Company of Heroes

4.8 (6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Feral Interactive Ltd
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Company of Heroes

4.76 out of 5
6K Ratings
2 years ago, Lfc2156
FANTASTIC GAME, but there are frequent crash issues
First off, this game is amazing, Company of Heroes and Football Manager are easily the best mobile games I’ve ever played, both one of the few PC quality games I know of. I have bought all of the DLC’s I could because I just enjoy this game so much so much so I don’t mind paying extra for DLC content on a mobile game that is PC quality. The only problem really is that the game crashes often so you have to save often, but often you’ll lose 20 or 30 minutes of progress, which can be a massive buzzkill for campaigns especially, often I just quite playing for the day. I get that crashes can happen in games it just happens, but this game does crash a lot of times each day playing to be honest. I’ve sent crash logs, messed with wifi, made sure I have had the latest IOS and COH app updates for a while now ever since I got the game about a year and a half ago, and it’s pretty much always had the same crashing issue. Despite the crash issue, I still truly love the game and it still 100% worth buying for anyone who likes these types of games, I 100% recommend.
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4 years ago, Jakeb Jones
Plays just as good as the original! iPad 5th Gen Review
I am a huge CoH fan (I have many hours on Steam for CoH1 and CoH2), so seeing this game hit the App Store had me very excited. Even though I consider myself to be a veteran of the series, I am glad I played through the tutorial. While you can use the old controls similar to the PC version, it is much more beneficial to learn the mobile controls as they allow me to do actions much quicker. Just trust me on this one. I play on an iPad 5th Gen (2015) and although the graphics quality during cutscenes is bad (if you ever played on PC, you know how much horsepower this game requires to look great), I was VERY surprised to see this game run smoothly on an older iPad. From the top-down perspective, you cannot distinguish the graphic quality that much, and it runs very smoothly with no frame rate drops. Whether you have never had the chance to play Company of Heroes before or if you are a veteran like me, this port of the game does an excellent job of staying true to the original. CoH is an RTS masterpiece, and this port of the game brings back all the memories and enjoyment from the first time I played it!
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4 years ago, jkeitz
Another Winner from Feral
I always purchase Feral games on day one, mainly because I want to support the excellent work they are doing in keeping true games on a platform that has turned to match three and loot boxes. GRID is my favorite mobile game of all time. Total War and Tropico are both fun. Company of Heroes, however, is simply amazing! The controls are excellent, the graphics outstanding, and the gameplay is addicting. Also incredible that this doesn’t kill the battery like the aforementioned games. For those with various issues: my iPad crashed the first three times while loading the tutorial, but once I rebooted the iPad, no more crashes. Also, the DLC just wouldn’t download. I found that if I tried selecting each DLC separately, and I gave it two to ten “retries” I could eventually get all the DLC downloaded. I have one wish for this game, please, please, port it to iPhone like your other games? It looks to me like it would fit well on the phone, and since you were able to do it with a Rome and Tropico, I would hope this will work too.
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3 years ago, MasterJRK
Really fun!
Overall it’s amazing & every update keeps it running smooth. I have the entire COH collection on my Steam account but the option to play on the go I very much appreciate! On my tablet it runs perfectly & the graphics look amazing! Honestly thinking over the countless hours I’ve played COH on a laptop over the years I prefer the mobile version! I do have one thing I’d like to add. I’m not sure how it’ll work though. I was using the keyboard while playing but I was only using touch controls. I noticed after a couple minutes the mouse pointer would be at a corner auto moving the map to places I didn’t intend to move to. I think it’s because I was using touch controls to move around but the trackpad/mouse pointer also moved. Even though I didn’t touch the trackpad at all. So maybe a setting to only take commands from one or the other in the settings menu? Unless there’s a setting already in there? I am hoping to see more games like this coming to mobile devices because the hardware is ready! Software is starting to catch up as well. Literally I would buy a bunch of different ones. I like these developers because this game turned out really good! I’d love to see more “computer games” on mobile like aven colony, planetbase, dawn of man etc.. I’m sorry if these are owned by another company but your people did a great job on Company of Heroes!
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4 years ago, airborne45
Hall of Fame Strategy Game
I have been using the App Store for 10 years now and this is hands down the best strategy game that I have ever played. Before this game was on the App Store I used to play it for hours when it was on PC and when it came to the App Store I was thrilled. Feral did an amazing job of bring this game to mobile devices the graphics are top notch and the mobile controls are excellent. You can spend hours and hours playing the skirmish mode so for the price you will definitely get your money worth out of this game. I really hope they add the expansion packs like they have on the PC version it would take this game to another level if you hand more options to choose from rather then just German or American the expansion packs had British and other German unites. It may seem expensive to buy this game but for the amount to time that one can spend playing it you will not regret buying this game.
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4 years ago, richgorgon
Truly amazing
I love feral and have purchased all of their Rome total war games on mobile and just when I thought they were done releasing they drop this I have been playing this nonstop for the past 48 hours because I have never had a computer good enough to run company of heroes and have wanted to play it for so long. At first I thought this was just a gimmicky version that was only going to have campaigns but going into skirmish and having a 4v4 blew my mind, never in a million years would I think I would be playing such a legendary rts on my phone plus it doesn’t drain battery this is a must buy for anyone who wants to play an amazing rts on mobile. Cons: the only con I encountered was the controls felt a little weird but play for like 30 minutes and you’ll be used to them. PS. I cannot wait for the dlc and plan to purchase it as well.
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4 years ago, HeadUp1025
A classic, optimized for tablet
As a longtime fan of the series, I had been wishing for just about any kind of competent WW2 RTS for tablet for a long time. When CoH was announced for iPad, I was excited but also wary: would a game over a decade old still feel fresh enough to justify the cost, and even then, would it be enjoyable to play on a tablet vs a PC where I still own a copy and have already played the campaign many times? Having spent only a little bit of time with it, I can already say the answer to both questions is yes. This game has what I’ve been wishing for: enough historical accuracy to be remotely plausible with the tried and true mechanics that define CoH, ported to tablet with care to ensure players still have control. I have yet to tackle the full campaign, but it seems I’ll have the tools at my fingertips. I’m especially interested in Skirmish mode, which offers near-infinite replayability and the promise of new maps free of microtransactions... again, as a longtime fan of the series, it’s good to see the developer/publisher ease up on this front and really encourage players to dig in to the mountain of classic community-made content. My only wish would be to add the factions from Opposing Fronts or even Eastern Front or CoH2. Thank you to the devs who brought one of my fav games into this fresh new form for me to enjoy!
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1 year ago, JulesRolesLOL
Amazing game, just one problem;
It crashes a lot. Like, I’m trying to complete this mission, I’m getting so close to the end, and then it crashes. I just really, really want this to be fixed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a REALLY incredible game. There’s so much to control at your fingertips, just the strategy is incredible. Although, some of its history is off. For example, Able Company was landing on the Dog Green sector on Omaha Beach, and didn’t land at 7:00. It landed at 6:45. Just historical inaccuracies making me confused. It’s story is amazing, and so far, my favorite campaign is Operation Market Garden. Mostly because it was one of the worst operation ever pulled off in WW2 history. I really suggest this game to WW2 historians. Many of its stories are very much true. I would suggest this to my friends, though. Great game!
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3 years ago, That one questioner
I’ve played CoH on my of before and I noticed that they have made a mobile version. It is just as good and the game runs really well. If you are looking for a historical Rts game, this is it. Of course with it being originally a pc game the controls can be a bit weird sometimes. In the end the graphics are great, it is fun, hardly crashes for me and I can play my favorite Rts game on the go! Personally if the developer reads this, it would be really cool if some DLC can be added to the game or different modes like a survival or hold out game modes too. If you do read this Or consider it thank you very much! Personal note: While playing this game it has gotten boring playing against ai after a while , it would be cool if online and against friends or a coop of some sort.
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2 years ago, Bhgbfty
This is by far the best war game in the App Store! Hands down my favorite game of all time! Great graphics, storyline, weapons, etc, etc! BUT, I have issues with a few things and they are in different chapters of the game. For instance on one level my builders will not set demolition charges to blow up a portion of a German stronghold and without doing that I can’t proceed past that chapter. Also, another chapter, when I play as the Germans, it freezes continuously after about 3 minutes of game-lay no matter what I do or try. There is another chapter where once again my demolition team won’t set charges to blow a bridge, again stopping me from continuing further on in the game. This game would be TOPS and 5 stars if not for those issues. PLEASE, for the love of God fix these issues because I will not buy the other chapters if they are not fixed.
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3 years ago, Asked_Alexandria
My absolute favorite devs on mobile ever! Support them please!
I have never seen such an amazing port let alone for mobile. The level of respect and gratitude for their hard work that I hold for this dev is unmatched you play this or any game and can’t help but think “wow these people aren’t just devs or a business, their freaking gamers and artists” I’ve never felt or wrote anything like that for any other app on any platform buy this game and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love this game loved it for pc and I play this all the time when I’m killing time. The only thing I wish was if you could play against real people but I also understand the difficulty to achieve that either way this game is my pride and joy on my iPad.
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4 years ago, WickedClown66
Favorite Classic Game
This game is well worth every penny, an older yet great PC titled game that I still play today. Since its release on iOS I’ve been hooked, love the challenging experience and a great campaign storyline, controls are very easy to understand and use. After completing the campaign on all difficulties, then on to skirmish battles. Lots of different scenarios, not every game being just the same as the last keeps it entertaining. I do hope to see more content released eventually. And future updates to hopefully fix the random crashes that I experience only on skirmish battles. I think is related to my phone hitting a really hot temperatures, doesn’t drain my battery which is a huge plus for this game.
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3 years ago, Lotg05
Love it but not perfect
I have loved company of heroes for many years. It’s outstanding that it’s fine I can’t iPad. I just began playing and it’s bringing back great memories. As of right now there are very small issues with this version. As of right now it’s four or five stars. I will probably update my review after some more updates. As of right now the main issue I have is building fences and sandbags. It’s not possible in the current state because I do not have a confirm build button. Update: building wire/sandbags needs to be adjust. It asks where I want to start building and confirm, when confirmed and then start to build, there is no option to confirm building. If I just start building without pressing confirm I can then hold and build and then press confirm. It then works... this needs to be fixed.
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11 months ago, wrong12
Outstanding game but consistently locks up…too bad, so sad
I contacted your support team with a problem with my game consistently locking up in the Arnhem scenario on IPad Air 4. You guys told me it was related to an over-consumption of system resources. You said shut everything non-game related down and try that. Well…That didn’t solve the problem. Then you said “hold tight until the next patch release”. Well, you guys never released a subsequent patch. What’s the deal? Is this issue ever going to be resolved? It’s been over a year. Come on folks, you release a totally outstanding game, but don’t support the minor fixes that still cause lockups. I’m kind of sad and disappointed.
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4 years ago, ckravitz1223
First Impressions
As someone who used to play his game for hours on a brick of a laptop a decade ago, I am blown away at the quality of the port. It runs beautifully, looks great, AND has an actual options menu and tutorial. Bravo to the team, sincerely. If you used to play and are feeling nostalgic: buy this port. If you’re new to the franchise but interested in rts games and world war 2: this is the game for you, at a fair price. [small QOL changes for the dev team to consider...] • crocodile tanks interacting with tank traps look a little funky; it’s difficult to tell which traps are destroyed and alive after being run over. Adding more particle effects, or a more robust animation to the fortification getting destroy, could solve this. • very small thing: when a unit is selected, and you want to upgrade them, the interactable icon to initiate the upgrade is to the far-left of where the user made the initial action (ie long travel time). Moving the upgrade icon– or adding interactability –to the rightmost column of the unit-selected upgrade menu would help with this utter, minor, insignificant, annoyance (: ps confirmed buyer for opposing fronts and tales of valor
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4 years ago, Davasaur77
Would be better if it didn’t crash
I can’t play the game if it won’t let me. Can’t load up basic training. Feels bad, really looking forward to playing CoH on-the-go. Love this game on the computer, please fix Feral. Edit: So it’s been a while and it seems that this issue is still prevalent. In fact, I think it’s gotten worse for me. Just loading up a campaign battle led to a crash and I can’t play for more than 5 minutes without getting kicked out to the home screen. Saving every 10 seconds is not exactly quality gameplay so I think I’ll have to sit this release out at least until the problem is fixed.
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4 years ago, Sambalady
Older guy who loves this game
This was the first game on the PC that I truly loved. Although it takes some time to understand how to use the iPad- this is the first game I have ever bought and played on iPad. It is great! If you have never play CoH, it takes time to understand all the key strategies such as tank facing, soldiers in cover, building defensive structures, laying mines, and more. It is a very in depth game that takes time to master which is part of the fun. The pause feature is key! There has been a bug or two when I cannot get soldiers to abandon the fight and run to the base- but not a big deal. Finally, I like paying one price and not being nickeled and dime- thank you for making it pay one price!
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4 years ago, pilotgeg
A perfect port of the best WW2 game ever made
Ever since the iPad came out, I’ve been searching the App Store for this game. When I finally saw it, after YEARS of searching, I couldn’t believe it. I was prepared to spend more, but didn’t need to. I was prepared for this to be a bad version, but it’s not. In fact, this may be just as good as the original PC version. Controls for the iPad are simple, intuitive, and overall excellent. This is the best game on the App Store today. I am hopeful they will create multiplayer in a future update. I’m also hopeful they will support expansion packs to keep it fun and playable. Really well done on this game.
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4 years ago, Docwells2000
Best WWII Tactical RTS Since the Close Combat Series
This is absolutely the best tactical combat simulation that I’ve played since the mid-80’s. Back then Mil Sims were few and far between. CoH requires an eye on resources to make sure you can constantly field a force that can compete with an excellent AI opponent. Simple scenarios aren’t always so simple. Small arms to off-screen artillery, air strikes, has it all. I play it on an iPad and the commands are plenty, the interface straight-forward. Feralinteractive has videos available to learn the nuances and basic available commands. It’s worth the time to watch them. Now soldier, go take that hill!!!
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4 years ago, Master Strap
Tactical Excellence
I can appreciate the tactical minutia in this title. It takes some getting used to, with each unit type having varying capabilities. Knowing how and when to capitalize on a units skill sets and timing are key to executing an effective push to and through an objective (which generally consists of multiple sub-objectives). I especially appreciate the chaotic environment not unlike actual combat theater. The one issue I do have with COH thus far are the in-game text sizing- it should be bigger (playing on iPhone 11Pro Max ) as it is sometimes difficult to read. Or at least give us the option to enlarge all text as needed. All the same, great port. Bravo Feral.
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4 years ago, Mzinn
Knocked it out of the park
Ok what are you guys drinking over art Feral....whatever it is keep it up. So far this game has scratched an itch I’ve had for a long time. I keep an old iPad just to play my favorite games which are the Battle Academy games. But now I can run this game on my new iPad and it’s brilliant. Feral has taken a classic game and adapted it to the iPad like it was meant to be on an iPad. This is a fantastic game and plays like a charm on an iPad. Thank you Feral for doing what you do. That is making the best iOS games out there. This one is never leaving my iPad and is going to get punished with some serious screen time. All hail Feral!
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3 years ago, anonche
Good Game. One Control Bug So Far
I love the game. Very fun to play with a Bluetooth mouse on iPad Pro 2020. I am having an issue now that does take me out of the immersion. When I click to throw a grenade or satchel, it is not possible to click with the mouse to target a spot to throw. I have to click on the spot where the grenade is going with my finger, and then I can click confirm with the mouse. It isn’t an enormous issue. But I wanted to give it some attention. Devs, if you fix this, I will happily change my review to five stars, and you can showcase your awesome support! Side note: A response would also be amazing if I am just doing it wrong. Maybe you need to do something else with the mouse to target. But if so, then I have no clue.
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4 years ago, 11B Dude
Even when I play on easy it’s ridiculous, I had an enemy sniper jump in and out of a structure while my machine gun team would nonstop setup and takedown their system, I tried to get them into a structure but the enemy sniper would jump in and out of whichever structure the team tried to enter while taking shots at the team (all while the AI was able to watch an entirely different part of the map attacking with vehicles). I took my losses and sent a mortar team to destroy the snipers lone structure. The mortar team (well within range) setup and took down their mortar a few dozen times, and kept inching closer each time, until finally the sniper killed all three without a single mortar being fired. AI is able to see the entire map and control all units at all times making gameplay of scrolling and selecting on a phone painfully unequal. I regret spending my money on this.
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4 years ago, SteelDanno
You get what you pay for
This game is worth every cent. The App Store is filled with games designed to milk you a couple bucks at a time, get you to pay to level up so you can win, they get you to click to watch ads and the gaming landscape turns into a toilet. This pay-once-and-play is a total gem. You’ve never played anything with mechanics like this. It rewards you for using cover, laying down cover fire and many other fighting tactics in a way that doesn’t get in the way of having fun. Just get it. This game isn’t perfect but it’s as close as it gets.
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2 years ago, Zachary Hebert
1 thing missing and UI design
What a gem on PC, and now a gem on mobile. In November of last year you said you aimed to have multiplayer in an update this year. We never got that feature. Also, dragging units from the bottom section to the right control groups section is infuriating because on iOS it activates the app minimization and switch swiping up thingy. Whats more, is when selecting specializations and special abilities, the cancel and accept buttons are covered by the iOS app minimization and switch swipe up thingy.
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11 months ago, Virtual-VandalYT
Me personally, have played the second game of the series, and this is an incredible, entertaining and tactical game for all you action lovers! The base game already is worth purchasing, and the portability of the mobile aspect makes the game feel complete. I have one suggestion though! Add Trenches for men to take cover in! I loved that about COH2 and even though they would die easily, it’s a enjoyable aspect of the second game. To rap the review up, would recommend, and would recommend others to buy this game.
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3 years ago, Vincent Moy
DLC will not load when not connect to the internet
I enjoyed the game so much that when they came out with opposing front I bought it right away. However, when I travel without access to the internet (on the plane, etc), the game does not recognize that I have downloaded the DLC. I tried restarting the iPad, quit the game all the way and restart, nothing helped. But once I connected back to the internet, the DLC magically showed it’s been downloaded. I’ve emailed Feral and even they said they were able to reproduce the problem back in April and there hasn’t been any improvement… a bit disappointed considered its since a great game
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4 years ago, The Grey Legion
Tied for best RTS for IPad (both Feral ports)
Well at first I wasnt sure if it was worth the money, I have steam link and have played CoH on it a few times. But the player interaction and interface is so much better than what steam link brings so the table. The only downside is no expansions or multiplayer, but then again Rome: Total War only had the bad game originally and they added both Alexander and Barbarian Invasion so I have no doubt the expansions to CoH are in the works. As the title says, tied for best RTS for IPad, CoH and Rome: Total War. Feral is on a roll, Medieval: Total War or Dawn of War next???
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4 years ago, Rickus22
The graphics were on par or better then the pc game. To me, control was an issue. Double tapping or double tapping and holding would often have to be repeated to yield the desired action. I can recall trying to take a control point or fuel point and having to keep tapping until I found the sweet spot. Trying to point a machine gunner to cover a certain area and having to double tap and hold several times until I had control to do this. I had also chosen the older style control set instead of the round dial. Wore my fingers out. PC version is better for this reason. Maybe I will try the other control set or my iPad mouse. Currently have an iPad Pro 11.
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3 years ago, 762edrizz
New adds
Hey the game is great I thought of some things you could add to the game :You should add new units and more army’s in a big update just like the last I fell in love with this game as soon as I started playing even a new modern day military would be a cool game for the future I think more unit and more units on the map would be a nice add and even pvp would be cool for this game in the future the game is vary good cant hate on it at all maybe even have mods for the game bigger maps if you could get back to me that would be awesome!!
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4 years ago, KwickScope
Best RTS game ever made
Let me start off by saying thank you for porting this game over to iOS. Playing on iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen. Works great! Controls feel natural and well thought out by people that understand how to play this gem of a game. Visually this game still holds up, character animations were well ahead of its time when this game released back in 2006. Cut scenes look terrible but who cares. Multiplayer is where it’s at! Unfortunately iOS version doesn’t have it ready at release :( which kinda feels like releasing Call of Duty with campaign only, not many people buy it for campaign smh! RTS games in general appeals to the competitive nature we hold as gamers. Please bring on the Multiplayer soon! I want this game to explode in the App Store, that won’t happen until multiplayer skirmishes are implemented. Can’t really make friends and family buy this game until we can play each other. Get Err Done!
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2 years ago, papaburgtty
Fix your game or give me a refund
It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t have to keep starting missions over because of crashing and poor auto save intervals. I mean come on, you’ve had this released forever, and you still don’t have the crash issues fixed. I bought this game and all the dlc because I thought, that maybe since you guys did such a good job on RTW and M2TW that you could’ve at least tried with CoH, it’s a good game and deserves a lot better
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4 years ago, AC.J.1226
Very good but serious bug issues
The game is an excellent, and is perfectly tailored for mobile, however there are a few bugs that make the game unplayable, it being rts. Units will sometimes freeze after taking enemy machine guns, the exit button will not work sometimes if there is a unit garrisoned in a building, usually after loading a save. Other from that the game is very nice, but please please fix these soon, I had no problem spending 14$ on this game, but these bugs seriously devalue the game.
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3 years ago, tminton34
Bad in app purchases
I purchased the DLC Opposing fronts and downloaded it, then when I went to play it, it showed that it needs to be downloaded. No big deal right. I go to restore the app purchase, it pops up to download the dlc, then promptly takes me to the screen to pay the $4 for the DLC a second time, literally moments after purchasing it. If it wasn’t clear, I purchased the DLC then downloaded it, went to play it, was shown that I need to re download it, tried to restore the app purchase and then was taken to the screen to re pay for it just moments after having paid and downloading the DLC. Either a bad bug or a money grab… Device was the new 2021 M1 IPAD pro with 1tb of storage.
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4 years ago, soyogen
Great game. iCloud sync not working.
Tried on several devices w/o success. Other games fine. Turned on in iCloud sync options... I had to clear my cloud save data and restart the apps on both devices to get it to finally sync. Granted I did that over two times and it still took a couple of days leaving it alone, but it finally worked. Never had to do that with any other app. Great game otherwise. Now start working on the Close Combat series Feral!
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2 years ago, devs can be dumb
This game is fun!!! But British campaign broken
This game is fun and enjoyable and even when it crashes I find a way to get over it, but the 1st British campaign can’t be completed for me because it won’t register that I completed it even tho I did, I could also provide the pictures of this unfortunate event if I have to. But hey, I never was a fan of the Brit’s in this game anyway but still hope you can fix this and other crashes. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Jjjdrums
Real time strategy done right
Company of hero’s was created during a time when games were made to be bought once and enjoyed over years. Not like the new trend of developing something to pillage people with micro transactions and wait times. It’s a staple RTS game that Is just awesome to be playing on an iPad. There is a learning curve but that’s what makes it rewarding and fun. It’s a shame that some people have given COH a rating below 4 because of user error or their jacked up iPads. Keep up the amazing work Relic and BRING THAT MULTIPLAYER!
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1 year ago, ???><\[¥8£82[¥
Great game but needs a campaign map
This game is great, i’ve literally downloaded all of the total war series which were well made and is worth the price. But, it would be definitely better if you added a campaign map and factions where you can make you’re own history. At last this game’s graphics is totally suitable for your needs and has a bright future. Hope you add updates soon!
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2 years ago, HtownSoccer19
Love it but crashes are real
Absolutely one of the best games I have ever played on iOS. The only thing is how much it crashes in the bigger Skirmish maps. I enjoy playing the big 6v6 or 8v8 maps but how often the crash is a nightmare. I’m saving progress almost every minute or two because if you don’t, you’ll crash and lose it. The worst crashing map, I’ve found, is Montargis Region & King of the Hill. Please help fix these so I can enjoy it without crashing and quitting for the day
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3 years ago, The_Chaplin
A Classic
We loved and played this game for hours on end on the PC. It’s very historically accurate, fun, and chaotic at the same time. Easily one of the best mobile games out there. If you played the original, and even if you didn’t, you will love this game. Some would take a star away for no multiplayer, but this game is too good for that, and we know it will come in time.
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3 years ago, Noxrige
Keeps crashing during skirmish
For some random reason the game keeps crashing during skirmish. For one 500 point vp game it crash 3 times on me. Kills my enthusiasm for the game. Added to that is the hard to play RTS style touch pad use. When you want to chase the OP snipers with Jeep’s or bikes the janky movement and direction makes it extremely difficult. Kiting with the cars is difficult as well thanks to this. I cannot help but feel I am limited by the touch style of play. I bought the app because the nostalgia value and kinda regret it as the game play is kinda ruins my past memories of the game.
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4 months ago, daraeman
Excellent RTS, but has has bugs
I love this game, its well made, well balanced, and extremely detailed. It does however suffer from crashes during matches. These tend to happen after you've been playing a while ( not every match, but maybe 50% of them). If you're familiar with the crashing issue Northgard has, its essentially the same deal: 20 minutes in and you've suddenly lost everything. Autosave usually works, but not always and not necessarily frequently enough.
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2 years ago, Michael_Grayson
Five stars for a version that actually works
The most frequently used function in this game is ‘Send Crash Report’. The auto save feature crashes ~50% of the time. If you’re not good enough to program a feature that works then you can simply not offer it. They have instead chosen to just throw it in there, consequences be damned. If the game worked better (or like 80% as good as pretty much every other game out there in the year of our Lord 2022) it would be great. It doesn’t. That’s a choice made by the dev team. Ask yourself why.
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4 years ago, sedris
Needs iPad only support bank
Downloaded game. Can’t make it through the first tutorial because the two-finger gesture for camera rotation doesn’t work on my iPad. When you have a game this popular that has been ported to a new platform, searching for help is a waste of time. There are lots of discussions of glitches in camera rotation, none of them related to the iPad. Don’t know what to say. Paid 13 bucks and I can’t play the game.
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3 years ago, Huhschex
Needs more work
I have enjoyed this game for many years now. So great to see it on iOS. I continue to have an issue where something somewhere is selected and I can not do anything else. I can’t select troops or move or do anything. The game isn’t frozen but for such an expensive game I would think these flaws would be ironed out. I am now in a point of a mission and the Sherman Calliope is selected with a yellow circle and I can’t do anything. Nothing to cancel. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, Steven Jeong
Wow freaking awesome game
Well done feral. I am so glad this awesome game is arrived on ipad. It does make me remind of PC version and now i am going to play this passionately. And i hope mod support will be come such as modern combat or cheat mod are famous and Bluetooth keyboard support must be accompanied. I have no inconvenience with gameplay. Once again, thanks for hardworking. EDIT: Wait.. is this game supports Keyboard?? Wow omg! I just found out with my smart keyboard and i can use key bindings like PC game!
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3 years ago, adolf hitler 4206911
If you have the money I recommend it
I have been watching people play this game on steam and I have been waiting for it to come to iOS, I really enjoy and recommend it, something that really makes me like this game is the amount of missions and tasks you have to do, I have had this game for a couple weeks and I’m still not bored of it
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3 years ago, Joseph ming
This is amazing
The new update is great and the bugs that where once there are mostly gone it’s a game I will praise although the experience on my last iPad was worse because of some of the high graphics over all its amazing Edit:There is a glitch that makes it impossible for one team to capture a point.
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11 months ago, Jesse1437
If I hadn’t…
This is a very impressive port and I REALLY wanted to enjoy it like I did with the pc version (personal computer, not politically correct). And if I hadn’t ever played the original versions I may have loved this game. But the touch screen UI is so different and clunky compared to the pc version I just couldn’t get the same feel for the game. I’m glad it’s available yet I’m disappointed in the pricing and touch controls. …if I hadn’t ever played the original.
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2 years ago, SSG Lee
Great game almost 20 years ago. Nostalgia hit so get it. But this abomination is sheer crap. Not worth the money for all the bugs I have to endure. Game gets crazy when trying to download the add ons as you see it during gameplay with messed up lettering. Another issue is the constant crashes the game makes. And another is why isn’t there any sound. Then the customer service or help people are absolutely trash. They “try” to help me by telling me to uninstall the game to reinstall it. It changed nothing. I’d give these clowns a 0 but the store won’t let me. Don’t buy this game
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