Connexus CU Mobile App

4.7 (8.2K)
80.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Connexus Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Connexus CU Mobile App

4.69 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
5 years ago, LaBellaVita83
Great Digital Banking App
The Connexus Digital Banking app is extremely easy to use and intuitive, offering everything you need to know about your finances at a quick glance. There are ways to customize what you see in the app interface, and everything appears exactly where you would expect it to. I love how it integrates with my Apple Watch, and I also rely on notifications on my lock screen when a transaction clears, so I can monitor my account in real-time. Balance Peek is a convenient perk, and the P2P transfer option is really handy no matter where the recipient banks. Very limited downtime for app maintenance or issue-related downtime, so it’s very reliable. Would never go back to a big bank again.
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6 years ago, Prospecticous259
Just right.
It’s just right. I’ve used a lot of these Aps over the years. Many. Aggregators. Individual establishments. They all fall one side of the fence or the other. Too simple (Money as an example some years ago, not sure what it’s like today) or too complicated (many choices there) trying to do too many things. I like the Ap. Right on. Hits the simplicity/capability balance really well. Kudos to the Dev team (which is my background, so I really know how hard it is to achieve that balance). Great job. Great company. So much better than banks.
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1 year ago, Rocker1717
Jason charland/ financial preditor
So I financed a camper through this group. The plumbing water sewer black and gray tank fell to the ground 30 days after purchase. It was being “ fixed “ for almost 5 months the dealer assured me I would be provided an extension for this time. Joe in collections would not budge he sent me info for Jason. I called Jason over a hundred times over the year of 2022 he never responded or answered my calls. Then 13 months later he sends me a real smart but message saying you got repossessed today and I want to be perfectly clear with you. We will not remove one penny from what you owe or make one adjustment! This guy went out of his way to contact me today with joe laughing to tell me that I had been repoed and to not expect them to come off a single penny and that i was actually still going to be charged 150$/ day per diem
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7 years ago, reviewer 31760
Not easy to make payments
I got a car loan through them and downloaded the app to make payments. Can’t do it. Try to go on there website and make payments every month. Log in to main part of site. Login NEVER works for loan payment part of site and I have to spend hours trying to get it to work. I’m literally logged into my account on the website. You have to go to a different Connexus website to pay your loan. Yes, you read that right. You cannot pay your loan from your account. And guess what? Once you get there, your login WILL NOT EVER WORK! Want to set up automatic bill pay? Follow this complicated 50 step procedure. I live over 100 miles away from the nearest branch. I’m not going to bank with you to make my loan payments easier to manage. I’m literally trying to give you money. With interest. Why would you make it so complicated??? I should be able to use the app, have my payment information saved and do a one click payment, LIKE EVERY OTHER APP! Unless you bank through them, do not use them for a loan. Frustration level will reach its peak once a month driving stress through the roof. Not a 21st century friendly app and certainly not a easy to use bank.
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5 years ago, Dodgechick45
Online banking
I love everything about the online banking except the bill pay part. I feel when you pay the bill the money should come out of your account when the check gets cut or it gets sent by ach. I’ve had other bill pays work like that and didn’t realize this one didn’t and almost got myself in a huge pickle when all the checks started clearing. Thanks
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2 years ago, Dankesehr
Bring back features of the previous version please
With the previous version, I didn’t have to sign in to see transactions in my checking account. At a glance, I could see which bill pay had been cleared. Now, with this BETTER and FANTASTIC new version, when I tap on my checking account, I am being offered to sign in to see what I was able to see previously WITHOUT signing in. Progress indeed. What is mo’ better is that after signing in, the app just froze. I need to close it and hope that it will get pass the sign in process and show me what I wanted to see. Very nice upgrade, eh?
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5 years ago, Felix2U
Could use improvement
A bit slow and clunky. A thumbprint log in feature would be nice. Navigating can be cumbersome to find things. Why does bill pay change? The last change before this new one was nicer. You clicked the date it was due and it told you when it would send. Now it’s several days before you have an option of a day to send. I imagine it was a cheaper vendor again. Seeing balances is easy and an app is more convenient. Definitely room for improvement. This is a low 3 stars.
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4 years ago, Jimmy and Jennifer Smith
Happy Campers!! Jimmy and Jennifer Smith
They are absolutely the best in my book. It was Quick and easy and fast From beginning to the end of the loan process. The staff is extremely professional and easy to work with. Hands down I will continue to work with them and will absolutely refer them to other people. I’m on my second loan with them and I’m as happy as a pig in.... well! You know lol. :)
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4 years ago, Sethypooodpfd
Update electronic check deposit
The app works well, wish they would update their electronic check deposit feature to be same day like Bulls eye was. I can’t always get out if work you deposits my check on payday so sometimes bills are a few days late because it takes 3 business days now
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3 years ago, Kco921
A few opportunities but overall good
The only issue I have is not being able to easily scan through past transactions. You have to load each page of about 15 at a time. Then if you click to review a transaction you start the loading process over.
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3 years ago, milton1923
To Connexus
I have been a member since 1962, when it was the original Honeywell Credit Union. Sometimes wish I could switch everything to Connexus but haven’t taken the time. Have gone through all Mgmt of the Credit Union and thank you all for what you have done for me as a member. Thanks. Warren Kamps
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2 years ago, acp42
Staff at Connexus Credit Union
I had a problem with a check not forwarded to Connexus. The woman I interfaced with was great, kind and knowledgeable. She made every effort to help me. I would like to thank her. The same could not be said about the person I talked to at Target.
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4 years ago, klayon
You have one thing to do... and don’t
It seems like a basic function of a banking app would be to display my accounts. However, it’s anyone’s guess as to which of my three accounts are displayed when I sign in. Sometimes it’s my checking, sometimes my money market, and if I’m really lucky I also see my savings. Wow, three out of three! Anyway, I’m tired of often having one or more not display. It forces me to just use the website. How about fixing the app so that it actually displays all of my accounts consistently?
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1 month ago, saxotob
Great banking app
I love the layout of the Connexus mobile app. It's great to see a snapshot of my different accounts on the front page. Very easy to navigate to see the details of the accounts too.
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5 years ago, arcadiacove
Great financial institution
I joined and opened an account this week. The personnel were knowledgeable, friendly and expeditious. I wish my home bank could emulate them. (They also have one of the best rates available for a 5-year CD.) —CCBaker
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3 years ago, Jgktmk
Connexus is great
The app has a great feel I can do anything I want on here!!! The company alone is a great company… I wished I had turned to them for more options. T Kirby
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4 years ago, diesel #2
The app works very well !!!
I keep forgetting my password lets me reset with no problems other apps give you a hard time.
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4 years ago, Ring ringer
Overall a nice app
Overall this is a nice app. I can’t seem to add a payee using my iPhone rather I have to use my desktop computer
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6 years ago, starkb123
To get things set up was a little confusing. And I still have to click on a few things to get it all figured out
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7 years ago, Finn4416
Great banking app
It is easy to use and has great options. Bill pay is really easy to use and very handy.
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5 years ago, Ipad distress
Unreliable. Sometimes you can login, other times you can’t. I’m considering switching to another bank because I need dependable mobile banking and this is not it.
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3 years ago, olderthan
Review of Connexus App
The Connexus App is so simple to use and I can now know where my accounts stand in just seconds. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Tweety*7
Old eyes
It would be nice if the balance could be bigger for people who have poor vision. I am really missing the ability to zoom in on things that I can not see very well.
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6 years ago, Member0123
The app works good but please put the log off button at the top of the page. Currently have to go to settings, scroll to the bottom and the select log off. Thanks.
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4 years ago, MAF762
Accounts keep disappearing
Sometimes my checking account or savings won’t show and I have to call in to find balances. What’s up with that?
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5 years ago, Andykub
Amazing Credit Union
I love this credit union, I have a joint with my bf and I love the Benefits, keep up the great work and I would love to see what this app will become in the future!
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5 years ago, TJxoxo
App Mania!
The external transfer and the ability to link external accounts makes this app second to none!!
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7 years ago, StolenHearts
The branch that was conveniently located for more then half of the city was closed, and to avoid unnecessary stress I use this app to perform most of my banking needs.
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1 month ago, smesuch1
Love it
It simple and fast great way to pay bill and save money.
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4 years ago, Hope Scopie
Nice app to use
This app is very user friendly and convenient.
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3 years ago, Mostly like the app
Connexus App
Occasionally, more frequently than I would like, the app will give an error when logging in via Face ID and I’ll have to plug in if and password.
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10 months ago, Outlander213
Latest version downloaded on 28 August 2023 does not work properly on iPad. App opens and stays in portrait mode making it totally useless if you use a keyboard with your iPad. Clearly, the app producer has no clue how to implement software quality control protocols or perform product testing prior to release.
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5 years ago, msbrittany07
User friendly
This app is amazing and so easy to use! I love the Snapshot feature
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4 years ago, t19m68
Great App
I use it almost every day and like that it’s always updated
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5 years ago, hgsgphpigup
Great app!
Good job creating an app that is so intuitive and friendly! Best banking app we’ve ever used.
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6 years ago, AnonymousPMP
Bill Pay page issues
Bill pay was working again for a very short window. Now that page is totally blank and I still have to go to a desktop to pay my bills. Please please get all components of the mobile app to work on the iPad.
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5 years ago, WSW6281
Customer Service
The customer service representative, Amy was FANTASTIC!!! She was so patient and walked me thru what I needed. Thank you again Amy!!
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6 years ago, lupa4452
Great app
Fast and easy to use. Does all the things I want it to do.
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5 years ago, HAHAIEBD
would never switch banks
I love this app, super user friendly and I love Connexus!
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6 years ago, Piffer$99
It’s an alright app, simple format but can be a hassle to with how many steps it takes to do a simple task. Definitely has room for improvement
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6 years ago, Justin Vogt 670
Great credit union
Have been and always will be a life long Connexus member!!
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3 years ago, ():$$
Mobile deposit
Is horrible every time I go to use it, it crashes after you have to except the disclosures does it all the time, so frustrating
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5 years ago, barrettsnow
Easy to use
Easy to navigate
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6 years ago, lilolewino
Connexus app
So very slow at loading!
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5 years ago, Lor9872001
Awesome app
I love it sooooo much I used it all the time
Show more
6 years ago, ourgeek
Very quickly adopted Face ID. App as good as using safari/Mac
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6 years ago, Msuger123
Simple & Functional
Very easy to use & navigate!
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4 years ago, heehbenehehejej
Very difficult to make a payment
Very difficult to make a payment through.
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3 years ago, petersgp11
Mobil app
Edoc segment does not work. Never get a reply from sending messages
Show more
2 years ago, Aubreesy
Unhelpful and will do everything to take your money
As the title says, this company is extremely predatory and has systems in place to intentionally convolute their processes to charge you late fees.
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