Consumers Credit Union

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Consumers Credit Union
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User Reviews for Consumers Credit Union

4.13 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
3 months ago, Captain Crez
Useful but could be better
CCU is my main banking institution so the app needs to do several things well for me. Within individual accounts, transactions are easy to read and understand. Bill Pay works well. Searching for payees is easy and the tab with scheduled and historical payments is right there and simple. I like that I can link other accounts but the linkages break easily so maintenance is too frequently necessary. Transfers are easy but navigating away from the page can only be done from icons in the footer. The footer is not visible until you scroll through all transfer history. This is clumsy, clunky UX. Also, the transaction log displays entry date rather than transfer date. Please change this. A very good app that can be great with a few small enhancements…
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1 year ago, DoctorPreme
Just another user
Honestly don’t know where to start, some may think their interface is outdated compared to other UI’s out there but I think their app is perfect in its own way. I’ve been using Consumers Credit Union for over 4 years now. Consumers was my first bank at 16yrs old and honestly the only bank I’ve ever needed. I’ve never ran into any issues that were outside human error, I’ve always been greeted amazingly and treated well as a consumers reaching out to customer service; and I’ve even recommended the app and the bank to older relatives and other family members simply because of the UI. Let me explain, the UI isn’t flashy or super modern, as a 20yr old; I honestly like that. It has all the functionality you need within the app and haven’t had any inquiries regarding app functionality and or missed credits/debits. I recommend this application and their bank to people all ages!
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4 years ago, pokedude11
Needs some major touch ups
I’m coming at this from a designer standpoint. The vast amounts of different menus that someone needs to sift through to find information is appalling. When someone opens the app, the main thing they’re gonna want to see is their accounts and their current balances in those accounts. I don’t wanna open the app to a menu, to then click on an option to see my balances. It’s an extra step that doesn’t need to be there. I should be able to see my transactions on my account ON the account page, not on a separate thing. I should be able to make a transfer from my checking to my savings ON my checking account page. There are too many things kept apart from each other that need to be in the same place. As much as my previous bank wasn’t very good at the money part of it all, they had a pretty solid mobile app that just had everything in the places easiest to access. It allowed for extreme ease of workflow. Not to mention that this current app has the look and layout of a 2006 early iPhone app... Just gotta give this thing a nice new coat of paint.
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3 years ago, -TJG
Horrible UI
In the heels of the transition from Andigo CU to CCU, which was challenging enough for us consumers, here comes a regression in mobile banking in the form of the CCU app compared to what Andigo had. The new UI, although similar, is different enough and horrible to boot. For one, Bill Payment is a hot mess! I can’t edit already scheduled payments, manual payments made on the app are going to the wrong accounts OR just getting “lost” after being debited from my main account and seemingly not posting anywhere, all my payee names got switched to their nicknames and I can’t find the payees where I need them, etc. Why do I need “financial tools” or “link an account” or even a huge picture header taking up valuable real estate on my small screen, that I cannot get rid of? Fine for websites, but for apps…not so much. I could go on, but I think I’ve already painted the picture. Skip this app and get used to going back to banking on a website if you want a better user experience in which you don’t waste time scrolling and looking for things where they should be. Like I said - a regression for sure. Please fix it!
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1 year ago, katlean06
On the money
I have been a member of CCU since 2005 and have enjoyed the services provided. When I was looking for a financial institution, I reviewed the story of their beginnings and that’s what sold me. They aren’t owned by a big conglomerate. That’s what caught my attention and helped decide to work with them. Going through a divorce during that time, they worked with me to get a car loan to pay off the car I had. No difficulties with the process. They are always improving the quality of their business and stay on top of technology. I don’t always like the change/upgrade but that’s only because it’s something new. I adapt. Now that I have remarried, I may move my accounts to my husband’s bank. But. I am not in a rush to do so nor is he pressuring me. So for the time being, I will stay with the comfort and security of this credit union.
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9 months ago, The reviewer 656
Bad redesign
I’m not sure but guessing someone/programmer had to justify their job but the new redesign is one of the worst of any app I’ve ever seen. Before you go in all your accounts were rite there laid out in orderly format. Now you go in have to go to accounts then the layout is terrible. Reminds me of a layout maybe 8-10 years ago with the font used very dated. Makes me think someone(s) went ultra retro wanting to go back to days to make more work for the user plus one the worst layouts I’ve seen of any app in years. Before anyone suggests “you (me the user) just need to give it time to get used to the new design format” don’t bother going there I know what works and what doesn’t what’s easy simple to navigate and what wastes more time. This update makes the user jump through so many hoops to do simple tasks wasting time instead of saving time. Consider hiring programmers that understand what works and what doesn’t what’s user friendly and what isn’t. This new design is “NOT” user friendly!
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11 months ago, Gods Child8877
My personal Angel Johnah at the Killdeer location
I joined Consumer Credit Union when my son was 17 years old. My son was young and impressionable. He was coerced and bullied by friends and experienced peer pressure. My son floated checks through his bank account. Since I was the primary owner of the account Chase Bank decided I was banned forever. I had out rageos fees that I could not pay back. Chase said I’d NEVER be accepted to get another account through them ever again in life. Imagine my devistation, I was CRUSHED AND DEPRESSED. I could have received jail time, and a FELONY. God was covering me and he sent me to Consumers Credit Union. Your associate Jonah at your Kildeer office set me up with a checking and savings account. I am forever GRATEFUL that I was accepted to be a a member of Consumers Credit Union. You SAVED MY LIFE. Tiffany Perkins
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3 years ago, Bula0890
Horrible - Mobile Deposit Does Not Work at All
This has been the 3rd and most frustrating transition of my CU to CCU (most recently from Andigo) I no longer live in the Midwest so now have to rely on mobile banking for most items or to go find a share branch that is full service, which is not convenient. I tried to deposit my first mobile deposit through this app, and it’s completely unusable. First it seemed fine, took my photos, but then gave an error saying the image quality was not up to standard and needed better lighting so it couldn’t do the deposit. So I tried again, with super bright light, medium light, natural light, and same error every time. (I have an iPhone 11 with excellent photo quality & no damage to lens). Then after the 5th attempt, now after I take photos the screen just goes blank and there is no option to hit the Submit Deposit button. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same issue. I even tried to go to the CCU website as a backup and it says it must be fine via mobile app.. which DOESN’T WORK. Literally infuriating waste of time and now I’m stuck with a check I can’t deposit elsewhere because the instructions said I had to write “for mobile deposit only - CCU” on the back. Oh and forget trying to trying to get anyone to help you. Noone answers the phone, and I’ve been on hold forever. Pretty sure this will he the end of my CCU banking experience.
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3 months ago, TAzMaN
Great app but bill pay UX could be improved
In general, this is a great banking app. I especially appreciate the ability to link my other bank/credit accounts so I can see my whole financial picture in one place. That said, the bill pay section, which is functional, feels a bit clunky. Example, payees list shows scheduled payments but it would be nice to see last date paid for those that are not currently scheduled; perhaps with a gray font to indicate past payment. You can click the payee to see this info but it would save a click. Maybe show a calendar with the dates payments are scheduled highlighted; tools like this could be handy for payment planning. That said, the app is great as is support.
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4 years ago, MW IL
This mobile app is too difficult to maneuver to make a simple mobile deposit. My last CCU app states that I have no internet connection. I tried to get a new app & it won’t let me. So I can’t get rid of the original app which is erroneous because I do have internet connection. Therefore, I can’t deposit my checks from my mobile. After calling for your help, waiting almost an hour on the phone, calling another 6 times, & leaving my phone number I still jave no resolution to this problem. I have been with you for 3 decades. I rarely if ever had any trouble getting thru to speak to an agent & finding answers before this credit union was sold & taken over by you. Not only that during the transfer to the new management company they forgot to continue to make the automatic payments. That mistake cost me days, hours , & fees to unscramble. I am not happy with your lack of serviced. All this occurred prior to Covid. Now, you should have enough agents working remotely so mo one has to wait an hour, & then hear the office is closed! In Aug I bought a new car. I have received several car loans from CCU and payed them off. It was a smooth process in the past & I got excellent percentagee rates. This time the rate you offered was higher than what the dealership’s. Plus it took almost a week to hear back from you only to be surprised & disappointed. Do something please to fix these issues ASAP. This is no way to treat loyal customers.
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1 year ago, C2D7F96
I don’t know how else to report a bug other than to review the app
If you have Mozilla VPN installed on your phone (possibly any VPN?) the CCU app won’t let you log in, even if the VPN app is closed. CCU shows an “internal server error -6” message. I had been getting this message ever since I installed the VPN and as soon as I tried uninstalling it, CCU let me log in as normal. I’d like to not have to delete my VPN app every time I want to access my bank account. In fact, it would be great if I could access my bank account through a VPN to give extra security on public networks, though I can understand how that might create other security risks. Aside from this issue the app is ok. There was an update a few months ago that added options to the credit card management menu which pushed the option I use most often, balance payment, off the right side of the screen, which is a little annoying.
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11 months ago, frickspotiy
Sufficient Banking App, Doesn't Like My VPN
The app itself functions well. I understand the layout of the information and so far haven't had a problem with any basic functions. Except. Occasionally it refuses to load the information. I refresh, I log out and back in, I restart my phone. No effect. Until I turn off my VPN. I use Nord VPN to encrypt my data, and if theres any data on my device that I want encrypted, it's my BANKING DATA. So rather disappointed that this app has issues with it that none of my other apps have (including two previous banking apps). If this were fixed, it would be five stars.
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3 years ago, Nicknames are the worst
Catching up to do
Some more typical features of banking apps aren’t available or are buried in almost illogical places so are difficult to find. Even signing up for notifications isn’t seamless (you port over to a webpage that is a little outdated and you can’t customize notifications - like setting thresholds) and occasionally help buttons, again porting to websites, throughout the app lead to down webpages. Updates take 24 hours to reflect on the online account which seems silly considering the speeds at which transactions occur. Also no Zelle integration and I haven’t had any success manually linking Zelle to the institution. I understand this is a newer option for CCU since it was launched in November 2020, but overall, it feels like you’ve been transported in time to a historic reenactment of mobile banking - maybe a little nostalgic.
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2 years ago, danniLew
Horrible app
The app is not user friendly and the interface is not very intuitive. The links do not flow very well for various tasks. For example, on a credit card account you’d expect to see an option readily available to make a payment. This is not the case. You have to go to a different page to find the make a payment link. Also, the app lists pending payments after the actual payment has posted. This is the case with many banks but the pending charges seems to persist on this app and makes it difficult to budget accurately since those pending charges stick around for a while. I’m also very biased because I have not had a good experience in dealing with this bank in general. So two disclaimers: I’m biased because of my negative interactions with the bank itself and that may be spilling over into this review and I just forgot the second disclaimer.
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3 years ago, Tonyciano
Testing multiple financial institutions this one is mid tier
Working through evaluation of several banks and CUs to find one that fits well with me. CCUs new app is definitely an improvement from the old but there are still some very important features missing. Clarification on transaction info, and also mobile check deposit is severely lacking in several areas. More metrics on rewards status is helpful but that’s minor as it does tell you status. There seems to be a bug with messages coming back as unread no matter how many times you read them. Also, response times are pretty significant for support issues. All in all slightly above average for most I’m evaluating now. They could easily increase their standing with a bit of tuning and acceptance of feedback from users.
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5 months ago, pdc007
Best mobile app ever.
I’ve been consistently disappointed by many credit card and bank apps lack of notifications that can help detect abnormal activity, Capital One was so bad when their database was hacked that my Visa credit card was compromised three times, one time even before my replacement card had been delivered by FedEx. If they had the same level of notification and user control that this Ex Andigo / CCU Mobile app, that would have never happened. Congratulations to the SW team that developed this excellent app, they put to shame most of those other big banks and credit card companies mobile apps to shame. PDC.
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2 years ago, happy333
Extra Payment
I’ve had this credit Union for awhile now and I don’t like it. First two payments they went through and when you get close to the due date, the app goes wack. 3rd payment I tried to pay an extra payment it wouldn’t let me. Like it froze. Called customer service and the they told me that if I wanted to make an extra payment to go towards principle. I would have to do it back to back. Days later it was posted as payment and then principal payment. Good. Why can’t there be where it said make a drop down, payment or principle. I used to have Capital One and they had that option. Tells me the brake down. Now does this credit Union want us to make a late payment or something. Make it easy for other people to understand. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, yungstud
Please integrate Face ID
When I had my last phone, I loved the fingerprint scanner. It made signing into this app easy. The app is functional enough but it’s not going to win any style competitions. However, now that I’ve updated my phone to one with facial recognition (mind you, over 2 years after the technology was introduced in iPhones) it has become more of a thorn in my side, the soul reason being that some developers still haven’t integrated this convenient functionality into their apps. It’s been long enough and there’s really no reason why it can’t be implemented. In the interim, at the very least you guys could save our usernames and passwords in the app so we don’t have to manually enter them every single time we want to sign in. Yet even that small thing is an inconvenience. What is this? 2007? Why can’t you guys keep up with the times to keep from alienating customers?
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2 months ago, Famoussasjohn
Just joined to take advantage of nice APY
So far no real complaints with the application. It works and am able to do bill pay and transfer funds like any other app. Some linking issues for T-Mobile Money where it times out frequently. Unsure if that’s a T-Mobile thing or Consumer issue but that’s my only other bank that fails right now to sync. 6/9 update: new interface looks great! Much improved over the old version and can clearly see each accounts fund amounts. Plus interest rates have increased which is a huge bonus and reason I continue to remain! Great work Consumers!
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4 years ago, Marcusbarber
Is this bank even real????
So far I can’t even access my account information with this bank. I unfortunately refinanced my car through these folks and so far I have zero capability to access my account online. I have received nothing in the mail. I have no way at all to pay my bill unless I call the “Members Services” center which takes up to an hour to get through to. All they do is give you a “member number” which means nothing. I need my account number!!! I have been on the phone for hours trying to resolve this issue. I was supposed to receive a phone call from the tech department two days ago regarding helping me access my info online and so far no call back. This is a nightmare. Avoid this place at all cost. I’m trying to do everything I can to be able to do business here but they’re making it impossible.
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2 years ago, sam.dean1
Zelle Doesn’t Work…STILL
I can send money using Zelle via the consumers credit union app, but I can’t receive money. Every time I click on the link from the text message from Zelle and choose Consumers Credit Union bank it takes me to an error page. This error page has been popping up for 6 MONTHS. The error page that it’s currently being looked at and will be fixed soon. Either no one is looking at it or they need to hire someone that actually knows how to fix the problem. There is literally no way to get my money. I tried downloading the Zelle app to get my money that way but it keeps saying “Did you know that your bank offers Zelle?” YEAH IT DOESN'T WORK. Ever since my old credit union switched to Consumers Credit Union, I’ve had nothing but issues with it. Considering switching banks.
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2 years ago, The savage thrasher
Good banking app.
It’s a solid app as far as checking balances , and transferring funds . I don’t use it to pay bills , so I can not honestly comment there . I do find that searching transactions on my credit debt card is a bit tough just because I’m on my phone and really , it’s not very easy . It’s not impossible at all but I can’t seem to search by the name of the place I spent money … just scroll through the transactions over and over …. And keep paging through it .
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3 years ago, nikki w j
Not easy to navigate
This is one of the more difficult to navigate mobile banking apps I’ve ever used. The terminology is different from what I would expect. For example. A transfer to me would mean transferring money from one account to another. However, express payment is located in there. Also, it would be nice to see all upcoming payments by date and type on one screen. Not having to click into every loan and then click around to see what express payments will be made and then click around again to try to find the direct withdrawal payments. It’s pretty confusing. Not sure if the desktop site is like this as well but it’s cumbersome.
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7 months ago, New Fat Mike
Full Featured, Consistently Great
I had concerns moving to a credit union from a regular bank that the online banking aspects might be less capable, but for CCU that is certainly not the case. I can manage my personal and business accounts from a single login, deposit checks, and do everything you might expect. The app got some major enhancements over the last few months, and I was already extremely pleased for the 2 years I’d already been using it. CCU is great, and I’m so glad the app matches. I’m so glad to be out of regular banks!
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2 years ago, Wrazi
Terrible app, terrible service, terrible bank.
I set up an account with this bank to refinance my truck, online it showed me that I could add a small amount to my payment and count it towards the principal. Instead of that their website generated a completely separate payment so I’ve been paying two car payments for the past six months because nowhere on their website will allow me to cancel either. I’ve tried to contact support and they just disconnect from me when I tell them what’s going on. All I want is to make the one car payment I signed up for, I refinance the truck to lower my payments not double them. Worst experience I’ve ever had with any financial institution, didn’t think it could get worse than Wells Fargo but they found a way.
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3 years ago, Chimpz1
Can manage account fully on phone and iPad
I use the app on my phone and iPad so it works great on both including Face ID and touch login. I can view all my accounts and rewards from the app and perform all functions for the account without needing to login via website. I like the account overview screen as you can see everything. It’s easy to check the reward status. The credit card statement access is integrated but is a little more web based than the other functions.
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8 months ago, Buttercup!25
Quick and clean solution!
I brought to the attention of Consumers credit union’s of a unrecognized charge that resulted in a cancellation of my credit card. Although this resulted in several recurring adjustment of monthly charges that had to be transferred to another charge account the unrecognized charge was reimbursed to my account by Consumers Credit. The replacement charge card was issued in a timely fashion and What could have been a significant unwanted ongoing problem was avoided. Thank you Consumers Credit Union!
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2 years ago, forced to enter nickname
Stone Age app
Absolutely one of the worst apps out there. Horrendous for mobile banking and the service reps will tell you “it’s best using a desktop.” Bad navigation, try paying your credit card balance from the app, horizontal scrolling is stupid. You cannot set your autopay to pay your card balance monthly on a recurring basis. It’s really annoying. Although they combine their credit card and banking into one app, the backend is separate. This causes a lot of headaches when calling customer service. Oh and if you like caveman-like policies, just try asking the company to raise your credit limit on your credit card-trust me it’s archaic. I came for the 5% (originally 4%) interest rates but the hassle isn’t worth it.
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2 months ago, D604T
Love everything about this credit union!
I have been with Consumer’s CU for a number of years and have never been disappointed! Whether you visit the lobby, use drive-up or bank online, I never have a bad experience! I live in Texas now and conduct my business over the phone, email and online. I am always helped by very friendly, professional and knowledgable people which makes my life much easier. Thank you Consumer’s Credit Union!
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10 months ago, Leticiawence
Thank you
I really like the comfort and relieve to see my bank record anytime I want. Thank you!! I would like for all people to be able to use this time of service I know many people aren’t current with a new technology, especially with a smart phones . This procedure is so easy. Did I really hope that many people take advantage of it. Especially elder people that might not be able to drive. Thank you for a great service.
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2 days ago, GinnysWay
I love this app! I love this bank. It has been revolutionary in my finances. I can view all my accounts in one place and see my spending. The categories are helpful in letting me analyze where I’m putting my money. Earning 5 percent each month on my checking account and 1-3 percent on my credit card is incredible. It has motivated me to automate my bills and keep an emergency fund right in my checking account. Using this bank has been life changing.
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1 week ago, banditsmask
Deleting and reinstalling
Everyday or every other day I have to delete and reinstall the app on my iPhone XS. I like the app when it is working. I don’t have this problem with my iPad. My iOS is 15.0.1. I will upgrade to 15.0.2 tonight to see if it does the same thing. I am on iOS 17 and have not had any problems of reinstalling the app many times the app seems to be really good. 6/6/24- I have only had to reinstall once lately. Working better.
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1 year ago, mgra3456
It’s a good app. Everything that I need is there. Although one time it glitched and money that I had in one of my accounts disappeared. However, it was quickly fixed and the money was put back. Besides this the app is very easy to access and I can log in any time I need. I like the extra tools that they’ve added that show your spending and income. It’s also easy to link other finical accounts to the Consumers account.
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2 years ago, XXGG108
Very easy to use and fast
The app is very quick and very easy to use I can see all my money from all my accounts and move and transfer money whenever I need, also it has many tools to help with your finances and can help you see what your money is going to so you can always see all the spending on your accounts, I very much enjoy this app and find it very easy to understand.
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8 months ago, pmichalaw
App Never Works
This app has never worked right for me. Every time I connect my bank account it will work for a day and then the next day I log in and there’s an error. I’m unable to transfer any funds into my savings account and then today I try to deposit a check and I can’t even do that. It just sits and loads. Not to mention how difficult it is to just make a loan payment. But now I am being forced to use a credit card and therefore pay the extra fee. It would be nice to just have the app work correctly and be user friendly.
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5 years ago, Lannacakes
Outdated, crashes, limited functionality
Fuddy duddy app from the 90’s with 3rd rate security. I just switched to CCU from another bank because I had read good reviews on NerdWallet (which I now believe were created by paid shills) about the “great” mobile app and high APY offered — and I am sorely disappointed in the app functionality now that I can actually log in and use it. Please put some resources into this app so users out of state can bank without having to find a physical bank partner location. New users looking for a tech savvy bank — look elsewhere. I’m already debating if the high APY is even worth this poor app functionality I’ll have to deal with daily. Big bummer.
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6 years ago, dpsr32
Great app, gets the job done. Needs Touch ID!
This is a very practical app that lets you manage all of your CCU accounts remotely. As a NY resident, I heavily rely on the app especially for remote deposits, which works wonderfully. The only real functionality lacking is Touch ID. I would greatly appreciate this, as it's standard on all other banking apps. The aesthetics of the app are a little old-school, but I could get past all of that since the functionality is sound.
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2 months ago, lht20619
Good Financial App
Update Oct 30, 2023. App and full website have had some upgrades and they weren’t so radical that I had to learn to use ‘a new app’. Still like the app and still give it 5 Stars. You can do anything in this app that can be done with the full website. It works the same as the web site and I have not had any issues. I would recommend this app for anyone banking with CCU.
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2 years ago, Rwdefense7
Vastly improved
As some who had been a CCU customer for several years, the old app needed a lot of work. I don’t recall exactly when they updated it, but it’s way better than it used to be. It’s now easy to check accounts, deposit checks remotely, and even view deposited checks in the app. The update was a long time coming, but I’m very glad they did it.
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1 year ago, 36 yr member
I use this app on a daily basis
The app works well for most of my needs; checking balances, account transfers and bill pay features. Negatives are: finding the phone number and routing number quickly when you need them. But my work around has been to make a CCU contact (along with associated pertinent info). Thankful to have this app so I can DO life on the go!
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2 years ago, CaryLiz2001
Worst company I have worked with
I’m trying to put storage coverage on one of my vehicles and have been for a few months now. I sent in proper forms over 2 months ago spoke to them several times only to be able served with papers stating they have taken out an insurance policy for my vehicle in the amount of $1500 dollars. Let me also say I had my insurance company attempt to contact them and they are the rudest people I have ever worked with in all my life. My advise is to steer far far away from financing through this company unless you want to have the worst experience ever. Absolutely disappointing E. Cynor
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12 months ago, Sad about banking
Really sad
I could not find where I scheduled a credit card payment without getting a hard copy of the bill I couldn’t believe that you processed 2 payments for the exact same amount. I would have thought that the computer wouldn’t process the second payment. I’ve been paying my bill each month and that was no small amount. Now I’ll be short for the month. Thank you for updating your system. Judy Zandrowicz
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1 year ago, Andrew99532
Lots of issues
There are times when I go into the app and I try to login and there is no keyboard that comes up and can’t log in. On the Face ID sometimes it reads, gives the check mark and doesn’t open. I am also not a fan of the way the accounts show now - it’s more cumbersome to see them if you have several. I have deleted the app and reinstalled twice and the bugs are still there. It worked better before…
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8 months ago, KRosenquist
Easy to use
Really no need to go to the bank any longer. Can do anything on this app in a snap. Customer service at the branch offices are still available but with not much contact. That I find is a shame. I like my money to have a personal touch but this is the way the bank chooses to serve customers. if you can beat them, join them
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2 years ago, Nyx-6
Love the app, but Bill pay is annoying
I love most aspects of the CCU app. I would like 2 step authentication added. Maybe it’s there and I need to look for the setting. I’m sad I lost some saved messages when the message system switched. I have used better bill pay systems before. This one is ok but it’s just clunky for me a bit. Check cashing is superb. Account screen and transfers work great.
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12 months ago, lilbencoop
Bank app
Definitely an improvement with the app in the last couple months . I like the electronic deposit option that is now available. One thing that needs improvement is the time it takes to show an update in our accounts with deposits and purchases.
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3 years ago, ihavebewbz
Concerned for my online banking safety
The link to app support in Apple sends you to a product advertisement page. The app on native or logging in via a web browser doesn’t recognize my credentials and the password reset screen just says “you have entered an incorrect password” when I type in my user name. Since it’s past hours to call—and why should I have to call for something this simple anyway—I’m stuck wondering whether my account has been hacked or if this credit union just doesn’t have my best interest in mind with their log-in experience.
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3 years ago, Badasu2
Better Than Expected
I really appreciate CCU for the high-interest checking; my tech expectations for a credit union app were really pragmatic: can check balance. With this new app I have been able to link outside accounts, open a savings, message with questions and receive quick responses, and the aesthetics are clean and simple. Very happy!
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4 years ago, Wadesh
OMG this app is so bad
The mobile deposit is a joke. Did anyone actually try this feature before releasing??!!! On an iphone it’s nearly impossible to center a check. the orientation by default puts the camera in portrait making it impossible to center the check i had to pull the camera way back to even get the check in frame. No frame guides like nearly every other mobile deposit app in the world. Just the worst. I dont even know how anyone could get a usable check image. If you want a real mobile developer please contact me. I can get CCU pointed to someone who can help. You guys clearly need it.
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6 years ago, review602312
Stuck in the 90’s
Our CU was bought by Consumers CU. Migration was poorly managed as data was misaligned which resulted in a week of no access to accounts in my house. The app is equally underdeveloped and poorly managed. There is no fingerprint login support. It routinely crashes on startup. It disables audio apps which is a very poor development miss. They do not publish feature update timelines. This App and this bank are stuck in the 90’s. Why don’t you switch you ask? We are researching but with our auto bill pay and auto deposits, it requires orchestration I don’t have gone for in my busy schedule. Don’t come to this bank!
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