CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

4.7 (275.7K)
283.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

4.73 out of 5
275.7K Ratings
4 years ago, karenosorio
In my opinion, i think that this is such an amazing app. To me it is so addicting. Whenever me and my family go on road trips or are waiting for something or sometimes even when we are just bored I would start playing and tell them the clue or definition, and since they are still in midst of learning english properly this benifits them at the fullest, and then they would try to help me figure out the word. I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone who is trying to learn english. The main thing to me that bugs me a little bit is that there can be some couple of frequent ads and i understand that ads would help the game earn money and that there also other games that’s have far more ads then this game has but i still feel a tiny bit unpleased. Overall i would absolutley recomend this game to any person that is trying to learn english.
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5 years ago, DULCEelo
My Sight of the Game
I’m gonna try to make this short and simple. The thought of a game like this is nice and cool however the clues are very unhelpful. I’m a teenager playing this and the ad said “ Play this for fifteen minutes every day and you’ll get better memory” or something also those line but I have been playing this for quite a while and it’s not helpful at all. The easy levels aren’t really easy. The game says for 4+ but not even a six year old would be able to play this because it’s extremely hard even for me. If you weren’t taught certain words growing up then this game is just too hard to play. Honestly please make easier levels. Also maybe the player isn’t ready for adventure mode and wants to do the easy pack but isn’t allowed to use money on games like me. What then? What if I’m not ready for adventure mode and want to go easy on myself but can’t? Will I just be restricted from the easy levels forever? Maybe premium could be used for different things other then levels, because that’s like playing Candy Crush but you have to pay to go past level 50 or so. Maybe it could be for more free hints. But having for the levels really restricts the player. That’s it I just wanted to say that now bye.
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5 years ago, Autumnwolf2015
Good Game, But A Few Things Need To Be Fixed!
The game itself is great. I love how many worlds there are, and how many puzzles are within each world. I hope you guys continue to keep adding more in the future. Maybe a futuristic world. The reason I only game it 3 stars, is because for one, you guys completely broke rotation for iPad. It doesn’t work at all. Speaking of rotation, for the love of all things CodyCross, PLEASE ADD IPAD LANDSCAPE MODE SUPPORT!!! The second reason I gave this game 3 stars is because of how the advertisements in work in this game. I realize ads help keep this game free, but I don’t appreciate when an advertisement automatically opens my App Store to go straight to the game or app that’s being advertised without my consent. I don’t even have to tap anything on the screen for it to do this. You guys need to fix this if this is a problem on your end. No advertisement should be allowed to do this. Ever. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just because of the Halloween theme, but the tones for when typing seem to be lagging and way out of pitch. And when typing on the keyboard it also lags as well. I hope you guys address these issues. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Digdawgmike
Good Improvement System
A while back I had tried playing this game, but some of the questions were really easy and the game was rather boring due to the lack of challenge. However I saw an ad for Cody Cross while I was playing another mobile game, so I figured I might as well try it out again. Turns out the developers for this app added in a review after each level. After each level it asks if a certain question out of that level is fun or boring and they use this customer feedback to exterminate low-scoring questions, and it seems that it has made the game far more challenging and interesting! I have enjoyed this game so much that I haven’t put my phone down since I started playing it, four months ago! Karen if you’re reading this please let me have weekend visits with our kids y’all mean the world to me I promise I’ll get off my phone and spend time with them. But due to the addictiveness of this game I had to give it four stars and not five. Yes this game is fun, but the cost of losing your wife and kids is not worth it.
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5 years ago, reven the sith master
A little too hard
Okay I’m not complaining about the game it’s wonderfully made!! I love the way when you start out it shows Cody with his little tablet and when I’m spelling the words it makes me feel like I’m actually on this new planet with my tablet discovering stuff! But being the age I am still young and in the tween years almost teen at 11 almost twelve some of the words are a little hard it would be better if you made the words like common words like flower or computer common words that every body knows about I am not aloud on you tube or google and what I’m aloud to watch is very restricted so when it asks me stuff like what was the dance that this person did I’m like I don’t even know who that is I’m stuck on level three!! I tried some of the other ones but it’s a little hard please can you make the words a little easier at least make a thing we’re you can change the difficulty because I know some people like a challenge I don’t know what all the people are complaining about they do forget you have a family to provide for thank you 😊
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6 years ago, +jetthehawk+
Fun, but needs improvement
I have really enjoyed this game so far, but the main reason I write this is so I can give some criticism. First, I feel the difficulty goes all over the place. Going from six- to nine-letter clues is way harder than it sounds. If the first part of the game had only six or seven letters, and the eight or nine letter puzzles were saved for later, the game would be much more approachable. Also, some of the clues are just far too much out there. I feel like literally nobody would know some of these obscure clues without Googling the answer. The most frustrating thing though is the fact that the clues don’t tell you how many words are in each answer. Normal crossword puzzles tell you if the answer has more than one word, so why not this game? There are so many clues where I’ve been stumped since the puzzles make it look like it’s always one word, but many times it’s two or even three. If I had known that, I could have gotten the answer easily. If the devs see this, please fix these issues. It would make the game better for anyone.
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2 months ago, Str33tcar
Score tracking flaw
I’ve been playing for about a year and have a playing streak going of just north of 330. Just today I discovered a score tracking bug in their word guessing game (very similar to Wordle). Today I managed to guess the password on the very first guess. Crazy, right. Anyway, the indicated that the password was guessed in one attempt. There are six columns, 1 thru 6 where it counts the number of attempts it takes to solve every password. The number of attempts used to solve the current password is presented in a different color than the previous games and the count for that number of attempts increased by one, except when the password is solved on the first attempt. The game does show that the password was solved on the first attempt but the counter doesn’t get incremented by one. In other words the counter continues show that the number of games where the password was guessed on the first try stays at zero. Otherwise a great game.
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3 years ago, Karma907
Would be nice...
This is a very enjoyable game with some tough questions. BUT it would be really nice if the game gave something back, like a few coins when you finish a puzzle. This game doesn’t hesitate to take our money, which is a ridiculous price, so why can’t they give something back? Ya know, for winning?? I’d up my stars if they did this until then, bye bye UPDATE. what genius decided on giving clues instead of coin for watching the videos? Seriously. I always watch the ads and get my 3 coins every game. Not anymore. I hope I’m not the only one who will complain about this. I don’t mind watching the ads, but would definitely prefer coinage over the hints. Thank you for listening. And will wait for a response. Another UPDATE: ok. So getting the clues instead of tokens is a good idea. So why are we still getting tokens. Obviously they are not good for anything, unless you have something else up your sleeve. So. Please. No more tokens. Clues are just fine and dandy, thank you very much
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4 years ago, Jasmyn reviews✌️
It’s okay
It’s an okay game, fun to just tap on every once in a while and do some thinking. HOWEVER, you only get coins for hints once a day, and to get more you have to watch ads. I have multiple problems with the ads on this game. A recent ad that was put on the app doesn’t let you skip, and it won’t let me ex out of it either, I’ve watched it 3 times total, and there’s no way for me to get out of it so I have to completely close the app and reload it to get to the next level. Differently, but still aggravating, you Have to watch ads to get any more coins, and you’re also forced to watch ads after you finish a puzzle / before you start a new one. These ads aren’t skip able after 5 minutes, (I can’t ex out of them for some reason and I have the iPhone 11), and they don’t give you any reward, even though if I wanted to watch an ad 5 seconds earlier I could have gotten coins in return. The ad system is nuts.
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5 years ago, 1stCeye
A Cross between Word find and 😁crossword game..
I love this game! It has helped me find words I had problems remembering! I love the chance to think up the correct words and if I can’t, then getting other words causes letters to fly into words waiting for me to get them! You can win coins that allow a “li’l guy” astronaut to award you letters at the cost of one coin per letter, so there is a lot of help here! The graphics as you travel from section to section are can choose to play free or buy a subscription....there is plenty of play for Free. I have been playing for nearly 2 months...just about every day...Support is great and (ads are few and x makes them go away, fast!) I wish all games did this, I would be playing them, too...but there is a lot of fun here...A family could help, shouting out the fast can your family get one level/5 games? “TRY IT...YOU’LIKE IT”💜💜💜😀😀😀
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5 months ago, LunchBoxLogan
4.9/5 Stars. Great and fun game overall!
I don’t normally write reviews for games, but I’ve been playing this game for a LONG time, and that just said proves that this game is very fun and addicting. If you’re a fan of word searches/crossword sort of games, then you’ll love this. Sure this game could be pay to win, and in some cases you might get stuck and feel urged to pay money just to beat the level you’re stuck on. I 100% recommend not to spend any money (Unless it’s to remove the ads, although you could just turn your WiFi/Data off and the ads will stop) The reason I said a 4.9/5 starts is because of the ads. Luckily they don’t appear while doing a level, only when you finish one, but still it’s pretty annoying after a while. Other than that I love this game and always come back to it when I’m bored.
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4 years ago, Emberstorm76
Please let me pay ONCE to get rid of ads.
This game is not difficult. It’s just the right level for an educated adult without being frustrating. The sound effects are pleasant, too. Occasionally, words are included that are super uncommon. And based on some of the definition wordings and word choices, I have a feeling the developer is British or Australian. Could be wrong. I detest the ads, though. I appreciate that I can skip them after a few seconds; this is the ONLY game that has ever allowed that. But why not provide an option to get rid of them completely? I’d happily pay a ONE-TIME fee to get rid of them. I’m not subscribing to anything and certainly not paying - what is it - $70 a year? just to play a word game. Even a new XBox game doesn’t require you to pay a fee year after year to use it, so I’m not sure why anyone would do that for an app like this. I only play adventure mode and don’t care to “subscribe” and get “packs.”
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5 years ago, its me again......
I adore this game!
If you’re looking for a simple and fun way to waste some extra time, this game is it! (Tbh I play it whether or not I have time to waste!) It’s controls are very straightforward—you use your phones built-in keyboard. The duration of the game seems to be limitless and so does the diversity of questions. I am on puzzle 339 and I’m still not tired of it. I am disagreeing with some of the other reviews by saying this, but I haven’t found any of the hints to be agitating or lacking if you will. Even if they might be misleading, that’s just part of the fun! It is a puzzle after all. Nothing in this game causes me anything but joy! The ads do put a slight damper on things, but the game has an offline mode which gets rid of most of them for me. I appreciate the developers doing a good game by producing such a great game. Keep it up guys (and gals)!
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2 years ago, Swidz3
Fun game, but way too many ads
This is a game I pop in and out of occasionally. I enjoy it when I play it, for the most part. It’s the ads. Hands down, it’s the main reason I can’t play for more than a few minutes (or boards) at a time. There’s just too many of them. I don’t mind watching the occasional ad, I get it, the developers have to make money. But it’s constant. And it costs WAY too much to get rid of them. 9.99 A MONTH? Are you kidding? I will happily throw down $2 or $3 for a one time ad removal and then just watch ads to get additional bonus stuff (at my choosing). For now though? I have no desire to spend any actual money on coins or anything with the number of ads I have to sit through. Please reconsider the amount of ads OR have an ad removal option for a reasonable amount of money. EDIT: I know that I can purchase the coin packages that have the “bonus” of ad free for a short period. Guys, that’s not worth it.
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4 years ago, Susie50💰
Love the Game but...update
7/7/20 Still playing the Game but what is up with a Ad everytime?! I’ve been playing Cody Cross for quite awhile. I don’t like reviewing as soon as I play. I want to see how the game goes first. Now I’m beginning I had one problem ( several months ago) I emailed got it solved. I made a suggestion too. Please don’t make us watch videos if we can watch the videos to earn coins. Now for the past month I have not been able to watch many videos to earn coins. Oh they are there but when I click onto them it does nothing. I’ve lost out on so many coins to earn. 3 times I could’ve earned 6 coins per video. Just now it was 3. It’s happened many many times. Very frustrating. So I tried to email support to let them know. It says I need to down load app for mail. Ummm I have goggle and yahoo apps for emails. I’ve used them before to email support. So what is going on. I’m getting very frustrated
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5 years ago, paintballduke22
Once-fun game now ravaged by annoying interactive ads.
I never leave reviews on apps, but I needed to for this one. I have been playing and enjoying CodyCross for at least a year now. There has always been ads in this game, but typically you could get through a few puzzles before a single ad would pop up. As a fellow developer, I found this reasonable. Recently, this game has changed to 1 video ad AND 1 interactive ad for every puzzle you solve (ranging from ~7-15 words). There is also no way to pay to disable ads, which should be easy functionality here in 2019. At this point it feels like a barrage of ads with no end in sight. Thanks for the fun while it lasted, I want to like your game but your user experience is going down down down. The premise of this game is that of a crossword puzzle with a little twist. When you solve a word, typically this triggers a few letters elsewhere in the puzzle to solve themselves to help you out. The character is whimsical and completely irrelevant.
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5 years ago, Nkflekakcmzl
Good game
Overall it’s a really fun game, I’m on Group 97 right now so I’ve played quite a bit. There’s only two things I don’t like, which are 1. If you want to remove ads, you have to buy a subscription where you get more levels and stuff, but you have to pay a certain fee every week/month/year or whatever and it’s way too much money for what it is. And 2. There are too many Christianity related questions. And no, I’m not complaining just because I’m not religious. If there were questions about other religions that balanced out the ones about Christianity, I would be okay with that. But thus far, I have had absolutely no questions about any religion except Christianity. Plus there’s a Christianity related question in nearly every question set and it just seems a little excessive. But overall, it’s a fun game. I’ll probably continue playing it for a while.
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5 years ago, Mabpagan
Great game!
I've read through some of the reviews, and I just don't see the problems that those people do. I enjoy the fact that puzzles of different lengths occur randomly, so that one time you have 6-letter words, and the next 9-letter words. I have run across very few words where I needed to consult Google. I've used it perhaps six times. I haven't found any odd spellings of words. I like the fact that the number of words in an answer aren't indicated--it makes me think. Most of the levels have been pretty easy so far. It's a lot easier than the New York Times crosswords, which I appreciate. And I have no objection to words like asylum, global warming, climate change, etc. Conservatives must be hyper-sensitive--or have guilty consciences--to consider those part of some leftist conspiracy. Finally, any child old enough to play this game successfully is old enough to be exposed to the words the puzzles contain. The ads get to be a little annoying, but the developers need to be able to generate income so that they can continue to add levels and develop new games. Too many times people forget that the people who make the games also have families to support. This is a fun, addictive game. I highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, TeacherDRP
Review Update
My comment of three years ago about the ads still holds true but, as one might expect, they are longer (on average), and often take three or more steps to exit and paying for no ads is not worth it. The twenty sets of regular games vary in both quality and ease. That said, some have the most bizarre, unheard-of “facts” imaginable. There is likely no one living on earth that has heard of some of them and that includes the set developer who has likely forgotten some of the most strange ones by now. The upside is that the games do, at times, make one think. I doubt that it could be clinically proven that they are good for one’s brain, but they fill idle time. I add that I coached a high school academic team for over thirty years, and Cody Cross is not going to match the intellectual “trivia” one might expect to encounter.
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2 years ago, ToobusyRN
Please add more levels!
I have been playing CodyCross for a couple of years now. I absolutely love the game, but have come to the end of the puzzles. Being on a fixed income I can’t afford to “subscribe” to the game, but I don’t understand why it takes so long between adding new puzzles. It seems like it takes two or three months sometimes before a new level is added, yet your games says “New levels added every Month!” I don’t know how many people I have encouraged to play this game, I do know I have all my grandkids and one of my sons pretty much addicted to it, but now I don’t see the point. It was a lot of fun, however now I get tired of checking all the time to see if there is a new level added. Thanks for the fun you’ve given me in the past. Hoping you’ll change the process.
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5 years ago, AZ SLP
The good and the bad
I read a review about this app before I bought it. It was from a young man who stated that he had not had all the advantages of a mother reading to him, a solid educational base, and the opportunities afforded by life experiences. Indeed, this game would be difficult under those circumstances. He also pointed out that it would be too difficult for most children (it is rated for 4+ years). This is a game for adults. When I play I have to have plenty of time and patience. The advertisements between puzzles are irritating. I would rather spend some money to stop all ads. There is an option of a monthly subscription to end the ads or fork over some $$ to go add free for “x” number of puzzles but I would prefer a one and done payment. I also agree with another player who indicated that the spaceman is a little juvenile, I agree. This game will most likely be eliminated from my iPad.
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5 years ago, 🦄SparklyRainbowUnicorn🦄
🤘 CodyCross ROCKS!!! 🤘
I downloaded this app only a day ago and now I'm addicted to it. This is one of the greatest games I've ever downloaded! It's great for lots of reasons. For one, it has no ads. Most apps have ads that take a while to finish or that make the device close down, but not CodyCross! There have been zero glitches and it runs very smoothly. Most of the other apps I've purchased shut down or crash, maybe bc I don't have space or they're just bad apps, but this has been one of the smoothest-running apps I've had yet. And plus, this is a great educational app. It helps build your knowledge of the meanings of words. This app is great!!! Would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for fun apps. This is number one on my list of the best apps I've ever had!!! 😀😜😂🤘👍🏻
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1 year ago, Nknmtkn!
Cody Cross
I have enjoyed playing this game for quite a while now but lately every day you keep trying to sell ad-free versions. I am not against ad-free games and buy them regularly but $7.99 is way over what I am willing to spend. The highest I go is $4.99. That being said, as soon as your ad-free version became available you increased your ads ten-fold. If you think that will convince me to pay for no ads, think again. In fact, if you hit this game with even more ads I will delete the game and strongly urge others to do the same. I don’t mind paying for something…even FREE games but I will NOT be taken advantage of. Do you suppose you could see your way clear to lower the price a few dollars and I definitely will buy it. Today: for the past few weeks, this game will not download. After a few windows where it says it’s gathering game play, nothing happens. I am so tired of these glitches that when I get done contacting you, I am going to delete the game.
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4 years ago, TauntingPanic
Fix broken ad or I’m deleting
So, let me just be clear, I love this game, and I’ve had a ton of fun playing it. Now, I’m not the type that pays for extra coins or addons or anything like that, so I don’t mind watching a few ads when I need a little help, but there’s one specific ad that completely ruins the experience. The ad being the “Idle Factory Tycoon” ad. It’s nothing but a blank ad page with a countdown, no problem there. The problem with it is that once the timer finishes and I can exit the ad, it won’t let me exit. I wait, no exit. I press the button 20 times, no exit. The only way I can return to my game is to close out completely and reopen it, which means I lose the coins I was watching the ad to get in the first place. Beyond that it just really breaks the flow of the game when I’m on a hot streak which makes me want to just call it quits. I’ll give it a five star rating once this gets resolved
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5 years ago, RoseRamirez
What a Gem
I absolutely never leave app reviews, but I just could not go without recommending this wonderful game. This is the most beautiful game I’ve played in years. The graphics are gorgeous, smooth, and full of color! The puzzles are challenging but not overwhelming, making it possible to progress relatively easy. Finally, the thing that really surprised me the most, was the beautiful little music notes that play as you type out puzzle answers. It’s like you’re playing a tiny, little children’s xylophone. It sounds like a lullaby and is the sweetest, most relaxing thing to hear at the end of a stressful day. This game was incredibly well thought out. It has been at least half a decade since I’ve seen this much dedication put in to a mobile game. Give this game a try!
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4 years ago, Nikkitytom
Excellent game
I'm enjoying this game so much. I like games with a challenge and CodyCross offers that from the start. Too many games make you wade through ridiculously simple "levels" before you get to anything worth playing. And there are a reasonable amount of ads ... unlike most of the online games. No silly interruptions urging the player to "buy coins". I'm also happy to see no emphasis on "pop" culture ... which ruins a lot of online games making them impossible for many people outside the USA. Only one small complaint. The request to rate a word at the end of each game as "fun" or "boring". This is far too silly for a good game like this. How about a "thumbs up or thumbs down" option. Makes more sense.
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4 years ago, UsernamesAreAJoke
Decent crossword game
The game itself is fine. The reason I had to delete it is more cosmetic. The animations when you start a level and finish a word are more obnoxious than endearing (though the fact that there ARE animations is obnoxious to me), but the absolute deal breaker is that the game forces you to use a new powerup when it’s introduced. No skipping. I don’t like powerups for these types of games in general. I think it distracts from the point of the game: figuring out the clues. I can understand having them, and they’re helpful if you get stuck on something you just don’t know. But being forced to use one when you don’t want to, when you’ve just started a level and don’t even know where you’ll need help yet, is patronizing, obnoxious, and ruins my enjoyment of the game. What is the point of me playing if you apparently want the little alien things to play for me?
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4 years ago, Ltlfoxx
Unauthorized charges and points disappear
I love this game and I hate to delete it but it’s constantly cheating me out of my tokens and it buys stuff without me authorizing charges. I will have over 1000 points be in the middle of playing all the sudden they disappear and all these extras show up in my board that I have not clicked on to use. The game locks up on the purchase screen when I’m advancing to the next screen. I get out of the screen making no purchases mind you the next day I have unauthorized charges from this game from my bank account. This has happened too many times so I had no choice but to delete the app. The developers I feel have this set up intentionally because it’s very sneaky the way they do it. This practice should be outlawed . I want no part of it. It’s not the minimal charges it’s the principal of the matter. I have been playing games for years and I’ve never had one set up to cheat like this one does.
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4 years ago, Smnthablvns
Extremely Entertaining and Great Way to Pass Time - One Issue Though
This is one of those games I always find myself coming back to because there are so many stages, it feels like it's never going to end. Variability in difficulty between episodes. I've even gotten multiple members of my family and my friends hooked on it. The only thing I've noticed is in the last few weeks, I've been getting some ads that will run their full time, and when I try to close them out, they just continue to open and close the App Store and the end of the ad. I have to completely close out of the game and reopen it. More of an inconvenience than anything else, but something I would like to be fixed.
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4 years ago, Hammysam
While this is a great game. I’ve been playing for several weeks. I didn’t have any glitches but now am having some issues. I couldn’t find a place to give feedback so came here to do so: I’m finding a problem with certain ads that play and them you can’t get back to the game. Normally, you click an X or click on ‘done’ but some have no X and the only place to click is something that looks like an modified arrow that just takes you to the game in the app where you can click ‘done’ which takes you back to the end of the video which you can go thru the same procedure in an endless loop. It started with Clockmaker game but just now happened again with another game app. The only way to get back to the game is to shut it down and start again! Please fix this.
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3 years ago, crazy_mog
A great way to pass time.
I very much enjoy this game. I do a full set of five every night. It stays fairly challenging (usually), and has a good balance of common and esoteric knowledge. Easy to play free. Ads aren’t too bad, rewards are great for just playing a bit and keeping a streak. Even the cost of playing without ads isn’t prohibitive. In terms of problems, the only thing keeping it from five stars is the unpredictability of what letters will fill in what. If I know four of five answers, it isn’t fun to have all of those basically fill in, but to have no letters to help in another word. Also… so many questions about fish and marine life, guys (especially sea slugs for some reason). Again, I appreciate esoterica, but i feel like there is a fish clue in every other puzzle.
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4 years ago, michealachaos
Fun, but could expand on clues!
This is such a unique way to do crosswords, and honestly I don’t have an issue with even the hard clues because generally skipping around in a puzzle gives you enough extra letters to figure out the hard ones! That being said, I think many of the clues could benefit from an additional note if the answer is two or more words. For example, if a clue says “Never aging story written by Barrie” and the answer is “Peter Pan” there should probably an additional (2 words) added to the clue. This example is fairly simple because I would already know the answer without that addition, but other clues not so much. Sometimes it’s harder than it should be when players are looking at the spaces, trying to imagine a single word, when the answer is actually 3.
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5 years ago, Pepatrick49
Cody Cross
I have lived this game from the beginning ! It is a word game that actually makes your brain think! Words come that you had long forgotten but when you see them you go back to a teacher or a friend to have you this word many years ago. When I first started the games were very plentiful and went in for months! Now it is only a few every month! I am sure doing these puzzles is not easy but from my end it is very disappointing to play then suddenly they are done! I check everyday to see if it’s back and am so upset when it isn’t! It almost makes me want to stop playing. I can’t decide if I’m happier doing some or more disappointed that it’s done! Please get Cody back on track with more continuing games!
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4 years ago, RosieB0809
Really like this game
I have been playing this game for about two months and really like it. Even though many of the clues would never be answered without the drop-in letters (either slang, regional, etc.), I still like playing it. But what I don’t understand is the “rate the question” feature. It doesn’t impact the playing at all but I do not see a need or purpose for it. I would rather see the “secret vertical” answer be explained/defined. Who cares if the clues are boring or not - especially since you only ask about one per game? Many of the secret vertical words/phrases are unknown to me. I think their definition would be more educational or informative to many players. Just my opinion....! Again, I really like the game.
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9 months ago, Marsh622
This is one of the best word games ever! The graphics are great, the sounds are great and it can be challenging. I have been playing for a year and the changes that have been made recently, have made this an almost perfect game. Only 1 minor issue, the ads. I completely understand that they are there so we can play for free, but sometimes the ads take you to the ads website. I’m ok with the ads, but see if something can be done about that. Thank You to the developers for a super game!!! UPDATE: I have been playing this game daily for over 450 days and it is STILL the BEST GAME EVER. Thank you to the developers and I have tried the other game LunaCross. I still like Cody Cross better!!
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4 years ago, bmg1303
This game is perfect as is!
I read quite a few reviews before downloading and my first thought 💭 was, “these people are just complainers!” So I downloaded the game and, easily breezed through the first 10 levels. I had to force myself to stop playing and write this review! Every bad review are from people who are natural complainers, I believe. They’re like that manager that never see what good you do only your mistakes. They just have a critiquing spirit/aura..whatever you want to call it. Now, the puzzles had me thinking but not overly complicated. I knew the answer just hadn’t used the word in years. I actually love 💕 this game and really wish people would slow up on the negativity. The developers did an awesome job with this game. Graphics ✔️ Puzzles ✔️ Ads ✔️ Yes there are ads but what game doesn’t have them? They’re not after every single level. I believe they come after you complete a group which is 5 levels. Even then you have the option to skip watching the ad. Developers, keep up the great job! Don’t change nothing! Just add like a million more levels so this game never ends!!!
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3 months ago, Loopicutie
Great app when it actually loads
Past 2 days app just won’t open. Stuck on loading screen. This happens pretty often honestly. Didn’t used to happen 2-10 years ago. Idk what’s up with this app recently. All developers response is “send us an email in app”. How is anyone supposed to do that when the app doesn’t load? Maybe if they actually read what they were replying to. Tone deaf. If the dev replies with “oh just send us something in app” I’ll laugh. I CANT OPEN THE APP. Edit to developers response: idk in what world the opposite of “happens pretty often” is “doesn’t happen pretty often”. If I email you’re just gonna tell me to update my phone or update the app, both of which are already updated. You act like I’m the only one with this issue. Still love the app though, when it actually loads. Which is less than “pretty often”.
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4 years ago, jormamam
this game is really fun, but i do have a couple big complaints about it. 1. This game is leaning heavily towards the older-ish people because of most of the questions it asks. i have to ask my parents who are in their thirty’s about most of these questions. i have my difficulty setting on easy, and the questions are still meant for the older generation. 2. You only get 30 or so tokens at the begging of the game, and i honestly didn’t know what they were for because the game didn’t tell me. I later found out that these token are meant to be spent using your little power ups, which can cost upwards of 7 tokens. so i spent all of my tokens in the very start and now i have no tokens. the game does let you get 1 single token by watching an ad, but you have to wait 15 minutes before you can get another one. 15 MINUTES! 3. there is an option to play other mini games in the option bar, but you can only really do 1 level before you are asked to either spend it 1 token, or get premium. which if you ask me, is dumb. they’re premium option doesn’t really even benefit you in a lot of ways. this game can use a little work. i hope this was helpful.
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6 years ago, 5280Guitar
Fun, but could be better
I like word puzzles in general, and I really like this game overall. The clues are generally a nice mix of obvious, and “I need to think about that some.” Where I think this could really set itself apart, and where it really disappoints me, is after solving these puzzles and revealing an interesting word like “tetraodontic” or a term I wasn’t familiar with (Helladic period), I feel like I’m left hanging. There is no explanation of what the word or term is, or any hyperlinks to wiki entries to expand on the word/concept. Sure, I can look them up myself, but then I’m less likely to return to the game. Some of the concepts that are brought out in the game (globalization, coastal erosion, sustainability) are particularly relevant for our times. Not making it easier to learn more seems to be a missed opportunity.
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4 years ago, jegrinstead
Ads and content
I know that ads are necessary, but why so many, why so long and the same ad all the time. Is there a need for 30 second game ads? 15 seconds is enough to get the point of the game across. Also, I have founds games that don’t match the same games in the online CodyCross online answers. It’s frustrating when the answers can’t be found either your help or from the internet. It would be nice if I trusted that people at Cody Cross read these reviews and tried to fix or st least change. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and I’ve noticed that not much has changed since my first review. If I could I would now rate this game with 2-3 stars.
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5 years ago, GraceyManor
Do Not Subscribe!
Subscribers beware! I did a one month subscription; 8 days later connected to Facebook & lost all access (even though it still shows I am subscribed). Prior to connecting to FB, there was no prompt stating you will lose access. I sent an email this morning hoping the developers can fix the of yet, have not heard back. Update: I still have not rec’d an email back from the developer. Canceled subscription & requested refund from iTunes. **Even though it’s the weekend, the developer should monitor email, especially regarding subscriptions** Update: You have my email, along with a picture of my subscription transaction. Perhaps you should check your junk email... I have noticed from past reviews where others have emailed you, you have responded w/ the same excuse, “I cannot find your email...” AND Restore does not fix the subscription; tried it before emailing you. Update: You ignore/do not respond to emails bc they do not match screen names? So let me get this straight - if your customers have issues with your game, do not email, instead write a review? You should respond to ALL emails from customers that are having difficulty with your game (esp. when it involves money); not ignore emails bc the names do not match the review. Ignoring emails is never the way to go. Apple refunded the money.
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5 years ago, Seadoobie
Some clues too generic
I understand that it might be difficult to find unique words that fit the puzzles and you’ll have to look some up here and there. Usually you’ll get enough letters to be able to make a guess, but lately I’ve had entire puzzles where I’ve never heard of the clues or answers or random peoples names. I’m on level 245 now and finding myself having to search more answers than I’m able to figure out. Some player on a minor league sports team in a third world country or a Czech protestors name etc. There’s maybe a handful of people in the world that could have a random guess at some of these. I would also guess that English isn’t the first language of the developers. Some of the singular/plural, future/past tense etc is off. So unless you know what oudekerk and greatauk and other words your spell checker won’t recognize you’ll end up frustrated.
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8 months ago, Gina Lola
What’s going on??
I play EVERY day and lately I have been getting notices that I must pay tokens or lose my daily streak. Why? I play every day at all hours of the day, and yet 2 or 3 times a week I am given this notice. I already paid for this app and I’m really unhappy with this new money grab. Tell me what the cutoff time is then. What time does the day start and end? Does your day have 24 hours to it or some arbitrary number you make up every day? I can’t tell you how much this angers me. Fix this thing or make it plain when the day’s cut off time is. Not that it matters, I already don’t trust you. Get your act together, you grifters.
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4 years ago, Thisisthewayitis
Great Game BUT THE ADS!!!
Pros: Really fun game, great graphics and sound. I play on hard mode and have accumulated enough tokens from watching ads to help with revealing letters of words I don’t know. It’s a relaxing game. And you can always look up the answer on the internet! Cons: THE ADS! Come on developers! There is an annoying ad in between every single game or a little token icon pops up while you’re playing asking if you want to earn 3 tokens by watching an ad. You don’t have to watch that but the others you do to proceed the game. I don’t tho. I manually re-start the game to bypass the ad and it gets to be ridiculous. Looked into paying for no ads and it’s expensive AND it’s not permanent! I still play, however, but I don’t see me staying in the long term like other games - simply because of the ads...
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6 years ago, Angelatom2015
Used to love it now I can’t stand it!!
Please remove all these ads that keep popping up or I will delete this game, it’s not even a fun game anymore. I’m on 128 in Culinary Arts I’ve gone so far in this game and I've really enjoyed playing this game, but all of the ads have taken all the fun out of it. This used to be a great game and I loved it but after the update it’s awful and full of ads after every level. I liked it before when I could watch a few second video and get free hints, but this is ridiculous. If you can’t make all of the extra ads go away I will have to delete the game and I would hate to I’m in Transports group 110 but I can’t even go to the board without yet another ad popping up and I just got to that group. Come on seriously!! Please fix it I really don’t want to delete it and I can’t stand to play it anymore it just sits there I keep hoping I’ll go into my game and the ads will be gone but nope.
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6 years ago, MysticMom
My husband and I play this together every night at bedtime. We are addicted and unfortunately so close to finishing the levels! I have seriously considered purchasing more, though! I do have a few comments, suggestions. We have found certain topics seem to be very repetitious...The Simpsons, for one. So tired of them. There are also a lot of terms that are not universal and are obviously from England. It helps that my husband went to school there, but it would still be nice if you used the most universal terms and spellings. Overall, we greatly enjoy the game despite the annoyance of the new ad placement. We can deal with them though they did spoil the flow of the game.
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1 year ago, tayaydncjckcifmrfn
Not too shabby
I’ve played this game for a while and I’ve learned many new different things. The overall gameplay is good and couldn’t ask for much more. Every so often you get a chest that gives you coins and little helpful characters, so you aren’t forced to by anything in the actual gameplay. The only issue with the entire game is the ads. I mean they pop up after every level you complete, but to be honest every game nowadays has ads. At least this game doesn’t have an add pop up every 30 seconds. Overall I would recommend the game if you’re willing to sit through an add after every level. Or you can just pay to get rid of them.:) 9/10
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6 years ago, QuinOTK
Responsive to suggestions
Today I came across a clue that said “conscientious ___ refuse to perform military service”. As a 13-year Army Veteran as a conscientious objector and an Infantry Medic, I was quite offended. I challenged the definition and, initially, was told it was in accordance with Webster’s. However, once I clarified the definition and offered an alternative, “Conscientious ___ refuse to bear arms in military service”, they understood and were submitting for a change. I am proud to have effected this small change, and it says much about the designers. They want to create something fun and dignified. Thank you, fanatee, for acknowledging those of us who served while still respecting our own morals. High marks for every aspect of this game and its creators!!!!
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5 years ago, xandeinerseitex
Super fun!
I really do love this game. A lot of times I’ll put on a podcast and just sit back and play through a few puzzle groups. The only reasons I gave it a four-star rating is because first, the amount of ads you’re made to watch is absurd, and they’re usually 30 seconds and are totally unskippable. I get needing to make money off your app, but it’s a little ridiculous. The second reason is that some of the clues are really vague and could be a little clearer. As it is, there are always a handful that are oddly niche, and I’m waiting to finish other answers and have the letters fill in in the hopes that I figure it out. Googling it takes the fun out of it, but sometimes, it’s your only choice. And some of the clues are so poorly chosen, or frustrating as a whole. For example, the one I just got today was, “Transatlantic ___ stands out in San Francisco skyline”. The answer was “pyramid”. Apparently there are no more remarkable pyramids in the world than an insurance building. Overall, I’d highly recommend the game. My two complaints aren’t even close to enough to make me stop playing. I lose hours to this game and I don’t even mind.
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2 years ago, Gma of Half Dozen
I have been playing CodyCross for roughly five years. I really enjoy the quality and questions in the game. I am an older adult and am very happy with the challenges of the game. I have only one issue with the 1.60.0 version, every time the game has glitched on start up. I have checked my internet connection each time and that hasn’t proved to be the problem. All other games I play online work just fine. At this time I can’t even play offline because it won’t load. Do you have any suggestions for me to try? I don’t want to have to stop playing CodyCross but I don’t know what else I can do. Thank you for your time in reading my concerns. Respectfully Submitted
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