saw it here so I play it on here now!
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7 years ago, Nina8017
Way too many ads
I’m watching approximately 2 ads every minute. Some ads are expected, however this is obnoxious and quite honestly I don’t even want to play anymore
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2 years ago, basshead2.0
Good game
Play before from childhood
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4 years ago, translate is the best ever
Best game ever
I played this game ever since I was 3 and I’m now 11 and still love it 5 STARS
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2 years ago, catmeow meow
I love this
This game is not that bad it's fun and funny but one complain TO MANY ADDS
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2 years ago, yumi~~~***
Bro this is great
This is literally every 2000’s kids childhood
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2 years ago, aaalyceee
i remember playing this game on my dads phone when i was younger!!it was vey fun👍👍
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3 years ago, hoot-about-it
Shake and sip
Love it even I made couple new one total awesome
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4 months ago, blackberry35
Hard to get good mix’s cool game tho
Like playing this game but it’s so hard to mix’s drinks to pass the mixer’s
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10 months ago, AZNAiden
Good game
Funny old game I used to play
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3 years ago, riahriahmabiah
I played this as a child and I love it
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5 years ago, bonitaastoner.
I’m rating this a 1 out of 5 stars because it’s WAY TOO MANY ads for a 15 second game. Some ads are 30 seconds too long and extra loud for no reason. Cut the ads to get a better rating.
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7 years ago, braybooooi
Super cool
I love the way you express the bartenders felling from the inside
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5 years ago, fhddhjdjdndjdhbtdn
Thar are way to many ads please fix that thank you
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4 years ago, hehcvhd
It is amazing
It’s amazing but I wish I didn’t get a ad each time I finished
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3 years ago, muscleclan
Best game in existence
Because of this game…. I got my doctorates degree in law school
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5 years ago, hejdhannsjdhshs
I really like this game. I think.
I love this game! Well on computers.. Wouldn’t let me use ALL the drinks ! 🤨
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6 years ago, Camooooioiikkkdndnbfbcx
Not enough game
There are more ads then actual game play in this app. I love the idea but the ads definitely take the fun away. Maybe make an ad free version or just limit ad uses.
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3 years ago, DANK_GOD24
It’s a cool game
It’s something to do when you are bored
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2 years ago, Brunodudu45
theres no limit to the combination you want
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1 year ago, youranL
To many adds I know you need money but dang
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5 years ago, _TeeRaw
Grade D
They make you watch an add before you can even look at your score. Too many ads. All the bottles aren’t unlocked, you have to unlock them as you go.
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11 months ago, SUPERBIGPAPI
This game is very good it just has to much adds.
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