Compress Photos & Pictures

Photo & Video
4.7 (19.2K)
16.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Marketing Lab, Inc
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Compress Photos & Pictures

4.72 out of 5
19.2K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Jason-hou1
I've been using the free (ad) version for the past half a year. Finallly decided to purchase the one-time Pro version, worth every penny. The ads are very annoying but the compressing itself is fast and I'm appreciative that the date and time of the photo is preserved after compression. Also, Pro lets you compress 100 photos at a time (not more due to performance issues)! More than worth it for me. This app runs smoothly on my iPhone 13 Pro, so I wouldn't know if performance is worse on other devices. I've never had this app close suddenly on me though, even after compressing 1000+ photos back to back... Overall I'm a happy customer!
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3 years ago, JohnHand_Cock
Great and useful
I got this like a year ago for one photo, used it every once in a while. I like how they do ads, like I like the way they do it because they only have a few small sidebars with an ad on the bottom and top and then one 5 second video or pop up ad after you upload the photo, Very reasonable. They could be more specific with how the sizing and quality do to your photo but it works if u just need to make something have a smaller file size
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1 year ago, jfiggybear
Full version doesn’t work with iOS 16.3.1
I had been very happy with the full paid version for my first year with this app but it started getting glitchy after I renewed with my upgrade to iOS 16.1 (only working with smaller number of images at a time and never deleting photos when requested), but I dealt with that. Unfortunately, after upgrading to iOS 16.3.1, the app crashes and closes after tapping the “Select photos to compress” button on the Home Screen every time (it never is able to access my photo library). I tried restarting and shutting down many times and waited weeks trying periodically in case a bug needed to be worked out. Too bad it doesn’t work on iPhones any more as it was superior to all the other image compressor apps before this. I would like a refund for my renewal for this year as it only worked (partially for a couple months) before being useless.
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5 years ago, maui mana designs
I just started using
I only gave 4 stars mainly because I’m trying it out to see how it works. And if it benefits me since I have tons of photos for my jewelry business that I don’t want to get rid of for future needs plus the ones of my lit’l girl from birth on up to now that take up lots of space If it helps tremendously as it appears would, then I’d absolutely give an extra star However only issue have is they ask for upgrade too quickly and I only buy pro versions after I see if there a need for service so maybe not so much up in your face about these 2 things please. I can bet ppl would be more apt to add on after they get a chance to try it out a bit before being blasted with those things.
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5 years ago, Mikamouse22
I am not a computer person and this was really easy !
I have been trying to load images of my art onto an online site and could not get past “go” . Naturally I cropped them , but they were still to large of a file. Well , not anymore ! This worked and it was simple.... though I did goof somehow and couldn’t access my albums . My fault , of course. So I emailed support and got a super quick response , today , a Saturday! Whoo hoo ! Ben told me step by step what to do ,,, easy , and I just compressed my first photo. 🤗🤸‍♀️
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3 years ago, atomicity
Stalls out a lot, and interface is slow and clunky
I recently shelled out for ad free, but feared this app was abandonware since there hadn't been any updates in a long time. So, I was glad to see the privacy update! That's great. What's not so good: the app was already glitchy in occasionally stalling out midway through a multi-file compression, and now it does it a lot more. Fairly unreliable now. Also, the interface still has all the same silly limitations. You can't control the percent of the reduction precisely, but only in 5% increments. Sometimes that's nice/fine, but sometimes it doesn't give you the size you want. Also, the whole interface is slow and laggy-- buttons appear, but they don't work for several seconds, so you just have to wait and keep retrying. Finally, although it's a minor annoyance of bad design, the home screen has just one function: to let you tap to start. Yet you must tap on one very tiny button in the middle of the screen (the +), and the whole rest of the screen does nothing.
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5 years ago, ctarmistead
Quality preserved but not Metadata
This app does what it is supposed to do, reduce the file size of your photo significantly. However, for my purposes I can’t use it because it doesn’t preserve metadata on the compressed photo. It’s a shame because I really liked the EXIF app from this developer and wanted to get my compression app from the same source. I use photos for insurance claims. The metadata is critical to my work.
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5 years ago, GaryTWTX
Does minimal, does a couple of key things wrong
It minimally does what it says: compresses images and does a decent job. The images look good. Here are the two things it should fix to be really good: 1. Redesign the app to process any number of pictures. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 that has plenty of memory and storage. There should be no reason why it can’t convert 60 pictures without crashing. I suspect it’s a poor design. It should at least offer this option: Rather than process everything in a batch and then commit it, save it as you go and then ask me at the end if i want to delete the originals. I’ve got plenty of space. If you’re failing because you’re running out of memory trying to cache all of this, you should be able to monitor memory and warn the user rather than crash. 2. You’re deleting my EXIF data - there’s no good reason when you’re compressing my files that you should be dumping my metadata. That’s a show-stopper for me. I’ll be seeking a refund for that one.
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1 year ago, Lovelybeautiful
Used to be Great, No Longer Works
I’ve used this app quite a bit in the last couple of years, and it’s been great… However, now when I open it, and touch the “choose photos to compress” button, it just opens a blank screen. It’s like it’s trying to open my camera roll, but only the top bar saying “Photos” is there, and no photos actually load so that I can select any. I’ve force closed the app and reopened, I’ve restarted my phone… neither got it to work. Oh well, I’ll try another app!
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3 years ago, jonvieth
Love it!!
I have been ours in the past trying to figure out how to reduce the file size of pictures. This is free and super easy to use! The free version allows you to compress three pictures at a time. In order to compress more than three to time and remove as you need to purchase the pro version. I just have the free version and love it!!
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5 years ago, Dan & Donna
Reducing image size
This App is a God send. Purchased a Hunter Hydrawise Sprinkler Controller that has a feature to upload images using my iPhone. Unfortunately the size of the image restricts the number of images. This app allowed me to upload all my images. The quality of the image met my requirements. I will purchase the paid version in order to eliminate adds. Thanks for a great App.
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4 years ago, Chris Wisconsin
Very Helpful!
If you ever run into storage limits, this app is great on the iPhone for reducing picture size. The free version is great if you only need to do a few photos at a time. You can do up to three. If you want to do more at a time you’ll have to purchase the PRO version. The ads are annoying but harmless. Great app!
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2 years ago, dgan61
Great product. Great price
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now both in business and in private. Works great!! If I have an issue they are right there with excellent support. I highly recommend this to anyone considering it
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11 months ago, DriedSquid007
Mostly perfect
I have found recently that a few photos compress way much more than they should but 99% of the results are what I select. This is a very handy product for multiple photo compression.
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1 year ago, alnchris
Good App, does what it says
I’m sorry, I recently wrote a bad review but it was for the wrong app. It was for an ad that popped up and had me believe that I was signing up for your app. It was confusing. I’m sorry for the original bad review. I like your app. I might upgrade.
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3 years ago, reveiwqueen2205
Just started using
A.W.E.S.O.M.E 2 minutes in all my photos are decreased in storage. I downloaded this app because my storage was full when I had barely any photos,but this app worked even when I still don’t know what the problem was. Thanks.
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8 months ago, Lock troop poop
When compressing the photos it saves the photos in a different order when putting them on a computer. It would be nice if the photos weren’t renamed. When putting the photos on the computer all of the photos are shuffled, not in the order the user took the photos in.
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2 years ago, k60dly
Helped Me Upload Documents
Thank you for this app. I was under an image size constraint for uploading my files and after compression process, all my files passed the size constraint and were uploaded successfully! K Driver
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2 years ago, I'm 037
Great app to have
This is one of the best apps to have in your phone, because it compresses your photos and saves you a lot of memory space on your phone. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Cacomyxl
Valuable Tool
I don’t need it too often, but when I do it’s a life saver. It can be so frustrating when an image is too big to send. If I were doing something where I needed it often I would update to avoid the ads.
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5 years ago, Eeewik
Great ap with great support
This ap works well and is easy to use. Finally can add photos to text and email without bogging everything down. Had a question and emailed them. Very quick and helpful response. Get this one!
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4 years ago, Business Rep
I am trying to download and try your app but it continue to mandate I enter a credit card when I do not want subscriptions to movies, games etc. If we decline the subscription, the system will not allow you to continue without entering a credit card. While your app says its free the system will not allow you to compress a file without a credit card-isn’t that fraud?
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4 years ago, LordTreeT
Pretty quick and easy, i had no idea what i was really doing i just needed to compress images to send them through discord without passing the file limit. I found this app and got it done. It works yo
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1 month ago, 1 Friendly Sailor
Okay, but ….
The ads are over the top, making the app difficult to use for just a few photos. In the end, I might buy pro, if thr compression is satisfactory. That was my plan to begin with, but the ad presentations are obnoxious and will likely neve result in a better than average rating.
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2 years ago, pj ed
Fraud alert
They say the free version will not charge your credit card. However, my bank had to decline 2 unusual activity charges for $1 and $39. Also the ads are really corny and nearly x-rate. I later got a response where they straight up lied that the app never asks for credit card information. When it does exactly that. The response also did not address the x-rated adds.
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2 years ago, EddieKags
Simple and effective
This is becoming one of my favorite apps on my iPad. The compressed images look identical to the original. Crazy how this app takes a 17mb file to 989kb - Incredible.
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3 years ago, megdagreat
Less ads
Takes too long for ad! 5 seconds is too much. Love the ones we can close immediately
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3 years ago, heresmylife
Works flawlessly
Must spend $10 lifetime to get pro version and it’s super fast after that, can do a lot more at one time.
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1 year ago, Dryden Marvin
I was looking for a app that would compress my photo file sizes for two of my photos, that was also for free. This app helped me so much and would recommend.
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3 years ago, Doctor_HooLock
Doesn’t work anymore
If I upload a photo it will let me pick the compression settings but then it will just sit at 0% and not do anything. Hitting the cancel button doesn’t do anything either. The only way to get back to the last screen is force close the app and try again. Tried 3 times in a row and didn’t work at all.
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3 years ago, Ron34556
Great support
App works good. I asked a question about a certain function and the developer got back to me right away. Great customer service.
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5 years ago, T puffin
Very useful
Very useful app. It’s great for reducing photo file size before sending them in an email or text. Also saves tons of space on your iPhone.
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3 years ago, alydhiends
No Landscape View
Too bad there's no landscape support. All iPad apps nowadays should support landscape view. I use my iPad like a computer, with mouse & keyboard. I don't want to rotate my head, twist my neck, or remove my peripherals just to use this app.
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3 years ago, internetgardner
Works very well. Lots of ads
This app does exactly what it is supposed to do. The only problem is the frequency of advertisements.
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3 weeks ago, Ben-Jammin75
Get ready for lots ads
The functions of the app work well, but be prepared to waste a lot of your time watching ads. After every action you perform on the app, you’ll be rewarded with yet another ad to watch!
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4 months ago, StevenHo420
I’m just saying
Save space and keep your pictures still
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3 years ago, gwrf.injfrijrfic9
Photo compressor
Much easier and help ful👌but sharing option not found
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2 years ago, HanaBunnyXO
Missed opportunity
This app has potential, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick select option where I can just drag my finger to select more than just picking one by one.
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5 years ago, averycopeland
One and done, I suppose
So I installed this app for one reason- to help me post clear pictures of sports cards for sale on a trading card forum. The site only allows attachments to be a certain size, and my iphone pics are apparently way too large. Anyway, the details in the first photo that I shrunk down became very blurry, rendering the new file downright useless. I’m not sure why, but oh well.
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3 years ago, Darssan
Pretty Decent
I really like the ease of use with this app. But something that would be better is if they added the option to see how much bytes my photo is, as I make the changes.
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7 months ago, BlakeA-ATX
Not worth it - functionality lacking
Paid for the app 3 days ago - would like a refund. In other apps you can be in the Photos App (iPhone or Google) and after selecting the photos you want to resize you can hit Share and a list of apps pop up to share to (Google Drive, etc). This app DOES NOT show up. So instead, you have to open this app, scroll to the back of your photo roll and hope you find what you’re looking for. Other resize apps do not have this problem. Don’t buy this one if you want this functionality. Thumbs Down
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7 months ago, Joe Hansem
this program is useless as it freezes on select photos on my Iphone 12
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2 years ago, old farang
Easy and fast
Just downloaded and used this app. As advertised in my header…very pleased with results this far!!
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3 years ago, Лададсзщмлаоуиалдпшоатл
Please fix!
There is only one problem, when I decrease size of screenshots and delete original, the new decreased version is no longer in screen shot section! You've got to fix this! Please!
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3 years ago, Arist_hu
Awesome software
Use this with CamScanner so you scan your document and compress then upload to google drive or lastpass
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3 years ago, CMC.RSM
Did what it promised!
Resized all my photos with complete ease. Wish all free apps were this easy & quick!
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1 year ago, Pdice81
Works great
Worked great the first time. Compressed 27 photos and was able to send in one email.
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3 years ago, Kdpaints
Gets stuck
When it works, it’s great but most times it gets stuck and stops after compressing a few photos. I’ve started over several times. Downloaded to IPad Pro, same issue. Disappointed! Still doesn’t work even with the new update to version 1.6. And now they limit you to 3 at a time when it works.
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3 years ago, zalrashid
Compressed photo's colors are washed out compared to original
I got this app to compress ios screenshots since they take a big file size ~7mb. The end file size is great but the colors are not like the original. Even when I select 100% quality.
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5 months ago, ptfjr
Not user friendly
Not user friendly. Having a difficult time getting it to work
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