Company of Heroes 2 Collection

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2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Feral Interactive Ltd
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.14 or later
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User Reviews for Company of Heroes 2 Collection

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0 Ratings
3 years ago, Anonymous Gremnlin
Best RTS on the Macbook, but a pain to get installed.
I have purchased this game with high hopes, after seeing gameplay, trailers, etc. So I thought I would be quickly getting into some RTS fun, however I found that it is painful to instal this. I thought that by having 49 Gigabytes, I would have enough storage to download it, because thats what the required storage is. I was wrong. I had to clear up 84 gigabytes to get this to install, turns out it does not even take up that much, which is why I am confused that the devs wont fix this mindless issue. After installing, I got right in to what I can say is one of if not the best RTS games on the App Store.
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12 months ago, hess55555
Great Game
This is a great game. I loaded and played the game without glitches. I highly suggest checking the speed in settings. In settings under graphics put your computer through a graphic video speed test. I would not recommend any average speed under 60 fps. I am also using a cooling pad under the laptop to maintain lower temoerature and maintaining consistent speed throughout the game because you don't want it over heat. I have a base model of 13" Macbook Pro with a M2 processor. I hope this help someone thinking about buying this game. Lastly you probably need at least a M2 processor on more base models.
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9 years ago, LukeWalsh1723
Huge Fan- Some issues
Hi To point out, this is my first review as I never usually do this. There a few things to discuss. Firlsty, this is probably my most favorited childhood game and when this released on the MAC there were no words to express how excited I was! To point out, I have a 13inch mac book air and thre has been no glitches or crashs as of yet. There are are couple of issues tho: 1) During a skirmish game, It does not allow me to use any of my 'bonus points and perks’. Nothing happens, all I see ithe the bonus point incresaing and there is nothing I can do about it. This is very frustrating as this really does make the game. Will this be fixed?! 2) The only character options are Nazis and Russians. Not that I don’t like them, but as A U.K and US citezen I really really enjoyed playing with the british and american factions, and they had the best perks (not that matters as I can’t use my perks anyway). So, when do the bonus points and perks get fixed? and when do I get to play as the Brittish? (They have great artillery perks) or the Americans? (They have great infantry perks) Thanks! Please fix thos issues!
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7 years ago, iSeize
Bought this game thinking I would have access to the Campaign gameplay only as I’ve heard that there was no multiplayer support for Mac, however when I started the game there was an option to play Online and Skirmish. On the negative side, I was not able to find one game as it seems no one plays this game anymore. If you’re contemplating whether or not to buy the Mac version for fear of lack of multiplayer support: multiplayer is available from the beginning. Great game.
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6 years ago, NightNeverEnding
Won’t Install
I bought this game hoping to get in some RTS action and of course the first thing I did was check the system requirements. I am well above the required so I downloaded the game. Spent $30 on this game and have downloaded it 4 times in a row and it will not install. This is crap. I get so tired of this. It’s always the same thing. We have a product for you go ahead and spend your hard earned money on it but we do not guarantee that it will work. Might as well have bought a lottery ticket. Would have been more fun for longer.
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3 years ago, TraberTheGamer
An awesome game
I saw that people had difficulties downloading the game and I was able to get it to install by not closing the screen. The game itself is amazing and runs well, it can lag a little but really only when a few hundred soldiers decide to all shoot their weapons. PLEASE PLAY I NEED FRIENDS!
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1 year ago, jonainpdx
M1 8Gb Macbook Air performance. Wow!
I'm only running this game on a little M1 Macbook Air with just 8Gb or RAM and it runs flawlessly on a 1440p monitor. The game looks great and plays smooth frame rates. Very impressive. I hope CoH 3 comes to Mac soon too.
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5 years ago, h3h1
Won't Install
I tried to download the latest update and it would not work so I decided to delete the game and tried to re download it, of course this did not work. I bought most of the DLC's and am very dissappointed with this game now. I know I have more than enough space on my computer as I have checked many times. I tried to email the support but it will not work. Very dissappointed.
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4 years ago, mcin5174
Fails to download or install
I've tried to install this 5 or 6 times. I have more than enough of the requisite space, and recommeneded iMac hardware. The downlaod gets stuck at 42.5 GB of 42.5 GB. The size on the App Store is listed as 42.1 GB. I am unsure if that is a deciding factor impacting the download actually completing. However, I will say that I am hesitant to make any future gaming purchases.
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2 years ago, iausbdpywbe
The game play is fun, but expect after your second or third round the program WILL crash. Once you have your first crash, it will just keep crashing. It will overheat your mac product. Pretty disappointing.
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3 years ago, cgracey1
bring back company of heros 1
Yeah the new one is pretty fun but the first one was way better then this. Some many more missions before now their are just a few
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3 years ago, Ge george
love this but keeps crashing on M1 MAC PRO
What do i do?
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6 years ago, Spartan2008
Don’t buy this
Don’t buy this. The requirements are apparently WAY outdated, so if you think you have the right things they are not. Just wasted $30 which I am really angry about.
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12 months ago, ManiacalMatt
Hours to install
Really, 42 GB install? This thing took hours to install.
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2 years ago, Woodysteen
You can't win the last battles unless you buy more of their in-app purchase crap...avoid.
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5 years ago, Raja Jones
RTS Fans on Mac -- This Game is a Must
Online Multiplayer: The online Mac community for this game is small, but this is one of the best RTS games of all time. It's a cult classic. It's a much larger community on Windows for multiplayer, but the Mac community for this game is very tight knit and there are groups of people playing regularly between 5PM-3AM EST. Windows you can find a game any time, but Mac, there is def a multiplayer base. Install Issues: People having issues with installing the game -- I installed this game through Steam (a seperate app) and have no issues. Sometimes Relic servers are down, but it's not common, and usually happens when the devs are updating with new patches. Pay to Win: There is a base-game which gives you two factions to play as (Germans & Soviets), and you can buy the complete set to play all the factions i.e. Americans, British & OKW Germans. You don't need to buy everything to play this game, the base game is good enough. This is not a pay-to-win game, but there is a currency system you can earn through playtime to purchase new commanders and camoflages etc. or you can use real money to buy these things, but you don't need any of that stuff to win. 100%. Buying Campaigns: There are 3 types of Company of Heroes 2 players 1. They only play the campaigns or against the computer 2. They only play online multiplayer 3. They play both I fall into the #2 category. That said, the original game is COH2 Eastern Front. That had maybe two campaigns and the German/Soviet Factions. Gotta remember, this game is like 10 years old now. Everything else, additional campaigns, additional factions, came out afterwards. I've had this game for 10 years now and never purchased additional campaigns, but I did purchase additional factions. But I only play online multiplayer, so campaigns never appealed to me. My advice is to play through the first campaign, try some skirmishes against the computer, then try to find some online multiplayer matches to play. There are a lot of new players from all over the world now playing on the Mac servers so finding a game is not as hard as you might think, but this game is unknown to a lot of Mac players, so the audience base is low. Spread the word! Play this game! I'm not paid by Relic, they have no idea I even exist, I'm sure. But I love this game -- it's flawed -- but still a great and beautiful RTS game that is a gem on Mac.
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5 years ago, crimea73
Just awfull
Did not not like at all.
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2 years ago, VAHIDATLAS
why i can't even fill commander slot
it can't be played online?
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5 years ago, bueenjeewnJ
hi does anybody still play this AND YOU MAKE A CALICO ACOUNT FOR COMANDERS
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8 years ago, Nolnacs
Complete the game already!!
Tired of being advertised too about features and functionality I can’t access. I’ve bought into the way in which you’ve licensed the game, super nickel & dime based. But I’m a SW product manager, I get the model. Just give me access to the full game. If your dev team can’t get something done, quit telling me about it. Either hurray up and finish your work or remove the teases and ads for functionality I can’t access. I want to play the battle the of the Ardennes Assault in campain mode, but “its not available for purchase yet”!! WHY ARE YOU CONSTANTLY TELLING ME ABOUT IT THEN!!! Get your launch mechanics straight and your planning right. While the game is fun, the model is being poorly executed. You get some credit for creating a fun game, so three (which should really be more) stars for the entertainment value. But the coin operated model coupled with constant teasing and half complete execution really sours the experience.
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9 years ago, mikepsyche
What a waste of everything.
The game’s loaded with potential, but falls short of even "kind of okay”. It’s not ready for release. The graphics are terrible, the control is terrible, the scripted game play is clunky and repetitive. The screen shots looked good. Troops freezing to death after walking through snow for 1 minute? Hurry, get them to a safe camp fire. Order them off the battlefield, and you guessed it, they freeze to death even though they are supposedly out of play. Blow up enemy tanks with engineers while they are disabled…there were 10 in that level, and when you get to the tenth one…it takes off…only to return on thin ice at the end of the wave, and unless you have a molotov cocktail at the right time and place for that you lose the level. What fun. The people who make this nonsense deserve to go out of business, which will happen eventually. The first company of heroes was playable. This garbage was removed from my computer. The only fault of Feral is deciding to bring this one to the OS X platform.
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8 years ago, XxNightFury360xX
Good, but scammed me.
It’s a good game. However, the price tag said it was $19.99. They charged me $31.00 for the game. not very happy about being scammed like that.
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9 years ago, NicHendrickson
Nothing a patch can’t fix.
Was initally excited to play Company of Heroes 2, but the early release has caused some slight issues with the gameplay. Currently there are only two of the four factions available for use in modes such as Skirmish. There is also still a lack of access to Commanders and online play. The campaign mode is enjoyable, but as of right now there’s not much left after completion. Overall, Company of Heroes 2 proves to be another brilliant game in the series, just hoping for an update or patch soon!
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8 years ago, JaCrazy088
What? I pay for the game and can only play the tutorial without buying EVERYTHING else too?!?
You must be kidding? Don’t waste your money like I did. Where did it say that when I one buys the game that they are only buying a shell of a game? You have to literally buy each campaign. I understand having to buy skins and even special troops and such but what a BAIT AND SWITCH! Your business ethic leaves ethics to be desired. You’re going to regurgitate a game and franchise that already did the leg work and then charge for every single individual bit of it? Goodbye. There are plenty of other proverbial fish in the sea. Enjoy your diminishing returns due to your abysmal business model.
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9 years ago, SuPrDave80
Company of Heroes 2!
This game works just fine on a Macbook Air 11 inch 1.3 I5 processor with HD5000 integrated graphics. I actually think it works better than COH 1 for some reason. I am really wondering why they are stating that the HD5000 is unsupported. I works just fine. And…I am running the OS from an external SSD via 3.0 usb. So I suppose my HD should be a little slower than the internal but the game works with no issues.
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9 years ago, FLAVAFLAVE12345678910
How do we get commanders.
I cannot beat the computer on Brutal due to the fact that I have not found a way to access commanders. Am I missing something or does the game simply not have it. The game is pretty good but I do not think it was worth $40 dollars. Besides the fact of minimal content it was also near impossible to make a Feral account to be able to play online. Please get commanders and fix the ability to make online accounts.
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8 years ago, Angieappl
Game is great, making you pay for all the extras is not!
I loved the first game. I liked playing the second game but having to pay for all the DLC is crazy. I will not buy any future games in this franchise if they continue ripping their fanbase off. I am so tired of the new DLC era we are in. I should just take out my old gaming consoles and play. At least I wont have to worry about buying extra content and missions.
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8 years ago, ÆHfsß
New update, AMAZING
The new update made this game that much more better, it made the strategy of it way better. The only thing I didn’t like is the money, lots of money would be needed to get the full game expierience, but if you are willing to put in the money, the reward is great.
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8 years ago, Steh from Staly
COH2 is ok but paying top price for a game and then having to drop an additional $140 with in app purchases in order to REALLY own the full game is scandalous and, quite frankly, should be illegal. Loved COH1 but if this is how it’s going to be I will not be making any more purchases. I know everybody is doing this nowadays but that does not make it right. Shame on Apple for allowing this rip off from developers. 1 star because of the in app robbery. 2.5 stars for the buggy, (partial) game I paid full price for.
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9 years ago, morgoth_lord
Waste of money. Terrible money pit.
The game comes incomplete, as if they released only one half of the game just so they could get some dough up front. The campaign is over extremely quick, and there’s only one theater of war campaign after that. All else is apparently for purchase on DLCs… After you dropped 40 bucks on the game. AND on top of that, the DLC doesn’t seem to download on the App Store version. This is one of the worst rippoffs I’ve seen, and completely ruins the franchise. DO NOT BUY.
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8 years ago, Skavarotti
Good game, bad optimization for Mac OS.
Features my iMac: Intel Core i5, 8GB of DDR3, 1000 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m is higher than recommended, but the game due to poor optimization for Mac Os brakes. The developer on the optimization of the game did not say anything, just recommended to set the settings on low, but then the picture becomes terrible, fuzzy from her eyes hurt. In my opinion the game is not worth the money due to poor optimization. With the right DLS it will cost at least 125 dollars. For such a bad optimization is a very high price.
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9 years ago, The King of battle
Macs aren’t made for gaming
If you are buying this game on a mac just don’t save yourself time, money, and stress. It does nothing, but freeze up your mac while it is open, and it won’t close unless you restart your computer. The game looks fun, but don’t buy any actual fun and good looking games if you are going to play them on a mac because you can’t! Macs are too slow and just aren’t made for gaming. I want a refund.
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8 years ago, JoeAtHome2
Loved the first CoH, This one is terrible
I bought this game because I loved playing the original CoH. This one is nothing like the original. Unless you are willing to shell out a lot of money for in-app purchases, it’s not worth playing. Even if you buy the in-app purchases, I’m not sure that the gameplay is really worth it. I was extremely disapointed in this game.
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8 years ago, frinkle
Downloaded and intalled. When I opened the game a dialogue tells me my computer does not have the requirements and refers me to the web page for Feral. A quick look confirms that my computer has MORE than what is required. Sent a letter to Feral and got no reply. So No game. No money. No fun. and no support. Your call.
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9 years ago, Raventhinker
The players do not have access to commanders, but the enemy AIs do have access to them in skirmish! Don’t you think that’s ridiculous? It suggests that all the units and abilities of commanders are in the game, but deliberately blocked from players. This is despicable!
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9 years ago, Mooncusser
Hangs on Mission 6.
The is games is great when it works, however, on mission 6, when you clear the ammo, weapons, and enemies, the mission never ends, hence you can’t progress. Please fix this bug!
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9 years ago, alejh
The game is amazing! I have played it before on PC and never had any issue. But clearly there is something going on with the Mac version since I haven’t been able to even finish a game against AI without it crashing on me. Please fix the bugs or give me my money back!!!
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9 years ago, BAseny
I have all the requirements but my game always crashes even on lowest settings… I’m guessing it has to do with bugs in the game but they should be updating more now!
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7 years ago, William P Bayuk
Game doesn’t downlaod properly
Bought the game, tried repatably down loading it. Restarted my mac, optimized my Mac and the browser. Contacted support online and they never responded. buy at your own perill.
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9 years ago, TheMario713
Where’s the Tiger?
Why can I not create the Tiger? Do I have to pay for that now too? What a joke. Give me my money back you cheats.
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8 years ago, G3npatton
Bassically no mac compatible
so basically all the graphics cards that are in mac computers are incompatible, my mac book pro meets all the requiements but i cant play the game cause mhy graphics card is incompatible witch frankly is bullcrap
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8 years ago, Skeeeziks
These bozos really ruined this game. And it crashes constantly. Don’t be fooled thinking this is anything like the previous. It isn’t. Don’t Buy!
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9 years ago, Vipper127
Crashes on Mac Mini
I have the next gen Mac Mini, game crashes right after boot. Take a long look at the list of NOT SUPPORTED graphics cards...
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9 years ago, Juliusbjarna
I miss the old Company of Heroes
This ones badly designed and boring.
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2 years ago, Мотокроссер
Не работают командные очки!
Они пополняются, но меню не открывается! Исправьте, пожалуйста! Macbook pro m1 MAC OS 12.6
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6 years ago, Khalil Poenou
Feral account
great game… i really do love this game my only issue is the fact that im really struggling to find people to play with “online” just in case anybody is looking to have some online experience like i do just add me or leave your FERAL ACCOUNT “ khalil_anderson”
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