ColorSnap® Match

4.7 (5.1K)
54.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Variable Technologies LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for ColorSnap® Match

4.71 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Guerthy
I like it because since I have epilepsy even though I have a marketing degree no business wanted to give me a job since I graduated from college. It’s why I’m always changing the colors of my house every year or two to improve the look of my house and I can keep myself busy and learn more of how to decorate a house by section with the decorations that I have just changing the colors of walls and kitchen cabinets as well as bathroom cabinets. I’d nice to see a new face in my home and feel as if is completely new. Thank you for this help for more inspiration.
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2 years ago, marvel28
Not user friendly
This is a waste of an app. One, I’m not buying a $50 accessory to scan existing paint so I can compare shades. What I’d LOVE and would make this a useful and friendly, practical app is to be able to compare shades I’ve saved. To be able to create MY OWN coordinating color palate to better visualize how colors I might want go together or not. Building on that idea, it would be awesome if SW made it so it could tell me if they are complementary, id they are more yellow or bluish in a varying shade. Like some blues are more gray, or purple. THEN to be able to see these saved colors on an image, more that one color on everything. These suggestions would be fantastic for the computer (web) version of Color Snap as well. My furnace blew soot ALL over my house so EVERYTHING needs to be repainted, in every room. We recently bought this home, so it needed painting anyway-but it’s every room. That’s a lot of paint choices! It would be helpful if this painting “tool” was more versatile. A competitive company’s color tool does better in many of these areas so it’s surprising SW hasn’t bothered. It doesn’t help that the mini containers for mixing paint samples hasn’t been available in over two years, and tiny color chips are not enough. This app need more features, better coding, to make it worth the hassle of selecting from thousands of paint options.
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4 years ago, Lucksw/me
It takes the guesswork out of the equation.
This device exactly matched a white ceiling paint as well as a white wall paint that was 20 years old that needed a small patch repainted. Perfect. Do you have any idea how many colors of white there are? This app saved me a lot of money from experimenting.
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3 years ago, Emilys3boys
Beware—Colors are WAY off. Get a paint sample!
We used this app to “paint” a photo of our house with an HOA-approved color scheme. What looked like a light tan on the app was actually a medium gray. Not even remotely close. Our biggest mistake was not getting a color sample at the store. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Changing the color would have cost us an extra $2500 for new paint and labor, so we are going with a color scheme that we would never have chosen had I taken the app’s rendering with a grain of salt and gotten a paint sample. I’m going to have to re-tile in our backyard and change out outdoor furniture to match the new color scheme. Really kicking myself.
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3 years ago, selah54935
2 stars for the idea, 1 star for needing device
Thinking I want to color match a paint for some small touchups, I look for a solution. I find a solution suggestion on SW site. I look for the app mentioned and install it. I create an account and log in. And I run into the same issue others mentioned - you have to have a separate device - “sold separately” for $70 -to use the app. Fastest uninstall ever. I’d be happy to pay a few bucks for the app, but I’m not paying $70 for something that I can get for free by bringing a chip of paint into the store... and FTL, please don’t start charging people for color matching “because you can.”
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1 year ago, TellingMyRealExperience
$70 device must be purchased before you can use the app
Missed opportunities. I love the concept, but reviews of those who have spent the money on the device repeatedly state the accuracy of colors is poor or inconsistent. So why would I throw down that money if things are not actually going to match? Especially when nothing from the developer indicates addressing this complaint. The quality of paint and how long it remains viable if the can is sealed properly; can’t be beat! But this app as it is missed the mark. I will just bring in the item or a sample from a wall.
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2 years ago, kkw-wi
App colors are kind of close - shopping is a challenge
App color matching is not exact - it’s always a few shades off. Will get you the general shade but definitely also get samples in a shade darker and also a shade lighter. Buying is a challenge … Sherwin Williams does not organize their paint chips by number in the store so it takes a lot of hunting and some help to find the colors that could be quickly found if the store experience mirrored the app experience.
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3 years ago, PhillySpicey
Lost a loyal customer because of this app
I’ve been a loyal customer of Sherwin Williams since I purchased my house in 2009, spending thousands of dollars on paint, tools, and sooo many samples…. I used to use the color matching app but haven’t done so in a few years and a few phones ago. I downloaded it again today to see what colors S-W has close to a paint card from another company I picked up the other day, and now I’m being forced to buy a useless piece of hardware to be able to use the app? I can no longer trust a company that wants to screw people like that.
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3 years ago, mac's painting
Color matching
As a business owner and professional painter for 20 years, I really love the idea of this device. Typically it comes pretty close to the color I test it on, but I have yet to receive an exact match, even when trying it on a sample color out of the color fan deck. I hope to see this Technology 1 day be able to produce an exact match, as it will make my customers life’s easier as well as saving them money on obtaining several samples to find the right match.
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2 years ago, katigrl_gymnast:)
Bad app
I got this app to test out the paint colors in my room. Although the app previews mentioned nothing about buying a $70 dollar product just to test out the colors in a room. It is also very sensitive, (on my phone) about connecting to WiFi. Every minute it would pop up saying you need to connect to WiFi to continue with the app. The app is also confusing. It does have a preview about how to use the app, just like any other app. But after that, it just gets more and more confusing. Please take my word, DO NOT GET THIS APP.
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3 years ago, Dkekfkdkemdkgkfncnd
Not user friendly
I really wanted to like this, because the concept is so helpful. But there are so many user challenges. It crashes every few minutes. There didn’t seem to be a way to make a favorites list or saved colors list. Your palette can only have a certain number of paints. Beyond that you get denied. So you have to replace them. It makes you start the search process all over after each color. There’s no back.
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3 years ago, DeFluxx
Useless without device
I was on Instagram and saw the ad for this app. We are redoing our bedroom and other rooms and need to decide on paint. I download the app, create an account, only to find out that I need some device that I have to go drive to the store to buy in order for it to work with this app. Would’ve been nice to know that before I downloaded the app. I will not be buying Sherman Williams paint ever. I am now annoyed because I know that since I have my email address you’re gonna be emailing me with “specials”.
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4 years ago, PaladinVic
Great device, but key feature missing
I love how fairly accurate and quick the match device is however I am amazed I can’t just order out of the app directly. Am I missing this feature somewhere? How great would it be to color match something and then order it right away????
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2 years ago, Src57
Close but not perfect
Tried on walls & trim recently painted with Sherwin Williams paint. It correctly identified 1 of 3 colors. One had the correct paint as it’s 4th option, and the third did not even list the color used. So if you’re doing a complete repaint or matching accessories it’s probably close enough. If you’re trying repair or only update sections it’s a bit of a risk.
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5 months ago, carmelit88
Game changer!!!
I’m not sure of any other reviews. But this is technology at its best! For those of you who want to simplify your color coordination this is it simple to use. Also, give you closest to the color you want and sheen!
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3 years ago, CF-cap100
Works Great
This is so easier to see and to use then my last handheld device from Sherwin Williams. I love the color matches surrounding a particular collar as well as a Sherwin Williams paint number for it. My wife talked me into buying this and I’m glad she did!
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3 years ago, Mandakh. E
iPhone 12 pro
Can't register. The form went up after putting credentials and it makes it unable to check agent and got register button
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7 days ago, apri84
Won’t create a custom color
Very disappointing. I did realize the device had to be purchased but wanted a custom color for some stucco touch ups. The app will only match to predefined SW colors. Although the store can custom mix to match anything this app and device will not help you with that. The only way I achieved a matching custom color was to take a piece of torn off stucco to the store - exactly what I was trying to avoid. Missed opportunity here
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2 years ago, Doulos5
Color matching made easy. Worth the money
10 seconds to match a color versus going through a book of color wheels is so much easier.
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4 years ago, SoupMom88
Soooo helpful!
I was married to my color choices and had discarded my swatches. Thankfully, ColorSnap saved the day. I found the second color choice to be exact about 2 out of 3 times. Enjoy your search!
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2 days ago, Pbraff
Great device and app
Big fan of this tool and app. Saves me time and helps me organize project colors for my customers. Highly recommend.
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3 months ago, J.s2021
Very helpful
This app is very useful for finding colors and when used with a SW color fan deck it saves time matching and coordinating colors
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2 years ago, some woman using the app
Have to buy another device to use! Waste of time!!
I never write reviews on apps but I’m so annoyed I felt I had to. SW paint is the best and that’s the only paint we buy. I was excited to try to this app but it’s a total waste of time. At least I didn’t set up an account like others did. I can’t believe this app is rated as high as it is! I will be immediately deleting this app!
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3 years ago, R. Uncle Pennybags
Not worth the money
This application is capable of getting a precise (allegedly) color reading with Lab values (which can be converted to RGB codes), but you can’t actually get a paint tainted from that, even though it should precisely describe the color. Instead, you can only get it to estimate the closest color Sherwin Williams sells off the shelf — which may not be very close to the actual color at all. Not worth $70.
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3 years ago, R Discher
I wanted to see what my house would look like if we repainted with a certain SW color. Downloaded the app and hoped I could just upload a photo of my house and tap and change the color. Nope. Got some message about needing an account and a color sensor I have to buy and connect vis blue tooth? Fiddled with it for a while and it’s completely unworkable. Delete.
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1 week ago, PTP LLC
Clear instructions
Device pairs easily. Instructions are provided and easy to follow.
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5 months ago, Steve4258
Director of maintenance
Being the newest of my staff I could not do my job without this tool!
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6 months ago, dennymd
GREAT PRODUCT -bad battery life
My ONLY complaint is the battery doesn’t last long at all.
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4 years ago, The Inspectah Deck
Easy and quick. Devs listen to feedback!
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11 months ago, PennyLane523
You have to buy additional hardware
The Sherwood-Williams website made no mention of the requirement to purchase devices from their stores for this app to work. I assumed from the description that it would allow the user to match a scan to a Sherwin Williams color.
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2 months ago, Jupitr1997
NOT usable with mobile phone
The website did not mention having to have a scanning device to use this app. I can go to Lowe’s for that. IMO this scan/match functionality should be available to perform on your mobile phone.
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11 months ago, I love chromecast
Would be great if the colors shown on the app actually matched the paint
The concept is great. However, once you arrive at the store with a color in mind that you found on this app, prepare for it to look nothing like shown and have to start all over in the store.
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2 years ago, c_h_q95
Couldn’t even get the app to work
I opened the app and it only gave me a login screen and when I created the account it would just keep bringing up the login screen and wouldn’t allow me to do anything else. Didn’t work at all.
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3 years ago, RN129834765
Absolutely useless App
You have to buy a color sensor to use the App. Makes no sense. All I want to do is take a picture of my wall and try different colors. No option to do this if you select the Bluetooth option during setup. Incredibly dumb app design.
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4 years ago, greenturtle22
Perfect for wall to wall painting. I wanted to find a good group of coordinating colors for my living room and kitchen. Great product!
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4 years ago, Kimmiemz
Need to buy Color Sensor
I was duped into downloading this app from the BIG ad Sherwin Williams had in the May issue of HGTV magazine which NEVER mentioned I needed to buy a “color sensor” from SW in order to use it. Totally misleading and makes me angry that I put in all my information only to find that out.
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4 years ago, m&kg
I wish
I wish the numbers and names would remain longer on history
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4 years ago, triligee
Color match
Very convenient device! Works great!
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3 years ago, MotamanB
Free app ….but needs $70 device to work
You’d think that a paint store would loan you the device so you could come back and buy their very expensive paint. Not charge you $70 to buy a device that pairs w the app to make it work …..
Show more
4 years ago, TinTin in the Desert
Downloaded the app because I have several houses to paint, interior work. Play the others I was put off when I discovered I needed to open an account. More disgusted to find the attempted lure to purchase some gadget hardware from Sherman Williams. Shame on Apple for pimping this snake oil product.
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2 years ago, Nancy W5
Awesome tool
Goodbye to wasted samples & pints of paint trying to match a older color!!!
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11 months ago, SarahInSeattle
New feature: Buy $70 device
Why have an app when you need to buy a $70 device to match colors? Isn’t Sherwin’s business selling paint, not devices that double as an iPhone camera?
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2 years ago, kj yates
Need notes
Bring the notes feature back or I will not use this anymore, for someone who does more than 5 houses a week, we NEED the notes feature
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2 years ago, painting HCA
Color snap.
Firm believer. This device works !!
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4 years ago, SoccerPaul
Only works with standard SW colors
Closes match to Sherman Williams standard colors. May be ok for some construction people. Extremely expensive hardware. Cheaper and easier to use razor blade to cut a sample and let them match it.
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2 years ago, hfbhfnf
Hard to use
Forward and back arrows? Ccant figure it out. Want to change color in room view. How? Even writing this review did t show up in window. Fix it.
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1 year ago, Thunderpuf
A must have for contractors
Easiest paint matching app ever! Get it now
Show more
4 years ago, Graharg
No camera interface
I expect you o be able to take a picture and have the app list close choices. That is not what happens. It wants me to connect to some device. Just work! Stupid app
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4 years ago, python_cowboy
scanned wall in shed and got grape mist which is correct to what id painted it also been using the color save part on my cats to compare their fur color haha this is what technology can do in 2020 might paint their room that colors
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2 years ago, Mama91111
Waste of time and effort
I just wanted to take a picture of my room to try on the paint color. The website said I needed this app. Not at all what I needed! What a headache this was! Delete.
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