ColorSnap® Visualizer

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The Sherwin-Williams Company
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ColorSnap® Visualizer

4.09 out of 5
29.4K Ratings
3 years ago, sassy crafter
Handy, but the live painting feature needs work
I bought a house in 2019 and have used this app frequently when trying to pick paint colors. It’s been a big help to have color options available at my fingertips. However I do wish the live painting feature worked a little better. It often tells me it can’t detect a surface and that it needs more light. And then if it does detect the surface, it sometimes applies the paint color irregularly. I found that the web tool works better than the app when trying to create a mock-up with different paint colors. Keep in mind that online screen colors aren’t always totally accurate, so you may want to get a sample to test before you commit to buying gallon(s) of paint.
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6 years ago, scottysteph
Lear How to Use
This app is great. I was worried it wouldn’t work based on negative reviews. You have to learn how to use it. If you click on paint a scene, you have to choose a color either new or from your saved SW paint perks colors, then it will access your camera. It does at first, take you to a pre loaded scene, but go back to the camera live using the arrow at the top, then touch the screen and it will load it to your own live picture. It just takes a little exploring, but it does work. It may not be flawless but it’s the best I have used to get a color on your own actual wall to see what it will look like. I’m not sure the color it paints is very accurate. I wouldn’t choose a color based on this first. I would choose a color you really like, then put it in this app to get a “general” idea what it will look like. All electronic devices are going to vary in their pixels and look different. The chip is still going to be the most accurate.
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1 year ago, BSB-Tuba
This is a parody app, right?
Seriously this is a joke app, right? Even on an iPhone 13 pro max, it was totally unable to render color changes in any room in my house that I tried it. I’ve tried this with full afternoon sunlight as well as various shades and brightnesses of white with my 150w equivalent LED smart bulbs. I would be embarrassed to have my company’s name on this app. Furthermore, if you want to delete your account they require that you provide a ton of private information just so you can ask them to delete that information. That’s ridiculous. I was able to sign up in the app with my email and password, I should be able to delete my account by providing them my email and password in the account. They don’t need my private information to delete my account. They need my email address. So do yourself a favor, skip this app, this company clearly does not really care about functionality or your privacy. Makes me wonder if they care about producing a high-quality product. I will not be buying paint for my home remodel from a Sherwin-Williams store.
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3 years ago, court0109
Needs Improvement
Sometimes I like this app, but it is often frustrating for me. Here are a few things that I wish could be fixed: 1) The eraser tool often doesn’t erase where I am selecting, or it erases more than I have selected. It is never accurate. 2) You can’t choose more than one color at a time. I wanted to see how a room would look with white trim and a particular paint color, but there is no way to do this. Whatever color you select, will paint the entire area. 3) The color I select very often doesn’t match the swatch. I was trying to paint a room with comfort gray, and it ended up looking white. So I don’t feel like I have been able to accurately see what the color will look like. 4) I really wish there was a way to select an area that you don’t want the paint to appear. Every single time I try to paint a wall, it paints the ceiling that color too. And, as stated above, using the eraser tool doesn’t always work.
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7 years ago, Emily Nolin
I love this app
I adore this app. I am very deliberate about apps on my phone. I am so minimal with them. I am moving to Asheville with my family and I am in charge of the color so I am looking for perfect paints. I went to Sherwin Williams today and found the color chips that I liked; I had already downloaded this app. I am blown away with the way that this works. It is so amazing. It gives you such a good idea of the way the colors will look in the rooms. Between going into the store and using this app, I have VERY EASILY, VERY ENJOYABLY found colors that I adore for our rooms in our new home. This is exactly the way I envisioned apps-- practical, useful, easy-to-use, leading-edge, enjoyable and fun. This has been a pleasure to use and has helped me so much in my move. I love this app and it's a value to this store, ensuring just another reason for customers to use SW paint. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, CoachKersey
Much Needed App
I love the versatility of this app. You can paint walls from a picture, paint from the camera screen, take a picture to match colors, etc. Having said that, the app needs a lot of fine tuning, from color accuracy to defining color boundaries, to the ability to paint different walls different colors with ease. For example, well-bred brown is a gorgeous rich brown between milk chocolate to a dark chocolate. We have it in our home now. I tried applying it via images using the app to a couple of walls in a home I’m decorating now. This well-bred brown showed up as a very light grey, almost white, to a medium gray, depending on the wall. So between the inaccuracy of the color plus the differing colors, I’d suggest not relying on your mock up without rolling an actual sample color on your wall before deciding. Hopefully these and other issues will be resolved soon because the tool itself is very ingenious.
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3 years ago, Whimsical-wonder
Color my world
I’ve been using this app since Sherwin Williams first came out with it, and so far it’s helped me decide which paints and colors to use, with each and every renovation, painting projects. At times (due to time of day, lighting, and most likely whatever filter I’m using on my phone at the time) the colors can be off a little, or a lot less often, by a lot. However, it’s another way to let me envision colors I’ve chosen, BEFORE I actually decide which paint colors are best, for every project. Paint chips taped to the wall (although helpful) are just too small for me to get a total important impression of what a room is going to turn out like, before I spend too much on the incorrect hues, tones, undertones, etc. I’m VERY thankful to SW for allowing us to download and use this much appreciated tool, for the most perfect painting jobs ever! Also, SW paints are my favorite, due to their amazing coverage, and the butter like spreadability of their paints. Only problem is... I love to paint, and because of this, it’s difficult for me to keep my walls, and other painted surfaces the same colors for very long. Good thing SW also offers us such amazing discount offers throughout the year. Thank you Sherwin Williams! 👍❤️
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4 months ago, gahdkekf
The best
There paints always taste great but it seems that lately they have been tasting like thick cleaning solution which is ok if it’s that kinda weekend but i typically get off work and race home to sit a smash some exterior latex a pint atleast amd then snack of the latex chips that I make by the Ton so she On the go I can feed my addiction to paint eating 2 is almost half a pint which usally handles my Shakes in the morn but has anyone else noticed the taste quality and color I’ll leave for another time i will say dark sun more like bark pun I might just go back to classic huffing technique without losing everything and moving in under the bridge I’ll just take a little taste test i won’t even get a color ring around my lips bc i got the good paper huffing bags but lemme know paint heads
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2 years ago, Bre Holmdie
Pretty terrible so far
I have only just got this app, but I’m already ultra annoyed with it. Every time I try to add a picture for color match or even to paint a room it “freezes”. Not in the sense that it stops working at all; I can select photos, go from album to album, but it will not proceed past that. I cannot cancel the action or select that I’m done. So I have to force close the app to try again with something different. I tried the virtual reality instead, but I think the room I’m looking at is too small and it will not recognize the wall. And if it does it makes everything the color I’m looking at, including my painting, etc. That’s not very helpful. And it doesn’t save my color choices in the VR mode. Anytime I move away from it I have to re-select everything I picked. Maybe I need to create an account? Haven’t gotten that far. The app prompted me to review, so I did. I hope it gets better
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5 years ago, Bama909
Snapping fun!
The Color Snap app has been so much fun, as I research different colors to plan painting the exterior of our home. I have spent hours searching Pinterest, Houzz, & the Internet for photos of house exterior colors that I want to possibly use for our house. I take s screenshots & crop the image, then use “Color Match” (within the Color Snap app) to determine exactly what paint colors I like. I love the ability to pull my favorite screenshots, to determine which Sherwin-Williams paint color is the closest match to the colors used within the photo. The ability to “Paint a Scene” is easy enough, when using their selection of scenes. The developers need to improve the ability to paint a scene from my own screenshots. Otherwise, the app offers a lot of snapping fun!
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2 years ago, aartiste
Sadly useless
Very poor computer generation of colour on walls. Makes little to no use of existing shadows in photos so that the result is totally unrealistic. It’s about as useful as if you printed a photo and poured sample paints over it except that the lighting in the photo does not correspond to the lighting of the poured paint. The user interface is very clumsy. The paint selections are not displayed in any convenient array. And they are incomplete: you have to search by colour name to find most paint colours. Using the limited selection they display, you have to scroll through the tabs for reds, oranges, etc to get to neutrals, for example, and if you scroll too fast it jumps back to the start. Colour recognition is very poor. I used photos taken of a room painted with a Sherwin-Williams paint. Holding the photos in my phone up to the room, the colours in the room were nearly exact. But the “match a photo” tool was way off in identifying the paint. And when I used the “paint a photo” tool to paint the wall in the actual Sherwin-Williams paint it was already painted, the result was hilariously different. I would say this app was a nice concept but utterly useless in practice unless you have no eye for colour and don’t notice the difference between bright yellow and pale cream.
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3 years ago, app_tinted_glasses
Least worst paint chip app
I decided to go with SW paint because of the quality of the paint itself, and the app is better than others but still not great. I know any kind of color preview or matching is going to be a rough estimate at best, so I get paint chips as a baseline then use this app to see what’s close to that but with more blue undertones, for example. The palette function is very buggy, half the time it doesn’t save. I wish I could move around colors and see different things next to each other so that I can get a sense of what trim colors would work. I also wish I could just see a full screen swatch without half the screen taken up by their preview of what it would look like in a room. Minus one star for not supporting the HGTV color line from Lowe’s, which is the only place you can even hope to get a sample pot these days.
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3 years ago, Pluviophile13
Useless for paint matching
I am a property manager and oversee renovations of apartment units. I bought the datacolor ColorReader EZ in order to match existing paint colors when we need to touch up the paint. We use Kelly-Moore and Benjamin-Moore paints exclusively. To test it out, I scanned a spot of a wall that had been freshly painted with Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee. I was so disappointed that the device came up with five different readings of the same area of the wall under the same lighting conditions, none of which were even white much less the Swiss Coffee! This reader works somewhat if you’re looking for a paint color that works with an object, but NOT for the purpose of matching wall paint. I found out that my bedsheet color matched with Sherwin-Williams Butterscotch, which is useless info for me, but at least I know it works for *something*! Glad I can write off the cost as a business expense and that there’s no charge for using the app.
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2 years ago, SuperKat3
Awkward interface & functionality…eventually it works
I’m a longtime design pro and specify SW most of the time. Navigating to access the tools I want to use is awkward, slow and frustrating. even though i log in as A&D, your site sends me all over the place before I can ever get to what I came to do, such as match a photo, order large samples, etc. Your site is too contractor and consumer-based and each session has me resubmitting my login credentials multiple times. I brought this up to my wonderful former A&D rep over 6 years ago and see no improvement. She understood these issues as I logged in right next to her to show her what I experience from user perspective. I experience the same frustrations whether I am on my MacBook, iPhone, IPad or Chrome or Safari browser.
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4 years ago, Voldemort3000
Worked Pretty Good.
I love the idea of this app since many times I have trouble trying to imagine the color on the wall using a small slip of paper. However the app was a bit confusing to try and work but I eventually figured it out. The other problem was it has trouble figuring out what’s the wall and what’s not. The gray color I tried covered the walls fine and I got a small preview of what the room would look like. However, some objects near the walls were colored the gray as well. This isn’t a huge problem but it just doesn’t give the full look of what it would look exactly like. Besides for those two reasons i think it’s a great app that can really help you ihr picking a paint color.
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4 years ago, Addie'sDaddy
Easy to use
I have been a residential painter for 30 years. This technology has been essential for my business in guiding the customer to choose the best color for their project. I have suggested this app to my customers after some basic instructions on how to navigate through the functions. I have used the RGB function to compare the customer color choices to each other for warmth and neutrality. The Share palette is perfect for collaborating between individuals and groups. I still carry a color sample book to consultations, but it is mostly to verify that the color choices are accurately represented by the electronic devices screen being used that day.
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4 years ago, babbleakh
This tool doesn’t work if the space is already dark color
There are several things I’d fix: 1. It’s really frustrating I can only choose 1 color at a time to paint an existing picture of my house, even though I have a paint pallete. If I choose a different color, it repainted everything with that new color. I can’t see how accents work with each other. 2. If I repaint the same picture several times, it starts to change the color to a whiter color than it was. It doesn’t seem to match the color I picked at all. I keep having to save my picture and reload it to get a deeper color of what I want(think of it as double coating) but this doesn’t work at all on a picture that has dark colors. Our house is deep red and I can’t get the light gray color I want to be represented without it still showing tons of red. I can’t get an accurate representation
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2 years ago, Aaron Borgerding
Pretty Good with qualifications
This worked pretty well for us but only under specific conditions. We tried a whole house view and everything, including the darkest colors came out really light. What worked best was to get within 3-5 feet in full sunlight. I took a screenshot of a corner of the house in the app with the desired color applied then an after picture of the same corner in the same conditions. The colors were very close in shade and tint. We chose Classic French Grey. Not sure how other colors would fair. I wish you could apply multiple colors to pictures.
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2 years ago, AleinOne
To Close to See It !!
It is so very, very close to See It in. A very Bright Sunny Morning !! It’s also very, very, Close to See it in. A very Bright Sunny Sunset I, have to tell you,, I have a All Wall Of East Window’s. 28’feet Long. And as the Bright Sunny Sunset’s, I have a All Wall Of West Window’s, & Sliders, for the Bottom Set of window’s. This is Now Changed to the East Window’s. So I May Open, The Bottom Set of Each Sliders, on the East, & ,West, Side Of These Bank's of 28’feet Long Windows.!!. They as East, & ,West are Also 24’feet High. And This Whole Room Is Painted with A Sprayer Set At Thirty-five Pounds of Pressure and This Blue as a fourteen count, of Black into their, 55gallon of this best looking Color weather the Sun Rises or Sun Sets It Matches So Very, very close to See It In. That’s In The Northern Sky of Northern Michigan in Mid-June through Mid-July and can’t wait till the next year if “I” Should Decided in a Change of Color Again !!!! Thank-You for your Time You Taken in Reading of My Color of Choice, I have, taken.
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1 year ago, tired of techno
Doesn’t work easily
It won’t let me separate out the body color to the trim color to an accent color. When I click on another color to color the trim or eves it paints the whole house that color. It’s also not easy to use on a phone. I really like that idea but the tools to paint should be easier to use, especially on a phone since that’s what most people would use it on. You should be able to drag your finger and paint where you would like, or draw out the lines and then hit the paint feature and it would tell her within those lines only. Then you should be able to click over and draw out new parameters and pick a different color and hit the paint to put the separate color in the designated space.
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3 years ago, Lilieae
Keep Saving
I really enjoyed the color snap option. I find it very helpful and easy to use. My low rating is because I took the time to paint the exterior of my house and had a pallet I was playing with. I swiped to my web browser for a bit to check on a color and when I returned all of my work was gone. Everything refreshed. I was moments away from saving my pallet once I finalized the last color in the set. I’m so disappointed. So much time invested went down the drain. I had gone back and forth to my photo album to reference saved colors and there was no issue then. Please fix it so the app continues to run in the background until closed out.
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2 years ago, Another Anonymous App User
Just what I was looking for
This app was just what I was looking for. It's great but it would of been much better if you can choose different colors to see which color of the house would match whatever color I choose for trim, fascia, siding, etc... You can just paint the trim, siding or whatever you want to be painted, take a snap shot of it, save it, then use that saved photo to change the colors of the walls. Just wished I can change multiple sections with multiple colors within the same picture I'm working on. Still a great app.
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2 years ago, skjeep9
Colors aren’t even close!!!
Worst app of its kind!! The colors I was using were not even close!! I chose a Dark green, but when I put it on the pic was a very very light green. I chose other colors to see if it was only what I chose, but they were all bad! Btw, once again, I understand colors won’t match exactly, however these were not even close!! Plus you had to sign up, give email, etc. was a pain, hard to use. I’m deleting this app. Home Depot & Benjamin Moore apps are excellent! It’s a shame because my husband insists sherwin Williams is the best paint, he always uses it. But I doubt we will use it this time. We have bought 3 quarts already & they haven’t matched their chips so I don’t want to spend more money trying to figure out what we want. Just my opinion.
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2 years ago, Josh minker
Sap wouldn’t even get a number Reading for me. It is advertised throughout the store yet no one in the store knows how to use it and claim that they can’t even download the app because they don’t have any Internet. The app doesn’t do anything you want to do it doesn’t let you put a collar in your room in your own room, you go through and save all the colors you want but it tells me you have nothing saved, and then it deletes things this app is a complete waste of time. By the way I never authorized face recognition and yet it won’t let me open the app until I give it face recognition unless that was somewhere hidden in your terms and conditions. It is an intrusion of privacy for you to have to have face recognition on a stupid paint app.
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3 years ago, SciCommSadie
Work Needed - UI and Color Accuracy
My landlord and I tried using the app to help us choose colors for the whole house before going into the store. Disappointingly, we discovered the colors we saw on the app were SIGNIFICANTLY different than the actual colors in the store - even the clerk made a comment that the app is never accurate. Because I can’t trust the colors in the app, I feel like I would be wasting time by using any of the virtual visualizer features, which is a huge let down since they seem like they would be super helpful. The color pallet picker and saver is problematic too. There are a number of layers you have to get through to edit and save a pallet and since the “Save” button is under a “…” expandable menu, I intuitively clicked “Done” on the top menu bar thinking I was saving all my work, but that was wrong - no changes were saved. When I went back to edit the pallet again (to redo my changes and properly save my work) the removal changes would save but additions would not. So it’s getting there - it’s a great concept, but not useful yet.
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4 years ago, GD879
Need to compare against color tile from the store
I was trying to find a color match for my shed. I took a picture and the app made a color suggestion. Initially, the color the computer picked seemed too dark, so I went to the store to try and match the color old fashioned way. However, when I looked at the computer suggested color tile at the store, it was lighter, and actually matched perfectly. So not sure if it’s my phone brightness, or the way it shows up in the app, but the app did pick the right color. Satisfied.
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3 years ago, Bakergirl1428
Way off...
Don’t waste your time trying. Buying a new home and wanted to give this a try. I didn’t find the app confusing or complicated but it simply does not work. I picked a few colors and chose my photo to paint. The swatch colors were very pretty but when I tapped on the area of the photo I wanted painted, the color placed on the photo was NO WHERE NEAR the color of the swatch I chose. I chose a darker grey swatch and it painted the wall almost white! Every color I picked had the same result. Once you’ve painted something and pick a new color for a different wall, it paints EVERYTHING you just painted the same color. Surely these are easy fixes but I’ve seen the same exact complaints have been made for some time now with no resolutions. This has great potential but sadly falls very short.
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4 months ago, LynardJ
The painting function of this app does not operate properly. We are preparing to undergo multiple big renovation projects in our home, and I was hoping to use it to assist with choosing interior and exterior colors. I chose dark colors to apply to a photograph of the exterior of our home, but each time the colors appeared in a white tone, which was glaringly different from the selected color samples. I also tried using photos taken in different lighting, cropping the photos, and utilizing photos taken from different angles to no avail. It’s a shame that this feature doesn’t function as intended. This could be a really useful app that could help alleviate some of the challenges of selecting paint colors, which many feel can be daunting.
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4 years ago, tianaloraine
Doesn't work
This app does not work to test colors on pictures. The colors always come out super light and almost transparent. A deep red shows up as hot pink, navy blue shows up as baby blue, I even tried black and nothing showed up at all, literally it was like the wall was painted clear! If I could rate it zero stars, I would. Even if the colors worked halfway decent, the tools don't work as expected. Everything in the picture gets colored the same color, you can't test wall paint with trim, and if you're super unlucky everything in the picture will get "painted" except for the wall you're trying to test: the ceiling, the window panes, the leaves on plants, but not the actual wall. I have more luck using the edit tool in my phone photo album to color on the picture.
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4 years ago, Robot,Mr.
Not worth the time. Deleted.
Was trying to check color choices for exterior of house. Tried to use it to paint from camera shot. It would say “Wall detected” then “Tap wall to paint “ or something. When I tap the wall it says something about undetermined surface and recommends I need to turn on more light. I was shooting at a large wall facing south on a sunny day. The wall was in direct sunlight. So I’m supposed to make it brighter than the sun can??? Fyi I also tried using their website version by uploading a photo. The user interface was ok and worked as expected -but- colors you get on the computer screen are not even close to same color chips, so that was a waste of time too. Just go get actual paint samples and try them out for real. Only way to make a good selection.
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5 years ago, Danimology
A Tragedy of an App
How is this app so SO bad? It’s by far the worst I’ve tried so far, and that’s really saying something. I tried to select the exterior of a bright tan house surrounded by blue sky and vibrant greenery. It should not be a problem to differentiate the areas in order to apply a bucket fill (the only option to try a paint out) to just the bright tan house. However, it paints everything the new color - sky, grass, EVERYTHING. The eraser tool is a farce. It randomly works and randomly doesn’t. The app also doesn’t sample the existing color you’re laying paint over, so where it does apply, the new color is completely changed by the underlying color. That’s a serious issue when trying to visualize COLOR. Sherwin Williams should have never launched this app. It’s embarrassingly awful.
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8 months ago, U of L #1
Is anyone reading these reviews?
Most of these reviews do not have a response from the developer. There are legitimate issues that are not being addressed. When picking colors for the front of a house, the app has trouble separating doors and columns and bricks from each other and allowing you to use different colors on each section. This could be a fantastic app if anyone was paying attention and actually working to improve it. Sherwin-Williams is a huge company, and this app could be a loyalty builder. This should be important to someone in marketing. The app also needs better in app instructions. Also, all employees should be trained on the app.
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3 years ago, AHpanther
Home Depot App is MUCH BETTER!
I really wanted to like this app. I really needed this app as we were trying to find paint colors for the exterior of our house. But this app is not very user friendly. When reading the reviews I noticed that my complaints are the same ones that have been mentioned for a while and apparently it’s still not fixed. *You can’t choose more than one color at a time. This doesn’t work when trying to decide on trim colors and a color for the exterior of your house. *When I choose a color to look at it is NEVER the same color ON the house as it looks on the paint swatch. It’s always quite a bit lighter! Since I couldn’t get an accurate color on my house I decided to try the Home Depot App. And it’s so much better! I can see the actual color of the paint on my house. I even went into a SW store the other day and asked if they had a trick to using the app. They laughed and said they had all uninstalled it and never used it. They also said they had been telling SW that the app needed some work but it had not happened.
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3 years ago, tucida
This app doesn’t work
I was excited to use this app to see how colors would work for the exterior of my house. The app allows you to view coordinating color options, but does not allow you to use more than color. You can’t paint your picture with a main color and then paint a trim color because it changes the whole house to the trim color, completely taking the main color out. Also, the paint color choices are no where near the same color when you put it onto your picture. After trying the app, I looked at reviews and see that the same problems where reviewed 2 years ago and nothing has changed. I will be deleting the app from my phone.
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4 years ago, N.O. Spam
Good concept but hard to use & missing product lines
The interface for uploading my camera photo and picking colors I wanted to experiment with worked pretty well, though the instruction is minimal. However, the color selection as far as I can tell is severely lacking— no ability to pick shades from the SuperDeck or WoodScapes lines if you’re trying to figure out your exterior colors. (This would be particularly helpful because you want to see how the colors look in both a daytime picture and a nighttime picture, if you plan on having outdoor entertainment, and with this app you can compare them at the same time.)
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4 years ago, Valley-Dalley
Not easy to use!
Hard to create color palettes and then be able to retrieve them! I created two different color palettes, I think, but now only one comes up! What happened to the other one? I see no list of palettes or of saved colors or anything! The only thing I really like so far is that I can pull up similar colors for comparison and the color strip to find lighter and darker shades of a color. That is helpful. And I like seeing it on the walls of a home, even though it's not mine. It gives me an idea how it would look in a room. I didn't really try using it to paint my walls. Couldn't figure that part out.
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2 years ago, Nara122815
On the right path
It’s definitely on the right path to being successful. The color accuracy is just VERY different on my phone vs the actual paint chip color. I have an iPhone13, I just feel like the accuracy should be better. The paint a picture feature isn’t very easy to use. It has a hard time picking up light colored surfaces (ie my light tan kitchen cabinets). I also don’t like that you can’t paint multiple colors in one photo so see how they’d look together. In general the app could use some work to make the whole process more efficient and user friendly.
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3 years ago, imteri
It’s okay.
I download this app every so often and then delete it shortly after because it’s functionality is difficult. You can’t zoom in during the live version so when you need to change the color of a wall, you risk tapping other things and it’s annoying. Also the color match feature is nice, but the color I see with my eyes in person is different on the phone. I get it, but I can’t trust that the color it matches will actually be the same as the real life color or matches the color the phone thinks it is.
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3 years ago, BWKWJreader
Crazy to move around
This is a very good app, basically. With it, a user can find and compare colors and even virtually paint a room to see how the colors look in a room. The only problem is that it is difficult to move around in the app. And it seems to work differently on my iPad and iPhone. I find colors - but can’t find the paint a picture from those placed in the app by SW. I finally managed it on my iPad - but not on the iPhone. Why can’t going to the home or menus lead to all the other uses?
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3 years ago, Honeyweiss1172
Fun and Useful App
I love this app and use it frequently to make color palettes based on images/textiles etc for interior design. I find it’s color matching tool is more accurate than Benjamin Moore’s, and the app itself is more reliable (doesn’t crash.) The virtual painting tool could be better (the color tends to show up more translucent than it would be in real life), but overall a great and useful app for exploring color!
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3 years ago, art/design couple
I find it worthless.
Want to have a real razzle-dazzle front entryway and have a few color combinations of mine. Every single color of choice was far different than it was supposed to be....for example, any shade of black is light gray! I generally have a terrible time visualizing so hoped this would’ve been a big help. Again - worthless. I wasted so much time and even went to a Sherwin-Williams store to see if they had a better handling of it but they did not. I even taught a couple of things to their most “knowledgeable“ employee about it. Do not waste the time and effort I put into it. I might have to go “old school by taking a photo of my entryway, printing multiple copies of it in black-and-white and then going to Michael’s to buy preferred color shades. To say this app needs tweaking is a gross understatement - I don’t even know why they would put it out there if their IT Dept. can’t come even close to their own paint colors! My search for a decent app resumes.…
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4 years ago, Joe I am
Needs work
The app is not intuitive; it helped to read reviews from others on how to use it. Best to select your color before taking pictures. But even then, the colors are far lighter in shade within the picture than on the selection. Browns look grey or blue. Prestige ColorPic app is far easier to use, but they also have a shade issue. Nice thing about that app, you can select from different paint manufactures. Also, I think it makes a difference on working with pictures between indoor/outdoor projects. But still the shading problem really makes these sorts of apps rather a waste of time.
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2 years ago, mje006
I expected more. I downloaded the app for the “paint a room” feature, which is advertised in a way that makes it look really cool and helpful in picking colors. It doesn’t work at all. The color applied to the wall is no where close to the same color as the samples, it keeps losing my palette, the couple of times it has colored an area it colors the whole area - so you couldn’t use it to see different / accent colors, even if it was displaying the color I was picking… all in all, disappointed with the features I downloaded the app to use.
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6 months ago, -Jake!-
Best Painting App! Live Results
Downloaded a few, this one was def the best. You can do it live instead of having to take a pic and then choose the colors. It lets you pick colors as you go and add them to a favorites bar. I gave 4 stars because it’s not always a perfect representation of the color. I have some swatches of the exact color and it can be a little off sometimes Still a great tool for visualizing!
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4 years ago, TeachEarthSpace
Great idea if it would work well
So I love the idea of this app. So first the good. It allows you to pick colors off of a piece, virtual paint, gives you ideas of coordinating colors. But if you find something that you like, it is random if you can save it to your palette. It may save it as a new palette or it may not save at all. It does allow you to share an idea so you can screen capture it before you exit so that it is saved, but that means you have to put it all back in if you change something. Lose the bugs and I’d give it five stars.
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5 years ago, guitarcords
I am SO HAPPY Sherwin Williams made this app! I have had other color match apps before, but they only gave color values, not existing paint chips. Matching to paint chips is much more useful. The ONLY complaint I have is that you can’t organize your saved color palettes. They just go into chronological order, based on the most recent one you changed. If the user could even make folders it would be helpful. Other than that, AWESOME!
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4 years ago, Nik407-671
Paint a photo should be called paint a joke!
I wanted to see what the 5 different teals I picked out would look like on my house. First they all were basically the same color the same even though they were very different shades (dark to light). The darker ones appeared to be lighter than the light ones?! Second that color appeared to me to baby blue... Also it when you pick a new color it NEVER automatically picks that new color it would always select an old color?!? It ALWAYS starts at red not where you left off so you have to scroll back to where you were... What’s the point in having a crappy app? Just get rid of it!
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2 years ago, burt chirpin
Very cool, app has a feature that lets you take a picture or photo, pinpoint colors from it and create a palette and get the names of the colors to pick your paint. Could also help you to pick your decor when you go shopping. Another feature allows you to visualize the paint color in your space. Highly recommended, great for DIYers.
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2 years ago, Taybug 71
Doesn’t work
I have attempted several times to do the exterior Version of our house in Sherwin-Williams colors and it never uploads the photo. I have went to the Sherwin-Williams paint specialists and they indicated that that application does not work. They indicated you have to have an appointment with them and their specialist will produce a virtual picture for you, I did, but unfortunately she did not produce an exterior virtual picture of my house either. Very disappointing! I went with another paint company-they didn’t provide a virtual picture either but they didn’t say that they would.
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5 years ago, whydoyoumakememakeanickname
Just an idea...
Hey I get that this is free, but I also get that sherwin Williams has the money to properly develop an app. Maybe pick the brains of the devs that made Hyperspektiv, you need their edge detection script badly. Even in proper lighting with an easily detectable surface and edges, most of the time the color goes to random places, especially outside. I think this hardware is more than capable, like I said, work on the AR, this would be very helpful, as a professional painter, I cannot even try to use this app to show customers colors because it’s embarrassing to fail before a color is even picked lol.
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