Conway National Bank-Mobile

1.9 (61)
29.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Conway National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Conway National Bank-Mobile

1.93 out of 5
61 Ratings
3 years ago, Zombiekiller1984
Update Recommended
Hey gang, pretty simple app here but when it doesn’t work, it’s a critical failure. I’ve reset my pin several times now and the app can’t seem to catch up. I can access my account by calling the automated system (ew) but the app is much easier to view pending transactions and perform account transfers etc. and for whatever reason out of my technical know-how, I’m unable to login with my new pin. Not sure if this is a weird glitch that is happening for other users, might be time for a technical update.
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4 years ago, Luis Guerra-Ceron
Won’t access my accounts?
I’d been using the Touch ID thing for a while when it stopped working. I entered my pin and said it couldn’t access my account. Entered another (old pin) and said it was incorrect. Entered my current pin one more time, the app crashed and now when I open it it says “MFA or Parse object: (null), cookie: (null) and theres no way for me to access it anymore.
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7 years ago, MrSkoTA
Major bugs
Edit: After letting it sit and decide if it wanted to work, it finally decided to. TouchID also works and stores credentials. Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Locations are still inaccurate/incomplete. Needs zero stars right now! I would have previously rated 1 just for basic functionality, but now I can't access my account. Not only can I not access my account but the locations for banks is inaccurate. It also doesn't show the location next to McDonalds off 707 and Byapss 17. It also pulls up 4 maps to finally sit on 1 map to pull up locations. Map>Map>Map>Map>inaccurate/incomplete locations. Thanks for adding Touch ID but it also does not work. It doesn't actually register even though it says it does and doesn't store credentials. If you quit the app, you have to put credentials back in.
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3 years ago, Steven Balser
Very unhappy
Have been using touch ID to access account using the app for some time now and all of a sudden I’m getting an error message that says incorrect user ID and pin… How is that even possible with a freaking touch ID?!?!? Now I can access my account information! GRRRR!!!! Zero rhyme or reason and left in complete frustration because I rely on using the app on a daily basis to keep track of my finances and spending!!!!! It’s the weekend so there’s no one available to help…thanks CNB! Thinking about switching banks now
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5 years ago, DR DJ Martin
Amateur app building
Very amateur”ish” app. Starts with an icon which is a bad screenshot with white edges showing. Will I be able to login with my fingerprint this time? Maybe, maybe not. Have to re-download at least once a month or so to reactivate touch entry. I like CNB, I just worry about the security of this app. I wish they would spend a little more for a better application design company. My other apps, credit cards, etc. never have these problems. They are running very far behind other companies as far as technology advances.
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4 years ago, Rascal1960
Great Group ... Would Like To See More
The Conway National Bank is comprised of a great group of people from the top down which is 5 star rated but feel they are behind in the times. I would like to see them come forward to the current day and age of well thought out and working mobile apps and online banking. They also need a branch in the Loris, SC area.
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4 years ago, carolinakats
Wonky App
This app stinks sometimes it works but usually not. Fingerprint access is sketchy. It’s NOT my finger! Onetime should the app won’t even load CNB. I keep everything updated. CNB should really invest in a better app design. What happens when I can’t access my accounts ? I get a feeling that it’s been hacked !
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2 months ago, Rinnie!31
Constant issues
The app constantly crashes. Always during off hours. When you call the bank during hours they always have a attitude about the issues and suggest coming to one of their locations. Makes it extremely inconvenient to even bank with them
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7 years ago, Fatalvision2
Good but could be better.
I'm glad my local bank has a app. The only problem I have is it takes forever to load an account once your logged. Half the time it just quits and "encounters an error"
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10 months ago, Fijrjfijdkekfjvijwmdcodjjd
Always getting declined whether I have money in my account or not, cards are made like complete garbage, you can’t transfer money between YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS after THEIR business hours, app is NEVER in working order, CONSTANTLY crashing and showing incorrect information. Wells Fargo isn’t even this bad.
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5 years ago, Aultenstein
Seldom works right
The app works sometimes, but even when it works, it doesn’t always work right. It consistently throws different errors, fails to log in, or doesn’t display line items for accounts. When it does work, it’s very slow.
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5 years ago, Kathyp29440
App really slow. Most time doesn’t work. I have a brand new phone so I know it’s not that.
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3 years ago, godmanevansgentile
App use
This app is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Hardly ever able to attempt to login without being locked out. Twice this week I had to call the bank to have my account unlocked. No problem logging in from computer.
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4 years ago, pammons248
App won’t even load
They app won’t even load for me anymore. As soon as I click on it the app closes itself. Deleted the app and will just use my web browser. Kinda disappointed that the app won’t work anymore. Was pretty convenient to have it.
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4 months ago, shutt1515
App won’t load… can’t transfer money between accounts after business hours and card is ALWAYS. Getting declined at the worst times and at places I go to all the time!!! Should have stayed with truist!!!
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7 years ago, DickInDixie
Not bad
You get to see what you need to, but it definitely needs some work.
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2 years ago, puravidapal
Best Bank Worst App
Used Conway National before there were apps. Moved away for 30 years. Came back and still no app. Every time I need it, all that I get is the spinning screensaver. Fire whoever is in charge of the IT” department and get someone who is competent.
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4 months ago, Your_Momz
App is not loading
Having issues with loading the app. Stuck at “loading” screen
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4 years ago, joshtyler05
App Icon
For some reason my app icon is messed up and it happened on the last three phones.
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3 years ago, other names are all taken
Won’t keep Face ID
Makes me type in password even when the feature has been enabled. Always have to delete and readd for it to work again. Frustrated.
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2 years ago, pinto1285
Acct crashed 7 days ago still cannot reload the app cannot even get on their web stir Considering closuacct afraid my assets will disappear IT is useless Bill p
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4 years ago, Fitz29511
App is terrible.
The app is terrible and the online banking is terrible. The money this bank is making they need to invest more money into internet banking or they are going to loose customers! Get it together Conway National Bank!
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5 years ago, thecarltodd
Too long to show a deposit
I used the camera deposit function of this app on Sept 5 and it has still not shown up in my account.
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6 years ago, Mycoolmayor
Conway National Bank Phone app
This app refuses to work User name and pass words will not work. The site claims (Account not active). Can only access from home computer
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4 years ago, Bama$$$$4
Touch ID
Have to constantly reinstall to fix the touch id feature...
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5 years ago, Chicago418
Requires re-enrolling in Touch ID Repeatedly
App needs to be refined and should not need to re-enroll in Touch ID.
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6 years ago, Skzbqjshxkd
would be cool to have a feature that would alert you when money was deposited in your account
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4 years ago, Ziggy Zigg
This app is a joke
I love CNB as a bank but this app is the worst. It barely ever works and it looks like it was designed by a 5th grader. CNB please do better...
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5 years ago, djjfidifj
Can’t believe this
Worst bank and worst app ever like I’m so tired of this trash bank
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7 years ago, A Coates
Doesn't work
Will let me log in but when I click on my account to see transactions it won't load and says error. This has happened for months now. Why have the app if I can't use it?
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10 years ago, Tetris Queen
D Orr
So much better than the older app. Log out is better as well. Thanks
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9 years ago, ZirGizzZ
doesnt work
wont let me log in to my account. why release something that doesnt work. Answer me now CNB
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6 years ago, Claytonerock
I haven’t been able to open my accounts in about a week now and it’s Dec 8-2018. Before, when I would open the app, I was able to just use my thumb print and login, no problem! Now when I open it, it freezes before the finger print sign appears beside my login... and stays like that..
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10 years ago, Millie3120
CNB app
CNB is awesome, as always!!
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3 years ago, zxxxbessant
How do I set my mobile banking
I have an opened account with Conway but I don’t know how to set a username and a password online anyhelp
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