Community First CU of Florida

4.6 (4K)
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Community First Credit Union of Florida
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Community First CU of Florida

4.58 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, Hadtosayit_
Great app
I've used the C1 app since it first launched and I have been a member for years. Everything that I want to do to manage my account using my phone is located in the app. I remember experiencing a few hang ups when the bank first launched its mobile banking, but the app actually continues to IMPROVE. Through the recent upgrade I have actually experienced zero issues and I have been using the updated app, like making transfers for instance, with zero issues as well. I love how streamlined the new version is with everything I need in the drop down menu on the left, my accounts are front and center when I first log in, and anything extra I want to look at is in the "More" section, which so far I haven't needed to use. I like that I can log in with either my fingerprint, passcode, or account ID and password to login. Also, with the upgrade it doesn't log me out as quickly as it did before so I can switch apps and be working in my calculator app and still go back to my C1 app without having to keep logging in. It gives me a few more minutes to work than I had before-- that is a plus for me. If I want to log out right away I can obviously just hit "log out" in the menu. So far, great app! Totally convenient and I am happy!
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3 years ago, KXZDF2000
Good except for one major issue
I’ve liked this banking app. It’s one of the main reasons I decided not to switch back to another popular bank I have an account with. But for the past three months, the app has not worked to allow me to pay on my credit card account. Normally I could select the MAKE A PAYMENT option in two different web pages within the app and it would allow me to transfer funds from my checking account to my credit card. But no more. Once I select the MAKE A PAYMENT option it now shows background coding on the next webpage where I enter all my info. It acts as if it’s going to take my info but it never finishes the transfer on the last webpage. I have told customer service reps over the phone a few times. And each rep keeps telling me the the issue must be my app and to download it. I have the latest app version so it won’t let me download it again. So I’ve done everything on my side to make it work and it still doesn’t work. I’m tired of calling the bank and waiting forever just to ask them to transfer the funds for me. In this day and age thesis issue should have already been fixed a few months ago. A couple things I like about the app. It allows you to change the name of your savings accounts for tracking purposes. It also allows you to change the reason why a transaction was made.
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7 months ago, Kelsey Towns
App is almost not useable and in person service is worse
Password requirement is insane. Face ID doesn’t ever register. Auto pay setting is hard to find. Turned auto pay off and bank took two full payments in one month, twice. Had to repeatedly call to get reimbursed. Loan pay-off amount is easy to find, that’s a plus. Loan payment settings and access is extremely difficult. Self-serving account management needs better organization. The tellers at the Yulee, FL location are not experienced in auto loan pay off with two forms of payment. I had the private party buyer of my vehicle meet me there who was paying off half the vehicle. We pre-printed all lien release paperwork off of CFCU website just to have filled out to cover ourselves, not to file in any way. They wouldn’t fill it out or provide any receipt or proof of a pending lien release. Notary was extremely ridiculous. Had me sign twice in front of her right next to each other. Verified my SAME DRIVERS LICENSE 3 TIMES. I’m the same person I was 2 seconds ago with the same ID. It took the manager 15 min to accept my two forms of payment because my maiden name was on my debit card even though I had three forms of proof it was my maiden name. Worst experience at a bank. Don’t recommend.
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7 years ago, knicd
Easier menu access, mobile deposit doesn't work
The new look overall is a good improvement, although I agree with other reviews that it is less private; immediately upon logging in, your account balances are visible. I prefer the old, more private, option of clicking on the account to see the balance. The new menu is good as well. I have had a lot of issues with the mobile deposit, though. I've had one success, another fails to accept the images (even despite trying a dozen or so times with new images each time), and my most recent that is printing this review won't even let me select an account to deposit to. Clicking to add account just takes me to a page that looks like an error and only says "add account" with no ability to click. I've restarted the app, logged out and back in, no luck. It's frustrating since I am not in FL and thus need to travel far out of my way to visit a partner branch to deposit in person. I wish there was some way to get help on the app but I can't find the option. Definitely wish we could have the more stable prior version back.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Muffet
Rating of CFCUFL
We have had our accounts at this credit union since it was Education Community Credit Union. Our daughter was in high school at Terry Parker and learned in one of her classes that she could open an account. Since she was a minor I had to take her to open the account and I asked if I could open an account and was told yes since my daughter has one. My son followed when he started high school and working then my Husband moved his banking to the Credit Union. We have been with the Credit Union now for over 23 yrs now and have no plans on leaving. We love the Credit Union. CFCUFL is my one and only choice for banking! Thank you for being such a great place to bank and having such wonderful and friendly employees. I love my Credit Union.
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5 years ago, beka9532
Less Than Average
The app is just okay, it does give you a breakdown of everything which is great. But as far as the bank goes it’s kind of awful as well as any of their over the phone customer service. I’ve had 5 serious problems with this bank over the past 6 months and being a customer for 6 years seems to mean literally nothing to this company. Not only this but I hate that you only get $200 of your check when you do direct deposit and sometimes it takes a week to get the rest of the check to you. What’s the point in depositing my check if I don’t get the rest of it until my next pay day. Not only does this affect paying my bills on time but also during the hurricane I was short money that I needed to buy supplies and I contacted the company and they told me they would see what they could do and I never received another phone call from them or the release of the rest of my check. My recent experiences make me feel like an uncalled customer and I will be switching banks.
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4 years ago, Sisazul17
Perfect except for one thing...
I wish the bill pay area on the phone app looked the same as it does on the PC, where you can see the most recent payments, and currently scheduled/pending payments. I also wish they would synthesize the loan payment, bill payment, and scheduled transfers into one comprehensive page so that it would be easier to manage and anticipate upcoming drafts, but that is more of a critique of their website in general, not this app. ***Update- they did end up editing how the bill-pay area is configured and expanded what we can view about pending transactions.***
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2 years ago, SFGIR
Perfect for what I need.
I can’t say enough great things about CFCU’s online banking app. Although the setup process in the outset many years ago was somewhat difficult, I’ve found this app to be useful in countless ways. Whether it’s depositing, moving, transferring etc, it’s all available to use at the push of a few buttons. I believe it’s very user friendly and has a variety of options for your banking needs. The only reason I’m not rating it a 5 star is because of the wait times when I’ve needed to speak with a customer service rep. The wait times have improved the past year and hopefully they will continue to do so... I would highly recommend to CFCU members to try the App for themselves.
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6 years ago, Jazzie_J
Card Controls
Overall the app works fine to check your account balances and do transfers. However, the ease of trying to set up alerts for accounts is not great. In addition, you don’t have card controls app that works in conjunction with online app. This is something that needs to be added so customers can easily be alerted when purchases are made and so debit cards can be turned on/off when needed. This would also help customers catch fraudulent purchases immediately instead of finding out later via the fraud alerts department or worse finding out too late and then having to dispute charges and money being taken from account and held until any investigations are completed.
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9 months ago, PTLALLWAYS
Save my change
The CFCU app is awesome. Easy to navigate and understand. Thanks for the update to online bill pay. Making it easier to get to the full site. Save my change feature is excellent. I would like to suggest, making that feature show users how much they have saved. It would encourage members to save even more. Even though I have not taken the time to add all my change transfers, just seeing them certainly encourages me. I find myself now spending to insure there is change left to transfer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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9 months ago, rebelchik27
Excellent Credit Union
They are awesome, when VyStar went down they were sort of my families savior for a time. They helped us with a card with barely anything and have worked with me since the beginning. They have amazing programs and even better representatives. Elise is my personal favorite, although the Megan that works at our local one is pretty awesome too. I can not tell you enough how great they are, they help those that other places won’t touch. They are changing the way credit unions run one member at time.
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6 years ago, Member for MANY years
Needs improvement
On the “accounts“ page, the app shows the due date on my mortgage account. None of my other (5) accounts show the due date on the “accounts“ page. In order to see the due dates on all other accounts, I have to click on the actual account and then click the “details” tab. I mentioned this to two different tellers at two different branches in hopes they would mention this to upper management. I’m not sure why they can display the due date on the accounts page for my mortgage but none of the others. Too many steps… Maybe upper management will actually read this and something will be done. However, I still love my credit union!
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6 years ago, blessed1yahoo
Unhappy Camper
The other one was better the color popped this one is dark its grey and white and not the pretty blue color that doesn’t represent Community First. The app was hard to figure out at first, I caught on but I had to help my much figure it out who is a senior citizen, she doesn’t like it either. Why does things have to change? I didn’t want to tap any stars, that’s how unhappy I am it doesn’t deserve any. Now I tried ever nick Name in the book I may have to give it 5 stars in order for my comment to go through
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5 years ago, Concerned long time member
Mobile deposit
I want to preface this with this...I have always loved Community first. I’ve been a member since it was Educational Community Credit Union, but...concerning the app, the mobile deposit needs work, and a lot of it. I’ve had the app say my session has timed out when I’ve just logged in, I’ve had it say that I haven’t captured images of the front and back of the check when they are clearly visible in the pictures, also after hitting submit it does not notice my deposit more than half the time. I deposit checks 4 times a week and these problems are way too consistent. I’ve stopped even trying to deposit on the app. I’m better off going to the actually bank if I don’t want all the hassle I have had with this app. Only reason the app has 1 star is bc it made me.
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3 years ago, no more banking
Don’t take care of their customers
I have been a customer since 2009 and I can never get a loan because my pay check doesn’t go in to this account. I have a direct deposit set for this account but sit can get a loan and in this time of need I just don’t understand how they would help a loyal customer. Will find a new credit union that values their customers and are willing to help during the harder time of the year. After all the money I have had in my account rather it’s a constant direct deposit or not the bank should be willing to help out in some way even if I can’t get as much as needed. But to get no help at all is crazy during Covid-19 I will not have any of my find held by this bank anymore. I will be changing my direct deposit account to a new account.
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6 years ago, Huyrock
Everything you need
The app has everything you need and is essentially everything a mobile banking app should be! The convenience is with the standards of so many other mobile banking app and the layout is clean and modern. I gave a 4 star rating because there are still problems here and there with the app for ex: Mobile check deposit is finicky (hard to align the corners), option to make automatic exact loan payment results in an error, and little stuff here and there. Nothing to ruin the app and honestly doesn’t take away from he convenience factor. I love the app!
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3 years ago, Yogajons
Daily User!
I confess that I am on this app everyday! It makes it easy to monitor your spending & bill paying. I’m sure there are features, such as budgeting & depositing checks, that I don’t use but would love to learn. Don’t know if there is a tutorial, but a little in-person seminar would be great, after the pandemic is over. I’ve been a member of the credit union since the 80’s & remember having to call for information. They’ve come a long way!
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3 years ago, BraddockY
Not as easy as I would like
I find the app unavailable often. At times my Face ID option is not working. It asks me for my account information to log in which I do not have memorized. I prefer Face ID and pin. I am not able to make deposits through the app. This is a feature my other banks offer. I would prefer the option to make deposits other than transfer from one account to another. If moving money from one bank account to another the deposit takes days.
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6 years ago, 247Truth
New app is messy. I like everything is accessible from one screen and it doesn't log you out right away if you need to check any other apps or screens on your phone but now it doesn't give you your available balance and just says you have pending transactions. Just another unnecessary update to something that wasn't broke. Update: Still not a fan. Menu pops up if you’re trying to just scroll. Messages are duplicates of emails and no way to turn off. The only good thing is you can change screens and jump back for a few minutes without being logged out.
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7 years ago, Thisnowstinks
Horrible update
Who approved this update ? The look and feel is horrible and the privacy the old app had was way better. The app is slow to load and if your phone is not secured once you are on your information page it remains open for others to see . The initial login screen on the old app was user friendly and your account information was not widely displayed unless you went to your account ... I would suggest going back to the old look and feel with minor changes. Why is there no back button or close button for each page you go on?? You have to keep clicking the menu tab to get off the last page you are on. Also the forced update was not nice !!!
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7 years ago, Steelcadoc
You replaced the personal app with the business one. I now can no longer look at my account, cc or loans???? Why wouldn't you just replace the old biz app with the new one and personal with new personal? My I'd name is the same with both biz and personal since you made us change it from the account number. A few years back you canceled the biz app I believe for a few months making it a hue haste. You customer service and tech people are simply horrible!!!! The only reason I bank with you is the local bank people are nice. Rediculous! I need to look back on a cc purchase for a vehicle repair and now cannot go back to look at it. Wake up and test stuff before just letting customers do it for you. LAZY!
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11 months ago, Phmeds
Constantly kicked out
This app every few times I use it will tell me to enroll in faceID which I am already enrolled in… I the settings set to “remember me”, and to use FaceID, but it never remembers, and FaceID isn’t permanent. And then I have to reset password because it tells me my password is wrong, and then when I reset.. it says I can’t re-use my old password… I think the app forces me to change my password every couple of months. It’s ridiculous.. and now after trying to use FaceID and then them asking me to enable it, and trying to put in my password twice I am locked out and have to call them.. but there is no number on the app screen. So ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Concrete2004
I have several different financial accounts that I access regularly, 3 banking and 5 brokerage or retirement savings accounts with 2 being C1st accounts. The C1st accounts are hands down the most user friendly and as I have banked both personally and for small business with several other financial institutions over 40+ years I have been most satisfied with C1st.
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4 years ago, mmazuryk
Wish there were alerts or controls
With my previous bank, every time my card was swiped it sent me a text message and the app sent a notification. You could quickly catch fraudulent activity and shutdown the card before too much damage is done. With this, there’s nothing on the app. I accessed via a computer and they have a feature where it’ll alert you for things but it is typically several hours delayed. By then, someone could have wiped out your accounts.
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5 years ago, Tcmae
Seems there is a bug in remember me
There seems to be a bug in the remember me function. App stopped working a few days ago and said password was wrong. I reset the password, got locked out when trying to triage with the Branch on the line, deleted app, reinstalled and it worked. Tried several times and I was able to log in with new password. Clicked on remember me and same issues happened again. Before getting Locked out again, I removed the remember me selection and the app allowed me to log in. May need to have someone look at it...rating a 1 just to get someone to look at the review. Otherwise I use the app all the time with no issues. Love CFCU in general!
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2 years ago, youst07
The Pay bills interface is very, very lacking. It does not provide information in regards to total future payments, pending payments, and processed payments. Each pay to information has to be derived from the individual accounts. Overall decreasing official sitting for the end user. I have found that by going directly to the PAY website I can get this information. The sort in the pay bill in Interface is done by alphabetic descending. Dropping the groups. Thus slowing down the process and had a level of confusion.
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6 years ago, Kathy B 123
Great access to my account which uses a wide variety of C1 products. Accessing my accounts goes quickly & accurately. I never feel like I’m in a financial fog. Balances & transactions are always current, no posting delays. I worked in banking for over 50 years & am SO glad I had the opportunity to spend several years @ Community 1st! Leadership was honest & genuinely cared about the organization & the personnel. Hats off to John Hirabayashi, Sam Inman & the rest of the Sr team!
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10 months ago, haydnikki
Very convenient
I have been hesitant to download the app 😩 I just had a hang up, but it’s so convenient. I finally did it when I needed to deposit a check and I thought, ‘this is ridiculous’. Hopefully everything will continue as smoothly as possible. It’s easy to login and navigate even just to check pending transactions or anything.
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7 years ago, Bdsm3269
I would give 0 but it wasn't an option! The latest update is horrible! I cannot believe it took 20 mins to just log in and then the system crashed. When I was finally able to get in to simply check my balance the layout of horrible. Not a good layout for a mobile device. Also when you close the app, it keeps you logged in. This is something the other version didn't do. I typically use the app about five times a day. I am so frustrated that you ruined a simple thing by making it over complicated and best of all not reliable. Things like this will make me look at different banking options.
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9 months ago, SassyPie
Very quick and easy!
I, like most people, am usually just checking my balances...and, that info is on the first screen! I love that. More detailed info is just one more click. The only other option I use with any frequency is moving money from Checking to Savings, or vice versa....again, quick, easy, user friendly.
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6 months ago, : Lene
Thank You
I really enjoy being able to have my bank account just fingers away. It’s easy to call in, but it really comes to light when I can actually see where and what I spent my money on. I “ThankYou” that if transactions don’t seem like the norm of what I do on a daily or monthly bases, Fraud Alert is right on it. I really feel I have chosen a bank that really cares about me and my money, so “ThankYou” and keep you the good work.
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6 years ago, tdonjr
Not crazy about app
I preferred the previous app better. I used it for a long time and found it to be faster and more user friendly to navigate through. I have had issues making mobile deposits with this app a few times recently. It has worked since I started using the app when it was released but several times last week it would not work. The only enhancement I see in this app is when going between the app and another program on my phone, I do not have to log in to go back to it, I had to with the previous app.
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7 years ago, artfuldrummer
Please make this app user friendly!!
It really loved the old app. It was easy to use and felt secure. I could easily pay my bills and transfer funds and know when and where my money was going. With the update, the menu is overly complicated, not self explanatory, I can no longer transfer funds to pay my credit card. Even the help guide needs a help guide. I've been banking with Community first for years, mostly because it was low hassle. Now it's big hassle. Please simplify this app. Make my transfers easier, my descriptions for transactions more clear, and make me log in every time I leave the screen. Or, go back to the old app.
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11 months ago, sj1283
Love where I bank!
I can’t say enough good things about the C1 app. It’s user friendly and allows me to do my banking without going to a branch or calling the call center. With my other credit union, I have to call or go in to update my address or report my card lost/stolen, but the Community First app allows me to do those things from my phone.
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7 years ago, BABLTS
Love it!
I'm not sure why the other users are not liking this new update. I think it is great! It looks so much more updated than the last app and is very easy to navigate. I haven't had any issues logging in after the first day it was launched. I know that anytime something changes there are going to be people who resist it. But this change is for the better! Kudos Community First!
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6 years ago, TLeat
Additional Features Needed
The app is okay regarding basic functionality, however the omission of due-dates for C1CU related loans and credit cards has indirectly resulted in many late payments for me, and I’m someone who rarely has a late payment. From the home screen, I would like to be able to see my due dates for all the accounts that are represented there, as a constant reminder of when they are due. I do not like the current set up which requires me to click a few different places to find it.
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6 years ago, no n0me
Beware of Mobile Deposit
The first mobile app was more user friendly. I accidentally submitted 2 checks for mobile deposit when I had already deposited them days earlier. The previous app would not process them a second time and would give you an alert that these checks had already been deposited. This app processed them and then I was charged a $12 per check fee for re-submitted checks for deposit. This is either a flaw in this app or an intentional design to collect fees. BE CAREFUL!
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6 years ago, 123didididi
Good but Glitchy
I love my community first app! I’m able to keep track of my spending & transfer money from my savings to my checking (and vice versa) with the click of a button! It usually works well, but recently I’ve experienced times where the app glitches and tells me there’s a “network error,” not allowing me to open up my account. This has only happened once or twice, other than that, it’s so simple and convenient!
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4 years ago, day r update
Not working after update
Tried logging in like usual but it seems like after the update it won’t allow me to access my account not sure if it’s just me or if other people are having an issue Update: After updating its working again, I love the app it’s quick and easy and I’ve never had any trouble besides the logging in issue.
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5 years ago, HarriettK
Banking made easy
Community First site makes banking easy quick and simple. The menu lists all the possible things to do and responds quickly when selected. The only problem that exists is the inability to enlarge the type when viewing accounts. For those of us who don’t see as well as we used to, it would be nice to enlarge the screen
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4 years ago, let go girl
Community first app review
I love the community first app, it’s easy and convenient!! There so many things u can do, VS other mobile banking apps!! I won’t say any names, but it’s other credit unions as well!! Thanks guys!! Keep up the awesome job!! And ur still the only ones that have the refer a friend program incentive!! Thanks so much!! It has helped me in times of need!! Thanks for having my back!!!
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5 months ago, violet 356
I’ve been a customer for 10 yrs an the inside tellers are very nice an professional coming from a family of banker this credit union is very professional an they have never messed up our account I will be staying with this credit union until I pass on from this world an into the next world
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7 years ago, Jem1991
August 8th update ruins this app!
I've enjoyed using this app ever since it came out. After this recent update on August 8th the app was completely changed around and almost makes it unusable and very inconvenient. Here are a couple of my complaints. Loads slower now. Takes almost 10 sec where it was about 3-5 sec in the past. User interface is horrible. It is not intuitive to navigate around the app and some features seem hidden now. Feels less secure. Before the update the app would log you out if you left it to multitask and then ask for your password or Touch ID when going back to the app. Now the app stays logged in. I DO NOT like this. You need to fire your app developers and hire an IT team who actually knows what they are doing! I still love this credit union but if the app gets any worst it may be enough to make me switch to a more tech savvy company. We do live in a digital world after all.
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5 months ago, REDNECK DAD
Great Credit Union
I like doing my business with a credit union. Used multiple CU’s throughout my life. Will not use a regular bank for any reason. Especially now that the big name banks are in bed with the World Economic Forum being run by the new communist masters of the billionaires of this world who think they know best what is good for the rest of us.
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5 years ago, MamaMoonFriday
Decent features. Occasionally doesn’t work.
Biggest gripe is that every so often the mobile deposit feature is not available. Given that mobile deposit is inherently about convenience, it’s pretty annoying. But otherwise the app and bill pay features are decent. As a wish list item, wish I could do a person to person instant pay (similar to PayPal or Zelle) through the app. But I love banking with CFCU, so these minor nits aren’t enough to scare me away.
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6 years ago, Laura-n-Marc
It’s good, but could use Improvement
It’s a good app. Does what it’s supposed to. But it could use some updating. It can be slow at times and the mobile check deposit feature is annoying to use. Bank of America’s app has fantastic technology that captures the checks image without the user having to do anything. Whereas it takes me multiple times to deposit a check using our app. For someone like me who deposits checks on a regular basis, this is a hinderance.
Show more
2 years ago, Werefire16
Easy to use
Fast, secure, easy to use. Only glitch I’ve found is the deposit of checks by photographs. Sometimes it will not accept the image of the check. Not a frequent issue but one that has happened a couple of times for me. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, trill_b
Everything I need to know
Love app. Works as it should. Lists Available and current balance—of course minus checks. Can transfer, pause card, transfer funds to to external account. Ways to help you save. Love app. Never any issues. Shows where I can find fee-free atms...just to mention a few
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3 years ago, Brodave121212
The only thing that would make it better is to have it put money in my account.
This app does what it is supposed to do. I use it for billpay, checking my balance and making check deposits. The best that can be said for an app like this is that it is reliable. It is!
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5 years ago, angntaji
Enjoyable App
The community first app is enjoyable to use. If you do need to use the old way of logging into your personal banking, then you must find the hidden link at the very very bottom of the community first credit union website called personal banking and click that. But I enjoy the tap to touch and modern features which are very secure.
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