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11 months ago
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User Reviews for ComicBook!

4.74 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, Linc Xiang
Very good app. Some suggestions
Super handy app! 5 star for sure. But at the same time I have a few suggestions for some features that maybe developers can make them better in the next version. 1. Photos cannot be cropped in this app. We have to crop and adjust them before we add them into comic blocks. 2. I guess the developer designed this app for mostly English users, because the Captions are weird in sizes if I type in Chinese or Japanese characters. Also the Chinese characters font type are not adjustable. Title caption can only use in English. If developers can fix it that will be wonderful. 3. Captions have only one direction (left to right). If you can provide a top to bottom directions, that’ll be great. 4. Captions cannot be tilted or rotate. 5. Only one font type can be selected in one caption, which means I can’t highlight one or several words within a sentence. 6. Stickers can be vertically flipped but not horizontally. Overall, this is a great app. I really hope developers can fix the Chinese and Japanese characters problem soon, because I know that not only myself but many people like to type characters in the comics and make it cooler. Thanks! Lincoln
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2 years ago, Triple R Studios
Absolutely everything you need
Such a wonderful tool to create the comic you’ve always wanted to. True not all the extras are free but it was actually after I had made over 50 professional pages that I decided to spring a whole dollar on one of the extras, even though I really didn’t necessarily need it. If you are creative and can learn this app it is great. Couldn’t recommend more.
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11 months ago, Woodx5501
Basic with notable issues
A bug has been introduced which makes this unusable. The circles used to manipulate the caption tails now export with both pdf and images making the output flawed. You can do basic layouts with this app and it’s fairly useful for that. However it can’t do the one thing you think it might: make a book. The only way to create a book is in app. You can’t view it outside. To do that you have to export pdfs or images and build it yourself with other software. Which is now broken due to the caption tail issue. Caption types are limited. Only one form allows you to size the box. No typical “radio” message type caption bubble. In your saved pages, there is no obvious order. It seems like last update sorted them by regency of edit but there is no way to sort by name for instance which is hugely inconvenient. Pictures also can’t be locked in place unless you apply the comic book filter appearance to them. Overall it’s ok for a quick layout but it quickly runs into usability problems.
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1 year ago, mikeowen411
Minor Flaws
I like how the pictures are exported in high resolution. However, there’s seems to be a tiny flaw after the update. Every time I export the image, not only is the dialogue not centered in the balloon like it’s supposed to be, but also the text is a different color rather than black. I hope that can be fixed in future updates.
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4 weeks ago, Brighteyes261
Good app for creating what you want
I really enjoy the app. It works great to help me create study materials for herbs in school. The one problem I have with it that is problematic, is consolidation of files and uploading the finished comic book as a full PDF either to Email or to a computer. This causes a challenge with transferring the comic book to another device, or the finished product for storage elsewhere. I also have a few glitches switching between pages and the comic books.
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4 years ago, Sowndclown
Seriously Awesome
This app is amazing for making comics/collages! I have never had an issue with it. Actually helpful with productivity, not just for fun. I rely on this app. You can easily save your Page or export to Camera Roll which is critical. My kids love it, I love it. Please don’t ever wreck this app with an update!!! (That happens so often I’m always afraid to update)
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9 months ago, CrimsonKindred
ComicBook! Is a MUST Have!
I have been using this for years… I worked for Apple Computers for more than 10 years consistently recommended it as one of the best Apps for expressive creativity. I recommend getting used to the different lay outs, think about telling a story and then use other apps in conjunction to produce the art in a way that reflects your style. I like to take pictures of my kids toys, artistically modify them, then bring them into ComicBook! To lay them out to make stories. Good stuff. Developers: PLEASE KEEP SUPPORTING THIS APP! The sky is the limit with its potential.
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5 months ago,
Carry over to another device not happening!
Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I got an iPad and when I opened the app none of my purchases or projects are recognized from my phone and I have no way to restore the purchases for the extra action words I made on my phone. Any suggestions?
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2 years ago, Cade Matthews
Great app, only minor issues
This is a great app for making comic books, highly recommend. Only wish there were more sticker pack updates, and it would be great if you could “lock” your photos in place.
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4 years ago, Pan Demented
Pretty Darn Good
I have made some great comics with this. I love how basic the tools are. Learning curve is pretty gentle. The app crashes if I load a comic up with too many elements. I wish there were more templates, or the ability to create my own layout.
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4 years ago, JaneBerlinH
I love this app! I didn't realize how much until I deleted it and then couldn't find it in the App Store because I had forgotten the name. I was so happy when I stumbled across it again! You can do so much with it.
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2 years ago, Multiple versions
Great but I need help
The game is awesome but I can’t figure out how to make more pages are used to be able to do it, but now I can’t. I don’t know how to make more pages but the game is good. You can make more pages but I forgot how to. But you should get the game it is sooooo fun
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4 years ago, SolarKitty17
Yes this app easy and fun to use with it’s already accessible internet pictures, but while using the app myself I was scrolling through the pictures provided and came across several pictures of naked women. I would highly suggest not downloading this app for young children, due to the inappropriate photos provided.
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5 years ago, DeltaDefSquadYo
A GREAT app, but..
I love this app, it's great! If I could make one suggestion; have a feature that would allow you to straighten or level your photos. Of course you can ALREADY do this, it's just so sensitive, a leveling tool would be sweet.
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3 years ago, Gylthinel
Easy and fun
Pretty great product. Easy and fun to use. If only it had better filters for making comic images.
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3 years ago, Darkrob
Continue to Love this APP for 3 years.
I don’t use often but when I do it never disappoints. It’s intuitive and produces great results. One off my bests purchases ever.
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11 months ago, Sherap6
Thanks for adding more features or required additives
Thanks for adding more features or required additives to this application. My Request: Please add an option to change the background of the whole template (all I see is a white space or border around the photos). Or am I missing My device: iPhone 14 Pro Max (latest iOS) And iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd Generation, 2018, latest iOS)
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4 years ago, Jvbike
Fun but...
I really like this program. I do wish it was a little easier to start a new project. I am alway worried I am going to lose an old project when I begin a new one.
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1 month ago, Noah Highum
Could be improved
This app has phenomenal potential. But right now, some things just need some improvement. Things I like about this app: There is a lot of material. The pricing is great. The FX are really cool. Things I don’t like about this app: The captions don’t resize completely, just the bubble.(so I wish there was a pinch to resize for the captions) For some reason the only some of the words I type will actually show on the captions. You can’t rotate the templates to make it the way you want.
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10 months ago, Jayskins79
So much fun
I seriously use this app for everything and have so much fun editing photos and telling stories.
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5 years ago, Frog Prince 2002
I use this app everyday.
I thought this was just another isnt. I've had this app for several years now and it never disappoints. Thank you!!!!
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6 months ago, customer686
So i downloaded the app a week ago ended up not needing it so I deleted it and then today i was charged like $3.99 from the app but have no way to contact support or find out what or why i was charged. It doesn’t show i have a subscription to this app or have even used it yet im still being charged. Not a fan.
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3 years ago, Cha Bopper
This is the best comic creation app out there. I have been using it for years, never disappointed with it!
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10 months ago, ShazamSux
Haven’t been back to apple for a decade
I’ve missed this app. I make photos to share with family. Mainly from gadgets; drone, iRCams thermal imaging, ramble on….
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4 years ago, Kevinseviltwin
Great app!
Easy to use and intuitive, no crashes, great support. Definitely worth the couple bucks.
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2 years ago, ckpercy
What happened?
I use to use ComicBook! quite often. Without going into TMI I was away for awhile. When I got back to it, it’s now missing a ton of tools and styles I use. Please tell me you are fixing this. It’s a poor change if it’s not a mistake.
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4 years ago, otterman
How the $&@! do you get out of Settings screen?
Tap the gear to go into Settings. Now crash the app. Now reopen it. Is that really how we’re supposed to to get back to the main app? There’s no button or gesture I could find that will take you back there. How about a fix for this for once!
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4 years ago, Xq1794
Best Ever
Super app. Great manual. So much it takes some time for us slower folk to master but it’s all there.
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5 years ago, Concerned eye
Creative fun
I enjoy the ability to create humor
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3 years ago, Charysse Sepia Blackman
This app doesn’t work well
You can’t put an effect on your photo in this app… It appears that you can but it cannot be done. It wasn’t always this way. It’s annoying and ridiculous…
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3 years ago, Sidetracked22
Changed the App
They changed the App making it easy for a 5 year old, thus making it too simplistic for adults. Sometimes upgrades ruin the product. This App is an example.
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3 years ago, Jbisc1701
Once Great!
This app has finally met its kryptonite. This new update is horrible. What happened to the sliders change intensity of the filters? This one click on a "super dog" just doesn't cut it.
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3 years ago, Photo Eye Sensei
What the what?
The tutorial must be outdated because it looks nothing like the new software on iPhone. There is no halftone switch, cannot change and save to cartoon tones and no support number to call.
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2 years ago, Wisconsin boatman
Great app for photo development.
Easy to use.
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1 year ago, Jasology
Keeps crashing
I successfully used this app once. Ever time I try to apply a filter now, it crashed. This app was cool when it worked.
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4 years ago, ZEEKZOMBIEMAN
Happy as heck!
Serious fun app! Worth the money. Just love it!
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5 years ago, Rob D.P.
No Optimized for iPhone X
Was expecting so much more. Not ready for iPhone X, and many of the menu options do not have easy navigation causing you to get stuck. Wish I could get a refund.
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3 years ago, kdtuckrr
I love the look this app creates, but the glitches make finishing a comic book difficult.
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2 years ago, Retro-progressive-simplicity
Can’t add multiple images to the open panel/page option?? Seriously guys…🤦🏻‍♂️. I want my $3 bucks back!
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10 months ago, For#3while
Good App
Easy way to help with Thumbnails !!!
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2 years ago, dbfish
Sooo much fun!
Very rewarding once you grok the workflow. Soooo much fun!!
Show more
3 years ago, longboarder42
Comic book is the best!!!
I love this app 👍👍😁
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5 years ago, DocBocephus
Doc Annapolis
So fun for office antics and upbeat morale! We love it!!
Show more
3 years ago, DirKirsche
Always awesome for…….
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1 week ago, BronxJedi
Good App…Needs A LOT of Work
I use this app almost daily now, and I do like it. It does what it promises…lets you create comic book pages rather easily. It has a load of comic-style effects you can add, and many, many page layout options. After working through the learning curve, you’ll be able to create some pretty nice-looking comic pages. However… The developers needs to add A LOT of standard features… —The ability to copy elements such as dialog bubbles, titles, etc. —The ability to simply copy the contents of one layout cell into another one, if most of the elements are going to be the same —The Save functionality on this app is CLUNKY, and kind of frightening until you get used to it! Why can’t there be a Save icon on the page I am working on? —Speaking of Save…that Save button I wish for should also offer the ability to save the current page as a different page, with a different name easily. —For some reason, if you add one of the special effect stickers…you can’t delete it! So you’d better be sure you like it! —Some elements give you the ability to resize them to better fit the text you write in them…but they don’t have resize handles to easily do that. You end up having to tap the dang element several times in order to make it finally realize that you want to resize it. —Considering it is a comic book-creating app, it would be nice to have the ability to arc or curve Headlines or Titles to give them a different kind of effect on the page. —Folders in the “Pages” section would be nice, so that I can group the pages for each episode of my comic separately, making them A LOT easier to find. —A pen or brush type tool would be handy. Fine, I draw the images for my comic in a different app, but having a pen in this app would be useful for drawing the odd line here and there if need be. —Bold or Italics: It would be nice if I could bold or italicize individual words in speech bubbles, etc. These suggestions I’m making aren’t revolutionary…They are the basic kind of function/features that are in just about every creative/artsy app I use, and they are what I expect. The bottom line is this: This is a good app, and it’s definitely letting me create comic pages…but it’s letting me do so with far more effort needed than should be necessary, and it’s letting me do so while wishing I had other features. I’ll keep using it, but don’t be surprised if you see me shopping on the App Store, looking for another, more robust comic page creator that I’d be willing to purchase.
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4 years ago, 2sigma
A ton of fun!
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4 years ago, Mr. Giant
needs an update nearly impossible to use, when i works its 5 star
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13 years ago, StringDragon
Oh Yea!
This is a great fun app and after talking with the Devs they are listening and they are adding features. My grand daughter liked this so well on my iPad 2 that we bought it for her iPad 1 also. We have not experienced any crashes and we have made at least 30 pages from our vacation and sent them back and fourth. Working Great on a 64gig iPad 2 and a 16gig iPad 1 Those of you who are having crashing problems need to contact the support team. Just posting here that yours is crashing does nothing to get your problem fixed. They need to know what device you are using, how much memory your device has, any utilities you may have running in the background, ect.... This is a review forum not a tech support forum. Don't expect to get your problems fixed by posting "It Crashes" here. If you have been through the Support help and are still dissatisfied then go ahead and vent. But if you want to see the app running on your device with your configuration you need to help the support team figure out why it is not.
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12 years ago, TheLAStory
Creative, fun app, could use added functionality
Overall, this app delivers as promises. It's fun to use, and it's a neat way to use photos from one's library. I found it to be mostly stable, but there are several features that would be helpful if the developers implemented: 1. An ability to save the file in progress for editing later. Right now, if the app crashes or if you remove the app from operating in the background, you will lose the project that you were working on. This is frustrating, especially if you spend 20 minutes working on a project. 2. An ability to resize the text and thought bubbles without having to type something in them. This would be a helpful feature when putting stickers inside of bubbles. 3. Auto-size for text rectangles based on text content. Right now, the user has to manually resize the rectangle if you want the text to remain on a single line. 4. There needs to be an easier way to see which sticker sets have been purchased and which have not been purchased. (Without having to click on a particular set.) For example, can you change the icon in a way that shows which sticker sets the user already owns? 5. Custom font colors (instead of the six pre-chosen options) would be great.
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13 years ago, rob3333
Multiple crashes on an iPad 1
I desperately wanted to like this App, since I was working on something with it with my 4 year old son and having a blast. However, it CRASHED multiple times, and worse, there didn't seem to be any way to even do a save-in-progress. I tried saving the Image, but of course this only loaded the entire work as a single Image and provided very limited ability to continue from when we left off. PLEASE FIX THE BUGS and make sure in the event of a crash that it's been AUTO-SAVING and will pick up where it left off!!! [UPDATE]: I turned my iPad 1 off completely and then on again and the bugs seemed to disappear. As my iPad's memory was pretty full, this suggests that the problem probably has something to do with memory management. Please fix and you've got a 5 star app! (though one suggestion: PLEASE add the ability to do multiple pages (so you can actually create "real" comic books rather than just a single photo page!)
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