Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

4.5 (257.6K)
223.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nordcurrent UAB
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

4.47 out of 5
257.6K Ratings
2 years ago, SarahPlaysCookingDiary
Great game, but a couple of things...
First of all, this is a great game. I recommend it to people because it kills time and it is very fun and addictive. The levels are pretty easy, as long as you have good equipment, like any other restaurant game. The casino is fun and getting new restaurants with profits is a very fun idea! Now the bad things. First of all, the updated customers are kind of creepy. They move and are a bit distracting because of this. Cool concept though! The faces also are a bit weird, but I will set that aside. Earlier on in the diner, it takes a couple of levels to get one upgrade because of the lack of money you make, but after time, it gets way better. Another thing is that the casino is very hard to make a match in. I make a gem match sometimes, but if I do, I only earn one or two gems, which I find unfair because lots of the upgrades cost at least 5 or more gems, even at the early levels (unless it is just a coin upgrade, then it is easy to get), so I have to keep playing recent levels to get more XP, keep wasting my coins at the casino in hopes of getting maybe a couple gems, or wait until the next day to get gems, which you might have restarted the daily count already, so you might have to wait about a week for gems to come back, so you would keep losing the level for a while until you completed any of these options. Other than these problems, I have no complaints about the game and I think it is great over all.
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3 years ago, ur math teachr
the casino is rigged
its a great game and all, but the thing is i never have enough gems. the only way i can get some is by buying them. but im not about to spend money on a game like this. I keep being stuck on level 7 just because of how i dont have another almond mixer machine. If i buy something, then i would need to buy another thing to balance and win a level. but i need diamonds for both of those things. Also the casino, i have many coins just earned from replaying some of the fast food levels. i cant get all 3 stars for level 40. i always need to buy cupcakes all the time which is why i lose gems. the main source of fun in this game is to have gems and gems are the thing that you can never find and thats the bad thing. The most thing you need is the thing you never have. Ive spun the casino over 30 times and only got 3 diamonds over 2 times. The game is rigged because the casino never matches and if it does it always gives me the coins or just nothing at all. i even got an achievement to spin it 15 times and still lose. ITS THAT RIGGED. and it doesn't matter how much times you spin or how much money you spend. you cannot win multiple times. at this point i cant do anything until the daily thing the next day. i have too many coins and 0 gems. if there was a machine that could turn coins into gems. it would definitely make me love the game. maybe 1k for 2 gems. because the easiest thing to make in the game is coins.
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2 years ago, sisiasisi
SO ADDICTIVE, but the gems….
I have had this game since I was six. I’m ten now, and I still have it. I’ve made lots of progress, but for the past 4 years, I’ve been resetting. I tried to stop resetting and actually found that I made progress. It’s such a great app, and it’s so relaxing and addictive. But I have a few suggestions. I noticed that every time you get a level up, you get a new restaurant, but sometimes they come before other restaurants that cost less. And that’s because of the difficulty. But it’s hard to remember. The latest one that I unlocked was the Sushi Restaurant. It costs the same amount as the Breakfast Cafe AND the Chinese Restaurant, and yet it’s SO hard. Plus, the upgrades for every single restaurant costs a lot of gems, so I usually upgrade everything to two to fit my budget, and it still annoys me. And when I’m out of gems, I have to play levels to earn coins and XP. I use the coins for the Casino and it takes WAY too long to get 15 or 2 gems, plus it takes a while to get to a new level once you get to level 28 because you have to get TEN THOUSAND points of XP. I’m just saying, gems to be easier to gain and their should be clarification on the order of buying restaurants, from easiest to hardest. I did the Rock and Roll bar in more days that I did the breakfast cafe and yet the breakfast cafe cost more. But overall, I really like this game and it’s one of the best games that I have played.
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3 years ago, saige torres
Let’s talk gems…
I have been stuck to the screen for hours playing this game. It really is such a fun game to play, and it’s a nice way to spend the time. All of the details that the game has to offer are incredible. My one concern though, is the gems. I understand that every game has a gem, point System but this one is just too complicated. We use gems in this game for many things. For example you use them to upgrade items, or to open places. I just feel like getting gems in this game is so hard considering we have to use a lot of them. I understand that buying gems is an option but for me I just don’t find that useful. I just wish they had more opportunities to get more gems. I would really enjoy this game 10 times better if it weren’t for me having to constantly deal with the gems. To open a new place it takes gems, but it’s very expensive. I as one who doesn’t have very much gems find it hard for me to constantly be dealing with this problem. I just wish that the system that you guys have to offer was more thought through. With all that said, this game is personally a fav of mine. All the details that it has are truly amazing. I spent hours on this game serving my customers and it truly is such a fun challenge. I get to level up my items and make food to serve happy customers. Totally recommend to download this app! I would like it if the gems were a little more useful though.
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3 years ago, Squid Kiddo
Good, but just one thing…
I really like this game a lot as it is high paced and addicting. But the flaw that I am going to mention in this review is that literally most of the kitchen upgrades need gems. And I am NOT just talking about like three, I’m talking like TEN! I realized this after I beat the fast food restaurant, then decided to move onto the bakery, it was fine at first, until level 6, I got 2 stars (and I always go for 3) so I decided to upgrade some stuff and try again, but then I was UNABLE to buy anything! It was not because I was broke in coins’ but in gems. I just hate how annoying it is to have to save up gems just to get a level 3 milkshake mixer. I’m not writing this review because I’m not a person who is like…”REMOVE GEMS OR I RATE ONE STAR!!!” I just want to let people know that they should look out for this. PTS… you cannot replay levels to get gems because the only way to earn gems is to either level up (and you cannot level up by replaying a finished restaurant FYI) or daily rewards. Overall this is a great game and I would really recommend it to people who love high paced games (which are also known as rushing games) and I would really like it if somebody told me how I could boost the amount of gems I get. PTS (again) I could just play the game more and complete quests for exp to level up, but those gems…those gems…
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4 years ago, stephaniegunnison
Only because of gems.....
This game is great and I absolutely love playing it, BUT I am seriously reconsidering finding a new cooking game to play. The gems are basically what run this entire game and are EXTREMELY hard to come by. You only get them for logging in every single day(only after a week of doing so daily) and then you only get 2 each day, or by leveling up which can take quite some time depending on your levels and restraint upgrades, or trying your luck at the casino and lastly by buying. Basically you have to buy them. You get TONS of coins upon coins upon coins but can’t do anything with them except play the casino or go towards buying a new restaurant(along with 20-30 gems). There needs to be a way to buy gems with the coins or more ways to earn coins easier. I have bought over 1200 gems during sales when you can buy 300 for $9.99 but it still hasn’t gotten me very far. I have already unlocked two whole other worlds with new restaurants and am still stuck playing the same levels because I don’t have enough gems to level any of my food/kitchen equipment or the interior of my restaurant lobby. Some of the simple upgrades for kitchen stuff take up to 20 gems just to upgrade one level out of three for each ingredient and cooking item. Please seriously consider making some changes to this because I don’t want to stop playing but I will be forced to like my son because of lack of gems. I don’t want to spend cash all the time just to be able to play this.
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6 months ago, GIMMEDAROBUX
I am a devoted cooking fever player who has been playing for two years, so this is my ENTIRELY honest review. First of all, people are either complaining that it’s a cash grab or that diamonds are hard to get. It’s not too hard, because A. there are tournaments and B. there is the casino, which increases your chances of getting good prizes the more you play. Also, this game is a great way to lose time when you’re bored because it’s addicting! I really enjoy this, and it’s NOT a cash grab. You can just replay levels, get coins, spend them on the casino, and possibly win gems. I know that most upgrades need gems but some don’t and that’s good enough. Anyways this game is a 10/10 and you don’t have to spend money just be patient Here’s a tip for the creators (Nordcurrent) I noticed that most of the complaints are about gems, and if not, it’s about the game being a cash grab. I don’t think so, but maybe you should make it a little easier to get gems because I myself agree that I have to replay level forty of my bets restaurant at least 10 times, spend it on the casino, and at most get 2 shards. But I sometimes get lucky, which is great. Anyways have a good day oh ya and also I think it’s really thoughtful of you to consider reviews (seriously you guys are the most thoughtful game production company I have ever seen)
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11 months ago, Kingmasterdom
Pay wall that gets higher and higher as you progress
I understand that devs want to make money through micro transactions, but it is poorly done in this one. First of all, to its defense, the first restaurant is very f2p friendly, but the more restaurants you get, the more you start to realize that you have hit a pay wall. The game becomes about grinding gems for a single upgrade that will barely do much in the short run. I would have preferred to have paid $5 per restaurant without the inclusion of gems for the beginning 1-2 upgrades while getting the 3-4th upgrades costing gems. The amount of money you would be paying for gems would have made you wish you would have paid for an actual game that cost money. I urge anyone to download and play though. If you are looking for a f2p, after mastering the first restaurant and maybe even the bakery, you’ll have to make the decision between giving them money or grinding coins for the casino for the small chance of getting free gems. It becomes very p2w at this point. I would have loved to purchase a full game version of this game without the inclusion of micro transaction (unless it is for coins, not gems) but this game asks for a lot of gems after awhile. It’s a shame, but with inflation and the cost of living increasing while wages remaining the same, I wouldn’t personally wouldn’t pay for gems. If you have money to blow, and you love this game, go for it.
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4 years ago, Allison Fink
Great game but.
To be honest, this is one of my favorite games on my iPad and it’s really fun. And one thing I love about is that your get too cook and it’s a challenge. But when I unlock a new restaurant I get so excited but it cost lots of money. And some times you have to redo levels, so if you do get this game you will have to work harder. And remember you will have to redo levels sometimes and stuff. But I love that in the game at a certain level you get the automatic cook machine this is really helpful if a lot of the times you have like a lot of customers, I think it’s way more faster when you have Max upgrade for the hotdogs or burgers. I would highly recommend and I think you really should get it when you have your gems. Save up because this is really helpful if you like to play the game a lot and you like really wanna do you like upgrades and you wanna unlock new places so far before I had it I didn’t have a lot of money but now I have a bunch because the machine. This game has so much stuff and I’m really happy because it doesn’t have a bunch of ads and it’s really realistic to bunch of like real life. But I feel like the cupcakes should be like you can spend money on them like for the upgrades because the germs and stuff I don’t think so. This is my review and I really really like the games please get it if you have a chance.
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9 months ago, Toodooie
Please fix this.
I’ve spent money on this game but I still get ads that I’m unable to skip even though cooking fever has promise to “remove” the forced ads once we’ve made a purchase…with REAL money by the way. If it’s a bug or not fix it or give me my money back. (Over 60$ of it!!) It’s annoying and frustrating getting an ad after a level KNOWING I’ve paid for them to go away. What’s also annoying is how overpriced and expensive this game is!! It’s like you HAVE to spend money or else it’s unplayable. The levels are hard and there’s no way on making them easier unless you buy the UNNECESSARY upgrades. Why am I still getting 7 gems from a level up?! I’m not on level 35 anymore and I’ve been unlocked multiple restaurants, so wouldn’t it be common sense to know that I need MORE than just a once in a while 7 gems for a 14 gem upgrade on ONE item?!? (The slot game is a total ripoff…why did I spend over 100k coins just to get 20k and 10 gems back😐) Also don’t act like y’all are too busy to read and reply to this. I know there are multiple people in this game developing group or whatever. Stop giving us game updates that NOBODY has asked for. (example: the WAY over priced level boosters…it’s really helpful but why make it so expensive that nobody would even consider buying it. 5$ with tax for only 1 booster?!?) so start fixing the problems/requests that players actually need help with/want.
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2 years ago, bhfgcgb
Wow! I love this app so much! It’s so addictive to just grab some blankets and smuggle myself in fluffy objects in a cozy place and play Cooking Fever! It drains hours away from my day and makes me overjoyed to wake up and play it! I have ADHD and am very anxious and loose attention to many games so I get bored easily, but this game really controls me and lets me focus and play. It’s fun to watch your restaurant grow and how every time something new is added you get a tutorial for it so your not lost! At first it was easy and I thought I’d get bored but you really know how to keep players intrigued every second of the game! The casino is very interesting and I love having tension in my brain when spending coins to try to get stuff! I like how you can upgrade stuff and the automatic cooker is so helpful! It helps me learn that I need to have a strategy to get all three stars! Something I would like is for diamonds to be more obtainable. Maybe each level you get a few diamonds if you complete a special thing? Or maybe instead of tasks just giving you coins they sometimes also gave you diamonds? Because it’s really hard to upgrade when diamonds are hard to get. Especially at the casino. Every once in a while I’ll get a few diamonds but it’s never enough! Nevertheless this is an amazing game so far!
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4 years ago, Sierrafaith24
About the Gems
This game is great but I have one issue that causes me great pain in getting new restaurants and levels. It’s the gems, they are hard to get and just happen to be the main way to unlock stuff. I don’t think it’s that bad if a mechanic except for the fact that you can only get them by leveling up (which can take forever depending on your level) and going to the casino and spending money to get a slim chance of getting it. I’ve been trying to upgrade my stuff, repeating the last level on my starting restaurant which gives the most money and experience but I’m still low on gems to get what I need. I think the amount of gems needed to level stuff up needs to be lower because not a lot of people are going to spend money on a game that they just want to play in their spare time. Maybe 5 gems max for the price of new customizations. The amount of gems for buying restaurants I feel are okay but if you are willing to change it I think at most 20 gems would be good. Also I think the achievements should give you some gems as well, it’s not fair to get a bunch of coins and not be able to use them when you don’t have enough gems which are also required for upgrades. I think the achievements should give at least one or two gems each time you complete one. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Tmiez
Too Expensive to Play
I recommend finding another diner/cooking game in which you don’t have to spend nearly as much money or time as I did to play. It is a fun game, which is why I hung in so long. But it requires too much money and time to level up and expand on restaurants. As other reviewers have noted it is one of the stingiest games I have ever played. Everything costs coins, often a combination of coins and gems. Coins are earned every time you play a round and for watching a video or logging in, et al. That isn’t the problem. The problem is acquiring a reasonable amount of gems to use. Items can cost anywhere from one to 30+ gems in addition to the coins. And few gems are given freely. The gems are necessary to purchase upgrades to the restaurants’ interior decor, food quality, and to expand appliances’ capabilities. This is all necessary to pass levels in any restaurant. There is a casino in which you can bet, 100 or 500 coins, or view a video to spin for free. But I have only ever won coins after spinning more than 100 times—not consecutively. It is unfortunate. Greed is killing these games. Over the course of a week, I have spent too many hours playing, paid over $45 (something I never do), and opened about seven restaurants. More people need to stop playing these games so developers will understand they can’t fleece us for every penny. It is designed to be addictive, like gambling, and preys on our natural tendencies. Gamer beware.
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3 years ago, Girl Playa
Great game. Needs more opps to win diamonds.
I’ve been playing this game for years, and I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of the way the game is structured financially. Cooking fever continues to make it more difficult for us to enjoy the game without being forced to watch videos or use an increasing amount of diamonds. In addition, it is much harder to win diamonds through playing the game. Could you please add more Diamond incentives for watching more videos, playing the game, and daily challenges? Specifically getting a diamond for some of the daily challenges would be incentive to engage more in playing them. 250 coins and similar awards are not worth the time it takes to engage with them. We also miss the holiday themed characters coming through. Could you bring back some festive or surprise enhancements to the game sometimes? Aside from seeing the developers face as a mechanic when something breaks down, we haven’t seen an changes. I like the way the lands rotate in the game to access our restaurants. Nice change. I also like some of the special effects like water moving or clouds and things happening to enhance the special effects. Good job. Please just add more opportunities to gain diamonds because we need to many to be competitive.
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4 years ago, t_powu3a_[h
Awesome but GEMS
This is personally my favorite cooking time management game. Whenever I come back home I click on this game and play for hours. It’s also not totally impossible to pass levels, unlike other cooking games which require you to have a certain amount of customers to win, and that they don’t give you! And I really like the visuals and sound effects on this game. However, one annoying thing about this game is GEMS! I wish there could be other ways to add gems, like watching ads or getting 3 stars on a level. It’s also so annoying when I want to buy restaurants but then have to use my gems for upgrades instead (they make upgrades way too expensive, most of the upgrades require gems)! But for people who are impatient for me, you can earn gems by playing the last level of a restaurant over and over again, which I love to do with the fast food court. You can also earn 2 gems after checking in for 7 days, and 2 gems for each day after the 7th day. However, I DON’T recommend the casino unless you have a lot of money! I’ve tried it before many times by spending many coins and have only gained gems 1-2 times. Overall, besides the problems with gems and upgrades, this game is really fun and addicting! Even though gems are an annoyance, I still really enjoy playing this game!
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2 years ago, Meg65432
Used to be better
This was my favorite game until they switched to a calendar system for rewards and made it impossible to get gems both there and in the casino. Still like it and the airplane version, but I definitely don’t just sit and play anymore because it’s boring being stuck in the same spot and waiting until they grace you with more gems. You used to have to work a bit for gems but it wasn’t horrible because if you had a daily check In streak, you would earn 2 gems a day or you would occasionally get a winning spin in the casino. Having played it for years now, I can afford the higher wager in the casino per turn and you used to be able to get a gem-winning spin regularly enough to afford updates and you could advance play, now they don’t even seem to allow that winning spin to ever come up but they’ll hand out coins all the time. Once in awhile there will be a major prize for a major item but I have been gypped by the calendar system and what they call a day versus what I call a day especially as the months switch. The designers obviously want people to invest in the in-app purchases and it is definitely not worth wasting my money just to do that, so I guess both sides will just be stuck being stingy.
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3 months ago, Ballcrusha
I’ve made a review before stating what was wrong with the game including how levels would end early and customers would randomly leave. That still hasn’t been touched. But besides that, there’s still many bugs in the game, from how rigged the casino is to the gem issues. Recently I completed another xp level and didn’t receive anything. Usually you would get coins and gems but this time I got absolutely nothing, which is ridiculous considering the fact it’s extremely hard to get gems without spending money or playing levels over and over again to make more money and play the casino again. Another problem I experienced was that you have to wait over 2 days for your plants to grow, but mine always die no matter what I do. Feed, water, doesn’t matter. It literally won’t grow, when I leave them overnight to sleep, I wake up to dead plants. It’s beyond frustrating. I love playing this game which is why it’s so annoying dealing with these issues, PLEASE FIX IT, I noticed a recent update that came with MORE ADS and it changed none of the problems that have constantly been stated by all the users of this game. It would also help to reduce the amount of gems needed to unlock certain restaurants, it’s hard enough to make 7 gems without having to spend 35 on a restaurant.
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3 years ago, brittney patrick
Well...please read :/
I’ve been playing this game on and off and Everytime I stop playing is because of all the gems you need to get in order to even think about beating one level with 3 stars. There is very few options into getting the gems all in which resorts into buying them..and well even buying them you get barely any if you aren’t considering paying half a fortune! It makes me super sad because I remember first playing this game when it first really came out and it was easy to upgrade stuff due to me being such a low level so I was always constantly getting a gem flow going, it’s so hard to come by for gems. It makes me super sad because I can almost feel the greed of the game developers...every review I’ve seen so far (especially recent ones) have talked nothing but about the gems! I feel like you guys are ignoring it and not really listening to the customers all for a few dollars from pretty much makes the game nearly impossible to play if you want anything better than a two star...because you’re constantly having to use gems to upgrade items such as furniture for your customers, upgrade the tiers for the food and equipment..., unlocking’s super upsetting especially when this game was fun for such a long time. I’d appreciate if you guys would actually listen to the people who are downloading your guys game.
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2 years ago, GooseEnthusiast
I really enjoy this game but I always seem to have one problem with it. For the level upgrades you pretty much always need these gems that you earn in game. But it is so unreasonably difficult to get these gems and even though there is a casino that you can gamble the coins you would get from playing levels for possible gems you almost always lose the casino. And even when you do win it’s either coins or gem shards that you can’t even spend and you need nine of them to get only one gem. The most reliable way to get gems is leveling up and the daily rewards you get from logging in every day but leveling up requires a lot of XP and you only get so much from replaying a level and it gets boring almost instantly and takes too long. And the daily upgrade you only get once a day (obvious as of the name). In result you can’t pass one level for days (considering you don’t play this game for hours on end) because you can’t get enough gems to purchase the upgrade you need to pass the level. So this game should either make it easier to get these stupid gems or not required germs for almost every single upgrade. Even though I love cooking games and I REALLY enjoy playing this game normally this is such a problem that I feel like I am forced to give it three stars at the most.
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3 years ago, Peytie puppy
Lose the ads or give more for it
Been playing this game for about a decade now on my old iPad so I don’t have an issue with gems like most people do. I have over 500 of them at the moment and able to buy all the upgrades in a new restaurant right away, even the wait times for interior upgrades. You need about 700 gems for each restaurant so if you don’t have enough in the bank, just be patient. It’s a fun game anyway. I have 3 restaurants that earn at least. 1450 XP every game so it doesn’t take me long to level up and collect more gems. I got a new iPad for my kid and downloaded this game fresh. I soon realized that the XP you get in each restaurant is tied to your XP level, as well. My gourmet restaurant in my old iPad earns at least 1200 XP but in the new profile, it only earns 250. Huge difference! The XP should be tied to the type of restaurant and not the game level. As with gems, I used to get 45 gems in the casino back when this game was new. Now, you can only get 15 every 12 hours. Since I have about. 15 million coins now, how about putting an automatic spin on the casino so you don’t have to tap every single spin? Also, if you force the ads to us, at least give a gem for it, not 200 coins. You’re already making money out of these ads so let your players enjoy it.
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3 months ago, bspeeper
I love cooking fever but, this is the second time they’ve said it’s been “a discrepancy” in my game play and have only taken away some of my gems that i got fair in square. Not only is it hard to get gems in the first place but you’re going to take them away from me for no reason?! I hope I am not the only person this has happened to because this makes no sense. I earned two more gems going from seven to nine just for them to be taken away, and it was earned from daily task…. What’s going on i’m tired of earning gems just to have them be took when I really need them! This game is already trying to make you spend enough money of these gems that the whole game basically relies on! It’s stupid, especially when you get into more restaurants you’re gonna need at least one or two gems just to upgrade an item for the first time. Absolutely insane if you’ve played the game and seen that the first upgrades are usually just with coins which are much easier to get compared to gems. And going back to how hard it is to get gems and those new plants don’t really help since they take THREE DAYS for you to get your rewards. I know y’all need money but gosh. Moral of the story why are my gems getting took????
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5 years ago, Reub619
Challenges are a rip-off
The mechanics of this game were very fun and easy to progress while still being challenging, though the rate of gem rewards is very low compared to how quickly it starts requiring them to purchase even small upgrades - I would much prefer if they were tied to stage completion rather than levels. This was a little annoying and stalled my progress for a bit, but I still liked playing. However, the first time I saw a ‘challenge’ pop up that promised a reward of double the entry fee (which was somewhat high for where I was at that point, but not unreasonable), I decided to save up my gems to enter. It quickly became very clear that the challenge was impossible to complete without having multiple gem-costing upgrades, if not every single upgrade for that level, as otherwise you could not hit your coin goal on the upper stages even if every customer left with a full bar. I got all the way to the second-to-last stage before stalling out with no more gems for upgrades or cupcakes, and I had already spent over the amount I would have gotten as a reward. That was a whole lot of progress lost with no way to get it back. Nowhere was this mentioned when paying the coins and gems to enter - these challenges seem to be meant to gouge players for their coins in hopes they will spend more than the reward, or pay for more gems. That frustrated me enough to make me delete the app. I’m going to find a different one that’s not pay-to-play.
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8 months ago, JEPRFL
It’s so close to perfection it may as well just be perfection
Don’t give me wrong. This is a great game. What is the best place you could ever lay your eyes upon but that does come with disadvantages the good things with this game are they are high-quality the graphics are so good just so good the game concept is boring but the execution is just great. I always play this game when I’m bored but the thing is you gotta do something about that progress roll back it’s just so annoying when I’m trying to buy something and it makes a huge impact in my game too I can get but cannot spend with this thing please just let it go softer or remove it all together. I don’t care just let this problem go away please but overall the game is great. I don’t really care about the ads. It doesn’t really matter, considering the game is so great it’s barely makes even .001% of a star. I love how detailed it is the burger patties, the sausages, the burger buns, the cola, the lettuce, the tomato and even the cupcake and the fries and just EVERYTHING! It is so good! Just without that progress, rollback glitch I would give it a five star and honestly no matter what I still will. This game is just the best game to waste time or if you’re feeling like cooking you can get on this game. It’s just amazing. Yes the idea is boring what the way they did it it’s just so good!
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3 years ago, Squirrel4ever
Incredible game
This seems like one of those games that’s gonna be kinda buggy, not well made, lots of ads, semi fun for an hour or so and then you delete it, you know the kind of game I'm talking about. But this game absolutely nothing like that. There are never any ads unless you choose to watch one to get a free spin in the casino, and the game is super well made. The graphics are clean and detailed, it’s well designed, overall it’s a great game. The gameplay is super fun, and don’t get me wrong, some of the levels as you progress are difficult, and you get frustrated or stuck, but that’s because it’s challenging, which makes it all the more fun. And if you’re really stuck, you can upgrade your appliances to make it easier. This game doesn’t seem like it’s trying to steal your money or anything, there aren’t constant pop ups for “deals!” Or “premium!”. They clearly did their research because all the cultural foods seem pretty accurate, or at least as accurate as they could be in a video game. I’ve downloaded and deleted this game countless times but every time I reopen the app it seems 10 times better. Anyway, my point here is, I love this game, and to the creators, well done!
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4 months ago, lollipop@56
The gems
The only complaint that I have is the gems. I’ve been going deleting and downloading the game since I can remember and it’s was because of the gems. Like many have said, getting the gems are extremely difficult and the upgrades (or even getting the restaurants) are expensive. Another thing is that There are restaurant that are extremely difficult to complete and they are the same price as those that are easy to complete. I also believe that the casino is ridged due to being hard to get gems and think the casino back then was little easier to get gems and less complicated like now (my opinion). I think there should be modifications on the order to getting restaurants (Easies to hardest) and being able to receive enough gems to make the game a little less complicated. I also think the game should have the old casino (from like 2017ish) since I was less complicated and easier to get gems (it was still hard but easier then now). Other then the gems I like the game and have been enjoying it. Yes even though I’ve been deleting and reinstalling the game, i alway come back to it would enjoy the game even more (even though the gems are a headache)
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3 months ago, <-{~Quesadilla~}->
A NEED TO HAVE!! But there is no perfect game…
I’ve played Cooking Fever for a good few months and it is fun, addictive, and no ads between levels (unless you decide to watch one to get extra coins and gems). As much as I love this game, there’s also some things that are hard to ignore. For one, the casino is rigged and even if you do get something like gems or coins, it’s only in a small quantity which is a rip-off considering you spend a decent amount of coins to play the casino in the first place. I just don’t play the casino because you can get gems and coins pretty easily by watching ads, daily logins, or gaining achievements in the game. Although gems are practically easy to obtain in the early game, like the first restaurant, it is harder to obtain later on and you need gems for almost anything. For example, to upgrade food and utilities and to open new restaurants. Even if this doesn’t seem like much, it is costly because it takes more than 10 gems to open a restaurant and less than or around 15 gems in total to fully upgrade one utility/food item. Either way, I do enjoy this game and I hope the devs are willing to get a new way to give the players gems!
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4 years ago, Bootz22
Game just wants your money to play
Honestly I love the game function and overall idea, but it is almost impossible to play without paying for diamonds. As a game pure-it’s who doesn’t spend money on games it is a real bummer. I have been trying to play this game for literally 3 1/2 years and the only way I make progress is getting the daily log in to max so I get 2 diamonds and then just log in for a month without playing then I can upgrade like 2-3 things and beat a few levels then wait to build up diamonds again. Also I get excessive amounts of money which is worthless without diamonds. They have a slots to get diamonds, every so often I spend 10 whole min spending like half my million dollars to maybe get 15-30 diamonds. Which is a joke because the slots is rigged where you will never get the 2-3x diamond only the single and even then it is time consuming and pretty frustrating. Also the addition of the ads you have to watch when you beat a level is pretty unclassy. I don’t mind having ads available to get free stuff but the game just is trying to find more ways to make money and doesn’t really care about the users expirence. Last pet peeve, when you start unlocking a lot of restaurants you have to click each one to collect your money. Why is there not like a collect all button?!!! Like seriously, never trying to make the game more user friendly.
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2 years ago, Noodle500
Gems are the death of me
I love this game so much. It’s fun and has a really good concept with cool food and restaurants. That being said honest to goodness I’m so frustrated with the fact that it is nearly impossible to get gems unless I’m willing to sit and play over and over until I level up (which I’m not). If it wasn’t for the gems and the fact that everything is so pricey with gems I would 100% give this game 5 stars since it’s actually one of my favorite games. I just can’t get anywhere without gems since every stinking upgrade costs like 15 gems. A little note to the creators: people wouldn’t have to cheat the gems so much if you didn’t make them so necessary but at the same time so impossible to get. I’m not paying 100 dollars for a handful of gems that will only get me at most 3 restaurants with the upgrades of all the appliances, if that. It’s just not worth it to spend that kind of money on a game. It’s really sad too since I actually really really like this game just the gems ruin it for me. I really wish that the creators of this game would please just read over the reviews on their game and realize the main complaint in every single one of these comments is the stinking gems. Then they could fix the gem issue and make the game better. Until that happens I sadly have to delete the game the gems annoy me too much.
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4 years ago, Sylvie Wells
Gets Annoying Quickly
I have been playing this game for about 2 months. When you download the game you think that you’ll just be able to hop from restaurant to restaurant and play as you wish. Then you figure out that restaurants cost GEMS. And next you find out that you need those for upgrades too. The ways to acquire gems are by 1) visiting the app every day in row for 9 days and so on. This is hard to remember to do. If you miss a day, you have to wait for 8 or so more days until you get the two gems. 2) Leveling up on experience. This requires you to play levels SO MANY times. You get 7 for that after a certain level. 3) The Casino. It is a rip off if you don’t know that you can only get gems on the 500 coin option RIGHT AFTER collecting your daily coins from the restaurants. You still end up spending between 5,000and 50,000 coins. That is around 5-50 levels worth. A level takes around 3 minutes so that is around 15 to 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of playing just to get the FIFTEEN GEMS. That it is only enough for a low end restaurant or about 3 upgrades. It is so time consuming just to buy upgrades and more restaurants that I was spending more and more time on it, even upwards of 4 hours some days. It got more and more frustrating. It doesn’t bring me joy anymore so I’m deleting it. I’ll find a game that you don’t need to spend so much time on.
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6 years ago, Kf9012
First cooking game I downloaded, loved it, but moved on
This was the first cooking game I downloaded. I loved it when I was playing the food court stage with the burgers and fries. I have since bought the pizza and Chinese restaurants. While I loved this game I’m the beginning, I agree with many others that it simply is too costly to get upgrades on equipment because the amount of gems needed is just too much, and the payoff is not enough. To upgrade your equipment (just to get 2 stars in a higher level) costs coins and 10-15 gems! I liked this game because, unlike some other cooking games (or mobile games in general), it doesn’t supply only a limited amount of lives to play and that you’d have to wait for the lives to replenish. I think that’s why upgrading the equipments, food, and restaurant are so costly, because the developers probably want people to play the levels over and over. I won’t say this game is bad but I will say that this game is not suited for my work lifestyle anymore. I want a game where I do spend effort on each level and revisit each level to earn more currency, but not to the point where I have to play the levels an x amount of times just to earn some measly coins and gems. The payoff is just not worth the time spent. I loved this game but I have moved on to another cooking game.
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6 years ago, Rslipp
Great game, but gems are hard to come by
I enjoy this game but once you get to a far enough experience level, gems (necessary for making upgrades to complete levels) are harder to get, as more and more experience becomes necessary. Also, when the game has a promotion, the likelihood of winning gems in the “casino” lessens. These are all tactics the game developers use to try and get you to make in app purchases. $10 for 125 gems will only get you so far, when many of the necessary upgrades can cost 10-20 gems (Pizzeria) and new restaurants cost 25-50 gems. It can get very costly when this needs to be done over and over again to make progress. The only other option is to replay levels over and over again to gain experience. Additionally, some levels (Chinese restaurant), customers stop coming even if none have been lost because certain upgrades have not been purchased. Still a four star because it’s fun and the best time management game out there, but definitely designed to get you to pay, a lot. Get your wallets ready. Edit: I haven’t won a single gem since giving this a four start review - 5 days. So I’m going to edit to 5 stars and see what happens.
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4 years ago, hdhesjnsnbxbsbsbheeebeee
Pros and cons
I love this game so much!! I have been obsessed for like a month now, but I have some pros and cons about the game. My first con is, well I have two. The main one is that the diamonds are just like so hard to get! We only get them if we level up and it’s hard to upgrade too since at the end of the 3 levels it will be like 700 and 5 GEMS to upgrade for a hotdog or something. We should be able to get gems sometimes from going on to the next shift maybe 1 or 2 every other time. My next problem is the customers get too angry in to little amount of time. Like I’ll be having 3 other customers and one ends up leaving because you have to give there food within 10 seconds. So I hope you can adjust that and make it so they don’t get mad too often. Now for the pros. I love this game because it’s so realistic! The food actually has to cook as well as it can burn! And also, you can give out cupcakes if you didn’t do too well on a customer so you can get more tip! And I LOVE that we can get a backery and so many other places too!! Overall this game is so fun and addictive but pls just fix my two cons I had, it would make the game a lot better. 4 stars!
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1 year ago, alirocon
Adding to my original review below. I have only received automated messages and no actual help or concern regarding my lost process, time, and money. To the chefs with the same issue, we all deserve a refund of our money spent in this game. It is impossible to refund all of our time spent playing, and seems as though they won’t be giving us back our game progress either. Issuing a refund of our money spent in the game at this point is the only worthy resolution. They need to understand the seriousness of the issue at hand and give a more personal response to us all who are impacted by this rollback. This game is designed in a way to get users to spend real money in order to advance. It’s almost impossible to get 3 stars on every level without spending money for diamonds to buy upgrades. I recently updated my game and after had some issue with a rollback and lost all of my stars, on every level I earned. Essentially flushing dollars down the drain. I reached out to customer support, received one response and nothing else to restore my game or receiving a refund. I’m not yet removing the game in the hopes of getting a late response from support. If you took the time to read all of this, please take away that is has potential to be a fun game but if you really want to progress and get full stars be prepared to spend real money.
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4 years ago, kuchipuchirules
Awesome game
This is a game I’ve been wanting for a long time. I never written that before. It’s super fun. It’s like me at a restaurant I want good food, fancy stuff around, and it doesn’t take an hour to prepare food. It’s amazing because it’s kind of like real life. People keep complaining about gems and I have a lot of them and I don’t buy anything. They may just wast the on things that aren’t so important ( no offense) but then there are things that are needed with gems so it’s kinda worrying me but this is an awesome game maybe lower gem prices on at least the new restaurants by 1-4. This is an awesome game once again it’s fair and all that. I may buy a new restaurant now. So I don't have lower gem price problem. Thanks so much for making this game and people reading this with a low gem problem no offense if I wrote something offensive about wasting gems ( I may get that problem). I thought this would be short but no😂 ok so I realized I never sent the review 😂😂😂😂 And now I kind of have a gem and it forces me to watch an ad for coins. I go to collect an achievement and I have to watch an ad for coins. Some advice save as much coins as you can.
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6 years ago, hgragg8
Great! But you need to work on it
I really like it, I do! But there are some things you need to work on, say, have you ever thought of making the gems easier to get? Or making upgrades less expensive? I bet you thought of a few things, but I would think there’s much you haven’t thought of! Like making it easier to finish a lvl with all three stars, a way to do this is making the ppl have more patience, or you could make the lvls more interesting, a way to do this is making the patience faster or slower going down depending on the gender or order, say a hotdog and a coke, that would make it faster, a coke would be a little slower, a burger and a coke would be a little faster than a hotdog and a coke, a hotdog alone would be slow, and a burger would be a little faster, girls would have less patience than boys to add on more! To be honest, I really hope you try to add one of these, and I hope it comes trough to work! It has always been my dream for the developers to reply and or see my comment, and a add on to that dream would be for them to add it! I think my ideas would make more ppl try it, share it, or like it more! Please and thank you! 😄😁
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2 years ago, Belle Morte 2086
Addictive.. But and it’s a large BUT!
Let me start off by saying I love this game. I have downloaded and deleted it numerous times. Here is my issues with it 1.) THE DIAMONDS! I download games to pass time, to play and have fun! Y’all make it to where you HAVE to have diamonds in order to pass levels, download new restaurants, upgrade equipment. But is it easy to get the diamonds without buying them? NO 😡 this makes me so mad and is usually what results in me deleting the game! It’s ridiculous! The fact that you make the money so easy to earn and the diamonds almost impossible isn’t right. Honestly that’s my only complaint! I just downloaded my second restaurant finally and of course things take forever to cook and in turn customers get mad and leave and you loose levels! Why? Because in order to upgrade my equipment I need a ridiculous amount of diamonds! Even if I was willing to buy some I would spend them all in seconds and then of course boom need to buy more! There was literally one item I could upgrade without spending diamonds and that was the plates. The rest of the equipment literally ALL takes diamonds! I will honestly more than likely end up deleting this game and downloading a different cooking game!
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3 years ago, DiedBy_aTitan
It’s fun but gems ruin it…
So, there’s a challenge that costs 16,500 coins and 14 gems to enter at my bakery. I play all night to get enough for the challenge. I get past level one of the challenge, but then level two…It’s rigged or something. Since I just spent all of my gems and coins on this challenge, I can’t level up my equipment, which means I can’t get enough coins to beat it. I’ve played level 2 of that challenge 15 times and I still can’t level up my equipment because I can’t get gems. Tbh it’s not even the challenge, it’s gems. Gems are really rare and hard to get. Achievements are nice, but I think they should also give you like 3 gems along with the coins because there is NOTHING WORSE than having 10,000 coins but not being able to do anything because you don’t have 50 gems to level up all of your equipment. Completely unfair in my opinion. The equipment leveling up price should NOT be that high of a gem price. It should be 10 gems at the least for them. Some are 15 and that’s just too high and I can’t play the game because of it. I understand you need to make money from people buying it but some people don’t have money to waste on a game they play when they have nothing else to do. Please fix this..
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4 years ago, SoftballHayHay23
Great Game but little things like expenses are ruining it
Great game! Honestly I really like this game. I really do but there are so many little things that are ruining the fun like expenses. I love unlocking new restaurants and foods but lots are very expensive maybe not in coins but definitely in diamonds. I mean, why do you need so many diamonds just to upgrade or something. In the Sports Bar, the almond drink mixer is super slow and even though I’ve had the Sports Bar for about 3 weeks, I haven’t even upgraded that mixer because you need 7 diamonds and something like 3000 coins! That’s the thing that really drives me nuts. 👎👎👎 Also what would help is more patience the customers have. Sure, the higher the level to harder it is but in like Level 6 I lost 2 customers just because of the mixer. 😑😠 Lastly, I think that you need to fix the casino. I’ve played it probably about 50times and I’ve only won about 4 and no, I’m not kidding. If you think I am try it for yourself 😤😤. You should add more “luck” to the casino. I think those 3 things could definitely be fixed. And there are more minor things but since these are major I'll only include those. Please consider fixing these problems.
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4 years ago, Gsxrgrl12
GEMS = Ridiculous
This is the first game I have downloaded in many years. Wanted a distraction from work and quarantine boredom, and saw someone mention this on Reddit or in another forum. First, I had this game on my iPhone and there was some weird glitch or idk that would NOT let me X out of the game (iPhone 11 with no home button). This happened twice before I deleted it completely. Tried on my iPad and the game worked better and was actually more fun because of the bigger screen, larger items, pictures, drag-ability etc. Was really enjoying the challenge part of this game, but now rarely play because EVERY. SINGLE. upgrade, item, piece of decor, move... requires a ridiculous amount of gems. And, there’s no “bank” to trade $ for gems. I would get excited when new restaurant options would unlock, only to get to level 1, 3, 5 before becoming frustrated by the lack of game play available. AND, they purposely give you the slowest equipment ever to start, simply so you have to upgrade (via gems). For example, the Hard Rock...omg, it could not be any more obvious. Such an a’hole design. I get it, you want people to buy gems, but here and there, or to unlock certain features/levels/restaurants - not, to play the entire game. Oh well. On a plus... I now have HOURS of my life back!!
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3 years ago, silverquake
Fix your gems system.
I used to LOVE playing this game, I played it religiously and also tried to log in every day in order to get the daily 2 gems. Ever since the update (the one that changed the whole in-game currency system) it’s basically impossible to be able to get enough gems for upgrades in an appropriate amount of time without having to buy them. The daily rewards system was completely changed and made it even harder to get gems and the slot machine only gives TWO gems now??? Instead of the 15?! You even kept the prices for upgrades and unlocking restaurants the same cost although you’ve made it harder to get gems.. You added a 12 gem reward for completing a restaurant with full stars, but how are we supposed to get there when we can’t even afford the upgrades? It does not make sense. The first 6 reviews I’ve seen for this app complained about gems being hard to get. Some of those reviews were from a YEAR ago (pretty sure that was before the big update)… This will definitely make you lose A LOT of old/long time players, because you’ve lost me now. Either make it easier to earn gems again or make the cost for upgrades and unlocking restaurants lower (gems-wise). This was so disappointing from one of my most favorite mobile games.
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3 years ago, Ileen Marie
Fun! But needs a fix!
So I really enjoy playing Cooking Fever and I recently got an iTunes card so I decided to use a little to buy gems. I bought the Chef’s Mystery Pack once which went through and gave me a cool reward, I bought 10 gems for .99 cents TWICE, BUT only one of those went through. The reason is because the app was taking so long to load. I was being patient while the cake on the screen kept leading but I decided to exit and clear the page from my Home Screen thinking it’d refresh and work then. Not knowing that it wouldn’t give it to me anymore. So, I had that happen multiple days ago which I brushed off because it’s only ninety nine cents and I had other rewards but it just happened again which has caused me to type this review. I’m really bummed because I waited even longer this time and I know the transactions went through because each time, my screen would say “Purchase was successful”. I’m sorry this is so long but I would love for this to be fixed if possible or even my two sets of 10 gems back that I’ve spent money on and didn’t get, because this is my only complaint about the app.
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4 years ago, Coco game Lover 💖
This game is awesome💞🥰🤩, but There’s only one problem🙁
You see, I love this game an all🥰🥰. Like I’v been going so far!! And I even opened up a restaurant!!( The football game stadium one) And I even tried that thing you guys put in where you’ll get 5000 coins if you download this app and run it. Like I used that like 3 times😂😂❤️. But I only have one problem, it’s the diamonds💎💎💎. Like earning Coins in this game is like really easy!😎🤩 But earning diamonds is a struggle. I mean, yes you do get like the diamond reward thing once in a while. but right now, I literally have like 15,000 coins! 😆🤩🤩. And I really want to buy everything! And it only cost like 600 coins for each upgrade. But some of the upgrades you want to buy have like 5 diamonds or 6 diamonds with it also. 😕😕💎💎💎💎. Plus, to buy a whole stash of cupcakes 🧁🧁🧁 cost at least 20 or 15 cupcakes for 2 diamonds 💎 💎. So, that’s basically a struggle. Also, as you go further in the game and open restaurants, at least all of the upgrades have diamonds that you need to pay, and I’m gonna be honest, THATS REALLY ANNOYING TO ME! 😢😢😔😫😩. SO, can you guys maybe low down the diamond thing? Thanks if you can, I would really appreciate that!! 😝🤩🤩🥳☺️😁🤩🤩☺️☺️🥰🥰🥰😝😝💎💎💎💎💞💞💞💞💕❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, anime gurl loves you
This game is awesome! But...
This game is super cool! I love the fact that you can cook and the realness of the hot dogs burning and the cake burning. People are complaining about the diamonds and I am too but it’s not just the diamonds! It’s also the fact that you spend the wrong amount of money on the perks. Like the hot dogs are 800 coins and 5 gems! That doesn’t leave us with enough coins or gems to get a new building! I also have a problem with the casino. I have only won the casino once! It drains your money like the water goes down a drain in a bath tub! It’s annoying and once you realize the casino is a rip off you have already spent all the money you have made! The last thing I have a problem with is the bakery. I think their using the bakery to get you to buy the diamonds. The customers get angry quickly and that means you rarely get tips! That doesn’t help us get the amount of money you need to buy a new restaurant. I am often too fed up with the bakery to even do it! The beginners have it bad because of how quickly the customers get angry. I hope you see this and learn a little bit of things about this game before you purchase it. I’m not telling you to not download the game but I’m also telling you that it’s not as perfect as it seems
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6 months ago, nicknamethisgmaeisnotbad
THE company is actively exploiting their players (GEMS)
THIS game is really fun would love to play it a lot more but I can't because every item costs gems, the secondary currency in the game. But unlike other games, the game revolves around the secondary currency that is nearly impossible to get without making a purchase. I understand that you want people to spend money on the game but this is not fair to the people playing the game and is simply greedy and deceitful. THIS HAS BEEN AND ONGOING PROBLEM FOR YEARS NOW and you guys have yet to change this component in the game. I wish I could rank this game higher but it's simply unplayable when you're out of gems. It leaves you feeling stuck and honestly demotivates people to play the game. This game has so much potential but because of its terrible and exploitive in-game currency, it is unenjoyable. I would understand if this was done by accident but this choice was clearly intentional and honestly very stupid considering that there is a wide variety of cooking games in the industry. This comment may never get a response or may be responded to buy an AI but I hope someone sees this and the many other comments saying the exact same thing I'm saying and makes and change or I pray for this company's downfall because the active greediness and corruptions in the developers is disheartening and frankly annoying.
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5 years ago, b4sunset
Was favorite game, now showing commercials... :((
I would have rated this a 5 star only a few days ago. It is one of my favorite games to play. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on this game, which is outrageous in itself, but that is my addiction to contend with. I do not even mind how long it takes to collect gems, though I still end up buying more. Having spent so much money, I feel like I should own the game, and never have to worry about any issues playing it. But now they have decided to add commercials to the game. Sometimes, they ask you if you want to watch an ad and earn coins. You have the opportunity to decline, which I truly appreciate. I have over $43 million dollars, so I do not need the coins, and I definitely do NOT want to watch commercials. But after a couple levels, an ad will pop up and you have no choice but to watch if you want to continue playing. I hate it on other games, and now I hate it on this on. I end up closing the game rather than endure the mostly long cartoonish ads of other games that I could care less about. Developers, please reconsider the use of ads; they have ruined the game for me. At least make all of them optional, good for those who might need the coins, great for us who do not!
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3 years ago, Anonymous Reader and Writer
Best of its Kind
When I say kind, I mean cooking games. This is probably the best cooking game on the App Store, it doesn’t have ads, doesn’t go crazy trying the make you buy diamonds or coins or whatever, and its music is actually pretty catchy. It doesn’t get a perfect from me because of a few things. One is that the animation of the customers changed. While it’s more realistic, it’s a bit much. I kind of miss the classic animation, but I don’t really care if you change it. Other thing I think is wrong with it is that restaurants are really expensive. Yes, the game needs it to be that way so that people will consider buying more diamonds or coins, so yes, I can’t one hundred percent blame you (as in, the developers). But honestly, I sort of wish they weren’t fifteen diamonds and ten thousand coins (which, for me is a lot of money in the game) but like the other problem I mentioned, it’s fine if it doesn’t get changed. Overall I recommend this game, I think that it’s near perfect, kind of addictive (but not too much) like it says, and the best cooking game on the App Store. If you want to get a cooking game, there is none better than Cooking Fever.
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2 years ago, I ❤️🐈
Please read this!
First off, this game is amazing and there is so many good things about this game it would take you forever to read all of the wonderful things about Cooking Fever. Whoever is reading this review, I highly recommend you get this game if you love cooking, and managing your own restaurant. But there is one little thing that needs to be changed. I was expecting every few XP levels you would earn more gems each time. I have been through many levels already, and haven’t gotten any more gems. For Cooking Fever to even work, you really need a lot of gems. So, my idea is to give an extra maybe 1 or 2 gems maybe every ten XP levels. This little fix to Cooking Fever can make a huge difference! Everyone would love the game much more and it would be way more fun, and addicting. I know you need money from people buying the gems with really money, but don’t worry! Many people will still buy the gems, and there’s always the coins to buy too. Pretty please make an update that allows you to get a little bit more gems at least every 10 XP levels. I hope you make this update to make Cooking Fever everyone favorite game.
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5 months ago, Tesla0Zero
Uninstalled and won’t play it anymore
It should have been a good game, however, the developers are totally profiteers. The only thing they want to do is forcing you to in-app purchase gems. I’m only too pleased to pay if a good game needs donating or purchasing to unlock the full game. But they are much too greedy and snobbish, do not scruple to ruin the integrality of gaming — every normal function, even a common upgrade of kitchen — needs piles of gems to unlock! That means, if you don’t expend gems, your tabletop, your juice machine, burger pan… etc. will too slow to work. You can’t even pass a normal level, not due to your gaming skills but depends on how much gems you have. Gems are staggering expensive. Any one of general kitchen upgrades costs at least 5/10 or more gems. However, you seldom get gems from playing. Passing the levels just earn coins. Despite passing some missions you miserably get few gems. Every gem comes pitifully hard. That is, there is even a system called 'gem shards' —9 gem shards only convert to 1 gem! There is almost no hope to gain enough gems by hard work. And 1,500 gems cost $49.9, simply enough for two restaurants! I don’t mind paying but that is a bottomless pit. If gems are just of use to some advanced features, such as extending the customers’s patience, I would take them in good part.
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2 years ago, YawningNavigator
Awesome game but….
This game is super fun when you have nothing to do! The levels are super easy when you have good stuff, like any other restaurant. I love how you can update things and it doesn’t cost to much. Another thing that I love about this game is that when you start the game, it gives you time to get all your stuff out and get cooked before customers come in. Also, it doesn’t take too long for the burgers and stuff to get ready which is a good quality. One of the things that I think needs updating is that you should get more gems because almost everything, when you update your stuff cost at least 5 gems and you only get five gems per chest which the chests are kinda easy to get, don’t get me wrong, but I just think you should get more gems to buy a little more stuff. Also, Some of the things you have to get until your on level like 15 or something when your on level 5 or something and it takes kinda long to level up so I think that needs some updating. Sorry about the long review but overall, I totally recommend this game! :)
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1 year ago, Tampa1cr
A Classic Microtransaction Trap
TL;DR: A fun game at first, but later on there are ads and paywalls. This game is not worth your time. The first area that you start the game at (Fast Food Court) has great pacing and progression and upgrades aren’t necessary, but make the game easier. (The upgrades include kitchen upgrades, which increase the amount of coins you get per item served, cooking time, amount cooked at a time, and interior upgrades, which can attract extra customers, increase the time in which customers are willing to wait for food, etc.) Most of these upgrades are fairly priced and few require gems. However once you unlock and play area 2 (Sports Bar), it becomes every other scammy mobile game that requires constant microtransactions. Almost all of the kitchen upgrades (and many interior upgrades) require gems. Gems are very difficult to get without purchasing them, and it becomes impossible to complete a level without spending gems to upgrade. Unsurprisingly, at the end of nearly every level there is an ad. The game offers ‘tournaments’ to earn coins and gems, however these tournaments also require the player to spend a hefty amount of coins and gems to even enter. This game, (while enjoyable at first) is not worth your time.
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