ConnectNetwork by GTL

2.2 (1.3K)
53.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Global Tel*Link Corporation
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ConnectNetwork by GTL

2.16 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Cruehead39
Everything is slow except taking money!
I have sent multiple messages that have taken days to get delivered. Unfortunately with no job due to the Covid quarantine I can’t afford to keep paying the outrageous FEES and costs of the phone calls. Messages are the cheapest options but they don’t away send and if they say they do my loved one isn’t always receiving them. Not receiving any “rejection” messages because I don’t send inappropriate things, just trying to keep up with day to say life to keep both our spirits up being apart. It’s very frustrating, this is a scary time to have someone incarcerated and not being able to connect with them when we’re paying these fees and costs is ridiculous. My app doesn’t have the “request call” option. I’ve sent money to the trust account that doesn’t always get credited on his end as well and get told “sorry” after waiting on hold for an hour when I called. Now he is no longer receiving 2 free calls a week so communication is going to get less and less.
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4 years ago, rox4334
Why do y’all keep taking my money saying it’s expired a couple months later?
Not happy with this app at all but unfortunately it’s the only way I can communicate with my bf. I believe y’all have taken now almost $40 of my money saying “funds are expired” when I just put the funds in there?? Why not REFUND my money instead of taking it sayings it’s expired?. Where do y’all have it written that funds expire? It’s only been a month. Same thing happened before and when I email y’all not once have y’all replied to me out of the numerous emails I’ve sent. And when I call no one has answers for me and still nothing has been resolved. I am extremely unhappy with your service! How u can justify taking money that’s hasn’t been used yet and saying it’s expired right after I deposit it is beyond me. And not right at all. The least u could do is notify us the funds are expiring and REFUND US OUR MONEY BACK. I won’t stop until I have answers. This is messed up! You can’t just take peoples money like that and think it’s ok. Furthermore you need to update your app bc the facility my bf is at doesn’t do messages anymore and y’all are still taking peoples money for that too and your call center can’t figure out the problem. Well I figured it out for u. So frustrating having to deal with shady apps like this. My review will change once y’all fix this huge and important problem on your end. It’s not right.
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2 days ago, Flabbergasted by how bad
A landfill a scam
This is a horrendous money hungry company that takes advantage of the poor and underprivileged by being the monopoly of jail and prison communications. They know they are the only option so they price everything at a rate and then throw in the “plus applicable fees” which makes it nearly impossible for the average person to stay in communication with their loved ones after the justice system serves injustice. They don’t deserve to be isolated in the way that connect network does when your down to your last dollars and this becomes over a thousand dollars in just communications in a month. That’s not even including my phone bill. Even with all of that and how awful of a company they are, it just doesn’t even work most of the time and when it does work it’s slow and glitching the whole time. I hope that someone from this company can see the way it’s taking advantage of people who are already in a terrible situation. Something must change. This is an embarrassment of a brand, and the epitome of Rockefeller monopoly, which is sad to see. I’ve had nothing but issues with this company and trust me I know what I'm talking about as I can quote the little robotic statements before and after the call.
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3 months ago, Eagle2014!!
Need some updates
It was working fine for me for a month, but then I started getting emails saying I have new messages. However they were never in my inbox. This is happened two or three times in the past couple weeks one day I got four emails saying I had new messages and there was never once a message. I deleted the app put it back on and now I have two contacts/inmates however they are the same person and it doesn’t look like I can one when I do it on the computer. It only shows one contact/inmate and yes, I checked on the computer to see if I had that were new and nothing is there. The last time I was getting emails saying I had a message and I to my phone to check all of my old emails had disappeared so I went to my computer to look and they were there after a few hours. I looked at my phone again and my messages were back. please work on these issues. Families would really like to be able to stay in contact with their loved ones who don’t have anyone else.
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6 months ago, Greeneyesgaia
Not that bad
Ok so I’m giving this part of talking to my husband or just sending him money a 3star and here is why… Connect Network GTL app is not all that bad. I have like 2 or 3 complaints and that’s a maybe. First complaint is that I have had to create numerous accounts and here is why and also complaint number 2, after one of my cards gets declined the whole account stops working for me and then I can’t give my husband or his friends money on their accounts. Finally complaint number 3 is that you can’t delete you account so now you are stuck with all these accounts. My only problem with the GTL GettingOut app for messaging and pictures is that most pictures get denied on there but you can send in a regular photo and it gets approved and that it takes to long sometimes to approve the pictures. And my only issue or complaint with the GO Visits GTL app is the constant Verification Required every time I log back into my account. Other then those problems, this app and the 2 other apps are not that bad. Maybe just give everyone there own tablet, don’t restrict access, and let video chats happen even when not docked or in day room. That’s all I have for now! Oh yeah and stop cutting people off anywhere between 10-14 or 15-19 minutes when we are given 15 or 20 minutes depending on the type of call our loved ones make. Thank you don’t make me regret this review!!
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4 years ago, BLeeconley
This app WAS great, up until about 2-3 months ago and I have been using app since at least 2016 sometime. I can NOT even get a correct BALANCE NOW when I try to see without going through the whole internet via phone or computer. Which is a longer process. I am NOT new to GTL I’ve FAITHFULLY (weekly or daily paying money)used service ALONE since 2012. And even before then this app WAS a great addition for me and unfortunately NOW it is wasted space on my screen. I either can’t scroll up to the NO THANK YOU part to click it or MY BALANCE SAYS I have money in it and there IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A CALL. I would just like it fixed. If it helps I am Ana iPhone user, and am not using “dark mode”thank you
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3 months ago, XXX BE CAREFUL XXX
Worst apps ever
With all the money they siphon from inmates families you would think they would actually have apps that work and don’t go down all the time. Half the calls are dropped. The apps don’t work. The other day I was on the phone with someone in prison and my kid sent me a text. Immediately I hear an automated voice say something about a 3-way call and disconnect. There was no 3-way call. Calls are constantly dropped sometimes right after accepting which really pisses me off because I don’t get all the connection fees back. They constantly find more ways to rip off the families and I think it’s all intentional just to line their pockets. Nothing has been fixed in the last 5 years. No complaints addressed. I can’t wait for another company to come in and I will gladly jump ship. I have a birthday coming up and can’t even add money to the phone today because it keeps saying network down. Like seriously stop snorting all the money you all make and actually improve your products.
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4 years ago, Adrie08
Can do a little better
I actually love the app because it allows me and my husband to stay connected through texts , pictures and videos. As the other reviews say , the messages are taking a week or 3-4 days to be delivered to me or him. I think if we are paying our hard earned money for these things it should be on the timely matter promised . Also I think it should let us receive pictures from our loved ones because of Covid . Due to covid we cannot cost our loved ones . So the inmates should some how be able to send a picture, I haven’t been able to see my husband since he made it their nor our children. Don’t get me wrong I’m very appreciative of the app but like I said the messages are not being delivered in a appropriate time and also seeing if we can get pictures from our loved ones .
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3 years ago, mdctl
Not User Friendly
This is the worst app I have ever used and my husband and I have both loaded money on our prepaid phone acct., but yet we still cannot receive calls from our loved one. It goes straight to voicemail with no ringing or anything. I have contacted my phone servicer, my phone company and this company numerous times and have spent countless hours troubleshooting and the end result is still the same, no phone calls or anything!! They indicate that they are not experiencing any issues on their end and all is good but yet my acct is still not correct. They don’t know how to troubleshoot to see what the problem is. Totally clueless. I can’t believe a company of this, and doesn’t have better technical support and with as many people having this issue cannot resolve the problem I am going to call the Better Business Bureau and complain. Totally unacceptable!!!
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4 years ago, fix them!
Worst app I’ve dealt with in a VERY long time
Some days messages will go through fine and quickly and I will receive confirmation emails, and sometimes messages will take days to go through and I won’t receive an email at all telling me it’s gone through. I really wish those who handled this app and the system would care more about reviews and fixing the issues. Our loved ones may be incarcerated but that doesn’t mean that they’re not humans deserving of a proper communication system that’s ironed out. It’s not entirely difficult to fix the issues within the app and the process for getting messages through at a reasonable and consistent pace and having a notification system that allows for peace of mind on whether messages have gone through. WE ARE LITERALLY PAYING and we still are not getting an app or system that is even mildly reliable. PLEASE, I am begging you, PLEASE fix SOMETHING, ANYTHING PLEASE
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3 weeks ago, Lbdkydkhcjjvi
I have not had one problem with this app. The app works great some times the facility is not so responsive to issues, but the people here are very knowledgeable and when I call in regarding any concerns or questions they actually know the answer and give an explanation as to what is going on. My person inside had no idea about the trust fund account and no one around him did either so much easier than a check that I can never get written correctly by the bank to where the facility will accept it this is a awesomeapp keep up the great work thank you so much for making my life easier you are appreciated!!
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7 months ago, zsdewsdffgghh
I don't like this company.
Somehow, when I went to make a deposit for messaging my $30 went to this company and this company will not give me my $30 back. I've tried for two weeks now to get my money back and they won't give it back to me. All they want to do is send me back over to the company where I'm supposed to have the money at which you didn't go to. So I'm playing merry-go-round with these two companies. And still don't have my $30 back and I don't have I got like $.19 to my name right now until I get paid again it'd be nice to have my $30 back tried to go on the app to maybe send an email or do it that way but it just blacks out andI can't even put a reason why I'm sending in this request because it just blacks out. I get all this information in and then it just blocks out. So I guess this company is going to keep my $30.
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2 years ago, s-a_2022
Corrupt and misleading
This app is misleading and appalling. First of all - this company that is profiting off of people at the lowest points in their lives? Disgusting. The app makes you believe that you have to set up money for individuals for the inmate to call v just providing a shared pool for the inmate. I’ve been waiting for my refund for the individual numbers for 2 months now… not to mention for a refund they make it SO difficult. You have to call from the number that the account is on (how can this matter!? It’s absurd). Don’t bank on attaching a photo to any message. I’ve been trying to send my mom a simple photo to bring a smile to her face. It’ll allow me to add the photo to the library but then can’t add it to the message. This app is awful on so many levels. I look forward to the day that I am done with it.
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3 years ago, Passat VR6
Fees are outrageous
With any other situation. People wont change until something hits close to home with them. The fees are insanely high. Yeah they didn't put my loved in their situation however, they are human and they are loved. This company uses our bad situation to make money. After this last phone call. I will no longer be dealing with this app. People forget, we can still write letters, send pics through the mail. What did we do before this app? We wrote letters and made visits. Its still the same. This company is a rip off. I will no longer be spending my hard earned money on these outrageous fees. They still don't have the correct facility on the drop down list. Ima start an app where the fees are not outrageous and people can talk to their family members without all these issues.
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3 years ago, Cher11613
Poor customer service
I have contacted customer service multiple times after waiting on hold for over an hour the customer service supervisor says he updated my account which was already updated all my information I could see on the app it just would not allow me to deposit money onto my phone number it was only allowing me to put money on as a debit payment for the phone and that’s not how I wanted to pay due to the fact that the incarcerated person could call anyone with a debit account and this has caused problems beforeSo I’ve called trying to get the account straightAnd they told me that I have to call and make the deposit into advance payments In the end result was that I was told that would have to be the way I had to deposit money
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3 years ago, Kirbyxo
Fix Your Messaging Limitations!!!!!
I figured out one reason why messages are unable to send. You guys are lying to people that the character limit is 2000, but in reality it sends when I only type 1000 characters. This is how I found out. I had the idea to use GTL’s webpage login to send messages there instead of the app. Since there are God knows how many people have complained about this app, and I just thought maybe the app is bad, but the website isn’t. After I typed my 2000 character limit, I tried to save it as a rough draft on the website in my browser. THAT’S WHERE IT TOLD ME IT WAS UNABLE TO SAVE, BECAUSE THE LIMIT TO SAVING IT AS A ROUGH DRAFT IS 1000 CHARACTERS. I know other people also complained about their messages said they sent, but their inmate says they didn’t get it. My inmate is currently on lockdown right now, so once I have a phone call with them asking if they got my message. I will update on my review. So for now, the solution to texting messages to your inmate is to limit your character text messaging to 1000. I hope this helps a little bit to people who require GTL to contact their inmate. *Little update: My inmate got my text messages after just using 1000 characters :)
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11 months ago, jaime jaczo
Trust fund account
They won’t allow me to send my husband money to his trust account. Even though I have an account with GTL and send money for phone calls and pin accounts. I had to send information to prison to become approved and spoke with case managers they said everything is correct. I keep calling GTL every time they tell me something different made me send ID and phone bill information keep telling me past week give it a few hours and call back if it doesn’t work it’s been days now. He has been in solitary confinement for over 4 months now he is able to receive commissary and they keep telling me I’m not approved even though I spoke with his case manager today and he said that it’s GTL all my paperwork and information is correct and approved.
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7 months ago, limited option
No other option but deal with junk system and poor customer service here
The system is constantly down and when you call customer service one person tells you one thing and the next person tells you something different. Once I spent 4 Minutes explaining they didn’t hear Me correctly and that’s why they did not have the correct account information until they hung up on me. Luckily the next person in customer service I reached could pull up my account because this one person would listen without being rude. I suspect the qualifications to gain employment at Connect Network are below standards! On thanksgiving this year 2023 the video visits were down, it’s always some issue!!
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4 years ago, ImPegSue
Beware of app glitches & duplicate charges
I called to add $ & was told I needed to download this app & make a profile before I could add $ to a debit account. I did exactly that. The app wasn’t working correctly but after my 3rd try I got a confirmation of transaction. Come to find out they charged me twice! I called & they tell me since it was a gift they can’t refund my $. Seriously! They can take your $ but supposedly their hands are tied when it come to refunds from their system glitches!! They won’t even combine the duplicate charges & add the duplicate processing charge to account! True story. So beware if you are in the same situation & have no choice but to use these crooks to stay connected to a loved one. So after it’s all over I paid $10 for $4 on the debit account. Rip offs!!
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2 years ago, queenmayhem
When my husband was released I started requesting a refund and continue to get the run around about my refund. I’ve called multiple times since July and even emailed with no response to that. I called the first time and was told to expect my refund within 30 days, never received it, called back was told they couldn’t talk to me because my phone bill was in my son’s name even though I could verify my card number, phone number, email address and everything else they requested. It’s already a difficult time and this company loves taking your money and keeping it even when you don’t need the service anymore! It may not seem like much to some people but right now every penny counts for me!
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3 years ago, Mrs.Maine
0 Stars!
This app constantly lags. It is constantly buffering while trying to do ANY TASK, also will charge you multiple times for messages and videos. Videos and messages will be 'sent' but the person receiving them will get a BLANK MESSAGE showing only a subject; It will also show that way in your sent messages displaying 'Not available for download' and only show a subject. Customer Service is NOT HELPFUL. I have called and explained the issues to them, they can't help with anything besides ACCEPTING PAYMENTS!!! (Imagine that🙄) The calls are 20 cents a minute!! App is WORTHLESS. Video calling is always under construction &NEVER WORKING (its been MONTHS) ...Yet they still want you to pay for all these services that THAT DONT EVEN WORK!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
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4 years ago, BEEGE5
Request to call is a FAIL
The only issue I have is that the “request to call” does not work, never has. I emailed my concerns twice and never received a response so I called. I was told there was no problem on their end and to just keep refreshing. Huh? I’ve had this app for over 6 months.. refreshing is not going to solve the problem. Was told to sign out and then sign back in. I’ve tried that. I’ve done all the updates and it still has not worked. Was told there was nothing that can be done because it works on their end. So frustrating!
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3 years ago, MCB1223
No menu for messages?
I know the facility my loved one is at indeed offers the messaging service within this site, as other inmates are using it. The only thing mine gives me the option to do is add money onto my loved ones trust fund, which I did again today (I did it online over a week ago as well and he got to use it today finally (now that he’s in the unit he’s in). I downloaded the app for the purpose of the messaging service and photo sharing capabilities. I don’t see this being an option on the app I downloaded.
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4 years ago, desireeRozay
Not delivering or receiving messages
I was really excited to use this app for 2 days then suddenly I am not receiving any messages and my messages aren’t being delivered!! I don’t get any kind of error message or anything! No support is offered to fix the problem. My money is just stuck on the app useless in credits that I can’t use! My loved one has been sending multiple people messages and theirs aren’t being delivered or received either!!! This is ridiculous. You know there’s a glitch in your system so FIX IT!! There’s a deadly virus circulating earth and we just need to know our people we’re paying you to keep us in contact with are safe everyday. Improvements will be appreciated.
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11 months ago, Cherish MC
Most affordable option to communicate
I like the fact that I can send a text and also send a credit for the person receiving to reply even though they may not have money. You only get a certain amount of characters so learn to abbreviate to maximize your communication. You can send 20 and receive 20 messages for $10, phone calls are outrageously expensive. You can also send pictures or videos for additional credits.
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4 years ago, Melimel3214
Worst App ever!
This is the worst app I have ever dealt with, with connecting with a family member incarcerated. These emails take 3 to 4 days before you even receive them. Your family on the other end things that you're not even writing them. How sad is that? The facility should go to CorrLinks. This is the worst app ever! I cannot stress it enough! After spilling out your guts, telling your family how much you miss them, that you love them, that someone has passed away, that someone has graduated, you get to the very end of your email, and it deletes the whole thing! When you try to complain, they tell you to use your Microsoft word to write out your email first, then copy and paste! Worst service ever!
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3 years ago, mfos.
No Ethics
Families have already lost so much when someone is incarcerated, so for an organization to tack on so many fees each time money is deposited is highway robbery. Talking to a family member creates normalization, stability, and supports mental health of not only the inmate but also for the family members. As such I now often feel guilty when I don’t accept a call because I can’t afford too with all the fees. Why is there not a flat fee at the beginning for a new user? With COVID delaying court systems around the country, times have also lengthened for those incarcerated and have added to the communication bill. I will definitely be writing the jail to recommend a different source or company.
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3 years ago, 12334565539
Worst app ever made
This app doesn’t even function I can’t even successfully login or create an account because it literally just blacks out or force closes for no reason it’s past a glitch the app just doesn’t work at all I can’t connect with my loved one only able to do phone calls and send pics through another app this will be better to catch up through writing and less expensive but I can’t even login or create another account haven’t even got far enough to add my inmates info it’s the holidays and I just wanna talk to people I love this is sick the developers need to re-evaluate this piece or crap ZERO STARS
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2 years ago, SAtaurus
Not happy with services
I put money on a non existing debit account for a tablet in which my loved one didn’t have! One transaction was of $59 with fees the other was of $22 with fees! I called and explained I was new to this and the app was not user friendly they refused to transfer the money on multiple occasion! Even when I explained it was an honest mistake and my loved one didn’t have a tablet! I called today because the facility switched from their service still no refund and all of a sudden they can’t find my transaction ! Don’t trust this scammy they can’t honor simple requests! I was only asking them to make it right … shameful
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3 years ago, amanns33
Works 20% of the time
Watch out when purchasing credits, it will appear as tho you haven't purchased, which will make u think to hit submit again and that's how they get you. Also, the messages can take days to approve sometimes and good luck sending a pic. It seems to crash everytime I try. Unfortunately we pretty much have to take it if we want to communicate with our loved ones other than through snail mail. This would be a beautiful thing, specially during covid if only it worked as intended.
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4 months ago, Kiingme1
I hate that I have to communicate with my loved one that is incarcerated through this app. The only thing that seems to work is the part where it takes your money, thats the only thing that seems to make sense. You can’t or don’t get notifications when you receive a message and it seems like theres an issue with the timezones because the times are different in the app and from the website. It takes hours to receive a message and sometimes days. I would actually prefer to use the website, the app is a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Case4312
Terrible app
This is one of the worst apps I have ever used. It’s a shame because this app is supposed to be helping people keep in touch with their loved ones. I can’t believe Apple would keep an app like this going. Or why no one‘s concerns are being addressed. This app is awful, it kicks you out of the app, you can’t add your credit cards, mine didn’t even update completely, and I don’t think you guys have ever had a good mobile app. The other systems that the jails in prison use I really don’t have trouble with so I don’t know what you guys are doing but maybe try and figure it out! Thanks SO MUCH
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3 years ago, muddybunzz
Family of incarcerated READ AND TAKE ACTION
Please beware of GTL and it’s fine print! As u can see many are complaining. Your funds will be taken and kept! If not used! Yes! They keep our money even tho we pay fees to add the funds! CONTACT AND COMPLAIN WITH DEVELOPERS, Google store and or Apple store, file a complaint. So us family can file a civil lawsuit! As big as the one we won from the Churchill app. These people are more corrupt than those incarcerated! Karma will get them and we can watch it happen if we all get together and file a civil lawsuit. If inmates won their civil lawsuit and won we can too! Contact me sandrareedb@gmail
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3 years ago, RiserLee
I can’t link my phone number and email. I’ve called and emailed customer service to try to get them to link my account to my phone number so I can add funds to the advance pay feature but customer service on the phone is useless and no one has emailed me back since November 14. The contact form is buggy and crashes when I try to use it. Because I can’t link my phone number to my account I can’t use all of the features and have to call in every time I want to add funds to my account. It would be great if this company could get it together.
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4 years ago, Ranger Bob 204
Worst Written Piece Of Software I Have Ever Seen!
Yes, if you're looking for the worst ever written piece of software, well now you’ve found it. This is an embarrassing piece of software, and this company is the very perfect example of what you will be dealing with if we give the government control of choosing and deciding for us. This is the best example of the junk you will get when government removes competition from the marketplace. The government employees that took so little time to research and choose something like this should be fired, and this company is only in business because they can pass it off to people not doing their jobs as they should.
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1 year ago, BikerzOlLady
App keeps having glitches
This is the second or third time this app changed to dark mode out of no where and there’s no option to change it back. I can’t see anything at all unless I change all of my settings to send out an email to my uncle! Then there’s the issue where I can not change my password or personal information since I opened the account like 4 years ago so it’s way out of date. Then where’s all the emails I’ve sent back and forth it only goes back a year!! I’m starting to really hate this app more and more!!
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12 months ago, Blessed22!!
This company steals!
This is the second time they have taken my money from me. I tried to transfer the funds and I gave them all verification information needed and they still won’t transfer my money! Last time they just took it for non use of the number. How do you know that these prisoners don’t have restrictions and can’t call for a while. So you just take our money because they can’t call in your time frame. We pay a lot to talk to our loved ones and you people have no compassion. How unfortunate. I’ll pray for you people! Lord knows you need it!
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2 months ago, Mrs Bibbus
Possible updates
Is there anyway you can update the app to where you can receive notification when you get a message from your loved one? I go on and sometimes I have multiple messages and sometimes I don’t have any. I think a way to get notifications saying that you have a message message would be efficient
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3 years ago, ashnicole1987
Not sending receiving messages!
This is my only form of communication with my boyfriend! I will write him 4 or 5 times a day sometimes and sometimes I’ll get my message was approved and other days I get nothing. He says he’s not getting my messages! This is so painful when you don’t know what’s going on with the person you love! It’s hard to communicate when it takes so long to send messages to even go through! It’s taking my credits but not actually delivering them! When it does it’s days later and out of order or not at all!
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2 years ago, concerned itritated customer
Information missing
Before this app was updated the other day it was working fine now that it updated I can no longer add money to my advance pay account and both of my my phone numbers are not visible my cards were deleted with the exception of one and I want to know why I can’t add money to my advance pay account and where did my phone numbers go that were listed on here that have been for the past 6 months
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3 years ago, Ann Emb
Credits are non-refundable!
I had downloaded the connect network app by GTL a year or so ago. My friend was transferred from a facility in Pennsylvania to Delaware. The facility in Delaware does not offer this service, but you can download the Getting Out app by the same company. The two apps connected via my email, but the credits are only on the 1st app. I was told that I am just out the money. They will not refund or transfer to the app that does work. I don’t have a choice, but to use the new app service, but do not download too much $ because they will keep it.
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1 year ago, AyoSwervo
Messages take forever to deliver
This is primarily how my husband and myself communicate since he only gets 1 call a day. My messages deliver to him immediately but I don’t get his messages for days. And on the weekends, forget about it. No messages get delivered at all. It’s already bad enough that we can’t see or speak to our loved ones when we want to, this app should be making it easier to get in contact with them. They need to fix this, I give this app minimum $30 a week just to not get all the messages my husband sends.
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3 months ago, mzworthy
Money not showing on my account
I put money on the account for calls twice back to back. The history showing that it was accepted but not showing up and asking me to pay for a one time call. Like where is my money and if you call customer service their rude about giving your money back or helping because it’s not their love one behind bars waiting to hear someone else’s voice!! The price of the calls are dumb and if the get on the intercom it hangs up your call and takes the full amount
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4 years ago, InkiieMeme
This app has been the worst i use this only to send and receive messages from my boyfriend wich I barely get for the last 2 months I’ve been getting his messages dayssss later and some he said he’s sent a month ago wich I have yet to receive till this day also i keep getting emails saying my messages i sent has been approved when I haven’t even sent messages i been stopped i am completely done with this app and uninstalling and going back to writing letters cuz this bs is pointless and a waste of time and money.
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4 years ago, ArieAyona89
If I could give it no stars I would. They take duplicate payments out of your account due to system glitches. When you call, they have you waiting for almost an hour to tell you that you can’t get a refund. I would not deal with them if it wasn’t for my friend. After May I will no longer be using their services. These people are rip offs. Don’t waste your time or money unless you really have to talk to your loved ones. Be careful. I’ve dealt with them for years and this is the second time this happened to me and it was unresolved. NEVER AGAIN!!!
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2 years ago, raediant82
Wow. 👎
I was going to use this app to help out a friend who’s been incarcerated, but after reading the multiple BAD reviews, I definitely don’t think I will enter my credit card info! Whoever created this app is really looking like a criminal themselves. Taking people’s money and KEEPING it if it’s not used right away??? You know what that’s called? ROBBERY! So messed up of whoever is in charge of the app/website to not only charge the ridiculous fees for calls, etc. but to also take the money that they put in. WOW. Not taking any chances with this one!
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4 years ago, BinkBinks
Don’t pay to send money through this cheat of a company
GTL will not refund any credits taken from sending double messages. I will send message, and will receive an error message from the app. So, when I resend message, they took two credits, anyway! I refuse to send money through GTL based on their cheating alone. I would rather pay more and wait more if it means GTL doesn’t gat another dime from me. If I had a choice, JPay is way better! I use JPay to send money because they are so much more reliable and they are better at their services than GTL, hands down!
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2 years ago, ThePhantomOfReview
This app and this company steals money from customers and the app doesn’t work. There’s no request call option. I already have my loved on in the system but I figured downloading the appp may be easier than logging in on the browser. Well I was wrong. My contact is not in there or able to be searched for on the app the facilities are not correct, and it’s a waste of space on my phone so I will now delete it. I will be contacting an attorney to propose a class action lawsuit. Enough is enough.
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4 years ago, dollymegs
Don’t expect this app to make your life easier
This app is a struggle messages come through DAYS after they are send by then you’ve wasted credits, you start to worry about your LO cause messages come through when the system feels like it also their video visitation site is a joke too been approved on the list for weeks yet still waiting for approval on the site and it’s obvious they don’t care about their consumers they don’t even have anyone dedicated to all these complaints. Don’t waste your time with this app!!!
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1 year ago, WhatintheHabidasuries
They're lucky you can't just give 0 stars
Their website and app is garbage....Do not waste your time like I apparently have. Buttons that they claim just be "below" are nowhere so you can't do anything you want like adding a person ...some places are on the website to add but can't add a person because the button is nonexistent. On the app, the places that are in the website aren't on the app for some stupid reason so you literally can't use other means to do what you want
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