Cookie Jam: Match 3 Games

4.7 (451.7K)
256.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jam City, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cookie Jam: Match 3 Games

4.72 out of 5
451.7K Ratings
2 years ago, theavester21
A Sweet Taste Of Victory
I really love and enjoy this game so much. I love the different shapes and colors of all the cookies. What I really love about this game is that I love cookies. I also like all the different characters in this game. I even love the different worlds made of all different kinds of candies, fruits, and desserts. It reminds me of Willy Wonka’s “Candy Land.” This game is DEFINITELY a five star rate. I mean, come on, how can anyone not love this game? Everybody loves cookies! The only problem I have with this game is that I wish you could watch free ads to continue on playing when you run out of moves like the one I have for “Juice Jam.” So could you PLEASE add that option to this game app, so that others can have a chance of beating one level to another, especially on harder ones? That would be REALLY great. Another problem that I have been noticing is that every time I try to watch a video ad for boosters after running out of moves in each level, for some reason the game app keeps crashing on me. Sometimes some video ads will keep playing, but on most of them it keeps crashing on me and it is very annoying which REALLY drives me nuts. It even happens when I have the option to watch a free video ad to play on when I run out of moves in a level. It started this year like four months ago. So could you also PLEASE help fixing that issue for me? Other than that, I still love this game app.
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5 years ago, dornliweg
Fun but loaded with software errors
I have been playing this game for a long time and just am so addicted to it but the software is always plagued with errors. Right now I am not able to spin the wheel even though my internet is working fine. Many times it says I have a free amount of time and then after another try it will tell me I am out of lives. If you buy anything help it has gotten way over priced. The .99 went to 1.99 which is double and not right since you only get an additional five moves for such a high cost. Also when you win some extra time, say two hours. If you leave the game you loose it. Who has time to play the game for two hours. The click should stop when you leave the game and start where you left off when you come back in. I have written to the developer many times concerning functions not working and they are zero help. Wish someone who really cares about the players would run this game or they should get software people to make sure all the bugs are out if it. I do not mind paying sometimes but you should get ten tries for the increased price. Very frustrated right now that the wheel will not work.
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2 years ago, rosavicious
Really fun...but buggy
I thought the game had enormous potential especially since, when compared to virtually every other game in the app store, the developers didn't super saturate every five minutes of game play with ad after ad. Also, the game was pretty much exactly like the ad which was surprisingly refreshing. However, I had to install the app three times before it would even open and then if I minimized the game to answer the phone, etc. the app would randomly close...thus destroying any hope of winning a level on the first try. The final straw was when I got to a board that had four types of pieces with varying numbers that had to be collected to clear the level. I noticed that the board only had four of a certain non replicable weird piece of green candy when I needed five of that kind to win the level. I easily cleared all of the four types of pieces, except for the one piece that was never there, and had plenty of moves short, the board was not winnable because I was supposed to gather that one more static piece that simply wasn't ever on the board. It was fun to play, albeit extremely unchallenging and I had hoped it would not be the buggy nightmare that other reviewers had indicated. But, it was and, reluctantly, I deleted the app. If for some strange reason the developers read this then do yourselves a favor and fix the's a cute game...
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4 years ago, rdpaulsen1
I’m a cookie jam addit!
HELP!! I have a serious problem! I’m addicted to Cookie Jam!!! I really like playing this game. It’s fun, relaxing, frustrating, keeps you thinking and searching, and very addictive. I’ve been playing for a couple of years and have times when I’m trying to get past a level, I have to force myself to stop playing. Now, the reason for the 4 (because we can’t do half stars) review...... I don’t know what’s up but for about the last couple of months there have been some glitches that have really been very frustrating. 1) After playing for a long period of time the game will freeze between levels or level replays, the screen will go black, and won’t let you go any further causing you to have to exit out of the app and restart your iPad to be able to play anymore. 2) Again, after a long playing period, the bonus plays and bonus items that we get at random times aren’t able to be used because the required ads don’t pop up when the bonus icon is clicked causing you to end that round and begin a new round. Hopefully these things can be fixed.
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10 months ago, Cedgehammer
They listened to us.
Edit to say thank you for bringing back the option to pick the pet! Most of the changes I disliked are merely cosmetic now and playing is just as relaxing and enjoyable as it was before the update. Thank you for listening to the reviews! Five stars. I loved this game. I’m on level 6235 and have been playing for years. They just updated it and everything looks different. These are just some of the initial things I’ve noticed that I don’t like: *You can’t zoom in or out on the cute islands and see them in their entirety anymore. *The screen no longer adjusts to landscape mode but has annoying bars on the side and the game board is smaller. *You can no longer pick which pet you want to choose to help you in the level, it is decided for you. It was bad enough when you took away the pet clothing feature that we spent gold coins on. But this is almost enough to make me delete the game I have had and enjoyed for over 8 years.
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2 years ago, SwtDa
This game cheats!
I’ve played this up to level 500, and in my research, this game has specific rules to make this impossible, it will actively spawn cookies that will help you as little as possible, the pets only target the most powerful of objects, not the most broke, which can really mess it up. In the first 100 levels I have gotten 1st try, but every level takes about 7 tries each afterward! The bingo event is partially rigged to help you, but that’s it. The transactions change as well, and a ripoff! In some levels, the offers change from infinite hearts for 2 hours, and a bunch of power ups, to a rainbow cake and a spoon. I can get those in 10 minutes for free. This charges 6.99! The obstacles are also incredibly hard, like the brownies and the pretzels. Even the daily spin is rigged! I once hit the jackpot of 50 coins, and it gave me a different, worse reward! This game expects you to already have every power up constantly, or else you won’t get anywhere. The worse part is, if you even TRY to get extra rewards by watching ads, the game will crash, and you won’t get the reward! This happened EXACTLY when the levels got rigged, which is something… TL;DR this game expects you to be omnipotent or you won’t win.
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4 years ago, Hudiehans
My favorite game!
‼️November 2020- the fixed the below issue, thank you!! There are other issues, but if you contact support they work with you! ***March 15, 2016- revision- I do LOVE THIS GAME, one of my favorites!!! But.... New update and, it won't let me paste a picture to show you. I sat and moved all the colors around, made fun patterns, sorted them by colors, racked up a ton of points, and it didn't take down any of my lives. But it also didn't take out any of the waffles. So I finally had to quit. Obviously a glitch. developers have updated and gotten greedy because in-app purchases are now triple the price!!! Couldn't figure out why I'd pay $4.99, for 135 coins, use 25 and they'd be asking for more and more money. They were sneaking in new "fun" surprises". CRAP! Not worth the extra spoon. Let me have the coins that I paid for. I'm disappointed.... Love this game and would give it 5 stars, but they bug you every single time you sign in, asking if they can post to your Facebook. Enough already. I told you NO once, stop bugging me. Also, I've literally spent hundreds of dollars on coins and you really don't get any discount for buying more. I've been playing for at least 6 months and only twice have seen "sales" on coins. They need more incentive to buy coins and STOP bugging me about Facebook!!!!
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3 years ago, WVU1992
Enjoy the game....but maybe all good things should come to an end
Clearly I enjoy this game. I play everyday. In fact, I left candy crush in the dust years ago because it was a far better game at the time. However, I’m tired of being charged for coins to continue my continuous day streak because I don’t log on by some ambiguous time you’ve programmed on the backend. I don’t know how many times I’ve logged on to play and the wheel is blacked out with the error, “sever is currently unavailable”. You know what the means? It means that your time on the app is not registered, and if you don’t remember to play later in the day you lose continuous play status. I’ve never made any in-app purchases, and I feel this is a way to rob people of the all the free coins they once earned by completing the cookie walk (the removal of this as one of the rewards is awful and shows what you you really think of us that continue to support the game) . I’ve reached out to customer support and they aren’t interested in resolving the issue. Maybe it’s time to think of this game as a bad cable company and just cut the cord and delete it.
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3 years ago, PICOBOY BIRDY
Too many glitches!
I have been playing this game for several years now and it is one of my very favorites. However there are so many problems with it that I am ready to give up. As other players have explained, you do not get earned rewards at all times, the screen will lock up when certain ads are run. As of this morning, after the European version of the fat burning add, I have been locked out with a black screen 5 times within 2 hours. I have continued to give feedback to the support team and until last week, they have been extremely helpful and responsive. They state that they believe it is my iPad that is the problem and strongly urged me to use iPhone, which I will not do because of the screen size. I suggested that if they thought that this was a device problem, they should take a few minutes to read the reviews left by other players experiencing the same problems. After my comments, they ended the discussion with no response! After I use all of my freebies, I sadly will be deleting one of my favorite games. It’s too bad the developers no longer seem to care about resolving the many glitches in their game!!
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4 years ago, 10/30/1960
Many glitches
I’ve been playing this game on and off for a couple of years. Lately I can’t even get into the game. Since the beginning of July 2020 I haven’t been able to get on to even get my daily free spin and that means I’ve lost any streak I may have had. Back to square one because I refuse to pay for something I have no control over (and even if I would I can’t get on!) I’m in the process of deleting the game and adding it back and I’m afraid I’ve lost any progress, boosters I’ve accumulated. I’d love to be able to send you a screen grab of when I tried to log on where half the pictures is white. When I try to get on it just closes and I try over to get the same results. If I lost everything I will delete the game and never return. There are plenty of these types of games. Update: down loaded new game and I thought it might work. It looked good but when it asked to send notifications I clicked “don’t allow” the game closed on me. Retried and got the half white (where it has the game title Cookie Jam) and again closed on me while loading. Looks like I’ll be taking this game off my playlist. I’ll wait a day or two to see if I get any response from support - but I truly doubt it!
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2 years ago, Prozacookies
I play a lot of match 3 type games, & this one is just not very good. It is loaded with long, tedious ads you have to watch constantly and software issues. It crashes randomly. It says you can watch an ad for a free booster after you lose a level, but after you watch the entire long, unskippable ad you don’t actually receive anything at all. Most games of this type take into the hundreds or even thousands of levels for the levels to become a miserable, frustrating slog that take tons of tries to accomplish, but this game is already like that by levels 60/70. Level 54 was as absolute nightmare because it was set up so badly that every time you moved a piece, you would literally have to wait two or three minutes while the pieces fell, one by one, into there spots, for every single move. That alone almost made me almost delete the game, but now that I’m watching dozens of ads, being prompted to buy something every other second, & taking endless attempts to pass even one level (with more ads and purchase prompts in between) I’m well and truly done.
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3 years ago, Queen.Diva
Pastries and pets galore!
I rarely write reviews for games, mostly because I don’t play them long enough to be bothered. They either bore me (less than engaging gameplay) or annoy me (multiple ads every 2 minutes). This game is free and has no ads, and I love the graphics (adorable pastries and animals)! The rounds get harder but not “I think the creators made it this hard so I’ll be forced to buy coins” hard. It doesn’t leave me suspicious and frustrated. I also love the quizzes on the side quests (learning while having fun, heck yeah!) and the fact that even if I don’t complete a round on the first try I don’t lose all the items I’ve already won. I usually delete games after a couple hours of playing (I only download when I’m trying to pass time like when waiting to board a flight), but I’m keeping this. Thank you for a wonderful game!
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3 years ago, mauigrandma
Great game but...
What I do not love about this game is the headers that stay up a long time telling me what I’ll win or whatever. I don’t even read them just get annoyed that they appear so long. I have limited time to play and that wastes my time. Also, I can play several times in short bursts during a day but for some reason I get where I have to go back to day 1 for not playing but I was playing two or three hours prior. Doesn’t make sense to me and I lose the ability to gain a spoon or whatever. Very frustrating. I play every night while watching TV and first thing in the morning while having my coffee yet the game thinks I missed a day. Very frustrating. But, this is the only game I play so I must like it or I wouldn’t have been playing it to over 9,000 level. I’ve played for at least 6 years.
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6 years ago, Shadowslayer93
GREAT GAME ...but has an issue
I really like this game and have played it for a long time. I didn’t give it 5 stars, because every once in a while, the game will set me back a few levels and I have replay them. When you enter that level, you can see that you have already played it and earned stars. You have to enter that level, then wit that level, and leave the app completely. When you go back in, the game will advance past the level you’ve already played. If the game set you back several levels, you have to go through these steps for each level you’ve already played and earned stars. I did contact support, but my response was that they are sorry that I lost progress and to sign into Facebook and they could fix my progress. I don’t play games through Facebook. Also this has happened numerous times, so I think it needs more than just fixing my progress... I think it may be a bug.
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6 years ago, Girlierider
Latest Update Caused Glitch
I’ve played this game for years and I’ve been really impressed with the new changes that allow players more opportunities to win coins and boosters without spending actual money. However, the latest update has created a glitch that moves me back a level or two and makes me replay and beat it, even though it shows the number of stars I earned the first time I beat it, and I can’t progress on without replaying and beating the level again. This has happened four times since the update yesterday and it’s incredibly frustrating and it discourages me from playing the game. Why would I keep replaying the same levels after I’ve already beat them? Especially when they weren’t particularly fun levels to begin with...? Also, the game use to add a new set of levels every Tuesday and Thursday. Now, it seems to only be once a week. It doesn’t take a full week to beat twenty levels, so the game just sits unplayed for the majority of the week while I wait for more levels to be added. I wish the developers would go back to adding new levels twice a week.
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6 months ago, Ldypooh73
Great game
It is a great game. I enjoy playing it. But like right now it says a new update fresh out of the oven and I can’t get the update when I click it, it goes to the App Store and it says open and I click on it and still nothing. So I don’t know what it up. I hope yall fix some bugs in this game. Or I will probably stop playing it until it is fixed. It is like being on a team I click to get lives and it stays on 4 for weeks and I can’t even get those so I stopped albeit on a team. It frustrates me I have been playing this game for years now and it is now having big problems. But I love this game it helps my anxiety a lot. But the problems it is having is frustrating big time. Sorry for complaining but jeez. Thanks Tammy a loyal player level 3,500 snd something not sure the exact level.
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2 years ago, Not worthier
Cookie Jam
LAsplaying the game! One thing I can't stand is if I have one game left it will kick me out and will loose the game it's frustrating.....give as youhints on some of the harder games. Also play on kicks me out and have to start all over. I understand the game progressively gets harder but come on give hints. It cheats!! The new up date doesn't let me play with my friends. There is no way to get new lives! Just get the game fixed or take it off the market! It is the most enraging game ever played! How is it possible to get a level down to one left on the board in different places mind you, and you run out of moves more than once? The amount of moves has dropped from 30 to 25. One problem is fixed and there are more than before. The help animals are useless. Do I make myself clear?
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4 years ago, bullmtnmom
I’ve been playing this game and original cookie jam for a very long time. As far as the games themselves they are entertaining and enjoyable way to wile away the hours. However there are several things that are just annoying as hell. After an emotional, exhausting day of traveling to the city for drs. Appt. I didn’t log on to play so I lost my accumulated log on days, this after years of never missing days. Next I have flat had it with the wheel. I have yet to get what I attempt to stop the wheel at because wheel is loaded, weighted whatever you wish to call it and it also doesn’t appear for play if it’s earlier then your previous days log onto game. Really not fair and very annoying. Wheel should always be available not controlled by games internal clock. I understand point of games are to make $$ however retired and on limited income. Have made it pretty far without spending a dime so not about to start now! Please fix the previous mentioned matters...I am so close to deleting both my games.
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1 year ago, Gina4888
Update is garbage!!!!
I have been playing this game probably since it came out years ago I forgot how long!! They take things away and Now this New update I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! You are forcing me to use certain dogs for each level when I like to pick my character!!!! NOPE THAT IS GONE!!! I had 19 CAKES NOW IT SAYS I HAVE 1…. HOW DO YOU GO FROM HAVING 19 to 1 ?? WHEN I HAVEN’T USED ANY!!!??? The cookie walks use to come quite frequently now once and a great while!!! AND HOW DO YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO PASS 5 LEVELS ON 1 GUY!!!???? WHEN YOU MAKE THEM REALLY HARD!!! I mean I don’t want them extremely easy but they shouldn’t be Extremely hard to where you can’t get pass level 3!!!! And they give you all these crap chocolate things to use when they should be giving things you can actually use!!! Like the spoons, rolling pins, the squeeze things, and the gloves!!!! I’m about ready to delete cookie jam!! I just don’t find it fun anymore especially with the New changes!!!! AND WHAT HAPPEN TO THE SPRAY CANS!!???? THE RED N WHITE ONES YOU COULD SPRAY 5 THINGS N THEY BROKE!??? GONE!!!
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6 years ago, Natalie RI
More than a game for me
This game beside it being addictive and competitive hold a lot of emotions for me... it’s a game that I started playing with my dad... a thing that would keeps us connected daily as we raced from on level to the next and when I ran out of lives I then got my Mother hooked and oh boy!!!! This game became her favorite of all she would call me to give her lives like all the time, she got all her neighbors hooked so they could feed her lives.... my parents and I started playing this game for 6+ years, 4 years ago I moved away with my husband and he also became addicted.... I kind of stopped playing for a while after my mother passed away.... but playing it just reminds me of here constantly.... 😢❤️ so yeah. Back to rating the game! It awesome, keep your mind busy, if used properly can be a great family game!
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6 years ago, Peppyd
Overall pretty good
I really like the game except it seems to drop the game a lot. Especially when I am winning. The game spin is very slow and so is the gathering of the tiles that are correct. Please fix it so while people are playing the game doesn't drop. There have been times when I wanted to delete the game it was so frustrating. Some of the levels are extremely hard and take quite awhile to win. 5 times is not enough and winning coins is very hard, especially when it takes 25 to continue playing for 5 more turns. Not worth it. The above was written months ago-still no solution-makes you wonder why. I loose the connection constantly especially when I'm leveling up. Winning coins and help us ridiculous. I play a lot of games and Cookie jam is the worst. You ask for reviews but fix nothing or respond to things players want to make the game better.
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6 years ago, jayeburney
Used to be Great But not Anymore
I’ve Been playing cookie jam for several years now I’m at level 2902. Recently the screen started freezing and I have to close the game out and restart it continues to do this the last three weeks or so. Finally a real out of the game and I had lost all their unlimited lives that I had 40 some hours worth I lost all my lives I was sent from my friends. I keep sending requests for help to cookie jam developers and they do nothing they don’t even respond back I spent maybe $100 on this game and I’m all done with it it’s frustrating it is to be fun but now I see how the deck stacked against you when it’s so irritating now you can’t play for more than a couple hours and then it fades out and freezes you have to close out the game. Really frustrating!
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7 years ago, Vic1-1
Won't sync with other devices
The game is fun, and yes almost addicting, (if you get addicted to games), but the problem is syncing across iPhone and iPad. It just won't do it. Developers help is like talking to a robot, over and over the same "solution" which does not work, then the next day when you tell them it doesn't work you get another response which is to do the same thing they had to do the day before. Does not work. Logging into Facebook will not sync this game. If you want to play it just get used to playing it on one device, which is a bummer, thus worth only one star for me! I was asked to update my review, so one month later I will and no it still does not sync across iPhone and iPad there for my first review still stands. I would give zero stars if able
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8 months ago, Game playera
All of the above
I’ve been playing this game since it started, years ago… My problem is that besides all the negative comments, errors in the game, etc, etc, they force you to pay (buy), if you don’t purchase you won’t pass levels, I play very well without having to pay, passing 10-15 levels daily, winning contest, etc, etc, all of a sudden they blocked few of them and gave me nothing but super hard levels that are almost impossible to pass without purchase. I wrote to the Developer and the response was: Everyone is entitled to win and it should be equal to other players. Not true, the reason is that I’m not spending my money. They won’t do anything to fix it but to make it harder and more expensive, therefore I had no choice but to Delete the game. There are other better and less expensive games out there and also more professional Developers as well. Good luck with this game.
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1 year ago, MINESTRONE67
Been playing this for years
I like it; for me is an easy and entertaining way to fill in some time when needed; I do have to say that I’m not fond of the recent update. I do like that the images are larger and the colors are vibrant but I not a fan of not being able to pick which item to play with I want anymore. For example, on the previous version, the player had the option of choosing the birds, chocolate or wafers. Now that option is gone, and my personal opinion is that it takes away from allowing the player to have that choice when the app makes it for you on a game that it’s already predetermined by the algorithm. I’ll keep on playing but not as drawn to it as much . Bring back that option please.
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4 months ago, Indigo Washington
Really love this game but….
I truly t really love this game! I have been playing for years and started over many times and this time I’m on level 3739. The recent update with the new breakers and the bombs is so upsetting. I hate it!!!! This game used to be about complexity and meticulousness but the new breakers don’t allow you as much detail in the outcomes of your moves and honestly doesn’t fit the brand that this version of the game has been with for years. That type of feature might go better on cookie jam blast. I too, don’t like that you can’t zoom in and out on the islands anymore. Please restore the original aesthetic and delete the new breakers. Everything else, I always love. But this type of change was off brand for the game and visually unappealing; it makes me not even want to play anymore.
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3 years ago, starriebirds
Please fix the event price is right. 😞🙏
Hi guys I’m aleena ! I loved playing cookie jam daily and something to look forward to daily. Lately since the recent updates I’m having problems I never had in cookie jam with the price is right event. This makes me sad 😞. I’m not getting plinko even if I win on the first try. I’m not sure what to do but I installed and uninstalled couple of times and still the event won’t show up. Please fix this and please try to update the again so I can play my favorite game again and I want to play and win the rewards bundle when the timer expires and earn my rewards for playing. Without cookie jam there’s no other games such as this and few others. I feel drained and something is missing if cookie jam isn’t around.
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4 years ago, MusicFan62
Used to be Great
Been playing this game for years. Has always been my favorite until the last update around July 4. Wouldn't load on iPads for awhile. Now that's fixed, but the lag time from when you swipe a piece until the game responds is torturous! No problem with any other games or apps but this one. Fix the lag issue & I'll change my rating back to 5 stars. For now, disappointed. Update 9/7/20: there have been a number of updates since the one that broke this game for the iPad. Kept hoping the iPad problems would be addressed and fixed, but nope. Although I appreciate that the developers did at least respond, they want to treat it like device instability, or to contact them. I'm a busy working person & am not willing to spend my time trying to make it work. You broke it, you fix it. Sadly, my rating has now gone down to zero stars and I'm deleting my favorite game. Will check back from time to time to see if other reviews indicate it's playable on the iPad again, but until then, adios.
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6 years ago, Bubba2396
Game gets stuck then just goes off
I love Cookie Jam but I have been experiencing several problems with just this game. When I make a match the tiles seems to get stuck. Also sometimes I will be playing and the game goes off in mid game and I have to log back onto the game and I have lost my credit and didn't even finish the game. If I try to watch the video for five more moves sometimes it will show the video and then goes off. When I log back on I did not get my free moves. Sometimes it doesn't show the video and then goes off. This is becoming so frustrating that I am thinking about deleting this game. I have gotten pretty high up in the game and I don't think I would want to start over. I want to rate this game a 5 but with all these issues I can't.
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6 years ago, MamaLaura5+10+?
Cookie Jam
I’ve been playing this game for years now and it is hands down my absolute favorite game! Many wonderful changes have been made and I continue to enjoy it. It is very relaxing! If there were anything I could change about it, it would be the amount of gold bars (25) to continue playing when you’re running out of moves, and I would find a way to earn gold bars easier without purchasing them. Other games only charge 9 bars for 5 extra moves, 16 bars for another 5 extra moves and are easier to collect. I’d also lower the cost of gold bars/coins to purchase boosters and tools, because 50 bars is insane for one spoon, and 200 for a mitten is ridiculous. Thank you for creating this game, I love it and give you mad props for your creative ideas!
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11 months ago, Bummed out II
Dear cookie jam makers
Since you did the update, your game is not fun or enjoyable to play anymore. No 5 extra moves, no bonus spin, more moves needed per level but not enough moves given to complete it. We can’t choose the pet to help us with our levels. Some levels now take at least 20/30 lives to complete, if not a day or two. I’m not happy with te change. Not sure why my first half of this message didn’t send but I’m going to continue my rant. I’m tired of dishing out money to get off a level, I’m tired of having a contest to where you get to play the contest only if you can get off a level in one try. I also would like to choose the pet I want on my levels . I’m stressing over a game and that can’t happen. I’m sorry that I’m deleting this game. My life is worth a lot more.
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4 years ago, Mel_B_2_u
Level 4189
I love the game but I have gotten to level 4189 and can’t get off of it for about 2 weeks now. It’s getting frustrating now and I’m very close to deleting the game all together. It has to be some sort of glitch because it doesn’t give me enough green to complete the level. I’m getting all types of explosions but it doesn’t give me enough green tiles to complete the level. I always have all the other ingredients completed except green. You can’t complete a level if the ingredients are not there. I’ve watched you tube videos of that level and they have a board full of green tiles. I run out of moves and still would need about 10 - 15 green tiles to complete the level but there are none even left on the board. How do I complete the level if there are not enough green tiles?
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9 months ago, BE1Cor5:7
Waste of time
I’m at level 3363and since passing 3000 these levels are impossible to win bc ur not even give enough turns to even complete it. I’ve noticed that it takes abt a week to keep playing the game and then all of a sudden you win. It’s like they feel sorry for you for losing so many rounds and the. Throws you a freebie just to move to the next level where it starts all over again. I use to love this game. Now it’s just a waste of time bc it’s rigged where you won’t win until the game wants you to. This this way you have to purchase coins to keep playing. Also noticed that they removed watching the ads to get free turns. Not worth playing if I have to buy coins just to stay in the game. 🤨
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2 years ago, psychobluz
Only play if you have money to waste on it
I have played for two years and have spent several hundred dollars buying coins and tools. I enjoyed it until it became impossible to win certain levels without coins which you always have to purchase. The tools work well and you get a lot of bonuses - hours of free game time and additional tools, but you will spend hours just trying to pass one level without spending money. It’s fun if you have lots of cash to blow on it like slots at a casino. I quit at level 1292. I had read some reviews about the levels becoming too hard to complete without using coins and they were right. It’s just another money-making scheme.
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1 year ago, Clarel1966
Vicious game
It gets the two stars because during those rare times when it actually “lets you win” , it’s fun . I have been playing this for over ten years now. It starts off well enough but if you stick with it you’ll learn a different meaning for , “ Free Game with In App Purchases “ . To the end of that phrase should be added , “ required or we will stifle your progress “ They will literally jam you up for hours and days on end on one level just to get you to use one booster ! After the initial levels you’ll notice that every one is only won in the last 1-2 moves . Because that’s when people are most likely to use a booster . And the boosters that they want you to use before you start a level, are mostly useless because they so frequently place them where they’re worthless Please don’t spend money on this game. You spend a little, they want more
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1 month ago, Vail Mountain Girl
Fun Game w/ Lack Luster Development
Enjoy the game but developers do not believe or care about shorted players. I would never purchase any boosters or coins. They offer to give 5+ lives for coins when player hits the red “X” to leave a level as a second confirmation for player to leave level but refuse to put the same courtesy regarding the purchase of 5+ moves or other accidental purchases. Thank god for No In-App purchases. To add more insult to injury, the end of level offer to watch a video for five additional moves ends up being a bait and switch. Either the “watch video” switches to the infamous purchase as your finger makes contact with the screen and/or takes coins. Sometimes, as a complete “screw you” the game decides to take coins after you waste minutes of your life watching the video for five additional moves.
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4 years ago, beau mckimmy
This going need work on leave 53 need more the 27
I really love this game it really nice to play bout when you get to leave 53 you only have 27 move they really stupid and really how are supposed to finish the game with those 27 move so. IHOP you need to add more move to leave 53 Not 27 move Thank you beau You guys need too add more move on leave 65 how can someone pass the leave with only like so may move you guys need to be adding move to the 65 or i am not going to play the game more you KONW what née to be l would like she new change to this by Jan of 2021 Sorry I write this. Beau mckimmy Hi yes this is Beau Mckimmy once again I am really getting sick and tired of not having a lot of moves for the lot of the games that I’m playing for each level I was on level 180 I am still not passed that level I have literally have played every single part of that I am done continue not doing that and I’m no longer gonna be playing your guises games I’m getting tired of it I’m sick of it and I’m done with it continue doing what you’re doing and have a great marvelous weekend may you do some problems with yourself
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5 years ago, Puppy323
Changes needed
I play this game to pass the time when needed. I realize this is a 4+ age game, however, the dog is ridiculous and annoying! Option to play the level without him should be added. If he has to stay can he tap productive pieces that will help decrease the required pieces I need to match? If he taps a full cupcake nothing happens but if he taps a halved cupcake then it does get knocked out and goes towards my needed pieces. He should halve the cupcake if he’s going to tap on a full one. Also the pieces that get the lines in them -, | or + should knock out it’s colored part of the cupcake even if they are not next to each other. It only knocks it out of that color is next to it like when you make a triple match. The lines should be able to knock out that color even if the cupcake is full not just halved.
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6 years ago, NeishaStar
Love game but it keeps crashing
Update: Since I updated yesterday with hopes of the game getting fixed, NOTHING changed. It seems since I've made the review, the game is crashing way more frequently (after each round, during the game, whenever it feels like crashing). Just ridiculous!!! First off have to say I love the app but since the update on my when I play on either of my tablets (IPad or Galaxy Tab) it keeps crashing. I'll either complete a level then it'll crash so I'll have to reopen the game. That's very annoying but I always reopen the game. The biggest thing that's a problem is when it crashes WHILE I'm playing a round & when I click to go back I've lost a life or my winning shrike. Then there's been some glitching when I make a match with the cookies, it'll freeze then continue or freeze then the screen goes black the out of the game. PLEASEEEE fix this!!!!! I want to continue playing but if it continues I'll have to probably delete the app.
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2 years ago, Laureew60
Really like this game but the videos!!??!!
I like this game a lot and don’t mind the small amount of time it takes to watch a video to get an extra perk for each game. However, the videos have all been for the exact same product for a really long time now, a weight-loss gummy. Bogus product and the video shows famous people backing it up which is not true and the claims of rapid weight loss are really bad. If it was a proven product that doesn’t potentially harm someone , I might not mind it. Please please please swap out your advertisers and only use those who are reputable! Your game is so fun but if the vids don’t change soon, I may have to move on. Thanks for listening
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6 years ago, Lightning39blue
Now we have to unclick rewards or else continuous drain??? Not cool
Seriously have such a great game going here, I truly love it, but don’t try to trick us into using rewards w/the perma-select feature! (1) This new feature where if users click on a cake or extra lives or whatever tool, it stays PERMANENTLY CLICKED until unclicked?!? That is not cool. All you have done is really tick users off because we keep forgetting we clicked a cake and now it’s clicked on every game. It’s like making a food smaller in weight and claiming “less calories!” Give us more credit...we know you did this to make us burn through our rewards faster so we have to buy more stuff. Not cool. And (2) for the last few weeks, if I click the watch movie option to get more moves or an extra turn, it doesn’t work. I watch the ad but no benefits. That’s annoying.
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6 years ago, Ckcmasmom
Loyal but Frustrated
I’ve played for a very long time, years in fact but lately there are too many “events” going at once—Cookie Walk or the surfing thing or this or that. You have to push so many “Ok”s or “Cancel” or having to claim each prize individually rather than just claiming the bundle before getting to just play the game. I don’t know why I can’t choose when I want to use the prizes I’ve won rather than the game making me take the infinity play immediately when maybe I’m just wanting to play a round or two and don’t have time to free play for an hour. Makes me feel like the game wasted my prize. I don’t want to play using Facebook and there are now a series of buttons I have to push to bypass FB play. Once I actually counted having to push 20, yes TWENTY buttons before getting to play my round. My only other gripe has been it’s few and far between to be able to earn coins. The game has always been this way but it isn’t even clear how to earn coins—seems so random and extremely rare. Too much going on at once might shift me to another addictive game choice, it’s too bad. I really enjoy playing, it challenges me and keeps me thinking strategically. If it weren’t for that, I would’ve dropped my rating to two stars.
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6 years ago, 2 ugh
Could be better
I don’t care for the fact that once I am done playing OR lose and close out the game it often sends me BACK more than ten plus GAMES THAT I ALREADY PLAYED! 😡 Also I like the piggy bank but I will NOT pay with my own money to open it so if you could come up with a better idea with our earnings and a way to keep them instead of having to pay with our own money that would be great! 😁 On a positive I do like a lot of the improvements that you have made and fixing the glitches too. Improvements like: earning keys more often, playing against others, more color rewards when we start the game from losing the last game. It’s nice to have A LOT of freebies going on before a game starts and during! 🙂 Because of the piggy bank and having to “pay with our own money” I’ve almost deleted this app unfortunately. 😞
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3 years ago, Keittaa
I love this game- BUT….
I really like this game. I remember a few years ago when the game shut down. I was so disappointed. But I am relieved it came back! Four stars because I am SO TIRED of having to X out of all the ads! It’s like- I go to play, and I have to X out of a star ship ad, an extraordinary bundle, rate us!, what the new event is, etc, etc, etc and this is every time I start a new game. It’s so tedious trying to get to the main screen to spin the daily wheel! I can see one or two, but I’ve counted as many as 8 in between games. Dude, like, if I want it bad enough, I’ll come find it on the main page. But this every in between games tedium is frustrating me. I remember a time where I could just leisurely play. This feels like work! Please fix it!
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4 years ago, swirly_peppermint3000
Gets harder, and harder
So, of course cookie jam is a strategic game that requires some brain work. At the beginning, it starts off very easy. Even a three year old can pass level one, that’s how easy it is. And yes, this game is a relaxing and stress reliever for hard times. You can become more intelligent academically as well. Cookie Jam is definitely not like Candy Crush. Well.. it kinda is, but there are a few differences here and there. Cookie Jam starts off very simple, but once you get to level thirty and higher.. it gets challenging. The difficulty escalades very swiftly. So, get ready for an early competition. Anyway, besides that Cookie Jam is definitely a great game. Plus, it’s not a waste of time. Take a break and install Cookie Jam, it’s great! 🤗
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1 year ago, Kintes
Good game; constantly crashes
I have been playing this game for years and lately it crashes after every level I complete. The only assistance I get from support is to force quit the game then shut off my iPad and restart. This doesn’t help the problem at all. I have tried this suggestion many times. The only other feedback I get is that they’ll contact the development team to follow up. No fixes. I have a new iPad and the latest update so it’s not that. Would hate to lose the game but it’s getting to be more trouble than it’s worth. Update: I decreased it one star because the game constantly freezes during the Rainbow Run of the event. Very frustrating!
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4 months ago, Cmh1118
What Happened
I have been playing this game for years (level 9710)and have loved it. Something has changed. You get fewer moves and harder to pass levels. I’m always up for a challenge but not to the point that it takes a long time to pass a level unless you use your helps or coins. Interesting when you buy lives and help (because you have ran out) you all of a sudden pass the level. I don’t believe the moves match the level. As said, I love the game but if it gets to the point where it takes an extreme amount of playing to pass levels and having to always buy coins and help the game may have to go. It is a great game.
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3 years ago, BocabeachKim
So Much Fun and Challenging!!!
Like millions of players around the world, I used to play Candy Crush as my first go-to game each day. As their free boosters are slowly taken away, this makes it impossible to win and we all want instant gratification. I began to explore other online games and found one called Cookie Jam. Cookie Jam is challenging enough to keep my interest each day, and it has now become my go-to game to entertain myself. I have not encountered one single glitch since I played and I’ve been playing for many years. Their support service has also been unparalleled. Every question/request was answered promptly and courteously. Every online gamer should give Cookie Jam a try and I promise it won’t disappoint you.
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6 years ago, D169999997698210
Losing levels
I love this game and have progressed very far. For the past month or so I have been inexplicably losing progress by several levels. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating. There have been times I purchased extra coins to get past a difficult level only to lose a few levels of progress ... and have to play those same difficult levels again. I am getting fed up with this and may just stop playing. I also had the same issue as another reviewer - where I watch an ad to get 5 more moves only to NOT get the 5 moves and lose the progress on that level. Neither of these issues occurred in the past few years. Its just a recent problem. If not for these 2 glitches, I would give this 5 stars. *sigh*
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4 years ago, Twinkenn116
Where are my rewards????
I Love cookie jam! It’s a great game and very addictive. The reason I gave it 3 stars is due to its numerous glitches and I will only mention this- I have noticed that the rewards won for Macaroon Mama are never received after you have collected the required amount. The mitt nor the rolling pin nor the pastry bag are never received. Maybe it happens too to the other events. Also, how come there are no more cookie walks? What happened to cookie walk? It may be difficult to get pass all levels with one life but it was challenging. Kindly bring it back. Please fix this!! It is not fair, we spend hours playing to get those rewards for nothing. And please give us a chance in getting through cookie walks, stages are difficult to pass most of the times. Thank you.
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