Combyne - your perfect Outfit

4.8 (65.7K)
81.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
combyne GmbH
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.4 or later
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User Reviews for Combyne - your perfect Outfit

4.78 out of 5
65.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Nicole Rod 💗😉
My opinion on this app.
This app literally beat the creativity out of me. I feel like I can play this for hours. The ads aren’t constant like other apps ,it’s a good amount of ads. I sometimes never get ads 😂. This app is very fun to play. If you press the chat icon you can take a fast and easy quiz that takes about a minute and you can match your self with someone random with the same interests as you and they can become your new best friend. Trust me it is very trust worthy. It is also a very safe and protective app. There is no way someone can hack your account because if you have a strong password on google or Apple account than your fine. But if you don’t, I have a tip for you that will never get hacked, ever. So you need to have a password that is 1 memorable and 2 hard but easy. If you have trouble remembering things type the password on the notes or reminders app. Make sure to have lots of numbers, symbols, and not a lot of words. And last with Combyne you could even post your own item. If your outfit includes a scarf and there isn’t one available go to google or Pinterest search up a scarf screenshot it and save it to your photos, and then it will say something “upload your own” when you are going to pick out your clothing or items and then you’ll take the photo and you need to trace it and then you can post it! Hope this review finds you joy and convinces you to get Combyne. Trust me you won’t regret it! Bye!
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2 months ago, AMBERLEYTX420
I’ve been using this app and trying to decide what my new style is. I’m in my “20 something’s” about to be 30 here soon so my style went from tiny clothes, crops (still love!), and just stuff that doesn’t loook right on my curvy body now. There’s so many ideas it’s like creating a vision board for your next shopping trip or online order. You can create a bunch of outfits and a lot of them say the name brand they are, so you can find the EXACT items a majority of the time in store and online! So you have your complete look ready to go instead of having to shop endlessly for hours and make looks you hope will go together well, cause you can’t try on EVERYTHING! I love this app it really helped me find my style and when I put my closet photos it really shows me what my shape looks like in the clothes even better so it also helps with your current outfits, some you might decide to throw away or some you might be so happy you have because you found the cutest piece to go with it! I NEVER have left an apple review or whatever. I honestly think they are all paid for and fake lol but I can vouch! App is super cool. Can figure out my kids outfit and my husband too because my husband needs me and this app to look right LOL!
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1 year ago, marilyn sierra
I really love this game. It makes me do whatever I want to make the character so pretty like if I want it to go to a party of her party dress or a party suit but I’ll put my swimsuit crop top and I’ll put pink heart pants that are like it’s hearts it’s white in the pants are black I’ll put that on in a really really, really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love this game. It’s so realistic but it’s not really a OOL app is like we didn’t do it. UMMMMM it’s so like nice it does. It does it. Every single time like ever I get ads that I don’t like. This up I don’t really care whoever made this app. I got really really really really love you. how do you do it? How do you make games so I’ll write this huh? I d what does I will give it a or is, I’ll give a 10 if it says, but if it does, it says 10 I’ll give you five cool like my my cousins play on it and they won’t get off my Italian get off my phone but they never give me what the heck let me get my phone at it’s a cool game. I like this game. and I said I don’t care. Give me my phone back so. Now she can get off stuff
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1 month ago, JPGRGIRL
Fun App!
Update: App is still fun, but the producers rarely put out challenges anymore. The premium membership is kind of pointless because all you get is super likes - which who cares? - and the ability to create as many challenges as we want. Again, who cares? If you don’t use these features, there’s no reason to pay for the premium membership. I miss the app-sponsored challenges. They used to put out daily and weekly challenges, and you could only enter the daily ones with your membership. Now the only challenges we can participate in are created by other members, most of which are redundant and uncreative. Also, support is unavailable. The app links to a white screen that says “Not found” when you click Contact, Help, and Rules. So even if you want to contact them, you can’t. That’s honestly the only reason I’m updating my review and dropping a star. How can you expect an online community to function without a way to support its members? What I wanted in Covet without having to spend real money and without the popularity contest. Well done, Combyne! What I wanted in Covet without having to spend real money and without the popularity contest. Well done, Combyne!
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1 year ago, Johnson A'myr
I Like this game
I very much like this game this is the best game of my life and I hope some of y’all have this app to this can make your four years old get their clothing right and it can do very well for your five year olds to instead of your four year olds maybe you could do you seven year old you’re 15 year old who ever that they are having a struggling and stuff like that but I really like this game is the best game of my life and that’s the only games I will have on my phone oh my God it is so much fun let me go play it again because like I got a Lotta clothing that I really like it oh my gosh it’s like out of my mind I don’t even know what to say about the stuff because this reading this stuff is getting out of hand I really like this it’s like the and it’s eyes making me excited whenever I get so mad or something I just get my phone and play this game and it’ll make me so happy at the end of my life oh my gosh y’all should go do this.❣️❣️❣️❣️
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12 months ago, iwantjournalsback
this app is really useful to organize your clothes and plan outfits, and i do like the feature that cuts out your clothes for you and makes them look neat and clean. but honestly the only reason I still have it is because it would take too much time to find a better app and re-upload all my clothes on there. 1) it’s annoying that you can’t use your clothes for both the canvas and swipe options, you have to individually upload your clothes to each category. it would be a lot nicer if any items you upload could automatically be used for both. 2) the search engine is pretty bad. you could search “white shirt” and it’ll give you some white shirts, but it’ll also give you the complete opposite, like shoes and bags. it’s impossible to search for any specific item because it just won’t come up with what you typed at all. 3) adjusting the sizing of your items on a blank canvas is so tedious and annoying. sometimes they won’t move at all and it won’t let me change the size. there’s just a lot of finicky technical stuff like that that makes the app less easy to use
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3 years ago, someone took my name ugh
It’s great
It’s amazing, overall. I will be on this app for hours. Challenges can be pretty fun, but there’s not a ton of them, but that’s not the apps fault, its no ones really people just aren’t making challenges. I don’t know what you win or anything from challenges I think it’s just kinda “you won” thing. My only actual problem is that the app crashes quite a bit. So much I make sure to save my outfits in my closet as much as I can in fear it will crash and all my progress will be gone. You guys should add a “continue working on last project” type of thing. Also it’d be super cool if you guys added drafts, I guess the closet/saved outfits works as one though. Yeah only problem is crashing. And I’m no app developer, so this is just a suggestion. You guys should add more things to socialize. I think chat rooms for specific purpose’s would be super cool. The whole app just feel like it’s not much of a community, and maybe that’s not the point. Edit: it’s crashed a ton since the original review. Usually just when I go to save an outfit into my closet
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1 year ago, مجهؤوول❤️💦
Everything its great but there is a important problem
The app is very excellent for fashion lovers, and I really enjoyed it, and through it I got to know many types of outfits and how to form the correct and ideal clothes, my passion for this interest increased more and more, but there is a problem for which I gave the app 4 stars, initially in cutting the background of the item, when you start to delete it, Parts of the item may not be deleted due to the black and white color. I tried editing it, cropping the background, moving the item in another app to edit it, cropping and recoloring the item, then going back to the combyne and cropping it, but the problem is getting worse. I tried clicking on the cut option myself to find the no cut option and keep it as is, but nothing works. I am really upset about this and really hope it gets reviewed and amended. I suggest that more than one free option be placed for the designer so that there is a free cut and keep the element as it is without having to cut, thanks for your effort
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4 years ago, 507654321
This is the best app I ever seen
This app help me pick out outfits because not every day I can go to the mall and I love going to the mall and I could create outfit for people and people can likeMy outfits and I just love spending time of my day to create outfit every day I have a creator of the evening on new to this app I still love it so much and this is the best app I ever seen and I could create a bunch of outfits because I really can’t go to the mall every day so I will create a outfit every day or more and I will kind of get carried away making a bunch of outfits but it’s OK because on the weekends I can create a bunch of because I don’t have school and I might be new to this app but I still may look up lot of them and I will keep making moreThis is the best app ever seen and I hope you like my review and my five star because this is the best I ever saw saw me in a bunch of me if you read this and keep doing good with this app to make a life for me if you can make more outfits bye
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1 year ago, Elysa Mac
App Update
I’ve been using Combyne for a while now and while the concept of the app is great and I’ve really got to expand my fashions taste and meet other creative individuals this app is a nightmare to manage. There are countless bugs that make the app completely crash, and instead of fixing the many bugs and glitches, when they updated the app the Canvas feature was completely ruined. It used to be easy to move, resize, and turn items but now you have to struggle with a glitchy feature that requires more effort than the passed did. Another feature they changed was the Trash, now the trash button is often in the middle of the canvas workspace and unlike the past one it doesn’t disappear. It’s also difficult to figure out which item the Trash button is linked too. Then there’s Collections, it used to be easy to get to them and pull them up, but with the new update you have to go through several unnecessary steps to access them. Please actually fix Canvas! And if you’re going to have a feedback option for the app, actually respond to the complaints of app users!
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3 years ago, Mads331
Love this game😍
I’ve had this game for only a short time and I’m in love with it. I love how you can do whatever you want and share you style with other people. I also love that you can add your own clothing. I love this because nobody will be left out if they don’t find anything they like. There selection of clothing is great too! I will never be let down if I’m looking for something. I also am a fan of how you don’t have to show your face to anyone if you don’t want to. For example SOME people on Tiktok or Instagram try to make you show your face when you don’t want to. For this game nobody really cares about that they just got wanna see your creations. I love that you can express your self to. You don’t have to hide your style and you can make other people fell better about there style too. Although I can get a little confusing, I definitely recommend this game I use it none stop 24/7!
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3 years ago, Genesis☺️
Download this app RIGHT NOWWW
Hi my name is Genesis and I love this app A LOT almost a year I have it and it has been a blessing I literally treat it like it’s my child❤️I just wanted to say that this all is completely amazing and yes there are some things I don’t really like and I will explain that I’m just a sec! But overall please think quickly to download this app I promise you won’t regret it. Things I don’t like about combyne - 1. I don’t like that it doesn’t let you press the return button when your typing unless it’s just my phone 2. When you look on the combyne help website it doesn’t say everything you need to know but it’s still good 3. It won’t let you buy outfits from combyne That’s it for the bad trust me it’s not much bad or is it just me - it is good to know the bad before the good 😊 Time for the good 1. You can add as much stuff as you want to your outfits no limit (as long as it fits in the screen) 2. You can text and send and hashtag people in your pair or theirs what I mean by theirs is you can comment on peoples outfits (KEEP IT PG) 3. You can like peoples outfits and join challenges that are not yours yes you can make challenges - and way more AHHHHH!! There’s too much some updates here and there, some bugs here and there but everything is great we’ll not everything but most of it. Good luck and enjoy thank you combyne fam!🎀
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11 months ago, Rainbowsalami22
This might be a little long, but please read it anyway. It will help. When you first get get the app, it wants to to get the premium. Don't! If you have never tried it, why would you get premium? Anyway, there ARE some challenges. You need to find that PERFECT shirt, skirt, shoes, pants, etc. But this will help. WATCH THE TUTORIAL! It might be a little long, and boring, but you will NEED IT! I skipped the tutorial and it took me like, 15 minutes to find out my way to find the everything. And you have a SEARCH. USE IT. And try to add as much as possible to your account. It gives you more followers! And you can randomize your outfits! At the bottom of your screen, you will see a +. At the bottom, you will see “give me 5 random items” press it, and you will make SO much more outfits SO much faster. Hope this helped! And back to my title. THIS APP IS AWESOME! 🤩🤩🤩 Also, NO ADS!
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3 years ago, kdkdjbfkks
My Combyne rate
I love combyne A lot :) this game is amazing <3 I love how you can make so many different outfits, there’s different hairstyles and everything. You can also text other people on here which is amazing :) so I’m gonna give this game a 4/5 stars :) because this game is amazing and I love it it’s just that a lot of people can say bad stuff and more:(you can also have more than one account:) all you have to do is click on your settings logout and then log into a different one with your email or something which I love:) <3 I also love how it has LBGTQ+ stuff on there<3 oh and it has it to where you can choose between either girl stuff or boy stuff so you can have an opportunity to choose between them or both:) I love this game so much and if you download it I know you’ll love it just as much as me and other people who have this game that’s all I have to say about this but I hope you have an amazing day and don’t forget to download it:)
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2 years ago, hhshdhfhjf
I love this game
I like this game a lot it is very fun . The point of of the game is that you can decorate characters and favorite the outfits and and you can get followers , likes and you can see anyone post you can do public post but you don’t have to you can do private post too I think also you can chat on peoples post and like and. Follow and anything .I also personally prefer Canvas Combyne it is more easier for me than swipe Combyne the reason I don’t really swipe Combyne is that whenever I swipe it doesn’t work like for example when I try to swipe to a different purse it changes the pants and shirt which Is annoying sometimes .and why I personally prefer Canvas combyne is because you can find anything like tops,bottoms accessories, or shoes. Well that’s all I had to say hope you like it sorry for it being long. Hope you have a good day/night/afternoon byeee
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2 years ago, princess_izzy
Fun 🤣and games 🎮🎮and the other side to side with a
Had the best way to make it through the same way as a whole new one is going to be a better way you can do it again in the same time as the best 👍💯👍💯way to make it happen in the back to the next one is going to make a difference between the same way you can do it again in the first 🥇🥇time as well be the same way you want it out on your phone number of what he does is the only one is going on here but I can't wait until I can't even get a new one more day to day and the first 🥇time you see it again in the world and a half hour of what he did that I have a lot more than one more thing that happened with the world is going on with the world of a man that the world and I have to the world and I have no problem (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ ⁿᵒ ᵖʳᵒᵇˡᵉᵐwith the same time to
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1 year ago, ariionce
Obsessed until recent update
I’ve had this app for more than a year and have been obsessed with making outfits. Before this recent update I would have given 5 stars, but now its 3. I hate the overall new look of the canvas combyner and that after you place an item, the page you got it from scrolls all the way back to the start so you have to scroll back to where you were to continue looking at the clothes. I personally didn’t mind the trash can being at the bottom left corner. I feel that the trash can is more annoying as you can just accidentally tap it and your item will be way easier deleted. I would love for the new update to be removed but I know that is not probable. As a suggestion for the developers towards deleting an item, maybe after double tapping the item you want to delete, the trash can appears above the item? I don’t know, it’s just a suggestion from me for a solution. Thanks if you read this far!
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2 years ago, Abbi Mochi
Neat app٫ good for people who typically create collages.
Combyne is definitely addicting. Its just-great. So many item choices٫ almost infinite possibilities٫ and best of all٫ . . . well I mean٫ if you look at my personal designs٫ they all have a particular sorta vibe. Thats definitely a plus to the many great this combine has to offer. 10/10 ٫ amazing community٫ endless design capabilities٫ just an exquisite app in general. And I'll say this again٫ this app would be more geared to people who enjoy collaging٫ scrapbooking٫ and fashion designing. No٫ you don't have to be interested in such thing to be amused and entertained by this app٫ but its what most of the community is built up of. And there's also a fair share of kids who just scroll on their phone with Cheeto fingers that don't know what they're doing٫ but thats on decently rare occasions. But overall٫ the app is great.
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1 year ago, Bashenfelter
I love it 😍
OK I have a lot to say it’s so fun first of all I just love this game it’s so good just make sure you read the reviews before you buy it you can read mine if you want to it optional I know that you can combine your outfits in no time and they have over 800 brands it’s just so fun make sure read this if you don’t have to just make sure you’re read all the other options or reviews before you get the game you can use mine if youWant it’s so fun I think you should get it because you know when your bored almost a lot of people to I think you should get it because you know when you’re bored almost a lot of people are bored sometimes you should get it because it helps you not be bored that’s really all I have to say hopefully you enjoy this game you can ask him questions you can make anything goodbye now
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1 year ago, tefhggjhfsugfrhgcfhjc
This is the best
Best app highly recommend bury kid save kid approved me as a loving and caring parent. I absolutely love this app I let my kids use it and it’s very safe and also all you can post is close so there will be no like in appropriateness and stuff I really really really love this I genuinely think it’s something that kids should have a chance to experiment with because it’s better than like having Insta or snap are so weird all like different kinds of social media but that can make you feel bad about yourself, but this this specific app is only outfit so it’s not like a bunch of negative energy creating on the way you look I personally just really love it and it has really really really good quality good good choices and good designs and you can post challenges in the shadows season. Oh I was a parent really really love this.
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3 years ago, Strawberry tootsie pop
Hear me out. Usually, all the apps I get are fun but eh. However, COMBYNE IS AN APP I COULD PLAY ALL DAY! You can get tips on fashion from very supportive people all over the world!!! I’ve only been playing for about 15 minutes and I’ve already got new friends! Friends can tag you in posts and/or comments! When you create an outfit, you can post it to the feed and people can like your posts! In Combyne, before you start creating outfits, you can find your fashion match! Basically, you answer some questions about either what you prefer or like. After you find your fashion match you can give and get tips on outfits! I don’t have any more to share because the rest is your journey. Once you download Combyne, it can be stressful at first because there is so much to do but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it!
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2 years ago, Mrs. Scallop
Hello!! This game deserves a two star because it is just.. well, meh. I used to be like so happy with the game and having fun because I really wanted to get it and I finally got it but then it started getting boring, and boring turned to frustrating. so, I got frustrated because I could not find out how to post your own items and I still haven’t found out to do it, ITS SO ANNOYING!! also another thing that makes me mad, is that random people keep following me, but they never care to look at my group challenges or any post I have!! I mean , my profile looks pretty good so that’s probably why. Anyways, The game in itself just gets boring in a matter of time. And oh, it crashes every few minutes. i’m not sure if it does that with every device but I know it does on mine. another thing coming, my project barely get any views or likes!!! they don’t present it to enough people!!! i’m thinking about quitting, I don’t usually quit but, JUST GIVE ME A BREAKKKK!!! thank you for reading, have a nice day!!
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4 years ago, kate brook
Thank you
Thank you so much for this opportunity of having this and I love it and thank you for all the things that you’ve done and and and it gives a girl a chance to express her feelings and then show her imagination and it’s so good and you should definitely get it there are some things that parents might not allow like you have to put in an email address no car though it does not cost money yeah it’s kind of like dressing up your own person they have hair clothes make up like accessories stuff like that it is so amazing I’m so glad that I got it also it is OK for children that are under the age of five probably come down icing is that they give clothes and stuff but they keep crop tops and stuff like that so if you don’t want to thousand I said he probably should yeah so I would definitely get it !
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1 year ago, meow mix 7
This app downgraded
I LOVED this app when I first downloaded it. I would use the feature on my iPhone in camera roll to easily and quickly remove the background of a clothing item I liked, then add it to the app. But a few days ago I opened the app and saw that it had been updated. I tried putting a shirt into the app with its background already removed, but the app no longer recognizes it. Even if there is no background, it still tries to “remove background” every time. It always does a horrible job and takes chunks out of the item, especially if it’s a light color. Not only that, creating an outfit in the canvas is way harder than it used to be. Pinching an item to try to shrink or enlarge it suddenly became super difficult and tedious. Do the creators of this app use it? What was the point in “updating” it when it just became much worse. I used to be on this app 24/7, but now it really frustrates me. I’m looking into downloading a new one, but sadly Combyne was the most inexpensive. Please restore the app to its glory days.
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6 months ago, THIS THE Rater
Please read this!
I love Combyne, and it's a great app, but honestly, there are some things that need fixing. First, sometimes, I'm making an outfit, and I get a text, and I switch apps to reply, and when I go back, the outfit is gone. Not saved at all. Then I have to restart the outfit, and it's very frustrating. Second, my bio can only be two lines long or you can't read it. I have to shorten it. And third, when the app auto crops something, it takes forever and I just want to crop it myself. There should be an option where the app can ask if we want the app to try and crop it. But sometimes it comes out really good, with something a little off, and i wish i could just fix it. We should be able to fix the auto crops. Thanks for reading all this.
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3 years ago, huamulani
It’s good but
I really wish there was more functions when you design the outfit with pictures and stickers. A. Flip sticker button B. preview button (so you can see how it looks like if someone was scrolling because when you design the wallpaper and stickers portion it doesn’t always look like it when you post it) C. Search tool for patterns (in the filter not search bar itself: floral, plaid), type of shirt (spaghetti strap, sleeveless, 3/4 sleeve) Also sometimes when you click on the pants or like purse in outfit editing mode where you just add the clothes and not stickers it doesn’t always direct you to the pants or purses. And when you click on any part of clothing on the clothing on the left side it always adds stuff to your favorites even tho ur just clicking it to preview it on the outfit. Also idk why in this app alone it doesn’t connect well to my internet there’s always a loading sign.
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2 years ago, greenscrean and yoda and yeah
I really do love this app
I downloaded this app about 3-4 years ago. One summer I was bored and got really into fashion. I loved it so much being completely honest I totally forgot about this when school started last year. I realized I still had it downloaded when I was trying to find a fashion game. I simply searched fashion apps this popped up right away. I started playing again. As I have learned something you must pay for now though it’s not a lot. I’m not the biggest fan of paying for just a simple background. I’m not going to delete the app because I do love it. I just wish that some wallpapers even if it’s only about five or so free wallpapers I would really appreciate it. The just white background is a little boring though I love how there is stickers to decorate the background. So that’s why I will only rate this a four. But I truly do love it.
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My review<3
This app is great. You can make outfits and then post them I was telling my mom about it and she was like “oh it’s just junk why would you download that” but it’s amazing. it’s super fun I end up spending hours on this app. And as I was saying after you post your outfits you can get likes, and comments and followers kinda like Instagram or tiktok. And i recommended this app for you to download. First when I was trying to download this app it didn’t work because my storage was full but I deleted some photos and vids and i got the app. When I opened it I got excited but I didn’t know how to use it so I watched a few tuts and learned and most of this app is completely free. Except you can buy membership to get extra tools like wallpapers, etc. but you should totally get it! Byeeee.
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3 years ago, Sunshine_hello.
I have been trying to make a new outfit for the last two days and when I hit the next button to post it the app closes and makes me start over. I try it again and it still exits out the app. I have been making outfits for months now and have never had this problem before. I update the app regularly and no issues but the last two or three days I haven’t been able to make a new outfit. I don’t want to have to make a new account because then I’ll lose all my friends and followers along with the 190 outfits I’ve made. If you could give me some advice or help me figure out what the problem is that would be great thank you. Besides this problem I LOVE this app it’s perfect I make outfits on it and use them for my characters in books and I just hope this issue gets fixed
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8 months ago, boooges
I love this app but
Yes it’s kinda safe and all but a lot of people who can follow you and they can message you things the first few days there was this person saying they saw me every day and they know where I live, And I deleted the app. But then then I decided to try the app again and the same thing happened so I ignored it but then this caught my eye the person the same person messaged me again!? After 3 months when I had a new account I was so scared but they said look outside I didn’t because I know it was just something dumb and a “funny” prank but then a knock was at my door but me knowing not to answer it i didn’t, and then my app got hacked somehow so I deleted it… After I deleted it I got this message on normal messages that said “come outside before I break your door down” but I sent that to the police and they caught the person but please make sure of you get this app stay safe!!
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3 years ago, madysonwessonlovely
About this app
This app is for creating outfits! I love this app so much it’s one of my favorite designer app it has great and fashioned clothes that I’ve never seen it has wonderful people and it doesn’t matter how many followers or likes you have it is about if your comfortable on this app or not and I am comfortable on this app because you get lots of hype and you can even hype people up you can create new outfits and stuff I love this app so much I get a lot of hype I’m comfortable on this app and the position that I’m in on this app I at least give 20 people hype on this app on the weekends or one or two times during they hype because it’s very nice to make people happy and if there day is going bad you can hype them up by giving them hype on this hype for what they have made.
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3 years ago, LYreviewer
Great for entertainment
I love this app because it is so fun to create outfits on here. And I love designing things, so this app is perfect for that. Although, I do have two little complaints. I wish that this app had a choice where you could save what you create. When you open the app back up, something could come up that asks you if you want to keep making your current look. Multiple times I have finished my outfit, and am very content with it, and so I hit post, but it doesn’t allow me to post it, it just goes away. I feel as if there is a glitch in the app. I also think that if you create a challenge, there could be an automatic post that says, for example, “please join my winter outfit challenge” and people could click on it and join the challenge. I hope you take this request to heart. Either way, I love this app and will keep using it.
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2 months ago, PatrickStarIsTheBest
Best app ever
I actually love this app so much! It is so fun and a great way to express your creativity. I think this app could be so much better if you guys added some things though! Like wouldn’t be cool to like have “edits” kind of? Like add music to your projects so it kind of looks like an edit. I also think it’d be way better for everybody if you improve the ai cutouts. Cause when I upload an image and have you guys cut it out you always end up cutting the wrong thing so if you add an option where they draw a circle around the object they want to keep that would be great Thanks for making my life a whole lot more creative; I also now have online friends! I would highly reccomend this app to any of my friends! 🫶🏼🫶🏼✨👍🏽💖👍🏽🫶🏼
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2 months ago, a_n_t_
Wish it was better for real life outfit planning
I don’t use this as a game, I use it to plan outfits for work because I’m too tired at 6am to think. It’s just okay for this purpose. Cutting out the clothes, the ability to organize like items, and saving outfits into your own categories is helpful. There are a few things I don’t enjoy though. The search options never usually find what I need (like why can’t I find a basic items?), so I usually have to upload or screenshot things from the internet. I also wish I could star or mark my favorite outfits, or ones that I know looked good on. Instead I have to edit an outfit to add a sticker to remember I liked it, but it doesn’t save. It just creates a new outfit and I have to delete the old one. All in all it’s helpful, but wish it was more of a true outfit planner for real life and less of a game.
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5 years ago, Jamieball5999
Need to be able to add more clothes besides using the stickers.
Not a lot of options on clothing unless it’s someone else that made it. I’m not able to add any clothes of my own. It won’t add them. Every time I’ve tried it’s never there. Could have more hair and makeup options. Could have it to where we can put more accessories and stuff like that. When your creating the outfit. You get to pick one in each category. Make it a little more. I’ve played a game where it’s similar to this. I’ve tried finding it and I can’t. But he had a lot more options on clothing, makeup, hair and more. Had more categories to chose from. Everytime I search something. Nothing shows up. I can’t hardly find any clothes unless it’s in the “made by combynistas” spot. This games okay. But really wish I could find the one I played before. A lot better than this. Also much easier to use the app more than this one.
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3 years ago, Gabrielle Reinhart
My Review
I love this app so much! It’s so much fun and gives me so many ideas for my outfits! I love seeing what others come up with. I also like that we can have challenges incase we get bored or really just want a challenge to participate in. I like that it’s totally free because it would be hard for me to pay for this and I know it would be hard for others as well. This is a great app to show your personality and style but to also get ideas for outfits. You can comment on people’s outfits and like them. You can also follow someone if you like a lot of there outfits and want to see more. I love this app and it has a great design to it. I really recommend to download this app. Thank you for reading my review. Have a great day! <3
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2 years ago, Combyne is great
I would give this app six stars
I love the app for many reasons. One, I love creating outfits. Two, I can help others with their style. Three, I can get tips from others on outfits as well. Four, it allows you to like outfits, share them, comment on them, and follow people as if it were a social media platform. This is very fun for younger people also if they are too young or not allowed to have social media. The app doesn’t require a special membership, but it does offer one. I chose not to sign up for the membership because the only thing I would really want on there is a background, but I don’t need it. It lets you do many things without it, unlike other apps. If I could I would give it six stars.🤣
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10 months ago, 𝗡𝗼𝗽𝗲
10/10 would recommend
This game was so good like I had so much outfits that I couldn’t have. But this changed my life it helped me clear my mind out because it was filled with clothes and styling tips that I didn’t know what to do, but thankfully I found this app, this amazing app that is amazing to show your true self in your styling ideas. This game is for everyone so anyone can use it. It’s also filled with kind hearted people that can follow and like you outfits. I have been using this for 2-3 weeks and I am obsessed, everyone is using it for different things too. I would definitely recommend using this app it is really easy too. Thank you and I would get this app ( thankfully it’s free) 😂😂
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3 years ago, ❥♡𝘚𝘢𝘧𝘢♡❥
good but a slight thing for me and maybe others
I love the game but you see, there’s this one problem that annoys me the thing is that whenever I try to make a outfit at any time but especially at night it always crashes me out? I’m confused by that, it always works but why not at night? Especially for me, I can stay on it and look at other peoples outfits but I can’t make one. I mostly listen to music while making outfits on this game and if I don’t put it on while doing it it still crashes? I’m just so confused, please just fix this quickly it might’ve happen to other people but I don’t know if it dose it to other people. Please just fix it it’s annoying me, it’s a really fun great game I don’t want this to happen it kinda makes me dislike it. Just please fix it.
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2 years ago, maramorha
Nostalgic, but needs work!
This app is a nice replacement for an old fave Polyvore that is now defunct. I love a lot of the features but some could use work. I wish more people used this app actively and i suggest that combyne put more effort into recruiting new active users instead of killing the app via weird restrictions like only 5 challenge entries per week. challenge entries should be encouraged as it’s what drives the user content and helps the app feel more popular and active. I love creating items but i wish there was a better way to see how many people are saving the items in collections for future use, and for the outfits with the item to actually show up as it seems there’s a glitch there. You’ve really got something special but it needs more users.
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2 years ago, 5 stars yeah
OMG I AM IN LOVE!! I love this app I can make millions of outfits!!! I asked my mom to make an outfit In her favorite color and ofc she chose pink cause she OBSESSED with pink! My Soul Sista sent me the outfit she made and she told me to download it but I didn’t know what app it was so I was like “oookk?” And when I started playing the app OMG I WAS OBSESSED WITH IT!! I mostly made ✨green✨ outfits bc green is my favorite color! I LOVED IT!! I CAN NOT STOP PLAYING IT! I started playing it with my family members, my friends, and my neighbors! It was sooooo fun! Please give me good complements for my review! Also when I showed it to my dad he was hating ofc cause every time I show it to him he says, “GET THIS OUT OF MY FACE THIS APP IS TRASH KYNDALL!” Like😑😑. If u mad it’s the best app then just say that🤭 but anyways have a nice day boys and girls✌🏾
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2 years ago, TheBensons
To An Amazing App
Okay so this app is by far one of the best outfit designing apps. You basically just design outfits on a really easy to use creator tool. It’s like a designing version of TikTok with a really friendly community too. I personally LOVE everything about this app. There is also a feature for creating challenges. Another thing I love about this app is that you can chat with you’re friends, and like others content. If you want you could get you’re outfit inspo to help you match and decide what to wear. There is another feature where you can post you’re own clothes and you and others can use to design! So if your looking for a fun, creative, and helpful app, download Combyne!!!!
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2 months ago, Kelley <3
Outfit collection troubles
I’ve been using Combyne for over 4 years now and I’ve seen this app progress over the years and I still love it to this day. The only problem is that when you save an outfit to a collection and then press ‘edit outfit’ some of the items don’t load back in. Some stay but others are just gone and then you have to search endlessly for the items and remember where you put them previously. Another thing I’ve noticed along with that is when you press ‘edit outfit’ from the collections none of the items are locked in place anymore so you have to lock every item again which is very tedious and time consuming. If you could please fix these bugs it would be very helpful, thank you!
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4 years ago, ❤️❤️❤️❤️!
This game was recommended to me by a friend. I love all things fashion so I was sure It was going to be home run. Even though I thought this game was going to be great, I never imagined that it would be this level of amazing. I have been posting for about a month and a half now, and it’s truly one of the best apps (and I have many). You get to create your feed along with a bunch of posts. You choose your theme or challenge and then add wallpapers and extra designs to fill it out. Then you post and add a caption. It’s basically a Instagram but only for fashion, and skilled fashion at that. You can gain followers and likes just like Instagram as well. Personally I don’t have an Instagram account but this is a great place holder! I just love this app soooooo much!
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4 years ago, Lake.girl.22
Combyne is a great design app, but its also a way to express yourself and show your style. I think this app should be 9+ because there are some things that 4-8 year olds wouldn’t get or no how to do. I now it is not my problem but just a suggestion! Combyne is also a good way to make outfits when you don’t have that piece of clothing. Combyne is one of the best designing app out there! My only problem about this app is that combyne makes you follow them when you download the app, I think it should be your choice to choose if you want to follow them or not follow them. But overall combyne is a great app to introduce to friends who like designing apps but just can’t find the right app. Again this app has changed my type of style in a good way!
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4 years ago, AssassinCanary_
Amazing app, I just have one issue
I have to admit, this app is pretty unique. It feels like a mix between Covet Fashion and Polyvore (RIP) The one thing I loved about Polyvore was all the diversity in fashion. Everything else is pretty basic clothing wise. I’ve given up on fashion apps because they don’t have the things I like. I don’t see any (emo) band merch, anime merch, superhero tees. I personally feel like if your into these things, it’s important to have these types of clothes in your wardrobe because they show off lots of personality. I did a little basic searching into these topics. I looked up things like “Batman”, “Superman”, “Wonder Woman”, “Marvel”, “DC”. Everything had no results other than Marvel, which only had two items underneath it. I did the same this with some popular bands I like; no results. Same with some popular anime's; I found two Pikachu sweaters at best. Don’t get me wrong, this app is amazing. And if I was basic or ordinary I’d probably give it 5 stars. Sorry though, but I’m not. Most– maybe even all– fashion apps lack personality in the clothing they allow you to view. I feel this app has a really bright future so I’m telling you what I see as a common flaw in fashion apps in hopes that this app can be the first to improve the variety in clothes.
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9 months ago, GabbyObey
I miss the way this app used to be…
I used this app a lot in 2020, there were no ads and i was on it everyday for hours. Fast forward 3 years, I get back on the app and there’s ads (not to mention the 30 second ads that just appeared). Now you have to pay for super likes and you can’t even host challenges without them which is so stupid because what’s the point of that??? Now it’s extremely limited. It’s still my favorite app and I use it everyday but it just makes me so sad what it has become. Not only that but they added filters and new buttons when you create outfits and it’s horrible. Please please PLEASE PLEASEEE make challenges free again!!! I have so many ideas sitting in my notes app and i’m not paying a dime.
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2 years ago, •*~DiorPrincess~•*
Obsessed, but here’s an improvement I’d LOVE to see!!
Ive been using Combyne for a VERY long time now, and I absolutely loved to see how much the app and community progressed! I’ve made so many great friends and joined many amazing groups. Being able to share specific styles and aesthetics with people who love them just as much as you do really shines a whole new light on Combyne, but there’s one thing that I would go crazyyyy for… If there was a web version of Combyne or a “Combyne Web”. I’d literally die, a bigger view that can hopefully also include more little perks and whatnot. I just feel like with all this improvement going “web” would be the next big step!! ~Sincerely Eri <3
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4 years ago, JLoVe06
LOVE IT! But...
I absolutely LOVE Combyne! I use it regularly! It is amazing! But...the only issue I have is that I cannot figure out how to transfer the outfits I created, to the feed. (Whatever the “feed” is!) So...if someone knows how to do that, could you please share? I would love to know! It would also help my rating for the app, go UP! Also, my sister, and cousin BOTH have Combyne! I pretty sure they both love it as well! I know my sister does. I personally would like to say thank you to those who put all of your time into creating and forming this WONDERFUL app!!!!! You are amazing! And also, I wanted you to know that Jesus Christ died on a cross for YOUR sins! Please don’t reject His FREE gift of Salvation!❤️ Trust in Him, and He will save you and make you a NEW creature!❤️ He wants to be your friend! Will you be His?🙃👍🏻❤️
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2 months ago, iver777
if you remember polyvore, this is exactly like it. i was absolutely elated when i discovered combyne. its so much fun, and the creators are so creative. there are challenges you can enter which are so much fun, but the pure creative freedom is why i keep coming back to this app. i have a few notes for the developers for things that could improve app experience. when creating an outfit, there should be a send back button to put an item behind all other items. the lock button only keeps it from moving around but it would be so helpful if it kept the order of the item too. other than that i absolutely love the app! amazing work
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