Commerce Bank for iPhone

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Commerce Bank
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11 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Commerce Bank for iPhone

4.73 out of 5
117.6K Ratings
5 years ago, KC JB
Mobile Deposits No Longer Reliable
We have used the mobile app to make deposits for over a year and it was always flawless, but the last two times we have used it, we have received an error after submitting the deposit that an “endorsement can’t be detected” and to re-take the photo of the back of the check. We are a business and use an endorsement stamp. The first time several tries were necessary to get the check accepted, but today it won’t accept one of several checks regardless of how many times we try. The only difference is that this endorsement is at a slight angle but is very clear. We called the support number and were told to take the check to the branch for deposit. Something seems to have changed that makes the mobile deposit less forgiving. Although technically correct, we don’t consider getting in a car and driving to the branch to be “mobile deposit!”
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3 months ago, Cliff Ols
Customer Service
I’m Sad to say; I was offered an opportunity to come to yalls Bank from a few people. And when I explained how I was spoken to in the Branch one day, I was then told to call Customer Service. As I called customer Service, I was then told that they couldn’t proceed with a phone call because I couldn’t be verified. After they finally gave me to a manager, and I explained what had happened; he then proceeded to explain to me that they needed to verify me so they could see whom was lookkng in my account. After I then explained that NO ONE WENT INTO MY ACCOUNT, he suddenly felt obligated to assist me. So now I was treated rudely in the branch by a Branch Manager, and was now being treated rudely by a Customer Service Manager. This is Highly unacceptable. I don’t know how y’all do it here, but where I’m from, they have empathy and respect for fellow customers. As I emptied my accounts today in the branch, I was then asked again by an employee what my reasoning was for wanting the accounts closed. I then began to explain what had previously happened……. He politely nodded, and just said it pretty much happens. No apology, no…. Can one of our Managers st this Branch assist U, NOTHING!!!! Sorry, but this isn’t how I do business. Nor will I in the future.
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1 month ago, Jill B66
Computer issues
This seems to be a recurrent problem I’m having with you all, I pray for it to be resolved it’s frustrating. But my account on my IPhone gets locked a lot and there is too much robbery going on for that to be happening. I’ve called a couple of times, well today I spoke with a young lady by the name of Sabrina O. she was great!! She went above and beyond to not only help me find the problem but fix it, and walk me through it as I set it up on my phone. Sabrina helped me so that it would be easier for me to get help any time I needed it, and was so pleasant. It’s nice to talk to people kindly, you never know what they might be going through, or have gone through. Nor what you might be dealing with when you walk out the door. Have a blessed day and Happy Memorial Weekend. Yours, Jill Burwell
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6 years ago, Tinzy
Looks nicer...
Looks nicer, more updated appearance from the old mobile app, but it seems to have some weird flaws. For example, when I am looking at my credit card transactions, it starts with the transactions that started at the beginning of the month, and I have to scroll to the bottom to see the most recent transactions. Seems backwards to normal online banking. Overall it seems to have a few bugs that need to be worked out. Would also love to be able to access the toggle feature on here. It also doesn’t let me see what past payments were made when you make a mobile payment, and the feature where you pay from your online bill pay has bugs that need to be worked out. Could be good... but the app just isn’t there yet.
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5 years ago, Alice K. W.
Constant Issues with Service and App
I recently moved and have had to call Customer Service three times to request an address change and STILL I’m having issues with my billing information. I’ve spent so much time on hold, trying to get a Customer Service rep to help me resolve this, and no one has offered any kind of solution. They still send my bank statement to my old address, delaying the delivery time. Which wouldn’t be an issue if the app was useful. Also, over the last few months, I have sporadically received an error message when trying to make mobile deposit or payments that does not allow me to do so. No matter what updates are made or how many time I re-download the app, I still have issues. I’ve always had a pleasant experience when visiting the banks’ locations, but now I live too far. I was hoping to stick with the bank despite the move, but their inability to provide basic and adequate service from afar makes that impossible.
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6 years ago, Jbarks1
Some improvements some steps backward
Updated 3/11: Looks like credit card transactions are sorting properly. Descending by date. Also fixed are the ebills that were paid but never released from the queue. Hooray! This app is now 5 stars. Updated 2/13: E Bills are back which is great. However since the functionality was delivered recently, I have phantom ebills still appearing. These bills have been “filed” on the website since I paid them outside of the e bill notifications but still show up in the app. They don’t appear as “reminders” on the website. It would be helpful to be able to “file” or delete e bills. Improvement Can add new billers Steps back Transfer between accounts used to show each account balance. No longer. Showing the account balance made credit card payments easier. Now I have to write down on paper. Bill pay used to show new bills that just arrived. No longer. Now I have to rely on my email to get notifications. Doesn’t your app development do any user experience research before adding or removing from functionality? Geez
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6 years ago, Davis274
Not always the current balance
Not very happy with the app. I’ve had times where my account will show a balance and when I check it 5 hours later, I’ll have $150 more than the last balance. This is without me making any transactions. Then an hour later it’s back to the other balance. I’ve learned from the past that my account may not be what it is and not to make purchases based off what the app says my balance is. I’ve also had checks come out late at night that I’ve written to businesses that close at 5. I originally thought I could make a transfer the next day, since it was after the close of a business day, but was charged overdraft fees for not having the balance in the positive before 8am. The way it was explained to me was Commerce can process the check whenever they want. I have had Commerce bank for the last 10 years and finally I’m switching to another bank.
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6 years ago, born 2 live
App hasn’t worked in two weeks
I haven’t been able to log into my app for two weeks on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything, restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing has worked. When I try to log in it just hangs on the login screen with the loading icon spinning. I can log in to my account through the mint app on my iPhone just fine. I can also log in to the commerce site on my laptop. This is the only app giving me any trouble. In all honesty I don’t have enough time in my day to call their 1800 number to troubleshoot an app... especially since commerce is the one using my money in my checking and savings accounts to advance their business. Considering all banks offer the same products (i.e. checking and savings accounts), in this day and age, a little annoyance like this can easily cause customers to switch to another bank that offers a more reliable and robust experience to manage their hard earned money. Oh, another annoyance is that commerce must have nightly transaction posting scripts/jobs running on checking accounts from around 11pm to the early hours of the morning CST. The current balance and transactions are ALWAYS wrong during those times. Never trust them. Hope they get it figured out quick. The next time I’m standing in a check out line and want to check my balance, this might be the last straw.
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3 months ago, iamterralee
Do NOT lock your debit card…
****see their response below. Have I heard from a anyone? NO. Can I get a hold of anyone who can provide resolution?? Also NO. Does anyone in customer service care?? NEGATIVE Have they had my money for over a month now?? You betcha! Find another bank. This is not the one.**** The app provides the ability to lock your card, to protect yourself and the bank from fraudulent charges. If you do this and have any sort of refund come through? They will block that too. I’ve used a few other banks that offered the locking feature that NEVER BLOCKED REFUNDS Then they tell you that you have to go through the dispute process. Only for them to spend weeks with zero progress when they can see that they blocked the refund. If, and only IF they respond to your inquiries they instruct you to call the dispute department. Where nobody EVER answers the phone. My time is more valuable than this. It’s time to move on.
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2 years ago, Plazaliz
Platinum Service
We have been with Commerce Bank for over 17 years and have never considered changing or been unhappy with the service. I don’t believe I’ve even been remotely irritated. Employees at the brick and mortar locations have always been pleasant, professional and efficient. The website is user friendly/easy to navigate and security across the board is outstanding. When an app became available I expected the same excellent quality they provide everywhere else and I was right. Commerce easily takes first place in the list of banks I’ve used all over the country since my first over 45 years ago. Highly recommend the bank and the app.
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6 years ago, PS hobbyist
I tried using the Commerce Bank 'newly updated' app on my iPhone and it is buggy. I first had problems signing in because it asked me to answer a Security question without showing the question. How should I answer a blank question? Later, I was able to sign in (it actually showed the security question) and I tried to set up Face ID. I went into setting (as instructed) and activated Face ID. I then logged out and tried logging back in, but Face ID was not activated. I tried several times but the setting never stuck. I did not try any of the new features... I'm going to wait for the bugs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, fishEd98
Good update
Update is easier to navigate and more visually appealing. Easier to check multiple accounts by swiping left and right. Seems to load quicker and seems more stable than previous version. Overall, much better than previous version. 2 minor issues that I notice. 1st: The green button to bring up the menu that is in the lower right corner, overlaps the account balance/transaction amounts when looking at accounts. I think moving this to the top so it doesn't cover up the amounts would be better. 2nd: Still no way to access credit card rewards from the app. This was not available in the previous app version either, so when I saw there was a big update, I was hoping this would be available. I rarely get on a computer as I can use my iPhone for everything I need, so it's a bit of a pain to open the commerce rewards through a safari browser. Especially the safari browser on the iPhone. Seems odd that the commerce credit card rewards and commerce banking are so separated. Hopefully there is actually a way to do this in the app and I just haven't discovered it yet.
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5 years ago, Savcarb
My personal review of commerce app
Wish I could transfer money to other accounts outside of commerce. I have a card that I get rewards on for my insurance if I use. Also wish I could transfer to savings from app. I don’t own a computer or laptop (I’m kind of anti-technology for a millennial. I don’t even own a tv) and I can only do that from a computer. Positive: I was locked out of my mobile app a few days ago due to “too many login attempts” that wasn’t me.. nothing was taken but I was able to reset my password through an email so that made me feel better that security told me about it.
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5 years ago, ddaufeldt
Do not trust what your balance says
I’ve went negative so many times because I check my account balance and I’ll subtracts bills from what I have to see what I have left to spend, only for the number to change a couple hours later and it be way lower than a couple hours before (mind you it does this to me almost everyday) and I didn’t start noticing it until I got an email from my one of my bill collectors saying they were unable to withdrawal money from my account because there wasn’t enough in there. Anyone who knows me knows I budget very very carefully, and so this has caused me SO many problems and it has made it to where I’m scared to buy anything because I don’t know if my account is ever accurate and it’s honestly added so much anxiety to my life. Either don’t use the bank app, or go with a different bank.
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2 years ago, yelotincan
Long time customer
I have been with Commerce bank since it started in the late 70’s, if memory serves me. . I believe it was then called First Bank and it was located by the Meramec river bridge in Northern Arnold. I was the first real estate loan that was written in the amount of 26,000. Since I formally worked at a bank, I helped the lady with my application. I love this bank. For long distance travel in the winter, I’ve had to open an account at a much larger bank but, I still have my commerce account. Thank you for many many years of service in Arnold.
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2 weeks ago, janemeetSjoe
Terrible app. Lacks self-service
Commerce bank is so behind in this digital age. It lacks the basic Self-Serve features for customers resulting in us customers spendings hours on the phone and being transferred from one customer service to another for problem resolution. As a small business owner, I’m extremely disappointed and as soon as I grow enough, I’m switching. - no way to choose paper bills vs digital - no way to choose email statements - no reporting / dashboard capability - not seamless between personal and business accounts. Need to log out and long in - back and forth between accounts. Such a waste of time. - app has the BASICS. Commerce Bank is really behind the digital works and must invest on becoming more digital and increase self-serve capabilities. Do not recommend this bank.
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6 years ago, PeppaPepsi
Good app but has flaws
This is a good well-thought out app that is easy to navigate and has most of the things I would need to see or do on a regular basis. Only problem I have is that every time the app updates, all my settings go back to default. Touch-ID gets disabled, quick balance gets disabled, and even some of my repeat transfers get canceled. It's really annoying. The app recently updated and for some reason even when I change the settings back to what I had them at, it won't save. So I have to enable Touch ID and quick balance EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOG IN, and then the next time I open my phone, they're not working again! It's a good app but there are a LOT of issues with development and updates.
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2 years ago, Imagine Wolf
New transfer feature fail
I was so excited to finally see a transfer to another customer account feature but sadly a fail. One we tried to transfer at 8 am in the morning on a Friday (non holiday) and would not let us pick same day. Only gave us Sat and beyond. Also I noticed even if we did it would still take most day to clear in transferred account. This is 2022 it should go into account right away especially if it is another commerce account. Going to the bank just to make a deposit to get cleared right away is a hassle!!! Please fix both issues🙏🏻
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6 years ago, krbeckner
UI upgrade, functional downgrade
The overall interface of the upgrade is an improvement, but actually functionality is slower, clunkier, and makes for a less optimal experience. For example, the payment date let’s the user choose an invalid entry. Payment submission has a delay then allows the user to open multiple windows when they hit the payment button again. Hope future updates address these issues.
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6 years ago, A. Jay Sutton
Completely Horrible
What a completely horrible “update” this is. This app no longer supports iPads, so you have to download the iPhone app. As a user who is mobile 90% of the time, I enjoyed the iPad app and the ability to do my banking on the go. This app doesn’t even rotate, so I’m forced to use it in portrait mode. That by itself would be okay, but it doesn’t even scale appropriately on my 12.9 inch iPad Pro. “Challenge accepted” is their new tag line. Okay, Commerce Bank, how about an iPad app instead of forcing me to use an app on a platform that isn’t native? What a huge step backwards this is. This may very well be the catalyst for me change banks. Convenience is a huge priority for me, and this is so many kinds of backwards I can’t state it with enough emphasis. This “update” makes me really, really sad.
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5 years ago, madatcomm
The worst bank app
This is the worst bank app I’ve ever used. In fact, I had to buy check registries to keep track of things on my own because my available balance on the app is never right. Sometimes the “pending charges” are taken out of the available balance already, sometimes they aren’t, and sometimes they’re taken out, get added back, and taken out again. It’s the most inaccurate way to keep track of your money. I would suggest using a different bank or buying a check registry and handling it the old fashioned way, or you could end up paying a $30 overdraft fee because you thought you had money when you didn’t. I’ve complained about this numerous times to commerce, but they can’t seem to get it updated. Good luck.
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1 year ago, SnaitsirhC88
Banking made easy
My wife showed me this commerce app. I switched banks and have been with commerce for several years now after. I know most banks have apps of their own but this ones been around for a while and they really havent changed it…which i love because i dont like the bells and whistles.. its super simple. Never had issues with it not working ether. Move money from one account to the next or pay off the credit card on one screen… with minimal amount of effort :)
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3 years ago, shawn76p
Loan payments
This app makes it hard to pay off a loan. Even though I don’t bank at commerce I took a auto loan through commerce. I am unable to pay through this app and have to call to make a payment. You charge if I call to make a payment but you should set it up where non commerce bank loan customers can still make a payment through the app. You can still charge for a payment through the app the same as making us call in. That’s just a hassle and waist of time. I just paid off my loan and won’t need this app anymore. I can honestly say I would not bank through commerce or take another loan. I will stay with Chase. Thanks for your service.
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6 years ago, Ms GJW
New app design
I’m not a fan of change. That said, however, when change is more efficient, I don’t mind. But I find this app to be less efficient. On the front page of the layout, the menu button is obtrusive. There are too many steps to get to the thing you need to do. I liked it all located on the opening page. It was also easier to read as it was more streamlined. I’ve not yet used the mobile deposit with the new app but I’m hoping it would allow for funds to be available immediately rather than having to wait until the next business day, or if on a weekend, Tuesday morning (or longer if a holiday weekend. Overall I’ve found this “upgrade” a downgrade.
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1 year ago, Weston Z
I use this app daily
Daily…I mean I use this app daily to check my account balance, deposit a check, pay a bill, transfer money between accounts all the while not even missing a beat from my every day life while at work, lounging on my couch at home, or out on the town. It is very easy to use, a quick glance at their dashboard allows a time consciousness reference to your account balance, pending deposits, and pending withdrawals. GOOD JOB COMMERCE BANK! 5 Stars for Sure!
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4 years ago, SgtDesertDawg
Bad App Feature
I only had an auto loan, this is the only reason I had the app to check status of my payments and balance. The day I sent my last payment I could not log into the app or the website. I called their support line and they said I can’t log in because my final payment was applied so they closed my account. I asked well how was I suppose to check status of payment if I can’t login? Her reply blew me away, she said that’s how by not being able to login. A moronic answer this is! So if I wanted to apply for something else my guess is I would have to sign up again for every account,... well I don’t think I will do that, this process is thumbs down! With today’s technology their no accuse for a process like this, Commerce Bank fix it. I’m out!
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6 years ago, omgirl57
New Commerce Bank App
I like some things about the new app but it appears that other previous functionality was removed? Also, I’m NOT happy that the iPad App was removed and now have to use the iPhone App for iPad. HUGE mistake here Commerce as no landscape mode and many of us routinely use landscape mode on our iPads. Needing to turn it around to use in portrait mode with the phone app is user unfriendly and the phone app feels totally clumsy on an iPad. I enjoyed using the iPad app which I felt was very well done but very much dislike using the iPhone app on my iPad - Please bring back the iPad app or I’ll need to access my account via the desktop website
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5 years ago, Funk historian
Everyday App
I love the Commerce Mobile Banking app. I use an iPhone and have for the last 10 years. Commerce has continued to keep up with the changes. From passwords to fingerprint access and now facial recognition. It all works seamlessly. I can check account balances just by clicking on the app and looking at my phone. It seems like I use the app at least once a day to check deposits or see if charges have cleared. Thank you Commerce for helping me keep pace with the future of banking.
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2 years ago, Lynf153
Update flaws
I’ve used this app for years without issue, but suddenly it does not recognize the endorsement stamp we have always used. “No endorsement detected.” Sometimes I can try multiple times and then it will accept it, sometimes not. I’m trying to run a business and don’t have time to do this with dozens of checks every day. It’s incredibly frustrating and I end up needing to drive to the bank and deposit in person. Since they no longer offer deposit slips and expect you to deposit via the app, that’s a pain, too. I need to be able to deposit checks and get on with my day. I’ve given up.
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6 years ago, myersk4
New look, some account data missing
I appreciate the updated app and love Commerce Bank. My only complaint about the new app is the way the transaction data for my credit card is listed. My pending transactions are at the top, but the rest of the transactions this month aren’t in reverse chronological order, so I have to scroll through all of February to see something from a few days ago. Also, my transaction data from 1 week ago is always missing (on a rolling basis, even on things that aren’t still pending).
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9 months ago, 😤😒✌️
Nice people but no help and worthless online features
Bill pay is telling me that to transfer money from commerce to my navy federal account is going to take 8 DAYS. I COULD PAY FASTER USING A PIGEON! It also took 5 days to get commerce online bill pay un-f*#@&$ enough to initiate the transfer process and after all the work and hours on the phone with customer service (and in the banks where people have no clue what to do or what’s wrong) I’m told it’ll take 8 days to process. That is insane. Also, I have over 9 years of perfect payment history and a credit score of roughly 780 and commerce’s best APR offer for me is 24%.?. Go fu$&@ yourself Commerce.
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6 years ago, EBSchlaeger
Not a fan & want my old app back...
Reasons I’m not a fan: * HUGE FONTS!! :( While I understand that some folks appreciate gigantic fonts, I am not one. I do not (at all) like the fact that anyone within 5’ of me can see my business (balances, etc) while I have the app open. * TERRIBLE MENU BUTTON POSITION!! This is poor design. It’s huge and in the way. While looking as transaction lists for my accounts, it’s totally in the way. ** AGAIN, HUGE FONTS!! I can maybe understand the huge fonts for the summary screen, but when you’re looking at the transaction lists for a checking account, *still* not liking the folks nearby can see what I’m seeing, and not liking how few entries can be seen because of the huge font. Bad planning. I’m also not a fan of the “cartoon like” changes to the app icon, though that’s just aesthetics and not function. If I could wipe this app away and re-install the old one, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
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3 years ago, mallenbrit
Beyond satisfied!
First let me throw out there that I’m old school. Not the most tech savvy person, neither am I a fan of anything online especially banking. I was hesitant to create an account, thought it was not going to be user friendly. I was so surprised how easily the set up was (usually I would have some type of error or redirected to a live person for guidance) I was able to set up and access my account with ease!
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2 years ago, KC 16-0
16 years…
It’s getting to the point that I can’t make an online purchase without having it declined due to “suspicious activity”. What about the times I’ve traveled out of state and made multiple purchases and had no issues? I’m not going to continue calling customer support, that only works 9-5 Mon-Fri apparently, just to sit on hold for 30 minutes to ask why my transaction was declined, and then find out I still can’t make the purchase because it’s still being declined. 16 years. No issues until this past 18 months or so. If I can’t use my money, then there’s no point in using the services.
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2 years ago, Me&u4ever
Good app
For the most part no complaints on this app easy to use the only thing that can get a bit annoying is when making a payment early it will not take money out of you account till the bill is due but you can change it to the date you want funds to come out otherwise (just an extra step to remember is all.) If I’m paying early it because I have the money to pay it right now but other than that the app is very well done!
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4 years ago, Jin Sou
First time no go
I downloaded the app this year and tried to log in. It sent me nowhere and the app kept loading over and over. I kept trying to push the button to reload and it wouldn’t let me. Also, I’m very angry at the online system as well! It does the same thing. We live in a world of technology, why is it so hard to do. I bank at another place and their app is way more advanced and it includes the things you need to know. Also, I live abroad and this does not help at all! Especially when I want to pay my bill and this bank does not let me because it keeps kicking me out! Will def considering switching to different bank that is more advanced online and on the app.
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5 years ago, Robta7
The Commerce app
I am so impressed! I fought online banking for years. I went into my bank with some banking questions and Wes helped me. He answered my questions and then he showed me how easy it was to use the Commerce app. I couldn’t believe it! He assured me that Commerce had the latest technology for keeping it secure. I feel that it is a very safe site and that I can access it with my fingerprint. How easy can that be!?! Thank you Commerce.
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2 months ago, Bad Az Bob
Great Bank To Have
I’ve been with Commerce Bank for a very long time. The people are great to work with, the are friendly and knowledgeable on helping you with all your questions. There fraud department is one of the best catching any fraudulent activities on your accounts. I am very impressed with Commerce Bank and would definitely recommend them and I will be banking with them for many more years!
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6 years ago, Fitkc
Need to Improve Mobile Deposit
I tried twice in the last week to deposit 2 different checks. The first, balance was too high. The second, a Income Tax Refund from state of Kansas, could not read the digits at the bottom of the check - after 10 attempts. In both cases, I switched over to mobile app of another, local institution. Was able to deposit on first try for both checks. The business world has changed. Customers want instant, seamless service and will switch their vendors to get it. I coach executives on making this switch to respond to this mindset. Given my knowledge of Commerce, I am surprised at the result I experienced.
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2 years ago, js delaware
Easy to use
I find this app easy to use. I do not live near a Commerce bank branch anymore, but still maintain an account there, and this has really helped with managing my finances. I especially love the mobile deposit feature, and the fact that I can go back and check balances, deposits, withdrawals, etc. over longer periods of time than just a month.
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6 years ago, adamcstorm
Update is NOT an upgrade
The new app has quite a few issues: -logging in with Touch ID requires two touches because the first fails every time due to being “logged out due to inactivity” -The overall font is absurdly large. The app should respect the system settings via accessibility options -Bill pay has become even more cumbersome than before. I can no longer see my e-bills and pay them through the app directly. I can specify an amount, but the actual bill is not available to reference nor manage -Menu is awkward at best and is unintuitive. This should be modified to follow the latest UI conventions and to keep a consistent feel throughout the app
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6 years ago, Rapathazar
Traded UI for Sleek Looks
Until recently when you log into the app it showed most of the information you would want to see in a clear connected open set. Now it’s all on separate tabs that have to load and you can only see parts of your own banking information at any given time. Very disappointed in how much user interface was stripped away just to revamp the look of the app.
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5 months ago, Snow035
Not really accurate
Your “available” SEEMS to stay pretty current. But not all ur pending charges show up. All a sudden something u were waiting on will hit. So if ur not REALLY good at tracking ur spending, it’s going to be hard to budget your money. And also, you HAVE to get ur cash back in $25 increments minimal. Which I always leave banks that do that. Customer service was nice and all but they gave me two separate answers on a question in chat and in email. Not super pleased with this company or app or card. Trying them out due to a promotion they ran. More than likely going to switch back to my tried and true bank.
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5 years ago, Medina254
Useless app if you’re trying to make a loan payment
If you’re trying to make a loan payment and you don’t have a deposit account with this bank you can’t use the app to do anything other than get your current balance which you can do online and still make a loan payment online because it will direct you to the third-party processor that they’re using but this app will not.
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9 months ago, Finglarl
Commerce Credit Card / ATM doesn’t work
I’ve spent untold hours trying to get my Commerce credit/ATM Card to actually work at a ATM machine. I was recently forwarded to a ATM phone number at Commerce that I waited 1 hour and 50 minutes and finally hung up after listing to their crazy advertising of how they will be with me shortly. I used to use my Commerce credit/ATM card at the ATM to take out cash or deposit checks on occasion. Neither work now and in fact my balance after trying to deposit a large check twice at a ATM has increased my balance incorrectly. My phone app says these deposits are on hold, but the website shows it like it was deposited. I’m told there is problems with the Commerce Connections card working at ATM’s. I’m hear to tell you they don’t work at all and I’m checking into other banks that have better quality control on their ATM’s. If you want to call me and discuss I would appreciate this getting worked out soon. Robert
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6 years ago, drj32
Update: problem resolved
I generally like the update (huge upgrade over prior way-outdated app), and without the following problem I’d give it 4 stars. But for some reason, my credit card disappeared from the account list. I use the app to track and pay my card balance, so this is a major annoyance. Update: my credit card now shows up again. Hopefully it will stay! As I mentioned, mostly like the app, and with this fixed, giving it 4 stars.
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2 months ago, Jennifer W. (KS)
The best banking experience
I am so grateful for the hours the employees work making it possible to get there with my crazy schedule. I love seeing Hannah’s always smiling face and well wishes. I’ve been using Commerce Bank for years and on a few occasions my account was compromised. The bank (fraud division) was ON TOP OF IT every time and had it corrected with ease. Thanks for all you do!! You are all appreciated!!
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3 years ago, Epsilonianchix
Cell phone benefits..
This card is used to autopay my T-Mobile carrier and it’s the contract that all our cellphone covered when something happen to one of our cellphone ..and unfortunately my daughters phone needs a screen replacement touts shattered ..and they did not do as they promised in the contract so I’m very disappointed & unhappy w/it so not this card is my first priority of my everyday spending..
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4 years ago, 2017$
Online banking!!!!
This app is so amazing, I don’t have to drive to deposit my checks, I can do it iffy where I am sitting. It been about 3-5 months since I have been to the bank and deposit my checks. I can always go on my app and check how much money I have spend and how much I have left. I would recommend anyone to get the app. I enjoy this app so much. Thank you commerce bank.
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5 years ago, jtshafer
Pretty Good!
I enjoy Commerce, and like the simplicity of the online banking. That being said, I do not like the new policy where customers are sent to back offices for simple tasks, such as getting a roll of quarters or new checks. It takes too long and the employees try to sucker me into a new credit card or just seem to not understand that I don’t want to spend the time when I’m there for a quick errand.
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