Color Text Messages- customizer colorful texting

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7 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Color Text Messages- customizer colorful texting

4.24 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, 😛🤓😛🤓😛🤓😛🤓😛🤓😛🤓
Nice but...
THIS IS ALL DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU LIKE! PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW It is really fun to use but you have to text threw the app, I was looking for something where you could just change it is settings. Also every time you want to text someone you have to type who you want every time! I wish it hade something similar to contacts but in the app. Or something kinda like when your in the texting app and on the side of the screen it shows the contacts that you have texted before. When you pick a design and want to keep that design you have to keep going back to the main part of the app to select it again for every single separate text you want to send. And it’s really annoying for me because if you go back to the main part you have to re-select the design and because your back at the main part you have to select/type in who you want to text again. If you don’t go back to re-select your design even though your texting through the special app it will send as a regular text with no design. The good thing is that the app dose work, it’s just a process to actually use it. It is NOT stickers... you can type what YOU want to say, which for most people( I think) will really like. And in the app you CAN see what the other person say as a reply. So depending on what you like, this app is a good choice!
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3 years ago, HermonieGranger1098
Think before getting
So I like this app but if it was a bit better I would love it. Number 1. It needs money now I know it’s for making money so you can live under a roof and eat and things like that but you have to pay for the really cool stuff. And yes I know that it’s the cool stuff you have to pay for so that’s why people buy it and I know it’s cheap but still come on with out the payed stuff I don’t have a lot to text with. Number 2. You can’t text with it in the regular texting app you have to go in there and then when your done typing you have to choose a contact. Why couldn’t it be like other apps where you can have a little thing you tap and then you can type with it on the regular app. I’m not sure if h to see a reason you didn’t do that but it’s really can get annoying at times. Number 3. It doesn’t send with the colorful stuff when I text it, and that, just can p*** me off. I am sorry for the language but it really does. What’s there point of the app if you can’t even get it to look like how I wanted it to. I understand if you don’t want to fix h to see things as I know I’m being annoying but please at least think about it. Thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, tropixxgirrrl3139
Awesome app but could use some work
I think this app is really cool and I love what you can do with it but here are some things I dislike: 1. It sends the text as an image and not in a speech bubble like in the pics, and because of that, the texts have a big gap in between them 2. Because it is a separate app, I have to go back and forth between that and messages 3. It asks me who to send the text to EVERY TIME, PER TEXT!!! Maybe you could make a thing where you can pick who you’re having a conversation with and then you could just talk to that person like normal and you could change the conversation when you needed? Totally not trying to be rude here, just some ideas! I still recommend this app!😉😉😉
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2 years ago, randomRANDOMrandom123
It’s good but needs improvement
Great app but it cost money for the cool stuff I know the point is to make money but it’s just a texting app. And also you have to pick the person you want to text every time I feel like it should became an app connected to iMessage if that makes sense. I feel like the app is a little to complicated and needs to much stuff to send one basic text. It also needs more color options because each colour is very different. It also needs more options that are free. This app can definitely use improvement
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3 years ago, january5958
I would say this app is really good but there are a few problems in it too like...
1. It’s not nice that you have to keep using and pressing the app every single time you want to type. 2 why couldn’t it just already be in your text messages and when you go in the message app you can press on who you want to type/write too then it would not be such a big deal. Finally number 3, I think it should let you customize your own background to type in/information. That is how I would review/rate it. Although I would say this app is pretty amazing and kinda cool. 😄😃😄😃😄😃😃😃😃😄😄😀😀😀😇-Chloe k
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3 years ago, claralambertmarie
COLOR TEXT 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😗
I love this color texting thing and it makes me think that it dose not matter how much u text or how much u say hey this is what I like to do or I like to text and color this is an amazing app! So please fill free to download this app and exspect to give it a ***** rating because it should be a five star rating no matter if it has ads or if it runs out of internet connection or if it doesn’t have what u want such as a color book, we all need to give this app a respect rating because it definitely deserves it!!! So please give it a 5 star rating because it has and needs a good rating💛💛💛💛💛💛✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
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3 years ago, chaoltte
Great app just one problem 😁🥰😇
The app is a amazing in all but you don’t get to choose many things about the text or what you want to say but the app is great because you can color your own text and there may only be 3 but there’s actually a lot more another bug is that if you have someone and you don’t put the name in then you have to type in the numbers and you have to forgot right? But my opinion is that is a great and amazing but it’s only those 2 bugs and can you please make more of the bubbles please it would be really nice! That are not VIP but your app is amazing!
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5 months ago, TTTwolf
Color Text
I have used this for two years. I chose it because other brands seemed to open my phone to hackers. I don’t know how those others work… But this seemed simple and secure. While there are many font choices, I use only 3. For backgrounds, only about 9 of them are useful. The others are so busy with contrast that they camouflage, overwhelm the text. This could be improved: make the wallpapers with petite designs. Text Bubbles are limited to about 8 lines. You should choose this one at least. It is functional.
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6 years ago, God's Girl in Prayer
Ok app, could be better
I like this app and I like the colors and the fonts, but I don’t think you should have to pay for every thing right when you get it. Maybe it should include a month trial or something. It just isn’t working well for me. The messages are far apart, and it uses storage up fast. It is not as cool as it looks in the adds. I wouldn’t get it unless you plan to pay for it, both through storage and money. At least now it will stop asking me to rate it. Sorry if I bored you to death. From a well-known celebrity (guess who)
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12 months ago, lille k my fav no cap
I think I made a connection
So like I love this app but you can say really inappropriate things and even date like Roblox the connection is really bad because you couldn’t say anything that’s a bad word and you can say Stuff that is so inappropriate like you can say Baby babe bae Anything like a bad word Roblox is like this and I hate how you have to pay it’s almost like Roblox like when you try to get Robux And I think you just need to change this app please that would be amazing and can you please not allowed anything bad like bad words and inappropriate stuff and The stuff that is really weird But I love this app because you couldn’t even say what is your name
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7 years ago, Hannah ~ 🍌🥝 ~ Augustyniak
Highly recommend, but with some warnings 👌🏻
It a pretty good app. Very creative, fun, and lots of variety -- if you have the money. There are only really three backgrounds you can get for free. But the they do have many ombré choices and more patterns on a different selection. Also there is a lot of font choices. The only issue I really have with it is that you cannot connect it to you main keyboard so you have to do a whole lot more work to send them. But overall this is a great app with only a few minor kinks.
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4 years ago, Love Painting and animals
When I got the app I was like what can I do but when I used it more I was like I know everything. It’s really fun to send cool messages. My only complaint is a lot of them you have to have advanced pack for and it makes the app less fun. Special ones could be advanced pack but a lot of them were so I couldn’t do as much as I liked but the app was still pretty fun. I love the app SO much. I sent my first cool message to my friend and am waiting for her reaction to my cool speech bubble. 😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘LOVE IT!!!!!
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7 years ago, Little red fern
I mean it's good
I do like it and it's a very creative idea for an app but it would be way better if it was more efficient and less complicated you k ow one click a couple types and your done but instead on your you press this leads you to that press that leads you to this when it could just be one tap click and a swipe as I like to say and take my advice kid as an owner of a million dollar app company trust me I mean it's OK but I think you should take my to improve it and I was kidding about the million dollar app company ha ha🤣
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4 years ago, ℍℙ
ᖇᗴᗩᒪᒪY ᖴᑌᑎ ᗩᑭᑭ! A few changes could be made. Read this review!
I got this app because I love designing texts and it looked cool! The bummer is some backgrounds and fonts need to be payed for, it is a great deal, but I’m not going to buy it. Another improvement that would be nice if you could press this button ➡️🌐on your keyboard and you could get to it. You have to go to the app, make it, and then type in the name you want it to send to. Overall it is a great app and you should buy it!
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5 years ago, Bundylove
I❤️ this app
I love this app so much because you can text your friends and family and it’s really cute I know I might only be 10 close to 11 but I still can’t write an honest review this app is awesome there are so many different choices and I would really recommend it I know some people might not recommend it but I do so I would give this app a 5/5 stars I hope you enjoy it to but I love this app I hope you enjoy my recommendation or review bye
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4 years ago, 🥑🥝Little Ms🥝🥑
This Is a Great App You Should Get It Too
This app is so fun and cool you don’t even need to have full access. Even if I had it it would not have even made a big difference, if you full access you have more access to like 10 more backgrounds. Also if you want to have it, its only 1.30$. another great thing is the backgrounds they are SO pretty. And the fonts are great too. I think this is such a fun and creative app and you should get it too:)
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3 years ago, aveaveaveryy
Like it but.....
This app is fun and I really like it a lot and still use it to day!! But you can only use like 5 skins or you have to PAY. I recommend this app if you what a text color app though. And I wish you could just go in to text and use it from there but you have to do it in the app. But a really fun app !!! You also can use it as a stickers witch is nice and you can do it on only on the app but on messages but I am to lazy to delete that up there 👆🏽 have a GOOD day!
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11 months ago, The best interview
How I like to use this app
I have a great time, but it seems like I have hard times doing stuff like texting on this app but I like the way that they layout all the designs but there’s only one chance to make this life better within this app, and this app is helpful and it helps you read, but there’s only one thing that I have to say and I want to tell something better
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7 years ago, LadyJ-1369
It's a great app. They're a lot of different backgrounds and fonts along with different colors to write in. They give you plenty of choices without buying into other backgrounds unless you prefer to spend money. This is one of the few apps I've seen that gives you as much as it does without breaking the bank. Enjoy it!! I find it fun and colorful and my friends and family find it cool. Play with it...I promise you'll like it.
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1 year ago, addison morgan ::
Good job
I really like this because I can send stuff to my mom and my family and stuff so I really like this it is cool and stuff like that and so I want to say thank you for having this for people because they really like it and my family likes when I text stuff to them on the app so thank y’all for sharing this app with people
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4 years ago, Anna789046
Color text
I think Color text is a very good app because you can text your friends and family in a fun colorful text messages. It is easy because when you get the app you can start to text and you can make your own background. Your friends do not have to get the app only you do. I have really liked this app and I hope you like it to.
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4 years ago, cool cyan cat
So, I got this app and I was super excited to do it. It is great. But I have some suggestions. First, I would make the text bubble bigger because it’s too small. Also, I thought there was no ads but there were and it’s annoying. And I wish you could unlock more cool bubbles cause I don’t want to waste my money ( I buy stuff with my allowance). But overall, pretty cool. 👍 Please fix these problems for me so I can have more fun. Love, Cool cyan cat 😉❤️😘☺️😜🤩😁
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4 years ago, Kit-Kat98125
Awesome App, but on little suggestion...
This app is absolutely AWESOME! I text with it to my friends almost all the time. But I have one suggestion. You should add a couple more fonts and backgrounds for the people that don’t want to pay the $2.00 to unlock new fonts and backgrounds and have no adds. I hope this isn’t a lot to ask for. But overall, your app is great. And I will continue to use it. THANK YOU :)
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5 years ago, medium Stamey
Best app ever
I love this app so much because it gives me excitement. I love how you can change the background of your message and you can also change the style of your words. I love it so much but the only bad thing about it is that there is one pack with the best things in it but you have to buy them. Other than that it’s the best app in the world!!!
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2 years ago, C̟a̟i̟l̟e̟e̟
Not the best but it works…
It is not my personal favorite but it works. It has the different colors and patterns that you can use to change the messages but when you try to send the messages to someone, it’s looks like an image. This personally bothers me because I wanted something that actually looked like a real text. I tried to fix the text by trying to go to settings but I could not figure it out. Some people might like the app but I don’t.
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3 years ago, Pantopbo
thank you!!!!!!
thank you for putting the color text thing a long time ago when I did not have this app I was looking every where for a hack or one app that I can use to change the color of my text I finally found your app so I have to say thank you well bye!!!!!!!!!! for now.
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4 years ago, harleighmp
Yes this app is awesome
It allows me to express my words in different colors,fonts,and so much more I come to this app when it’s a special time I just wish that it would have some holiday options for free cause some people don’t have a lot of money and u want more people to use ur app. So yes this app is awesome but like i said make some for the less unfortunate people. That’s why I give this app 4 stars!!
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4 years ago, Kenibear19
Here’s my review.
I like this app because I can send my friends and family fun and colorful messages. The only thing is that I can’t send them to my sisters and parents because they have Samsung’s and I have apple. So I use TextNow to text them. I wish I were able to send these fun and colorful messages to them as well as my friends and other family members.
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4 years ago, Claire#C.M.A
Pretty good 😊
My mom just got this app and I'm thinking it is a little too complicated to understand like it is like super hard but you need to do that and you need to do this and since I am almost 8 I feel like this is like a mini birthday present or something so I begged my mom to buy it even though it's a little too cuckoo cuckoo so that is why I am giving this up a review and it's pretty good so I am starting to like the application and I just text my best friend
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3 years ago, brentley6510
2 star rating
It’s a cool app and all but there is a couple things I would change. 1.the text is sent as a image and that not what it shows in the picture it shows it sent as a text bubble. 2.I thought you could just text through you keyboard but you have to text through the app ugh. 3. It starts to ask you for money and I don’t have that money to pay them so like not very helpful Sorry for a bad review but like also kinda not sorry
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7 years ago, Conch chanced
Great app
The app is a really really good app and it is also very fun so you should get this app I am suggesting you should get this app unless you wanna pay 💰 some but you don't have to pay 💰 because it has pine cones, birthday 🎉 stuff, and flowers 🌺 in the background. But the thing that I don't like is that you have to pay 💰 for all of the other backgrounds.
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6 years ago, Kimberlina*
Great App - doesn’t need all your typed info
Very HAPPY —-app gives my text something different and special to surprise the receiver of the text fun to use when you’re in a good mood I just want to make someone smile. The app is easy to use and very self-explanatory plenty of fights and that grounds for your bubbles
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7 years ago, bitlove8
This app is awesome!!! You can change the color of your text! It is kind of hard because you half to go on the app and choose the color you want it and then you half to type in who you are sending it to but otherwise it's a great app. This app is the best app I have. I suggest you get it any day😊
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3 years ago, Maddiepuppies
Honestly, this is the best app ever
When I first got this, I thought it would definitely be money. The easy part is, you don’t have to do anything! Super easy to get in and completely awesome! Most of them are free, but the ones that aren’t free aren’t as awesome as the free ones! Thank you if you read my review. Bye!
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6 years ago, paypaynieghneigh
BEST APP I HAVE!!!!!!!!!
This is amazing it makes texting so much more fun!!! My grandma is even impressed 😂 There are so many fun colors and designs!! It kind of a bummer that you have to pay for the prettiest designs but don’t take this as an insult it just a suggestion. Seriously I love this app and definitely recommend getting it!!!!
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1 year ago, miranda gingrich
Fun and bubbly
First off I love all the different things we can do with this App it’s so much fun! However I know they give you certain amount of backgrounds after you pay for the package! I just wish there more options considering your paying for it!! Other than that I love it!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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2 years ago, Millionairess Wolfe
It’s fun and colorful
I really like it even though it’s limited, it’s still enough of fun and cool stuff you still have access to.. and I personally like that It’s not in my settings and that I have to go to the app to actually use it.. so that’s fine with me, I like to switch it up!!.. I Love it ❤️🎊🎈
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3 years ago, ltripple
Good but has some flaws
It’s a great app in general, but whenever you send the message, it sends it as a picture so there a big gap in between each message. Also I wish you the app was with iMessage so that you could just tap the app on iMessage and type your message and it wasn’t a picture. If you could do that it would be great!
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4 years ago, abbyblue520
Super 😎 cool I mean this is just the best so... many... backgrounds!! Eeeeeeeee!😋 I am texting mad baby and I am telling you maaaaaaaaad it is so cute and fabulous so fab ulous and I am grateful that they made this because it is AWESOME 👏 and how much work they put into this app. Sooooo I just wanted to SAY... 😊 thank you bye From your truly Beca Lara
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5 years ago, Lowflood
Free app, pay for everything when you download it..
I thought this app could be the solution for a good branded color text for your messages. Unfortunately you could not use any good formats, and if you wanted those cool formats, you would have to pay 2 dollars plus tax. Also, I noticed that it is like a screenshot in the text. I don’t think this is efficient because it looks like a simple screenshot. I don’t recommend downloading this app unless you are willing to pay for every accessory.
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4 years ago, Cool Kai457
Truly this is a phenomenal app. But, I do have a suggestion, you should be able to customize a pattern. But of course that is just a suggestion. If you are reading this and you are a soon to be costumer then this app is strongly recommend. And if you are a worker please consider the suggestion. Thank you
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1 year ago, Cassidlla
My opinion
I love it it’s so cool because you can choose your color and and how big or small your letters can be I love it and maybe you will to so download the app and you won’t regret it trust me you will love it so much I do so you will to
Show more
2 years ago, PrincessJelisaofficeLane
Color Text
Oh my God I love it the App my friend like it and then ask where I get it from and I say I got it from the App Store see you need to I told them you need to type color text so they well download it
Show more
2 years ago, such a great game! good job!!!
This app is awesome you can change the color of your text messages and that is sick! And you can change your font easily.
Show more
3 years ago, evelienna
It a good app and I would recommend it!
Don’t listen to the other rating! The app is good and the other rating isn’t write the app is a good app but the only problem is that it has in app purchases like if you want a special background or color or fonts but it’s good!
Show more
3 years ago, DAES2014
I like it
The pants are really fun but it’s sort of boring because all you can text messages but I like it because the fonts are really fun and like if you I am logged into that then you can also text FaceTime and mess and I’m copying that person that you logged in with that I don’t like it all the other apps so I really like it and it’s super fun
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6 years ago, Cookiegirl222
Awesome, but one improvement.
This is awesome. I love to customize my backgrounds for texts. Please read this! The only thing is... the backgrounds, are all money!!!! 💸💰 I think you should have other ones, that are free. Please respond! I recommend this game, if you don’t want to spend money!
Show more
4 years ago, zoofffffffieeloof
Pretty good but one problem
Some of the texts I would send the people I was sending them to said “what? I can’t read it” or “I read some but I just couldn’t read the rest”. Also there have been several adds I can’t get out of.
Show more
5 years ago, hazel glasssong
Why locked? And why do I have to pay for it?💵
I love it so much except for the fact that all of the fun designs are blocked and I have to pay for them make any sense I thought it was free! You know you could try little bit harder I give this a bad comment and you could just change it!
Show more
5 years ago, ella_12345
It’s amazing
This game or app I don’t no whatever it is. It is fun I tried to get my BFF to get it but she couldn’t find it in the App Store so I sent her the link like 5 times but she didn’t tap it! I love this game! I got it yesterday but so far it is amazing !
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