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User Reviews for ConnectEBT

3.9 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Klinkkeegs
Smiles A lot
This app used to work great for me and I loved it but for the past month I can’t even log in to the app anymore. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again but to no avail. After I type in my information and click log in an error message pops up about encrypted data?? Not sure what’s going on. It would be really awesome if this issue could be looked in to and possibly fixed. I would love to continue to utilize this app. Thank you,
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4 years ago, Lainaboo13
Doesn’t work
This is the worst designed app I have encountered in a long time. First off after creating my account about a month ago it was working fine. I went to log back in and it no longer worked. I have been trying to reset my info through the app even been calling the EBT card number but it has no option to speak to a representative about this app go figure. I then called my county assistance number to seek help and they are just as lost as me. I come here to seek help and I see that everyone else is basically having the same issues. I stumbled across the “App Support” and it takes me to an online version of this application and that’s where I was able to reset my information without any hassle. I went to the app and what do you know it works. This app needs a serious update or a better version needs added preferably with a chat function or a number with representatives that are available to assist. I mean come on this is ridiculous now and this will probably get no response but I’m going to share anyway. This may help out anyone else that needs it click on “ App Support” and change your passwords and retrieve your usernames there it worked for me with no problem and it let me log into the application.
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2 years ago, Ksjam
Used to be great
I checked this app regularly because unlike the website reino, the app shows pending deposits up to two days before the deposit is fully processed, however as of the latest update it’s been nothing but troubles. First it says my password is wrong, so I attempt to reset it… it prompts me to enter my card number and other information, then it tells me that my account is valid… the issue persisted for several days before I went online and changed my password through the desktop website instead. Now when I try to login, the app has a loading symbol / is “thinking” after I enter my password.. after 2-3 minutes I get a message saying “server error”. It happens again and sun and again. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, no success. I just can’t use it. From what I see on reports online, thousands of others have this same issue.
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4 years ago, janimur
EBT app
I love this app!! It is easy to check a quick balance when you need it. Transactions are up to date and easy to cross-check when you need to. My ONLY complaint is using the card. I have recently discovered that the card is not recognized by some grocery terminals like Giant Foods. The card must be entered manually in order to use it and this rather holds up the line. In discussing this with a manager I was told it would be better if the card had the magnetic features it needs for automatic use. Redesigning the card would be helpful but I realize would be costly. My card is so old its even hard to read the numbers! At any rate “I love this app” no matter how it has to be used.
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2 years ago, Dani Shirley
Server Error
I gave it the full 5 stars because when it works it is a huge help. However, with that being said, I have used this app for a long time and it does tend to have one thing after another happen with it. It use to be that it made me change my password frequently for no apparent reason. Now I can’t use it at all because it constantly says “Server Error” which is definitely a pain because it’s naive to be able to bring up your account at the tap of a finger rather than having to call in to check your balance. If this issue gets fixed I will gladly keep using the app.
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7 months ago, bianca cavallucci
Makes life easier
Such an simple way to check my balance for the little bit I do receive. Since it’s not much I constantly have to check it to make sure I know exactly how much I have left so I don’t go over and using this app is a simple 2 clicks and I can see my balance for both food stamps and cash assistance. To ensure no one can access it you can use Face ID if you have an iPhone or you can choose a password that has to be put in to access your account. You can also easily change your password/PIN number in a few easy clicks in the settings.
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1 month ago, monica s. r.
No Thumb print login
I have to use this app to protect the balance on my snap card by locking and unlocking the card (my card was skimmed and balance stolen a while back) but I hate this app for practical use. For whatever reason, it will not save the password so I can unlock the app with my thumbprint. So I find myself at the store having to type in a password on my iPhone. Not only is this annoying, but I find it stressful that I have to remember the password as well as the pin. Literally every other of the tens of apps I have on my phone I can unlock with my phone. Don’t know why everything surrounding snap cards is so crappy. I mean, they put out these antiquated cards with no chip that you have to slide through a machine and then the app to stop you from being ripped off can’t be opened with a thumb.
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2 years ago, lindseyP89
Difficult to log in and no help
I used this app years ago when I needed food stamps but then I started “making too much” so I stopped. Recently I’ve started to receive them again and want to use the app, but I can’t log in. I click forgot log in and fill out the info but it pops up with an error message saying “you haven’t set up a security question for this account, please set up security question” then takes me back to the log in page. There is literally no info to be able to contact anyone. So I came to the App Store and looked on here and clicked on the link for app support and it takes me to the same log in page but in safari and not the app, still can’t log in there. So pretty much a worthless and time consuming app with no customer service. Very unhappy.
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8 months ago, WishingUWell2
Awful app
I can’t believe the state of Maryland has partnered with a company that can’t seem to keep its technology functional. When this app isn’t crashing and having to be reinstalled, the message says the ‘server is down’ altogether. I have found that the best shots you have is either very early in the morning or late at night. I can’t wait until my benefits are exhausted so I don’t have to be bothered with this process any longer. The state of Maryland should have selected a better prepared provider considering the size of this program and how many people presumably are using it. This app is the only option we have to keep our benefits safe and locked (so they aren’t stolen - again), then it would make sense that it should work, no?
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5 years ago, jimz 1965
Poor customer service
The app works great! I loved it when I first made my account. But it makes you change your password very often and I forgot mine. I have reached out to customer service to fix the issue and gotten no where. The customer service line for the app is the same number they tell you to call to check your balance and there is no option for app problems or help. When you try to get to a representative the automation hangs up on you. The one time I did get through to someone (and I’m not even sure how I did) they said they would put in a ticket and someone would call me back, no one has ever called me back. All I need is some help to reset my account. They definitely need to improve on customer service/troubleshooting for this app.
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3 years ago, KristiLena12316
I’m not sure what’s been going on with this app lately, but I swear it only works when it wants to!! Everytime I go to log into my account lately (I’d say for the past 3-4 months) an Error message pops up for a “Server Error”! I have done everything from restarting my phone to deleting and reinstalling the app and nothing works. On a very rare occasion will it actually allow me to log in. I know people are gonna say well what’s the big deal just log into the website (which obviously I have to do if I want to look at my account) but I just prefer the setup of the app over the website.. so can you please figure out a way to fix this issue?!
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3 years ago, agwalck
Have to reset password after every use!!
For the past year or more I’ve had to reset my password after every successful login. (And nope, I’m not entering wrong.) I reset it and it works fine for that time only!! Then if I use it a week later, It fails the first time, then if I retry it once, it pops up “too many login attempts” verbiage then I have to reset it through the even-worse desktop browser version which hates literally every browser, and looks like a website from 1992. Both the app and the website need upgraded & fixed. Btw, if I only use the web browser version, it too only lets me have ONE successful login. I emailed for support a year ago and had no response. Frustrating portals!!
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5 years ago, **WARNING**
Developers owe us some answers!!!
Shame on my local Social Services for encouraging us to use this app!!! Attempted to create an account- they said one already exists despite the fact that I just downloaded it. So I thought maybe it’s a random error so I’ll try logging in with the info I just used to create my account. Well it then locked me out saying too many failed log in attempts- I tried one time. What else really bothers me is that we’re asked to enter our social security number into an app that’s clearly flawed! DEVELOPERS: When will the app be fixed so we are actually able to use it?? Look at the number of low ratings and common issues, it’s a shame! The many user concerns should let you know that you need to fix your product!
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7 months ago, Shamika T
Unsure about this app
At first I thought this app was great. I originally used the EBT Providers app. After a month of using this I will be deleting and reinstalling EVT Providers. This app glitches too much not to mention it wants me to reset my password every time I log in & I have the biometric setup. What’s the point? I honestly hate hassles and this app is that exactly, a hassle. It isn’t convenient and does not provide as much resources and info as the other app. I may try back in the near future just because I like trying new things. I don’t recommend it and gave two stars 1 for the thought & effort and the other star for service intended to be provided..
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2 years ago, I'm typing something random
Decrypting Data Errors
No matter how many times I try and how many alternative passwords and usernames I’ve come up with (not to mention painfully making sure everything in punched in correctly every single time) I continue to get the same error message about how the system can’t decrypt my info what ever that means. I’ve tried setting up my account over the phone but it won’t except any of my pins neither - any fixes come up soon? The process looks clean and straight forward but these error messages won’t let up!
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2 months ago, Cantkeeptryingtofindanickname
Simple app that works, but…
Hey! I enjoy the app. It works and I appreciate it very much. I would’ve given it 5-stars if it weren’t for 1 teeny, tiny little thing. On one of those last updates you removed the facial scans to unlock the app. I prefer to use to use facial scanning to unlock apps and features rather then typing in a password. Plus, this is a more secure feature to this app that we’ve lost. Could you make it so there’s a choice? Thank you!
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12 months ago, Sinnnyyyyy
Love the app. Very convenient, for when your shopping, and forget your balance, or want to make sure you don’t go over your current spending limit etc…I think we can all agree that calling the 1-800 number was a bit time consuming …needless to say, I wish that it also showed your future deposit amount. That’s the o my reason why I have it 4 stars. Other than that, it would have been 5 stars.
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2 years ago, HayliiMereah
Can’t log in anymore
I love this app and use it constantly, but for the past couple of weeks or so I’ve no longer been able to log in to my account. This is really unfortunate because, as I said, I use it quite frequently. I’ve been having to go onto the actual website and log in that way. What happens is that, whenever I try to log in like usual, it gets stuck loading and spins for a while, before timing out and showing a message that just says, “Server Error.” Is anyone else having this issue? Is the app simply down? Either way, I really hope it gets fixed!
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8 months ago, Dejasmiles
Annoying password bug
The app itself is easy, and to the point. However, it tells me my password is expired and asks me to create a new one ALL THE TIME. it has to be a bug. It is SO ANNOYING because without that it takes two seconds to log in with Face ID and see my balance. Having to create a new password every 2-7 days is frustrating!
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2 years ago, Refined Silver
The app would be perfect if…
Granted, this app is awesome!!! The only improvement, which I am surprised was not done initially, was to have it Apple Pay ready! Or, enable the touchless feature through the connect EBT app itself!!! So much time on the line could be saved by doing so. Other than that, it’s great to quickly look at my balance, and then pay for my food. Thank you all!
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4 years ago, yogiburrr410
Failure- I hope money wasn’t spent on this app
Along with almost everyone else commenting here, I’m finding this app a total failure. Cannot create an account - the app keeps telling me my password choice is not a valid entry even though it meets the criteria. Since I cannot go beyond this, or file a complaint, I won’t use this app and I’ll continue to waste time calling in, so I can listen to the pre-recorded Maryland EBT message telling me to download this app. Once again, fabulous efficiency from our government agencies who seem to willingly remain in the technological dark ages. I just hope they didn’t pay good tax dollars to the developers of this app.
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12 months ago, Kfam937
Fix the lock feature
Love being able to quickly check balance without calling. Only complaint is the lock feature don’t work. I’ve heard of a few ppl having their accounts cleaned out. So I was like I’ll just lock mine I always have my phone anyways and locked it. The next couple days I used my card as normal with no issues.. with it still locked on the app.. once that’s fixed 5 stars
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4 years ago, 4819J
Using EBT app
It is really easy to use. It will tell you almost everything you need to know. However, there is one thing that would improve the site and that would be to tell you what day your EBT amount would be available. Walmart has changed the way they handle this account and you have to have the amount securely in your account before you can check out.
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3 weeks ago, appmiky
Works well
No problems so far. Everything functions smoothly for Lock/unlock & checking balance & transactions. Nice & simple interface. Only wish it had 4 digit passcode option instead of having to type in full password every time since I don't use faceid.
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5 years ago, EaddyB1000
Easy to keep track of balance
This app allows you to keep track of your balance easily, so you always can check before you head out to buy your body fuel. Can also see your past purchases and location where you bought food from. This app is easier than checking via telephone number.
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3 years ago, ash_wyatt
Pretty great except…
I gave it four stars because it’s a great app, but lately, I haven’t been able to log into it. I keep getting an error message that says “there is an error when encrypting the data”. Can we please fix this? Update: it’s been a month and I still can’t log into it
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4 years ago, An EBT User
EBT User
This app is basic and simple and very easy to use. What I would like to see is not only the balance but the deposit as well. This app only shows debits (receipt transactions) but not the deposit transaction. I had to renew and didn’t know if the funds were given. If you would please add this feature for all of us to use. Thank you
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5 years ago, Jessica S.D.
Worked great for awhile
I loved how easy it was to access my balance without having to call the number all the time and it worked great the first couple months I had it. In the past couple weeks though it suddenly started saying there was an error every time I tried logging in. Deleted and redownloaded the app and still have the issue so it’s just become an app that takes up storage space at this point.
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1 year ago, keigetsu
Does what you expect convenient
Just an FYI for people the reason why I asked you to change your password, seemingly randomly is because they require you to change your password every 45 days. Oh so far as of iOS 16.4 it seems to be working fine and yes I'm on the beta version.
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5 years ago, Nyp_Luffy
This app is an absolute MESS!!! since I’ve downloaded it I have NEVER been able to login it tells me either the app is down or an error message saying my password is wrong THEN when I try to reset it I do the alphanumeric thing along with characters and it won’t do ANYTHING just throw the whole app away idk who Created this but they need to go back to the drawing board this ain’t it sis this is a whole mess and I’m mad about takes less time to call in and check my balance than to login to this crap don’t even waste your time downloading it’ll just tick you off
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5 years ago, markadewitt
O. M. G.
I didn’t forget my password. All of a sudden this app tells me it can’t authenticate my input. I tried to change my password. The app itself checked off that my new password met all the criteria. And yet that, also, could not be authenticated. I have notified them twice. I’m waiting for a response. I can’t speak to a live person who can tell me whether or not there’s a problem with the app. So at this point, I don’t recommend it. If you don’t suffer from headaches, you might now. If you do suffer from headaches, either stock up on aspirin or just quit fighting with this app.
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6 days ago, alittle unhappy now
Has loading issues
I had to switch to this app when the providers app was switched and ever since then I’ve had some problems. This new app I’m using takes an extremely long time to load deposits and transactions. Also it doesn’t save your password any time I need to check my balance I have to keep entering my password. That’s the worst part Please fix other than that it’s pretty straightforward
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2 years ago, Rudescam
It won’t let me in it just keeps loading
I’ve had this app for a while now, and it worked great in the beginning; absolutely no problems. Now no matter what I do ie. re-install, switch networks, gave it weeks in case there was an ongoing glitch etc. The app was so much easier than having to call or go on the actual website. I really hope this isn’t permanent (and no, it wasn’t because of crappy internet service- I have high speed internet for these EXACT kinds of issues)
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8 months ago, DSMART2003
This app needs work and updating/upgrading
Why when I login with faceID do I get my password has expired and updated the password for my account, and I can logout right away and login right away (faceID) after just logging out that it gives me the password has expired and has to be changed and updated again shortly after just updating, I can’t be updating the password on every time I open the app, as I need to know the balance, and it when am at the store and in line, when their others around that’s not a good time to be entering a new password. Or maybe it’s also doing this because I’m using a VPN on phone or my network provider, too, but this shouldn’t be happening with new password on each time trying logging in. PS: iOS 15.7.1 (October 23, 2023, when posting this review) Thanks!
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8 months ago, it!
Can’t create accountI
I have been trying for over an hour to create my account. I get all info entered including my phone number and the continue button turns orange but when I try to click on it the button does nothing. I have tried using two fingers and nothing. I even had other people try and nothing. I am legally blind and don’t have the patience for this. I just want to be able to click the continue button so I can move on. Not happy with this ap at all!!!
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3 years ago, FlyFireWings
No Accesss
I was glad to see that there was an app created, it will make it easier to check my balance since the website is restricted to only being able to login while using Internet Explorer or Fire Fox now. So, I downloaded the app. Yay. But when I started to sign up by selecting my state there was no option. Ohio isn’t there!!! I really want to write a review to what I think about this app but I am not able to sign in to give a proper one. Please fix this so I can start using this amazing app!! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Jlbaggett13
No good
I used to love this app but for the last two months I can’t access it. After I type all my info it give me an error message every single time! I tried to delete it and redownload it and it’s doing the same thing!! Very frustrating!! I’ve had the app for several years and it worked great but now I can’t get on it!! App creators need to fix this issue quickly so I can use it again!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, knockknockknock
Bad Recovery Services For APP
I Keep Trying To Recover My App ID And Password And I Do Not Get Anything Sent To My Email At All. Those White Racist And Those Dirty Negroes Who Have Been Stalking/Gang Stalking Me Fanagled Their Way Onto My Phone While I Was Sleep At A Help Shelter. That Is The Only Way I Can Fatham This At This Time. This Is An iPhone So I Don’t Believe It Is From A Stingray Or A Root. The App Will Not Let Me Use My Card Info To Reregister And Will Not Send Any Information To My Previously Used Email For This App. -Garbage-
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3 years ago, K-DSB
App Malfunctioning
Used to be very useful and convenient to check my balance without the hassle of calling the number but for the past month I have not been able to log in because of some encryption error, I’ve tried redoing my password, deleting and re-downloading but I still get the error.
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1 month ago, JhnyBlu
Terrible update
App was fine until about two months ago. Asked me to change my password, now every time I log in I have to create new password-says precious one expired. Even if I close the app and open it right back up, requests me to change password evwrytime. Then it loads an outdated screen showing cash deposits when I only receive food benefits. Please fix. Also uninstall and reinstall multiple times with same affect.
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2 years ago, lingling619
Fix the server error
I’ve had this app for a few years before it worked great but for some reason a year ago this app just stopped working keeps saying “server error” and the ONLY time it will let me get in is every once in a blue moon just to make me change my password and go back to server error and never work again please fix this because I can not use any other app for ebt
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2 months ago, Yani Bartolo
Easy to use
Great app to check your transactions and balance. The good thing is that you can also lock and unlock your card right away. Haven’t had any issues and is very easy to use.
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4 months ago, J.Jonah Jameson the third
Removed facial recognition
Great app, very helpful. but why can I no longer use the facial recognition to enter the app? It saves time and I have a million other apps that I have to remember the passwords for and this just makes it easier.
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8 months ago, Tribalstingray
Greatest thing since sliced bread!
I love the convenience of having the card and being able to get the food we need for our family. Thank you for keeping up with the times.
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4 years ago, Anna Bean
Doesn’t Work
I tried to create an account and it will not allow me to saying that there is no such account and the info can not be verified. It tells me to call my cards customer service number of there are issues. The cards customer service says it’s not their problem. I’d like to NA able to check my balance online and see activity there instead of having to call and punch in my card number each time. Who do I need to get ahold of to fix this and get registered?!?!?!
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6 months ago, Liz1996*
Great app
Love the app my only complaint everytime I log in I have to “recreate “ my password! Not sure if it’s because I use the facial recognition? Other than that so much easier than calling to check my balance!
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4 years ago, MrsOldBill
I was excited to try this app. Thought it would make it easier/faster to track the balance on my P-Ebt card. I’m disappointed. I can’t even sign in through this app. Tried to register my card and it kept kicking it out and saying error encrypting data. I registered it on the website instead. Go back a day later to try the app again and when I attempt to sign in, same message. Error encrypting data. I deleted the app. No sense keeping it if I can’t even sign in to it.
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10 months ago, The country, Sweden
Awful. What the heck is going on.
The app actually dead walls me at the screen where I’m trying to create a user account. It’s the screen where is gives all the information as to what the user is and password should contain, but DOES NOT GIVE ME A SPACE TO ACTUALLY ENTER INFORMATION FOR A USER ID/CREATE PASSWORD. there is a verification question at the bottom (I’m assuming that it’s to determine that I’m not a bot) but HELLO!! I’m human. Anyway, I digress…. Yeah there is no actual space or option for me to create an account, blah. Waste of time.
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6 days ago, kimi1234577
Ok when it actually works
When it works it’s nice to be able to check your balance and where you spent the money without having to call the automated system BUT EVERY TIME i attempt to open the app it makes me change the password from before and its so PARTICULAR with the password its ridiculous, and it doesnt work the first 5 times you try to change it, its so FRUSTRATING. If the app operated better it would be great.
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3 years ago, Jason_hahn
Not as easy as you would think
I attempted to log into the app. It said my password was wrong, multiple times. It then takes me to their website, i log in fine. So i log out and go back to the app. Now it says i have another session open and another isnt allowed. So i go back to the site, confirm im not logged in. Hit “contact us” to try to send an email and it takes me to the log in page. Try to log in and now IT says i have an open session. I give up. Wont use this EVER.
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