Cookie Clickers 2

4.6 (9.3K)
80.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tiny Games
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cookie Clickers 2

4.58 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
1 year ago, cutey pie 🥺
Why I absolutely love this game!
One I have both of the cookie clickers but the first one is kinda better now hear me out cookie clickers 2 is great and all but the cookie has less detail. But with the other one the cookie is much more detailed and you have more options like: the shop, settings, other games, and THE CHOCOLATE MILK like whenever I get the chocolate milk I go crazy with tapping. One time my sister told me to pay a quieter game because all she would hear is tap tap tap and I bet it was getting annoying by that point. So yeah both cookie clickers are amazing in there own ways but you should download both of them it’s FREE so you don’t need to pay a single cent unless you want to by the time warp things then your gonna spend some money but overall cookie clicker 1 and 2 are amazing. Also I’m sorry if your still reading this. You guys should make another game that’s basically about clicking. Anyways thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! Byeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇
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6 years ago, ksbsvsvdkvidv
This is a great game, its one of the best games in my apps. Its just kinda annoying sometimes to the point where I feel like the game is frustrating. Everytime I try to click very fast, I end up accidentally clicking on the get more golden cookies thing. And then accidentally I click on the actual buy the Golden cookies. And then there's just a long loading thing that I don't even want to load because I never intended on buying any golden cookies. Its especially annoying when I get any kind of flavored milk because ill try to click fast because its a short thing. And when I accidentally clicked the golden cookie thing then its so annoying because I'm just watching the time running out on the strawberry milk as the stupid golden cookie thing loads. I'm aware you've already fixed the shop accidental presses but maybe you should make the golden cookie thing unpressable while clicking? Its just so annoying. Also the achievement system. I've been stuck on the same level for over 3 months just because I can't progress until I get one stupid achievement. I've basically finished almost every achievement after this one but it won't let me see what the achievements in the future are so I can't progress at all until I get the most tedious achievement, keep the 4x multiplier for 60 seconds. Please make future achievements visable!
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3 years ago, SoAprilFresh
I enjoy playing this game
First I want to say I do enjoy playing this game. I have been playing for 54 days (I checked) and it’s kept me entertained for the most part. I’m on level 60 and my current base cookies per second or bCpS is 17.3 billion. Currently working on getting the Galactic Cookie Power Up. I gave it 4 stars because the Power Ups and Upgrades need to be reconfigured. As I mentioned before I’m working on getting the Galactic Cookie Power Up which is 20 quadrillion cookies for…wait for it… 100 MILLION CpS which is absolutely ridiculous. The cost of the Power Ups are wayyy too costly when you weigh in the increased CpS. My next Power Click level is 32 and that costs 27+ quadrillion. I have all other upgrades including all the milks, rolling pins and golden cookie rains. I currently have 1,242 golden cookies. It makes zero sense that my bCpS is only in the billions. When I’m actually in the game and clicking with the x2 static CpS or sCpS I can get up to 5-7 trillion sCpS depending on which milk I get. Please reconfigure the Power Ups or add additional ways to raise your bCpS. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing because it seems pretty ridiculous to continue with the game configured as is.
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2 years ago, SNXBXUEOK
Some minor issues
I loved the original cookie clicker as a kid, I remember loving how your cookies would just grow and grow with every upgrade. This game improves upon the first one in many ways. The lucky spin, time warps, and all the special upgrades to your towers and milk are pretty cool. I also like the level system, with the exception of the cookie addiction challenge. The game kind of forces you to watch ads though in order to receive boosts, free spins, extra cookies, etc which are necessary if you want to progress in the game fast. Which I don’t really mind. However some little issues I have are: some ads don’t allow you to exit out, forcing you to close the app and lose your reward, which can be annoying. Also, the reason why I gave the game 3 stars is that it pretty much forces you into paying for time warps if you want to get every upgrade late game. At a certain point, it takes days of waiting to save up for the next item. Even with all the x1000 tower multipliers it takes forever to aquire the last like 10 towers. It’s also kind of ironic because when you have all the x1000 multipliers the later towers won’t be worth the price, because they will cost much more and have less cps.
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2 years ago, Quadspace
Good but a few bad things
I enjoy cookie clicker. Good game. Would’ve been a five star if there weren’t a few things wrong with it. 1. The Achievements: I hate the achievements because the cookie addiction ones are just annoying. I don’t play the game to do these for the most part. I just leave my phone on, open in cookie clicker. Also the cookie addiction ones make me not be able to go up in the levels of achievements. I have a level 75 achievement done and I’m on level 42. This is because I had to do first a 10 hour cookie addiction, a 30 hour cookie addiction, and now a 40 hour cookie addiction. ( im at 30 hours, 5 minutes and I’ve been playing the game for 27 days) 2. The cost of upgrades or power ups. 639+trillion for level 29 power click that makes me get 2.7 billion cookies every time I click if I’m on the 5x multiplyer. 300 trillion for 20 million cps. I would rate a five star, but devs need to balance these a little. ( level 28 power click is 277+ trillion. I think the devs should just multiply the original one and times it by 2.5)
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7 years ago, BlueDicey2012
Very Entertaining and ceases to make me bored
I have enjoyed many games similar to this, but this takes the cake, bacon, cherry on top, and cookie all in one bite. I love that upgrades actually improve your cookie collecting, and not just that, but it allows you to sit there at work in a very slow day, and just keep you entertained. It doesn't have much to do with anything, as most games don't, and my favorite thing would be that it never ends. I am a vet to the cookie clicker series, I have played CC 1 and also have gotten far in CC 2. I said it before, and I will say it again, this game is one of the very few that has kept me entertained since it came out. I highly recommend this, for kids, tots, parents, teens, and even the elderly, just because it is so addicting and very Entertaining. Please try this game I guarded you will enjoy it as I have. I hope that my review has helped to say that this is one of the best time killers out there, and I belongs on top charts. Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, Random Gaming Person
Never gets old. You don’t need to pay money.
I expected this to be a game that you play for two days, and then you either get bored of it or you have to pay money to continue the game successfully. Cookie Clicker was neither of those things. It is so so much fun, and yes, sometimes a time warp is fun and useful, but the game still carries on if you don’t get one. It’s not impossible to get cookies either. I’ve been playing for 6 months and still haven’t gotten bored. I’m used to waking up to 20 minutes of Cookie Clicker every day. I usually delete games about two months after I get them, since I never use them, but I’ve never had the desire to delete this app. Buy this app!
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5 years ago, Joeexample
Good but has a few issues.
I enjoy the game for the most part except the achievement system and a few annoying bugs. The achievements themselves are fine but the fact you have to complete one before you can unlock others is very prohibitive. I have an achievement that needs 10h of play time (on screen not background) which is very frustrating because this game is a good set and forget type, I don’t intend to sit and play it for hours at a time. I do however have a few achievements after this compete but am unable to retrieve their reward due to not have the prior one. Also the hit detection on golden cookie and the cookie snitch are insanely finicky. I do not know how many times I have tapped a golden cookie or snitch for it to simply keep moving. Most notoriously is while clicking the cookie the snitches very often will fly only on the cookie and be unclickable due to the game thinking you’re just trying to tap for a cookie instead.
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6 months ago, jay handsome guy
Cookie Addiction needs to go 👎
I am a game developer myself, so I understand the need to keep people playing for longer, but going from 10 hours to 30 hours required to progress is pretty dramatic. It should be 10,20,30. I’m at a point where I can’t progress anything unless I just leave my phone on for 20 hours which is unreasonable, and has caused me to play way less. You should add enough tasks between these enormous requirements so that time can be spent actually progressing towards something rather than just eating for the timer to hit 0. Once I saw this requirement, I almost deleted the app. But it is a good game so I’ll keep it. But yeah it is gonna be a long time before I’m able to do anything else in the game, since you can’t pay to skip a task or do anything but just wait, so the game is currently not very fun. Reading the other reviews, most people who have made it as far as I have agree on this.
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4 years ago, chrisgmr2
Good but something needs to be better...
Hello! This game is awesome but there is some stuff I wanna talk about... most like if the achievements you could do all the achievements at once but you have to complete the one your on to get to the next one! Can you (devs) make the game better to? Also, random adds pop up on my screen while playing, the game when I tap the cookie my phone starts to fall of and makes it harder to tap (that’s a me problem) possible if there ANYTHING you can do with this game and make it very very cool, and also the is fun to play but why do we pay money to stop adds? When you buy (possible) no adds when you get cookie snitch then it says to watch a add for a reward, y watch even if you have no adds! This is completely not fun watching adds for rewards! Pls do all the things here I have wrote and pls make the game better. (I waste my time just to do this!)
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6 years ago, CoolSquad74 (go follow me)
so awesome! major flaws
i didn’t know which would happen first, my fingers would fall off or my phone would overheat and blow up! but although this game is very addicting and highly worth 5 stars, i must give it 4. there are some major flaws. for example, i have had this game for only about 2 days and my mom has continuously told me to get off. but i can’t. it is really starting to effect my schoolwork. and it is not as good as the old cookie clickers. when you add new stuff it makes people not want to play it bc they are so intent on achievements that they don’t wanna click the cookie (hint: COOKIE CLICKERS don’t wanna CLICK the COOKIE!) they just buy upgrades so they don’t have to click it. if u could fix this(make it more fun to click the cookie) that would be cool. also i have some ideas for an update. maybe we could pick the kind of cookie. i know this doesn’t go for many people. but i don’t like chocolate chip cookies. anyways thanks. really love this game!
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4 years ago, DevilDragon123
Bug/Annoying Feature
I would give this game a five star review, but there’s an annoying problem with the sound. If you don’t want any noise coming from the game then you would go into the settings of the game and turn the sound off. When you try to do that in this game, there are still sounds when you’re tapping something. I like to listen to music when I’m playing games so this is pretty annoying to me. I don’t want to have to listen to a sound whenever I do something. It’s especially annoying since this game is an incremental clicker game. If this is a bug, I’d greatly appreciate it if you (the devs) fixed it and I would be more than happy to change my review to five stars. If it’s intentional, it would be nice if you (the devs) could add another setting to turn it off. Thank you if you (the devs) read this and did something.
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7 years ago, DubstepzFTW
Addictive game, bad gaming system
This game is fun and very addicting, but it has 1 major flaw. The achievement/progression system. Don't get me wrong, this game is very fun and I've played it for over 10 hours since I got it. But here's the thing. As you unlock more achievements, they get very annoying to get. For example, I'm stuck on achievement 38. I have the next 5 achievements already unlocked (you can see if you complete future achievements in later levels), but to complete level 38 you need to have the game open for 30 hours. Real life hours. I do not have that kind of time to put into a game. And the thing that frustrates me is that you can't progress in the achievements until you complete the previous one. Please fix this. Other than that the game is great but since it's a very big, and mostly the main part of the game, I have to give it 3 stars. Would recommend downloading
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3 years ago, Tmaxxman33
Not fun like the original online version
This one is full of ads, does not run or allow you to click in the background and is just as boring and a waste of time as you would have originally thought clicking one big cookie would be. They also require you to like their social media pages to progress through the achievements (which ain’t gonna happen for me...) my nephew (7) started playing “this” game on the computer and I thought it was silly at first and then got rather drawn in by the math and strategy as a light hearted time filler for a few minutes a day. (I’ve now been “managing his cookie business” for over a week...) I thought this app would be cool on my phone instead of it hogging up CPU power on the computer and having the risk of losing all your “progress” if the computer crashes or restarts. But, it’s not the same, and not worth it, in my opinion, which is all you read the reviews for, right?
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2 years ago, football receiver 29
Could add some things
The game is really fun and addicting. I like how it keeps you entertained throughout the day. And it also is fun to discover new things. But it could improve something’s like I feel like you should have the choice on whether or not to get into that little bracket thing where it tells you your place or whatever. And if there is a button, please make It more visible. I also think that when you exit out of the game and come back like and hour later you should get like maybe offline earnings(just a suggestion). And another addition could be where you can buy things to put on your cookies (example: sprinkle,chocolate,etc) and gives you multipliers. But the game is good overall, keep up the good work(:
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5 years ago, crazy for turtles😝
Good game but a little annoying please read developer
Ok so I played cookie clicker on the computer and saw this on my phone I was super exited to get cookie clicker 2 since I already played the first one I got the app played it and thought it was good but when I got to level 10 I could not find the cos booster tv and looked everywhere for it maybe you could make the game easier for the player to find things I am still on level 10 looking everywhere for it if you do read this developer can you please tell me where it is but instead of that I think it is a great game and I did look online but still could not find if could please tell me I will still keep looking but it’s a very addictive game I really think so but because I could not find that I gave it four stars
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1 year ago, xBombTheCrusher
An In-Depth Review
I’ve played this game as well as the first for years now. I can safely say… it’s not worth it. Since my review is being written for this game, I’ll only talk about this game, though this also applies to the first. Game progression is horrible. In the beginning, the game progresses ok, but later on everything just scales badly. The upgrades will take you days to get and they don’t even contribute much to your CPS once you buy them. Not only that, but some of the upgrade are poorly made. There’s golden cookie upgrades that increases upgrade CPS by 100x or 1000x, but those just don’t work well since they just give you a burst of cookies and… you’re back to a cookie starve. Overall, the upgrades beed a serious rework. But what’s worse than the upgrades? The quests. Some of the quests are fine, but others are awful, for example the cookie addiction quests (clicking the cookie for a total of 50 hrs, 70 hrs, and longer) and the ones where you have to watch ads. Yeah, they make you watch ads to finish certain levels. Those quests are awful and should never be required to progress. In 7 years, I’ve only clicked for around 53 hrs and watched 150 ads before I decided it was enough. Should you play this game? No. Until the game receives a complete rework, I just can’t recommend it.
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2 years ago, MiaHoli
Fun but familiar
The game is very fun and addicting. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because one eventually I’ll just be sitting watching my Cookie count go up. I also only gave it 3 Stars because this in the previous cookie clickers feel very familiar to a PC game were you click A cookie until you have enough cookie cash to buy upgrades. Yeah this is totally not a cookie clicker rip off. This is a cookie clicker rip off. The only reason people get tricked into playing this game is because it’s called cookie clickers. And not cookie clicker(insert very long title here). The first cookie clickers was even more of a rip off of CookieClicker. But even though this one does a better job at hiding the fact it’s a rip off of a PC game. It still can’t convince me this isn’t a rip off of the PC game. Cookie clicker
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4 years ago, DawnFireFox🦊
Great game! Been playing since it came out
Now I’m not really the person who writes reviews, but I wanted to make a reply about how the developers did a great (And a great effort at creating this!) So really I basically been playing when I was like 6-7 and I’m 10 and still playing ever since the first one came out! I’m mean, I have played other cookie clicker games similar to your, but it just doesn’t feel the same when I play a different game that’s not yours. So, I’m really proud of you guys (And women, If any) at making a really fantastic game, I bet it took a lot of effort to make this game, So thanks for the great game guys 😊 This reply was made by: DawnFireFox🦊
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6 years ago, CoyAmbas
Spam All Day!
So I was wondering, why it was didn’t you want me to a friend or you want can I eat a 🍪? Well, this app rounded me up then wanted me to spam. Spamming is a good thing for me. I play on iPad and I spam really fast. :) So.... I need your help. Can you add some Cookie Games so everybody else can have a good time! Thank you! Also, it also made me wanna play this game because there is cookies. LOTS of it. Cookies are very 😋 because there is a minor problem. Could you add maybe the next update with Orange Milk? You have never added it to the game. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 This is for your review, and thank you for your deliciousness. One more thing. Always remember my Orange Milk! 😂 Oh right! redBit made this game! Thank you.
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6 years ago, Doesn't work with pe
Great game until new update (bottom of review)
I would gladly rate this game 5 stars, for its a great addictive game! The only problem I have is that on mission #20, you have to watch 20 videos. This is okay, but can be extremely annoying. When you tap the video play button over and over to play one video, it will play one and say video not available. Therefore the ad that was watched does not count towards the total of 20 videos? (Added->) loved this 5 star worthy game! But with the new update for iPhone X, I can’t play cookie clicker 2 on my iPad mini 2. The software is compatible. Please fix this glitch. The game just freezes when I go on and quits. I wasn’t able to play for 2 days, but sometimes I can go on.
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5 years ago, Crit Review
Could’ve been 5 stars
Oh... only what could’ve been. I downloaded this game bc I remember playing the first one years ago, it didn’t have any ads or where you can buy stupid golden cookies. I loved the game because it was a time waster and the nostalgia which is why I gave this a 5 instead of 4. I always use two fingers two fingers instead of one bc it’s way faster, and I accidentally click my finger on an ad that I don’t care about or I hit the golden cookies or I hit the “👍🏻🐤” (but instead of a 🐤 it’s the Twitter symbol) or I hit the give your review button. It should’ve been a 4 but since I adore the first game so much. Really annoying please fix!
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1 year ago, sooooooooooooo cute
When I first downloaded it I got really addicted and played for 2 hours and it’s really cool I also downloaded clicker 1 also amazing and I’ve been gone for a little while and then when I came back there was new updates! And I tried it it was so cool! One of the updates are like:when you click faster you go on the leaderboard and it’s so fun to see all the people that All the people that are playing this game! It’s also like candy rush that road\trail it’s cool you can earn awards and more and there is good reviews at the top and I want to be one so cool!
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5 years ago, #Team_ROBLOX
Little glitches.
I like everything about this game BUT the fact when there is a event, there ALWAYS is a glitch. It won’t let me participate in the event for 1 whole day. Then the next day I only get to do it for a hour. It is really weird, please fix this devs. Also, I don’t like how you put the ads at the bottom, it causes me to be unable to click the cookie. Not only are the ads in the way, all of the other things are in the way also. I suggest adding a setting so you can make all of those invisible and disabled. All of this would make it a 10 star, but unfortunately there is no 10 star. Please take time to read this. Thank you, if you are reading this.
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3 years ago, leopard2394
Kept closing
I would turn my phone off for a couple of hours wit the app on then when I would try to go back on the app it would kick me app out. This happened to me yesterday so I just deleted the app and everything was fixed. Then it happened again. Over all I really enjoy playing this game and give it a good review I just wish I could actually play the game without having to kept deleting it, then downloading it again. So I would like it to be fixed so I could kept playing and for others in the future with the same problem so they could have an enjoyable experience playing it.
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4 years ago, Drew the Joe
Good App- Minor Problem
I think this is a great app, definitely a step up from the original. I love the levels and the achievements you need to get. However, the problem that I have is, “Watch (#) Videos”. My main problem is there are never any ads available, as a result these challenges end up taking forever and is usually the main reason on why I forget about this app on my phone. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if i could just watch like 10 ads in a row, but it’s not like that. I understand the developer is just trying to make money with these challenges, but it would be better if the videos were more available.
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6 years ago, Rottenweiler
Horrible tournament feature
This game may have one of the worst tournament features I’ve ever encountered. The tournament for one is 90 hours long and the rewards are ridiculously sucky. Reach the top 10 percent in 90 hours and you get a 3 hour cps boost. This is the exact same thing as the boosts you get from the snitch. I got over 10 hours of boost time from the snitch just playing the tournament. Top 15 percent is 15 golden cookies. I caught like 200 of those in less than 90 hours, a lot less than 90 hours. Give away a bunch of spins or 5 or 6 time warps or something to make the tournament at least feel like an achievement. As is it’s just horrible. The game is addictive for what it is though.
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3 years ago, pokeswap
Consistently won’t give me my cookies
Almost every time I open CC2, I wait for my offline production to be added to my current total, yet it very rarely is. Most often, it tells me offline production is only available with an active internet connection. Let me ask you this: how can an advertisement load correctly without an active internet connection? How can I play the video and receive the reward yet STILL not have received my cookies? It’s quite obvious where the developer’s priorities lie. It only matters that they make their money through the ads. They don’t care if a major function of their game is broken. Now, maybe some will think the advertisement was loaded last time or there was another method to load it. That is NOT the case. Other functions, such as lucky spin and the free golden cookie dozer, which also require internet connectivity, work fine. The app just refuses to give me my earned cookies. I see the devs haven’t updated in close to a year to fix any bugs or possibly improve the app, so I don’t know if they’ll even read this. Seven hours in, don’t know if I’ll make it another hour if I can’t get my cookies. Very disappointed.
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6 months ago, Jcg112014
Cookie clicker is awesome
I can't stop playing cookie clicker, it's awesome and all I have to do is click and I get so many cookies! I can't go 1 day without cookie clicker! It's amazing and deserves 5 stars and this game is so addictive! Who wouldn't like cookie clicker? I work so hard just for cookies, so many cookies and auto clickers and bakers, so many cookies every day! I cannot stop clicking, and all I'm doing is just making cookies! I love the game and it needs to be part of my childhood, avoiding cookie clicker is so hard! I cannot stop playing it, it's just so 🅒🅞🅞🅛 and I just absolutely love it!
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1 year ago, Fizz234p
An Absolute Masterpiece
This game is honestly one of the best games on a phone, I’ve been looking for a game to play when I get bored, go out somewhere and overall just when I’m doing something and I don’t want to use a conventional computer or console. This game fits the bill perfectly, it’s fun to actually grind this game when I’m bored. It doesn’t feel like those games where you grind and feel no progression, this game I actually feel good when I reach a milestone. Overall 10/10, but cookie clicker is king 👑👑👑
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2 years ago, Johnnyreb79
Good game👍 but 𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕞. The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.
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4 years ago, judah em t
Cool but some achievements...
I love this game. I play it literally all the time! There is just a few things I don’t like that much. Some achievements are too hard like have 10 hours of cookie addiction, that is way too long I completed many many achievements after that and already almost unlocked the proto cookie. The reward is 100,000,000 cookies, give me like 3 seconds and I have that. Also keep the milk at 4x for a minute is way too hard. The milk probability is way too low I haven’t got a single banana milk in the last 15 times. Maybe make mint 30% banana 20% blueberry 10% and strawberry 5%. But overall this game is so fun and never gets old!!
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7 years ago, Albert Fink
Only one problem
The game is fun the only problem is half the time I try to do a video to boost my score or get a golden cookie the ad plays but the screen turns black and doesn't work after the ad is done. The only way to fix it is to close the app and reopen it and try again. This causes another problem which is when it's a golden snitch because I can only get that bonus from the snitch once each time I click it. So if I could get 3 free spins I watch the video and the ad plays, crashes and I lose the free spins. It could just be my phone but it just makes the experience more annoying to me.
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6 years ago, Cohen_Jacob
Good game but it’s very annoying. You NEED golden cookies if you want to get far and when it does the cookie rain I will click on all of them and it usually only gives me 1 or 2 even though I should have gotten them all. And the cookie snitch does the same. I just had an experience where I clicked on it every time before it moved and it never registered and eventually left. Probably some type of scam this app has to prevent us from getting to many golden cookies so we have to buy some. UPDATE: One of the missions is to spend 2 hours of CPS in the time machine and the only way to do that is to spend 24 gold cookies. Yes, this app is a scam. UPDATE 2: watching an add to get 3 free spins and it crashed, but of course it didn’t crash until I finished watching it and I still didn’t get the spins.
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5 years ago, Aidan Staubs
So Fun!!
This is honestly one of the funnest games I’ve ever played on a mobile device. The game is very addicting and it just keeps you occupied for a long time. I love it especially when I’m ethir waiting at a doctors office, bored at home, or in class when I have free time etc. This game just never ends and keeps you occupied for a long time. The only complaint is that sometimes the cookie dozer button is a little hard to press like it won’t work but that could just be my phone but nevertheless this is a great game and you should really try it.
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4 years ago, TaraHardy83
Good game!....ish.
So, the game is good, addicting but I would of given this a 5 Star rating but there is 3 bugs / annoying features 1. If I click with like 4 fingers, it sends me out of the app 2.Quests. Really? In a clicker game? And you need to finish those quests to unlock certain features! 3. In the “Cookie Dozer” It’s really hard to GAIN more Gold Cookies Unlike The lucky spinner thing where u CAN LITERALLY GET 250 GOLDEN COOKIES ON THE FIRST TRY. Now, It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include some reasons it’s GOOD Now Here we go. 1. Very Addicting 2. C o o k i e s 3. Nice Graphics 4. Time Machine can help if u wanna get cookies faster. 5. G o l d e n . C o o k i e s 6.Simple ( ish ) Plot, Mk that’s it. I really have nothing else to say, So.. K Bye!
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7 years ago, Squeakurs
Advertisement Simulator 2017
These kinds of games have always been cash grabs, but in exchange for being addicting and largely entertaining. This game is no exception. Unfortunately this game introduces a leveling system which has absurdly large roadblocks halting progress requiring you to watch very large numbers of advertisements (80 videos or more fairly early on) and others locked behind high golden cookie costs, the premium currency for this game. The worst part is this persists even after "disabling ads" through making a purchase. You may say "but muh development costs" or "muh revenue". Right you are, Ken, but when I spend more time watching ads in order to "play" the game than actually playing the game there is an issue especially in a world of low data caps. I'd gladly drop a few bucks or more to dodge that junk. Additionally the game scrolls fake reviews along the top of the screen with the assurance that if your review is 5 stars, it will show up for everybody! Except it doesn't. It is bait to artificially inflate ratings for the game which based on the reviews has evidently worked. If you want a good tap game my recommendation is to look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, TotallyGay
So I see some people rating this game 1 Star simply because they think it is pay to win. While that is an option to do you can get far without buying golden cookies. I have gotten a total of 4789 golden cookies and haven’t spent a dime. I have all the milk flavors and I have the 10 golden cookie rain. I currently have a 26 hour cookie addiction. I have also seen some people complaining about how hard the achievements are. While I agree that some are tedious they are not impossible. Overall I love this game and I see no flaws in it. 5 Stars
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5 years ago, The cookie evolution.
The Return Of The Cookies
So after the first cookie clickers I thought it ended. all of us thought it ended but it turns out we were wrong and thanks to the help of you creators and makers of the first game you decided to make a second one with better graphics and more style gameplay than the previous one thank you all for this amazing game it’s been a pleasure and this is been very addicting. I and in a lot of players are wanting more so yeah I hope we see Cookie Clickers 3 in the future and I hope it will Be On Stores
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2 years ago, Num1zero
Frustrating Levels
I started out loving the game and I love the achievement aspect of unlocking each level. But whoever decided that having an addiction with the app being open being a huge requirement on these levels just sucked the fun out of the game. I got to level 38 and it requires you to actively play for 30 hours!!! Ugg fine. At one point I plugged my phone in and turned off my screen time out just to have it stay on. I finally got to 30 hours and the reward for that level was 3 auto clicks?! Really…. I had already previously completed the challenges for 39, 40, and 41 so it showed me my rewards. So, 42 will be the next unfinished challenge. I open it it up and what do I see?! Have the app open for another 10 hours!?! Wait, what?!?! Come on. I am at a point right now where the gains are so small and actual clicking is worthless. It’s pretty much mining golden cookies at this point. If there is an update to fill in the gaps later and adjust these levels then I’ll give it another try but at this point I am too irritated to keep at it.
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5 years ago, DestroyingNoobler
Every single time I get the chocolate milk the CookieLand messes me up by popping up so I have to leave it and then it pops up again and then again and the timer is almost done, it is very annoying can you please make it that it doesn’t interrupt you while clicking. It really is annoying that you got to wait 300 second or 5 minutes, the CookieLand isn’t really annoying just remove it, or, don’t make it pop up, instead of making it pop up just say something like Quest complete or something like that. The cookie snitch is also very annoying, while I’m pressing it appears and then I accidentally click on it then I click watch ad then I click on the ad and it sends me to the AppStore! Can you please delete the cookie snitch it’s really annoying
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9 months ago, lillyanmae
I have seen a few others mention being stuck on certain levels. My game has glitched and the TV (which should sit next to the CPS) is no where to be found. I’ve tried deleting, disconnecting FB, achieving and unlocking more stuff, watching ads. It’s not there. I can’t progress, and I don’t want to restart in fear the same thing will happen again. Either make it possible for folks to skip levels by completing the next level requirements or fix the glitches. Otherwise, this is a solid game. I just can’t see how they could mess that up. Could it even be my internet if it’s happening to a bunch of other people?
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1 year ago, Game Connoisseur Mystic Muffin
Monumental Endowment to Society
This game is a game of all time. When you click the cookie an ecstasy of thrill surges through your veins. When you purchase an upgrade an exuberant pleasure washes over you. When the golden cookies begin to coalesce in your bank you rejoice as a king, igniting your passion for all that is beautiful; numbers souring into inconceivable quantities, cookies gathering incessantly. This is not a game for the weak and the vulgar — all who play will open their eyes to refinement. This game is peak perfection and a divine gift. It is not a game. It is life
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9 months ago, 152maggie
The best game in the world🤩🤩
This is simply the best game of the world, because it's super addicting, and the good, and not even a single cent using for it, the game, this cost a single cent, not even one, unless you're gonna buy one of those things in the shop, but after all, it's the best game in the world, I love this morning, Minecraft Roblox. Every single game is no chance that that one of those games or all of them combined is better than this. This game is the best game in the world, thank you
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5 years ago, JetGold2017
I think the game would be bettor
if when you used the time michchine it would skip how much time you put in and it would skip time four the lucky games. Four example if you only put one golden 🍪 it would skip 5 min four the 🍪doses and lucky spin but if your time machine was upgraded it would only take 1gold🍪 four 10min. I just think however much time you put in the time machine it would be cool to skip time for the lucky games. Sorry four the long review😁
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9 months ago, CommandBlockGuru
Website is better, no offline playing
Game is fine, you click the cookie, fun. But after you get a little further it starts getting really slow, which would be fine if you got cookies while it was turned off like on the website but nope, you can only earn cookies while the game is on So basically, you either just click and buy the upgrades to get more cps or just sit there clicking the screen every once in a while so your phone doesn’t shut off. The game is ok, I just wish there was more to do then click or wait
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4 years ago, IFN TRICERATOPS
Good, but still didn’t pick up some of the good stuff from the first one
It is a really fun game, but I don’t think they understood what made the first one good. In the first game, if you click a bunch, over time there would be a giant rain of golden cookies. But this one doesn’t have that. And it doesn’t have the production x 10 thing either. But this one is still good because it added more things, and it takes longer to get really good at it unlike the first one, but because of that you still will have the game for a while and enjoy it.
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3 years ago, topple hater
Great but level system...
For one, this game is amazing, I've had so much fun clicking the cookies but theres one major flaw. Level 35. Just, why. Why is the keep the x4 multiplier for 60 seconds on it? I've been stuck here for so long, and I just want to get to later levels. Other than that, this is an amazing game. Hopefully the CC2 developers are reading this. What do I think should be changed about it? Make it somewhere around 15-30 seconds. One minute is too long to be in such an early level.
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1 year ago, Anonymous22222222222222222222
Worst than first game
I’m gonna summarize this since my first comment glitched and didn't send so first: It’s just a copy of the first game just with quests to make upgrading process easier. 2: quests are too tedious, i just wish they could’ve made it like a pop-up menu on the top of your screen or something i don’t wanna have to go to the quest land thing, come back to the cookie, go back to check the quest, then go back to the cookie to finish it, then go back to quest land to claim the quest please make it easier. 3: all upgrades and shop and settings menu same, please make something different such as upgrades.
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6 months ago, Kelael
Must be able to tap very quickly.
There are two major drawbacks with this game for me. The first is you have to purchase and upgrade offline production, and it’s not cheap. The second is many of the ‘quests’ are linked to tapping very quickly for an extended period of time, which is uncomfortable for me, (nerve issues,) and there’s no way around them. I understand it’s a clicker game, but it’s not just the number of times you tap, it’s the speed. Typically these games just require you to tap so many times, and I can do that, eventually. Add to that the cookie snitch darting in your way and golden cookies falling.
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