CoinGecko: Crypto Tracker, NFT

4.8 (18K)
76.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for CoinGecko: Crypto Tracker, NFT

4.8 out of 5
18K Ratings
2 years ago, Limitmaster
Wonderful Research Resource!!!
This app has a tremendous amount of information! (It doesn’t sell cryptos, it only provides information.) Of course, many retail investor apps do as well—for the cryptos they offer for sale (and maybe a tiny number of others). This app has almost all cryptos listed! And provides information on what swap sites/exchanges offer them (the apps offering to sell crypto don’t tell you about somewhere else to go to spend your money). This app also allows you to sort the huge list of cryptos by market cap, while at the same time seeing each crypto’s cost. This makes it possible to find cryptos with low but healthy market cap AND cheap enough to buy significant quantities. The app could be improved, of course (no app does everything). I would like the ability to create bounded variable lists. For example, being able to specify bounds on price AND market cap (I’m really only interested in market caps in the few tens of thousands to few millions, and priced below one cent). It would also be nice to restrict the lists by exchange availability (i.e. include cryptos available on specified exchanges / exclude cryptos on specified exchanges). Some exchanges are easier to work with than others, and it’s a waste of time seeing cryptos available only on such exchanges. Adding these filters seems like something that could be done in a fairly straightforward way, and would really move this app from “great” to “essential”. But even now, it is a GREAT app!
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2 years ago, toofastdave
Update: seems to have been fixed! Love this app, changed rating to 5 stars ☺️ I love this app but I’ve seen a problem with the app when I try to go to my portfolio. It’s been intermittent for the year I’ve been using it but it won’t bring up my portfolio no matter what lately and I have to add a transaction from the market tab to make the portfolio come up. Super weird problem, it will display my holdings if I’m in the Market tab and go to a token I own and then click “portfolio” tab but when I go back to the main tab it just thinks with the little spinning wheel in the middle of the screen. I rated the app 4 stars because of this but I love it and consider it a 5 star app especially because it’s free… great job on the app but I wanted to make the portfolio problem a known issue to you guys. I’m using an iPhone11
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3 years ago, JSizzleDizzle69
4 Stars, only 4 Stars because of 1 thing though.
I’d give Coin Gecko 5 Stars but there’s always something that can be improved about something. I’d be willing to change my 4 Stars to 5 Stars if we were able to add a wallet address into the system in the portfolio section. That way you could enter an address and track your crypto portfolio more efficiently, transaction history more efficiently, and get your realized and unrealized profit information in the Portfolio section. Make this update and I’ll throw Coin Gecko another STAR since you read my review and added a positive adjustment one of your users requested. =] Because there isn’t many Tracker Apps that allow those features in a user capable comfortable manner. And I know if anybody can do it, its the Coin Geck team behind the curtains. I’d probably be willing to pay for a subscription for a reasonable price with that feature. Thanks for listening, - Jake-
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6 months ago, Wisdom@2017
What’s Not To Love *
Love this app and informative platform - I just wish they would make it where it was an “All-In-One” app where you can do it all from here! … Please, make this a reality and where it is still aloud in my region too please (so many are not offering in the United States Of America now and is a true bummer! … For one, America is one (rephrase) - IS THE LARGEST COMMERCIAL AND E-COMMERCE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD! BY FAR - AND YET, WE CANNOT ACCESS THESE NUMEROUS CRYPTO CURRENCY / BITCOIN APPS AND PLATFORMS SO WE CAN HAVE ‘CONTROL’ OVER OUR ASSETS! … IN WHICH, IS AS IF SOMEONE WITHIN THE CRYPTO BITCOIN WORLD ADMINS DIVISIONS -OR- WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT AS IS CONTROLLING THIS FACTION IS JUST COMPLETELY INSANE ON EVERY LEVEL OF THIS SHOW OF UNDENIABLE RESTRAINTS ARE PUTTING ON THE ADULTS OF AMERICANS (WE HAVE OUR BIG GIRL & BOY PANTS ON NOW) HOW UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL ARE THE PEOPLE WHOM REFER TO THEMSELVES AS ‘ADULTS’ THAT ARE MAKING THESE ‘JUDGEMENT’ CALLS FOR US - ( well it appears that China & Canada have joined the group(s) of American politicians with this cause as well) … DOES NOT SURPRISE ME IN THE LEAST … !!! … Honestly, I never thought I would ever consider relocating (moving) outside the USA 🇺🇸 - but, I have to say that does not even sound like it may be an idea to consider after all. Oh yes, I am totally serious too! … Wish could do more functions with this app is all. Is a great app other then that! …
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6 months ago, simplyalon
Prior to using CoinGecko, I wasn’t aware of the amount of tokens and coins I had, much less the market price. I haven’t complete my tour of the app and what all it offers but what I have gained so far is proving to be an asset in my finance arsenal. The Candy is a really cool way of rewarding regular visits with ways to use them to get more resources that may assist with my financial journey. My issue: I’m a HODLer, so I’m hoarder of candies and not willing to part with them just yet. I wish we could trade directly from the app with some sort of integration. Is that already being done and I haven’t yet stumbled across it? Lol, I download the app a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing the up and coming coins. Keep up the good work. Your team must be related to Santa’s Helpers.
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1 year ago, Tom Schlanskie
New Update Messed up Notification Feature
Before you ask, I restarted my phone, re-downloaded the app, logged out & logged back in, and did everything else imaginable. Okay, so the problem is, ever since new update, there is the big issue with notifications for each “portfolio” you have in your account. When I try to turn the notification tab for portfolios “off” I get an error stating “sorry! Gecko is down! Please try again in five minutes!” I waited way more than 5 minutes, and did this Multiple times. But every time I would get the same error. Now my coingecko app is STUCK with “notifications” on for two of my separate portfolios all the time. It’s incredibly aggravating… PLEASE FIX THIS! I don’t want to fully turn the app’s notifications off! I want notifications for ONE SPECIFIC PORTFOLIO! But I can’t even do that because I get the same error mentioned above!
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2 years ago, thurman195
Great app some bugs tho
I love to app very user friendly. Easy to navigate. I can find about 95% of what I’m looking for in currencies all in one app. Incredible!! But if you go into the settings and change it to pull up the “portfolio” by default when you open the app instead of “market” it only works when clicking on the app icon it’s self it does not work when clicking “portfolio” at the top of the widget it still takes you to the market page. I use the widget because I can just look and see the coins I’m currently looking into. A feature I would love to have on the app would be being able to rearrange the currency’s in my portfolio to what ever order I please. Keep up the great work with the app 😁
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2 years ago, MrChavez92
Coin Getcko app
Coin Getcko app is amazing to keep track of market in terms of how the market is doing on a daily basis and get an overview on how the market did in the past. Another great feature is that they have a description of what each coin entails with links to the source of information. Apart from what already exists in the app, the app can use improvements in their options monitor the market. I have noticed that the website has the candle stick option, which is not on the app. This is vital to everyday market watchers, since this a tool that can be used to predict trends. If this tool was added to the app, Coin Getcko would be the leading application for crypto market watchers, In my opinion. Coin Getcko is a user friendly app and improving functions such as being able to see the candlesticks would increase the amount users. Another great idea is to add a tab for related news regarding crypto. In terms of countries that are adopting, China tweeting blowing off the market for the “nth” time. US taxing regs, counties opinions, business opinions. Anyways, the app is great but I can’t give it 4 or 5 stars because their is still features missing that can make the app better and the users have brought to the attention on social media but nothing has been done about it.
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1 year ago, Smcmillan68
Better than CoinMarketCap
……but I would like to have more control over what is moving in my portfolio. Like I want to be able to set a custom time and percentage notification of anything that has moved up in my portfolio in the amount of time that I set. So if something has moved up 5% in 15 minutes, or 10% in 5 minutes. I want to be able to set it and get notified of whatever is moving up in my portfolio in a certain amount of time. Do this and this app will definitely be better than CMC. Other than that, I think it’s a great app and prefer using it over CMC. Edit: I noticed Coin Gecko does not have some market caps even though CMC does. For example, $DREAMS. They just show up as 0.00. That needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Rb5386
The best, most comprehensive crytpo data stream on the market!!
I rely upon CoinGecko for all of my daily crypto news. The app streams a fantastic array of news, blogs, videos, and buzz feeds about the entire crypto market, with excellent, timely articles. The daily market summary screen is also excellent. On the portfolio, I manually built my portfolio from multiple coin wallets in order to track gains and losses all in one place. The data analytics are second-to-none, but portfolio data entry is laborious. Recommend being able to securely link to coin wallets if app offers a portfolio or offer an export/import function from Excel or something? Thanks for making the portfolio work again….it was down for about 3 weeks.
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2 years ago, vmputman
Really Helpful
Very useful app, even for beginning investors. My favorite tool is the portfolio. You can add the names of coins (not your actual coins) to your portfolio, how much you bought them for, and the fees you paid. Then CoinGecko will show you a list of all your coins and the current price and % change in one simple layout. Click on a coin, and you can instantly see the cost you paid for each coin and a calculation of your ROI based on the current price of the coin. Also, you can set alerts for coins based on a % change or hitting a price point. Super useful when you can’t watch the chart all day.
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3 years ago, Gordangilo
Incorrect Pricing on Shico
It is too bad you don’t have a support ticket feature in your mobile app. You are reporting the price of Shico. Your incorrect pricing caused me to purchase coins. It also made me think that I made $50,000 over night. Your app is leaving 4 zeros out of the number to the right of the decimal point. This means you are posting false information on your app. It is taking people on an emotional roller coaster. It cause me to make poor financial decisions and it has cost me money. I now use a different app for prices and am encouraging my friends to stop using your app. You owe me money for lying about the pricing. A simple < in front of the price would have let me know the price was a lot different than it was. How hard is it to put the real price on your app. I lost $10,000 and I am prepared to spend $10,000 suing you. Our lawyers will be in contact soon. Have a great day.
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I just have to review!
I just glanced at CoinGecko and had to review it. Thank you so much for up to date, fast, and reliable cryptocurrency pricing. I was also able to convert pricing which helped me out at 5:00AM EST today. I’m also pushing to get the candy! I really want an offer on their list. I also enjoy the coloring used. In drafting class you learn that green in easy on the eyes. The color is helpful when tracking prices for 24 hours. I like the list of where to get cryptocurrency and the trust value. I believe if CoinGecko became a wallet/exchange, they would hands down do great.
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3 weeks ago, Shaggyz_5150
Good app but one problem
The app itself is good very stable very easy to navigate and completely free with not many ads. Now the one problem with this app is the same problem that every crypto related app has for notifications. If you see a notification saying this coin move this amount of % that notification is 1 or more hours late to getting to you from when it happened. If it was delay for like 5 minutes sure i would understand but every crypto related app has this issue always 1 or more hours late. Dont ever use notifications for crypto related apps especially this one. They lost 1 star for that
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3 years ago, BrookieH
Use Gecko before you invest!
CG is the one-stop for info on crypto...incredibly simple and organized. Since I buy on three exchanges, I use their ledger to track all of my coins to find out how my portfolio of eight coins is doing day by day. I’m a long time investor, but fairly new to crypto...and this tool has helped me grow and manage between the coins. Coin Market Cap is great...but CG is a step up in my opinion. I use Categories to constantly find small cap coins on their way up. Really takes the complex world of crypto and makes it digestible for the average person! Can’t recommend this app enough.
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7 months ago, Satoshi Swagg
The Best place for your crypto info
I use Coin Gecko daily and love the how simple it is to use with no confusion and is very consistent with all data. Coin Gecko has a great platform for any cryptocurrency enthusiasts that looking to get the info you need to make your trading experience as smooth as possible. They breakdown prices, give information on all cryptos and exchanges. Plus the have a daily check in where you gain what’s called candies to earn free products. Amazing team that has thought of everything for the true crypto/blockchain enthusiast. The best hands down Coin Gecko has it all.
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3 years ago, RowboTony
Track all assets from one app plus all the news
Most recently I appreciate the addition of 24h change, and total profit/loss on the portfolio page, thanks!! Overall this is a great app to track your crypto no matter where it’s held - just enter in the amount and date. It may be tedious if your a trader, but for a holder like me, I’m happy to just monitor the portfolio with my assets on different platforms aggregated into a single app. Also, CoinGecko has a very comprehensive newsfeed (Explore tab). I like checking the news here to avoid all the Twitter noise, just the news here at CoinGecko, thanks!
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2 years ago, radmadicalED
I’d give more stars if I could
To those of you who have been downloading apps and trying different online platforms for the past week and a half - this is the one. The only improvement they could make is allow the portfolio (which is new) to watch public addresses or use WalletConnect, but for news, info, defi, dex and all the rest - this. has. EVERYTHING - and it’s not even Chinese spyware!! Which is always nice in this neck of the woods. It took me FOREVER to finally settle on a “source of truth” app that had it all, CG is the one I ended up with to stay…
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3 years ago, Faramit
Everything I’d want
Given how I’ve had to purchase coins through several different exchanges/apps, it’s SO nice to have a free service like CoinGecko to compile a history of all my transactions, keep track of quantities and profits, and set customized alerts for when prices go up or down. I absolutely love this app! My only suggestion is to get rid of the “how do we feel about [coin] today?” voting feature. In theory it’s a great idea, but realistically however people vote really isn’t going to be much of an indicator of that coin’s movement.
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3 years ago, Bnels17
Great app but..
I love this app and use it daily to check current prices on my phone and my ipad. My galaxy note 8 runs the app perfectly and i rated it 5 stars on google play. My iPad(9th gen) however will not load the portfolio page. I can still see current prices fine and check my individual portfolios for each crypto. But the actual portfolio page from clicking portfolio tab will not load for me. I tried restarting my iPad, redownloading the app. Nothing works for fixing that issue. Honestly makes me rarely use this app on my iPad and mainly on my phone due to this issue. Really wish this would get fixed because this is a 5 star app!!
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3 years ago, Pchan424
Used to love this app
WAS my favorite way to keep track of my crypto. Now and for at least a month or more it’s been having horrible connection problems. Constantly tells me error fetching data and retry. Sometimes I have to wait up to 3 minutes before trying to refresh to fix it so I can see my portfolio. Tried googling helping on this and got absolutely nothing. Can’t find a good way to contact coin gecko. So crap review until they fix this thing. I’ve tested on both wifi and 4g just to make sure nothing is wrong with my connection. I’d love to be able to use this app productively without freaking stopping every 4 minutes and waiting for it to fix its connection problems.
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4 weeks ago, Zoni Stein
Amazing Resource for Crypto Data!
I've been using CoinCap for a while now, and I can confidently say it's one of the best tools out there for cryptocurrency data. The real-time updates and comprehensive market insights are incredibly valuable. The user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to track my favorite coins and monitor market trends. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, CoinCap provides the detailed and accurate data you need to make informed decisions. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, iZpHaZEd
💗👌🏼Ty guys for the response. I love the portfolio features you have. It’s way better than Coinmarketcap. Seeing what you guys have makes me want even more. Please add more portfolio features. It’s nice being able to track the purchases and quickly see what the prices are at. I would really love the option of having more than one portfolio. What if I had 2-3 pages of completely separate portfolios? That may be a lot to ask and you already provide so much. Thank you all 🙏🏼💗 much love! P.S. will candies turn into a crypto and be a part of the ICO 🧐😅
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2 years ago, SalesfromtheCrypt
Fantastic Tool for Crypto
For all of us crypto enthusiasts, this app is a must have for tracking the market. If you’re like me you can populate the portfolio and track your personal stash while you hodl. Better yet, the Coin Gecko team is always hard at work to deliver metrics and alpha, so keep digging through all the features and you can possibly find an edge, or at least find jumping off points to gather research. Like I said, this app is a must have…and much better than cmc, its closest competition.
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2 years ago, StoicMOFO
Best overall crypto app
Probably the one tool I used the most and on a daily basis other than tradingview. I prefer this to coinmarketcap. Reliable place to find official links to any project. Not only do you see what exchanges a coin is listed on, but you get a general overview. If no general description, head over to the projects site. It also has a news aggregtor powered by crypto panic which I visist on a daily basis. There's very little not to like about this app. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Paul Fournier
Clear & Effective 👍👍
This App has all the basic functions needed to make accurate investment decisions and help keep a birds eye view on your favorite coins. I would highly suggest having this tool as part of your Crypto trading Arsenal. With that being said, I’m looking for an app that encompasses both a basic overview of all possible crypto investments paired with higher functioning graphs which this version stands without. This won’t stop me from using the App in the future but it does lure me away from CoinGecko to find better graphs on other platforms.
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2 years ago, HumbleOP
Pretty good
I actually spent about a year on the desktop version and didn’t think an app version would suffice. Now that I have been using the app I have to say the app is ideal for a quick market search and keeping up with your profile. If you long hold on the a coins market history you can easily see price action over the last 3 months etc…. Over all I have to say the app is just about as good as the desktop version.
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3 years ago, MichaelBeeNFree
Simply a Must Have App for Crypto Enthusiasts
Coin Gecko is where to find, learn, and verify the current market and the tokens or coins and the projects, teams, addresses, websites, and companies in the blockchain industry. Finance 2.0, Decentralized Projects, DeFi, Crypto, Metaverse, Gaming, and Web 3 are all in use currently with a tech explosion coming as mass adoption of the blockchain occurs. We are in a confluence of space and time where the human interactions can be governed by contracts with automatically executing components, meaning a paradigm shift in the need for trust.
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3 years ago, DerekDwilson
Great app for tracking Binance Smart Chain tokens
I used Blockfolio before, but it didn’t track all my tokens. This app tracks them all, which is great. Doesn’t update price quite as often, so I sometimes use them both. But this one is better for tracking a full portfolio. One complaint - if you edit a note on iOS, you cannot see the text field. So you have to type blind and save before you can see what you wrote.
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3 years ago, dooodah
Good app. Sees everything.
I initially had CoinCap and liked the interface and colors and design, but didn’t see all the coins CoinGecko saw and didn’t show total return on investment like CoinGecko so I jumped. I don’t love the design and color scheme feels a bit garish. My biggest complaint is the “how do you feel about this coin today?” It’s this massive bar along the bottom and just feels kind of like a dumb little nerd kid. I clicked on it the first couple times hoping it would disappear but it won’t. It just stays there clogging the screen. I know they love it and will never move it but dang I’d love if they did. I’ll give them a 3. I do like it and it’s helpful.
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3 years ago, CJ7492
Cannot sign up, frozen
Was looking forward to using this app but when I go to do the create account option after entering email clicking on the password/password confirmation boxes makes my phones keyboard go black then the app freezes and says “strong password” in yellow boxes where the passwords should be. And have to force close the app. I’ve tried everything. I have a newer iPhone with iOS 14.2 so it’s not a phone issue. Looked through the reviews and it’s been affecting iOS users with the same issue for over a year. Developer reply’s to reviews claiming “it was a bug and should be fixed” well it’s been over a year and you haven’t fixed it.
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2 years ago, Titolo09
Excellent app.
As a crypto inverter I find this app very convenient. You can quickly see what’s going on with prices and it also provides you with some other value info about the coins. However, the graphics are very basic and poor. They could have been better. Days ago I had to uninstall it due to confusing prices information, but worked good after reinstallation. I recommend it to anybody who wants to quickly have some idea to what’s happening in the cryptoverse.
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2 years ago, MrNurse69
Still Needs Improvement
This is a great app overall but there are two major areas it needs improvement in. 1. There is no accurate way to put in mining and staking rewards. If there is, I can’t figure it out. 2. The iOS widget shows coins in my portfolio that I don’t actually hold in my portfolio and there is no way to change it. An easy remedy for this would be if you’d just allow us to choose which coins we want displayed instead of attempting to auto populate the display.
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3 years ago, MyrlCG2
Needs extra columns like website
One of the best things Iblike about the coingecko website is that is has the two extra colums for 7d and 1h price changes. This makes the portfolio pop better than other similar sites. However, the app does NOT have those extra columns or the ability to edit existing columns. While I understand the space on the screen is limited, you could offer an option to hide the market cap column and have plenty of room to have 1hr / 24h/ 7d columns all at once. We get that, I’ll immediately upgrade my review to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Foodhurtsme
Works on iPad in landscape mode, but exchange listings are wrong
This app is great for getting a quick look at how the crypto markets are doing! And I love that they support landscape views in the iPad! The only disappointment so far is that when looking up exchanges on certain coins it appears those coins are not actually supported by the platform being listed. It would be nice to be sure the exchange lists for coins be accurate at all times. Finally support for light and dark themes should be mandatory for all apps these days.
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3 years ago, santiogomy
Good crypto tracker - very buggy
I like to use gecko or coin market cap to track crypto. Coin market app is broke and won’t let me sing up at all so I use this. Decent app but 50% of the time it will not update portfolio ad errors out. Tells me I don’t have a connection to the Internet while I’m literally streaming movies at the same time. Or have full WiFi or 4bars on LTE. The app does not care. Gives me error and I have to restart. But eventually if I try enough I’m able to get the information I need which is why I give it three stars at all. I thing I’m being generous.
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3 years ago, JoshZano
Push notifications required
After last update the app no longer works and force closes unless you turn on notifications. This is pathetic and a low blow for you guys over at CoinGecko. I guess it’s back over to coin market cap. Update: after reinstalling the app will work, but as soon as you close the app and try to reopen it starts to force close again. Remains 1 star. Update#2: fixed. 5 stars again
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5 months ago, The1stBeliever
Below Average Price Alerts
January 2024 Update: it seems I can’t even do that much. In addition to sending some pot price alerts, it also spams you with promotional notifications you can’t turn off. Downgraded to 2/5. Original: App seems decent, but the price alert feature is deeply flawed. no way to set percentage increase alerts. Besides price alerts, only a single toggle to receive alerts on movement, which is overly sensitive and makes a big deal about minor fluctuations. This can be solved by getting a feature that gives alerts when a cryptocurrency moves by a certain percent one way. 3/5
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3 years ago, Nick sass
“Cannot Fetch Data” Error in 2 Min of Use
After going to the dedicated pages of 5 cryptocurrencies, i always get this “cannot Fetch data” message. I hit “retry” and same message. I then go to the main page try to reload and get the message “check your Internet connection”. My internet is fine, all other apps work. What crap programming do you have where the app can’t even handle the equivalent of 5 static pages worth of data and then you blame the user’s internet connection? What a joke. Yes i have the latest version of ios installed. Don’t bother with this piece of junk or getting there “premium” pay version. CoinMarketCap is much better - forget CoinGecko.
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3 years ago, Elijah Donovan
CoinGecko is definitely mine and countless others “GoTo” platform to look into & analyze coins/tokens of interest. I could list pros/cons but it would be heavily one-sided cause there are very few if any cons to even list. I recommend CG to anyone and everyone looking to do a little research into their favorite coin projects or newly listed up & coming crypto. CoinGecko goes above & beyond to say the least. 5 stars… hands down. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, loganwinkerdin
Was my favorite before it started glitching; now it’s ruined
I literally switched to this app for the same reason I now plan to move on to another and never use this again: my portfolio is impossible to add to since the apps last update and many other pages within the app just glitch constantly. If you touch anywhere outside the fields or even when you correctly fill out fields it’ll just “scroll up” a grey screen covering everything and you have to exit the app to get it to go away. I’ve uninstalled the app, changed all settings, bunch of things. It’s literally useless now as nothing works properly.
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2 years ago, luismeurice
Great tool for an old schooler
I am very new to investing in crypto. I have several different wallets but I was able to consolidate my portfolios into a single app. It is extremely user friendly and very informative. It helped me feel more comfortable with my current projects. I would definitely recommend this application for a one stop to get your up to the minute personalized information.
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2 years ago, Leth3an
Failed to fetch data?
This app says “failed to fetch data” about 30% of the time I open it. I also have the widget on my home page and it reports the same message. 5 bars of LTE? Failed to fetch. 1.2 Gbps WiFi? Failed to fetch. It’s slowly getting better but also says the app is over capacity a lot. Wishing the widget would update more frequently too. Oftentimes if I open the app it reports a different price than the widget. The polling frequency may be reliant on some iOS limitation they don’t have control over tho .
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2 years ago, DutchTH2020
Always my first stop after waking up
Since I got into crypto 2 years ago CoinGecko is always my first stop after waking up and my last stop before going to sleep. Charts, links, research, I use it as my starting point for everything to ensure I use the correct links! Thank you for your support. Ohh and the candies have become an addiction- haha! Keep up the great work!!
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3 years ago, rdgur
Amazing app- needs better servers
CoinGecko has become such an integral and essential part of every crypto trader’s toolkit- the only problem is it’s servers get overloaded with high retail interest in the markets when they are flying. Everyone starts checking their balances every 20 seconds and suddenly nobody can. Upgrade your servers to keep up with the demand for the amazing product you’ve created CoinGecko so we can keep relying on it! Otherwise you’d have all 5 stars.
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3 years ago, F-22🇩🇪
I use it daily
I use this to check all my favorite tokens price and scout new investments. The only reason I don’t give five stars is because I wish it would display the percentage difference of prices at the times your fingers are on like the Apple Stocks app. If thumb is at one time on a chart and the other thumb is at a different time on the chart, I’d like to see the percentage difference of price between those times. Other than that, great app!
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2 months ago, sidbehsisn
Hate this new update
Before coin gecko was the best portfolio tracking app out there. The streamlining was spot n. Now after this latest update our portfolio is all messed up. I hate it. My second largest portfolio is somewhere in the middle and my third is far away and so forth. Absolutely no organization at all. Impossible to set it where it starts with the largest portfolio and works it’s way down to the smallest portfolio. I can honestly say it’s the worst I’ve Ne now. I’ve created accounts on both coin market cap and paprika. None are as good as gecko once was but both are better then it now is. The gecko has died.
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3 years ago, akira069
App keeps crashing
So I liked your app for a while, it something happened lately where it’s just crashing when I try to open it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and it works for a little bit then resumes crashing. WAS a great little app until this, and since I couldn’t find a support page with contact info to submit, I decided to submit here. Gonna delete it since it’s not working. Good luck
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3 years ago, DabAppReview
Great app, one suggestion
I consult this app and its widgets multiple times a day. I wish there was a CoinGecko widget for iPhones that allows you to easily see the total balance of your portfolio and its movement/change throughout the day. Yahoo finance has a great widget that lets you do this and hide your balances too. it just seems like it would be a great addition to your suite of helpful widgets!
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1 year ago, Dq20
Great app! Must have for all crypto investors!
The app is very usual for daily information such as prices, charts, and news. Personally, I find the most useful feature to be the (Multi) portfolio tool, which allows you to track all your multiple investments in ONE place. Very great feature! Also the quarterly reports are a joy to read. Thank you CoinGecko for all the amazing work!
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