Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

4.5 (142.4K)
101.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

4.49 out of 5
142.4K Ratings
3 years ago, MissEmpress
Great way to connect with people.
They send you a list of matches every day (10-12 people usually), which is nice but can make it difficult to really get to know the people you connect with if you are not too picky. The profile doesn’t require much so there isn't a lot to go on at times. On the other hand, the app will ask if you’re ready to meet a potential match as soon as you connect, even though you haven’t had a chance to message yet. Kinda counterproductive! I think if we could be a little more specific in our preferences of who we’re looking for it would help save time from being matched with too many people that you then have to close out communication with. Less and More focused better quality matches would be ideal. Note that the men *really* want your attention once you connect so it can be overwhelming at times. But If you have the time to wade through your daily list of matches every day in addition to Likes You and Discover and keep up with conversing with several (around 5) men at a time, then definitely go for it. You will not be sorry...because sometimes, a great guy is hiding behind a sparse profile. 😊 Just be patient, have faith and trust and don’t be afraid to keep saying no to the men that don’t feel right. Keep at it until the right guy comes and you’ll know when he comes. I know it sounds cliche, but you really will know. If you’re unsure most of the time, he’s not the one. Don’t settle!
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4 years ago, Shanmarie37
My favorite dating app; used to be cleaner
I used this app in early 2019 before they updated it to the scroll style, which is now more like Hinge in that all the photos are laid out vertically and you scroll down, with bio information interspersed. I find this to be a cluttered, ugly style and it’s why I hated Hinge. What I liked about CMB is that it had a clean layout, encourages you to fill out some basic but meaningful information about yourself, and prioritizes quality over quantity in a way other dating apps don’t. CMB is, I think, the best app for finding a relationship as opposed to a hookup, or at least for meeting nice people with whom you can have a conversation. Curating your selection of daily bagels encourages you to consider each potential match more carefully, while the explore section gives you more variety, and since it’s not a swipe style like other apps, you can spend more time engaging with each person’s profile and making a decision. In short, CMB is the only dating app I’ve ever really liked, and I had several good dates from it. I met my boyfriend (I’m female and was using the app to meet men) really quickly through CMB, so I only used the app for a few weeks. I kept it on my phone to keep our first conversation, and recently opened it to be disappointed with the way the profiles look now. But I haven’t tried it with this new style, and I’d still recommend the app on the strength of how good it was when I used it.
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6 years ago, Anonymous Person AAA
Good but not without issues
I've been using CMB and a few other dating apps for a while and I personally like this app the best. I like that the app encourages you to fill out meaningful information about yourself (if the person obliges) and generally result in more genuine interactions with matches. I also like that you can personalize your bagel search to fit your preferences. Although you can pay for additional features, the app is still usable and effective with the basic free functionalities unlike some other apps. As for issues, in the past few months, it seems like the app has gotten a lot more buggy (i.e., the bagel wouldn't load, app freezing). I'm personally not a fan of the app removing the history feature. Even if some people aren't a fan of the feature, I feel like it should be an option for whether you want to get rid of it or not; otherwise, it feels like a feature was just removed without additional benefit. Perhaps a compromise would be good in which you can see a limited history, so you can at least see who you like today or share the bagel with a friend who you think would be a potential good match. Although I haven't met my special person yet, overall I still think this is still the best dating app but I think it could be better if some issues were addressed.
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6 years ago, DrTruthBomb
The bagels are a gambling system
I already noticed that this app will calculate who gets liked more often and put them in the bagel section instead of the daily free rotation. I'm fine with that, it's business. But after buying extra bagels multiple times on top of my subscription I thought how am I going to know if these people will ever see me? Especially when there's naturally more men on dating apps then women, there's more clutter for them to go through. A bagel costs something like $4-$5, a little less with the discount, so it's a gamble to send someone a bagel not knowing AT ALL if they'll even see you. After a month of this I still have zero matches, I feel CMB delays when people see you as long as they see you stop paying for awhile. That's how I met someone on here last year, after a couple months of not paying attention to the notifications I matched with someone I must've like weeks or months ago. I'm just hoping people who paid up at least for awhile can actually get on the higher end of the algorithm, someday. Response: I understand the app can be used for free, but it's absolutely clear the more attractive choices are on the discover section in which you have to buy bagels to send to people than the daily free rotation of people. I spent money on bagels on multiple occasions never knowing the person I liked will ever see me. I'll also go days without liking a single person on the free rotations. 380 beans for a bagel to send to one person is ridiculous.
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1 year ago, jeffcao88
Let me start by saying this is A GREAT APP FOR ITS ANTI SWIPING THEME AND MUCH NEEDED!! But there are certain limitations that should be very easily fixed but I’m not sure why they are kept in place... they are: 1. Why is skip the line (a reason to upgrade to premium) only available for bagels (people) in suggested BUT NOT IF YOU SEND A MESSAGE? People want to read messages! So if someone’s popular, you can send a like and a prompt comes up if you want to skip the line and send flowers... but if you send a message like... YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS OPTION!! It should be a really easy switch on the developer side not sure why they do it like this. 2. Why can you NOT send messages with discover likes? Only in suggested? 3. This is more of a bug... why is it when people like you that sometimes their like is in the likes category, but sometimes in the discover section, and other times if it’s coincidence and they’re in your suggested on the same day > the likes show up in there? Really confusing! 4. Why do the app devs MAKE YOU DO A VIDEO CALL? Other apps have options for voice calls or video calls, but this app MAKES you have to do video if you didn’t want to exchange numbers yet. THEN THEY PUT A 15 MIN LIMIT. I understand it’s good to keep it short but what if you want to do a longer call? It keeps ending the call on you and you can redial it again. CUSTOMERS WANT OPTIONS!! NOT LIMITATIONS!!
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4 years ago, Kennerby
Best of the Rest
Had this, Bumble and Tinder off and on for years. CMB is definitely the one with the people more serious about finding a relationship. I had these, like most people as a sort of side plan. Don’t put too much effort or reliance on these apps but don’t brush them off either! Eventually you are bound to finally match with someone who fits you perfectly. That’s what happened to me (after about 4 years... haha). Anyways, I like the setup because it prevents you from droning through a hundred profiles a day and instead tries to find a handful of people that match your preferences. Whenever I would hit a week where no bagels were found I’d just delete it for a couple months to let the pool of potential matches grow. Try and make your profile a little interesting with a funny picture or favorite movie line or something because maybe your match will recognize it and it’ll kick things off. Get rid of the party photos and ones with no smiles, no one actually likes those. It’s good to give your profile a make over now and then. I changed my profile around so much over the years. I recommend this app over others but remember you don’t necessarily want a fast connection. Take your time, decide what characteristics or values you like in a match and stick to them. Good luck!
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6 years ago, valprada•
Good job hope you get improving :)
Very good app I like it very much, i mean so far I like almost every feature and how it system works it very smart to limit most to suggestions 7-8 or pay some $ for the points to discover more options that way it limits its population to people really want to meet and date, instead of overpopulated freaks that make serious people be so few that’s its rare a real date. I don’t give 5 stars for few things like it for some reason like there’s a little thing I don’t like and it’s that at the same time there’s so much guys that want to meet girls that it makes not that attractive guys to be kind felt apart unless they pry to you know be in more girls profile and the points are a bit expensive to use that means that for some maybe 20 more options you have to pay like 40$ or so. Hope some regulated price or some little more help on that. Tho I know it most likely won’t change but still good job, I am too one of the ones that hope to have atleast a chat soon xD hahahaha been a while on the app and well
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4 years ago, cmyhal0
Still unsure of the APP
I have only been on the app a week. After reading some of the reviews I have a better understanding of how the app works. I have never used a date app or tried online dating. Where is what I noticed so far. The first day I had a tone of likes. I am not sure if the was a gimmick to encourage app use but done since day one. It is possible no one has “liked” me. My discover and bagels are basically the same. If I wait a day they just switch back and forth from the different categories. I set my search filters, creating a board consideration base, trying to be open to the possibilities but haven’t seen much of a change in possible bagels. Day one, I connected with someone. Again, I don’t know if this was to continue app use or not. The bagel, didn’t remember the answers to his prompt and then didn’t really “conversate”. Again, it could have been an accident and they just weren’t interested. I’m hoping to see a change in bagels over the next week or I won’t stay with the app and just try the old fashion way. I do like the limited bagel numbers and number of likes. It makes one stop and consider each person. However, you are forced to pass on a daily bagel instead of seeing all bagels for that day. There is no way to think through all the bagels and go back and like one.
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3 years ago, ThAdEa82
Expensive gambling
Yes i saw the thing on shark tank. Theres a reason why they partnered up. Its a great way to milk money out of people. Online dating is already expensive. Most services are reducing what free stuff they used to offer. It seemed like they wanted to charge and arm and a leg until now. Yes its free and there are free features. The more attractive ones are pay to play while the ugly ones are at the end of the daily rotation. With that said, its gambling if i need to pay extra for a chance to talk to someone vs other users. For all i know they are fake profiles since online is full of them. At least other sites you pay a flat rate to find out. This is done to maximize profits...and it’s unethical. I believe i read women use this for free while men are the ones that pay. This would be sexist in todays world so theres that let alone the gender discrimination factoring in there. Im sure women love that double standard. It also seems like you can click all day long on profiles and to cut the line you can send “flowers” that cost more beans. Right... now i have to question if my original request was sent and/or how long is it being delayed by because of this “cut the line” process. Theres too many shenanigans going on to placate any concerns. Also now features that used to be available are being taken away and a subscription is needed for access. And for those reasons, im out.
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6 years ago, Aznmoviechick
Too Many Fake Profiles
The app itself is ok. I agree with all the negative reviews. Been using it for a few months. I’ve been connected with multiple men, but the problem is most of them end up being marked unsafe. Most of these men that were marked unsafe were men claiming to be in the military. There was one match in particular that was marked unsafe and then a see the same man in the suggested section, but using a different profile. This site needs to do a better job of identifying fake profiles, especially if the same photo are being used for different profiles. Women, beware if a man you connect with claims to be in the military. Most like he is fake. Now any time I see military on the guy’s profile I immediately pass. The ones that I matched with that had no issues don’t respond. What is the point in liking me if you are not going to chat. In my experience, there is no good quality of men on this site. You are also limited on the number of bagels you get everyday. If I am interested in someone in the discovery section I have to pay money to get beans just to like them and hope that they like me back. There is no guarantee that he will even see me. So far I’ve had a bad experience with this site and have been very discouraged with on-line dating. I haven’t had any successful matches that lead to actually meeting up in person.
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2 months ago, jwilliamtodd
Just like every other dating app
Maybe I set my hopes too high, thinking this app might be different than all the rest that I’ve tried but the end result was the same, single and disappointed with my experience on this app. I connected with one person the entire time, I had signed up for a month subscription. I opened the chat conversation with an ice breaker and she responded with an answer but never shared any ice breaker of her own so I could learn a little more about her. I then asked a question based on her profile and again no answer and then the connection expired (this needs to be made more clear that you only have 7 days to connect with a person). Growing disenchanted with this app, I cancelled my subscription before being charged for another month and one day after my subscription ends, I get a notification tonight that hey someone likes you but to find out who it might be, I’d have to renew my subscription just like every other app that I’ve tried. It’s par for the course! I hope this service works for some people but it’s not for me. Maybe you should offer a profile coaching feature for paid subscribers, to help them get the most of their experience, make it worth the $ they invested in your company because I don’t feel I got my money’s worth at all!
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2 months ago, grgryp
Declining Experience and Greed
I’ve used CMB several times over the years but now it really seems like the app has plateaued or is declining. Even though I pay for premium I’m still prompted to pay for priority views by someone I’m liking if they have a lot of likes (it could be 10 days before they see my profile? What?). It’s clear monetizing is getting in the way of the premium user experience. Also I have very specific relationship goals I’m looking for and a lot of the profiles I get don’t have whether or not someone wants kids or whether someone drinks or not. I thought this was a “serious” dating app? I won’t like someone’s profile if they don’t say in the affirmative what they want or about their lifestyle, which might mean I’m missing out but I don’t want to waste time figuring out something that would take someone 2 seconds to select. I’m also on Hinge which has been way better this time around whereas a couple years back I strongly preferred CMB. Like with Hinge I can get a couple matches in a week but CMB is mostly crickets or I’ll get one and it’s 80% that they’ll never respond or ghost after one exchange. Very different experience on Hinge! I’m not sure what’s going on… Ultimately I decided to delete my account a couple months before my premium subscription ends.
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4 years ago, aklem92
Met my soon-to-be wife
About 18 months ago, I met my soon-to-be wife on CMB (August 2nd can’t come soon enough!) so, admittedly, I’m a bit bias. We had each been using the app for a while and enjoyed its features. Personally, I appreciated its simplicity. With other apps and sites (and I tried a number of them), there were always so many options: like, message, send a wink, etc. Every person thinks differently about how those features should be used. That was tiresome and frustrating. Not the case on CMB. Simple actions to take. Didn’t take a ton of time, and most importantly, there was not an overwhelming number of results every day. I found myself not even knowing where to start on some platforms. CMB made it simple and easy for me to just devote a few short minutes when I wanted to log in. Fast forward 18 months and I couldn’t be happier. I found someone who I can’t wait to be a partner for life with! We miiight have eventually met because we have a few mutual friends, but I’m thankful CMB sped up the process! After all, if I found someone with whom I can endure the stress of wedding planning in the midst of COVID, I think I found a good one! Thanks CMB!
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1 year ago, markiplyerm
Just a little odd
Personally, as I’ve been using this in conjunction with Hinge, it’s about the same, and maybe more for a free to play standpoint. Major filters are of course blocked behind a paywall, but functionality is great even without the premium. My complaint? I have 8-9 likes on me, I’ve seen when a like listed disappears when I’ve selected to match or move along. But it’s been a week. Most apps and sites tend to filter those likes into my choices, so that I can see those interested in me quickly. When apps don’t it’s usually because those likes, or at least a few of them, are fake. Now, in the Discover section, they seem to display maybe one person that had liked me, (I assume from their list for the day) but I also have no way of passing a person if they’re shown in that section. So that would also bolster the number of invisible likes that I can’t access unless I pay the premium. All in all, pretty average, my qualms about hidden likes aside, the basis seems good for anyone with a busy life, checking on their lunch break. And it’s mostly free, but would take forever to get through all potentials in any major city. Kinda a hobby esc dating app, rather than a serious search. TLDR 3 stars, minus 1 for hidden likes. Not the worst you could try.
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6 years ago, Claireh640
Of All the Apps, CMB Wins
I have tried several apps including Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Hinge, and the Inner Circle over the past few years. This year, after a break from dating, my friend recommend CMB. I decided to give it a try because the other apps were either geared towards hookups or the guys wouldn’t make the first move/hold a conversation. There is something about having a limited amount of “matches” and “bagels” that help keep the app intended for its true purpose: dating and not just swiping. I matched with one of my bagels two weeks after getting the app and while I ignored his first message, he reached out again a week later. The conversation was about to expire so he really had to step up his game to get my number. A couple weeks later and we were official. A lot of people around us were surprised at how well matched we were (including myself!). My friends know I’ve done the dating apps for a while so they always ask me for recommendations. I think everyone has an app that suits them but I tell them: if you want genuine connections and guys who aren’t just into the “swiping game”, then CMB would be the app for you.
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6 years ago, anokodare
Coffee found bagel
I had absolutely zero experience in dating, and very little desire to find a partner. However, out of sheer boredom and a vague hope to meet someone I could be friends with, I tried out Bumble BFF. Not much luck there. Then Bumble date. Bit better, but man there were so much jaded users, lol. Then I tried CMB. The design of the app is nice, because it makes users write an actual profile about themselves. Great if you care who you’re matching with! I liked the limited number of potential matches, since you’re not aimlessly swiping though photo after photo, you take time to really think about the person on the other end. In my experience, the people on CMB felt more genuinely interested in a conversation than other apps. I ended up meeting someone who was almost in the opposite fields, but we talked a lot and ended up going on a date...which lasted 12 hours. I asked them out shortly afterwards. So TLDR: this app found someone who was completely chill with dying alone their first partner. I adore the service, and my s.o both talk about how incredibly lucky this app exists. (*・ω・)ノ
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6 years ago, Ann_Cheng
Rarely Get Seen by Any Bagels Starting These 3 Months...
I have used CMB for a year and it is currently my favorite apps as it did introduce me to a group of more genuine people of quality and I didn’t spend to boost my profile. However, starting these 3 months, I rarely get seen by the potential matches anymore; 90% of the bagels CMB sent to me are the ones that haven’t seen me before. And CMB keeps up-selling me the $1.99/$3.99 boost service, as if I don’t buy it, I will remain as this invisible person on CMB. I checked my preference and made sure that I was realistic — male, age 28 to 40, taller than 5’10, all ethnicity and religion are welcome, within 50 miles. And I also examine myself — 28 yrs old, 5’8, 125 lbs, non-smoker, with a master’s degree in a good university and a good job in Fortune 500, and I provide photos of good quality and a succinct, interesting bio. Still, CMB keeps sending me bagels that haven’t seen me and keeps inviting me to upgrade and pay. I had bought the boost service once but I don’t think I will again as if CMB is not going to let me be seen unless I pay. I couldn’t help but wonder — Why am I not being seen by guys on CMB any more? Can someone from CMB help me answer this? Thank you!
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2 years ago, Midori808
I have been on many other date apps in the past and in My honest opinion, “Coffee Meets Bagel” is the best dating app! It’s basic features allow you to go thrift profiles and send unlimited messages for free! I just signed up this week and met someone on my first day and we continue to chat outside of the app now, but my door is still open to more opportunities 😉 They screen their members really well, that I find a lot more “quality” people on there! And every day at 12 noon they release up to 20 people NEAR me. May I ask the developers why they don’t release ALL members near me? Sometimes I’m not compatible with ANY of the new matches 🙄🫤😩 so I have to wait 24 hours to be able to see the next batch, if there are any 🙄 Bit I still gave CMB=Coffee Meets Bagel 5 ⭐️ , though Infeel It should be 10 ⭐️ Can you allow members to have unlimited space to create their bio? And can you allow members to see their “likes” if you had to throw in having to “watch” advertisements, I’d be happy with that 🙏🏻 Mahalo 🤙🏻
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5 years ago, MrsMijangos76
Awful! Horrible! Do not sign up!
I downloaded the app and signed up using my phone number instead of Facebook. After a few hours, I wasn’t really pleased with the men on the app. I tried deleting the app but it only gave me the option to “deactivate”. A few weeks later, I received an email from CMB stating that someone gained access to my account. I’m not sure how they got my email address since I used my phone number to sign up. Even weirder that the email they sent, went to an old email address that I don’t use anymore. I asked them to remove my phone profiles associated with both emails and my phone number. It took them almost a week to get back to me, only to say they were backed up and would get back to me later. After about two weeks, they got back to me and told me to login and delete the accounts myself. I tried. The desktop version had no way of logging in. So I downloaded the app again but that only gave me the option to signup. Not login as a current user. I tried Googling their phone number but they don’t have one listed. Finally, I had to send them a threatening email to sue them for posting an unwanted profile of me. Less than 24 hours later, they replied stating the accounts were removed. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS APP!
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9 months ago, carrieabanner
I found the love of my life on CMB
I deleted my app and my account just under a year ago, but for the best reason- I found the man I love using coffee meets bagel! And now we’re getting married in a month! In total I had found 2 serious, Christian, boyfriends from this app, including my fiancé. I seriously cannot recommend this app more for people looking for a serious relationship and that regular dating apps never worked for. I have ADHD and any other app I tried it never worked for me because it was too hard to motivate myself to write back men I had never met before, especially when the chat would never end. I would keep telling myself “I’ll respond to them tomorrow” until tomorrow became “you’ve ignored them too long, now you can’t respond”. That is why I loved that CMB restricts a chat to 7 days after you match. It helped increase my motivation to respond because if I didn’t then I may have missed out on a chance. The quality of matches you go on dates with is really dependent on you. On how picky you are with who you go on a date with, and what your profile says about you. I highly recommend being picky and describing your true self on your profile. That alone will increase the quality of matches you meet, and then CMB gives you the other tools to succeed! So this review is to anyone looking for love, but especially for those who other dating apps just aren’t working for. This app worked for my fiancé and I and we totally recommend it!
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1 year ago, StarBeamDream
Banned, but I am a real person
If you are a woman that upsets a man or someone on CMB you will be banned. This happened to me. I am a real person- not a scammer- I’m a kind person, and the only thing wrong I did was apparently talk to the wrong man on CMB. After I decided (because he made me feel unsafe, was pushy, unkind, and brushed off my safety concerns) I no longer wanted to have any contact with him I was banned from CMB. A word advice- if anything goes wrong with someone from CMB block them immediately before they report you (I should have done so) or you will be banned too. I can easily prove I am a real person with identification, friends from CMB that I know in person, my work information/ID etc. it doesn’t matter. So I would suggest to definitely not pay for anything longer than month because even if you have a paid account you will still be banned. This man has also started sending me all sorts of scam text messages and emails. I am positive they are from him because before I stopped talking to him all I ever received was every once in awhile a scam email, but now I’ve started receiving a bunch of scam/not legitimate text messages as well as emails from someone that knows personal details of my life.
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4 years ago, Tanyushechkaaa
Wasted 1 hour
Just wasted 1 hour to cherry pick the right photos and captions - totally normal ones - only to get suddenly kicked out and “unable to verify my account” with my regular phone number - for no reason whatsoever!!! I’ve literally just created my normal account and haven’t even got a chance to message or match with anyone. Good thing I didn’t buy any subscription yet as this seems to be happening an awful lot, according to other reviews. What a disappointing start. Shame on you CMB. Shame shame shame! If you help me fix this issue ASAP, I’ll update my review. UPDATE I was finally able to get back online and been using the app for a few weeks now. Think I’m about to delete it completely - I rarely get any men in suggested, liked or discover that I’m really attracted to. It’s like they don’t show my profile enough to the good looking men, and only show me some questionable men for free. I’m a gorgeous girl with a well filled out profile, and never had this issue before. Also, a huge bummer: I don’t see my new messages very often; somehow, they don’t show as new for days and weeks, and then of course the chat expires and I need to pay to reply. Blood sucking app that’s designed to nickel and dime you, not help you find meaningful connections.
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6 years ago, Spotdoctor
CMB bringing LFD!
This is RIDICULOUSLY premature, as I’ve only gone out on a single date with the extraordinary woman I met through the CMB app, but we’re both head over heels and amazed that it happened through a dating app. I’ve used several other apps in the past (OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble), but their algorithms seemed to connect me with people who weren’t of much interest to me. I really like the opportunities CMB offers users to express aspects of themselves and what they’re looking for, without being overwhelming (like OkCupid and Match) or limited (like Tinder). The woman I met on CMB who has just blown me away said that she had a sense from my profile that there could be a very strong connection, which is exactly what I felt from reading hers—uncommon for me on dating sites, where people might seem interesting, but there isn’t this intense, mutually held interest. Anyway, a big thank you to CMB and please keep your fingers crossed for me! (The date was five hours long and very difficult to end, and we’ve been on the phone for hours and hours since).
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5 years ago, GumboMambo219
Useless app full of scam profiles
I have yet to communicate with a “real” person on here who isn’t later flagged as a suspicious person. If you read most profiles, it’s clearly obvious by the grammar and punctuation used, that they are written by someone who is not English as first language = most likely a scammer. “I’m an honest man, nature loving man, gentle man, anything else listed followed by man”, Nice pictures, nice job, and if you look past the nonsensical profile, the education listed is even funnier to decipher. So, you’re a doctor and you got you Master’s degree from (fill-in-the-blank) High School? Don’t fall for buying beans to “like” people. It’s for amusement only. Like/dislike your daily matches and stockpile your beans. Chances are very likely that if you spend money buying beans and connect with someone, their profile will be flagged as a scam, or they copied a profile that makes sense, but when you start communicating with them, their grammar will quickly alert you that their profile is a scam. Save your money and don’t get your hopes up! Do yourself a favor and install the Veracity app, screen shot any potentials, and run their photos through the screener. Chances are, the photos are stolen/don’t belong to the profile. *For pure entertainment purposes and time wasting only
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4 years ago, Momma Blessing
Far overdue but...
I haven’t used this app in nearly four years. Why? Because I met my husband through it. This app was a last ditch effort for me in the world of dating. My now husband was going to be my last first date before I became a cat lady. The other dating apps on the market at the time had led me down a path of bad dates, mixed messages, and the whole “I’m sorry I JUST realized I don’t want to have a relationship” matches. CMB was (and I’m assuming still is) different. It allows you to fill out useful information about yourself and encourages actual conversations other than “what’s up”. The 7 day feature is great because it sets up a sense of urgency and messages never really get lost. I can’t say enough good things about this app. While it was my last ditch effort, I was my husband’s second date. We had a coffee and bagel bar at our wedding and four years and two beautiful kiddos later we are still glad to have met through this quirky app and recommend it to anyone we know that’s looking for a relationship.
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5 years ago, Garo_Thunder
Pointless and convoluted...
Im not even allowed to give 0 stars. I have been using online dating on and off for years... and this has been the most mindless, convoluted, money-grubbing-app that ive ever seen... after 2-3 “freebies”, cmb removes your option to message “matches” and replaces it with an option to pay for a subscription! And the worst part: the subscription literally does NOTHING. It gives you one extra “match” per day... as well as a discount on their mindless currency to “match” with other users who ARENT suggected by cmb. In other words: youre limited entirely by cmbs algorithm, which is non existent, to talk to people. Otherwise its the luck of the draw to get matched with someone you wanna talk to. Otherwise, you gotta wait 24+ hours to talk to 5 potential matches... aka women who have no business being matched with you. Theres no innovation here, no smart-app, no customer service/feedback, and certainly no sense to double-charging their customers and STILL not letting them message anyone. This app runs on their popularity on sharktank and their ability to leech money from people before they get lucky enough to move off the app. Which is how EVERY dating app works... this one just runs on stupidity, which is far too common these days.
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3 years ago, Google_Engineer
sexist app, similar to bumble
I have used this app for several years since the inception of it. I have done long term relationships to hookups. What I’ve noticed is that a user can “report” someone for bad offline behavior. It seems the simp of an employee or feminist employee simply listens to whatever the reporting person says and doesn’t take into consideration what was being sent over the phone (either text messages, pictures, live conversation). For an app to pass judgment they need to see the entirety of any offline interaction and not just a single message or paragraph of a long conversation. Guys- beware of the users in this app as well as the employees of CMB. Always save your texts as they can be used in a court of law to defend yourself from baseless, harmful accusations that some twisted women will throw out nowadays. Buyer beware with the knowledge that cmb records and analyzes all your messages from within the app and saves them prob indefinitely. Any type of sensitive information should never be sent across the app as it is NOT in confidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if this app has a class action lawsuit like bumble did for the partial and biased treatment of men. I’m going to ask my corporate friends how they feel about this.
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3 months ago, Lynette ABCDEFG
Functions and Features getting worse than before
I used to love the app so much cause I found 2 of my great ex and here and I have been using it since 2020 when the pandemic started. But the latest version forced me to make a decision that I am gonna ban this app due to its poor functions and features. I think it’s something related to its financial or what, I can’t see anyone who likes me anymore. It used to show some likes in discover, recommended and the who likes me section even though just a few. Now it requires me to pay to look at them and if I don’t I never get a chance to know who likes me cause their algorithm filters those ppl out directly. I would never get a match. Again poor algorithm always pops up the ppl I already passed. I remember that there was a guy in the recommended section like for 6 times and I have to click the X for 6 times to go pass him. If I always see the ppl I don’t like how can I expect to find someone I want here? What’s the point of having the recommendation section? Anyway I suggest not using this app anymore since it’s a waste of time. Go use bumble or hinge I think that’s better
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6 years ago, NurseNicki8
Classy and Quality App
I really enjoyed using this app. I used one of the other major dating sites about a year ago that I had to pay for, and had a bad experience, constantly getting approached by men I would never be interested in. This did not happen on Coffee Meets Bagel. First of all, the set-up is short and to the point. I don’t know how it is for men, but if you are a woman the app uses some sort of algorithm to send you what it believes are a few good, quality matches a day, based on men who have already paired with you. It gets rid of the endless swiping of Tinder, and I found that there were more profesional men in my age range. More than half of the paired matches I was sent were men I was attracted to both visually and on many other levels. It was very easy to use, and I felt safe using it. It even let me know if we were connect on FB. I found someone in less than two weeks to start dating. I highly recommend this app to professional women in their late 20’s to 40’s. I hope this review helps ladies!
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3 years ago, 度娘抽风
Too bad
Okay the 1st week from people like me tab, it gave a lot of people and I connected a few. Then the 2nd week in ‘like me’ it had much less people but well matched and learned my preference. However starting from 3rd week, in ‘like me’ I almost can’t choose anyone and it’s totally the opposite type of people from the 2nd week, and it continues now. (Guess what? Not algorithms 🙂 Really sarcastic right?) For the last 2 weeks, I almost can’t choose anyone from that lab. I really don’t understand it CMB. In 2nd week CMB already learned my preference. Why later in like me tab, full of(showed my profile to) people certain I’ll not choose. Want me to stay longer in the app? The algorithm seems very 👎🏻 and annoying of to which people it’s showing my profile to from the 3rd week which is so different from my preference. Today it annoyed me again not only because there’re no one I could connect back but also I passed every ‘ISTJ’ before and would connect back ‘NF or NT’ so in the 2nd week people liked me are ‘NF or NT’ but recently none are and I see these people are ‘ISTJ’ ! Why? I almost want to delete the app but already bought the membership for few months. Please give my money back CMB.
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5 years ago, User of Coffeemeetsbagel
Coffeemeetsbagel is a terrible app
Coffeemeetsbagel is the worst app I have ever used. I have only used it for a week and then I cannot log in to it. After I sent an email to the customer service team, the team told me that I was incorrectly flagged by their system. So it was their system’s mistake that leads to my log-in problem. During this inquiry process, the customer service replied really slowly, they normally reply to your email after a week. They ask me to provide the email and the type of my phone, I fulfilled all of their requirements. Then here comes their new requirement. They ask me to send a new photo holding up three fingers to prove that I am the real user. What a strange requirement and this actually violates the privacy of users. However, I still do so. You know what? The customer service team then does not reply with any decision and just tell me they still need to verify my account after I send them the new private photo of myself. It has been a month and my log-in problem is still not fixed. The customer service team of Coffeemeetsbagel is the worst service I have ever experienced. They reply slowly and do not solve problems. This Coffeemeetsbagel app and their customer experience is so disappointing.
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6 years ago, Isthisnametakenyet74837483
The app is fairly easy to use, but the guys are just like they are on any other dating app. Even though you both have to have liked each other to open up messaging, many of them won’t message you back. Which makes no sense because they already liked your profile. But then I read that the app gives men several more options every day than it gives women to simulate what it’s like for men vs. women. This basically devalues the women presented as matches to the men. As a woman I think a little harder about the like/pass I grant one of the 4 or 5 daily matches given to me—I look at the written profile, not just the pictures. Apparently guys just make a quick judgment on pictures, hit “like”, and then can’t answer a simple hello (or initiate communication) from someone whose profile they already liked because they don’t actually read it until they get a message from you. Of course some guys are fine. But if you give them too many choices then the women just sit around waiting for something to happen. The discover tab also frequently shows me more attractive matches who have already liked me, but of course they cost beans. I am done with this app.
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1 year ago, MyiPodCrashed808
Use HINGE instead. This app LITERALLY restricts you from matching unless you pay
The latest update to how the app works limits you from seeing who likes you to ONE view per day. Before this update, you would see one profile with a clear picture and able to view it and choose whether you want to match. If you have more than one person who like you, their profile is blurred and remains inaccessible. I thought this was fair for a free app. But now if you view the “likes you” screen and switch to another tab then go back to the “likes you” screen, you’re greeted with a message that says “You’ve reached your limits for viewing Likes today”. I’ve literally only switched to that tab once today and it said I already used up my 1 view (how can I do that if this is literally the first time I’m viewing my “likes” page today??? This update to the viewing “Likes” system now literally restricts you from having a match UNLESS YOU PAY. No other app is this restrictive to their free users. I recommend potential online daters go with another app — Hinge is free, gives you unlimited views of profiles, and doesn’t have dumb restrictions like only letting you view a screen ONCE PER DAY.
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4 months ago, Ash_Aston
Been the best but now stopped to the worst
I’ve been a user for some time now and this used to be an amazing app when I first found out about it in 2022. They obviously became very expensive and also very greedy now since you won’t be able to do anything you used to back then. It’s all about paying. You gotta pay a ridiculous 35 bucks a month all the way to 90 bucks a year for anything to happen over here. You cannot message anymore and there is no way you’ll be able to see who likes you until you pay ridiculous subscription which almost matches my phone bill. As someone who works in finance industry and thinks about cost efficiency, there is no way this app is worth the cost because it doesn’t work. In the 2 years I’ve only ever matched like 7 to 8 times and all with horrible women who only seem to be interested in “doggy style” (her words, not mine). As an app that advertises serious relationships, I’m very insulted and now don’t intend to use this app ever. There are a lot of limitations and no way the cost it justified for a ridiculous subscription to match its own limitations, no offense.
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6 years ago, 484593856
Very good app with minor issues
I’ve been using this app for just about a year now, and in my experience, it is one of the best. Admittedly, I only had one match so far, but that’s certainly not the app’s fault. That one Bagel was definitely a quality match, although we wouldn’t have worked out for other reasons. Again, not the app’s fault. The only thing holding back my review from 5 stars is that after awhile, Bagels get farther and farther away. Long distance is something I tend to avoid, and I’ve had it happen a few times where my daily Bagel selected for me lives in a different state. Yet, the Discover tab contains women much closer to me, but I lack the in-app “bean” currency to make a move. Maybe this could be remedied by allowing people to “convert” a daily Bagel into say, 75% of the 385 beans needed to take another Bagel from the Discover tab. Something like that would give people more Bagel options and another way to accumulate beans aside from the Photo Lab. Otherwise, great app. It’s slow-paced, but I’m optimistic it will work for me.
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6 years ago, $c@nEagle1!6
Meh... Competition is better
Interesting concept... But you can't really filter for who you'd like to meet, the active user pool is still small, and this app is just a profiteering exercise. First, there are certain things which are complete deal breakers that they don't address or let you filter out such as "has kids" or "doesn't have kids"... so you start chatting with someone, get all excited and then find out after a while that you two aren't compatible... Second, the user pool is either pretty limited (and I live in a major metropolis). so you get matched with people for free each day, but after a while the matches are not active users... expect weeks of silence once you're through the initial active users within a month of starting... Third, "beans" are required for EVERYTHING... initially you'd get them in compounding amounts for being active for x amount of days, helping to rate other users pics etc as an incentive to be on the app... yeah that magically disappeared... so now you have to rate literally 1 users pics for 1 bean and it takes 385 beans to do anything... so be prepared to pay money or have rating people's pictures as your second job.
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2 years ago, andyprovost
Single Guy Looking For Love
I got divorced about 15 years ago. Like most of us I had a lot of anxiety about going online to meet someone new. I have tried out a number of sites often coming up with very similar results. The women that seem to be the most interesting and attractive usually are often taken. There seemed to be a lot of ghosting an early game playing I guess to protect themselves from being hurt. On more than one occasion I have met some nice women on Coffee Meets Bagel. About four weeks ago I met one of the most interesting and beautiful women I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing some time with on Coffee Meets Bagel. So when you finally hit that low wondering why people aren’t calling you or messaging you on a dating site like this stick it out!! Because you never know who is right around the corner. It’s just like any other endeavor if you don’t put the time in you can’t expect to get to the gold! good luck and wishing you all well!
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2 years ago, 1234YKH
The App Helps Me To Meet Someone
It is a late review. It was my first dating app and I just used the app for 3 or 4 weeks then I meet my Mr. Right here. I didn’t find the app myself but one of my friend referred me to use it. I didn’t really interest in or trust the online dating app since I couldn’t really see those people. So, I hold an attitude of “give it a try.” I met two of the bagels in person , and the first and second “hang out” just two days apart. After meeting them, we kept in touch; while my first dating person asked if we would like to meet another day again; the second person told me he had deleted the app shortly; and I deleted mine since I already kept in touch with two. I was lucky that one of them has been my bf after a months or two. As I read some of the review, and I agree with them that as girls/females we received a lot of likes daily; however, when you like back to some that you are interested in, part of them never text you, while some do not respond even you take the initiative. As one of the reviewers points out, we girls usually see the profile pictures including the description that we don’t like or like back randomly. We respect and respond to all the conversations until we feel the offensive. In my opinion, the app is a platform for us to know more people and set up relationships; however, it is our job to maintain a relationship but not the app.
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5 years ago, argsnowy
Chat list
I wish the chat list had more options on how to categorize or label your chats so that you can keep track of all the matches. If either we can put them on different folders or have a way of highlighting or hiding certain chats without leaving the chats so the other person doesn’t feel rejected or confused or hurt by that notice, I think would be really helpful. Also, the “would you like to extend the chat” notice doesn’t help in keeping track of what type of conversations you’ve had w that person before the chat expired. It would be nice to have either their phone number easily visible on the chat list if they’ve provided it, or have a blank for chats that never had a conversation in it. These are all ways to keep track of a large volume of chats simultaneously. It’s hard to remember every match and all the conversations you’be had with each one of them, so having a way of organizing or labeling chats would be extremely helpful and efficient for this dating app.
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5 years ago, TipforAttractiveUsers
Seems like good concept, but as a free user it’s a waste of time
I’ve tried both CMB and hinge and have found way more success on hinge. The matches I get are consistently more attractive and if you are half way decent at messaging its easy to get an engaging conversation with someone who fits your “type”. I originally thought CMB would be better since on the surface it looked like you would only get selections of girls/guys that fit your “type” everyday. Unfortunately while they were my preference for religion, location, etc., they were just less desirable physically. I think this is because the matching algorithm allows paid users to get boosted on more desirable profiles. So those more attractive people that you may see in discover you will never see unless you also pay to get boosted. And if you are used to getting “liked” by attractive people on hinge or tinder you will seem to only get liked by those same users who have the beans to spend on discover. I could see how this concept could work if they rotated in more desirable profiles but as someone who is finding way more success on hinge without paying I say don’t waste your time with CMB because you can set the same filters on hinge for free.
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5 years ago, fueledbytori
I always recommend CMB to friends looking for love
Back in November 2015 I joined Coffee Meets Bagel to find love. I had a few dates in the beginning and the guys were great. I have to mention that I was on a number of dating apps because going out just wasn't my thing. I met a great guy in February 2016, after taking a break with the app and moving back home to take care of my grandma. I matched with a guy who lived an hour from me and seven years older. But when we started talking, I could tell there was an instant connection. We met a few weeks after starting to talk. We moved in together a year after dating and after dating for a little over two years, we got engaged! We got married in June 2018 and are planning for our future! If it wasn't for this app, I probably wouldn't have met him, and I'm forever grateful! He is my soulmate and and he keeps me grounded and safe. Thank you Coffee Meets Bagel!! I always recommend this app to all my friends looking to get out there.
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2 months ago, Freeversionisok
Glitchy and paid subscription is not worth it
So as a guy I have met some women on here, the pros are most of the women on here seem professional (a career etc) as opposed to a lot of other apps. I even dated a girl who later became my gf and no my ex from here using the free app. I thought I would improve my odds by doing the paid subscription and it’s totally not worth it, for the free one you get like 30 suggestions a day a handful of them being worthwhile. The paid one you get “unlimited” suggestions but 98 percent of them are people I feel like got passed over by everyone else and a lot of times whether you like or pass on them they still reappear as a suggestion. Also this is the most glitchiest bug filled app I have ever used, it’s gone down quite a bit and even got messages from the admin saying people sent me messages but they got lost etc so I’d say that’s the biggest down fall for the app. Again the free version is worth it but that’s about it. I had much better suggestions than I do on the paid membership
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5 years ago, Pinfeathers98
Some issues, but decent app
CMB has been the first online dating app I tried, and I picked it based on the mostly favorable reviews I’ve seen on it. I have a visual impairment, so I did discover some accessibility issues with the app, and I got in touch with the support team, and I’m happy to say that these issues have greatly improved in the month since then. I haven’t totally clicked with anyone just yet, but the guys I’ve talked to seem genuine and interested— no bad experiences with the people on the app. The profiles give you a vibe for the person you’re talking to as long as it’s filled out, but a decent amount of people don’t fill it out so it’s a bit of sifting and waiting to find a fully complete profile: I kind of wish it were required to complete a profile, and that there were a way to refine the search more than just physical characteristics and religion. Other than this, I’ve mostly liked the app and I think it’s at least a good way to meet some good people you could really get along with.
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5 years ago, n_a_t_2
Not a Fan So Far
I find this app very confusing and annoying. I had a glitch with a message a bagel sent me. I got a notification that I got a message, and saw the preview, but when I went to the app it wasn’t there. It finally showed up later, but showed after my reply, which doesn’t make sense. Who knows when the bagel actually sent the message. The bagel left the chat room after, because he probably thought I replied super late or something. I tried to contact customer service, but when you go to Help and Support, you can only chat with a bot now. CMB sends annoying notifications telling users to send a message to our matches all day, and you can’t stop them unless you turn off notifications in general. I’ll send a message if I want to, sheesh. I don’t get what makes it suggest users for us. It is unclear what happens when we “like” or “take” someone. It is annoying to worry about how many beans we need in order to do anything. We should get some from using the app. We can get a bean if we pick which photo of a user is better in the Photo Lab, but it would take too long to get a good amount, and why would I want to be some kind of rating bot for the app?
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6 years ago, Museme!!1
CMB is dope!
In my fairly experienced opinion, this is the best dating app out there. It doesn’t overload you with matches or info. It gives you fewer, but better, opportunities to swipe. This means that people give more thought to their swipes, you can live your life without spending all day swiping, no one gets overloaded with messages, and no one has to write hundreds of quirky ice-breakers to get one response. The fact that there is a bit less info available about your matches means that you get to know them more organically instead of having an algorithm rate your compatibility. Rather then writing essays about yourself, you can just type up a blurb, or do what I did and not write anything in the profile. I matched with people who were interested and I could tell them all they wanted to know over messenger. I’ve tried them all, and this app facilitated more good dates in no time than any of the others. CMB for the win!
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1 year ago, Aghggjbb
Worst App seriously waste of time
Worse app, and I have tried them all. Only dating app that doesn’t have political party affiliation selection, seriously this is 2023 and it’s extremely important to many when choosing a partner, get with the times CMB. Why would I pay $35 a month where all the other apps have political party affiliations that are shown on people’s profiles. Maybe this is why you don’t have a lot of users. I don’t want to waste my time getting to know someone just to find out they hold opposite political views, I will just stick to other dating apps where this is visible. For an app owned by women it’s not too women friendly by not allowing women to filter out those who vote against abortion rights. I guess there is some truth to CMB catering to white men as the Facebook group “CMB is racist” suggests. That is the only reason I can think of for them not including political party affiliations because it would impact white men the most as they tend to be more conservative, which has become really unpopular in the dating scene due to the overturning of roe v wade. Maybe if they included this important selection they will have higher amount of users.
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5 years ago, 874478
Persistent Glitches are Ruining this App
In concept, I like Coffee Meets Bagel a lot. However, every time I come back to it, I run in to problems that make it virtually unusable. On this most recent foray, I got several matches, sent a hello and waited for the reply. And it came! A welcome notification on my phone that a match had messaged me back. So, I opened the app...the message wasn’t there. No updates to my chats since the last message I sent. Shutting the app down and restarting had no effect, so I tried reinstalling. The reinstall resulted in all of my chats but one disappearing. Not finding any more useful trouble shooting guidance online, I tried one more reinstall. Now all of my chats are gone. Based on previous experience, the conversations will eventually load in the app...three hours from now, or five or eight. There’s no way to really know. But these kinds of updating problems are pretty fundamental and the fact that they have not been fixed after months of problems for me and other users is frustrating. Perhaps there is an update in the works that will resolve these issues. One can hope, but in the meantime I think I’ll be putting this app aside.
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5 years ago, Anonymous62538
New interface, same disappointment
I had high hopes based on reviews but I’m very disappointed with CMB. Theoretically it seems like a good app and I like the interface, but the “algorithm” leaves me with one suggested bagel a day (as a girl). None of those have liked me, and most definitely aren’t my type so I have no idea where this algorithm is coming from beyond basic filters. It’s not helped by the number of men who don’t fill out their profiles...but what was I expecting, as that’s a common feature of every dating app. Additionally, I like that you can’t see a bagel’s name unless you like each other, but capping conversation at one week? That alone makes me reconsider using it. I personally refuse to give out my number on dating apps prior to meeting as I’ve had guys use it to track me down on social media, but CMB backs you into a corner- pay extra for “beans”, give out identifying personal information to a stranger, or ghost- if it takes more than a week for your schedules to align. CMB, have you even considered the weight (some) girls give to handing out their number and the stalking it allows in the wrong hands?
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4 years ago, saryline
Beware free trial!
I’m a woman who wanted to meet some kind and attractive people, so I tried this app for a few days. It was alright, I appreciate how user-friendly it is and how they try to focus on quality over quantity. However, I opted in for a free one week trial of their premium subscription just to see what it was like and when I went to cancel, I saw that if I hadn’t, they would have charged me $120 for a 6 month subscription automatically! That is insane. My opinion of this app went way down when I saw that. The point of free trials is to get people to want to subscribe, but apps usually make a lot of money off of people who signed up for a free trial and forgot to unsubscribe. I’m horrified at the thought that if I had forgotten to cancel, I’d be down 120 bucks. I’d understand if the automatic charge was like $15 or $20, that’s about what other apps will charge you I think. I’m just blown away. Not to mention I went through like 100 profiles and saw about 3 people I found attractive. Needless to say, I had no second guesses about deleting my profile and I would warn anyone who wants to try this app to be very careful.
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6 months ago, Tbdsaints
Interesting app but….
While it’s great and it seems the concept and programming has practically for the most part eliminated bot or scam accounts. There seems to be a lot more draw backs than benefits as well has the wording on what you get seem misleading for the subscription. Example message seem to be only available once you match with someone which can be double sided. Another is for subscribers called unlimited suggestion which kind of implies that there isn’t a daily set amount but there is what it should say is extended suggestion. As well as you also paying to extend a little bit of your profile and search parameters such is do you have kid or would be open to someone with kids. But maybe just my area that is limited in users which sure could be possible. Overall it’s interesting will I keep checking it until I find someone most likely will I do another subscription with the current ui or set up definitely not at least not until a multiple match’s or like if that requires a subscriptions which I can’t remember.
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