CoinMarketCap: Crypto Tracker

4.8 (138.1K)
187 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for CoinMarketCap: Crypto Tracker

4.8 out of 5
138.1K Ratings
2 days ago, Prof. Justin David Anderson
Most extremely effective well experienced crypto recovery service expertises!
Please read carefully, I was scammed by Nsfx-trading, | got a message from a trader on my Instagram and told me about how high their profit after investing was, I decided to invest in the online trade but they kept asking for more money including withdrawal fee and it was until then I realized I was being scammed. I couldn't let go because I invested my savings as at that time. I had to make a research on how I could recover my funds from them and I came across the Cyber spy GENIUS Team on this app after so many research. I read several good reviews about this app from various scam victims they have helped and I decided to contact the admin for help. I was opportune to get my money back from the scam brokers through the help of the recovery professionals referred to me by this App, they recovered my investments for me with all the profits I was entitled to within 4hours of contacting them. You can write Quicktimegeek@ gmail for help if you fall a victim of any kind of scam They are experts at dealing with online scam and assisting victims in receiving reimbursement, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis and thorough investigation. They offer other services such as Phone cloning ( catching, monitoring and tracking a suspected cheating spouse) Website hack Boost of credit scores Clearing of criminal records Fixes bad debts etc Contact them now!! Quicktimegeek@ Gmail
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3 years ago, Pol Ji
Amazing app for beginners
Enter Referral ID when registering: IM4LWDAV to get diamonds for NFT! The best cryptocurrency app! Very user-friendly interface, there are absolutely all the coins, you can collect and monitor your portfolio. Very powerful functionality for conducting cryptocurrency market analytics. It is also convenient to add coins to metamask. A useful and interesting news section. I love everything about this app. Hopefully soon they will make their own exchange and then there will be no need for competitors! I'm still waiting for the rating of IDO sites, this is sorely lacking in the application and on the site. Competitors have such functionality, but they are not convenient. I would like all this to be in your application. Please also integrate portfolios via API from various exchanges. This functionality is very useful for analyzing your portfolio. Really best app for tracking portfolio but really needs an option to swipe and remove coins as seems to go all sorts of weird if a coin gets delisted and no way to click edit and remove when this happens. Btw I’m using an updated iPhone if devs are wondering. Would update to 5 stars if it actually worked because it WAS useful The developers are great! I want to express my deepest gratitude and respect to them for this application! Thank you very much!
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3 years ago, Filer1
It Is Perfect Again
I wrote the below b/c I cldn’t get it to work. Apparently, after updates, we shld log out and log back in, and that will fix all of these issues. If u hv the same or similar problems, keep this in mind. 😁 Lost out on an NFT drop b/c of this. My own fault. If I’d tried the standard things like logging out/back in, probably cld hv saved myself the headache. Live & learn. “Until about 2 weeks ago, this app worked perfectly! I used it on my computer and on my Apple phone. About 2 weeks ago, it began having issues. It won’t stay logged in when I go to get my daily diamonds. I hv to log in 3 times in a row to get it to give them to me. When I try to add new purchased crypto to my page, it says I don’t hv any and won’t let me log in. However, when I open the app, I hv it set to the ‘Current Balance’ tab, and it loads just fine, showing all my current holdings. It’s very confusing. I tried deleting the app and reloading it. It did the same thing to me. If you can fix all of this, it wld be perfect again.”
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3 years ago, Mr. Willcott
Worst Update Ever!
While there are a few additions to this new update that were good (keeping track of price per coin and transaction fees), the app now glitches more than ever. Totals, coin prices, and charts will not refresh half the time. Also, the app freezes up when trying to enter additions and subtractions to my positions. I find myself having to force quit the app many times just to enter staking interest for a few coins. Sometimes the app just doesn’t work at all in the portfolio section, no matter how many times I try to refresh or relaunch the app. Also, in the portfolio section, we use to have the ability to pull up charts for individual coins, but now we have to go to another section to do that. Also, on the front page, I’ve found that “Global Overview” seems to randomly pop up at times and I have no idea how to do it when I want to see it. It just randomly appears sometimes. Also, the profiles for individual coins really need to be updated. There are plenty of coins still listed as being on exchanges that they’ve been delisted from, others not being listed as being on exchanges that I’ve recently purchased them on, and many coins where there are no news entries for the past few years even though I can find plenty of articles if I do a Google search. This app needs more stability and a comprehensive update to the content of the coin profiles.
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3 years ago, iphoneuser44444444
Useful but one of the most frustrating apps
This app worked amazing and was very useful until 2 updates ago….after the second to last update my watch lists stopped showing up correctly. Only some coins show up in my watch lists. It says 14 are in the list but only one show up and I can’t add them back again. Figured maybe it was a glitchy update so I just waited for the next one but I just updated it again and it’s still like that. Makes the app useless to keep my lists, so frustrating because it was a very useful app when it worked. Btw I’m using an updated iPhone if devs are wondering. Would update to 5 stars if it actually worked because it WAS useful ————————————— Edit: just uninstalled and redownloaded after the most recent update and it’s working again. Didn’t work last time so I guess the update did fix it. Back to 5 stars the app is useful
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10 months ago, mh91750
To the little
I’m not educated in Web3 or development. But I do understand that I use my cell phone and programs every single day. I realize that the digital world is the future when I invest in what’s called Krypto currency I see it a stock. I buy shares in the computer program. Coin market cap gives me a lot of insight into these platforms. They’re operability, the service intended, and who is behind them. I can actually make an educated decision based on the information in CoinMarketCap provides not to mention the day-to-day trading operation of the market I’ve been with CoinMarketCap for almost 2 years and I love all the links in the opportunity they give me to do my study into it. I think it’s best to do it my money. Thank you coin, market cap for being there, and providing the information that you do!
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1 year ago, NellyR99
Poor Ui Update
Loved this app for a long time but the most recent UI update is terrible. Some of my complaints are as follows, keep in mind these functions were all available prior to the most recent update. I can’t see portfolio diversification percentages for all my holdings anymore, only top 5. I can’t see Day % Change in the same window as holdings, I have to tab between my personal watchlists and my portfolio tab just to see day changes for each of my holdings, the “New Transaction” button in the portfolio tab constantly covers a row of holdings information which is incredibly obnoxious. Additionally, this is more of a personal complaint, but why did they take away the dollar signs in the portfolio tab?? This makes it visually annoying to look at the value of your holdings next to the shares. Like I said, loved the app, use it constantly to track my crypto holdings in one place. But this most recent update is 110% a step backwards in UI as far as making important data as easily and quickly to digest. Super disappointed with the current layout. 5 star app cooked by a 1 star update.
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3 years ago, Craig Barrett
Must Have App
This is a must have app for any person interested in learning about or investing in crypto. It allows you to track your own portfolio investments in a comprehensive way that no exchange does. Mind you it may take some time for you to enter your current investments. however it will be more than worth the time when you are able to track your percentage allocations and also track your winners and losers. this information is not calculated on your basic wallet or your exchanges. in addition the news and announcements that are provided for your selected crypto allows you to DYOR. In short this app is an absolutely must have for anyone who wishes to dabble in crypto currencies or engage FOMO or YOLO investing. lol
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3 years ago, Pizzahatyou
Changes, some good, some bad
Hi! Overall I enjoy this application. It allows me to track my purchases across platforms I may have bought from using the PORTFOLIO tab. Nevertheless, I see that some changes have been made to this page. I like privacy mode. That’s a nice option. Nevertheless, when I used to press on the percentage button at the top right corner, I would get a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR increase or decrease view, telling me exactly how much money I lost or gained. I see that the total money lost or gained has moved out of that box to right below the total asset number. However, it has completely left the individual assets. Meaning, when I pressed on the total percentage at the top right, I would get “dollar mode” where I can scrolll down and see how much I gained or lost per asset. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FEATURE. Please bring this back!! So disappointed I updated. Please please bring this back.
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6 years ago, ChrisCrutts
Gets the job done.
This website is amazing because of all the great assets it has and etc. The app works great as well. One can easily look up a coin or token and check its current price and daily gain/loss percentage. On the other hand, this has 3 stars because there are many apps like this, that even allow people to do more. With this said, a few things should be considered. 1. Being able to set alerts for cryptos on your watchlist, so if say Adshares surpasses 50¢ it will send a notification. Or if a coin on a watchlist has dropped or gained a certain percentage. 2. Add a widget. So certain coins or tokens on a watchlist could be easily looked at from the iPhone home screen, like CoinBase’s widget. 3. Donation option through the app via crypto, PayPal, or IAP. Maybe even purchasing something that gets rid of the small banner ad at the bottom of the app. 4. Looking at social media/reddit posts about the crypto through an embedded WebKit. You already have something sort of like this on your website. Just allow users to go to a “social media view” or something where they can see updates from the crypto company or about the crypto. This app has fabulous potential, and this website is one of the best to look at crypto stats with. Keep up the good work! Hope this review helps! Thank you for reading this.
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3 years ago, webbtnvfl1
Great app 1 thing
I’m not getting my price alerts at all I got one since I have set like a bunch!?!?But besides that it’s a great app and I would recommend it to anyone that isn’t into crypto because you can sit proselytes on by her sale it has many different functions and it is a wonderful out playing and simple I just for some reason haven’t got none of my process lights but one since I said them and I know that there’s been more than once that some of my crypto’s I’m watching and have stock in has dropped below my price point and I never got are you single notification maybe it was my phone maybe it was just this one time I don’t know but might want to check on that but besides that great app keep it up and love what y’all are doing!!!
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3 years ago, surreal730
Easily the cleanest/stable crypto app you will ever come across.
What an app. What a team behind the app. I use binance for trading and I hate their UI. It’s so raw and in your face. So I came across CoinMarketCap(recommended by my elder brother) The moment I opened the app I fell in love because of the minimalistic style. There was a problem though, after a few seconds the app would say network timed out. I reported the issue and was responded to by their development team promptly and they got the issue fixed. This app has helped me enjoy making tons of $$$ even more! Highly recommend: if you are into crypto, like making money, enjoy using a clean UI
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3 years ago, Kks1030
So frustrating.
A few versions ago, you were able to see your gains for different periods of time (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, etc). It would calculate how much profit or loss you had accumulated over that time. Now, you cannot see any of those calculations other than 24 hour profit or loss. When you switch views to the 7 day chart or 30 day chart, the profit or loss only shows you the 24 hour value. It’s absolutely maddening. Even the list of coins, there percent of appreciation/depreciation of stuck on the 24 hour value, so I can’t see how much Bitcoin or eth have appreciated over a week or a month, only 24 hours. I reached out to the company and they said this was by design. What?!? Really?! In my opinion they took away one of the most useful aspects of this app. I am now looking for a replacement app as I have waited through 3 or 4 updates for them to bring it back and they haven’t.
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6 years ago, thesourc3
OK but lacks functionality
I downloaded this app hoping that it would provide similar features of their site, however it’s quite lacking even for a first edition. First off, there is no iPhone X display compatibility so the app size is the old style if used on it. Furthermore, you cannot drill down into each coin to see further stats on them. The app seems more for just quick viewing of prices, but there are better apps at the moment that accomplishes this and provides a significant more amount of information at the touch of a finger. Lastly, the drop down at the top that’s supposed to show 24hr volume, btc dominance, etc shows “?” for each stat. As the market of such apps is quite extensive these days, I’d recommend looking elsewhere (CoinCap is much better currently) until CoinMarketCap decides to put more effort into theirs.
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2 years ago, LovelyNukie
Truly a Amazing App for Beginners
I have been learning this past year about crypto’s, NFT’s, etc and I finally had the confidence to buy in and take a small risk. Not gonna give you some NBA career story, I didn’t do much. But I can say without hesitation I love this app. It’s easy to use design, no ads in sight, dark mode, all 3 of the major markets, and for me personally the ability to seamlessly switch between phone and pc really takes the cake. Overall 5/5 Great app! Would love to see a Apple Watch feature where I could just quickly check my portfolio though!
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3 years ago, Prasand J
Convenient, But Noisy.
The app allows convenient access for looking up coins and tokens, getting their websites, and contract addresses. Unfortunately it gives automatic alerts for every coin / token in a watchlist with no option to disable it. And if you have a few lists that can result in getting alerts all day long. The only solution is to disable alerts entirely, or not use watch lists for organizing items you want to monitor or share. In case of the former, it results in not being able to use actual price alerts set. I’ll keep the app because of its convenience, but alerts will stay disabled and I’ll have to enable the specific price movements in another app.
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1 year ago, BatPepe
Market Manipulator - BEWARE (coingecko recommended)
The Pepe community has noticed that CMC has intentionally targeted the Pepe coin. Adding disclaimers to the coins page as if it isn’t a valid coin. When CMC has a known history of never identifying with such vigor why someone should not buy a coin. Furthermore, CMC has on several occasions listed pump and dump schemes that have literally robbed its holders or dumped on its holders, yet there are were never any disclaimers. CMC does not identify with such specificity when a coins top holders are VCs who funded the program and who also own large quantities of coins- which by your standard could at anytime dump on the holders which would be cause for concern- I.e. Apecoin. Overall, as a crypto community we will not forget how Pepe has been targeted and you will see it reflected in how we patronize and use your services moving forward.
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7 months ago, hbdrumma
Latest update ruined the mobile app
Latest mobile app update is horrible. All transactions are rounded, including your holdings for each asset. There’s rounded numbers on everything. The only way to view the full number on a transaction is to tap “edit”. Even worse, there’s no way to see your full holdings since all the numbers are rounded. Now, the only way to see all of your exact holdings is to use the desktop version. FIX THIS ISSUE! This issue alone really ruins the the portfolio tracker on the app. Also, they removed the critical feature to View/Sort by Volume which is another major downside of the mobile app. Please fix all these major issues. Ideally, the mobile app should provide the same features and functionality as the desktop version. 1 star rating
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3 years ago, Gmonwy
Great app until recently
I am going to echo what some others have said. The app is pretty good just like their actual web site is great. That was until recently with an update or so. Now things do not load or update unless I force close the app and relaunch. Then it may work for awhile. This is quite frustrating as two of the features I like best, portfolio tracker & watchlist, are hampered by this. The portfolio tracker is, in my opinion, one of the best features of Coin Market Cap. If you are like most of us in crypto you have coins at several exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Phemex, etc.. The portfolio tracker lets you put in your transactions and fees so you can track your overall gains/losses by coin and as a total.
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2 years ago, saynoroskout
Could be a lot better!
App is alright for finding basic token omits with. But the worst part is that they LOVE deleting comments and peoples postings on thoughts about cyptos. This is corrupt and this SHOULD not be allowed. I’ve been blocked and banned for posting comments all because I asked if VCs dumped on a certain crypto. This is absolutely beyond ridiculous and shouldn’t even be a thing. You can tell crypto over the last couple years how CORRUPT crypto has become ( been in almost seven years now), it’s just as bad as stocks. I wouldn’t recommend this app. It’s 🗑
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3 years ago, augiedo
This is a great app but can use some improvement
This app definitely gives me more options for cryptocurrency then Robinhood; the improvements I would like to see is the search bar be more accessible from the home menu and my watch list not buried with the the other taps on the Home Screen. This app with show you stock from all time, 90 days, 30, 7, then 24 hours. I wish I could see live with in the last hour. Like I said great app could use some improvements with accessibility.
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2 years ago, Dr.Sentovina
Corrupt values of executive admin.
The executive team at CMC is undermining parts of what the essence of cryptocurrency and related projects are about at their core. - I posted criticism of the World Economic Forum, and it’s founder, two times on a chat thread… and I’ve now been permanently banned from using the chat feature. ***To put this in perspective, I posted the same exact critique well over 10 times on Twitter, and Twitter (very pro-censorship) didn’t take it down or warn me. It’s disgusting, nauseating, and beyond concerning that CMC is in bed with big-tech and other corrupt special interests. This is NOT what crypto stands for, and I am passionately organizing a campaign in the various crypto communities that I’m active in, and we will make it known that CMC has been corrupted. Lastly, I’ve switched to Coinstats, and encourage others to do the same.
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3 years ago, The 8Bit Bunny
Excellent for Delayed Alerts
There is nothing better than being notified 10-15 minutes after the set price has already been marked. Let me tell you, this app will guarantee you will miss your alerts because it is so strongly built on the convenience of its own time. Flawless design and excellent structure, if only the main purpose of this market cap app is to notify people of coins ON TIME. All in all quite a decadent layout, core mechanics need work.
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3 years ago, turtledove223344
portfolio is terrible, bad as connecting to wifi
This app always stalls and claims not to be connected to the internet, 10x more finicky than any other app I have. I also wasted time entering some of my portfolio from binance, it lumps every coin together and only shows me how up % or down I am as a whole, vs each individual crypto holding, which is useless to me. I want to see the stats for each coin I hold. Binance can already tell me if my whole bag is up or down. So it’s kinda useless. Otherwise I guess it’s good for reading news articles but I originally downloaded it for price alerts and they always come hours after the fact.
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1 year ago, Crossmandoc
Recieved an automated response that had nothing to do with my review Wow
The team at CMC allows scammers to manipulate ratings and bash great projects to the point it’s way out of hand. Paid fudders stay on there all day commenting lies and hate toward #Saitama and the #Saitama community. #Saitama hasn’t been treated fairly from day one and almost 3 yrs have passed and it’s only getting worse. Saitama the other night was at 98% good and in less then 12 hours that 98% went to 4%. I do believe it may be back up now , but all the lies and hate toward Saitama in the comments shouldn’t be allowed. Reporting people doesn’t even help!! #Saitama and the #SaitamaWolfPack will not stand by and watch our great project be treated with this much hate, and my 1 star stays till something is done!!!
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3 years ago, Mellowman33
Portfolio function full of bugs
I don’t recommend using the portfolio section of CMC. While the site/app is a great resource for crypto info, the portfolio section has been getting worse. Constantly dealing with bugs and issues. Been using for months and keep having problems. Assets just disappearing off the list-with months and hours of entries gone, entries not being added or subtracted, blank page-not showing any assets. Save yourself the time and frustration. Track your portfolio elsewhere if you don’t want the potential of having to reenter all of your transactions and having to constantly contact support.
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1 year ago, Vova505@gmail
🚨🚨🚨 SCAM 🚨🚨🚨
This is the most worst liar crypto app that I ever seen with liar support center. who wants to download this app because who got their profit in this wallet from some trading company this money you can consider lost if you think you have money in them you are wrong it no longer belongs to you and they will also ask you for OTP payments for have a access to your wallet ,never believe them and never pay them any dime because they are scammers but these people who work in support, they are scammers, like this app and always will give fake assurance that they are the most reliable and trustworthy company but be careful all this is trap scam you pay them money to get access your withdrawal.
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3 years ago, viscogutl
Provided Malicious Information
Today, Coin Market Cap allowed fake information to be posted as an add in one of the top currencies in their platform. Such effect made a lot of people sell off their position on false information. At this moment they took off the ad but no apologies or statements have been made. Also, CMC parent company is a direct competitor of the coin in question that is about to launch a product that will compete head to head with the parent company.
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3 years ago, DeAtHaDDiCtiOn5
Fantastic resource for crypto!
CoinMarketCap has been my go-to crypto tracker from day one! The UI is extremely organized and all the information is accurate and easy to comprehend. I like that there are in-depth descriptions of every Coin/Token so if you don’t know what a certain one represents, you can read all the info underneath the charts. What makes each unique, who started it, the websites and much more available for each one. I’d pay for this app but it’s free! Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, mdiviesti
Circulating Supply of Shib is wrong
Early last week, the circulating supply of Shib suddenly gained an extra 200,000 Trillion. CMC acknowledged the issue and said it was an engineering bug. On Friday, they began telling us that the circulating supply was fixed, yet it has not actually been fixed. The extra 200,000 T are still there. CMC is the “source of truth” for many exchanges and investors. This effects the valuation of Shib in a bad way as circulating supply is part of the algorithm. It has been almost a week of an important part of valuation being wrong for only 1 crypto asset and rumors are starting to fly that this is intentional market manipulation on CoinMarketCap’s side. I tend not to believe conspiracy theories, but it’s hard to ignore the facts here.
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3 years ago, JayBoogieWitThaHoodie
Watchlist and alerts are completely broken
The app is decent, but the watchlist and alert features do NOT work correctly. I've been getting spammed with Safe Energy alerts all day for the last 2 days, and it's NOT on my watchlist. In fact, I have no idea what it is. But the currencies I'm actually following? Absolutely nothing, not a single notification. It even says in the notifications tab in the app, under Safe Energy, that it's on my watchlist, but when I click on it the star is empty, and it doesn't actually show up on my watchlist (hint: because it's NOT THERE).
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3 years ago, Cd2021
Last update crashing the app
Not loading when I search for coins. Says “Please check your Internet Connection” on some coins but not all of them. No issues with other apps so seems to be related to last updates. I used it a lot before but I need info quickly as a trader. Also has prices wrong on many DEX coins. Make sure to always check other apps for correct prices before purchasing anything. Per other reviews, seems to be an issue for others. If corrected, will edit my Review, but for now, I wouldn’t recommend and suggest CoinGecko as an alternative that works well.
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10 months ago, Sean1716
Portfolio is terrible now
This app used to be pretty much perfect. The portfolio feature was the reason I first downloaded this app and continued to use it. The new updates have completely ruined the portfolio. It is entirely unusable. You want to see important information about you holdings? Well too bad! They removed the ability to see the loss/gain of your entire portfolio. You can only see the dollar amount for each individual coin. And that was only re-added after a recent update. I spent a lot of time adding all the information into my portfolio and now I'm sad to say I can't even use this app. Looking for alternatives. Zero stars until fixed.
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1 year ago, Jorgetostada4040316
First Class
Just a pleasure and complete joy being apart of such a well organized and exciting take on trading and market mayhem. Can’t get enough of the hustle and flow kinda vibe I get from this unparalleled application. 5 stars is not enough to let people know how much they will miss out on without experiencing the easy money you can generate with just a couple of basic tips from the very helpful and knowledgeable characters at your disposal.
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2 days ago, Bfo5517
Opinion of app.
I have had a lot of different apps trying to find one with a good live price chart. This app is the one for me. It is useful and comes in handy when trying to decide what to invest into or if you want to get information on what you’ve already invested in. Gives current news about certain coins that are current in time and has many more great features.
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3 years ago, Rocboi23
Not Trust Worthy
The last month you guys have completely ruined runs for both SHIBA Inu and Saitama Inu. False claims about circulation supply without speaking first with the SHIBA team during their run and now this stupid FED case information posted on Saitama Inu’s page this morning from something that has absolutely nothing to do with the Saitama Inu project. The FED case isn’t related to Saitama Inu, it’s only related to someone who is helping push their project. Seems like you guys have some type of interest in hurting the value of coins, seems a little suspect since I thought your team was supposed to play a “Neutral” role in crypto. Please grow up an don’t be the high school rumor girl of the crypto world.
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7 months ago, wii monster
Slowly getting worse
This app started out as the single best way to keep track of the overall market as well as your portfolio (s). Portfolio building was intuitive and statistics were presented neatly and usefully. Over many revisions they have been removing very useful features. For example many months back they removed the overall portfolio PnL for some reason. More recently, they have removed the pages that display stats for each individual position in your portfolio. You can no longer see your average price paid for a certain coin/token, and you can no longer easily see your purchase history for a token. You now go to a general transaction history page and you have to filter out the results for transaction types and token symbols. And on top of that, the filtered results are no longer nearly as intuitive as they used to be. The app is fine for keeping an eye on the market but I'd strongly recommend against using this for portfolio tracking.
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4 months ago, Jabber Talkie
Don’t pass this one up!
CoinMarketCap is an invaluable tool for anyone navigating the cryptocurrency market. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive data, and real-time updates make it easy to track the latest trends and make informed investment decisions. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a newcomer, CoinMarketCap provides the essential information you need to stay ahead in the dynamic world of digital assets. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, pepperdog_0005
Works great, for a while
This has happened to me several times: I build a portfolio and then use CM to keep tabs on it UNTIL… it stops working. The feed freezes and tells me my internet connection has an issue. I run a Speedtest and the internet is working just fine, so I can safely say it’s an app issue. I uninstall and re-install and works fine again. Has happened twice now.
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2 years ago, Fat doob
Why hide projects?
In crypto, people rely heavily on trust and transparency. CoinMarketCap I ask you why do not uphold your true name and list projects by true market cap. Hiding projects in the 200’s that have multi billion market caps. Why aren’t they listed where they belong? We can’t put doge coin and shiba in the top ten and dare say anything else doesn’t deserve its place. Hex and safemoon and multiple other projects are hidden in the ranks. Why? If your company is called market cap than list things by market cap. Not biased opinion. This hurts crypto. A huge platform such as this should be honest regardless of opinion. I urge you to do the right thing in time. Not a good look folks..
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2 months ago, Chillbizzee
Does not update correctly
When I open to check prices it looks like it’s actively updating the market but it’s an illusion. Only when you click on individual coins does it reveal the truth. I need hard, timely data not yesterdays news. I think it’s been this way for several years so it must be a hard fix. Until it gets there be wary. I mostly use my trading app but CMC is a potentially easier way to check on this particular market. I want to like it, but I’m not risking my retirement on its data.
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3 years ago, cmartin126
Best Darn Crypto App For Me!
I use this app 20-40 times per day. It is my one spot check pricing app, my one stop, all my crypto in one place to track my gains/losses,,, user friendly and just plain best darn crypto app available! I love how you can read about each crypto you are interested in, and it also shares the best exchange for the ones you want to buy, so you know where to go to purchase your next coin... Great job!
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2 years ago, Tinder is a bad lay
First off, this app displays prices of one or two of the swaps but it’s hardly the actual price of the coin. Second, the percentages they say the token has increased/decreased is never accurate. They’ll say a coin is up 100% in the last 24 hours but it’s exactly the same price. Third, this app has deleted my watchlist three times now. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app three times and each time it deletes my watchlist. Fourth, once I select a token to add to my watchlist, this app thinks I am deleting it, so it’s a struggle just to get this app to accept that I’ve selected a token for my watchlist. The info and prices are not accurate, this is a garbage app.
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3 years ago, briannichols
Market manipulation at thrre best only out for the elite
Think twice about using this app they will screw you out of your money when they see your investment at ath they will all of a sudden change data to stop it in its tracks good example shiba inu was on a huge streak and in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping changed the data without any reason why to the public if that isn’t market manipulation idk what is think twice before using this app and I messeged them to see why this happened as did thousands of others radio silence do u really want ur cash with people that manipulate and ignore u I know I don’t
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3 months ago, Coreyy777
Best app for info about crypto
This app is really great with giving information about crypto overall. With all time highs/lows, articles, live streams featuring the heads of coins, fear/greed chart and much more. I believe that it’s one of the best out there and if you’ve been in the crypto game for years or just starting off, it has a lot of information that is helpful when choosing which coin to invest in.
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3 years ago, Amangino222
Portfolio Page
Please change the portfolio page back. It was the best place to track all my coins. Now the page wont load, and the one time it did, it wouldn’t let me subtract coins from my balance? I used the CoinMarketCap app every day but now that my favorite thing is gone, I wont be using the app anymore. Seriously, in 5 days, the portfolio page has loaded correctly 1 time. Sometimes i just want to look at the gains or loses of my coins all in one place, but the page never loads anything on it. Just a spinning circle. I hate when humans think tweaking things makes it an improvement. So disappointed.
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6 years ago, JayJobes
Great app, can’t wait to see improvements.
Thank you!! All the numbers and tickers match the website and the UX/UI is pretty good. Can’t wait to see updates! Edit: the updates I’d like to see so far is the ability to click on a coin and pull up its detailed page of markets, history, etc like the web client (fixed- thank you!!: and also when I search an exact ticker there’s no reason the coin I’m looking for should be at the bottom or not even in search results.)
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2 years ago, DylanRocks4444446
Do not use! WARNING
CMC= coin market cap. CMC knowingly let shiba circulating to be listed with incorrect information even after being told by the developer and the shiba army that no new coins can ever be created. It took CMC 5-6 months to fix that issue. Yet if they get hacked and it shows millions of %’s they fix that instantly. Shiba hasn’t recovered from CMC’s first mistake. Now they are listing incorrect false addresses for shiba and the shiba developer again has been in contact with them, yet they don’t do anything. CMC reputation is going down the drain. Please don’t use them if you value information because they spread false information. 🚩🚩 huge red flag.
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6 years ago, Avenger19823
Incorrect Calculation Methods
CMC does not provide a fair and even way of calculating the TMC which means that the prices and ratios are incorrect as well. Rather than using the same method to calculate the TMC for each coin it uses different methods for different coins in an effort to affect the market. I would never use CMC again as the false information it’s providing will lead investors in the wrong direction. There are several other apps out there that provide actual facts rather than false and misleading information. If you choose to use CMC just keep in mind the information displayed is incorrect per the crypto market regulations as will most likely lead you to making a bad decision.
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3 years ago, RebeccaAF
Screwed the pooch #ShibArmy
Had to replace CBM app with something accurate and MUCH MORE sophisticated. CBM is making sophomoric mistakes and failing to rapidly correct and acknowledge. You must ALWAYS be able to trust an investment source. Their mistake will cost YOU, not them, and there will be no way to recoup. In late Oct early Nov 2021, a poorly done and bad report by CBM generated FUD that contributed to a 50% dip. Much money was lost by small Shib holders susceptible to FUD. They dumped in a large way. Whales bought the dip. I’m not a whale, but knew better than to believe what could not be substantiated, did not dump, and bought the dip. There was a rebound by Nov. 5, but no statement issued and no correction by CBM. That was enough for me.
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