Connex Credit Union Mobile

4.8 (2.6K)
40.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Connex Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Connex Credit Union Mobile

4.79 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
2 years ago, So sad E
Issue with mobile check deposit
I would have given all 5 stars but for over a week, I am unable to deposit a check through my phone. I hope this will be fixed soon. I really enjoy this feature and do not want to go to a branch.
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4 years ago, Velius Affectus XIV
Account History/Revamp/Transfers/
My only problem is that the account history overall, whether it be in one account or overall is not all well organized, there are lots of gaps in the transaction histories. Some dates in which billers claim they have pulled money does not appear at all or will appear but in a different date making things confusing or complicated and surprising as though fraudulent may have been committed without authorization. This app should be organized and revamped. When scheduling a transfer, they automatically attempt and fail.
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2 years ago, Jude11142
Love it.
Love it. I really do. I’ve had several financial difficlties due to Covid and being in and out of work. Very patient and cooperative. Worked with me. I appreciate this credit union more than any other including the banks. I let everyone know just what a wonderful company Connex is. Thank you all for your assistance.
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2 years ago, trash12737494
App barely works
The app constantly crashes on you even if you have perfect internet connection, you can never deposit a check over the phone, and half of the time they are down doing maintenance. If i knew the app was going to be this bad i would have changed banks cause you basically cant do anything on the app besides transfer money from one section to another but not between bank accounts. Fix your app cause this is just sad.
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4 years ago, 14383
Beyond Reliable
I have been of the credit union for over 20 years- they are always there when I need them , making my banking effortless . I never have worry about any because I’m in good hands. Thank you Connex!!
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8 months ago, AnnieCIR
My lifetime
I’ve been banking here since I was 16. I’m 71 and have never had a different bank. I like everything about Connex. I’ve also taken many loans from them.
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4 years ago, dfsky
Customer Satisfaction
I have had Connex formerly SNET Credit Union for more years than I can say ... has always been exceptional, in every way especially in this era ... Connex has a focus on excellence in customer service at every level .... and more than appreciateed.
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5 years ago, Ellenfla
Smartphone to PC
Nothing in this app tells you both Smartphone and PC needs to be on Google Chrome! My new PC was Microsoft Edge... took 5 phone calls to know all needs to be Google Chrome in order to see both....BE Aware!!!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Donnie-1963
Great bank
Love this bank Only bad thing is savings transaction (deposit) no way to do it unless lobby open or atm has live person
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5 years ago, chippa2940
Problems now
Can't long in to my app...says version is no longer supported...I have the most recent update...
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2 years ago, SpomonieP
Face ID not working
For some reason, the Face ID does not log me in anymore. And there is no way to change that. Pluses: check depositing is usually simple; although, it regularly makes me verify images twice which is annoying.
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7 months ago, Flyingbackslap
Needs more options
The app is really basic not alot of features like some other banking apps. You can’t transfer money from Connex to and from sister banking locations without going into the actual credit union.
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1 year ago, SUPERCELL NOO
not good at all
very unreliable, the all never works and I haven’t been able to transfer any money in 2 days and this is the 3rd time this has happened this month, they are not keeping up with the app and have way too many problems that need to be fixed
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4 years ago, ☹️😬
System Unavailabel
I went to access the online system on New Years Eve around 5:10 pm and the system was done!! Not good on New Years Eve!!!
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1 year ago, aldkjaf
Doesn’t work for remote check deposit
App hasn’t worked for remote check deposit since I updated to iOS 16. They need to fix this issue. It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to deposit checks.
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2 years ago, iloveyprkies
Easy to Navigate
Use this app all of the time. Very user friendly.
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6 years ago, ChelsWilk
Okay service
Its great. I just wish we had access to unlimited amount of transfers.
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4 years ago, ShevyBX
One of the best banking apps
Very simple and easy to navigate. I enjoy this app tremendously
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3 years ago, hshdhdheiwisnbdhu
External transfer please
Good app. Straightforward and simple. Wish they had external transfers through the app though
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1 year ago, kurtmorley
Ios16 broke check deposit
When you click on the camera to take photo, the app freezes and will not allow you to take photo of check.
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3 years ago, Jeburg
Not bad, but sometimes freezes.
Some times
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1 year ago, dhriff7
Best in banking .. period . Very personal , that’s the key ..
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1 year ago, Team Powerhouse David Lemel
Super easy to use!
This App is Super easy to use!!!
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5 years ago, ddelizd
Unable to view cashed checks on app and have unsuccessfully been able to log in on my laptop
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2 years ago, Science25
Connex CU App
Very user friendly
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4 years ago, Wes240
Worst bank I’ve ever dealt with. Horrible hours, little to no service over the phone. And denied my fraud case that is 100% legitimate fraud. I can’t wait to be done with this bank for good.
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4 years ago, Akerson1996
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4 years ago, narosp
App accessed contacts without permission
UPDATED review: on top of accessing contacts, the app also accessed bluetooth. I corresponded with Connex at length about this. The culprit appears to have been Popmoney, a service I signed up for and never used. I did not grant Popmoney these kinds of access. I have purged my Popmoney acct and re-installed the Connex app, which now seems to be behaving properly. NCR apparently is developer for Connex’s app (in whole or part-not sure) But be aware, bluetooth has become a big deal among marketers tracking your location. I know NCR uses beacons for bluetooth, i dont know if it is only attached to Popmoney. I only know that once i purged the Popmoney acct, the app seemed to became more respectful of my rights and privacy. I belong to a credit union to get away from aggressive, heavy handed banks. Connex needs to navigate a market where it can offer mobile products deceloped by other companies while maintaining the spirit of its mission. It’s probably not always easy. End if updated review .......... Until today i would have given this app good reviews. It’s easy to use and reliable. But i discovered that it sought access to my contacts, and got access without my permission. I discovered this on a routine privacy check and disabled access but of course it is too late. Explanation from bank so far doesn’t check out and I have asked them to look into it more. It would be helpful if the developer would just explain this, it would save a lot of trouble
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11 years ago, Mastiffpaws
I am impressed
I have been not-so-patiently waiting for Connex to launch an app, and catch up with the rest of the world. I must say, the wait was not time wasted, as it appears they had been working hard to make sure their app was 'Good to Go', before they launch it. I'm so happy to have my banking at my fingertips again. For many years I was an avid user of their Call-24 system, until the last 'update' was made to the system, which rendered relatively useless, in my opinion. It was constantly misinterpreting keypad entries, if I used anything but my cell phone, so I didn't. The Connex app has put the mobility back into my banking again. I LOVE REMOTE DEPOSIt and I'm so glad it was included in the app!!along with Email customer service, Pay Bills, and more!! Thank you!
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8 years ago, Kellymaddragon
It would be great if it worked
I used to really love my connex app, but there is one really big problem, when I use it on my Iphone on sundays it always gives me "application error" which is rather annoying when I am trying to just check my accounts for how much money I have
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9 years ago, rosie____
Pointless app.
This app lacks any convenience that might make it useful on the mobile platform. Yes you can see your balance but you can text bal from your cell which is easier. The real use comes from bill pay but you can't see anything worthwhile. You can see dude dates that are created when using epay. If a bill is scheduled to be paid, that does not affect your available balance. So if a payment is scheduled, you have to just remember that until it's actually delivered. You have to remember that a bill might be due. You have to remember that you may have a scheduled payment pending even if it not showing on the scheduled payments screen section. So why have this app?? I appreciate the effort, please develop more.
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10 years ago, KatieStr
Very helpful, I love it
Definitely recommend this all. I've found the app to be very helpful when on the go (and NOT using a public Wifi) to make sure checks have been registered and to be cautious of my balance (and the ever present risk of fraud). The make a payment option is useless, or was when I tried using it a month or so ago, without dealing with it in a browser. I've been really happy with it. The picture check deposit feature is pretty convenient.
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9 years ago, Lexicon83
It takes me less time to walk to my local Connex branch than it sometimes does to deposit a check using this app. It often takes so long to process mobile deposit that my phone goes to a lock screen. In one instance, a deposit didn't process, my card was declined, *and* I couldn't access my account information--all while I was out of town. Additionally, charges rarely post to my app in a reasonable window of time. Get this app if, like me, it's difficult for you to get to Connex during branch hours. But really, have the most minimal expectations for convenience and/or functionality. Then, be prepared for this app to fall short of them.
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10 years ago, TurboDawn
Love Connex!
I have always loved this credit union. Their alternative approach to banking is refreshing. The customer service is great. I get tons of complements on my bright purple debit card! The app is great. I love the mobil direct deposit. I last love that when a check is cashed on your account, you can click on that withdrawal on your account history and it will show you an image of both. The front and back of the check in case you forgot who you wrote it to. Nice job Connex! No complaints!
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11 years ago, traceyhansen
Would be great and convenient if it worked
This app has worked fantastically when I need to transfer money from one account to another and when I want to check my balance. But when I try to deposit a check it crashes or it gives me an error when submitting. I have yet to be able to deposit a check with this app. If they can fix the check deposit portion of this app, it would be perfect.
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10 years ago, Cakebaby131
Completes the connex experience
I've always loved everything about Connex, except for their mobile site. The app is a huge improvement. Intuitive, easy to use, and looks great. Being able to deposit a check just by taking a couple photos seals the deal.
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10 years ago, 1234456678898654
Connex CU online App
Love this App. I used BOA for years and was skeptical that this would work seamlessly like the BOA app. Turns out it works just as good! You can transfer funds between accts including car loan payments, you can deposit checks by taking a picture, locate branches or atms, and the list goes on.
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11 years ago, SaeCT
Love It!
Already loved my credit union but this makes it even better! Well worth the wait. Didn't expect Mobile access AND mobile check deposit to be launched at the same time.
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11 years ago, CiCi CouchPotato
So excited for mobile deposit!!
I was JUST saying at lunch today how I couldn't get to the bank to deposit a check I have had in my purse since last week and that I wished I had mobile deposit. Got back to the office and MY WISH CAME TRUE. YEAH and Woo Hoo
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10 years ago, Grad Student on the move
Connex is the best!
This app is surprisingly sophisticated for a local credit union. Transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and more! Complements the awesome local customer service, with an equally friendly and easy experience :)
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9 years ago, Ilovephotos1543
Great app!
Easy to use and convenient. Great app! Only downside: it seems that by having this app on your phone, you cannot log in to your account via a laptop or desktop computer.
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9 years ago, Wduplantier
Excellent app
Convenient and easy to use. Really like the cash back features. Only wish I could schedule loan payments through the app instead of doing instant payments.
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11 years ago, Ang0830
So happy!! I can finally be able to check my balance and transfer money on the go without all the extra log in stuff. Thank you finally!!
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11 years ago, Gjdhdjdhsjd
Easy & Simple
Love how quickly I can access information, pay/edit bills, and transfer money anywhere at anytime.
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9 years ago, NYC warrior
Great app! Practical & easy!
Being able to pay bills on the go, check my balance & make transfers using my phone is practical. The app is great & works flawlessly. Thanks!
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11 years ago, Sarahayamom
Awesome App!
I absolutely love this app! I downloaded it as soon as it was available and was thrilled to see that I can more easily make mobile deposits without using a scanner!
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9 years ago, Retired SuzieD
Excellent so easy to use. First try was a success one I used a dark background for the picture. Makes things so easy when not local to Connex.
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11 years ago, ChristenInCT
Easy and convenient! Love it!
Download was fast and login and transactions were very easy to use! Excited to try the deposit feature!
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10 years ago, Zeph-Family
Great app. Does everything I need.
The usual transfers, bill pay, and monitoring transactions, etc. the ability to deposit checks with the app is just icing on the cake. Absolutely love it.
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11 years ago, kls1210
Love it!
I downloaded this app the moment I found out about it! I use it everyday to check my accounts and it is so easy and convenient. Overall, I love it :)
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