Coloring Book FREE: for Toddlers Kids Boys & Girls

4.3 (20K)
20.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
nasar khan
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coloring Book FREE: for Toddlers Kids Boys & Girls

4.3 out of 5
20K Ratings
2 years ago, Becca19284839
Toddler enjoys it
This has been a great alternative to “watching a show” when we’re on the go or waiting for someone. He always asks to color on my phone. My one complaint is that ads pop up in very inconvenient places… it’s hard for a toddler to avoid pressing them, which makes this not so independent. I always have to be there so he doesn’t click and buy something! Since it’s free, I guess we can’t complain too much about that. Overall, worth the download for our family.
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4 years ago, momma charq
We love this app
My son is obsessed with this app. He is always asking to color on his iPad as opposed to his crayons and markers. Which is great because before the app we were constantly scrubbing walls and toys clean of his drawings. This has helped eliminate the mess when he wants to color and keep him busy during times his dad and I are trying to get work done. We will also let him use this app to color when he gets bored in the car during long car rides that we frequently because his older sister cheers competitively, 10\10 recommend this app to anyone whose kids love to color!
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2 years ago, laulenb
Unlock pages
Asking people to leave a review is an interesting approach to including freemium content on your app. I wish my kid didn’t have to watch so many ads, but I also don’t want to spend real $$ on apps he’ll lose interest in very quickly. This seems like a good app so far. My 3yo likes the different coloring modes and the background music. But he ends up accidentally clicking on the banner ads that are situated right below the color picker.
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3 years ago, jepnona17
Great for my littles
This app is great because little kids just do not understand having to lay for something they have right in front of them and not being able to use certain colors and all the other coloring apps out here all require in-app purchases to unlock the majority of colors and pages. My girls love this and besides the adds which I totally understand, it’s super easy for them to use and navigate.
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1 year ago, xxxx Az Hiking
Coloring book challenges!
I don’t know who enjoys the Coloring Book app, me or my granddaughter (4 yrs old). She gets really creative with the colors and giggles so much that it makes me laugh. She thought of a game for us: we color a page each and see which is more colorful, funny & pretty. I’ve started taking it to Restaurants and downloaded for my nieces, so they all color while adults are having conversations.
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3 years ago, babygox88
Love it
I love this app. This app is really fun for the kids I babysit they always ask to color I love the neon draw part even I mess around with that one. I like how you can write a review to unlock all pictures as where other apps like this want you to pay to unlock certain colors or pictures. I really hate how there’s adds constantly on this because kids don’t know how to close the adds when they accidentally open them.
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1 year ago, Almay123
Good and Simple
It is simple enough for a toddler. It has a few coloring options which are entertaining enough. This is good for small children since they lose interest quickly. The app doesn’t insist on purchasing additional content which we parents appreciate. There are ads but you unlock additional coloring pages by leaving a review. Not bad at all.
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2 years ago, someone with good ears
Great fun on the go
It’s a Coloring Book for on the go when you want to have something quick and easy to access to keep your little one busy. It has ads but that’s with anything even some of the paid apps I’ve had ads pop up so I don’t see any difference between the two sometimes at least the ads are appropriate for age.
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2 years ago, Supermom305
My grand-daughter loves this app
I got this app for my grand-daughter. She is always trying to us my coloring for adults app and gets frustrated. This is coloring app is just perfect for her. I have down loaded other app that make you pay for more pictures this one only asked for a review. I am more than happy to leave this review “ she loves the app!!!” I am very happy I decided to downloaded it.
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2 years ago, Nadellie
No problem at all in my world
I have a lot of stuff in my coloring book and I want have some stuff in my notebook that is for my coloring book and I have the same thing in my notebook but it doesn’t show the same thing so I’m just going to go with it because I don’t have a lot of money for buying a new notebook to do something different.
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2 years ago, ishma1115
Amazing app
My daughter loves this app. She really enjoys the different coloring styles. Keeps her entertained for 20 minutes. It’s a daily game on her list what’s your go to. You can write a review and unlock all the pictures and then some other apps you can’t really do that you have to pay money so that’s really nice they have a glow drawling a fill drawling or
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12 months ago, indianapolis Jasper
3 year old loves it,
Three year old loves this app: it helps him focus and be successful, Being on screens isn’t ideal so I love having him do something That will help him grow. I love being able to color with him too, we spend time together; which is always a plus: My other older grandchildren can join in as well;
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2 years ago, Vvvveronika
It's ok
They're making me write a review to unlock all the coloring pages, which is a little manipulative but whatever I guess. The app is fine, i wanted something basic for my toddler and this fits the bill. I wish you could turn off the sound effect of the jingle whenever a new thing is drawn. I like that there are 3 play/style options: free line doodle, paint fill, and neon doodle.
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11 months ago, Roses b🐋🐾
Ezra the way you are in your life
He I’m Ezra i be able with you today but I don’t know if you want me back at my house or do you want me there or you want me to go to your house or do you want me in a little bit and then you could go over and get you a couple things to me if I don’t have you come home me 🐻🏢🐻🏔🌷
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2 years ago, henegejdb
My favorite game
This my favorite game I ever had u can Color and you can use your own imagination so like a bird u don’t have to make it look like a real bird u can do it anyway and like a car u can do I like rainbow this is why I love this game because you can color your things anyway that all from me I hope u download this game bye bye
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2 years ago, buysfly
My review
I wouldn’t quite rate this a 5/5 because off the positioning of the ads mainly right below the color picker so that when my little siblings or anyone tries to pick a different color it changed the screen making it easy to get out off it but other than that we have enjoyed the app so far
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2 years ago, sarahelizabeth214
5 &3 year olds love it!
Love the option to leave a review for free coloring pages. My kids love this when I need a quick and easy way to give them something to do when we are stuck in the car for too long. Love that there are no trashy ads to deal with.
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5 years ago, rosierob94
Wish there were no adds
My 3 year old greatly enjoys this app, however I really wish there were no ads. Apps geared toward children really shouldn’t have ads 🙄. She finds it greatly frustrating and has to ask me for help constantly since she accidentally clicks on the ads and doesn’t know how to close them. Otherwise the pictures are cute and the coloring options are lots of fun and easy enough for a toddler to use.
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2 years ago, aaaaddddllllcccc
Coloring app for toddlers
Just got this app today, my 2 year old already likes it and is getting the hang of it. You can Color or doodle , which she really likes she can switch back and forth and can save her coloring pages to the gallery after. There are a lot of ads and she clicks on some of them but it’s a free app so can’t complain. aaaaddddllllcccc
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2 years ago, C3Williams
Ad monitoring
This is my 3 year olds favorite coloring app! BUT occasionally the advertising is for shooting games 😒 why does a G rated game have teen rated ads? It basically means I have to keep the volume and listen to that ✨lovely background music✨so I can catch the inappropriate ads. Something y’all could easily fix and it would make it a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, Lily2680
These apps get worse every time
My girls enjoy the app but I find it extremely annoying to have to close out an ad every few seconds because they accidentally hit on an ad & don’t know how to close it out. I have a 2 yr old who’s tiny fingers run wild on the screen & she always touches something that just shouldn’t be on the screen. It’s a children’s app, why all the extra junk? The worst part is that I can’t find a children’s app that doesn’t have these stupid ads. Uhhh!
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2 years ago, I mite like this app
Wish it would save
I wish they would save the drawing because he draws someone shows me and he wants a new page but then all his work is gone but otherwise it is a good app and great for little kids to use there imagination and the can use different colors then the basic colors.
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3 years ago, kxkfrvfkbfr
I love coloring books so much
Ive been looking for coloring books all over app store. This isnt the first time ive had this game, ive had it some time ago. I have a few suggestions. So i scrolled the coloring pages and there are only a few. Can you add more? All the other coloring games ive downloaded are babyish and boring. Please send a reply.
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2 years ago, MrCat69
Keeps the kids busy
My kids are 2.5 and they are no Picasos but this coloring activity keeps them entertained. They get bored fast and close the app after a few minutes but that's just the way they are at this age. Nothing to do with the app.
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4 years ago, Sasscee68
Great for the kids!
We love this app! No big messes everywhere. No smudges or markings on the walls or furniture. It’s easy to use and has many different options. The ads when pushing the back button are dangerous lol. Can lead to unwanted purchases. But all in all we appreciate the app and will continue to use it.
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2 years ago, bugysblue
My coloring book
It is a great coloring book for my 3 year old grandson. It is helping him learn his colors and how to use them. It keeps him busy for a least a half hour . The pictures are cute and easy enough for him to finish . It is creative and great for his imagination!
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2 years ago, AmyJoon
Fun app for my 4 year old
This has been a hit so far! My daughter loves the painting option which never goes outside the lines! The coloring options are challenging for her at this age. She gets frustrated if she doesn’t keep within the lines. This has been a fun option when I need to keep her busy.
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2 years ago, Shanon A.
Good for little ones
My almost 3 year old grandson enjoys this ap. I dislike the ads as he gets frustrated and starts swiping and pressing buttons and I have to intervene to get him back on track. Seems to hold his interest well. Love seeing the big smile on his face when he sees the colors come to life.
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8 months ago, M_TheTeacupMouse
Enjoyable for littles.
Has cute pictures and is easy to use. The ads are a little annoying but they pass quickly. Both my older kiddos enjoy it. Is worth it if you are tired of loosing crayons in your house all the time.
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2 years ago, Aubrey Alcazar
The book is the best in the whole entire world
Your coloring pages are the best thing in the whole entire life better than my coloring book page love y’all so much thank you for the kind color pages
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2 years ago, gaile.ciria
Fun and easy
My 3yr old has fun “painting” in this app. I put quotations because it’s not really painting like the other apps where she has to move her finger around. lol this app just lets you tap an area and it turns into the color you want. She has fun switching it from one color to another.
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2 years ago, MrsMarsh420
Unlock free pages
My 3 year old is really enjoying this app, so I was excited when they offer more pages for a review. More childrens apps need to follow this one, no one wants to pay for kids apps that they will tire of quickly!
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5 years ago, T's Nona
Clean Fun for Littles
My 3-year old grandson loves this app. I’m excited because he can color ANYWHERE without making a mess. No broken crayons, no marker smudges on furniture, no missing items in the car. The only drawback is the ads, where he pushes the screen without understanding that it could lead to unwanted purchases.
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4 years ago, NHaturally
Less ads than competitors.
I can’t stand most apps for kids because they always abuse the children’s gullibility and try and get them to make purchases. This al has 1 ad when you start and periodically more, there aren’t many features that are locked either compared to most, and you can write a review to unlock most of the remaining pictures. So pretty decent deal.
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2 years ago, Niselrooy
Very interesting
The writing a review is great in order to unlock the color pages. I wish more apps did this so we didn’t have to fork a ton of money just to play games. My daughter loves this coloring app , it’s not too hard and it gives her better chances at coloring better.
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2 years ago, karen.sue
My kids are obsessed with this app! They love being able to color different things. My only complaint is they always want the ones you have to pay for lol! Silly kids!
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1 year ago, LuvPinkSugar
Love it!
My daughter (4) loves the app! She always wants to color. The only downside is the ads. It’s makes it difficult sometimes for her to avoid them. Wish there was a way to get rid of them. Otherwise, we love it!
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2 years ago, lamickeyminaj
Though it is strange, I’d much rather take the time to write a review for content on the app rather than having to buy a subscription or have potential in game purchase my child could click on.
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2 years ago, Nana Oompa
New to this app
I got this app for my grandkids, but figured I should try it first so I could show them. I am having fun, but worry about all of the ads with the 4 year old who want to do everything himself. It is a little ridiculous to have many ads for a toddler app.
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3 years ago, Pier6571
Great App for Little Ones
This is a great app for little hands and shorter attention spans. It is easy to use and keeps their interest for a long time. The ads make it hard for them to use alone as they have trouble navigating away from them. We do love the app.
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3 years ago, SurgarBaby 👑
Cute app! Very good for toddlers!
I got this app for my 2 year old cousin. He hasn't played it yet, so I decided to see it and play around with it. It looks entertaining. I bet he would like it. So, you guys are doing good on this game. I had to write a review for coloring pages lol.
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5 years ago, jlunday
Simple, free coloring app
Simple, free coloring app. I love that it doesn’t have all the purchase options and teasers that many similar apps include. It doesn’t have a ton of fancy features, but that’s all right with me. My kids seem to enjoy it as much as any other coloring app they’ve used.
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4 years ago, ~*Soul Adventurer*~
It’s a great app for all ages
We all love this app too. I love how I could teach my daughter to use different colors and to be creative and how all the pages are already unlocked. It’s a great way to teach them color the whole page without ruining their entire coloring book
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3 years ago, kaklmf
Exactly what I was looking for!
My granddaughter loves it! It’s easy to color and fun to do and I’m really glad we stumbled on this one because we were looking for something different and this one’s even better. Her words not mine LOL
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3 years ago, Karemari
Grandson likes it
Four year old grandson says he would give 6/5 stars. I've downloaded quite a few games today that he quick tired of. This one is the first one he is sticky with.
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4 years ago, TeamMitch3
Excited kiddo
The app is easy to use and navigate for my 3 year old. The only downside is the pop up ads when you have to navigate back to the start screen; young learners don’t know how to get around them. Keep a close watch so they don’t download something else.
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4 years ago, Yggranny.
Good app but to ads
Love the app other than the ads. Children's apps shouldn't have ads especially a toddlers app. I'm not playing it so what good are the ads other than the fact that the people with the ads hope your child accidently clicks on what and accidently downloads something making them money. Get rid of the ads and I will give this app five stars.
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2 years ago, Tjones2786
Like it so far
My 4 yo loves the app and writing a review is worth him being able to open more pages. I do hate the adds but we’ve been on other games that are much longer. I’ll keep it, definitely helps with idle time.
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3 years ago, BrieRabbit
Nice and fun app
Our six year old daughter likes the coloring and the drawing. It’s pretty good for a free app even though it’s pretty basic. It was something we found when our daughter wasn’t feeling well and not up to drawing or reading. She finds it fun and enjoyable.
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4 years ago, lschwags3
4 year old loves it!
Our 4 year old daughter loves this ap! She is able to do lots of different things; drawing, coloring, etc. it keeps her very entertained for quite a while! I would definitely recommend this app for kids!
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