CommunityAmerica Credit Union

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CommunityAmerica Credit Union
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for CommunityAmerica Credit Union

4.85 out of 5
25K Ratings
5 years ago, xXLoyalAssassinXx
Best and most friendly bank I know and trust!
This bank and their app is phenomenal! The app cuts trips to bank with their easy to use Check deposit system that sends your check directly to your account with ease. Although I don’t need to I love to occasionally stop in your banks in person because the staff and service is always excellent! I never leave without them making me smile or having my day brightened. And love how I can see my transactions and transfer funds to either savings or checking. Very organized and super helpful with planning and budgeting money. I’ll never use another bank you guys are the most trustworthy and reliable bank. You Always have your peoples back! You guys even make sure I got my money back from a fraudulent charge!! Incredible work!
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6 years ago, Apple man21
Can do almost everything with this app
Everything that used to not work has been fixed. I am now able to deposit checks almost perfectly, use the quick balance widget to view my basic account information, and log in with Touch ID. I almost never have to go into the branch. And the app doesn’t crash anymore which is a plus. I just wish I could view my detailed credit card information in the app. This might be a security reason though. If that is added it will be a five.
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1 year ago, dsukra
I use to love this app and bank until the current update that took days. Now my transactions don’t show as soon as they happen it takes several days at times, my pending transactions that do show doesn’t subtract the amount from the available balance anymore and it also takes several days before the transaction is completed. This is not just happening on transactions that are done online, it is everywhere. I never had these problems before, this is so frustrating because this can cause overdrafts to happen if I forget about a transaction or something then there’s a fee. This makes me want to go to a different credit union or bank. I also looked to make sure the app was up to date cause when I talked to one of the people at the credit union about this she said to make sure it is updated, it is updated and I can’t update it any further there is no option to do so anywhere.
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2 years ago, 29&3!7/)?2!&;
Update: this used to subtract the amount of pending transactions from the available balance. It made it super easy for a quick look at funds available. It isn’t doing that now. That is a negative. I’d like to be able to select which accounts I see/ don’t see from the app instead of having to log in online. It’s still an amazing app. It is still light years better than any of the others. If their app ever goes down and everyone has to use atms, then we are all in trouble because those never work correctly. But this is good. This is the best banking app that exists. Community America could do better with money transfer options to external accounts, but transfers internally are super easy and convenient.
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3 years ago, Ms GJW
Mobile deposit camera
I love the app for the most part. It’s great for checking balances and ease of use with the exception of the mobile deposits. Every time I try to take a picture of the back of my checks, I get some sort of error. Crazy ones too like “the image isn’t recognized” or “image size doesn’t match the front of the check.” I painstakingly make sure to hold the camera at the same angle and distance and yet every singe time I get one or both of those error messages. It’s maddening. I live in Florida so I don’t have the luxury of branch depositing or direct deposit from my employer. I share accounts with my husband who still lives in MO so I don’t really have an option to change banks. Nor do I really want to. I love CACU. They’ve been wonderful for us for the last 10 yrs.
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6 years ago, Sandra F. Home Buyer
On-Line Banking with Community America
I throughly enjoy using the Community America Banking Ap on my Cell Phone. It’s user friendly, allowing me access to view and keep track of my daily activities with my checking, savings and high interest savings accounts. It enables me to transfer funds between accounts and see what checks have cleared. Unlike some other Ap’s I use for on-line accounts, my Community America Ap is always available and easily accessible, making my on-line experience extremely enjoyable.
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4 years ago, JamesDVB
Works well but widget could be better
The app works well, but the widget behavior is frustrating. My wife and I have joint accounts, and CACU only allows one login account for access to those accounts on the iOS mobile app. The widget allows you to show the balance of selected accounts on the notification screen. The problem is that since my wife and I must use the same login on both our phones to access the accounts, we also both see the same account list in the widget... I would like to see the balance of my checking account in the widget on my phone, and my wife would like to see the balance of her checking account in the widget on her phone. If CACU won’t support multiple user accounts on our joint accounts, why can’t we at least have the option to select which account(s) show up in the widget on a per-device basis? I’d like to see my account balance on my phone; she’d like to see her account balance on her phone.
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2 years ago, AkAkAk03
Good foundation but needs core functionality improvements
I love banking with CACU, but I agree with others in the fact that the mobile app needs some work. Mobile deposit for checks is a huge pain point for me. I recently sold my house, so I’ve received numerous refund checks from insurance, escrow, etc. that are clearly printed out (not handwritten) and the images “aren’t recognized,” preventing me from being able to complete the mobile deposit. I even had an error with a check from CACU… I mentioned it to a teller and she said it’s a common complaint. Please look into updating this functionality!
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4 years ago, Zippy8264
Hometown, Friendly Service
I have been a customer at Community America for over 10 years. I love the friendly service. Even in a large city the people are still as friendly as those in the country. It is refreshing to not be just an account number. I have financed three cars through Community America and the “paperwork” was done over the phone!!! Who does that? I highly recommend CACU!
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1 year ago, spottedsow
All the strings attached for a member to be eligible for a profit payout and all the strings attached to the different accounts to qualify for higher interest rates are disheartening. Because I want to save money in my savings account and I have no need for a checking account, I can’t have the required number of debit card transactions for higher rates. I am stuck with a low interest-rate savings account. Will probably be pulling my money out of your institution in the near future to put someplace that pays higher interest without the strings. I have been happy with my car loan rates over the years.
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2 years ago, Anna_pre
Lacks basic banking functionality
It's a basic app that recently hasn't been working well. Not nearly as functional and lacks features that a lot of other banks, credit unions, and mobile banks have. Where is the ability to view/copy direct deposit information, control debit card features (lock card, change PIN, etc.), view account information. With everything rapidly moving to a digital space, you'd think there’d be more of an investment into updating mobile app. This app has been the same for YEARS with little update to features when it comes to account accessibility.
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4 years ago, sjjdjsjdjd
Mobile deposit
The mobile deposit feature is amazing. However, there is a constant glitch with taking the photo of the back of the check......over and over....takes too much time Also, the dates on when your check clears is now smaller..... easier to follow when larger and bold and separated each day
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10 months ago, Customer Xman
The best of them all.
I use several other banking apps. The all have the same standard features. There are few differences between them. The CACU app does exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s reliable, fast, and stable. There are few standout features, so it’s pretty standard. But the app always functions well. That is the most important thing concerning money.
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6 years ago, Rise to Glory be Unstoppable
When you want the best!!
I absolutely love CACU!! I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan so the fact that I can have what I would call envelope system set up and I’m able to just transfer back-and-forth makes my life so much easier and keeps everything organized for me. The Phone app it’s so simple to use and they have the greatest, kindest people working when I do go to the bank in person. I am thankful that I found CACU.
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4 years ago, Pantease87
The very best of any banking institution!
Best online bill pay, best app!! The VERY best of customer service! I’ve only ever had one “negative” experience and it was immediately resolved and I’ve been with community America since 2010. Always amazing, always the best with customer care .. I cannot say enough nice things about community America and the products you as the customer get to use. Thank you!!!!!
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2 months ago, Campwiz
They decided to go backward a bit..
You still cannot access your statements from the app, only the website. They have also removed the bill pay option as part of the tool bar on the first/opening page and replaced it with an investments option. Grr, I have used that option multiple times a month for years! Now I have to jump through extra hoops- very aggravating and a totally unnecessary move.
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3 years ago, Allegra Dia
When Remote Banking is a MUST
Community America has made it possible for me to live 1200 miles away and still be able to enjoy the benefits of such awesome credit Union benefits. No extra silly fees.. and they even pay me a little extra with their Profit Payout at the end of each year. I’ll be with CACU until it’s no longer a possibility.
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2 years ago, DWins72
Great experiences
From opening our first account to now, we’ve never had a negative experience with CACU. The online banking options make our lives so much easier and every person we have encountered has been helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend CACU for every household.
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2 years ago, Wildcat1580
Great app needs a few bug fixes
Ever since I upgraded to iOS 15 the mobile check deposit has been buggy. When I go to take an image of the check the app tells me to rotate my phone but no amount of rotating removes the message. The work around I found is to open another app with the phone rotated and then go back to the CACU app. Please fix!
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6 years ago, aye😈😈😈
So Awesome and smooth! Wonderful bank!
I currently switched banks to community America, and I’m satisfied by the pretty much everything, how smooth and easy it is to navigate, from the app to in person, to even by text. Plus they’re truly there to help you and not profit from you like the big mega banks if you do your research. Glad I came! Thank you!
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4 months ago, Kellen’s review
Convenient, Efficient, Easy To Use
CACU App has never let me down, from connivence of checking my account on my phone, to efficiently moving funds or paying bills at the click of a couple buttons. The mobile app is user friendly and multi-functional
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5 years ago, Yogahippie
Have always loved this credit union and their app. I have never been with a banking institution for so many years. I haven’t even lived locally for over 3 years. I have looked for other banks/credit unions but I haven’t found any bank I really wanna join. The app & their approved credit unions have made it super easy to stay with CACU.
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2 years ago, Stephnk
Not working well recently
Hi just want to report the app hasn’t been working well the last couple days. Keeps saying the Application Error- Unable to display information at this time. My husband and friends also get this error intermittently. I’ve killed the app & reopened, even deleted and reinstalled… still having trouble. Usually the app is great so this is out of the norm.
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5 years ago, Black ops1234567890we
Great bank, app gets increasingly buggy
This banks service is great, I would absolutely recommend. My only issue is and the reason for giving 3 stars is because they are always having issues with their app where it won’t display the information
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4 years ago, Randijt154
Unable to open application
I'm getting this error message more often than not this last week. Please fix. Mobile banking is more necessary than ever right now. Tweak your app to function properly.
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3 years ago, Maddie8888
Great bank, terrible app
Update: It has just kicked me off again; doesn’t “recognize” my face. I just deleted it. Maybe it doesn’t like IOS but it never remembers my log in creds or facial rec. In order to use it, I have to tell it I forgot my PW and go through the entire process of resetting it. Every. Single. Time. I have the Business app as well. Same thing. I have to know my PW to “enroll” in facial recognition log in option. I’ve done it many times and it never takes. Useless to me.
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2 years ago, pokepals11
Recent “upgrade”
I no longer have a single sign on for personal and business accounts due to a recent “upgrade”. If the upgrade doesn’t help customers it isn’t an upgrade.
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4 years ago, JwJ310
Good app. Needs a simple function added
The app works very well, although it would be nice to have the ability for bill pay to sort by "due date" like in the website version rather than alphabetically only. I need to see my upcoming bills, not bills listed alphabetically. Makes no sense. Also can’t see money management through the app which makes no sense
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6 years ago, ginga ninja01
Great app just needs...
I love this app for its simplicity at a glance and the ability to do so much. In my opinion I would like to see more from the CACU credit card side of things. Due date, minimum due would be great. As of now still need to access it on the internet, outside of the app. That is the reason for 4 stars out of 5. Room to improve.
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3 weeks ago, Happypuzzler67
Bill pay moved
I generally love the app however a recent update moved bill pay button to additional options instead of it being on main screen. I do not use investment and would prefer that is not on the screen. So, suggest making it a preference to reorganize the buttons by user. Thanks!
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6 years ago, K-Borgs
I am on the road many hours throughout the week and The Community America app has made it extremely easy for me to check my balances, transfer funds, and deposit checks. Keep developing the app and continue to add more features.
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6 months ago, Iamjlong
Missing something
I LOVE this bank, but I wish the app supported live push notifications! It has everything but that! Whereas anytime a charge is made to one of your accounts the app notifies you on phone via a push notification. I don’t understand why prepaid card apps will do that but actual banks apps won’t.
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6 years ago, MyHumbleReview
Excellent App!! Has Everything. Always Works!
This app is awesome. I've done tons of last minute account transfers with speed & accuracy! Furthermore, I've banked at a lot of institutions and nobody can touch the professionalism and excellence of CACU. I will never bank anywhere else if I don't have to. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (6 STARS)
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6 years ago, dedlobster
App is great - PopMoney integration not so much
App is great and works flawlessly with the exception of the PopMoney integration which doesn’t seem to work at all. Will not connect and always gives me an error of an invalid account. PopMoney works fine in browser version of CACU website. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Sade R C
Everything But CC
Love every thing about this app except the view of your credit card charges. It sends you to a different almost browser like screen and then you can look at each charge. Other than that, every function is on point.
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5 months ago, robertg40
Easy to use. from transferring money from one account to another to making deposits right from your phone.
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3 years ago, A.Lile
Not working and no way to report it.
I am having nothing but trouble getting this app to load, every time I get through taking the picture of my check images it freezes up… My only option is to email or call the main office. There should be a way to report the problem right away through the app to make the troubleshooting more efficient.
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6 years ago, kubmx1
Credit Card History
Would like to be able to see credit card activity in the app, instead of having to click through the app, go from the app to the website, log in every time on the website, and then click through all the options on the website daily. Would like to see a set up like you guys have for the debit card, for my credit card, by summer. I’ve waited for over a year now.
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6 years ago, CACU JR
Online loan payment improvements
It would be nice to have the ability to make principal payments when making the regular online payment. Any time and consideration is appreciated Thank you
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7 months ago, ??Andy??
Older version is better
The new version somehow looked up all my credit cards and posted the balance on them, Including ones that I have 0 balances on and it is showing that I owe over $5k, they have been paid off over 10 years.
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3 years ago, Sh*lby
Super user friendly!
Easy to use, works 99.9% of the time, very seldom do my husband and I have any issues accessing our account information, and fast!
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7 years ago, MissedinHistoryFan
Everything I Need For My Small Business!
I have been using this app for about 5 years and I love it. My massage practice is small so I don't want a lot of bells and whistles but the simplicity of the app and its integration with my iPhone are just what I need!
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1 month ago, Sue Hook
Sue Hook
I just recently moved my banking needs to CACU. They have gone above and beyond my expectations! Courteous, knowledgeable, and eager to help in all I’ve asked. I’m so thankful I made the change and I’ve told several friends.
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7 months ago, Racerdain
I've been with CACU since 2008, and couldn't ask for better service! Multiple car loans, personal loans, a heloc, checking and savings. CACU makes it easy to do business.
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6 months ago, singertenor
Check Deposit Great Most of the Time
With the exception for a couple of specific checks for which even three or four attempts the photo is rejected with no explanation, the deposit feature is a great time saver.
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5 years ago, Michtam
Responsive and connected app
Comparing to other banking apps, CACU is superior. The responsiveness when opening the account, transferring funds and utilizing the mobile app is excellent. One and done, no trial and error. Thank you for delivering a great performing product!
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6 years ago, Meg421
Pretty good!
My complaint of the app is treat you cannot see credit card transactions. Only credit info available is balance... but it’s very functional, reliable and it’s how I do 90% of my banking!
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2 years ago, SeanSSRemodels
The app is very informative about when things are going to be updated or down or what night which is absolutely a blessing when dealing with Mobley King.
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7 months ago, Silenceimpaired
Poorly put together often down
Credit card data is just a poorly done mobile webpage… can’t be bothered to import the data so it shows like accounts (unlike US Bank). Their budgeting section is lost in some out of the way mobile webpage. Their two factor authentication messes up most budgeting apps. Where you have to sign in daily to use them.
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5 years ago, AussieAmgel69
I love CACU and have enjoyed being a member since moving to KC 4 years ago. Their mobile platform is excellent. It allows me the freedom of banking on the go, with excellent features. Their service is impeccable. I can’t rate them highly enough. Thanks CACU!!
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