Cookie Clickers

4.2 (4.1K)
121.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tiny Games
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cookie Clickers

4.25 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Mmmmmmeeeeemmmmeeee
Cookie addict.
This game is like trouble: it’s easy to get into but hard to get out of. You shouldn’t play this if you get addicting to things easily: you will be playing it every single day. And all you have to do is to click the cookie. Simple, right? Wrong. There is so many upgrades, so many power ups, etc, etc that it’s not simple. It’s a complex game that hooks you to towards it’s sweet, crispy, yet simple exterior, but it’s interior is a complex network of different things. This game is a cookie. You see it, it looks crispy, simple, and sweet. You bite into it and be amazed. Everything a cookie could have inside it is inside it, peanuts, M&Ms, pecans, almonds, chocolate chips, and many more. You suddenly can’t stop biting into now under further inspection, the endless cookie. You go over layers and layers of it’s goodness, soft and chewy, yet somehow crispy too. It’s starting to become a very unhealthy craving, and you try to stop. But to your luck you cannot, you’re hooked to see the end of the cookie. And if there even is an end is debatable. See what I mean?
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3 years ago, xXConnor4RealXx
Love the game but needs a update
My friend loves to play cookie clicker two but there’s just a bunch of stuff you got to do. So I just don’t wanna deal with THAT!I’ll get this I love to play with my friends and my friend that loves it sometimes I invite him over here to my house in like three times he’s been playing the game then he runs in the house saying COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And shove his iPad in my face and I told him not to stop but he won’t anyway enough about my friend this app is just amazing but everything is so expensive like I have to watch an ad just to get like 2 billion cookies and I think that’s not really worth it I mean since I bought the cookie virus like 10,000 times and I cost us a couple trillion cookies and I don’t wanna give me a couple cookies and helps me out a little so please get rid of the virus cookie look I’m in 17 place in like the best players in like one of the worlds out there and cookies clicker and I just think that the game is really lag since I do have a really old iPadAnd then I am clicking clicking so fast that I end up buying like nine time raps and then at least a lot of my account money so please make it so you can keep more control over your iPad or iPhone or whatever you’re playing on still great game bye!!
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2 years ago, Juliet Espino
A review
Ok so I had this game for 3 days and I am addicted I usually play in my spare time and the daily rewards and the fact you can get more cookies just by a video is amazing. I like this game tho I want a auto clicker that’s like extremely over powered so the way there are clickers going up. I really liked the fact about the reviews on the top and this funny this happened so I was playing minding my own business about the reviews the I saw a review and it mentioned the power click and I went to my shop to get more auto clicks but I saw the power clicker so I was like it got mentioned and it was just there right after i ended up admiring it but I didn’t touch it that this is expensive even tho I am almost up to 500,000 so i really never got the auto clicker instead i admired the power clicker then I ended up leaving the shop and kept on clicking this game is amazing tho there’s only a little adds like I hope whoever is reading this gets this game and appreciates it tho don’t use it to much or you might just get an addiction well this is the end of my review but anyways bye have a great day/afternoon/evening/night bye !
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5 years ago, MyJobisTakingCareofMyKids101
Me and my two children absolutely looooooove this game. It’s family friendly and super fun. My youngest daughter always likes to play with her eyes closed and her Iphone1 off. One thing I would change is that I would make the invisibility mode a little bit easier to find because every time I look at their phone I can’t find the app on it though I know that they play it because I read some articles that say all the cool kids are playing cookie clickers. I know my kids are cool because my son has straight A’s and has won the spelling bee for the past five years. My daughter also has straight A’s and has tons of friends. Her best friend she said is named Hermione. So if anyone know Hermione Granger please tell her that my daughter really is glad that your her friend. Next I’d have to say that I would like it if the game was just a little more family friendly. My baby plays it sometimes and now she’s having tantrums. There could be no other explanation of how she learned to cry other than cookie clickers. I hope that the person who made Cookie Clickers will take my ideas to heart. Salutations as all the kids are saying.
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4 months ago, rtyhvghth
I love this game a lot ever sense my cousins brought up the name cookie clicker, one day my cousin said “ want to play cookie clicker?” I said “ sure…. But one question?” My cousin said “ what?” I said “what is cookie clicker?” My cousin said “ you don’t know what cookie clicker is!” I said “ no idea “ my cousin said “ I’ll show you it” she grabs her moms computer gets the password in and then she looks up cookie clicker she was at 30,000 cookies not that much and she said “ this is cookie clicker and you click on the cookie, ok easy right, I’m going to assign you a job look for a floating cookie ok!” And so I was looking around for a floating cookie around the screen that I didn’t know what do to with. 2 days later I come back to her house and there was a big surprise she was at 33m cookies… and what made her want to get over a million cookies is this thing because it said that her café ( her café is named no creeps allowed it’s kinda weird right lol ) anyways it said the no creeps allowed café wouldn’t make 2 million cookies in a life time she proved that wrong in 2 days she obviously addicted. Anyways thank you for reading this and bye bye
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4 years ago, Heyyyyyyy Supppp
I have an idea...
I really hope the makers of this game sees this because I would LOVE it if this was added to the game. I think that we should be able to get rid of and get your cookies back when you accidentally buy a power up. Me personally like to keep everything, except the auto clickers, at my favorite number 13. But one time I had 13 grandmas and I accidentally bought 2 more, and it gave me OCD and I had to delete the game and get it back. And another thing is sad is when I had a perfect full circle of auto clickers and I got a free one on the daily log in and I’m like “NOOOOOO!!!” And now I have to buy like 34 more to get it perfect again. I really hope this is in the next update!! Please!!😭
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2 months ago, xXvinicityXx
4 and a half stars
Ik I rated this 5 stars but idk how to rate it 4 and a half stars, anyway this game is very addicting and I love it though it can be annoying sometimes when you lose all your golden cookies and can’t get upgrades but I got used to it, this game is more recommended for the people who have lots of time or almost no time at all, let me explain. This game is good for people who have lots of time because they can just grind all day since it’s so addicting, it also good for people who have almost no time at all because of the constant upgrades you get everyday and also the feature that you get cookies offline as well, so overall it’s a good time waster for people who have time and just a fun game in general for people who don’t really have much time.
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6 months ago, Swagmaster1216
Why did they rework the numbers for this game
This game used to be very satisfying and it wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t hard to obtain a high cookie per second count. However, ever since they reworked the number of cookies per second it basically lowered mine in half and that is just ridiculous. I have been playing this game for 6 years now and all my hard work has gone down the drain. I don’t think it is right for this change to affect the work I have done throughout the years. It also does not help that there are a million ads and microtransactions that frankly seem very predatory to me. I implore people to not play this game anymore because they basically made it impossible to rank up and get a high cookie per second count. Moreover, they completely ruined the golden cookie shower and you can not even use golden cookies to purchase upgrades. It’s complete nonsense to me and they should have just kept the game the way it was. DO NOT GET THIS GAME.
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2 years ago, jsbananaba
Im in college- owned it since middle school
I remember around 7th grade my friend told our friend group about this game and it slowly spread out to our entire school. At one point in time, the majority of students were walking around tapping on their cookie screens trying to achieve that sweet chocolate milk booster. It died out the next year as most trends do, but I never deleted it. I threw it in the back of my screen slides and would check on it every couple months or so. After about a year of not checking it, I just returned. It inspired me to write this review and I hope that to anyone who is thinking about getting this game, you may find it might stick the rest of your life with you. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Imagine 77
Golden cookies
Could we get more in game use for golden cookies. I.e (time warps, chocolate milk, auto-clicker, double cps) while I believe the game is at a good pace, I believe adding more golden cookie use will give the player more incentive to play the game and strive to get more cookies. While making it more competitive in the leaderboard. I have noticed that to get higher in the leaderboard is pay-to-win. I believe adding some features that you can pay with golden cookies, would eliminate some of the pay-to-win placement in the leaderboard. While the only way to get higher placement is to play, I believe to the players who don’t have a whole lot of time to leave their phone running it would benefit them.
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9 months ago, Yuri the sun goddess
I love the game but…
So I just started the game but then it suddenly said loading saved data and then now I have a god like amount of cookies. I’ve never played this game in my life, I just downloaded it because it looked like the cookie clicker game that I used to play when I was younger on a computer. I’m worried that somebody else’s saved data was somehow appearing in my game and that they have lost it all due to a glitch or something. I also have no idea what to do now because it skipped me through the tutorial and everything. I am ever so sorry to the person who’s game I may have stole, I hope that one day I can give it back to you.
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12 months ago, LoneRaptor193
Amazing game
When I started playing this game, I was amazed on how they actually knew how many clicks I was doing usually no games. No how many clicks I’m usually doing. I’m not saying that it’s absolutely amazing. When I started, I was amazed by the graphics it was like I was actually telling people how many cookies I was going to bake by taps. This game is all the addicting, and I could play it all day every day like I played it before bed, on the way to school, on field trips, before bed, in the morning, and when I’m driving to somewhere or with my parents. This game has amazing graphics, and I recommend playing this so much. Have fun.
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4 years ago, the cat king. meow
Cookie crush!!
There should be a candy crush like mode but it’s called cookie crush and there are different types of cookie and you try to win and when you do you get some cookies and you should add it to both cookie clicker games and you should add more mini games to get cookies. I know your probably not gonna add it but it’s worth a shots. Oh and with the cookie crush part you have deferent cookies and you get a row or line of three or more it does what it does in candy crush and there are deferent cookies like oatmeal, sugar, etc
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1 year ago, Go follow fishstickeater911
Best cookie game I’ve ever played on my phone
You just click no it has Chaco mode and you can upgrade it but you can buy stuff from the store like cursors and granny’s and you can’t stop playing not just that but you shouldn’t play this game if you get addicted easy because you will be on this game every day and you won’t be able to stop because I was just clicking and then I realized it also had points for how long you have played every day and when I saw that I played every day like you wouldn’t believe so ya this game is pure fun so no you should get it
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2 years ago, ig&snap@rjhopkins2015
Good game!
I love cookie clicker. But you guys MAJORLY scammed me out of an ad. The two times per second for 15 minutes is fake guys! I make 50 million per second with OUT the boost, but after i watched the ad and got my 2x i saw i was only making 43 million, i watched an ad that said it would increase what i make and it lied and dropped 7 million!!!!! IF YOU GUYS WANT TO MAKE MORE WHEN YOU PLAY REJECT THE 2X AT ALL COST!!! You will lose way more than it says you earn. I make now normally, i make 5 million per second, it only gives me 2 million max every time i have the boost. Very very very disappointed with the app and not very happy with it. If it was really a boost id make 10 m without chocolate milk since i make 5m a second and WITH chocolate milk id make 100m a second instead of 50m DONT WASTE YOUR 30 seconds the boost is not worth it false advertisement
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Cookie Crazy!
This is awesome! I was scrolling through the App Store, bored to death but then I saw this game! I got interested and downloaded the game and it fixed all of my problems. It was a fun experience and it was quite addicting. I just hope everyone finds the best part of cookie clicker, it always lets you have fun! I don’t have any issues with this game. I love that this game has cookies as it’s currency. Developers, if you are reading this and you respond I hope it’s a good response. I probably won’t see the response because I’ll be playing CookieClicker.
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2 years ago, Parent342013
I love this!
Hello! I just got this game 15 minutes ago and it’s already awesome! My friend will luv dis game cuz she likes clicking stuff! It makes me want cookies and I wishI could jump into the game and eat them all! Very addictive! I think there should be a power up we’re a giant cookie covers up the entire screen for 4 seconds and you click the giant cookie to double the amount of the cookies your clickers give you! And there should be a thing u can buy with cookies and it is an oven that gives you 10 cookies every 20 seconds. This is a great game! *claps for creators*
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2 months ago, Sillydog2013
This changed my life
Cookie Clicker is an incredibly addicting and satisfying game appeals to our primal desire for constant progression optimization. The simple mechanics of clicking a cookie to earn more cookies can be surprisingly engaging and relaxing. The game's humorous and charming presentation, along with its endless upgrades and achievements, provide sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that keeps players coming back for more. It's a game that allows you to set your own goals and play at your own pace, making it a truly unique and enjoyable experience for many players.
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1 year ago, TheC00Kie Monster IV
A True Addicting Cookie Clicking Machine
This game is one of my favorite classic games on the App Store if not my FAVORITE. I started this game a year ago but I didn’t really get it and I needed more storage so I deleted it. But now I have more storage and downloaded it again after these months. I started and just starting clicking and clicking, and buying upgrades like Auto Click and GrandMa. I kept unlocking newer and newer things and I got hyped so played more and more. I am trying to become a Cookie God! EVERYONE, TAP COOKIES!!! oh and cookies are also really yummy
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2 years ago, hickle fam
Listen,I’ve never heard of it until I was on call with my best friend.I was playing cookie run kingdom,I said a got an ancient,she said ‘on cookie clicker?’ I was like what?So I immediately went to the App Store,Some people will say ‘why 3 stars?’ I’m not the best at clicking….but that’s not the point,the reason I gave it 3 stars is because. 1.My thumb hurts after a minute,maybe if I wasn’t clicking so fast tho…. 2.Too much upgrades and power ups for me to focus,while I’m trying to click the cookie the upgrades and power ups have plans for me 3.Needs some work,I get addicted to games that aren’t boring,half the games I have are mobile and don’t play any of them lol,I just don’t see the fun on clicking a cookie for hours 4.UPDATESSSSS,it’s a really good game could be better……. 5! Overall a AMAZING game,great job creators,maybe I’ll think about rating a 5 when I feel like it deserves it GREAT/AMAZING/WELL DONE game! Y’all are going far in the future,blow off! Ghost,
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5 years ago, JustSomeKid3
One of the most addictive and best games!
When I first saw this game didn’t think much of it played it but didn’t get it, but then I saw all these power ups and upgrades and personally I love games with these types of things! So now my friends and I challenge each other by seeing who can achieve the most cookies and it’s a blast! Though wish there were more updates adding new stuff like power ups like how about for 4th of July you color coat the cookie red, white, and blue? I don’t know just live this game keep it up!
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1 year ago, jics2468
Didn’t receive the prize for finishing in the top 1%
The game is fun but I didn’t receive the prize for finishing in the top 1%. Am I supposed to open the app when it’s close to being finished for the week to receive them? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. This is the second time I didn't receive the prize for finishing in the top 1%. Is there something I'm not doing right for them to be added on when the week is finished? Thank you.
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3 years ago, aristongamer2
Somehow Fun
When I first started, (2-3 years ago,) I was a little confused at first on why this exists. But after realizing I can upgrade my clicks per second, and can get on leaderboards, I started to think that this game is fun. As somebody who likes to click on something a lot, (example: pen or mouse,) I got addicted really quickly. I started clicking until I got to the top 50 on my place. In conclusion, I would say overall that it is an addicting game that you can use on your free time.
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3 years ago, KBkittygirly
Yummy abd addicting game
i have not stoped playing since i got it... now i realize im the cookie monster 🤷‍♀️my fingers are achy, i tap on my desk non stop and still bite my fingers. bruh i sall another review that said dont get this if you can get hooked on stuff easily but i got i anyway.....😳 they are right though, every review i see has about 4 or 5 star, see what we mean? i almost deleted this game because when i go to sleep i dream of eating a endless cookie and crave it. im sorry for the inconvinence of the review.
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8 months ago, onlyfans!
Just why?
Why does this game have updates? It’s the original and it is FAR less popular than the second one. Not to mention the updates to the upgrades and chests has completely ruined the game for me. Add updates to Cookie Clickers 2 a game that people actually play and enjoy. Oh and if you do (which you probably never will) don’t ruin the game like you did with this one! If I could give 0 stars I would. Typical studio that makes money and doesn’t do anything with it to improve their game or pay attention to their player base or what’s right in front of their eyes. DONT download this game, you are far better off downloading Cookie Clickers 2!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, happy king 12345
So much fun way better than cookie clicker two
It’s very fun it’s relaxing and it’s just fun to just tap the cookie and it looks so cool especially with like the detail the bottom of the milk and stuff it’s so cool it deserves five stars it’s really fun I don’t know why 100 people don’t play this is a really good game should be like 1 million people who Play this game because it’s so fun and it deserves so many people it’s so fun I just can’t believe how fun it is it’s relaxing to
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3 years ago, Gon_Gameplays0204
Awesome game!👍🏻😁😁
This is a really fun game. I personally like it. Yes, I won’t deny it is addicting but I find enjoyment in it!🤣😁 The first time I played it my grandmother freaked out because I was just clicking rapidly. She thought I was going insane.😂🤣 She grabbed my phone and was like “Mija! Are you okay?!” I busted out laughing explaining to her that I was playing this game and she seemed interested in it so I kept telling her more about the game next thing you know she freaking downloaded it now we just play together☺️😂😂
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2 years ago, thepro64
I have been playing this game since 2020 and it is such a great game! I’m glad your updating your game again. One thing you could add to the game is a max power click. This is basically for 1 and 2. So basically, I want there to be no limit to power click level so you can keep progressing. The other thing is to add more powerups like cookie legend for 5,000,000,000,000,000 (5 quadrillion) cookies with a cps boost of let’s say 1 or 2 trillion but add a couple more powerups. Thanks for reading this!
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2 years ago, o Roski
Caution very addicting
I love tiny games for making this game. I just started playing this game yesterday. It’s so cool that it shows you how far away you’re from the top 10%. And when you’re in the top 10% it shows you how far away you are from the top 3% I’m currently in the top 10% that’s gonna change soon. And again I love tiny games you should download it. And I am 100% sure you should download it
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3 years ago, fon1teman_t
I love this game!!
I am currently 8 years old. I LOVE this game. It’s so addicting, Alot of people are saying this game needs updates. I really don’t think it does. I used to play this a long time ago. ITS ORIGINAL. I think this game is perfect, It never gets old because how addicting it is. And I have a little hack for the new people that are about to download it. You can use all of your fingers except for your thumb. I hope that helps you!
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6 months ago, I’d make some changes
Sorry but the game isn’t that fun
This game is very good and I know how hard it is to make a game, but the upgrades in the game are getting way to expensive and it’s way to hard to buy stuff so the game made me buy something else like the grandma instead of the curser. You may think that it’s not a big deal, but I like maxing out the first upgrade and then maxing out the second one. I’m sorry I just like when everything is in order, but the game is actually the game is very fun and I recommend it to people that like clickers.
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6 years ago, Cunnrcunrfumr
Great game and all, but I do think the developers can fix a couplelittle things to help make the game better. 1) You should have an option of deleting offers that the game gives you, just the offers RedBit games make not the sponsored games and crap. 2) There should be a stop for 15 minutes after you played this game 8 hours straight. Now this might sound crazy, but like I am gonna have health issues after officially saying: “I’m done with this game.” I play this game up to 10 hours a day and is losing sleep. The chocolate rush thing is designed to make you say:”Just one more!” Not quite sure if this should be added in and it’s just my problem, or there are other addicted people playing this. Thank you for reading this and have a good day. Hope you add these changes as they won’t take so much time.
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11 months ago, HyperionIX
Broken Save System?
I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m playing this game, but the game apparently loaded up a saved game state where I was making hundreds of billions of CPS (280+b CPS). Then, ten minutes later, it loaded up another saved game state where I had 325 million cookies in the bank and 0.1 CPS… not sure what’s going on over here, maybe I played this game 10 years ago or something but it’s weird that the save states keep changing around. Game is nice though, gives a throwback to the old flash player cookie clicker games.
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1 year ago, Whorlmarsh26122
I like cookie clicker, but it’s not like the OG. It’s a great game and all, but I do like the original better, just because you can see everything at once, and it IS more addicting then this one. To be honest, it is a very good game, but it doesn’t give you clicks while your away like some people say, even if it on that page and you turn it of unlike other games. But it is great and highly recommended it.
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7 months ago, EclipseDaWolf
Click click click
Sooooooooooooooo this is my story I started this game yesterday because i was looking for an idle game to cure my boredom. I found it. This game is amazing and addicting, with rare ads (yes I can spell). Its super fun, and motivates me to play more and more. Honestly, whenever im feeling bad or sick, I turn here. It’s (my cat is on me I cant thinkkkk) entertaining and takes my mind off things. My fingers now go at the speed of 100 mph lol.
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2 years ago, PanteraFan922
And the best game of the year goes to…COOKIE CLICKER!
It’s not JUST a cookie clicking simulator, but a cookie eating mission where you can become the C O O K I E G O D . It has good mechanics, more that any other clicker game that i can think of! The only problem is the ads, there are too many! If you decrease the number of ads by at least 20% I’ll be happier! I love the game, and it has golden cookies, a cps counter, a cookie multiplier, chocolate milk, AND MORE!!! Download cookie clicker for cookie clicking MADNESS! Have a great day, too! :)
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4 years ago, poopsome$$7896
Hi I have fond a hack what you have to do is slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top and then you hit the lock button and then you have to turn off your iPhone all the way and then you have to wait 10 minutes then you have to turn your phone on and there you have it so many cccccccccccccooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
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7 months ago, J eazy 123zey
It is………………ok
The reason I say this is because well it is fun for the first day it is crazy and exciting but after a day or two you lose that brand new affect and then you realize well I guess I’m just playing a game where I click a cookie the only thing that will stay exciting is the fact that they have a leader board that you are crazy about beating but overall good game great game🫶🏾✌️👍🏾
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2 years ago, god why?
Amazing game!
I got addicted after 2 minutes it’s stupid but so addicting and fun! Idk how it’s addicting but it truly is so when I’m bored I play this it’s amazing, fun, and gives your fingers a workout! So it’s really helping you and it’s fun? I didn’t think there could be a game like this but there is! And it really is stupid all you do is tap a cookie but addicting sometimes stupid games can be so addicting
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9 months ago, Peet8
This game is soo good I just got it yesterday and have been playing it constantly but when I read the reviews I came across one where it saved game and to quote they got a “godly amount of cookies” I brushed it of but today when I entered the same thing happened to me I have trillions of unclaimed cookies I tried to delete and re-enter the game but same and I don’t know what to do
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1 year ago, ghbvcfgbcxfhjjg
Omg this game is awesome
I just got this game but it’s addicting and fun even tho my friends say “it’s boring all you do is click a big cookie” I think it’s fun and I don’t care what people say about this game it’s fun pls download if you see this you might write a review to that is 5 stars! If you bored pretend we’re gone for 3 hours at an arcade bored when you get back? Go see how many cookies you got!!!
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6 years ago, This makes me want cookies
I mean it when I say this
This game is so amazing and addicting that MAYBE PERHAPS it could help with drug addiction cause they'd be playing this so much and also you guys deserve five stars (10 if possible) cause it's awesome. That simple. Is amacing (amazing). The only thing is that I wish it was more like the Orteil Cookie Clicker with no -s because if you were to combine the two, that would make it even better than it already is.
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1 year ago, DudeBestApps
If you read this
This game is really fun and addicting and for that I give it 5 stars! The only thing is I make like 70 cookies per click but I make like 12 billion cookies a week. The reason is because for the powers (like power click, offline production, and golden cookies) you need cards but they are super hard to get! Please remove the cards and make it so powerups just cost golden cookies.
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2 years ago, bhdsjnidsnids
Having trouble with ads?
No problem this game has less ads it’s so great I’ve been playing this game for a hour it’s so addicting🤩 it can almost distract others but I just love this game it’s like a clicking simulator but requires no ads. Even tho it has a lot of useful features and it’s easy to play, it’s abilitys makes a lot of clicks. Hope you like the game!
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1 year ago, Newplayer17
Cookie clickers is a very fun game for some people, it is pretty simple to play, and if you are like me and gets addicted to things easily then this will be your favorite game, it is SO addicting to play and it is good to make your tapping faster. (Also if you are a parent and your child gets addicted easily then use this so they don’t bother you) this is a fun game to play I recommend.
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A Cookie Monster
This game, as the title states, is a monster. And one that I am incredibly addicted to anyway “Cookie Clickers” is kind of like a drug, easy to access, really addictive, and nearly impossible to get off of. But despite all of that, I still love this d*mn game, maybe it is because I am a dumb kid, maybe it’s because of something to do with my subconscious, but no matter what it is this game is still great.
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2 years ago, fun time livey
I totally recommend to everyone , if you like clicking games because you’re are going to be attached to this incredible game! It is so addicting and I’ve only had it for like 5 days! It’s really amazing and you should believe me! Try it out cause it’s great! I can’t stop playing! But I do have one request…. Could you add a more *powerful* 🫠 clicker? Thanks!
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4 years ago, fbgRVFRGBRGBfhbgh
I can’t stop playing
I downloaded this game after watching my brother play. The second I clicked download my life has changed. I started of small with few clicks per second but I craved to succeed. Soon I’m at a million cookies. Then 100 million. At this point I can’t stop. I will never stop. I won’t stop until I get cookie god. Even then I can’t stop. I will go beyond cookie god. I will become a cookie god.
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6 months ago, Bee_King
One of my favorite games
This game is one of those games that you don’t have to really do anything if you’re busy doing something because of their afk grinding system. The game also doesn’t have that many ads you only get ads if you watch for cookies. Either way, this game is one of the best games a person can get
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2 years ago, Sub 2 Pewdiepie69 (YT btw)
Cookie Clicker. Cookie Clicker. Cookie Clicker.
It’s an addiction, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to click cookies. I can’t get good grades in math anymore. I won’t come out of my room to talk to my loved ones because I live and breathe cookies. Every day, every second I think about cookie clicker. I can’t stop. The voices. I avoid social connection now, because I think about cookie clicker so much.
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