Collage Maker - LiveCollage

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4.8 (110.5K)
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Collage Maker - LiveCollage

4.76 out of 5
110.5K Ratings
6 years ago, brtehi
This is a great app and is very easy to use. I have used this app for at least a year now and it is super easy to use, and when I need to edit a photo this is the app that I go to. This app makes it so that you can put text on your photos, change the color filter, you can choose what type of layout you want for your photos, there are tons of different borders you can put on your photos, lots of background patterns, you can make your pics smaller or bigger by zooming in or out, and so many more things on this app. Another thing I wanted to say was that there isn't any water marks you have to deal with and if there is you can just delete the watermark without having to pay like most apps. You can also make ur pics different textures, you can doodle on your pics, and also with the text thing there are tons of different colors and fonts you can use. Another thing that is great about this app is that you can also edit videos on this app and provides tons of music options you can put in your videos, tons of special effects you can put in your videos. With editing the videos you can also put text on the videos and you can also change the color filters on your videos as well. Overall this is a great app and has everything that you need to edit photos and videos!!!😝
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3 years ago, C Paradise
I love it, but having major issues lately
I use this app to create custom labels for my business. I absolutely love all the features available, but as of late, I’m having serious issues implementing certain borders, any music, and some other features. Specifically, I designed a thank you sticker to add to packages and now I can’t even access the frames at all, should I need to fix this sticker..I can’t even make a new design because again, the app won’t let me download certain things..which were already downloaded and seemed to disappear from my “purchased” items. Also the Christmas/holiday borders are completely missing as of a couple weeks ago, just in time so that I can’t design cute little Instagram posts for my holiday products..this is a huge letdown because I’ve had to use other apps that I don’t care as much for just to get something “holiday” looking for my posts. I’ve tried other borders that are cute too, just not what I was going won’t even play at all from the app, so I can’t add any of that to videos. I’m not sure what’s going on, but if I have to pay more money, I’d gladly do it because this app has been a lifesaver for me! I just wish I knew what was going it somehow user error, all of a sudden, maybe settings in my phone are off??, or did things change with the app?! I reached out by email several days ago and still haven’t heard anything back. If I could fix these issues, this app is worth a million bucks, for my needs!
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2 years ago, Kosher Kid
If it is not broke…leave it alone!
Your new version has many new features that are NOT intuitive. Your video tutorials do NOT match what is on the work page. Let alone there is NO audio step by step. Please return to the old version of adding music, etc. or at least give step by step written directions on how to use the features that least match what is on project while one is working on it. I know you must thought we must have to do something new..well is it is new but NOT a better,yet. Keep working on it. Two additional thoughts: 1) more features to help in to place type inStraight line. 2) a way to keep, what I call the base or the foundation image in place, frozen so while working on the project with additional images that it does revert back to the original size. It is like almost like starting over to place everything back to its previous position.
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5 years ago, DaesynC
Miss The Old Version
I’ve been using LiveCollage for awhile now to edit my photos, and I’m pretty disappointed in how it’s running now. I have to pay for the filters I used to be able to use for free, which leaves me in a pinch because I honestly don’t want to pay $5 a month for those filters when I had them for free not too long ago. Would give it a 4-5 star rating if they AT LEAST gave me the old free ones back. The “pay monthly” thing is also quite infuriating. If they wanted me to pay maybe a one time fee of, say, $5 or $6 to upgrade to the premium package, I’d pay for it because I’ve always loved using this app to create and edit my photos. I’m a high schooler— I can’t afford to pay $5 a month, $60 a year for an app I use occasionally. And I certainly don’t have a random $30 to hand over every year. I’m disappointed by this. I can understand a pro version that costs money, but not one that I have to pay for like it’s some sort of subscription. That’s a ripoff and it shows me that the developers do not care much about their users other than the money they’ll put into it. I guarantee that your profits would still be wealthy in amount if you did a one time fee. I do not recommend this app until either give back the old filters that used to be available for FREE, or change their “pro version” to be something a little bit more sensible and affordable.
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5 years ago, Collapse addict
I paid for all of the bells and whistles and now they are free. That's fine because they probably didn't want to keep refunding money. I have been using photo apps and programs for a really long time and know that there is never "the perfect one!" This is not my "go to" when I am in a hurry to make something quick. I return because of the plethora of backgrounds offered. That was why I paid for the app in the first place--I loved the amount of backgrounds, stickers, fonts (I will get back to text in a minute), filters etc. that were available for a flat fee. However, I have not always been able to access the items that I wanted to use, no matter how many times I "restored purchases." Sometimes, they would magically appear a session or two later, so, for example, I am set now, with all of the fonts I could possibly need! Yea! Others, have yet to ever appear, let alone be restored (the GIFs, I wanted for my business pags, for example). But my absolute biggest FRUSTRATION with this app is the *inability* to EDIT the text! What's up with that? It is hard enough to get the text straight, but when I see an issue, I can't believe that I have to delete everything to that point in order to FIX my mistake. Why???
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5 years ago, Han197611111hmn
Not worth $60 a year for features that were subpar and free before
I’ve been using this app for years. It’s convenient and helpful and I can st around with projects. It’s been ad heavy but that’s been ok. Recently I was forced to update it and found that most of the features are now “ premium” and they want to charge $4.99 a month to use them. I get that they may need to do things to be profitable but they should have just converted to an app that charges a one time fee $2-$4 to upgrade. Sure, I’d be annoyed that I’d now have to pay a fee for what used to be free, but it would be a reasonable spend. Instead they’re charging a monthly fee that is half the price of my Netflix monthly fee. The “premium” features are not even close to being worth almost $60 a year ($4.95 a month). There are many other free apps that do the same thing. I could even do this easily on several programs on my desktop. Perhaps there are a ton of features that are also included. But, I used this app for making collages. That’s it. Even for a free app with ads, it was not ideal. Now, they’re asking $60 a year to use layouts that aren’t customizable, cheesy ‘stickers’, borders, etc that are outdated and limited editing. So disappointed. I’ve had the app for YEARS but will be deleting it tonight.
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6 years ago, Hyla9
Major problems (updated to reflect problems solved)
After happily using this app for several years (I even submitted a 4-star review) I began having serious difficulties with freezing and causing my ipad and iphone to shut down. I was forced to uninstall both apps. When I reinstalled, the app updated and gave me no problems, however, I purchased the upgraded version a few years ago and it did not carry over. I contacted customer service and they told me what to do. I did it 3 times and it didn’t work. They repeated the same thing. Clearly, I have to re-purchase the upgrade in order to be able to use it again and that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. I would not recommend this to anyone based on my experience with their lack of customer service. Less than 30 minutes after writing and leaving this review, I tried ONE LAST TIME to reinstall my upgrade and IT WORKED! Clearly, some bugs and kinks to work out, but very happy to have my app back! Adding 2 stars since I do love it. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.
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3 years ago, fhgthgfyh
Great app
So I use this app a lot to edit my Pinterest pictures anyway this app is super super great I love that you can still use it without being a member it’s very helpful if you have more than one pictures that you want to post or put together like for my middle school I made a LiveCollage collage for our lockers for me and my best friend and they look super great so I think that you should get LiveCollage if you want to like download Pinterest Instagram and they have an Instagram choice on there so like you can do like an Instagram board which I think is really cool because most don’t have that so yeah I think this app is super super helpful for many different reasons!! And I also really like it that you can use it off Internet
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5 years ago, Rubyslippers16
Frustrated w/ Lost Features
This is a lovely little collage app. I have used it for approximately three years. I put photos in collages and appreciated not having a water mark. I also enjoyed a reasonable number of filters. There was some more editing software, but I used other software for my needs in that arena. Out if the blue the app required me to keep the watermark then it changed its mind on that but took away all but the most basic filters w/o a rather steep app price. For the record, I would happily pay a one time fee for an app that is w/i reason ~ no problem. But it’s the little monthly automatic payments that make me crazy and your app now costs too much. You always had some advertising content and I figured that is how I “paid” for the filters or lack of water mark ~ now the free version is riddled with advertisements and has lost a lot of functionality. It’s in your hands of you want to change your business model, but don’t get greedy ~ you’ll lose faithful users ~ too many up and coming apps in the App Store to subscribe.
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6 years ago, angelndzgyz
I don’t like the flippin’ ads
This isn’t my “go to” app for staging my fashion photos for sale, but occasionally I use it. I would probably use it more often if it weren’t for the ad clutter. Ads take up space & so do the design options that block about 1/3 of the photo I am trying to design. Text options are very limited compared to the app I regularly use, ie. there are fewer fonts here & the options to add shading to enhance/sharpen & limited color choices for the lettering are an exercise in wasting time to figure it out. On the occasions that I have the patience to use this app, I am very pleased with the results. If I decide to pay for all the features, will the ads go away? Will I be able to see the whole photo without the designing tools blocking it? If blocking the photo isn’t something that the techs can’t undo, it would be nice to at least be able to adjust or move the photo, to see where text can be moved around to. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this be my “Go To” App?
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6 years ago, FL_FSU_GIRL
Love all the features!
I love all the things I can do in this one app. It is the best collage maker PLUS more out there. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I purchased this 2 years ago and it was supposed to be a one time purchase. Now that I’ve upgraded I got to download all the old stuff but not any of the new stuff. Quite disappointed but you must know I like it if I’m still raving about the original product. The other thing I like is that it is easy. Introduced my 76 year old mother and now I’m flooded with reworked pictures every time we have a family get together. Not that I mind it’s easy enough I’ve never had to help her. Lol You should try this app I don’t think you will be disappointed. And no- I’ve received nothing for free this is my own unbiased opinion! Pictures help capture the memories we hold dear. Take pictures... you will be glad that you did!!
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4 years ago, xFiretylee
Still was way better before...
I don’t mean to be rude but I'm not any more satisfied with this update than I have been the last few updates. Every time there's an update I go for it, hoping the next update will fix the ongoing problem of having to pay for the effects I NEVER had to pay for before. Couldn't we just pay $5 once? I'd settle for that even, as long as it was only once. And I know I'm not the only one who's unhappy about this. I've seen many reviews from folks who've been users of this app for years, like me. They're not happy with the sudden payment plan either. To specify, the effects I've always used - and NEVER had to pay for - are the colour effects & the grunge effects. Let the record also show that my fave borders are no longer free either. Try this: the effects & features that were there BEFORE the costly update should be free. New features could be premium but NOT old features. It’s been over a year and no one has responded to my suggestion but I notice similar reviews have not gotten a response either. Plz take the suggestions seriously. You'll get more satisfied customers this way, I'm quite sure of that. The only reason I still have the app is because I'm hoping someone will turn these suggestions into actions. Again I don’t mean to be rude but listen to your customers. I miss doing edits like I used to and there’s no other app that can do this anymore.
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1 year ago, DonnaOKC
Horrible Now
I have had this app for a lot of years. So many years that it never charged for anything when I first uploaded it. It was a great little basic collage app that offered some nice perks for free. But all that has changed. Now, between all the ads you have to go through and the limitations on free use, this app is not even worth the space it takes on my phone. To be fair, if you’re willing to pay for it, it’s a pretty decent collage app. But because I’ve had it for so long and I know it used to be free, I’m not willing to pay for it. I would keep it around if it was even at a 50% free, 50% pay ratio. But it’s not. There are very few free choices on it now, so I’m gone. The app has just gotten too greedy, especially given that there are other apps out there that will do far more, far easier, and far better. If I have to pay for an app, I’ll pay for what gives me the biggest return on investment. So goodbye, old friend. I’m sorry you changed and got cumbersome and greedy.
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6 years ago, K845679
Awesome app!
This app is the best I’ve found for making collages. Has the most options to work with. The most control to make it exactly how you want it. My only problem is a few of the templates I use most often, now don’t save with the border. It in fact cuts off a slim amount of the pictures on the outside edges of the collage. Now if I want to use my favorite templates, I have to add a really thick border so when it cuts off, it doesn’t take any of my picture and leaves me with a border. It’s workable...but annoying. And doesn’t look quite as good as it would if it worked right. Otherwise this app if perfect! I’ve tried many others and this just works so well for all the ways I like to perfect my work. Please fix this little issue so I can have my perfect collage program!!! Then I will happily leave 5 stars for it will deserve it and more!!
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4 years ago, BATMAN TACO
Everything good costs money
I’ve downloaded and deleted the app over the last 2 years at least a dozen times and every time I download it back more things require money to use, they used to have good things for free and the better things costing money, but now I can barely do anything with the app I don’t see the point in using it if I can barely do anything with it. It used to be a good app and I used it all the time but now I can’t use it, I don’t see the point in paying for apps and games even if it’s cheap sometimes I pay for some apps but this app is basically forcing me to pay for it because without paying I can’t use it AT ALL.... ok maybe just a little but the smallest bit. I see all these good reviews from 2 years ago and everything but what about now? Where are all of the reviews now? I know people just wouldn’t stop writing reviews, remove the having to pay for EVERYTHING and just make it to where you have to pay for the better. Thank you for letting me take your time 💕
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4 years ago, @mommystreasures
Loving this app
I recently got a new iPhone and when the transfer from my old phone to my new was completed, I found my favorite go too frame app was no longer available. I really felt lost without it. I began searching all kinds of apps and none were anywhere near to what I was looking for. That is till I came across this fantastic app. There are so many great features that I can choose from. It will take time to zero in on my favorites but I’m pleasantly enjoying and impressed with this app. At the moment, I don’t know if any improvements can be made as I’m currently happy with the way it is. Thanks so much. I’m really glad I came across this app and I’ll be telling my friends. ❤️🤗❤️ Joyce
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5 years ago, dataice
Monthly fee has ruined app
Update: The developer removed the watermark after many complaints, but all of the useful features are still being withheld and require $4.99 a month to use. I understand that developers need to make money on their work, but deleting borders and stickers that people had downloaded and used for years, and demanding a monthly subscription to get them back is underhanded What’s the point of sticking around when you took away 95% of what made the app useful and hid them behind a monthly pay wall? There’s absolutely no reason for me to keep this app around. There are other useful editing apps that don’t require a $60 annual subscription. —————————————————— I paid a one time fee earlier this year to remove ads from the app, but I’m being constantly bombarded with ads from the developer to upgrade to the new monthly subscription model. To add insult to injury, with the latest update I also have an ugly dark grey LiveCollage watermark in my photos that I edit. And if I want to remove the watermark, along with removing ads, and restoring previously downloaded borders and layouts, I have to pay $4.99 a month for that privilege. I would be willing to pay a one time fee of $4.99, or even $4.99 annually, but expecting users to pay that every single month for something they use on occasion, is taking advantage of your customers. I guess I’m looking for a new app.
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2 years ago, crinkster54
It’s not a free trial, it’s a con
I thought I would see how this would be and signed up for a free 3-day trial. I made one collage. 24 hours later, not 72 hours, I was charged for an annual membership. 1. I should have had up to 71 hours and then given a chance to cancel 2. It would be nice to have a free version with a limited number of clean, basic templates 3. These developers are trying too hard to convince everyone that they are an American company (their email, company name, etc). Based on the crappy English, they aren’t. I will be transferring my device photos to my laptop, which is really easy, and using a free program. I WILL get my money back. Apple will NOT like this because it reflects on them. I don’t like to be conned and this bunch basically steals your money. Update: I received a developer’s response (probably below) which doesn’t address any of the above. Just a sales pitch. The only that counts with these people is $$$$$$$$
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5 years ago, Ckelley116
I’m an indie author and I use this app to make marketing graphics for my instagram account. I mainly use the photo edit feature and apply backgrounds and text. Pretty simple. I don’t mind paying $5 a month because I use it pretty frequently, but I find it SO frustrating that every time I get to a certain point, the app crashes (without saving of course) then when I get back into the app to start over, the original image I was using isn’t even showing up in my photo library. It seems to happen mostly when I’m trying to add a second layer of text. I’ve figured out a workaround by saving the image each time I do something new and then starting again with the image I just saved, but then when I’m done I have to go into my photo library and delete a half dozen unfinished graphics. So annoying.
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3 years ago, LyteRaine
Love the app, but.....
There is always a but. Honestly, I do love this app. I have used it several times and it has worked in my favor. Where the but comes in, is the music. Sooooo, I'm making an ad and want to add music to this ad. The song I am looking for, I already have through my music (iTunes). I pay a monthly fee to download whatever song I choose (on the iPhone). Anyhow, the app does not recognize it. It will still ask you to purchase a song. Soo, I purchased the song (even though I have it). Welllllllll, I still can't add the song, and it's still requesting a purchase. That is frustrating - no lie. For me to move forward with my ad, I had to choose another song that I purchased about a year or so ago. That is my ONLY hiccup Other than that, great app.
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5 years ago, Alitia
Has always been my fallback for the finishing touches...but
I love the new freestyle option, but I’m kinda devastated that you made the fonts so hard to access, but worse, the chalkduster font has become the font I use for my business name and it’s gone. Now I have to do everything but the lettering and go into another app that has chalkduster and finish the text there. Since you’ve made it so much more versatile with the freestyle board I would love it if you could move the original image to the forefront of the of the layers, but since you’re technically “add”-ing them on top it won’t let you. Love this app, I’ve made thousands of collages and ads with it and the updates are amazing....❤️
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2 months ago, Jenie priyanka
Easy to use
This app is definitely easy to use, but however, you can only make videos up to 18 minutes after 18 minutes. Nothing gets downloaded or even after 10 minutes. If you are trying to make a video of 10 minutes your phone gets extremely hot every time I try to download any kind of video editing. My phone gets extremely hot that’s very, very scary and half of the time, my saved works when I try to open it and edit it again. The sound gets muted. The music gets muted completely not working so I am not happy with the purchase. I purchased it for one year and I wanted to stop using this app but however, since the developer had my card information, I was charged again for the year so I have to use it for one more year. This is ridiculous. The app does not even work properly.
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6 years ago, Longest route possible
Great App, a few bugs though
I’ve been loving this app for nearly 2 years now. I gotta say it’s been the most thorough app for collages, photo edits, and short videos. It’s not as stable with videos exceeding 3 minutes depending on actual video size. The only issue I have right now is many of the edit features seem to be going blank where you select the template or sticker and the app doesn’t respond. I’ve notice more and more icons that are blank with a blue dot where there used to be feature. Or if I change a filter, sometimes it won’t change. I’ve cleared a lot of my works but if I work on app for a minute it’s like it gets hung up on only the features you chose in last edit. I have the most up to date version. I’m still using the app just giving FYI, any advice welcome.
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7 months ago, Hana 🤮
Why I LOVE this app
I didn't purchase a subscription to this for a couple years, but it was getting boring using the same free things. This is the coolest app, and I will renew my subscription. If I want to send a Photo message to someone, I can just snap a nature shot, or use any photo, make sure it's been edited for the edges, go into collage app, pick which shape l want, tap on the plus, pick my photo, my background. I add a text, color and font variety. It is finished now or I can frame it with a huge variety of frames and add stickers as well. Very large variety of everything you can do. This is definitely worth the money!
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4 years ago, Tt_dancegirl
So fun!
I have been using this app for about 10 months now and I absolutely love it! It’s so fun and easy to use, I love making collages for things like birthdays events and just because I want to! There are so many different things to make. I would say the only bad thing is that the templates for Instagram stories and such only give you a few free options to use and if you wanted to do a template that requires the subscription then you would have to pay for the subscription and I know a lot of people like me don’t really want to spend money just for using different templates on the app so I think they should add some more free options. But overall the app is super fun and it gets your creative mind thinking. Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago, Avh5famly
Printed terribly!
I wanted to like this app. I needed it to create a collage to print for Valentine’s Day. After downloading the app and being careful to not select the “premium” features which cost money, I was ready to save the collage- only to find out that in order to do so, you need a monthly subscription!? I reluctantly subscribed only because i had spent so much time trying to create the perfect collage. I selected 4x6 size and printed on 4x6 photo paper in a photo printer and the image was completely pixelated and fuzzy. On the app, the images were crystal clear. I understand apps take time and money to create and I’m all for paying for a good app, but I don’t like being told AFTER I finish creating my collage that in order to actually use it, I’ll now need to subscribe for $4.99 a month. And on top of that, the quality isn’t print quality.
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5 years ago, sqeaky92
I have gone through sooo many collage apps and editing apps that were super confusing and by the end of it I had gone through like 20 apps and they’re all the same confusing and difficult to use. Until I found college maker, a simple and fun app I love!!! It does everything for u all u do is choice some photos and lay them out the way u want them. Also I had so many trouble trying to make a collage on other apps that would work for my device background but collage maker, gave me the options for so many different sizes. I will never switch to any other collage app I love collage maker and hope you can enjoy it too!
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6 years ago, Prittyamazing
I mean really it just does what it says for free
No watermarks. Tons of free features, styles, frames, etc. Sometimes you have to close an ad and considering how much they provide for you for free without an annoying watermark, I don’t mind the ads. Frankly, I’m happy they are making ad money so I can continue enjoying it for free like I have for years now. Thanks for all the free stuff you guys provide! Oh and btw, they have so much more than just collages. They have some pretty impressive photo editing features that go well beyond your basic iphoto stuff and videomakers, etc. Just a solidly quality app and one of very few that ive carried with me to every new phone.
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6 years ago, Moon's Wonderland
Amazing app!! I’ve been using it for about 3 years? I love making collages of all my pictures! It makes it easy to post them on Instagram when I want it to fit the square format for all full views of the pictures to show! One thing I would like is on the perspective choices from square, portrait and landscape is that there could be a choice of full perspective if anyone wants to turn their collages into wallpapers for their phones, because it is slightly difficult to get them to fit the screens perfectly without having edges being cut off when in use as a lock screen or home screen wallpaper.
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3 years ago, Juneauuknow
Easy to use
I have been bouncing thru various mobile social media content creating apps. This app has remained in my top two and has not been deleted. The best feature for me is the video editing capability. I like that the video does not get formatted to where your bottom or tops are missing. The app did freeze on me when saving a video that I had created so it was frustrating to start over. But when I started over I deleted some of my device files and unneeded saved app projects to create more free space. I think the one complaint or wish list is that I wished they pushed out Christmas holiday templates sooner. I try to batch post ahead of time and Christmas templates were not fully up so I went to another app for my holiday postings.
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4 years ago, zaza_zazz
App crashes while playing Ad clip
Pretty fun app for sampling new text, layouts, and backgrounds for your instagram pictures. However, the app crashes constantly while attempting to play the ad video. One advertisement in particular pops up during the editing process (while the other ads wait to play until you save, share, or post your new pics). I believe the app is for a video game. It shows a couple posing in each other’s arms in the center of the screen before the app crashes. You have to close the app and completely start over. I don’t know why this app keeps crashing on the one ad because the other ads play fine. I understand ads are important as they pay for my free access. However, the ads which freeze up the app and ruin all the work I just put in to an edit is really disappointing. I updated my phone and the app to see if the issue could be solved and it’s been unsuccessful. If they are going to offer a free experience with ads they really need to get the ads to not crash the app. At this point this app is no longer satisfactory as the ads continue to crash the app. The very few minimal free text, layouts, and backgrounds they offer aren’t worth the hassle if I lose all my work every time an ad plays.
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3 years ago, LanieSpurrell
Love LiveCollage!
I’ve been using LiveCollage for about a year now to edit photos and videos. It’s served me very well and most of the time, it is working perfectly and the free version serves all of my content editing needs right now. However, there have been a few times where I’ve had to delete and reinstall the application due to glitches such as an image being stuck to the back of the screen and interfering with the editing and the finished product. I would like to see this one issue fixed and I will give the app 5 stars! Overall, I love LiveCollage and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to edit a photo or video.
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6 years ago, Shawn lewis
#PEOPLEZ330 & #LiveCollage
I don’t review often seeing I’ve been with apple since the 3GS. Live Collate has the most important app since I’ve became a rap recording artist. Starting my record label #ByAnyMeans330 I’ve created more than I can post. I’ve told them how I manipulated the app to create flyers, tickets, and even cover art. I use it everyday and once I’m Main Stream I’ll spread the word more. Thanks LC team for upgrading it and implementing some of the things I saw fit. Keep pushing forward with the video editor. Since the beginning I been down. And I’ll stay that way. PS. I need MORE text options AND start thinking about a desktop version. DONT LIMIT YOURSELF! #BAM330
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2 years ago, VenialTundra408
So many features!! ❤️
I was looking for an app where I could make a collage for both photos AND videos, when I came across LiveCollage. It is wonderful and very helpful. For example, i made a picture for my moms birthday present, which was a picture frame back when I was young and she still has it and loves it to this day. I could go on and on with this app trying to persuade you to get it, because ITS WORTH IT! There ARE in app purchases and premium apps items, but most off the things you need are accessible. Great app, beautiful filters, amazing memories! ❤️
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6 years ago, Lowwolf
A graphic designer’s secret shortcut
I NEVER write reviews, but I felt I owed it to these guys to give a show of support. As a professional graphic designer I am often called upon to add photo collages to projects. Usually this means significant time mucking about with Photoshop and being chained to the computer. Now that I have Live Collage I can quickly put something together 99% as good in a fraction of the time. Last week I actually completed a collage I needed for a sales brochure while waiting in line at Starbucks! I tried a ton of collage apps but this one gave me the best results and the most control. Really good stuff.
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4 years ago, KatnissTrisPrideen
Great but why pay?
I just got this app like a day ago, and enjoy the features. They’re are cute boarders and filters, and I want to use them but can’t! You have to pay for premium, which is fine, but premiums get like everything, whereas people who don’t have premium, they only get a few filters. 😢 I would like to have more features, while joy having to pay for a subscription. Just a thought. Other than that, the graphics are good, and it’s got nice features for your photos. (Only it doesn’t find faces very well. 🤷🏽‍♀️) So if you’re a face person, this app may not be for you. Those who like editing and collages, this app is for you. 😁😁
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5 years ago, Alienmermaid
Worst photo app I’ve ever used
I uploaded two Photos to celebrate my anniversary sort then and now and oh my gosh it was so frustrating I wanted to scream. Complaints: Incredibly easy to accidentally rotate your photo and not an easy way to undo it Has guidelines for horizontal alignment but not vertical so you have to align pictures very precisely just by eyeballing them yourself Border options are blah And don’t even think about adding text to your photo: I attempted it three times but when you try to duplicate and then change the words you are unable to see what you were typing I got so frustrated that I saved the image and just did it in the iPhone editor Also it pops up the screen when you want to download the photo that is a little scary because it makes it seem like that’s gonna make you buy something I chose an option that I thought meant I didn’t have to pay it took me to a commercial which was fine but again I was nervous that I may have just signed up for a subscription and I wasn’t sure if just watching the ad was enough The only reason I haven’t deleted the app so I could read this review Thumbs down frustrating and I’m going to delete it right away
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9 months ago, Mommyamanda26
Finally a collage app that doesn’t MAKE you pay.
I downloaded like 3 different collage apps before finding this one, & thank god I did. All the others ones wouldn’t let me collage ANYTHING with out paying! & I mean anything there was no “free” option. This app does sometimes have some adds but honestly it’s not that bad, & if you want you can upgrade & pay for no adds and extra items. But if you just want to make a simple picture collage without paying this is the app to download! So glad I found this one! 😅
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6 years ago, peruna51
Does lots of things well, but not acne
I got this app primarily because I needed something to retouch acne scars. I have tried with a couple of pictures, and it just doesn’t work. The only control is “tap the spot”. It takes a long time for it to process each tap. To completely remove acne, it seems like it would take 50+ taps since there is no intensity control. Basically in one case, my scar went from a smooth maroon circle to a jagged, speckled scar of a slightly lighter color. One neat feature is the cutout tool, which lets you cut out part of a picture and place it like a sticker on top of another picture. The picture size conversions could be useful too when makig profile photos etc.
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2 years ago, 🤔 M M
Used to be
Used to be I used this app frequently, as in at least once a week. It used to be a 5+ star app. Since the last update, I’m frustrated and wish I could undo my update. I cannot import a gif as an animated sticker anymore. I have to do it through photos. Used to be I could use gifs and photos as stickers, make quick videos and add music without going through extra steps. Now it takes extra time and layering and timing… This used to be my favorite app on my phone. It is still very nice for ordinary photos.
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6 years ago, Mr Koolness
I use this app daily.... and multi times a day.. for my photos I need on IG for the shop. So easy. Amazing tools. Easily add your own stickers, etc... easily create/add your own watermark on your pics ... and the video tool- ridiculously awesome!! The ONLY flaw/question- how to delete whatever is taking up so much space?? Is there a ‘history’ besides the photo ‘recent works’ to delete and reduce space it’s taking up? Even with this I’ll still use this and rate it 5/5 ... seriously love this app (and I’ve used more than my fair share of photo editing software / apps)
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5 years ago, moya sun
Bug in the shadow function under the stitch option
I used the app two years ago and recently reloaded the upgraded version. The layout is getting too busy compared to what it was before. The real frustrating part is, in the stitch session, if you want to add shadow to your image, there is no color options anymore. And, the shadow will be added, but cover by the frame. You’ll need to adjust the image manually to get the shadow show up under that frame. This used to be my favorite app for the stitch and shadow option. But now it’s totally gone. Hope someone could help improve the bug.
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6 years ago, Hailee S.
Amazing app
This app is nicely put together. It doesn’t spam you with ads and I haven’t received one ad yet. It has multiple ways you can put your pictures and it doesn’t change the picture at all. A great app for projects, I definitely recommend giving it a chance! Not only does it let you make side by side pictures to possibly make a bunch of pictures in one with a group of people or to put together a trip or holiday, but if also lets you edit photos, edit videos, make live stickers, and more!
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9 months ago, Ppall pay pass
The bestest photo editor of all times!!
This is by far the bestest and Coolest photo editing app so far it’s now officially my top number one to use and edit any of my pics or screenshots it does everything and there’s soo much more to choose from filters,backgrounds,effects 3d effects and objects,stickers,text on photo and things u can’t normally do with any other photo editor I rate this app 5***** stars all the way everyone should download this app out of all the photo shop editors this is the best and favorite one!!
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6 years ago, everynameslreadytaken
Love this app
This is one of my favorite apps. It’s easy to use and fun to play with all the different effects and the collage formats. They turn out so well that I usually save them in my permanent digital files and even send them off to have a “real” photo made to give to friends and relatives who still prefer a picture you can hold in your hand. I’ve used the app for a long time and there have always been new additions and improvements. I give this app a five star rating and thank the developers for a well developed collage app!
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6 years ago, In❤️w/LiveCollage
I simply lovvve this app!! It's great and has almost all editing anything possible!! And the best part is that it's all free. I have been using this app for a day and I luvvvvvv it!! Thank you LiveCollage!😍😍😍 Only bad thing tho is that is crashes sometimes and it would be awesome if you could have filters like how Snapchat does. Then it would be the best possible app ever. Please take my recommendations to consideration about the Snapchat filter. I really would love it if it had that ability. So pleeeeeeeeease add that on. This is a great and amazing app. I fully recommend it!
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5 years ago, Cayslynnr
Not right!
I used to love using this app to put together collages and just edit a picture quickly but now all the sudden you have put a watermark on it. I could even handle the watermark. My biggest complaint is that all the borders that used to be available are now not available unless you pay and join some monthly membership fee! That’s absolutely ridiculous! I could understand if I was trying to use the new borders that just came out, but the simple ones I’ve been using the past year are no longer available without paying. Looks like I will be looking for another photo app that doesn’t do things like this. Very disappointed that the app has now turned greedy.
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6 years ago, nevermind ya'll
Best collage app!
I love how it includes almost everything I want! Also, it's not a pay-to-use kind of app, where the free stuff is crappy. The ads are okay and tolerable, and I can tell the people who made this did a good job. I'm a super picky app reviewer, so, of course, I have to add a suggestion. When I'm adding text to an image, I want to be able to center it. Could you maybe make a line that shows when the text is centered on the pic? Thank you for your time, and continue making improvements. This has AppCritic's approval! 👍
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5 years ago, Sims.Player.With.Beef
Great, but...
Overall this app is really great and definitely does what you want it to do, the only things I have to say are that the app gives you adds a lot, and is constantly changing it so almost everything needs premium to be used. I personally don’t use this app to much but when I do it’s almost annoying that I can barely use half the functions anymore because of how limited it has become. So to say, it’s still a pretty good app but If you need every last function and aren’t willing to pay a lot to get premium then maybe this app isn’t for you...
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2 years ago, jvp3
Warning: Difficult to cancel the $35 auto renew
This is one of the apps that intentionally make you contact them to cancel. The option to end the subscription and not renew is NOT located within the manage subscriptions. So they are counting on you forgetting or not having time to make the extra steps to get rid of it and charge you the exorbitant fee that you’ll end up needing to submit a refund request. UPDATE: the developer commented stating it’s easy to cancel with the link - it isn’t. The button with option to cancel is not offered with this app and the Apple store confirmed this is one that needs you to cancel by contacting them. A multi-step process the developer is counting on you not doing in time.
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