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User Reviews for Compass: Real Estate & Homes

4.81 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
4 years ago, MikeMo710
LOVE Compass and their app! 👍🏼
Huge fan of Compass and everything that they’re doing. A lot like Redfin or Zillow, but better looking features in the app and with better people involved in the company from what I can tell. Been very impressed by Robert Reffkin anytime he’s on CNBC. Smart guy. In our market here in Chicago, Compass seems to have taken over the market out of nowhere. My wife looks at real estate everyday, and is always on Compass searching for places. The Coming Soon places are cool - only available on their site and their app I guess. Haven’t tried the private exclusives yet - I believe if you work with one of their agents you can see hidden properties that no one else can see? Also had a friend do Compass Concierge to fix their place up for free before they sold. They got more money on their place and did really well. Really happy with it from what they said. A few bugs I’ve noticed in the app, but not bad. Last update fixed a lot. Way better than Zillow, and I like better than Redfin too. Thanks guys keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, GreenEggsNTam
Great way to communicate with your agent, but..
We recently started using Compass through our new agent. It’s a really great way to share properties including notes about each one and overall have everything at your fingertips when using an agent during your housing search or just browsing. Luckily for us our agent has kept us up to date every step of the way - even at 10pm some nights! - and this app has been an indispensable tool for how we’re able to communicate with everyone involved in the search. However the app isn’t perfect. I’ve experienced multiple crashes while using it, but what would be incredibly useful is when you receive an update or message about a property a feature on the Workshop or Collections page that links you directly with the notification itself. The only way you’re able to view the message is by clicking the push notification or link via email and, once in the app, then scrolling to that particular property and looking for the yellow dot that indicates a message is waiting. If you’re like me and have more than 10+ properties that you’re eyeing this becomes pretty cumbersome. Also, it’d be nice to edit the order of the saved properties in your Collections however you’d like, either by ultimate favorites, notification waiting, last viewed, etc.. I’m hoping there will be an update with the Compass app soon but in the meantime it’s been very useful despite the roundabout way to view and read your notifications.
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5 years ago, coop0917
Improving quickly
Have been using this app recently as I’m planning a move to a different city, where Compass has a presence. At first, the search functionality felt a bit limited, especially when compared to more established apps like Zillow. However, I quickly noticed that updates were being launched consistently and has made the overall user interface of the app much easier to use and navigate. The listings on Compass are plentiful, with some of them being exclusive to Compass before it shows up on other apps and websites. I plan on using this app and a Compass agent when it comes time for me to move.
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1 year ago, QawsedDC
Usable but needs some fixes
Overall this app is okay to use and has some nice features, like being able to save comments on listings. It’s great that my agent can see and respond to my comments, answer questions, etc. There’s a few improvements needed however: 1. There are different ways of starring/favoriting a property but they don’t all do the same thing even though they use the same star icon. Some save to a personal list, some save to my Favorites in the collection my agent made for me. I’ve been using this app for 4 months and I still haven’t figured it out. 2. Push notifications don’t work. This is a major problem for an app like this where time can be of the essence. I’ve double checked my app settings and my phone settings and there’s no reason I’m not getting notifications. 3. In my collection I wish my sorting preferences were saved. As it is now, every time I want to see if my agent left a comment (because I don’t have push notifications) I have to go to Favorites and set the sorting to “newest comments” each time. 4. Allow sorting by newest comment for Matches. My agent and I chat about properties I’m considering but not sure of. To see if she’s left me any comments I have to scroll through the entire list looking for a red notification dot. Please make this easier!
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6 years ago, btstudio
Ok but lots of issues
Been using for 4 months. Nice interface, good potential, not there yet. Often frustrating. Notifications don’t work properly like other apps. When notification for a new property displays, when you click on it it only takes you to the app and does not take to to the relevant page for the property, which means then you have to scroll through all of your searches to see where the new listing is (and this can often be laggy, so the new listing may not even show up right away when you scroll to it. This is especially important when your agent writes to you about a specific property and you click on the notification to read the message. Doesn’t take you to the page. Once you click on a notification, it disappears from your notifications, unlike every other app. So when you can’t find where the notification was supposed to take you and you go back to read which listing it pertained to, it’s gone. Sometimes when you add listing to your collections,. They don’t update. Yesterday when I added comments to a property for my agent to read, they did not appear in the app, but an email message was sent saying there was a new comment. Many bugs. Keep improving please.
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4 months ago, Nepping
Lack of empathy for the user, strange choices
The main way many users get into the app is by getting a notification of a property added by the agent or spouse. Tap thru but no comment button is available. Huh? So think about this from a user perspective: commenting can be the primary way to comm. now we have to back out, tap a different tab, go find the appropriate collection, scroll to find the house, try and remember the address or photo but not always successfully so we tap into a couple of them, back out, find it, then hit Comment. Absurd. And the website. How is there not a Recommended section in the main client area where we see our collections like in the app?How is there not a global search field here too? Again, absurd design that doesn't consider how a user uses Compass.
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5 years ago, Indiana IG
This app and Compass site are garbage
I only downloaded the app because I couldn’t view the collection that my agent shared with me. The website was just blank on that page. Luckily, I was able to view the collection through the app. That’s basically all I can do. The search page is awful. You can enter a full address and it won’t even show you a map of where the address is. Search only works if you enter a listing that is listed, because of this, you can’t even search the neighborhood for available listings. This next one is probably the most annoying issue with the app. You cannot use map view I’m collections. You can only see the list view. If you try to use the map, it hovers above New Brunswick. If you move the map to the correct city, your saved listings are not on the map. Note: if you mark a listing as “not until interested”, you can’t add it back to your collection. You can find it and it’s still marked as saved. If you un-save and re-save, it still doesn’t populate in your collection. Basically, this app is useless for anything besides viewing and making comments on listings that your agent adds to your shared collection. Trying to add listings to the collection on your own is basically impossible unless you find the address on another website and sometimes this app will take you to it.
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4 years ago, Ed Gnarly
Buggy and dumb
The most irritating part of this app is that you can’t input your expected down payment or interest rate and have the app remember it. Other real estate apps do this and it doesn’t seem that hard that’s the “dumb” part of this review. The photo slider is funky, it does slide smoothly from photo to photo, often requiring multiple swipes to move from one photo to another. Another irritating feature of this app is that you often have to tap “comments” rather than the main tile to expand and view a property. Why can’t I just tap the big tile? Why make me take an extra step to get where I want to be? For communication with a compass agent it works, but I suspect that depends a lot on your agent. This app gets the job done, but if I weren’t working with a compass agent I would have ditched it. It’s too clunky and dumb.
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3 years ago, sissyjar
Too many people!
There are so many people here already! Traffic is terrible. People are rude. Everybody wants right of way and don’t care for the other persons rights I have been here for 6 months and still don’t feel safe to drive on local roads much less freeways. I have not seen one policeman since I’ve been here. Even had a fire truck blasting his siren right in back of me and traffic was bumper to bumper I needed a helicopter blade to get out of his way. I was in tears when I got to my doctors office. I don’t like it here Too many people.
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5 years ago, LAMFT
Integrity? Morals? Ethics in Business?
Calling all Individualists, greedmongers, bottom liners,... if you’re interested in maximizing profits at the expense of human relationships, if you’re out for what you can get regardless of someone else’s story, and if you don’t believe connection and relationships matter in business, then go with compass. They are about what you can get regardless of who’s on the other side of the transaction. Sound familiar these days? They will ask you to NOT read even one letter written and submitted by prospective buyers with their offer— not to bother taking the time to learn about who might be living in the space you called home, not to think about their story when making a decision. The “human element” has been removed because people’s personal story shouldn’t matter, right? This review is about the Compass Real Estate approach across all markets.
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2 years ago, tandkwilliams
Nice app - 1 suggestion to the comment
Great app. Though, it’s difficult to go back and find our comments for a specific house that we added in our collection. It would be nice to be able to easily find our comments/conversations we have with our realtor after simply clicking on a house that we added to our collection.
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4 months ago, moritzIsACat
Good search, excellent integration, one small sticking point
To start with my “wish”: The map view for a particular listing NEEDS to show businesses, restaurants, etc. It’s annoying to need to leave the Google map in this app to then search an address on my own Google maps to see these things. What I do like: The search filters that allow you to check amenities is nice (like yes, I only want homes with washer dryer or hookups in unit). It is also really awesome you can communicate with your Compass realtor directly through the app and share thoughts about listings.
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5 years ago, alexandragt
Tapping on a notification or email...
A few weeks ago, when I’d get a notification or email from the app I could tap on the banner or notification or the link in the email and it would take me directly to the home I was getting a notification about. But in the last two updates that’s gone away, and if you tap a notification, you can’t retrieve it so u less you can memorize the address in the split second it shows or and re-type it in the search box when the app opens, you’re out of luck. Same for email links... tap a link to a house and it just takes you to the app, not the actual page of the home you’re interested in. Please fix this. I’ve gone back to Redfin instead since the Compass app hasn’t been working.
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4 years ago, Fndrdlc
Good overall.
The app is great for communicating with your agent. I’d recommend the option of just being able to tap again the star icon to unfavorite one, in case you did it by accident, without having to tap not interested. Also, the app log me out multiple times a day and I have to login over and over. Maybe also have the login info ( email and password ) in one screen, so the auto fill works also for the email ( for some reason right now o have to manually write my email and then auto fill works on the next screen)
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2 years ago, Gorillamusha
Overall, not too bad
I think that the app is ok, but one thing bugs me. For a feature request, could you please add the ability to save new defaults to the payment calculator? Once someone gets approved at 5.75% for instance, they could set that as the new default. If you want to pay 0% down, for instance (if you have a VA loan), then you could set that as the new default. It would allow for use of the payment calculator as a quick view guide, instead of as something that must be reconfigured every time.
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3 years ago, ChiGuyAmI
The next gen Real Estate app
Forget “Bluefin” and “Pillow”, seriously! I got introduced to compass a few months back and it’s easily the best app on the market today. The map feature and ease of use is so great. They have a “Compass Coming Soon” feature that allows their agents to post upcoming listings so now I get to see them before you!! Get on board, it’s the best kept secret that won’t be a secret for long.
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5 years ago, capnbsa
Basic functionality is there, but performs slowly
I downloaded the app to see if I could get a snappier/better experience on mobile. This app doesn’t give you that. The map is slow - panning around and waiting for results to populate could be faster. Menus and such are slow to respond. And sometimes full-sized photos won’t render if you decide to open one. For being a technology-focused real estate company, I would have expected their app to be better than others. Looks like I’ll be sticking to the mobile web experience for now.
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2 years ago, chelsea907
Streamline Home Search
Compass is the elite when it comes to home searches. It is so easy to use and CLEAN. I love viewing all of my homes in one space and being able to write comments with all parties instead of the links getting lost in the depths of my text threads.
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4 years ago, langdon alder esq
Makes Me Sign In Every Day
This app is clunky and glitchy as hell. Every day it makes sign in to access info our realtor shares which is bananas because it has no financial info on it so why would I need to be that secure? Every. Single. Day. it makes me resign in. My iPhone and app software are both up to date. When using the app it’s also slow to respond and sometimes locks up so I have to close out and restart the app to just look at pictures of properties. This app makes the house browsing process so much more frustrating than it should and I’m super disappointed about this experience.
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4 years ago, egpierro
Does not work in landscape mode
I generally like the Compass website, but the app does not deliver the same user experience. On iPad, the application does not work in landscape mode, which means they are using the same user interface from the iPhone app, versus taking advantage of the additional features and screen space available in iPad. It would also be great if there were more search features available, like architectural style, school ratings, etc.
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2 years ago, All Good
App seems broken
No matter the search terms, and despite only searching for active listings, every sold property appears in searches. So hundreds of sold properties clog up the search and often just completely crash the app. The only way to make it work is to DEselect everything in the Listing Status section. It will still show all the sold properties but you can limit it to the last 7 days. But it still shows under contract listings. So if you just want to see regular active listings you are out of luck.
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3 years ago, lxeriica
Completely disorganized
I made an appointment with compass for apartment viewings in the city and was told I would receive location details the morning of our appointment. It was already half an hour before the appointment time and I still was not told where I should go. They had nothing planned and I had to wait around for almost an hour because they changed brokers on me last minute. Complete waste of my time after having travelled 1.5 hours to meet with a broker
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2 years ago, zumasun
Update your app
I own a large amount of stock in this company and find the app extremely difficult to use. I highly recommend syncing the maps better as the street names do not appear when trying to locate a property. The save a listing or favorite is not obvious. You need to go through this entire app and make it more friendly. Including easy buying . If you want to contact me I would be happy to help otherwise I’m afraid your stock will continue to suffer and eventually the company will be gone. Zumasun@gmail Paul c
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2 years ago, BG_Sea
Love our agent, but the app needs work
We love our Compass agent but have found that searching with the app is annoyingly bad. Each time one clicks on a property, the app pops open a preview at the bottom, and then IMMEDIATELY covers the square footage, bed and bath count and part of the price with tips on using the search function. Perhaps this will go away after I use the app enough, but I’m not going to use it much if I have to wait 8-10 seconds to see the exact info I need!
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3 years ago, My DC Agent Team
I Use the Compass App Daily
The Compass app gives me all the tools I need to collaborate with my buyers and to provide market insights to my sellers. From tracking transactions, initiating marketing, creating a listing, conducting a live stream showing or open house, to performing a home search… it’s all there.
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2 years ago, Landotower
Great response from support team
The app had an issue and I contacted the support team. They communicated efficiently and solved it really fast. Impressed by their work. App is great, it has some great features that make it very easy to see new listings as they show up.
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2 years ago, Djexodus80
Meh, medium good to mildly good
When I favorite a home, it stays permanently favorited (starred). When I try to remove it, my realtor receives an erroneous message that I liked or disliked the listing multiples times for one like or dislike. The home search filters are not as robust as red fin or Zillow, missing filtering options like views, fireplace, other amenities which can make the saved searches overwhelming with the number of homes displayed outside of my desired search.
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5 years ago, ThankYuhG
The front door of RE
This app is the best portal and only way to see all the homes for sale. Compass has coming soon listings that can not be found anywhere else online.. why use anything else when Compass is providing all on and off market homes. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, travisrogers
Great service, wish the app was universal
I appreciate Compass’s attention to design, however it would be great if their attention to detail was as strong. The fact that I can’t use this app in landscape orientation on my ipad tends to keep me from using it and instead I just resort to browsing Zwillow. Regardless of your aesthetic, simple friction like this will keep many people from using your service.
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6 months ago, dude337337
Great, could be even better with more options.
Could use sort/filter options under recommendations and saved tabs. Also additional sort options i.e. by sq ft and lot size. Thanks.
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9 months ago, Skater boi24
Compass is WAY better than any other real estate app in that it lists accurately and is very easy to use! Leasing agents/realtors are absolutely amazing, always give great advice and suggestions and listen to what you want for your place. Get this app!!!
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5 years ago, Kevin Boroumand
My clients love it
You can save searches and comment together on everything so easily. My clients are easily finding the right properties fast, and our touring itinerary is so organized that all the headaches of a typical home search are omitted from the usual process. Bravo Compass 👏🏼
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2 years ago, CheneyKyleMatthews
The app is broken! I get 3-6 notifications or alerts on the same property
This app used to work well. Now I get multiple alerts throughout the day on the same properties. It’s super annoying. I’ll have 30 notifications, all circling around 4 houses. It’s an annoying glitch and you can’t report these anywhere on the app so you have to write a review on a the App Store. Dumb idea Compass.
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2 years ago, Whodonuit
What happened to the pictures?
Was working great until yesterday and then something happened and the pictures of the homes are not visible. Just one picture of street view. Now I have to copy the address and paste it into a totally different house hunting app in order to see the house.
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2 years ago, poscha
Is tech a Compass strong suit?
We can’t even signup. When I entered a password and there is no button to finish signup process. I’m looking at Compass to sell my home and look at this app they claim is cutting edge. It’s not cutting edge if users can’t signup. I asked my wife to try on her iPhone and the same thing happened. She got stuck not being able to signup via email. We question their use of technology as part of their value proposition.
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3 months ago, Billybobjoescactus
Hard to navigate
It should be possible to easily find and return to favorites - but on the mobile app, neither my agent nor I can do that. It would also be helpful to have a mini map of where the property is - like what Redfin does. Redfin is MUCH easier to navigate. Look to their app as a model
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3 years ago, Gam438U
App keeps changing
This app used to be amazing. The data was excellent. I can’t if the market research section is just being neglected or the app is glitching because you can’t get good data anymore. Plus you can’t toggle between property types anymore - it just freezes when you try to. Sad. I loved this app.
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7 years ago, Bob Miller Skier
Home finding in today’s world - Great Tool
This app is a game changer for searching, saving and collaborating in the world of real estate. Finding the homes I want to save and view in real time and on my own time. Exciting tool and easy to use.
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3 years ago, ApplesReviewUISucks
Better than Trulia, but needs work
The app looks fine, but when you start using it, there’s a bunch of things that need work. Apis don’t update messages, icons for collections don’t match your selections (I.e “hiding” houses you do t want to see doesn’t work). Communications with groups is bad... I don’t need my RA to see all my comments with my partner. Etc. it needs work.
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1 month ago, Jacs1006
Add More HOA Max Options
Please add more HOA max options under filter. Current list only goes up to $1,000 per month but in bigger cities this is common and HOAs can go up to $2,500 or more per month. Not being able to filter out HOAs between $1,100-$2,500+ is a gap.
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3 years ago, Srobinson_9
Home searches
They are quick with property and information given is helpful!
Show more
6 years ago, OLXQZME
Crashes every single time I use it
Very buggy app. I am using an iPhone 6 iOS 11.4.1 and do not exaggerate when I say it crashes every time I use it. My only work around is to delete the app from my phone, download it again, and use it for the 10-15 min I have before it crashes again. Frustrating because I can see how useful it could be to interact with my realtor with the tool...if it actually worked.
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2 years ago, flamingokylie
Super Easy!
This app is so easy to use! I love being able to communicate directly with my agent on potential properties through the app.
Show more
5 years ago, jason.s
Usability poor, features nice
Notifications are almost unusable if you’re working with an agent and a collection. They neither go to the chat (“discussion”) nor the house comment in a Collection. You have to navigate to the collection and look for a tiny red dot to see a change. Collections are great, however, and the design UI is clean. I like sharing with a spouse and an agent.
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5 years ago, Mikeithdavis
Best Real Estate App Ever
COLLECTIONS is a game changer. My wife and I can streamline our searches together by sharing comments and updates. It’s all under one roof in real time. Plus there’s a built in MARKETS app that shows real-time market data. Love it!
Show more
2 weeks ago, mckee0412
Outstanding app
This app is game changing for consumers and agents! A must have. If you’re buying a home and don’t have this app, you’re at a competitive disadvantage.
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5 years ago, JuTangClan
Why anyone would use any app besides the Compass app is beyond me. With more inventory to view than any other real estate app out there such as Zillow, Redfin, etc. it’s a pretty easy choice as a buyer.
Show more
3 years ago, Alpal14
The Future of Home Buying and Selling
Amazing app, amazing company. They listen to what we, the users, ask and say to provide us with the best possible app!
Show more
5 years ago, Aarchhfd
Easy and collaborative
Highly suggest this app for a seamless and collaborative way to communicate with your friends and family about the homes you’re interested in!!
Show more
2 years ago, DHeyburn
Home Insurance missing from payment calculator
This should be an obvious one, but Home Insurance is not included in the payment calculator, artificially deflating the projected monthly payment for a prospective home buyer. This seems like a glaring omission and should be added into the calculator.
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