Coffee Break

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Sudip Bag
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3 years ago
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10.8 or later
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User Reviews for Coffee Break

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8 years ago, poetcop
Confusing, clunky and seemingly nonfunctional
I just wanted a simple countdown timer like the old Coffee Break Pro. This one looked like it would fit the bill, although with an incredibly clunky and confusing graphical interface. For example, the bad decision to make everything slider based rather than letting you type in numbers. But the Open at Login doesn’t work on Yosemite, it often stops counting down for no reason that I can see, and the window doesn’t even disappear smoothly when I expect it to (e.g. there’s no close button, and clicking outside doesn’t dismiss it). Not recommended.
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12 years ago, Theresa D
Not as useful as I had hoped
I'm a working mom who is nursing a baby and I wanted a to remember to take breaks at a particular time each day to go express milk. There are many break timers, and I just needed one that could be set to a particular time, not a particular interval. Now that I have it, I realize that there is no way to shut off the interval timer (that I can find) - it will tell me I need to take a break every 90 min (max time you can set it for) and on top of that ask me to take my scheduled breaks. It would be nice if you could use either the interval timer or the scheduled timer or both. There are also pop-ups that appear that I don't quite understand, perhaps to tell me how long until my next scheduled break? There seems to be a surprising lack of choices in the settings and lack of documentation to tell you what the few settings they provide actually do. There is also another version of this app that is more expensive and lets you select what the breaks are called (rather than coffee breaks). I don't know if perhaps that is better documented and featured than this one, but I wouldn't recommend spending money on this. I wish I could get my money back and look for another solution that is more simple but less optimal (like setting an alarm on my phone).
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10 years ago, neuropsychdoc
Extremely disappointed
Since purchasing this app, I have been unable to install it. The problem appears to be with the app itself and not with my computer/server. I have contacted this company twice and they still have not responded. This is horrific customer service and I want a refund. I would deter anyone from purchasing this app or any other developed by this company.
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12 years ago, Cirdureth
Great reminder
I definitly can get caught up in all the work or chat, or browsing that I'm doing on the computer and forget to move for hours. This app is helpful for reminding me to get up stretch, drink water, eat, whatever. I need something hard to ignore. It looks nice, and works great. The one issue I have with it, is it doesn't seem to work with spaces. The screen will darken in one screen, the countdown in another, leaving the others completely lit up and functional. It would be that much better if it would somehow darken every screen, or put the computer on a temporary "lock down". But other than that nit picky detail, here's to a healthier lifestyle, and NOT sitting in front of the computer screen too long. Thanks guys!
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12 years ago, raceguy11
Fantastic App!
I got this app because I would find myself at my desk for hours without realizing it! This app helps me keep track of time and give me micro breaks as well. I wish, though, there was an option to detect if you are away from your desk and stop the timer. I have had a couple of times where I walk away from my desk for a while and when I come back it tells me to take a break. Also when the countdown alerts you of 15 seconds or less, it won't let me click outside of the countdown alert to let me finish what I am doing. Other than that, fantasitc app, simple, yet ever so useful!
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12 years ago, max height
Does the job!
Update on version 1.2.0: I just upgraded this application and it seems to have fixed the sleep issue that I was having with version 1.1. I'll therefore improve my rating from 3 to 4 stars. I wish it had an option for a better looking icon or screen saver when working, but it does the job, which is to remind me to get me away from my computer occaisionally. Comments on version 1.1: "Needs a few tweaks" I bought/installed this app last week. It sort of works like expected, but doesn't resume (on my computer at least, running Snow Leopard) after I awake the computer from sleep. In order to get Coffee Break working again, I have to quit it then launch the app again. Other than that, it does the job. I am hoping they'll fix this sleep issue in a future update. I'd give it more stars if it didn't have this sleep issue.
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11 years ago, aetheron_
Great tool, but one major bug
This is a very useful app. It "forces" you to take a break from your screen and walk around a bit, something that I find myself needing to do more often. Great implementation, and a simple, clean, and unobtrusive UI. The only problem is that when the computer is put to sleep, the timer pauses, and does not restart when the computer is awakened. The timer must be reset, or turned off and on again to work. This is a big problem, since it is very easy to forget to do this everytime you close your laptop's lid. Fix this, and this will be a perfect app.
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12 years ago, ejward13
Helps keep me sane
I have a lot of trouble with getting engrossed in my work and having time slip by. I have tried a few different break timer apps and this one hits the sweet spot between simplicity and offering some options and customization. I use it every time I sit down to start writing and have found that I get fewer headaches now that I have a friendly reminder to close my eyes and relax periodically.
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12 years ago, memoht
Great app with some minor glitches
This app is simple, effective and works mostly as advertised. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a sleep bug that causes the timer to stop. I put my Mac to sleep several times a day, so I have noticed this seems to be the issue. Hopefully the dev will work this out for real in a future update.
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12 years ago, Itsmeee
Very close to being perfect, but some bugs are annoying.
Very awesome app, but some bugs which cause it to occasionally not continue its countdown after being turned off and on again really bother me.
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12 years ago, justgotTM today
Coffee break is way more fun than being late!
I hate spending a break staring at the clock and waiting to be late. This is a cute way to stay on schedule and costs less than my coffee break ever does!
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12 years ago, ⅁K
Needs bug fix to work properly
After the hard drive falls asleep the app stops working and requires the on/off switch to be toggled to restart the timer. Once this is fixed, it will be a 5-star app.
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11 years ago, AndrewRoz
Nice Design, Cute Sounds
Really helps me keep from destroying my neck. I can't work too long at the computer without getting strain. This helps keep me honest.
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12 years ago, AppAddict989
Great when it works
It's a pretty good app, but sometimes it stops working. I'll open up the interface and see that the timer is paused (even though there is no such feature). I believe this is related to sleeping/waking the computer and I hope the developers fix it.
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10 years ago, jessiewonka
Close! Needs a couple fixes
I love the simplicity, but a few things keep me from wanting to use it lately. Somehow I can no longer set the timeout to be under 2 minutes. In prefs, Open at Login seems broken in Mavericks. The app seems to get stuck once the computer has been put to sleep. And I’d love to be able to stop the app from sliding side-to-side when it activates.
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