Coloring Fun : Color by Number

4.7 (13.6K)
116 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Coloring Fun : Color by Number

4.69 out of 5
13.6K Ratings
4 years ago, ElectricBlueEyes
I started loving adult coloring book, then sight in one eye..
My mother & I started the hobby of adult coloring books, it can get expensive depending on what mediums you choose to use. So we were splitting the costs. I started noticing some double vision & some blurring of the vision in my right eye, I thought I just needed new glasses. I was wrong, very wrong. I have nerve damage from an electrical shock, apparently I had an open ulcer on my right cornea that had been reoccurring (it had happened enough to scar my cornea), they said normally a person would have severe pain, but because of my nerve damage, I didn’t feel it. It’s so severe that the only chance of regaining any vision in that eye is by having a full cornea transplant that takes at least a year to heal. I’m going to try to have it in early 2020. The online coloring apps still allow me to get some enjoyment since I can’t color in real books. Thank you to the creators!
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5 years ago, EmrldPider
Good, but disappointed
I really like this app. No pop ups in the middle of coloring. I like that you’re able to watch videos to unlock specific pages, and also the affects you can add at the end. The part that I’m disappointed with is the fact that there isn’t much of diversity with the races of the women in the pictures, and hardly any diversity with the men. My 3 year old daughter (she’s mixed as well as I) and I use this app at the end of the day when we are laying in bed as a way to unwind and relax. She likes the ones with the women because they look like “princesses” and almost every time the lady we’re coloring is a white woman. Not that it’s a problem, but when my daughter looks at that and asks me if there are any princesses like her to color, it really breaks my heart. She has curly hair, and a golden skin tone, and all the ladies have blonde or brown straight hair and their skin is close to paper white. I love this app, but there needs to be more diversity with the races. White, Indians, black, mixed, it just needs more, fix that and I will give 5 stars.
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5 years ago, LuckyKat 53
A little disappointed.
I added this app because I like the color by number and they advertised that the pictures were free. I was disappointed when the pictures I wanted were only available on the preferred site which you have to pay for. I do like the effects options but I don’t know if I am going to use this app very often. I am updating my review. I love this app. I really like being able to change the effects and also the fact that if you watch a short video add you can even color the premium pictures. It is my go to app for coloring.
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4 years ago, Jewlzoxox
♥️Great App but...
I wanted to give it a 5. I am a HUGE color app freak ..I have 10 that I’m loyal to daily,This is number 3. The designs I amazing,however I would really really really appreciate it if u guys would give MORE of the vibrant color ones instead of maybe 1 a week. I never use the boring regular color pics,I jus can’t understand why anyone can have fun coloring those when the vibrant “special” ones r so much prettier and fun to me🤷🏼‍♀️I know I’m only 1 outa thousands of ppl commenting so I’m sure u won’t even see or if u so maybe roll ur eyes n say “ya lady whatever then go somewhere else “ but I REALLY love ur app and hoping u take my request seriously ..cuz I’d make u guys my number 1 app(not that u care)😉Anyway thnx for listening at least ..BTW the new one tonight w the red headed chic in boots w the fall round her is awsome 🥰🥰Thnx again ..Mooky♥️
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5 years ago, MicheleJack40
Not to pleased!!!
The only reason I got this app was because of an advertisement on another game that showed a few pictures that had black background and the pic looked like it was neon or along that line (of a cat, and a flower, and a couple other), then they showed pics of women with tattoos, and some Disney pics. Not one of those pictures where anywhere on the app, and none of the effects they have makes any of the pics neon or whatever those few pics they showed. If I don’t see any of those pictures or that are anyway close to the ones they advertised in the add they showed. If they took the pics away then they need to take there add for them off too. I believe I will be uninstalling this app if it doesn’t change by the next update. Sorry.
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3 years ago, TinkerbellPan
My granddaughter was watching me color and she asked how I save them to my pending file to color later. I showed her that I pick a picture, color one little bit and the press back button, and later on I when I have time, I go to “my works” to finish it. What a helpful little bug she is, she has done the very same thing except she has picked well over 100 pictures for me to finish, she thought she was being helpful. PLEASE tell me how to delete a picture, her choices weren’t exactly adult themes. Thank you so much. Btw, best coloring app out there.
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5 years ago, Habry
Would be a 5⭐️ if...
I absolutely love this game! I refuse to pay for the premium coloring pages, but I love that it gives you the option to watch an ad to unlock instead. I love the vibrant colors and the sheer quantity of pages. My only negative is the crashing. I’ve never had a problem with this game crashing until after the last update. 99% of the time now, it crashes right after an ad. I’m lucky if I can actually get it to open and stay open once a day. It’s very frustrating. Other than that, I have no complaints and would highly recommend. Fix the crashing issues and I’ll edit to a 5⭐️ 😉
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5 years ago, CJG RN
Fun, but....
I’ve been kind of enjoying this ... I’ve colored 2 pictures, been prompted to watch commercials 6 times, and 4 of those commercials made the screen go black so that I had to restart the game & watch another commercial (and yes, I waited several minutes the first 2 times & the screen stayed black). I think I’ll wait a couple months to see if they fix this bug before I try coloring here again. It’s annoying enough to watch commercials constantly, 500 time more annoying to have them stop the game so that you have to restart the game & watch another commercial to accomplish the same thing you were trying to do before you exited.
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5 years ago, Thanksforthemango
Not as Advertised
I downloaded this after seeing an ad for it, advertising thousands of completely free pictures to color. Neither of these things are true. There are only a few pictures, and a good chunk of them require a HEFTY weekly subscription fee of $9.99. That’s almost what I pay for my entire internet a month, it’s an absolutely unbelievable price to ask for such a service. Which makes it even worse because I actually really enjoy it. The pages are very pretty, different from a lot of these coloring apps, including some based on famous artwork. And I really enjoy how the coloring mechanics are set up. But the lack of content and exorbitant subscription pricing make both of them unimportant. It really is too bad.
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4 years ago, Mom55823
the only app I’ve downloaded is that I cannot
puppy is the first to say a bird to a bird cat is his first bird cat in a long long day in a row that I’ve never had to worry for him or his wife to go through it all day he is the only person in his own and I don’t think I’ve seen that before but I’m so glad he did the job I would do with that and it is the way that you would like him I don’t care that he doesn’t know that he has ever had that opportunity for you I just got him to do a bird he is so good
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4 years ago, desserts are yummy
Relaxing but bad game Game
I really like this game because it’s very relaxing and the numbers are pretty easy to see and find. This game is one of the best coloring games I have ever had. I’m changing my review from 4 stars to two because every time I colored a picture the screen would freeze and an area that i would try to color would take like ten minutes to finish that area. I know it’s not my problem because I have restarted my device so I think the makers of this game should fix that. But if this problem gets fixed I would give this game 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Dark_Huntress
Love this coloring app, but....
I love this coloring app. The only problem I have with it is that I downloaded it after seeing an advertisement for it with some Disney coloring pages and there aren’t any in this app. I thought that maybe they were only available with the subscription, so I subscribed and they still weren’t there. It’s still a great app though and I love the other pictures. You should probably check your ads though so they aren’t advertising what you don’t have.
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5 years ago, Rose thorns
One of the best coloring games
Honestly this is one of the best coloring games I’ve ever downloaded and I’ve had a lot. First u don’t need to pay for anything something I always hated about coloring games but everything is free. Second there’s a huge selection of things to color. Third when ur coloring it’s easy to find what needs to be colored so it’s not frustrating scanning around looking for the last space. Finally it’s not pixelated so u don’t need to spend so much time doing it one space at a time.
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5 years ago, Arctic_Fox2213
A glitch but still good
I got one this app one day and when I opened it, it would only show me the “basic” category of pictures. I have really good WiFi there so it wasn’t that. Anyway, I had to delete the app and re-download it so it was fixed. And it caused ALL the pictures I colored to be deleted. Because of something that was a glitch. So if you could add an option to restore colored pictures or fix the glitch, that’d be great. Still a great app otherwise.
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5 years ago, Mommy_Kitty_Kat12
Misleading and inconsistent
Downloaded it after seeing the Disney images that I could color only to find that they’re not Disney but a knockoff. Not at all what was shown in the advertisement. Then to add, the coloring is inconsistent. Sometimes if you click on a part to color it will color the whole spot, even if it’s cut off by something (like an arm or something else in the image), and other times it will leave a tiny spot that’s not colored and then you have to search for it, compared to other coloring apps, this one does not compare. I really like the images (excluding the “Disney” ones) but it’s not worth it. Disappointed! I gave one star for this reason (only good thing are the selection of images).
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5 years ago, Cut it reveal
The color whatever review
This game gives you five helps and it’s pretty obvious to see whether because they put polkadotted things all over it and if the people made this game I doing this I don’t list is not me and I want you to change that because I love that you make I’ll be easy for us because I love making pictures but usually these games are kind of hard and this one isn’t go get this game and it was the best one whatever it’s called!!!!!!!😍🤩
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5 years ago, pineapple qween6
Would recommend
This game is awesome I stayed up till 3:00 am one night playing it I definitely would recommend for younger kids I think that this is the best coloring game I’ve had so far there are not a lot of little details so it is easier for kids to use it unlike color by number apps that have the little squares you have to get coloring in it is really satisfying to see the spots getting colored in I would definitely recommend
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4 years ago, noelani2000
Love this app
This app is AWESOME many ways to change your colors, highlights all kinds great stuffs to make your coloring pictures so beautiful 💖💖💖💖💖I just finished my jigsaw puzzle and I tired to save it went blank on my iPad now I can’t put the pieces together unless I have to start all over again isn’t fair finished painting a jigsaw puzzle worked hard in doing it. Please fix it gave you a 5 stars hate to rate you a 1 star.
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5 years ago, MrsSparkleG
I’ve had this app for a very long time it has become my stress relief. Although I love using this app I have been seeing that it has been advertising afro-American or diverse pictures and I don’t see the pics that they keep advertising. I would love to be able to color the pictures that are being advertised. It’s unnerving to think that those pics may be used solely to get the app downloaded but not actually have them on the app. I can count the pictures on my hand that I colored that was urban. It would be nice to color more.
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5 years ago, Anna banana🐵🍌
Anna banana🐵🍌
I had this game for about three weeks and it’s not even worth the time and I’m pretty impressed by this app and it has really improved the quality with work so much fun and addictive to keep it simple to use it makes it easier and better to play without it being able too be good enough and It is not to go away and you can only do a little more than one thing
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5 years ago, mp12112
One of the best so far
Just downloaded it last night. After I finished the first one it went to the different effects you can choose. Never seen this in other coloring apps. Was surprised when I saw it. But I love it because you can change it from the original to something a bit different and has some cute pictures plus you don’t have to pay for it.
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5 years ago, Jesus'sgirl
Fun With A Bit Of Work Needed
Great coloring app, I like several others and this one has the new feature of all the finishing touch options which I enjoy. The only problem with it is the touch recognition is a bit slow. You have to tap a bit firmer and a lot slower and more deliberately than other coloring apps I use. Once that is fixed I would give it 5 stars. It’s not a make or break kind of thing, it’s just noticeably slower than it should be.
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5 years ago, rebecca6949
Needs some changes
I like how the numbers disappear as you complete that color. I also like the picture selection to choose from. Things I don’t like... there is no way to know if I’ve already completed a picture unless I click on it. If you start a pic and are not able to finish it, it automatically goes in the gallery incomplete or complete. Other games like this the pictures once was completed disappeared out of the ones to choose from and went into gallery as completed.
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4 years ago, Cheerdiva365
Amazing Game
This game is incredible because most of the pictures are free .if they aren’t all you do is you have to watch a short ad and boom you have the picture you want . I also love how you can choose what you want the texture of the picture to be . For an example you can choose your picture to look like it’s on a brick wall . I would definitely recommend.
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5 years ago, baileyrandella
help! almost perfect app
i love this app a lot, i spend lots of time relaxing and coloring in these pictures. there are tons to choose from and the colors are always surprising and fun but unfortunately i keep experiencing a MAJOR glitch where i suddenly can’t see anything but the Basics section of pictures to color. i can still see my gallery, but can’t find or choose any new pics😢 i deleted and redownloaded the app once but it happened again! help!
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4 years ago, ryklfsjgsxu
Great Game!
This is a great game! I would not change anything I would just really like if we could get everything with like stars that we would have to earn from making art works. I love the jigsaws and everything. Keep up the good work. I will be waiting for the updates. Whoever thought of this should be a legend. I owe it all to you! It keeps me calm. So please, keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Breaking bad1990
No new pictures
I’ve had this app for over a year! Colored everyday and eventually got caught up to just what was the daily picture, which were usually 4-5 pictures. Super fun and great pictures. HOWEVER after the first of the year they stopped uploading pictures, it’s been days since there has been anything new! I’ve seen on their Facebook countless people asking when any new pictures will be available and it’s never answered and sometimes the posts get deleted. SUPER DISAPPOINTED! Glad I never paid for the app, it would of been a WASTE of money
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3 years ago, vigreen27
So fun
When I first got this game wasn’t that like it was like gonna be like a little bit of spooky stuff but when I opened it I love the pictures so much it was so amazing I am mediately started a picture that’s glittery it was so beautiful when I was done I started more pictures it was reallyBeautiful I haven’t stopped playing until I was nine
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5 years ago, myifone65
Best coloring app....
I’ve finally been able to upgrade to a newer device (iPad 7th gen.), I had 3rd gen.. Anyways, I had this app on there also, and believe me when I say that this is the best color by numbers app. I’ve used. I have tried several and the simplicity of this one is far better than the others I’ve used. Just get it and you’ll see for yourself. 🙂
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5 years ago, DerangedVoices
Really decent coloring app
My only complaint about this app is that some of the smaller numbered areas to color are quite difficult to color. I've zoomed in as far as possible and still can't seem to click on it. If they could make it to where as long as you're really close to the number/area, it should find the piece you're trying to color and allow it to be colored. Other than that, great app.
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5 years ago, chicken to Quito
Color fun
I love this game it’s so fun I love how you can change the texture and where you want the coloring to be on me what you want the color picture to be on and I love how you can just push and swirl and it just the way you like it and I close how you can change the outline of it in a sparkly I just like my favorite is magic won the filter yeah this game is awesome by the way this is Claire Heim Air kisses Air kisses By Claire Heim XOXO
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5 years ago, MLippold65
I really enjoy this!
I’ve tried to find the free versions of coloring but most of them look like they’re for children and took 10 minutes tops to complete and it wasn’t anything I’d share with anyone. This has a great free selection or premium if you want to pay. The colors are so much more vibrant and the special effects are really cool. I’d give it five stars if it didn’t have the premium tier you have to pay for. It’s still really good-
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5 years ago, Nyce family
Fun but...
I love this game it calms me, but it just doesn’t have any different people, for example the woman are mostly white, and there should be Indians, blacks, mixes, and all of those, I’m pretty disappointed because I would love to color any race but they just had to make them white. If they fix this problem then I would definitely give this a five star, thanks to all of you who spent your time reading this, and I hope at least some of you guys or girls state the same opinion. 🙂
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5 years ago, briannna😎
Amazing app
This app shows you how to use proper colors to make different arts that usually people can’t sketch or draw.I find this app interesting because you add different colors to different parts of your picture step by step to create a masterpiece.I was inspired to use this app on an ad while playing a game called rescue cut. I shared this game to 4 school friends and we all gave this game 5 star’s.
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2 years ago, Mighty Duck Girl
Sooooo much fun!!!!!
I think that this game is so fun!!!! When I’m bored I like to just come and relax while doing one of my favorite things… coloring! But, I think it’s a bit stupid that you have to pay money for some of the really cool things. So I think that they should change that, but other than that, I love the game!😊😊😊😊
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5 years ago, dsFhfhfhss
My daughter and I love the app, but lately it’s been very glitchy. It goes to an ad before and after every picture, not just the ones where it says watch a video to unlock; an after the ad the screen glitches to a black screen and I can’t get back to the picture. I have to restart the app and go through having the ad okay again. This goes on for about 5 times of restarting the app before I get frustrated and just quit or it miraculously works. Definitely some bugs need to get fixed.
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4 years ago, singinghymns
Missed opportunity
This is a great app except for a few issues. One, sometimes the pictures are of such poor quality that they are not fun to color. Other times, the color choices don’t have any color to them. The spaces don’t show that they can be colored, and when you color them, they are just white instead of the color they are supposed to be. Please take the time to look at the pictures to make sure they are done correctly and that they have better skill involved.
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5 years ago, hateitsomuch113
Coloring fun 🥰😘😍
I love your game please put more photos and put photos of princesses and if you could please add a section we’re we could make our own photos I see you added the princess Rapunzel to the game please add Ariel Cinderella tiana Moana and other Disney princess also please remove the trial thing you put off the princess please and thank you and that is why I gave you a five star review
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3 years ago, Treesil
So much fun!
I have oodles of color by number apps and some I rarely use any more because unless you totally enlarge the picture back and forth, which takes finishing a picture a very time consuming feat and gives me a headache, it’s not doable or relaxing! Thank you for your app, it’s relaxing and fun and doesn’t take forever to finish .... all the reasons I do it to begin with. So to you, thank you so much 😊
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5 years ago, mikaylamags
This is literally the one of the only good coloring apps that I’ve found that u don’t have to pay to get a lot of images and the features they have all you have to get more images is watch a short ad that’s like usually only 30 seconds. The only reason why Im reviewing this app bc it’s a good app and I would recommend getting this
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5 years ago, Gish Tong
Don’t Download This App; Its a waste of space
When I decided to give this app a try, I saw that there were many Harry Potter themed coloring sheets. However, after looking through every single category, there was only one Harry Potter themed coloring page. I was severely disappointed. When I clicked on the coloring page of Hermione. Apparently, it was locked? All coloring pages were locked, unless you had a premium subscription. What the heck? Only one was available. When I clicked on it, I got a freaking ad. This app is a sham. Please don’t download this app or be prepared for a bunch of ads.
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5 years ago, SnoopyBabiiee😘
Legitimately Astounding
I Have To Say This Is The Upmost Five Stared Coloring App, If I’m Bored At Work Or Stressing Over Something Little I Tend To Take It Out On People So To Avoid That I Open Up My Color Page And Pick Out A Beautiful Picture And Place Attention On How The Colors Creativity Blends. Great Stress Reliever 🙌🏼 Wonderful Color Arrangement 🌈 Such A Organized App/ Updates Aren’t Inconveniences. •Absolutely Recommend Downloading
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4 years ago, tina hot princess
REALLY FUN……but a little glitchy
I love this game so much but the problem is that it is a little glitchy. How it is glitchy is that when you tap on where you want to place the color it takes a while to show up. I get frustrated when I have to keep tapping on my iPad to get it to show up. But otherwise it is REALLY FUN!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗
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4 years ago, Lottiecorn
This game isn’t the best because when you finish your painting there are textures and you have to watch ads to get them. There are also a lot of ads like when I was talking about the textures. ADS HERE ADS THERE ADS ADS EVERYWHERE! It gets annoying, very annoying 😤😡. The app has some really nice features and effects but all of them take forever. BORING! Hopefully the people that made this game will fix it. Don’t get the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, keawea!
So Fun!🤩🤩
When I first saw this game, I knew I would love it right away! Ever sense I was like TWO I would just draw. NONSTOP! I couldn’t til I was five... so one of my ways of communication was drawing how I felt. Even today I like to doodle on my test.😁! And this game amazes me! I love everything about it!🤗 If I did have to say one thing I didn’t like about it would be the ads. AND THAT ALL!😁😁
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5 years ago, Duuuuude idc about a Nickname
Love it ♥️
Out of the 4 color apps I have downloaded this is the best one! Everything is free! I like how it automatically goes to the next color and I don’t have to tap on it. I really like how I can change the texture of the color pages. I thought that was pretty cool. I actually want to print a few of these. 5 star for sure!
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4 years ago, KaaRma07
Enjoying This App
I truly enjoy not only coloring photos but I think it’s cool that we have options of different types of accents to the finished version. All I have is the free version & I’m thoroughly enjoying the selection. I not only downloaded this app once but twice when I had to get a new phone. Thank You
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2 years ago, hatesglitter
Good app
This is a good app. The reason I gave it just two stars is the fact that it can be a huge challenge to find all the colors. They make it really hard for even those with good eye sight to find the colors, I can only imagine the problems someone that is elderly might have. I understand that they want to sell subscriptions to this, but not everyone can afford to pay the ridiculous prices they asked for these apps.
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5 years ago, EmpressRBG
I love BUT!
I really love this app! I love the ability to stylize the pictures. BUT It’s very frustrating that when I click on a picture and then an ad pops up then the screen goes black. I then have to completely close the app and re launch the app and select a different picture it does this a lot. So definitely something to work on. Because it’s frustrating enough to stick to my happy color app
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5 years ago, Lip skinny
👎Very Disappointing
Doesn’t respond to taps. You have to expand any smaller areas and press several times to finally get them to color in. It is actually Stressful😡 (Not relaxing) to have to keep tapping the area so many times to get it to take the color. I also HATE the way it tries to force you to color the picture in the number order it wants you to color the picture, instead of the way I want to color the picture. If you want a really good free coloring app download “Happy Color”, it is by far the best free coloring app available.
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