Collect by WeTransfer

4.4 (24.2K)
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WeTransfer BV
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2 years ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Collect by WeTransfer

4.4 out of 5
24.2K Ratings
4 years ago, dreamfield92
Good addition to a personal creative workflow
I have been a 53 paper user creating illustrations, design drafts for logos, wireframes etc for many years, along with other creation tools such as Procreate and Adobe Fresco. Working on each of these projects requires a lot of reference images / videos form a variety of sources. While previously using a combination of Pinterest and apple photos, I find this little app standing out for being simplistic and light weighted, allowing me to quickly organizing a handful of stuff for a specific project at hand. I love it that it does not offer much complex features, and it stands alone so I don’t have to pollute my own family photo albums when searching for references of Sphinx and Dragons. There’re certain “basic” interactions I would love to see in this app that would really brighten the day for me. E.g Arrange layout of a board via drag and drop, make a certain image larger or smaller, using drag to move stuff to another board, use gesture to return to previous navigation steps. Etc. I have loved how paper provides affordances comparable to a real sketchbook via paper flipping and opening / closing gestures, and thus look for similar features in Collect, being a digital Clipping book equivalent. All in all I enjoy using this tool so far and look forward to more improvements. I would recommend it to anyone who are in search of a pocket clip book in its most simple form.
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4 years ago, Pixelgrrl
Nice alternative to similar apps
I typically use Dropbox and Pinterest for similar purposes, but I thought I'd give Collect a try for organizing boards that are hopefully easier to access for others. My partner and I are moving in together, and I'm using a dedicated board to post inspiration and links to products. While I've only viewed it logged in on my phone so far, it seems promising. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with one basic, major feature: deleting items. Even though I click to delete and then confirm when prompted, items do not delete from boards + single item views. My workaround is to "move" these items instead to a "trash" board which actually removes them from the other board/views. Pretty weird flaw, though. I even updated a bit ago to see if it squashed this bug, but no luck. UX-wise, it would also make more sense to have the "boards" tab be the first, default screen before the "all items" one at the bottom of the interface. Since the primary functionality revolves around themed collections of info, there's little use in seeing content from all boards smooshed together when launched. Otherwise, cool idea, and I have loved WeTransfer on its own for ages, so we'll see how it goes!
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6 years ago, northpaul
Useless and overly complicated.
First of all I’d like to say that I use the desktop version often and it is a great service so thank you for that. I just went to the site on my phone to transfer a video and found it saying to get the app. Ok, fine, I thought, everyone has an app so I don’t mind and if there are ads or something that’s ok too. Instead I find something completely different than what I know wetransfer for, presumably trying to start some sort of Pinterest style network to cash in on that style of media sharing. When I want to send photos to clients I am certainly not going to be sending a board because it is not as professional, intuitive and simply not what I want. It was perfect on the website - even the older people I know who are not tech savvy that intel about it can use it and know what they’re doing. This looks like a “feature” that no one asked for. I am not saying I deserve this or you should change it for me - I don’t have any kind of self entitled motivations here but I did want to mention it because I know that a segment of your users will be pushed away from this and I’m afraid that you will try to do this on the website too. I hope you reconsider, or if you really want to make some Pinterest rival that you do it as some other name and keep wetransfer as what we all know and love, which is a simple and effective file transfer service. It is hard to find a reliable service like this so it would be a shame to see it go down this road.
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4 years ago, TDRock
Not A Good First Impression
Yesterday was my first time using this app. I needed to send a number of files - both photos and videos - to a client. The client requested that I use WeTransfer. All my files were on my iPhone, this app is where I was directed to WeTransfer from my phone (Due to my profession I send and receive photo files all the time so I am well acquainted with using WeTransfer service on a computer. This was a first trying to do it from my phone). I started trying to send at 7pm, the files were due by 9pm. I did not make the deadline. App kept having errors and freezing intermittently. App also lost the carefully curated order that I had the files in. So I tried to make image notes but I only made a few because that process was also too slow and too cumbersome. I thought that was the point of the Boards was to be able to put things in order like a moodboard? Not only did it not preserve the order in which the files were uploaded there was no fast and easy way to put the files in the order in which I wanted. Nothing was fast nothing was easy. The app might be great if I had time to sit and learn and figure it out but it certainly was not intuitive or fluid for a first use. I paid for Collect Pro just in case I needed it because of the files that I was sending. But needless to say I won’t be keeping the subscription I can’t imagine I would be trying to use this app again.
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4 years ago, AdGjL16
NEW UPDATE: I wish I could increase the star rating. I have been unable to use the app for almost two weeks. It hard crashes upon launch. I’ve been told that there could possibly be a bug and was assured that someone is working on it. I sure hope I don’t have to delete and reinstall the app. If so, I fear losing all my content again. It’s so frustrating!!! If anyone reading this has another great option for large file sharing please comment. UPDATED ONCE AGAIN: Although I still dislike the fact that the pictures are not in numerical order, the app has started to freeze after the initial items have been saved but before the board is created. I’ve tried MULTIPLE times to get it past that point and nothing seems to change. I do NOT want to uninstall and reinstall due to the fact that I will lose all my boards. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!! UPDATED REVIEW: I used to love the app with one exception (the random picture order) but now with the recent update I feel the need to drop my original rating from a 4 to a 1 star. The recent update made the app stuck in ‘optimizing storage’ for DAYS and when I reached out to cs I was told I would need to delete and reinstall the app. When I did so, I lost all the previous content. Reloading and now (sorting) all the pictures is going to be a daunting task!!! 😡
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4 years ago, LAE69
I have the WeTransfer Pro Account and the Collect app has a major bug with resetting passwords. When requesting to reset the password the email link never showed up in my gmail account. I had to reach out to their technical support team and they are not helpful at all. After a series of back and forth emails I was informed that I had to fill out a detailed report showing them screenshots of the steps I took when trying to reset my password. I finally got the same person and he sent me a reset link manually and stated “when their emails are rejected by a mail server, their mail server puts the user’s email on a bounce list.” And this is why I do not see a reset link from We Transfer. When I finally reset my password, with the link that was manually sent to me, I lost all my media on their boards. I sent the representative in tech support an email, if I cannot get my media files back, I want a refund. Another issue not able to sync my WeTransfer account with the Collect app on my laptop with my iPhone and am not sure if WeTransfer can operate on OS and Windows operating systems at the same time. This app is not worth purchasing. It’s better to use their free account.
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3 years ago, BrianKann16
Not to be trusted
In an INSTANT I knew I just simply could not, should not, and will not trust this App. When you are presented with packaging on an item you bring home, that is delivered to you from a reputable online store, or today’s downloadable software - as small as an App or as large as an update from Apple themselves or Microsoft or Google. We simply EXPECT everything to ‘present’ VERY well-written, grammatically correct, and with th correct spelling throughout. A rare occasional typo MIGHT, MIGHT be able to be overlooked. Too many of them, though, and ANY discerning professional eye (or nearly ANYONE with a college education) will just promptly LEAVE YOU and your unchecked product write-up, feature description, and history/list of attentive “bug fixes” go straight to your competition. The software in honest fairness isn’t bad. Not at all! But at decision time ‘presentation’ is everything, and this Entrepreneur NEEDS TO accept what he is good at and what he is NOT good at - and hire someone to clean up ALL he has written. And then also stay on to do ALL writing in the future. I saw what I saw and I am OUT! But I wish you well Brian
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4 years ago, 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
Hi! In my spare time I write short stories, and I am currently working on a book! I use collect to gather mood boards for each of my stories, and it works very well. I've been using it for probably a year, and it really helps me with my writing process because I'm a visual thinker and its helpful for me to be able to see the general idea of the story laid out in front of me in photos. One thing I would like to see improved is the board feature. Maybe a color pallet option for mood boards. It could be like some dots of color underneath the title like where the shared participants profile's go. Also maybe an option to specify what exactly the board is for (mood board, idea board, file storage ect.) I think that's all the ideas I have for now, but I might edit this review later if I think of any more. Thank you for reading my review! -Charlotte
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4 years ago, aKaFaMouS
As a life long artist I hope I have the experience to realize when I come across a gem. I think I have found exactly that in paper. Kudos to the developer. I’m blown away by the ease and simple use of this app. I rarely write a review but feel compelled to do it simply because this is an incredible piece of techno. I would like to thank the creators who obviously have thought out and implemented a great design. I am purchasing the pro edition forthwith something I also rarely do. Cannot wait to use all the tools available on this awesome tool. Someone deserves praise for bringing this all together . Even someone whose not necessarily an art enthusiast can pick this up and create just about any type of visual media. Keep up the great work it’s appreciated. I have To go got many great ideas bouncing around in my head that I need to get started on.
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3 years ago, Necarie
Has Potential
I would almost consider using this as an alternative to Pinterest. I like that it's not cluttered with ads and distractions, and that it makes it easy to share image collections without asking anyone to sign up for a Pinterest account. I don't like that the board view is so narrow - only two images across with a lot of empty space on both sides. I'm on a 12.9 iPad and it seems like a lot of wasted space. The all images view fills the screen with 3 images across and looks so much better; I wish I could view and share boards that way. I also don't like that I can't seem to rearrange images on my board once they're there.
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4 years ago, BlackPearlie
Really Wanted to Like This But...
...the shiny, cool images in the description are not what you see in reality. I just saved 3 news clippings, then opened the app. What did I see? 3 lonely post-it notes looking like they were from the 1980s floating in blank space — and titles that look like the long, tedious passwords we’re all supposed to use, but never do. Not offered an option during save to add/change titles on clippings, so that’s one problem. Another is editing them. I don’t think you can. Maybe the app is packed with wonderful features that will transform the universe. I dunno - the clunky, poorly thought out user interface was enough to put me off of this one. It’s like buying a fast car but hooking it to a depressed burro to drag down the street. I have other WeTransfer apps — and they’re afflicted with the same problem: good, even great apps hobbled by insufficcient thought into the user experience. Pity.
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5 years ago, the beeve
Needs a native ipad app bare minimum
I really wanted to like this app. Ive been searching for a place to put things I want to remember for years, and none of them have stuck. I really like the ui and feel of the app , unfortunately Collect has no native ipad app so you are forced to use it in portrait and hit the zoom button. (i only use my ipad in landscape so this is very frustrating.) Also unless I’ve missed it there is no kind of account syncing so the collect app on my iPhone, and the one on my ipad are essentially two different brains until i text myself a link to join an individual board. This works perfectly if I’m sharing something with a team member or my wife but I’d really like just one place to put stuff and keep track of it on all my devices. I already have a paper account that keeps all my journals in sync why not just make it universal? This doesn’t have anything to do with the app but i dont see how adding by we transfer to the name is necessary. As a normal person who has only heard of we transfer advertised on a podcast or two it doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Ill keep this on my devices for now with the hopes that we transfer continues development on this app. But I’ll just keep throwing junk i need to keep track of in notes for now.
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4 years ago, Jasondavis2009
Best app for collecting items into boards
As a programmer and web developer I was working on my ideal app to store collections like this and no other app that exist was good enough for me. Collect hits almost all my needs though and the UI and UX is awesome. Very nice share card integration to easily add images, bookmarks, files, nite, you name it to any existing board or even create a new board without even opening the app! My only issue is the price is a little to high for what I would like to pay. Would love to see a lifetime subscription for like $100 or something or else make the monthly cost like $1.99. Other than that this app is currently the best of its kind and I use it daily! Thanks
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4 years ago, cheersis
Beyond Confusing! Where is wetransfer?
I am thoroughly disappointed in what seems to be a gross misrepresentation of this app as it relates to wetransfer. I simply wanted to submit a video per a work request via wetransfer yet because I was attempting to do so from an iPhone, the App Store suggests Collect. Big mistake!! An unnecessary added step and or steps and much frustration ensued. There was no way to verify if the intended recipient viewed the video on the Collect board which was sent to them via a link in email linking them to the board on the Collect App. Bottom line, this is akin to driving on a roundabout and ending up right back where you stared with NO definitive answers regarding confirmations of any sort. This is an epic fail unless these glitches are explained. Shame on Collect App as representing itself as wetransfer when it’s really weglitches and we will confuse and confound you but provide no resolution. Ugh!!!
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3 years ago, Glam Babee
I’ve been using Bing share for a few years now; at least three years…Recently when I tried to go in and add some photos to one of my boards I was cute to update my app which I did and I’mPaying the difference at the moment however I would like to know why all of the photos that were in my board have disappeared the app is not acting properly when I send a link to my clients; And,And I cannot find customer support through my settings PLEASE HELP!!!!! I do want to continue using the app but it’s not user-friendly since I updated!!!!
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5 years ago, ken vue
Need repeat option
I hate the fact that I have to unlock my iPhone just to hit play again every time my project is done playing. I listen to my projects throughout the day while I’m at work and I work at a restaurant so I have to wash my hands unlock my phone just to press play every like 4 mins. It would make my life so much easier is I could just hit repeat and it plays my project over and over again. My productivity would go up, and my stress would go down! Hope you guys add repeat feature. Thanks! Oh and if there’s already a way to repeat a project please let me know lol. Thanks!
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5 years ago, GabriellaAK
Please change the app so its like the online version
My app is constantly crashing. I open it and it kicks me right off. When I share photos 2/3 of the time the person says the link doesn’t work. They tell me they get a note saying “there is nothing in this board”. There is most definitely something in the board the app just doesn’t work. Also, I really dislike this board thing. I don’t like Pinterest and that is not what we transfer it for. I just want to send people files! Response to developer: I sent a message to support the same day I wrote this review. They told me to not close the app until all the photos were completely downloaded....The app takes way to long to download anything. I have literally never seen it say your board it 100% downloaded. It’s always stuck at about 11%.
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5 years ago, N0vicane9
I hate leaving reviews because it's a waste of time, but my frustration gets the better of me. I sincerely resent the fact that this app puts up countless road blocks to simply downloading the files I've received via wetransfer. I've read prior criticism of the app's complete deviation from wetransfer's purpose and simplicity. And I see not much feedback has been taken to heart. I want to download a video...I want to download a photo. I don't want to create a board, or copy to a photo which isn't my photo library but instead some kind of new folder or...I don't even know! This app is confusing and overbearing and useless and I'm so frustrated at the developers for not getting it already. Start listening to users and for goodness sake... Keep it simple!
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5 years ago, eskimorider
This app ruins the simplicity of wetransfer
I really love wetransfer in the browser because it is super simple and artistic. When someone receives a wetransfer link, even if they haven’t used it before, even my grandma, they know exactly what to do with it. But on the phone all of a sudden you have to navigate this Pinterest like app with multiple steps to simply save things on device. I agree with the other reviews here, I don’t really need or want this extra functionality. Maybe it was added so the app is easier to monetize. I’m sure Collect has its uses for other people, but when it’s bundled together with wetransfer it feels forced down our throats. Maybe it could be split into separate apps. I’m a fan of wetransfer - please keep it simple!
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4 years ago, TolleyMM
Hands Down My Most Utilized App!
I seriously searched for a long time to find a way to organize all of my screenshots and things I wanted to remember to get them out of my camera roll...I thought I was going to have to create an app somehow myself until FINALLY I found an app for it! It’s super user friendly and allows me to keep them all organized into different boards just like Pinterest! Also the bonus is all of my favorite workout videos can be saved too for easy access while at the gym!Thank you so much for creating this app.
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6 years ago, JBarn83
This is NOT WeTransfer
What the hell is this app? I’m trying to do the same thing on my phone as I do on my desktop. Transfer movie and photo files from my phone and send them like I do on my computer. I have large videos that are too big to email, I don’t want to create some board, or organize my files on here. I want to transfer my files that are too big from my phone to my computer or someone else’s computer. I’m not sure what the hell this is, but it’s NOT WeTransfer. Please offer what the website does, you can have all these other options, fine, but I want to transfer from my phone, get a link in my email as I do on my computer to a download link so I can download my large files from my phone to my computer!!! Why is this so hard to do with this app????
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1 year ago, Amazing is my middle name
Bad for storage
I had one download on the app. It randomly deleted two boards of pictures. The only pictures that I could still access were the ones I had not sorted onto different boards. I could see the pictures but they wouldn’t download. I reached out to them for support and the next day when I got a response the pictures were gone. The boards were gone. I can assure you I didn’t do this as I was very anxious to be able to download the photos. The photos from the original download that I hadn’t sorted onto separate boards are still there and work fine. They don’t know why it happened and can’t help. I would not use this app to put any pictures that you do not have stored in another place.
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2 years ago, Javontay McElroy
Can’t Rename Links, So App Is Meaningless
I needed an app where I could save and organize links that I come across on the web, like those Tiktok videos that have useful links and resources that you want to save for later! I downloaded the app and tried it out only to realize that when I added a Tiktok or Instagram Reel link to a board, the title would take the name of the link and not allow you to rename it to something more meaningful! I’ll have to delete the app for now until they add the ability to rename links, because otherwise I don’t remember what link is what.. App is cute tho or whatever. 3/5
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2 years ago, nclgamer
So far so good , however…..
I love this app , comparable to the other interest saving app like Pinterest. I love that it allows me to have a personal view of what I want to focus on. I love the simplicity of the interface design as well how easy I manage to figure how to use it. My only take back is the few bugs I was experiencing. The app works fine, however when I was trying to save a picture using a link it kept freezing on the desktop.
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6 years ago, Khachadoorian
File Transfer or Pinterest Board
I love the actual desktop web version of WeTransfer. I have Plus and use it all the time. Sometimes I’ll upload a huge file and it shows me 30 mins or so until it’s fully uploaded. So I’ll set my timer and go walk the dog and then I log in on my iPhone to grab the link to send to the client when my timer rings. I’m then left scratching my head wondering why and how on earth this iOS app can’t even do that??? I have to log onto their website.. which is fine.. but why have an app if it can’t do that basic function of seeing your recent transfers and being able to access the links to share?? I guess it’s good for creating boards but didn’t Pinterest already corner the market on that? Yikes.
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3 years ago, Keira's mommy
Account not found!
2021 Edit. After initial updates the app was working great and I use the app often. Now, one week after another update, it appears to have logged me out. When I click forgot password, it says my email is invalid. How could that possibly be when I have used the same log in for over a year?! Oh and if I try to make a new account, it says I already have one. This app was working great. I was happy to have items I could keep on my phone without having to have them saved in my camera roll. Now, it has stopped working. It will go all the way through the download then say this download failed.... over and over again. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, im_sad4444
Lost files
I recently got a new device and wanted my scanned film photos on it. Since now, I have been keeping them almost exclusively on this app as that is how my photo lab sends them to me, which was probably my first mistake. Since there is account syncing feature, I had to manually send links to myself through AirDrop. Unfortunately, after only successfully uploading, sending, and downloading one board, all other boards I attempted to send not only failed to send but disappeared from both devices. I don’t have these files anywhere else, and as these are film photos I either have lost the negatives or will need to pay to have them scanned again. I blame myself for placing so much trust in this app.
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6 years ago, Ghostwhoswims
Should have a simpler option to upload files
While I am sure the board and various other options you have, has been made for a reason, I suppose one should also have a option to simply upload a file and share a link. Call me impatient, but I would rather not waste time trying figure out the point of a board and understanding whether the board is located locally on my phone or on your servers, especially when I need the link sent as soon as I possibly can. I spent 20 minutes populating my board and then saw a progress bar that showed “updating” 1 item stuck at 50%. Not to mention the first board that was presented to me had some pre populated junk. Not sure what your aim was. App removed.
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4 years ago, clmc9811kc33
Greatest app
So far I’ve had no issues storing any of my photos and songwriting I’ve recorded freestyle and or previous idea recordings that I’ve saved and come back to finish at a later date. Anyways it’s a great way to keep my documents together and still have room to do more.. thank you guys for the app it’s also... I just wish you guys offered copyrights if the items or being shared without my knowledge. But so far I have not had that issue so thank you guys again.
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6 years ago, Nashsauce
I would give this update zero stars if I possibly could
We transfer isn't dropbox or even drive… It used to be so easy to send a file from your phone. You literally clicked on the video and hit send to the email address of your choice. Now they make you make sharing boards? So that you have to export the file already on your phone back to your phone (which doubles the storage space a video or picture takes on your phone) I tried to upload 4 videos onto a board to share with my wife, and it would only export three of them saying that now I'm running out of hard drive space while exporting. Stupid! Quit trying to make a great app something that it is not.
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5 years ago, not satistfied
Poor Functionality
I wouldn’t give this app any stars but was required to give it one! Unless it’s just my phone which I highly doubt it! This is possibly the worst app experience ever!!! I don’t know how this app works and the functionality is very poor. Trying to use this app left me very frustrated! I work for Apple in tech support and I’m very tech savvy!!! The developer needs to create a better version ASAP to correct the bugs in this one! I was extremely let down and wasted a great deal of my time trying to view some images sent to me! App kept closing every 2 minutes and I had a to keep downloading the link! Definitely wouldn’t recommend this app or let alone use it ever again.
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5 years ago, QueenJaimi
Below Average
It’s a good idea but it hardly ever works. If anyone uploads anything to a board I’m never able to save it or share it. It never uploads all the way and we can never tell what is missing or what got uploaded. If this app worked it would actually make my life easier but unfortunately it does not work that well with uploading. I usually end up having to link up with someone and airdrop to them or if I’m downloading I will have to download each picture one by one which defeats the purpose of the app altogether and is extremely time-consuming and frustrating. If anyone knows an app that works well please share!
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6 years ago,
Creative ingenuity
I recently was referred to this system of sharing files and it has been extremely useful , especially while working with businesses in other countries. I would highly recommend this app , as it has huge amounts of storage capabilities and works quickly. Using this program brings serious joy to my heart as I like to get things done and this multiplies my time and efforts. Thank you for inventing this service. Your friend John Milan
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3 years ago, Knickknick
I had the app and had irreplaceable pictures on it. I opened the app last week, it wouldn’t let me open it without an update. At this point, I could still see my images in there. After the update, EVERYTHING was gone. All my pictures are gone. I never deleted the app or changed devices. They’re just GONE. Tech support said “too bad, that’s what happened, sorry”. On my device there’s still 1.8 G of data on the app but tech said “sorry. Nothing we can do”. I’m very angry that all my images are gone and there’s nothing that can be done and no one will even try. I never be using their products again.
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4 years ago, MissJay BLESSED
My Pictures Stopped Loading fast after I chose to go pro
I emailed pictures to a client of mine who states that only 17 pictures were received out of the 70 pictures that were taken and added to the “board”. I’ve been downloading the pictures for 4 days now and still.. nothing. It’s been stuck on 67% upload. 🙁 and this is after I deleted the first board that took too long to load and started over.
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5 years ago, fgm🙂
Great app!
This is really great! All of the videos I have on this app look very similar, and I love how organized I can make it so I don’t have to go through every single one to find which ones I need. Before the update I had some issues but they seem to be fixed now. This works great and the videos I use (3-5 minutes) usually download in less than half a minute. Yay! Overall this a super great app. 10/10 would recommend.
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5 years ago, Tryingx20
Need better instructions
Many of your help pages have images that are blank, and only the number of the JPEG file you intended to use. Why not be more direct and try to be less cute? For example, “Give a name“ should be “name the board you are creating.” Other “demonstrations “go by so fast, they are truly annoying and not helpful. You really make a leap of faith when you go from downloading files onto a board, and then show a finished product. When I download files onto a board all I see on the board is a series of icons and their titles. There isn’t even a way of ordering those icons; that is of moving them around so they appear in a different order. I have been wrestling with your app for two days and I’m not sure it’s worth it. You need to explain a little bit more thoroughly about the longevity of the boards. Do you end up deleting anything when boards are not visited? Usually a link expires after 90 days, but you were not clear exactly what that means.
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6 years ago, anastasiation
Old version was perfect
I don’t understand why you would have to upgrade the app that was perfect. It was simple and understandable. With the new update it creates more unnecessary steps. I don’t want to save or keep albums in wetransfer app, I have my camera roll for that. As simple as it is, people use it to share big amounts of pictures with each other. Mostly through email. Now with all these overwhelming options of sharing it makes it even more confusing. I love the idea overall and I love that website. Use it all the time but that is exactly why I care about success of this app.
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5 years ago, seanismac
Overly Simplistic
The app is very minimal and nice looking. The issue is that in many aspects this app is form over function. When you start looking deeper into the app you realize that there is a lot left to be desired. There is no way to organize or sort the boards you create. There is no search functionality built in. So if you have tens of hundreds of boards, good luck finding the one you want. You have to understand the simplistic nature of the app and the limitations that it brings. Hopefully future software updates can add more utility to this app. Would love to rate it higher!
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2 months ago, Coldgravy
Finding Files
At the top of your app, there should be a place as serious in most apps, where one can type in the name of the file that one is trying to find. It makes it very difficult to work with your app because even though you’re able to create boards for your files you still have to go through every file to find your board would be eliminated if there was a search bar at the top of your app into which one could type the name of the board or the name of the file and the taken right to that file. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Lo London
Collect App
I wish I can give this ZERO stars. I no longer like nor support this app. Before purchasing a new phone I reached out to customer service, several times. More than three times to ensure that prior to getting a new phone I would subscribe to becoming a Pro member to ensure all my boards, photos and etc would not get deleted. Some, not all boards and a handful of photos/videos were permanently lost. I ensured a whole week and longer connected to WiFi to properly and patiently synch all my things. Nothing. Their response? In short form: it’s nothing they can do. WOW!
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4 years ago, pj3708
I want my money back!
I hate this App and want my money back. My videographer has been trying to send me a file from our event for two days. I finally upgraded for $120 and I am still unable to get the file. All I see is something for boards. That's ridiculous. All I want to do is transfer my videos. If I wanted to do stupid boards I would sign up with Pinterest. I want my money back.
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6 years ago, ItsDEE4
If you want me to continue to pay for Plus, you’re going to need to update the app.
It’s not intuitive at all. I sent 19 songs to a client from my desktop computer. Downloaded them from the link to the app. Want to listen to the album - it only plays one song at a time. I could save the songs somehow to my library or find some other workaround but this is not EASY to do from the app. Make it more useful and user-friendly and you’ll have more people paying for Plus. Great potential.
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4 years ago, jacobpantoja
Link -> app
Hi. Just downloaded the app. A suggestion/complaint I have is that I received a link from a friend w 5 video files. It said that I can open them with the Collect app. I downloaded the app, but when I click the link and say I want to open it in the app it brings me to the App Store. I want it to take me right to the app that I have downloaded and then show me the files which I want to bring in. You can prompt the user first if they have the app and then if they do you run the file transfer.
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4 years ago, lananicxle
My Review
I love how fast it is to upload photos on this. I do believe that uploading videos should be faster. I feel like we should be able to upload things without WiFi for people who don’t have internet access because all I have is data. It’s way faster than Dropbox when all you have is data & this is better than Google Drive too.
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5 months ago, Roscoe V Chick
No app support, membership upgrades don’t get applied to account
This app does not provide any sort of app support, tried to fill out a complaint about having upgraded to Collect Pro, and it’s not credited to my account, and the form that they ask you to fill out has error fields that are impossible to figure out, they also want a PDF of the receipt of your transaction. I put the date of the billing and tried to upload a receipt to even get a message back from customer service, and it would not except the fields that I had entered.
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5 years ago, maddynn7
Great App! Here’s some recommendations
As someone who has thousands of notes in Evernote, I really love this app because of the visual component, through boards, that it brings. Some suggestions to make it perfect : I would really love a dark mode iPad app would be great with easy account syncing Being able to clip full articles instead of just the link, like Evernote’s clipping function. Thank you devs for you hard work!
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3 years ago, CGilbertDallas
My content disappeared and is gone forever
I would not risk storing anything on this app if you don’t have it saved in a second place!!! I’ve had this app for 5 years. I would often go in to look at photos that I had stored here, however recently, when I clicked on the app it asked me to log in. So I made several attempts using all my email addresses. Nothing. So I emailed their support staff. I think they tried to assist however they found no history of me. They said their servers were scrubbed of my photos. My mistake for not moving the photos to iCloud.
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6 years ago, Incubus5187
Really would like it to be intuitive again
I use the desktop version all the time and its so straight forward. The new redesigned mobile version loses that with boards. The usefulness of the board system is valid but for certain things. When on the go and you need to send files quick, you just need to select files, enter the email of who you are sending the files to, and hit send. Don’t fix what wasn't broken, just add features and make it clean.
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5 years ago, j99887766
Terrible download speed when I works
Trying to share items with a friend and the only value this app brings is frustration and anger. Most of the time when I click on a file to download it immediately responds with “Download failed. Try again”. No further info. Repeat repeat repeat does not work. Try different network try vpn try cellular try different device ... nothing. On the RARE occasion download starts it ends up being slower that old school dialup. And there is no guarantee it will complete before stalling without notice. It is frustrating, aggregating and impossible to use.
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