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New Marketing Lab, Inc
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User Reviews for Compress Videos & Resize Video

4.7 out of 5
12K Ratings
4 years ago, Sandie D RN
Video compression
I had to do a video for my nurse practitioner program and it was done on my iPhone. It was about 30 minutes long. I tried every way possible to transfer it to my computer and NOTHING worked. It was even too large to email to myself. I tried several compression apps, talked to the tech support at the school, tried transferring it with the USB cable, nothing would work! Then, I found this app, downloaded it and tried it on another video first because I worked so hard on getting one that was good enough to turn in, I didn’t want to chance messing it up. It worked great on that video AND gave me the option to keep the original video so I was happy to have that as a safety net. I was able to transfer this one easily to my computer and it was still just as good of quality as the original video. I did it with my final video and it worked perfectly! I was able to download it into Kaltura for school and turn it in. This app saved me! Love it!
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4 years ago, Lmno61830
Looked promising, ended up wasting my time.
Just wasted an hour of my time *trying to* compress the same file 4 times. First time, after losing all the progress made from switching between apps and leaving it running in the background and coming back to it, which it didn’t inform of that happening if I were to not have it running in the foreground. Second time, after about 20+ minutes of it processing a message popped up saying ‘file couldn't be compressed to a smaller size, try adjusting the parameters before compressing to see if that will work’. So I adjusted, and frankly don't want to waste any more time writing this review, but long story short- third time told me there wasn't enough space on my iphone once it was nearing done, which I followed its prompts to clear some space in settibgs, which when i came back to it again all the progress (of 20+ minutes !!) — again — lost!! Only to persevere and now try for the win, with smaller parameters, only to after over a half an hour come back to it (in the foreground on my phone) 100% complete — and now says ‘file couldn't be compressed to a smaller size...’ Couldn't it figure all of this out BEFORE having me go through the motions and entire processes just to tell me it can’t!?? Great intention with creating the app — but needs more practical user-in-mind design. Best of luck towards improvement.
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3 months ago, Lour33
OK to try different settings
Amazing app with great control options. Developer recommends a minimum of 24 frames (70%) and 80% resolution but I tried all the way down to 5 frames (5%) and 64x36 res (5%). I found 18 frames (45%) with 512x288 res (40%) to be ok for me. At that medium compression I could just barely detect some jerkiness and some blurring but, in my opinion, it was just fine for viewing on my phone and even on a big screen TV and the file-compression is much better than the developer recommendations. Your results may vary. Note that the amount of file-size compression depends greatly on your default camera settings. If you shoot in 4K your compression will be much more than if your default is only 720. If you want cinematic quality you probably should not be using this app. But if you want to save storage space on your phone or in the cloud, then this app is fantastic!!!
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1 year ago, ASLD12345
Preserves metadata!
I used a similar app that was recommended by multiple articles and it did the same thing as this one and without a usage limit. It was a good app. It had one large flaw however that the new compressed videos it made were time stamped as being from when you compressed them. This means that if you wanted to compress an older video you’d have to manually change the time stamp. This app only gives you a few free compressions a day after which you have to pay or watch short ads, but it is totally worth it because it preserves the time stamps of the compressed videos.
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11 months ago, swuirel 75
I have tried many video compressors and was never satisfied until This one. I could not send or share any of my songs. Some where only 3.5 minutes and some were 5 or more minutes. This program does all of them even longer then 5 minutes. The clarity and sound was excellent. I can even add a family member or friend to add this site for no cost. The cost to me was sooo reasonable for one year. I will definitely sign up for each year after. I recommend this program 200% thank you.
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8 months ago, Jadesword
Fantastic App, Really Saves Space!
I looked for a few apps and saw this one had great reviews so I tried it. And wow did it work wonderfully! I was able to free up about 20GB just from a couple of my large videos and now I don’t need to upgrade my almost full iCloud storage anymore! Appreciate that the ad version allows you to resize one at a time without any limitations. Definitely recommend this app and I’ve already downloaded the photo resizer as well. Will probably upgrade to pro in the future. Thank you so much!!
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1 month ago, MyceaKasos
Great tool
This is an excellent tool and well worth the price for the full version. There are 2 things I’d like to see improved though - when processing multiple files, I have been unable to scroll down the list of files, it just shows what is on the screen and that’s it. Second, it would be nice if the tool would work in the background so that I could do other things while it was going through files.
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12 months ago, Odie and Jax
Waste of Time
I needed to send a little video for a product support request. When I tried to send the message, the file size was too large. I found this app and only looked at the total stars and total reviews - my mistake. It worked for a tiny video on my apple ipad but the longer video (a whole 50 seconds long) all of a sudden is not a file that can be compressed. The EXACT same device shot both videos back to back. All of a sudden, the app suggested all my troubles would be over if I just pay to upgrade to the premium version of the app. Perhaps the developers should look to tone down the bait and switch behaviors and actions of the app. I’m sorry they wasted my time.
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1 year ago, Web_creator
Good app but be careful…
App itself is free, terrific and worked just as advertised. Be careful though, as they have embedded ads that can convince you you need to click on a button as a part of the compression process. I did and got suckered into a fee. The fee was $2.99, so little harm, small foul, but I really detest the adding of these ads that are very good at trying to sucker you. I will go back to my card and contest the fee once it hits officially but it is a bad practice. I knocked a star off for that and would have knocked it harder if the fee had been bigger.
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3 days ago, Arkilaeus
Fast, easy, clean, beautiful
It isn’t complicated, it is super simple, works quickly, and I think more people should try it. My video was over an hour long, and it compressed it in a few minutes, cutting down the file size to less than half. Because my file was so big, I had to pay for premium, but it was only 3 bucks! Totally worth it for a file that size, and I get to keep using it so… very good app, imo.
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7 months ago, grateful_gentry
Great or Not the Choice Will End up Being Yours
This app is great if you just do what they tell you, but they also operate on an underdeveloped ai’d version of sub humanity so when I declined to download their parter app but clicked the box to delete the original version of the video I ended up with with essentially no file and a blank white screen for an app. Good job guys at really pushing home the point that humans are still needed, I’ve honestly needed that encouragement lately.
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7 months ago, FMIDGAD
When I bought this app, I thought it was for a month,surprise, it was for a whole year! This app is a “Compressing” app. It does just that. Happy to have this application as part of my video profile for sending videos. Listen, app compresses it does not edit, but boy oh boy, it does some compressing in an outstanding way! I consider this a must have app Go ahead buy this app! And the developer makes many more apps for photos, etc. impressive!
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2 years ago, Conniegallant
Paid for App & then more?
This app was not advertised as being free so I assume that as soon as I chose it, and put in my ID and password, I would be charged for it. It downloaded very quickly and I began to upload a video so it could be reduced, but then a page came up that to continue I would have to activate the account by putting in some information, including my credit card number. No, thank you, that is not the way that I have experienced apps purchased in the Apple App Store to work. I’m sorry to say that I will not be getting this app, even though it may be the best one out there. Who knows how much my credit card would be ultimately charged for it?
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2 years ago, Charity116
Works, simple, free
Wow this is like magic. Obviously not all videos can be compressed if they are compact already. I compressed all my videos to 24fps @ 760p. So if any of my videos were already that size I just left them alone. Saved me many Gigabytes storage. Gonna stick with this app. It does have ads for the free version and offers a premium version for a price. Compressing one video at a time with no frills, free was for me!
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1 year ago, Elixir_is_Zog
Decoy. Ultra intrusive and missing ads that look like scams.
Immediately upon trying to use the free version, full screen ads pop up without warning that use aggressive language about security, etc just like most scams, and you're presented with an "Open" and "Close" button which i suspect can be closed to continue using the app, but the ad is so incredibly suspicious and looks like phishing that I'm not even willing to interact with it. It's not presented in an honest fashion. I'll never know if the pro version is any good because if i can't use the free one without suspicious ads that use classic scam techniques, I'm sure notifications going to offer money.
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3 months ago, Blimpilot
It Can’t Get Better!
I have tried so many compression apps that wanted monthly subscriptions or were just so complicated or continually crashed that when I found “Compress Videos” it was like a “tech” breath of fresh air! I tried the free version but quickly moved to the Pro version. I also bought the sister app, Compress Photos Pro as it was equally fantastic to use. I have always struggled to resize photos and especially videos to fit into the file size restrictions imposed on my email accounts. Those days are now a thing of the past thanks to these “Compress” apps. As C3PO would say “Thanks to the maker”! Sandra
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7 months ago, Bogalusa
Hit compress it suggests other apps? Does not compress
The app worked great for about a month for all size Videos. Then all of a sudden after about a month I’d select a video to compress, hit compress and a new screen comes up trying to get me to download other apps. I couldn’t close this screen even though it has an “X” in the upper right hand corner. I’d close the app reopen and the same thing happened. No compression of selected video compressed. I even deleted the app then redownloaded from the App Store. This changed nothing. Can’t use the app nymore?
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3 years ago, pastasock
It works
It does the job! Never downloaded any other video compressors, so I can’t really compare, but it works how it’s supposed to. There are ads, but not that many in my experience. One ad on the bottom of the screen, and one video ad before I compressed my video. Thanks to whoever made this :)
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4 years ago, EZ Wynn
Only compressor that actually works! 😌
Does a GREAT job compressing large video files and preserving existing aspect ratio! My video was 6gb and it converted to less than 3gb with very little quality loss. Gave 4 stars because app says pro version costs $4.99. Clicked to pay and it's actually $8.99. (Needs updating) Still, I bought it because I support developers who are working hard to make these apps we Love and use daily! 👌
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3 years ago, Tamsharley
It worked like a charm so I could send a large video thru messenger. However I had to do it a few times before getting the size I needed. I just wish that you could pick the size you need or set it for other apps like messenger. On the downside, after sending it thru messenger. My friend nor I couldn’t play it! It had zero video data in it! Sorry this app is a no go! At least not for what I needed it for.
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5 months ago, RachelPup
I am so grateful for this app. It’s simple to use and has helped me when I thought I was screwed. So many times I’ve gotten the dreaded message that my uploads or emails exceeded the size limit. This app has taken the stress of those messages away. It is so useful and helpful. Thank you so so much.
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2 years ago, NumberCounter17
Storage problem? Download now!
I fixed my major problems with my iPad storage by compressing 3 large files! Thanks for your app. I hope I get $9 for Christmas so I can pay $9 to get the full version and never worry about problems again!
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1 year ago, TLFbuyer
Usual con for “free” apps
Pulls one of the lowest tricks I’ve seen: Brings up an ad for an Instagram thing (at a cost), with “later” as the clear selection for anyone not interested. But “later” actually opens the website they want you to go to, which they’ve actually CALLED “later” (dot com)! You can X-out rather than choose “later,” but it’s a faint little “x” in the upper LEFT corner. Also you can only select videos from the Photos app not from a folder. And there’s no explanation about set-up or where videos go.
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3 years ago, ianskxm
Great app
Great app, it does exactly as it says. It was a little hard to figure out how to add more videos since I didn’t give it full access to my videos. Also, I had to try different levels of compression to find what worked. Suggestions based off what your attempting to do (text, post, etc)would be helpful.
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6 months ago, DrinksFromTap
Works, ads are super intrusive
The app worked for me to reduce a video so no complaints there. The ads were super intrusive, full screen pop ups after what seemed like every click. One was in Japanese so I couldn’t even tell which button was close and which was visit the advertiser. I get and accept that ads are the price for free apps, but this one was over the top!
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5 years ago, Qtwood8083
Great app and customer service
Very happy with this app. I had trouble compressing a video and emailed about it. With in an hour I had a response and I was able to fix the issue. Great app!!!! The compression is quick and design is user friendly. I tired a few others some with hidden fees and this by far is the best.
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1 year ago, cindy9876543210
Does a great job!
I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use of this app and the quality of the compressed video. I especially like how it creates a new video and and gives me the choice to keep or delete the original video. This is an excellent program.
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3 years ago, deadinonehit
This is how you do free software
Nothing is locked behind a paywall and the ads aren’t horrendously intrusive. Most importantly, it works. I wish other companies followed the same model for free apps (or just wish this company would develop a .mov to .mp4 converter).
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6 months ago, jamien1fig
Not working on iPhone 15
I tried this app with an iPhone 15 pro. I can slide the frame rate left and right, but cannot scroll to any other options. The window to start compression is over top and will not allow access to other options. Even changing frame rate from 30 to 5 does nothing to change the file size and the app suggest making changes that are not accessible due to the scrolling glitch. Needs work.
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3 years ago, DavidDocWalkman
⚠️ Crap APP - Scam Alert ⚠️
This video compression APP demand that the user provide complete bank card information. In a large banner across the top of the screen is a message “WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD” “ … we need this information to determine geographic and location data …” This Video Compression APP immediately charge my bank card for $1.00 (USD) AND I received a “Fraud Alert” from my bank that this vendor is charging people for iPhone, iOS game applications and numerous complaints are being filed against this APP developer. Not that this matters anymore, the default compression settings produced a terrible highly distorted compressed video resulted where the viewer is presented highly pixilated video with medium to large random blocks and colors. I have screen shots and will contact Apple Security.
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3 years ago, Btrmike
For a learner techie like me this app is perfect. Simple simple. Phone does get hot. But my file was almost two hours long and a huge file size File was shrunk about 15 percent. Now will go to premiere pro for additional compress
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3 years ago, Channa masala
Can’t actually compress my videos
This looked like a great app, but I tried compressing several videos for an important data collection project, and despite adjusting what they recommended or lower (at one point trying 65% and 25 speed), it always came back saying it couldn’t make my large videos — to large to even Airdrop to my computer — into anything smaller. It was just totally useless for me and I’ve already deleted it.
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2 years ago, Dwaan
But the app didn’t compress to 60fps
I really like this app, it does what it said, mostly. So the one major drawback is even if I choose 60fps, the compressed video will always be 30fps. Tried it in iPad 2018 and iPhone X. Both result are the same. I hope the developer will fix this. Because the only use case for me right now is to downgrade 4k60fps to 1080p60fps.
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1 year ago, Kintampo
Decoy app
This app intentionally makes the controls hard to find and detours you away from what you want and to account opening or junk ware download sites. After finally getting to what I thought was a compression tool, it just told me it wasn’t able to compress my iPhone video any more than it was. Do not download this. Waste of time and potentially dangerous because of the constant diversion to an unrequested website of questionable intent.
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10 months ago, PDX2023
Compresses SAME video
I just downloaded this app. But it’s fairly simple and straightforward, even giving suggestions on what size to compress it too! I thought, oh this is great! But I’ve tried compressing four different videos, checking them afterwards each time. Checking all my steps. (Remember, it’s simple). But it compressed the first video all four times even though the blue selector was on different videos the next three times!
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3 years ago, I'm 037
Video Compression
This app is super awesome. It helps me save a lot of memory on my phone by compressing all my videos and photos. I highly recommend it to everyone. I give it two thumbs up and 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Jw9876
Saved my grade
I waited until the last day to submit a video. This app compressed it to less than half the size so it could upload in time!
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3 years ago, the dongle dingler
That video compressor do be compressing doe
I wanted to send a video to my friend on discord but the file was too large, so I just got this app and pressed a few buttons and bazinga it compressed. 10/10 it can compressed
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4 years ago, Lethajoyce
So simple!
Sometimes I have trouble sending even short videos by email. So frustrating! But this simple tool makes it possible.
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2 years ago, Izumi chan
Must have for discord users
Easy to use, straight to the point, and its so simple. I definitely recommend using or even trying this app out
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4 years ago, issueyang
It really works.!!
I have an iPhone 8+ and downloaded bunch of apps trying to compress a video of 38 minutes long nothing worked until I downloaded this app! I love it!! Keeping it on my phone !
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4 months ago, Tipeetoo
So far so good on compressing videos!
Does exactly what it says and easy to use. I recommend it if you need videos compressed to send in emails/post online. 5 stars!
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3 months ago, HonestFlutterby
It works great!
Very happy, much better than other apps I tried. I didn’t have to pay anything.
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1 year ago, Hun2626
App worked for past year, now it freezes on Chinese advertising.
So this app has compressed lots of videos successfully. Until it didn’t. Now it freezes on some kind of Chinese advertising! Not sure if they are going to fix it anytime soon. It has forced ,e to find other app.
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3 years ago, Adc2K09
Was fine for a while
I used this app a ton a while back, but around 1 month ago it stopped having the videos truly have loaded in the size. It’s hard to put into words, but here’s what it’s like. Have 44MB video. Open compress. It says video is 155KB. Try to compress anyway. Cannot compress. Until it’s fixed, Not using this app. Edit: It turns out this happens only after I change the length of the videos in apple’s photos app. If you can fix it, ok!
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1 month ago, Tobythebest
Cannot find out how to access my library
App is good but when I upgraded it does not allow me to access my Library. I tried searching, new settings and still lost? But is great when it works!
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11 months ago, A Smart Guy 222
Doesn’t Work
I’ve spent 30 mins trying to use it and it’s not very simple. Can’t upload more than 1 vid and size reduction isn’t much. I’m sure they’ll be a developer reply asking me to reach out for support but on the fly there’s nothing intuitive about it unfortunately.
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2 years ago, Evelapin
Useless app
This app doesn’t show the target file size when you select compression settings. After waiting for a minute for it to “compress” my video i got an error saying “this video cannot be compressed below its original size. Please try to change the settings.” What a waste of time.
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9 months ago, the protoart
Lack of controls
It has potential but with the lack of controls, and being able to adjust the threshold of compression is surprising. I don’t want to have to change the aspect ratio of a video to compress it further. there’s free software out there like Handbreak that does this so much better.
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4 years ago, kat007
Works like a charm
The app is very user friendly, it look less than a minute to compress my video on the first try.
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