Conga Drums

4.5 (111)
28 MB
Age rating
Current version
Drum Starz
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Conga Drums

4.45 out of 5
111 Ratings
3 months ago, sdf564oh3
Best bongos
Bongos are good many options for use yes.
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2 months ago, Lava Lexi
I love the sound of a conga and I haven’t heard one since I played one in 9th grade and this is the only free app I could find! My only suggestion would be a setting where it’s easier to play because it’s hard to chose between the three sounds for each conga, as the slap sound is easy to mix between both of the open tone and the edge sound. Having a free setting to allow for easier pressing for which sound you want, would be much nicer!
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2 months ago, Gatoviejo
It is one view
This app doesn’t have a tuning assist function. The layout- it is not a standard- it is the typical layout but there is nothing that mandates Conga on the left and Tumba on the right. There should be a demo of the features somewhere. I would live to review again but definitely add a tuning module.
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4 years ago, Yetlie
Amazing facsimile!
Caveat: I am not a drummer or even a musician. Anyway, I am amazed at how the app picks up the nuances of hand/finger placement and pressure applied, as well as the distinct sound of each particular drum. Still exploring, still thrilled.
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2 years ago, rexford82
Love these congas!
Very realistic and prefer to use this in my recordings than the real thing!
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4 years ago, M I k A h
Love these drums
I don’t know why but this is the best app on my phone. Comes in handy daily
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5 years ago, lynnnoname
No Name Rocks
I’ve never even thought of ever picking up a beat. Would be great to compose music' nice app!
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7 months ago, DjDonWrongo
Finger tappin Good!
I have truly enjoyed this app. The drums really sound amazing!
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4 years ago, castro eliel
I was wondering if you can make a timbales app... this app is cool and fun
Eliel castro
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4 months ago, jimmburrell
It’s such a shame. The app is really cool and musical and could be used to make music. But the ad for an app to meet people to do things together was ridiculous and inappropriate. Not suitable for children.
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2 years ago, Bill Lynch Jr
not good
no saving in a useful format, crashes on iphone, okay sound, can’t believe I actually paid for this. Apple should be embarrased
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3 years ago, Donnyleegarcia
Adds are annoying and no information on removing. Also was testing out in church hooked up to PA system and a loud commercial came on and could not stop it. Free means free surprises!
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13 years ago, Destinyy14
Great app!
It's a great pass time.
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6 years ago, 11/1/2018!
Great sound! Sounds like real!
Natural 😍!?
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2 years ago, BUS DRIVER D
I am your fan give us more!!!!!
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4 years ago, pierre80&
Conga drums
Awesome and fun!
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4 years ago, vanilla jack
It mutes my ipad so no.
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9 years ago, J.CASSEZZA
Almost perfect, ad trick is annoying
If I consider everything I used to gauge (below) this is the best app in its class on both the iPhone and iPad. (* variable = center, outer edge, rim) • User interface. 4 • Sound quality. 5 • Sound realism. 4 • Variable sound 3 • Hotspot target. 1 • Effects (reverb etc) 4 • Ads (free version). 1 The trick with the timing of ads flying in so you can't help but click on it is just evil and wrong and super irritating. The intent is to make me cough up the money, but it actually makes me want to NOT pay because I'm so irked. The next non-starter is hotspot targets and the ease of hitting them accurately. There should be some buffer between target ranges and the center should be larger in diameter. Other than those gripes this app is a blast and sounds amazing (better if you have smaller fingers!) Digging the multiple layout combos, nice bonus! There could be s few apps that are tied with this one. It's confusing because several other apps have almost the exact same UI - so either there's s sample app somewhere everyone stared with, or one developer is selling the same app, just renamed and re-skinned as 3-4 different apps. Very evident in the settings UI. Duh. Anyway, hope to see the next version with enough polish to make it worth buying, and giving it the 5 stars it's capable of earning! Lol :)
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10 years ago, Johnycash2636469
I love this app! It's sounds good and its great for passing Time playing some grooves or just jamming for fun. It has AwESOME features like playing along to beats/ tracks for a drum set, metronome , and you can set up or choose what congas/ bongos to play! Great app!
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10 years ago, House drums
Nice drum app
Great app! Do the .99 upgrade, we'll worth it! On my ipad I can practice anywhere,nothing like on my real drums but hey it's on an ipad and I'm waiting for new tires to be installed . Of all the drum apps I've used this my favorite.
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13 years ago, Mykol dimas
This is awesome
Definitely the best drum app I've had on my iPad. They actually make noise at the exact time u hit the drums. And if u. Hit the mp gas in different places they make different tones. It's a great app
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11 years ago, Luz Clarita1
Love it- Play it often!
Good for practicing rhythm ideas when I can't play the real thing!
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11 years ago, Jomoma Man
This app would be good but even after deleting and re installing the Loop beat speed doesn't work. The Pitch switch does pitch and speed too. Messed up! How about fixing this problem? Beat timing does nothing? I have waited for weeks!
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12 years ago, RJP1666
Get it
This is the best one out there. I use it on gigs. Great sounds and great playability.
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10 years ago, Silverlake d
Upon launching this app it immediately took me back to the App Store and prompted me to download an unrelated app. I tried launching again and got the same result. Therefore, I deleted the app. Total waste of time.
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12 years ago, Saba_Scale
Great App
All I can say is Thank you.
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12 years ago, julian_1978
Gr8 app. Love the diffrent sounds on each drum like open and slap tones ;) Sweet !!!
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11 years ago, CcLcGiRl
These are not merely great, they're STUPENDOUS!
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5 years ago, Rodrigobu
Terrible app
Just terrible...
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