Color Switch

4.7 (52.3K)
366.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Color Switch Phoenix, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Color Switch

4.68 out of 5
52.3K Ratings
1 year ago, petrifiying orange
Idea board V8
Maybe you could add some of the original game modes back also I liked the old sound effects better. Also some of the things in the shop are way to pricey. Maybe you could add a math mode so like there are doors and only one is correct and maybe there are different sections with different math equations. Also you should make Color switch 2 with more sequels to the originals. Also if there are original modes from the old version then they should have their original names too. Maybe there are groups of modes like if they are similar they should go in the same group like space or winter. Maybe there could be a seasonal spinner where for 3000 stars you could get a random outdated seasonal object. Do you release promo codes? Also some Apple achievements don’t get acquired like I found the castle secret level and the Galaxy or invader secret levels but I don’t have the achievements. Also I liked Race and it should be brought back with a multiplayer feature. I thought you made updates every week but the last update was a month ago. Otherwise solid job on the remake👍🏻 Also please no bot response because I want your idea on these opinions. Thank you 🙏 Also I know this is a mouthful but I only get one review to write my ideas/complaints so bear with me here.
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3 years ago, kirby lover908
My ideas 💡 with review ✅📱😐
I just started play this version and its the best the are so many and I had a idea what if there was a mode when you have to answer questions about the game it would really twist the game up it would definitely help people learn more about the game. Hi it’s me again I just had another idea what if you could like make your own levels and let people play them anything you could add friends to the game and add the championship mode read and play with other people and do different modes and have rooms for pacific people like your contacts. And by the way thanks for responding to me I didn’t think you were actually responding but thanks. Other idea you could add a fnf version fnf is one of my favorite games and seeing it on my mother favorite games will make me play this a lot more the way it could is if you would make the lv hard (depending on the song) and also the way the gameplay could work is if you just make us tap the arrows but for songs like ejected when it would make you do a fast 3 way staircase is that you could make us be able to slide so it’s much less hard I would love to hear your feed back AND. DONT DO YOUr BOT REpONCE PLZ it really would want your opinion.
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1 year ago, C. L. A. R. A
One of the best games I have played
I just got this game a few hours ago because my brother said that it was the best game ever, and I wanted to see for myself. Once I did get my game, I was so excited to try it out. All that I had to do was play one round and I loved it so much! I had no problems at all while playing and all I had to do was have fun playing my game! I definitely loved this game and I am giving this game an easy 5 star rating!😁. This game also seems like it is for all types of different ages! You could be 10 and play this game. You could be 15 and play this game. There are also just SO many different types of sections in the game. For example, there is the classic that is SO fun, and there is also the ARCADE! The arcade is so cool. There are different types of things that you can do. If I wanted to go to the arcade and play… Escape, (Which is one of the many different types of sections, and also my favorite.) then I’d have different parts, Easy, Medium, and Hard. There will be different levels. If you didn’t want to do different levels, then you would go back to the Home Screen, and there will be an infinity sign. Click it and enjoy! 😉 😊 ☺️!
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2 weeks ago, Jonas878
Great Job!
I have been playing Color Switch for YEARS now, ever since the OG version was big. I do miss the old version a lot, but I know what happened there was out of your control :( Anyway, the new version is so good! The ads are not too frequent and the levels are still fun! I absolutely love trying out a new mode and thinking “hey this is just like the mode from the old game!” For instance, ‘Clock’ works exactly like ‘Control’ and ‘Castle’ works like ‘Tower’ and so on. The soccer and mini-golf modes are SUPER fun and addicting. I wish the game had modes similar to ‘circular’, ‘slow’, and ‘bounce’ from the original. Also, when I first downloaded the new version, I was disappointed that the same 1 or 2 soundtracks were used for every single mode. I kinda got tired of the game because of that. But since I redownloaded it recently, the music has been unique! That really is a game changer because the music from the old version was amazing. Thank y’all so much for working to put out a new version when the old one was taken away from y’all. Easily one of the best apps I’ve played. Have a great week! :)
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2 years ago, nhubguvdvgynjimntycrecjo nmok
Amazing Game!! Must Try!!
This game is absolutely amazing, it keeps my busy during long car rides and long plane rides for quite a while. And the amount of adds that’s there is a really good amount because it never really gets annoying to the point where you turn on airplane mode. But I do have some suggestions, I have collected a lot of incredible skins and all of them are great but the sad part is that once you collect the skin you can’t get your old one back which is really disappointing so I recommend doing like some sort of closet that you can use to select which skin you want to use. Next, I had this game when I was little and I remember that there was like a race mode where you could race against the computer or another player, I couldn’t find it after searching for what felt like hours and once I realized it wasn’t there it made me pretty sad since it was my favorite mode, so if it’s to much to ask I would really like to see that mode again. But overall this is a must try game! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my feedback I hope you have an incredible day!
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2 years ago, Kind Cat from Catastrofy Lane
Great app but…
Heyo! I just got this and it is a great and fun app but it glitches and lags a LOT and every time I exit the app my phone lags and it is really annoying. Please please please fix this The glitches happen when I go into a lot of different modes. I do play with wifi and data. Also, I have an idea for a new game mode! It’s called Surf. It’s where you are surfing on water and every time you click to jump, a wave comes up under you and makes you jump. And with double jump, you get pushed up like the single jump but the second jump the ball on the surfboard will do a little trick (or just spin). There will be obstacles like sharks jumping up that you have to jump ( or double jump over) to know that a shark is coming the will be the fin stick up and out of the water. There will also be really big waves that come from infront of you that make u have to jump or double jump. Also maybe some whirlpools that if you get too close your ball will get sucked in. I really hope you like my idea. And I know y’all need more obstacles soo I’ve decided to let all the Color Switch creators come up with the rest of the stuff! I hope all that stuff made sense. If not let me know!
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4 years ago, Mego💛💙💜💚❤
New game idea
I love this game so much, and I’ve got an idea for a new game mode. Now it might not be as flashy and novel as most of the ones presently on there but here me out, Reversed Classic Mode, instead of up we go down. It’s basically the same as classic except you’re carefully dropping your ball through the obstacles rather than bouncing it up, the bounce goes in the same direction and all the tensions and what not are still the same, but the dynamic would feel totally different while still keeping Classic’s original flow. There’s nothing I enjoy more than putting on my music and playing Classic on endless mode as I’m rocking out to my catchy tunes, it’s what I loved about the prior iteration and it’s what I love even now. But I always catch myself wondering about going back down, and how challenging it’d be to try and balance how far I let the ball drop rather than how fast I’m bouncing it up. I think that Down would be just as engaging as Classic and considering how simple it’d probably be to alter the programming for classic to simply generate in a downward pattern rather than an upward pattern I think it would be a wonderful and simple addition to this amazing game!!
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5 years ago, Gabsters just a kid
Some new Ideas and a review.
Ok so this game is honestly really fun. I remember the old version of this app that wasn’t the best, but I still enjoyed it. Now, this new version is even better! But anyway on with some ideas. I am no designer or anything but as I was looking through the game modes and I saw this mode called ‘Ski’. That mode gave me a pretty good idea. You can make a new game mode called dodge where you are a shape, and there are a lot of obstacles that you have to dodge and avoid and if you get hit, you die. This is one of the ideas that I have. Another idea I had is something to do with Halloween since it’s coming up soon. You can make a game mode where it is kind of like the original mode, except, the obstacles are like scary-ish like maybe a pumpkin or a jack-o’-lantern. And the last thing I wanted to say is that I am very grateful for this game because it has inspired me to try and create a game myself! Considering that I am very young and I like designing video games I can try to make an app. Can you please respond to this for maybe some advice and your opinion on what the game modes I thought of. And again thank you! ❤️
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5 years ago, candacemb01
This is not my favorite game it gets boring after a while I wish you would switch things up a little bit and add more mini games because playing the same mini games gets boring and I played the original color switch here and it was so much more fun this one I know y’all are trying y’alls best but y’all need to step up your game because the game gets boring after a while of playing and what happens when people bet all the levels you put in the game then they want have nothing else to play and you would not be making nothing from your game but I will say I do like that it barley has any ads while you are playing the game and another thing I would love to see more creative things in the games and more colors would be nice I get tired of seeing the same colors all the time like add like red,green,white,black,orange,turquoise that would make more happy with the game and also and more music options I get tired of listening to the same music for everyone one of the different levels there should be different music or sounds on each different level like I get so mad because the music and sounds the same for each level I just don’t play the game anymore y’all really need to work on all this before I will start playing it again.
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1 year ago, Sonyasmiles
My Feedback
I remembered playing Color Switch when I was in my mid teens and I loved the original background music for the different game modes. The new version of Color Switch is okay but the reason why I am giving the game 4 stars is because 1) I noticed that the background music for 2 of each game is the same (ex: phoenix & classic color switch have the same exact background music while track & freedom also have the same but different background music; differing from phoenix & classic color switch) INSTEAD of making completely different & separate background music for each game mode. If each game mode were to have its own unique background music, it’ll make the game mode stand out from the others if that makes sense??? The other reason for my 4 star rating is that I wish the company would bring back some of the former/original game modes from the older version of Color Switch like: Warp, Cave, Slime, and Border to name a few. Other than my 2 solid reasons for the 4 star rating, the game is okay but addicting👍🏻 If it is possible to take my feedback to heart and work on making adjustments to the game, I’d change the rating to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Area76kevin
Amazing game, but one complaint
I have played this game since forever ago, and it’s still amazing. The new modes are cool, one of my favorite modes (brick) got a sequel (brick 2), and the music is a bop! However, i noticed a lack of something. Where did the mode “Swoop” go? At least I think it was called “Swoop.” If you don’t remember what it was, let me explain: So, basically you had your circle, and it was bouncing on a line. If you tapped the screen, the ball would go downwards quickly, no matter if it was going up or not. There were obstacles like ninja star thing, there were no floating platforms besides the line, and no color changes, I don’t think. But the main focus would be the holes in the ground, because when you got your circle into one, the gravity would shift and your circle would be bouncing on the underside of the platform, going down and then up instead of up and then down, and tapping the screen would make the circle go up quickly instead of down, and going into another hole in the ground would shift the gravity back to normal. The mode also had an endless mode. I don’t understand why you removed this mode, but if you could add it back in, that would be amazing!
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6 months ago, fughuo
The game is the best!
You play different games! When you play games you can either play the game to gain more levels. For example on a level called run I’m on level 51. But you can also go to infinity which means like if you where playing levels there is going to be an end of the level. With infinity there’s no end until you die then the game stops. And infinity is free! This whole game is free. Plus you don’t need to have Wi-Fi to play the game, and there’s no ads. The only time there are ad is for example your doing a daily quest and one of your quests is to finish 5 levels. It may give you 75 stars if you do so. You do the quest but then it gives you an option to get 100 stars instead of 75. That’s like the only way you get ads. You can earn high scores in games as well. And you have a ball as your beginning “character”but you can use the stars you earn to have something else. I highly recommend. I don’t play every single day but whenever I’m bored its fun to play.
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5 years ago, SoundOff95
Even Better Than Before
I used to play Color Switch, the older version which isn’t on the app store anymore. I don’t completely understand what happened between the developers and the publisher or whatever, but I can say one thing. This version is so much better. I liked Color Switch before, but I had a lot of gripes with it. I remember new game modes being added which just felt like total slogs to play through, updates felt lazy, content seemed inconsistent. I have played this version for a very short time and I can already see the higher level of polish. The brick mode (breakout clone) I remember being insufferable, but now it’s extremely fun. In general, in this version of Color Switch there is a higher level of quality in the art, there are more options for customization, there are more ways to earn stars. I have no idea what happened in regards to the game being managed by different groups, but I think Color Switch is in good hands, and I feel like this is a game that deserves to get my attention.
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3 years ago, me.__me
AWESOME!! Some other suggestions
Hi! I love this game! The levels are addicting and a great way to pass time! It is a game that has been thought through very well. If you are reading this to learn more about the game, I’ll let you know more. So basically there is a regular mode where you tap the screen to make the ball/character move forward into the color that is required to pass the level. The color of the ball/character is how you determine the color needed to go through. There is lots of other game modes for example some of my favs are, mini golf, firefly, and wind. I will not explain them all but they are awesome! Another thing is the ads. They are not at all bad! There is like 1 every 6 levels at most which is totally fine with me. Some people would complain about any ads but I totally get the need to advertise. And some games the ads are annoying but not this game. I hope this was helpful to the creator and/or a user. Thanks for your time and I hope you find this game as interesting as I did! Sincerely, CJL 😊
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4 years ago, kimmy draws
Nostalgia & Now
I used to play this game when i was younger and now that I’m playing it, its giving me so much childhood memories. I remember when my cousins used to take turning playing this game and my sister would hog up the game. This game is really fun and even though the old game modes aren’t in the game anymore. I remember the game mode zig zag and i really loved the music. I like how they still have the same sound effects like they did when i used to play this a few years ago. I think in 2012 or 2014 when i used to play this game and i really loved it even now. I also remember when I struggled to get past the normal game mode and now I’m still struggling to get past my high score on the regular game mode. I don’t think i have any problems with this game besides that it crashes once in a while but this game is still fun to play with your family and friends. It gives me nostalgia vibes that feel really good. I hope when this quarantine ends my cousins can visit me so we can all play this game together again!
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6 years ago, dapperchan
I love this game.
I have been playing this game since the first one originally came out, and this game has always been my favorite game on my phone. It’s my go to game for whenever. I think the weekly updates are the best thing ever. I beat every level and collected all the characters in the last color switch 3 times and I was devastated when I found out the old one was taken down. I just found this new version recently and I love this one even more surprisingly! Since I’ve played so much of the old version, I’ve gotten pretty good at color switch and the hard levels weren’t ever hard for me, but the hard levels in this new version are actually hard and a real challenge and I love it. I think it would also be really cool to have some challengers for the hardcore players like some balls that cost like 10k and just stuff that would require a lot of play time to achieve. I can’t wait for more updates and new modes :) If I could bring back one mode, it would be Line...just sayin...
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4 years ago, lilolilolololololola
Just some more feedback
So I love this game and all I’m so sorry I was bossy. I didn’t know that you had to remake it bc if some issues. I love how there are so many games and every morning I love the daily prizes and the daily challenges! I hope maybe someday you could take my update idea and make something with it! But you guys said to go to color switch support? Or something like that if you guys could tell me where to tell them my idea that would be great!!! Hopefully you guys keep on adding new games bc this is the best game I ever played and I really don’t know why I deleted it! Well I don’t know what else to say except that maybe if you guys tell me where to tell you guys my update ideas and I will have more ideas!!! Please read and respond!!! So sorry but I forgot something!!! Just if you could have less adds that would be awesome!! Every other time I die, there’s most likely going to be an add so if you could maybe fix the adds that would be amazing!! Thank you!!!😘❤️🐙🦄🐱🐨🐷😁💕
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6 months ago, Funny slayer
Most fun game ever
This game is so fun!!! I love it so much because there are so much levels you can do and so many different game mode. I do have just one flaw. I am stuck on a level for run. It think you should make a little bit easier even for the hard mode. I know your probably thinking it is supposed to be hard because it is the hard level but this is so hard that even my friends and family could not get past it. I also love the endless because you can earn so much starts from it and it never ends!!! Another thing I love is the music, is is such a bop! The last two things I love is how there is so much unique and fun balls you can choose from and also I love that this is a Wi-Fi free game and it has no adds!! I would recommend this if you are going on a long car ride or a plane ride. I would live to get a response and I hope other people enjoy this game as much as I do! 🤩🤩
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6 years ago, 2NasT
Old fan but disappointed
I've played the crap out of this game. That said, the game I've played the crap out of seems to be an older version. That version is clearly better, with 3,975 levels to choose from. There are far more fun game modes and the playability is way up. Just recently, I finished all 3,975 levels. I couldn't believe it. I went to the app store to search for "color switch" so that I could give the app five stars and boast about my 100% completion. Little did I know, the app I had been playing didn't exist anymore. It had been replaced with a newer version. That's fine, it happens. I downloaded the newer version, and found that this version was stopped of over 2000 levels. Why? Why not just import all the old levels? Anyway, I have gotten to about 20% on the new levels and have found that star is a pointless game mode. Seriously, what's the point of it? It's the exact same as challenge, but occasionally you finish by hitting a star. Seems pointless. Modes like Phoenix will never be as innovative as modes like tower. This game just went off the rails. I would love an explanation.
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5 years ago, DockingWater
Amazing, but there are issues
I really like both the original Color Switch and the new one as well. The constant updates and new modes keep the game fresh, almost all the modes are fun to play, at least in the new one, the difficulty curve is good, and the music is catchy as well. I also like how the new one is slowly gaining new modes as well as ones from the original. However, there are a few issues. This first one is mainly only with the new version, being the bonus wheel. I feel that it’s SIGNIFICANTLY harder to get the prize ball or 999 stars in the new one compared to the original. This wouldn’t be that much of an issue if new prize balls with a lot of the updates, but they are. Another thing is that there are modes that just change the color palette and maybe add a couple new obstacles and that’s it, like Freedom. There are certain modes that completely change up the formula like Lucky and the new Run, but I wish all modes at least added something different like Gravity, Black & White and Phenix.
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5 years ago, CharleneRulez
Why no slime?
I’ve had color switch for a long time. I got a new phone and when I downloaded it, I couldn’t find the level slime or any of the other levels that used to be on there. So, I suggest if you want to make any money off of this game, game creator, then you put back all the levels that used to be on there. Now, I know that you want to be cool and hip, but taking away MY levels is not the way to improve it. As a result if your careless behavior, I and my WHOLE school with Kindergarten through high school is deleting your app. Maybe next time you want to be “cool” and “improve” your game, you should consult your customers before making the executive decision. Now, I understand that people that have had the color switch with the old updates can play slime and the other levels, but if your new you won’t know what slime is. So please add in back slime and the other levels we have lost. Sincerely, Charlene Temple
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6 years ago, thebombjustdropped
Miss original game
I used to play this game all the time. I was my favorite game. Until I got a new phone and didn’t want to have to start all over. I re-downloaded the game a couple days ago and found out it wasn’t the same. There weren’t as many games and they only kept lava, black and white, and some other games from the original. I’m not really sure how this is an upgrade, but I did read one of the reviews and the person had the same issue. Y’all replied (which I really like that y’all do) and said you guys had to practically restart the whole game. I wish it could go back to the original, but thank you for trying to get it as close as possible. And I’m not trying to get mad at y’all. (If there’s anyone I’m mad at, it’s the person or developer that stole color switch) It was y’alls work that I love. And I’m really happy y’all are back. (I’m Texan and that’s why I keep using y’all, sorry) I’ll keep the new version cause I know y’all are trying to make it as close y’all can. I can’t wait.
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5 years ago, Gamercatdog😸🐶
Glad to see it’s back! Just a few things
Hi color switch🌈, I’m glad that you guys are back on the App Store! I think your game is very good, and I love all the new features that the old one didn’t have. Just a couple of things I wanted to say. One, I really miss the music you guys had for each level. Each mode had it’s own unique music, and my favorite one from the last one was probably Cave lol. I hope you guys can get that old music back, but I don’t know the whole copyright situation. Two, there’s a bug where whenever I go to the control center thingy on my phone (iOS) and turn off my WiFi, the game crashes each time. Just wanted to point it out, because it’s a little annoying. Lastly, the prize wheel is slightly annoying. I can spin one way, but the wheel will go in the entirely opposite direction, giving me the sense that it’s kind of rigged. The sound effect for it is weird, too (the old sound was better imo). I love all of the color options and the “trails” for the balls are so cool! Very unique and happy to see it again.
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5 years ago, Llollipop Llama
This is an amazing game!
At first when I got the new color switch I was kind of skeptical. I mean, would it be as good as before. The answer is yes. The developers for this game have gone above and beyond making this game like the original but still adding their own flair. The only problem with this app is sometimes when I am offline and I try to open it, the app glitches me out. Even if I try multiple times to get back into the app. The weird thing it sometimes it works. When I open the app offline, it will let me watch it without a problem. Also I was wondering if there was any way you could make an endless mode for brick. It is my favorite one to play and since I have completed all the levels I want to play if more. Overall this is a great game. I only gave it 4 stars because I normally I can’t play it offline. Otherwise I can’t wait to see more cool things come from this game!
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4 years ago, ♥️💭💖
So this game is a great game and doesn’t have allot of adds it has a decent amount of adds there is different types of games. For example there is the normal color switch or you can hit game modes and there’s a bunch more levels and ways of playing. My personal favorite on the ha,e modes is run its like the ball is running on the ground and you can double jump it’s super fun I do rlly enjoy this games and recommend it is has different all’s you can buy and playing well I do think they should change the way that you have to unlock the balls I think you should be able to get them with your stars you earn and there not hard to get. But other then that I think this game is pretty fun and different then the other games like it’s not all a different vertion of candy crush if you know what I mean and you probably do hoped this helped you! HBye 👋
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5 years ago, add😀👍🏻🤪🤗🤩
Bring more games back
My friends had this app and I searched all over the App Store to find it and when I found it I saw that it didn’t have nearly as many levels as my friends did even though it is exact same one same name same color same everything except the levels were different in one of my favorites was fidget tap that was on my friends phone and I waited for it to come back but it has not I asked her like the slime mode I’m glad that they brought back in black and white but I still wish that there were a lot more levels to play and with the new egg but all I keep wondering when it’s finally going to hatch because I’ve been playing with it almost every day since it came out and by reading other peoples comments I know that the game at first was shut down by somebody else against your will but can you please start trying to make it this new one just like the old one for your next app update can you please bring back fidget tap and fidget spinner.
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3 years ago, 1234567890-/:;()$&@".,!'
Fun game but...
Fun game but it’s is hard to play. I know that’s the whole point but maybe make a easier option for little kids. I have some friends and family who like to play who can’t get past first level. Maybe make a little tots mode witch would have simpler levels that were made farther apart so it would be easier. Also once you tap you don’t have to keep tapping in the middle of level. It would make it a lot eiser because it’s hard to have to keep tapping. You would just have it stop wherever you tap or something like that. Maybe you could even have check points on some of the harder levels in that mode so you could keep the levels similar. If you are thinking about getting this game get it. It is really fun and challenging so if you have friends or family who are smaller for now just help them with level one or have them do the running version it is much easier get this game!
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5 years ago, SillyPin😋
I downloaded this game because not only were the games interesting but I also didn’t have a lot of storage on my phone 😅 so the fact this game had multiple games with multiple levels was a lifesaver! But then they updated it and took some of my favorite games away! Like Jump and Fidget Spinner! Not to mention that they replaced it with some really stupid things. Like Bee 🐝. First of all, the game is literally the same as the original color switch game but in black and white. Second, who names a game 🐝 bee? It doesn’t even have freaking bees in it! And why couldn’t you just keep the games you had and also add the new ones?! Honestly the new version just took the good games away and added dumb ones. Sorry if I’m being a little harsh, but I seriously wish you would put ALL the games in one ☝️ app, instead of taking them. And don’t forget the fact that the older version had more games than the new version. To sum it all up: THE OLDER VERSION WAS BETTER & BEE IS 🗑 TRASH.
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3 years ago, Meekness Counts
Honest Review
It as simple as jumping through circles but as challenging as avoiding skiers and busting through snowmen. It’s Color Switch! Color Switch is really fun with lots of levels and game modes. And when I say lots of levels, I mean over 2.6K! And there’s not a single bad one! Feeling lucky? There’s a prize wheel with many different amounts of stars you can get to spend in the shop (which I’ll talk about later.) And you might land on the present that gives you a cool icon that you can use! It allows you to spin it every 12 hours and it’s fantastic! Have too many stars? Use them in the shop to buy colors, icons, and trails! They can make you look great! And there’s even icons you can get from beating levels in game modes! Getting bored? If you somehow are, wait a couple weeks for a new update! There can be a new game mode, or an old one that was removed and brought back! Finally, there are daily challenges that can give you a lot of stars. Such as challenge levels, endless mode, and more! Overall fantastic game! I can only go up to five stars and I wish I could give it TEN stars! Two more small things: The slime game mode was fun. Will we get it back? And if there are too many ads, turn on airplane mode!
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5 years ago, SarahJo704
Great game with app glitches.
The first Color Switch game was my favorite app about two years ago. When I saw that the game was purchased by a new developer, I was excited to dive into the new game modes and themes. It’s a great game to play in my free time! I love it as much as the first version. The only difference I have noticed, is that the new version doesn’t have some of my favorite game modes that the first version had. If they were to recreate those I would be thrilled. But the other issue I’ve had is that the app crashes on me quite regularly. I’ll be in the middle of level playing, and it will just push me out of the app. It’s happened about 10 times now. Super annoying, so would love if the developers could fix that issue, in addition to recreating the missing games modes from the first color switch app. Despite the glitches though, I still recommend it to my friends.
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6 years ago, 🦄💩👾👩‍🎤🤪
Love it and now have old color switch and new one.
Absolutely love color switch. I was so upset and mad when color switch was cancelled. I had fun playing and sometimes when stuck on s level my younger brother would help me get passed it. It was a favorite game to play on all my devices. When the new one came out a while ago I was so happy not only for the return but since I have downloaded color switch on my iPod before and my iPhone which has a different Apple ID on either device if I go under the purchased section where it shows all the app I have downloaded I can search color switch and still have the old color switch so I now have the new color switch as well as the old one and some apps on the App Store that are close to color switch that other developers have made. 🦄😁
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5 years ago, firemanjoek
I tried out the game and it’s so awesome! I recommend it to everyone and anyone who thought this game is bad just doesn’t realize how fun it is and they don’t know this game at all! It’s the most amazing color switch game ever! Developers: don’t listen to what rude people who give one or two stars say because they don’t know this game at all! When I first played this I was like whattt but now it’s just really updated and it’s amazing. TO THE HATERS: Haters, all you want is for this game to go down but everyone likes it and your just wasting your time of your day rating this game one star because you think it will have an affect on this game, but no, it won’t because everyone loves color switch and so it’s never going to fall. Developers you guys are amazing for all the hard work you do for this game! -one happy player
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2 years ago, minhsa05
Great game but…
I’ve played this game for 4 years since it came out and I was instantly attracted to it. What I loved about it was the variety of levels which was so much fun and above all, the various soundtracks that made the game what it is. Now that it has been 4 years later, I still play it which is great, but who doesn’t like the nostalgia of the old game as the updated version has new tracks which I think is appropriate but the old tracks hit hard for me than these new ones (still like the game and the tracks though). Maybe y’all could add a list of soundtracks from the old game and even there could be an option to change the new music to the classic one in the old game. It’s just an idea though. Nevertheless, this game is one of the best!
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2 years ago, JazzieDuSoleil
Fun but unplayable at times
Used to play this game a while ago, it’s super fun, and you guys added a lot of play styles which is cool! However, something is up with the ads. It feels like they’re trying to make you pay to remove ads by making the game nearly unplayable with them! I don't mind the ads in between levels, but the ones that are at the bottom of the screen as you play affect the game. It loads a new ad at the bottom every two seconds while you’re playing, which lags the play and causes it to freeze up when you’re mid jump, and then start back up as if nothing happened, causing you to run off a ledge or miss a double jump. Really disappointing when people can’t play the game AND look at that ad at the same time. At least just have one singular ad per level at the bottom of the screen. I would have played more but that’s just infuriating as you’re trying to finish levels.
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5 years ago, Queen Bean Toes
'No Ads' is the best thing ever!!
This game is awesome. You can tell the people who make it pour their heart and soul into it. I played the old game and a lot of it was reskinned versions of modes already in the game. But this one is WAY BETTER. Each mode had something of its own. And even the few that are "recycled" are different enough to stand alone. The ads can get annoying, as in any free game. I finally decided to just pay the $2.99 for the No Ads version, and it's the best thing ever! I find myself playing more often and for longer periods of time now that I don't have to sit through a 30 second ad every time I die. And you don't have to pay stars to continue either! If you play this game with any sort of frequency, you won't be sorry!!! Great job CS Team!! Keep up the good work and ignore the haters 😆😆
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2 months ago, Maddie Shae🪴💗
Great Game!! Minimal ADs!!
This game has been a long time favorite of mine! It’s such a fun pastime and there’s SO many different modes apart from the main game that have a bunch of different levels that allow you advance/level up in the game. Not to mention there’s a lot of achievements you can get which makes any game more fun for me. All around just an amazing game with a lot to do and ways to level up and customize your experience by saving up the stars you earn from playing and collecting all of the different items in the shop. Another huge plus for me is there really isn’t too many ads. Usually games have ads after every turn or sometimes even during it, but this one only has an ad every once in a while!!
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5 years ago, ..::Smile Dog::..
Edit: the levels are back
Edit: The levels of Up and Down are in this latest update again. So, as I said, this is now a 5-star review. I played the original game a lot while it was still around. Having gotten this after the other one was taken down, I’ve gotta hand it to the developers of this game for trying their best to make this game once again. Overall, I love the game. As of this most recent update, though, the extra 40 levels they added in for up and down got taken away, which makes me a bit sad because that’s what I was working on. I didn’t lose my progress like many are saying, but I still wish I had those levels back so I could be no longer annoyed by the “46/40”. If it wasn’t for that, this would have easily been a 5-star review.
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5 months ago, EthanWheatThin49
Unplayable With Ads
I’ve been playing this game for nearly 10 years. The first time I installed it was on a Galaxy S4 and it ran beautifully and was a ton of fun. Unfortunately, the developers had an ingenious idea in between that time and now. They not only added ads, but purposefully made the phone and subsequently game lag whenever the ad changes, something that happens all the time. It makes it enraging and virtually unplayable when there is frame lag every ad change on the bottom of the screen so you’re essentially forced to make the in app purchase for no ads. You will NOT have a good time unless you spend the money, it’s that simple. It’s quite entertaining for me to think of how much better this game performed on my GS4 and iPhone 8 when comparing it to the 13 I own now. Intentionally regressed technology aimed at forced consumerism. Very smart developers, but incredibly annoying and quite disappointing.
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5 years ago, 😁🤞🏼
I absolutely love this game!!!!!!!
So I had played this game for so long on every electronic I have I get this game I never get bored I just wanna say thank you for creating this game it’s really helpful, when you also don’t have internet because all the games I loved needed internet so when I lost it I used to be sooo bored but once I saw my friend played this game in a iPad in school and she showed me how to play it this game is amazing I would love if they made more mini games but I still really like how the game is now it’s really fun and I love to play I recommend this to so much of my friends I feel like I talk about this game soo much in school too I don’t even know how to explain how good this game is but just saying you guys made this game awesome and I’m grateful for having amazing people who creat this amazing game! 😊🤗😇😁
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5 years ago, 😎😏😡😦
A bit of Bugs
I absolutely love this game. One of the reasons for this is because it feels fresh and new. The original game was shut down and I didn’t know that, until now. I was wondering why it still had the Christmas theme even during the summer. I still have the original game downloaded because it was one of my favorite games. I feel the same about this one but... sometimes when I open the app, it goes through the loading screen and then immediately kicks me out. It fixes itself after a while, though it does get kind of annoying at some point. But when the s doesn’t happen, I forget any of that ever happened. I love this game, and when I play it, I absolutely enjoy it. But it hope you guys can fix it to make the game as fresh as possible.
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6 years ago, Mohit KSa
New Idea for the Shop
I am quite an addict of Color Switch as I finished all the levels of the old Color Switch and am almost done on this new one. In this recent update, I saw that you have added previews of the icons to purchase in the shop. As I saw this, quite a brilliant idea popped into my head about a way you can earn more money from icons in the shop. I had an idea that you could add groups of icons called packs that you can sell for $1.00 each. For example, you could have a “Harry Potter” pack in which you could make 8 - 10 icons that relates to the theme (in this case, Harry Potter). Players can then go buy these packs for $1.00 or however many dollars. Other themes/packs could be from other movies, like “Star Wars” or Marvel movies or they could be sports like Basketball, Soccer, or Football. This opens up a new realm for you to get money rather than removing ads or doubling stars (things that most games have) This makes you - the developer - get more money and in return gives us cool themed icons Another thing I would like is the daily challenge and spin the wheel from the previous Color Switch to be back on this new one I hope you consider my idea :)
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4 years ago, izzy <33
I’ve been playing color switch for quite a while, and my experience was overall positive. However, I’ve started running into some problems. I often find the game starting to lag, making it difficult to play. Some levels in the game modes must be glitched, because it’s impossible to complete the levels. I can provide evidence of this. I seem to have this issue on Classic level 80 (the three rings all rotate strangely, resulting in the three rings never being able to match up correctly for the ball to pass through) and Deep Ocean level 44 (there’s literally nothing visible, I fail after only earning two stars and even then I don’t see the stars). If there’s any more levels that have glitches, I’ll update my review :) Finally, some of the ads I’ve seen have been questionable for a game meant for children. I unfortunately don’t have screenshots, but if the ads appear again, I’ll send screenshots. I love Color Switch, but this game has honestly started to become less enjoyable :/
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6 years ago, Nejxodbah
I used to play the crap outta this game, played almost every single day and I had passed a bunch of levels. One day I got bored of it and deleted the app. I figured, it’s synced with my game center account so if I want it back I should have all of my progress back. But nope, today I redownloaded the app hoping and praying that it would just sign me into game center and all of my old work would be there, but it wasn’t. All of that time I spent trying so so so hard just to pass one level, gone. I have to completely start over, and i’m not even sure I want to play again. If I have to start over from where I used to be, it’s not worth it. I even spent money on this app. I paid for no ads, and I paid for all of the levels to be unlocked wether you had passed them or not. I’m pretty upset about my money going down the drain like this. I think i’m just gonna delete the app again.
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6 years ago, This Z kid
Just as Great as the first!
I am a little confused about the fact that you took the other color switch off the App Store. I have I stored in cloud and it was a great game. Would like a developer response on why you took it off. Anyway, this is a fantastic game that definitely deserved a remake if it was taken down, thank you so much for this it means a lot to at least me. I like the modes, the balls you can choose from, and the fact that you even mirrored the levels! I’ve loved this game and the other color switch since they came out and anyone who says otherwise can go take a hike. This game I’m sure will be even better than the first because you are listening to the people who actually play the game! Thank you for everything! -Z54
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6 years ago, i hate adds. awesome
Everything is gone
I used to have this game not that long ago and I wanted a new game now so I was Looking through some of the games and I came across color switch I had already had this game before as you may know but I wanted to get it again see with the new changes were when I first got on there and it was really fun to play but then I was looking at the game modes and there’s only like maybe seven or eight in there used to be like 30 I don’t know where all of them wet but I really like that they had a bunch of different game modes and it wasn’t just very little bits and you guys like updated that like almost like two times a month so maybe you can try and put some more game mode on there and also let’s add like the number of ads are fine but it would be better if I had less ads. Thank you for reading Sincerely, Sierra
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4 years ago, XtremeDramer
Something weird keeps happening
I love this game. I seriously do. I had it on an old device and was trying to download it on this phone. That worked, and I went into the app. But something weird happened. It just crashed before it finished loading. I thought that just was a small glitch, so I opened the app again. It crashed. I opened it again. It crashed. This kept happening over and over again. I literally can’t open the app without it crashing a maximum of 30 seconds later. I even did a forced hard reboot and it still crashed. I don’t think it’s your fault, developers, but I was wondering if you could somehow fix this. Please, and thank you in advance.
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2 years ago, Djeuwk
Best Game Ever
Hi I just want to say that this is the best game ever, and I’m saying knowing that I only got this yesterday. The game is already good with the classic mode but if it were only that, it would basically be flappy bird, so I’m glad you added so many other game modes because honestly, it’s basically a bunch of games in one and I love it. So please continue to make this game better and better because like I said, I only got this yesterday and now it’s one of my favorite games. And one more thing I think really really REALLY needs to be added……MULTIPLAYER, this would be awesome if you added this. But for know, great game and I would most definitely recommend this game. Have nice day😇😇😇
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2 years ago, Bella Wold
The old one was funner and the music is annoying
So I had the original color switch for forever and loved it and was really sad to see that they changed it. I downloaded the new one and was honestly disappointed. The new games seem so much easier and boring after awhile their not very challenging anymore. I don’t know how to explain it but the old games had a totally different vibe to them. In addition I used to love the music and how every game had a different song this was one of the few games that I actually wanted to hear the music. The new versions songs honestly are really annoying and sound like super generic background music and theirs not much variety. It really saddens me to use to get super excited about a new game and a new song to now wanting to turn the music off.
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5 years ago, Kamran Matloubi
The difficulties of the app, Cameron Matloubi
Hello. This is a wonderful game. I expect quality which I see in the game. However, when my cousin was playing this, she did not have this difficulty. After you watch an ad, you get a glitch which in this case is when it shows half of the right of the game on the bottom left corner of the screen. Now, the next hard part is that on the iPad, you can only face the screen up which is unusual. I expect quality. I have a 2020mersades s63 AMG v12 biturbo, a2019 bmw m4, and m3. And also an 2020 Audi q8 and a8. Lastly a 2020 mersades e 63 AMG v8 biturbo. So as you can see, I expect quality. Thank you for reading my email so you could think about doing some upgrades. Thank you so very much and have a pleasant thanksgiving. I hope my rating helped your service
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5 years ago,
Lost 90-% of my progress with the latest update.
I do not know what just happened, but I just lost 90% of my progress. I had completed all levels and was just waiting for new levels to come out. I had all levels at 100%. Now every single level is at 20-30% Every level only has me at passing the easy levels. All the medium and hard levels are back to locked again indicating I have to pass them again. I am not even sure if this can now be undone. You should have tested this out prior to rolling out the update. I cannot say that I am not a little upset because of the time invested beating all the levels. Please let me know if this can be undone. Edited below: I just went back to the app after a couple of hours. Now all my progress is reset. I have zero progress on all stages. You are going the wrong direction. The only thing it kept was the balls I have obtained. At least to this point, all the balls I have collected still show (which is all of them except the prize balls. Please fix Second edit: I downloaded the second update today hoping it fixed the first. It did not fix anything and actually made it worse. I have now lost all my progress on the endless levels. Please fix.
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